Role play of catch of the day, the Sa Jesuils

Adventures of a Sa Jesuil


The Forest Moon Panthers

The sun rises slowly, its watery and cold with the touch of winter. You look across the land and its brushed with a low lying mist that comes from the river. You can hear the morning dew dripping from the trees as the light frost begins to melt.
You turn slowly the bosk fur wrapped tightly round you, kneeling you add logs to the fire whilst your sisters sleep. You check the string on your bow is dry and smooth the feathers of your arrows as you take a little smoked bosk meat. You brush the hair back from your eyes and discard the fur. Even though its winter and the cold bites in, you are dressed in little more than a loincloth and short top. You convince yourself you are not cold, after all you are panther and above such things. Even though your fingers feel numb and frozen and your feet like lumps of wood. You lope off towards the gate and out across the land towards the outlaws camp. You head deeper, ever deeper into the territory of your enemies and along the way, you leave the mark of your tribe so they know, they all know, that you claim this land for your tribe.
Yet you are wary, for you are alone and always in your mind, you wonder is this the day when they will outwit you and take you down. As you run the blood circulates warming your feet and fingers and you dare not hesitate or stop. Nowhere is safe and nowhere will ever be safe again, for you are outcast, you are panther, you are Forest Moon.


Who is hiding in our camp?

The Jesuils need more practice hiding. Dione is the avatar known as Donnie Flagon and Dana as the avatar known as Dawn (Princescahottie).

The role play:

  • Jessy : a lot of barrels standing inside the camp with the message “an offer for peace with the Sa’Jesuil”

  • Dana: “what the hell”

  • Đione without stop i keep working rattle the knife in and out being finally able to open it”we are inside”wishpers

  • Đione hide suddently my hands”Eeepps!

  • Jessy facepalms “shht dione i heard footsteps!”

  • Dana: heres whipering from the barrels and takes out her sword

  • Dana has sheathed the previous weapon and draws her sword…

  • Jessy snjumps out ehr abrre

  • Dana: “I knew barrels didn’t talk”

  • Dana: takes out alot of rope and pulls the barrell off the huntresses head and begins to tie her hands behind her back

  • Đione being downed slide my arms and legs out from the barrels”Owwwwwwwwww!

  • Dana: then kicks her feet together and ties them together in a gorean knot

  • Dana: finally takes a bind and ties it as a leash to drag her

  • Dana: pulls the barrell off the next huntresses head and begins to tie her hands behind her back

  • Dana: “oh do its you”

  • Dana: “kicks dione’s feet together and ties them together in a gorean knot

  • Dana: finally takes a bind and ties it as a leash to drag her

  • Đione sigh in frustration having shameless failed the plan

  • Dana: pulls the barrell off the next huntresses head and begins to tie her hands behind her back

  • Dana: Jessy why do you follow this chuckle head

  • ℓoony: growls and feel pain on my body

  • Dana: kicks Jessy’s feet together and ties them together in a gorean knot

  • Dana: finally takes a bind and ties it as a leash to drag her

  • Đione grumbles”was a good plan….just missed a few datails!

  • Jessy  she awakes and realizes she curses “Dione next time we start something you will get a gag!”

  • Dana: “like talking inside barrels?”

  • Đione sigh

  • Dana: “Damn it I just fixed that gate”

  • ℓoony : frowns

  • Đione: you have 2 crates of nails!

  • Jessy  nods “aye that should be enough for this time too, so you can just let us go!”

  • Dana: reaches down and starts to remove their weapons taking Jessy’s bow and breaking it in half and throwing her sword into the water

  • Đione nods firmly at jessy’s words”Yes..let us go!

  • Dana: “takes diones Slafe weapons and throw them into the water”

  • Dana: “who is the new friend Dione?”

  • Jessy  cries a bit “Heey not again you know steel is rare sheera will scold me for loosing so many!”

  • Đione sigh”Our sister Loony

  • Dana: “well loony I am sorry Dione got you into this” takes loony’s bow and breaks it over her knee

  • ℓσσɳч : growls cut my rope

  • Dana: reaches down and takes dos bow and looks at it and slides the end up and down the crack of her ass

  • ℓoony : cry this was my bow

  • Dana: “so now what do I do with you three”

  • Đione look up ar Dana”Come on reddie let us g…..Oooooowwwwwww!”cries out loud feels my ass cracked with my bow

  • Jessy  looks up to dana “f.. free us?”

  • Dana: takes the bow and breaks it

  • Dana: Pulls the gate closed and takes her would be captors in

  • Dana: “hmmm now lets see how could you three convince me to let you go?”

  • Dana: “I am listening?”

  • Đione: i will forgot to keep you as my slave….”smirks”i though would be a very good deal for you!”say nods at myself firmly

  • ℓoony : shake head on dione

  • Dana: “or I could keep all three of you and then i have no worries ever again”

  • Đione shrugs”I though you would be so worried for have us all around

  • Dana: “I wonder how much three sa’jesuil panthers would fetch in Sais”

  • Đione: Nothings!

  • Jessy ‘s eyes widen in terror “f.. f.. forever?” she swallows “t.. thats long…” she hears her “w..we? n.. nothing t.. they are s.. seriously s.. scared of us!” she nods

  • Dana: “well in collars and chains it wouldn’t fear you”

  • Đione swallow it feels a shivers trought my back”You wont dare dana!

  • ℓoony: i dont need one grins

  • Dana: “well I am constantly living in fear of you snatching me so I have to protect myself”

  • Dana: “I am a fair person, how about this”

  • ℓoony : so you give me free…?

  • Jessy  nods “aye and you should you started a war you cant win!” she sticks her tongue out… suddenly swallows remembering shes tied on the ground “w.. well i c.. could b.. be convinced..t .. to m.. maybe end t.. ths war f.. for our freedom, yes!”

  • Dana: “well maybe but you need to earn it”

  • ℓoony: what you need

  • Đione: uhmmmmm…we say our aplogizes with a promise to dont do it again….”nods nods”Yes….i though would be a fair deal this

  • Dana: “no that would be easy I am willing to let two of you go the third will stay as my slave”

  • Đione frowns questioningly”who is the third?

  • Jessy : do stays! shes used to that!

  • Dana: “who will become my girl going forward”

  • Dana: “So I need help deciding who will make the best slave for me

  • Dana: “so which one of you is going to sell out your sisters to save your own neck”

  • Jessy: me!

  • Jessy : i say, do is best for that job! she has experience in running away!. e.. erm i.. in being collared!

  • Đione look my sisters then Dana,back then on my sisters”Slut!”cursing at Jessy moving a foot tryng to stomp her feet

  • Dana: “she is a good slave”

  • ℓoony : grins yea do love collar


  • Dana: “well who was the ring leader on this little operation”

  • Jessy  swallows and remains silent

  • ℓoony : i do

  • Đione sigh”You….you….stammering fourious then snap my head on Jessy”She!

  • Dana: “Jessy this was your dumb idea”

  • Jessy looks up with deep red blushes cheeks shaking her head rapidly “No.. nooo wasnt my barrels! w… was all… loonys idea, yes!”

  • Dana: Looks at Loony “did you orchestrate this?”

  • ℓoony: keep me here and my sisters let free

  • Đione snorts in a fit of madness stares at Dana”NO..was my idea…i would get and Collared you for your entire life..this is the truth”say proudly

  • Dana: “sorry Dione seems loony already bought her freedom with the honorable plea”

  • Jessy nods agreeing “!yes, was do not loony i forgot, loony we just met on our way here!”

  • Đione blinks”Wh….wh..what????

  • Dana: “so its down to you two….hmm Dione or Jessy”

  • Jessy  hears her “then take me and let do goi!” she looks up with big expectations

  • Dana: “sorry Loony already showed me she is honorable”

  • Dana: “you two are not”

  • Jessy  nods “ya me too, can go now?

  • ℓoony : grins

  • Đione as seeing Loony beeing prolly free for what she said i calls out”Was me….was all my idea…so now since im honorable can i go?

  • Dana: “nope you and jessy are very dishonorable”

  • ℓoony: hush do you liar i all do

  • Đione:   Why!!!

  • Jessy : /mee leans in and hits dione with her forehead “Noo was my idea, my barrels,a i initiated it all, you must keep me im more honorable!”

  • Đione with my teeths pulling Jessy’s hair”Nooooooo was me….Shush now!

  • Dana: “eeny meany mine mo”

  • Jessy yiieks “Siiiis that huuurts!” she raises her foot to stomp on dione.. and hits dawn painfully on her big toe

  • Dana: takes out her sword and cuts away jessy’s leggings and her top and then her bottoms

  • Dana: “grrrrrrr”

  • Jessy  swallows big

  • Đione yelps being my foot stomped cries out”Ahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!”using my other foot for rub my sore toes

  • Erin : wow

  • Dana: “erin good morning I been busy”

  • Erin : 3 at a time now, dana?

  • Erin : i see

  • Dana: takes out her sword and cuts away dos panties and her leggings

  • Erin : well, i guess it was “fair” this time, 3 vs 1, huh

  • Dana: “I am debating which one to keep Erin who do you think would make a good Zima slave”

  • Đione biting my lip waching my skirt cutted,feels then the blade cuts my legwarms too”Can cut also my ropes dana..please?

  • Erin: i know do would slip away eventually.

  • Dana: “I have narrowed it to Jessy and Dione, but that is a good point”

  • Erin : i dont know this one here the brunteete, at all

  • Dana: “She was willing to take the blame for the other two

  • Jessy: i was too!

  • Dana: so I am giving her a pass”

  • Đione: i was also!

  • Jessy  nods nods

  • Jessy  whispers: no do was not she just wanted to trick you!

  • Erin : “but i have heard jessica say silly shit like “a panther, when broken makes an excellent slave”

  • Dana: “You think you can get Marli to post a pick of this embarrassment on her blog””

  • Jessy swallows “m.. me? i n.. never t.. thats j.. just a s.. saying..”

  • Erin: i’ll bet she would LOVE TO


Dana under pressure


The role play:

  • Sheera : Dana.. I thought we were friends,, past all this fighting

  • Dana: pushes sheera on her ass

  • Dana: “we raided the Sa’Jesuils and I brought home a present”

  • Sheera: Look what Dana has done now!

  • Sheera: how can our tribes everr been friends when you do this?

  • Sheera : sighs

  • Dana: “oh hush girl… and you should call me Mistress Dana….”

  • Sheera : I try to make peace..

  • Sheera : growls at Dana

  • Sheera : my sisters are going to be very angry

  • Dana: reaches behind sheera and takes her machette as a memento

  • Sheera: thats my mothers!

  • Dana: “ohh… really.. ok” tosses it into the water and snickers

  • Sheera: Savy,,,, you are a reasonable person

  • Savy : i am?

  • Sheera : unlike this ,, psych sister of yours

  • Savy : she probably considers that a complement

  • Dana: takes out her knife and leans down towards Sheera “psycho? me?” sliding the knife down her chest cutting her top off her…

  • Sheera: looks up at Dana … ” have they stopped your meds again?”

  • Kari peeks at the captive

  • Dana: “Kari meet Sheera… Acting Se of the Sa’Jesiuls…. usually acting slave of the tribe”

  • Sheera : puffs out her chest ” I’m En this week .. so you let me go Now!

  • Dana: takes her top and tosses her top away over the side so she can help let sheera get a bit more comfortable

  • Dana: pulls sheera up from the ground and drags her towards the cross

  • Sheera : take my advice huntress.. run from this place.. they are all crazies

  • Dana: Taking Sheera and pushing her to the cross… “i think its time you submitted to me Sheera”…. looking at her coyly… “we be playing this game quite a while you and I…” taking Sheera’s hands and unbinding them so she can tie her to the cross and then slowly undoing her legs from the ties and rebinding them to the cross…”there that is better now isn’t it Sheera”

  • Sheera: sighs ” Dana, Dana Dana ,,, you are so persistent … and I understand you aadore me and love me .. but I cannot submit to you ,, how many times must I tell you I am En this week.. how would it look?

  • Savy : sheera you may as well between you and dione there are so many knotchs in sisters bow over you some may break

  • Sheera: tilts her head to one side and smiles ” On the other hand ….. you would look lovely on my chain and we would love to have you again in our collar”

  • Dana: “Oh i expected you would say that… that is why I picked this spot to have a conversation about that very thing… you see that fire there… has anyone ever told you what I like to do with fire… ” walking over to the fire and placing a torch into it as she looks at sheera smiling evil… “let me ask you a question sheera.. have you ever had your flesh burned?”

  • Kari  sniffs pretentiously at the captive and listens to the banter as she watches Dana toy with her.

  • Sheera  frowns at Saw .. “Remember what happened last time you did something awful to me Dana? ,,, well it will happen again believe me “

  • Dana: “blah blah blah war this war that… thats all I ever here out of you… today the only thing I want to hear out of your mouth is ‘I Submit Dana’ or ARHHGHGHHGHGHH FUCK DANA STOP BURNING ME…..” looks at her smiling “either is fine….” taking the torch and slowly moving it to her foot..”Kari dear can you go get me a bottle of kalana I will need it soon”

  • Sheera : what is that thing Dana?

  • Sheera: looks like your dildo?

  • Sheera : I’m not nearlas slack as you down there.. its too big!

  • Savy : tilts head looking at the torch, raises an eyebrow and looks at sheera wondering where she would get that idea has she used liike that before?

  • Dana: “Well Sheera if you want to know I will show you… and don’t worry you are never too small for it…” Dana leans down and places the fire under Sheera’s foot and lets the flames lap at her sole… smiling as she slowly brings it up to scauld her foot…. “this is what it does dea”

  • Sheera shouts: Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Dana ….. please !

  • Sheera : Goreans do not torture,, where did you learn that?

  • Kari  bares her bright white teeth at the captive…”You would think being bound as you are would help you find some respect for your betters, captive.”….hears the woman scream as Dana puts the fire to her….”THAT’S better!”

  • Sheera : hangs her head ” well if this is what you resort to now…. “

  • Dana: pulls it away ever so slowly…”ohh do you want me to just kill you and be done with it… now where is the sport in that… I rather watch you suffer….and submit….” looks at Sheera and smiles as she sees her foot all red and blistery… “ok ready to submit or should I bring back longer this time… or prehaps I should move up to your thighs”

  • Sheera: shakes her head “I would rather submit to a kurri … even they are higher than sleen “

  • Savy: scruntches her nose as the smell of the burning flesh fills the air, looks to dana then to sheera as shee screams then sterps back from the odor

  • Dana: Takes her knife… and slides it down sheera abdomen.. not cutting her… lowering to her skirt and cutting it away from her body… then bringing the fire back up under her foot this time holding it there wanting to burn to teach her that this isn’t a game

  • Brandi: “maybe i can help you dana,” taking a piece of rope and putting around her neck pulling it taught behind the cross holding it taught”

  • Sheera shouts: AAAAAAAaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii screams loudly again as the fire burns her ski, she feels her foot blister and smells her skin burning ……

  • Dana: “SUBMIT YOU BITCH I AM NOT MESSING WITH YOU I WANT TO HEAR YOUR CRIES OR I AM GOING HIGHER NEXT TIME…” yelling at Sheera as she pulls the torch back and looks to Kari… “uhmm you have that bottle of Kalana I asked for”

  • Brandi pull on the ropes tight around her neck, “ill stop her shouting”

  • Sᴀʏᴜ whimpers as Dana screams out, grumbling getting up and lets out a small cough, smelling the skin, muttering to herself about jesuil and stuff..something

  • Kari kneels down and finds a stick lying on the ground at her feet and beings to poke the captive annoyingly in the belly with it….then the ribs….her legs….picking the most tender spots. “Best say the words…and keep your dignity woman…or you will die the daughter of a lice ridden Bosk that you are.”

  • Sheera: hangs limply from the cross,, her arms feeling as though they are being torn from the sockets,, the nerves in the soles of her feet screaming through her body … She looked at Dana with hatred ” My time will come .. and you will pay the price,,, I can wait as long as it takes,,, but I swear by the Goddess I will have my revenge”

  • Sheera: opens her eyes again as she feels herself being prodded, gritting her teeth she cursed the huntress she had not seen before ” you two will learn that torture is not a good ide”

  • Brandi: “why dont we take her to the secret location where the cant get to her, we will break her there”

  • Dana: “Dana I swear I am gonna get you, Dana you are gonna be my Kajira… Blah Blah Boskspit… you are weak just like all the other Sa’jesiul… You dont come for me cause you know you can’t take me…” looks at Kari…”For Fuck Sake” she says as she walks over and get the Kalana herself… and taking a swig and wiping her lips on her gauntlet… then walks back towards Sheera… and tilts her head to the side and looks at the captive… “Bored now!” she says detached from the scene and takes the kalana and starts pouring it all over sheeras chest and body and lets it run down her body… she takes another swig and to the side she spits the kalana into the flame creating a fire ball as she smiles at sheera hoping she gets the idea of why she poured the kalana on her

  • Kari whacks sheera’s thigh hard with the stick causing a larg whelp to raise on her skin….”Sorry sister….I was…..busy.”

  • Brandi: pulls the rope again making sure she can hardly breath

  • Sheera : stares out at Dana ” why are you doing this? bites her lip … as she is hit with a stick ….. crying out again ,,,, watching Dana spit the kalana in to he fire she whispered” what did i do to deserve this?”

  • Kari : grease her with butter and throw her over a city will….that’s what I say

  • Dana: takes her thigh and displays the brand sheera put on her thigh…. “oh have you forgotten how you baptized me with fire Sheera… I told you one day I would get my revenge on you well today is that day… So you can submit to me like the slut you are or you can burn to in agonizing pain for all I care…” slides the fire low between her legs so it is out of reach of the paga and gets ready to raise it so sheera can see whats coming if she doesn’t submit

  • Sheera : hangs her head and stares at her coldly ” And do you remember why I did that Dana? … you had better kill me ,,, I will never submit to you and I swear here and now I will kill you if you do not kill me first ” … spits at her


A captive hungers for food

Red hair has a special treat in mind for one she considers a traitor sister.

The role play:

  • Savy : im considering taking this one on a long journey

  • Màяℓî  inhaled the stale smell coming from the holding cage as she looks at Savy, she said what came to her mind “You know Savy, the sa jes talk shit , some day soon…. I will feed them their own shit” she stopped directly in front of julia , her dark orbs looking her former sister over, she wondered if the captive had been fed, it was hard to tell , she still wore some tattered clothing that covered her belly

  • Savy : laughs

  • Savy : there are a couple it would be a pleasure to do that with

  • Savy : this one though it to beautiful to treat that way

  • Savy : hanging from a post is where this one is going to be the most fun

  • julia grins at both her captors and whispers softly, her voice strong with confidence, a soft growl leaves her tiny lips “you both know I am a big threat”

  • Màяℓî  laughs at julia, she lifts up her nose arrogantly and sneers through the bars  “Hush girl , the free are talking”, she trails her long fingernails along the iron shaft, the uneven surface making an irritating  scratching sound

  • Savy : waggles finger to the girl “come closer to the door so i can bind your hands its time for a boat ride from here for your safety”

  • julia grins an evil grin knowing what these two former sisters have in store for them

  • Màяℓî  stood close enough to the holding cage to notice the grin on julia’s face “Better wipe that grin off your face girl and comply”, she tossed her head around as she  heard footsteps and the vulo’s fly, she briefly smiles seeing her sister “Tal Elma”

  • julia snarls softly looking through the cage bars “come in and get me”

  • Màяℓî  smirks as she turns her back to julia “….Savy…. your little girl thinks she has a choice”

  • Elma walks over to En Marli and Savy, rubbing the sleep from her eyes ‘Tal’ she whispers, nodding and smiling, before staring through the cage bars ‘Still have her then I see!’ Feeling a slight pity for the captive, only a really slight pity, she smiles towards Savy ‘Have you fed her yet?’

  • Savy : no not yet

  • Elma nods and smirks a little….’Good….I trust you will make her beg for her food?’

  • Savy : giggles with an evil gigggle

  • Elma winks towards Marli, then wanders of to cook some tarsk meat…..knowing how the smell, not dis-similiar to ‘urth-bacon’ would waft across the camp, likely fuelling the captives hunger some…

  • Elma whistles an old gorean hunting tune, as she goes about the business of preparing a nice strong mug of blackwine……..’mmmmmmm-mmmmmmmm’ she giggles, sniffing the air as the smell of freshly roasted blackwine wafts up to her nostrils….’Now, where’s that tarsk meat…..’ she grumbles

  • Màяℓî  walked away from the holding cages, she inspects the ant torture device near the servery , she did this deliberately whenever a prisoner was held, she opens the glass jar containing red ants, with a wooden stick she finds on the ground she stirs them up , making them angry “he…he” an evil grin appearing on her soft features

  • Elma slices a thin sliver of tarsk meat from the big piece of meat she spots on the worktop, then places it over the griddle and smiles as the heat from the fire below starts to cook the thin sliver of meat……’Yummy…can’t beat a good breakfast’ she whispers to herself…..

  • Màяℓî inhales the waft of cooked meat as it spreads over camp , she looks over at Julia in her holding cage and wonders how long it will take to reach over there , she shrugs , she stirs the red ants some more

  • julia siffs the air trying to get all the cooking meat she can get into her nose, her tummy starts to growl from hunger but she sdoes no tlet her captors know she is famished

  • Savy : come to me dear so i can bind your hands and i will take you out of here for your safety

  • julia smirks softly “come in and get me”

  • Elma watches the meat start to sizzle….small drips of fat dropping through the griddle, erupting into tiny balls of fire as they hit the flames below…../me closes her mouth, breathing in deeply thru her nose. She smiles, a warm smile as the delicious smell of the cooking meat fills her nostrils……a ravenous hunger suddenly filling her tummy, making it churn slightly, like butterflies flapping around in her belly…Seeing the meat cooked, she reaches forward, slicing off a small piece of bread from the loaf on the worktop…..then stabs her sleen knife into the now crispy sliver of tarsk meat, then lays the meat slowly on the cut bread, burning her fingertips slightly as she holds down the meat and pulls her knife free…..Slicing the bread and meat in half, an evil grin flickers across her lips. Disregarding her own hunger, for now….she places the sandwich on a small wooden board, and wanders over to Sav…’Hungry sis?’ she smirks, casting an eye towards julia…..’I’ll bet she is too…..’

  • Elma turns on her heel and heads back to the counter, smirking to herself…

  • Savy  whispers: giggles taking in a whiff of the meat and chomping quickly on the meat before elma turns away and looks toward julia and chews slowly on the meat with a wicked grin on her face.


The captive faces a choice

The role play:

  • Màяℓî  stood before the cage , “I see you found your way into our cages , who brought you here?”

  • Julia snarls “your sister Kaite, she made a mistake and stood in front of me when I was armed, i’ll get her next time” *she snorts back*

  • Màяℓî  shook her head “I have seen you twice in our cages and in so many moons , so you plan to get my sister Kaite?”

  • Julia not just Kaite *she twirls back with harshness in her voice* “i’m looking for three Forest Moon En’s to” *she looks Marli in here eyes* “and yes, you are one of my targets”

  • Màяℓî  blinks “Well you are up front about it , I suppose if you are a threat to me I should take you out of the running for a while” she steps closer , unsheathing her sleen knife

  • Màяℓî  squatted beside Julia and grabbed her wrists , she would then get some ropes from her hip , and take each hand , securing them tightly with a gorean knot

  • Màяℓî  lept on Julia’s belly and grabbed her feet , using a length of rope she would tie the feet together as well

  • Màяℓî  turned around now , she tightened the knots on both feet and then on the wrists , making sure they were secure

  • Màяℓî  with her last bit of rope , some length left , she fashionded a leash , then waited for Julia to regain consciousness

  • Màяℓî  checked Julia ‘s head were she had received the blunt edge of the sleen knife

  • Julia coughs softly trying to look up at Marli “you always attack unarmed people in your cage?” *she tries to turn he rhead to see and coughs softly again*

  • Màяℓî  nods sarcastically , unsure whether Julia would see that , but it didnt bother her “Its my temper” she remarks dryly “….I get this way when I get threats thrown at me and my sisters “

  • Julia nods into the cage floor “I understand, you should be worried if a jessie is hunting you, there is no shame in feeling afraid mine” *she says as she laughs an coughs softly*

  • Màяℓî now noticed the collar around Julia’s neck and the cuffs “How would I be yours?” she chuckled , this amused her ” you have a collar around your neck , a sign of submission… who did you submit to girl?”

  • Julia smiles again trying to look up “how about turning me over so I can see one of my three beautiful new slave girls, I can’t see laying on my tummy”

  • Julia proclaims “and I did not submit, your sister sara shot me with a needle that had green stuff in it, she collared me when my head was spinning”

  • яógúë : julia is the born slave

  • Màяℓî  grinned “You are on your belly for a reason… is called the bara position, you will get to know this position well, if I chose to take you as my girl, you would be first girl of Forest Moon” she squatted near Julia and caresses Julia’s soft hair “…..drugged ? I have heard some excuses in my time” she laughs softly “You know , I never realised it before , but you are very pretty”

  • Julia rattle the cuffs on her ankles “and cuffed me to, she was sneaky and used a drug, she will pay for that”

  • Julia turns her head trying to reaase her hair from Marlie hand “I am not your slave” *tries to look up at Rogue and sputters* “I will add you to my hunting list”

  • Màяℓî  smiled to herself , letting her fingertips slide along Julia’s smooth skin, she stopped a moment as she inspected the lock on each wrist and found it could be secured quite easily”Yes the cuffs are quite secure ” she looks over her shoulder seeing her daughter “Tal daughter” then turns her attention to Julia “….now I have warned you , about this hunting list of yours “

  • яógúë : julia was born slave not a hiunter

  • Julia stuggles in the cuffs and bindings “you will all pay for this” *she turns her head to the side to see better* “all moonies know I am a threat!”

  • Julia snarls more to Marli “yes my hunting lisdt, you are on it, so is Moon and Ysss, get use to it, you will need to be looking over your sholder a lot more now”

  • Màяℓî  chuckles hearing her daughter “there is no shame in that , if she was born a slave , she would serve us well” she tilted her head to one side , she had never inspected her former sister so closely before and she relished the oppertunity to look over every nook and cranny of Julia’s naked body , she heard the threat and reacted with a short sharp slap with the back of her hand to Julia’s buttocks

  • яógúë : nods she should be a slave she be so happy on her knees nakid

  • Julia yelps feeling the sharp slap “growls you will regret this mine, you know you will”

  • Màяℓî squeezed Julia ‘s left buttock firmly , digging in her nails “I love your butt, so rounded and feminine , just like mine” she then reached for the feather in Julia’s hair , removed it and tucked it in her belt “…I will take your feather , I collect them” she sniggers “…..but you already know I collect sa jes feathers , I have many that have belonged to your new sister,……you know the one named Dionne the Ho”

  • Julia shakes here head trying to keep Marli from taking her jerag feather “nooo, thats my feather, need I remid you of what happened a little over a week ago. it was a nice calm day here in whispering moons when a jessie landed on your dock. her first target was one of your sisters Giannia, she was the one that broke my rib. she was not there that day and that jessie happen to see Moon running across the forest and decided to target her, well when that jessie rounded a corner she seen moonies already had one of her sisters bound, to make a long exciting srtory short that jessie took down “4 people on her own” and saved her sister. care to guess who that jessie was? *she askes with a gleam in her eyes that no one can see*

  • Màяℓî had placed the sa jes feather securely in her belt now , even with Julia squirming all over the place , it had been easy to remove , she smiled, taking note of Julia’s attachment to this feather, she briefly looked over her shoulder to nod at her daughter as she set off , then turned her head back towards Julia and listened to the story “I enjoy listening to my girls telling me stories ” she placed her boot close to Julias naked body , letting her feel the fur , which could be sensual to the touch, she smacked her lips “You may continue ….”

  • Julia snarls softly into the cage floor “that jessie had Moon captured and almost you in one attack, may never see that chance again but that jessie will be looking for the opportunity again, she has timne, she is patient and will wait” *coughs softly trying to clear her throat* “water, bring me some water or do yo ualso let your captives die form lack of water just like you break ribs?”

  • Màяℓî snorted , an arrogant reaction by the red head , not quite unusual for her sometimes , she leaned in a bit , her voiced trailed like a hiss “….I am glad you are dried out , and for my amusement I will keep you tied up in these binds ” she curled her finger around a blond lock of hair , tugging it back firmly , “your slave did some terrible things to our slaver ….I am being quite ” she paused “….nice to you… as for our slaver, well , she had her mind set on revenge” she then let go of Julia’s hair

  • Julia growls softly as Marli pulls on her hair “your slaver is sneaky, she uses green stuff to drug captives, my sister may be harsh but I understand why, when your sister broke my rib that was set in mind for good, you can bet I have not forgotten about that either. your sister will pay for breaking my rib. as for me caeing about how my sister treats your slaver? no, why should i?”

  • Màяℓî blew away a blond stray hair that had been caught between her fingers “So your rib was broken , you were drugged you say , well these are the harsh realities of leaving us and joining another tribe ….now you have never seen my dark side …..and you had best pray you never…..I learned my ways from the harshest tribe known to the Northern Forests” she looked outside the cage , her eyes glancing over to a rock “For me it would make sense to break your bow hand now , so you would not raise your bow against us for some hands”

The infamous feather torture

The role play:

Kaytee: walks her former sisters up to the cross and place her on to it “seems the cross still remembers your skin hun”smirks while saying it

Julia squirms and struggles noooo, stop, what are you doing!”

Kaytee: makes sure she ties the arms and feet secure on the cross. after that she grabs her knife and cleans up the blade from blood it was spoiled on it earlier, make sure she sees that before she starts to cut the bindings safely

Kaytee: “what im doing?”she starts to laughs to her “seems your her fore your daily routine”

Julia struggles qith her wrist bindings “stop this and let me go!” *she demands* “it was all a simple misunderstanding is all. *she turns her head trying to seem serous and not show the smirk on he rface* “just release me and I will be on my way”

Kaytee: she place her arms over each otter and stares on her former sister “a simple misunderstanding… wel wel wel seems Zee was trying to keep you out of these camp, unfort for her it didn’t turned out that way” she smirks

Julia tried to look innocent and stay s as calm as she can, her breathing steadies and slows, her breast rise and fall slowly with each breath her tiny lungs take in. she looks Kaytee in her beautiful gorgeous sexy eyes and explains softly* “just a big mistake, I thought I was shooting at SDS, someone told me they had moved”

Kaytee: standing close on her tow in front of Julia and runs her fingers trow her hair “any hidden weapons or pins your got hide in these soft hair girl” doesn’t find anything and runs her finger over the feather of her new tribe “ill liked your FM feather better sis” she grins softly

Kaytee: taps her noise with one finger “tut tut tut… SDS really… and so you thought they are on our lands?”

Julia turns her head and looks away, she knows her former sisetr will never release her so she needs a new plan. she thinks for a second and changes the subject “sis?” *she smiles softly, her lips curl into a small soft smile, het body relaxes as she looks into Kaytees eyes and krinckles her nose as she taps her finger there* “surely you can understand how I feel abou tSDS, they are always causing trouble with you here”

Kaytee: with one finger she makes away some of her hair so she can detach the strange feather before she place the hair back on there places while listing to the  excuses her old sisters make up.

Kaytee: looks deeply back into Julia eyes seeing here reaction of taking of the feather she so love’s before she runs the hairs of it trow her fingers

Kaytee: “they make some trouble now and time, as you know we see them more as a slave camp” she smirks saying that to her

Julia hey! that smy feather, give it back to me! *she blurts out, her face cringes and she remeebrs she needs to be nice, sweet an dkind hearted if she has any chance to get out of here, her face calms again and he rbreathing slows as he body relaxes* “Kaytee” *she smiles warmly* “you can just let me go, I know know the SDS don’t live here, someone lied to me about it, ythis was not my fault, so how about it just release me please”

Kaytee: notice she staring to the feather and let it go from right to the other side seeing Julia following that closely with her eyes “tut tut lied to you you say, Zee who was with you sure kno better and beside that your telling me you didn’t recognize your former camp? ” she sounds calms

Kaytee: laughs evilly “thats hard to believe Sis” place the feather on her chest and let it run down seeing her body react on it “So tell me why your here again hun”

Julia smiles softly, her lips soft and sweet, her eyes look at Kaytee “no, was not Zee, Zee would never lie to me, it was someone named Sav, thats who it was!” *she proclaims* amd that women will pay fo rlieing to me to, I will spank her so hard when she gets back!”

Kaytee: laughs calmly. “oh she have say to us your good from believe” stops to resume calmly “seems she still makes sure your in trouble hun”

Kaytee: continue to runs with her feather over her breast to see what a reaction her very own tribe feather is doing to her

Julia sputters under her breath as Kay runs th efearhe runder my breast, goose bumps form on her ribs and run up over her soft but perky firm breast and over her shoulder, she tries harder to consitrate on what she was thinking about but has some trouble doing so “and she had a leader that ordered her to do this to, her name is Snow , believe yo ume they will both pay for this travesty they cause us both!”

Kaytee: “hush you have bigger problems then those sisters of my” she says calm while tickles with the very top of the feather her nipple, increasing the way to do that before asking “why are you here Julia… seems the nice collar Sara give you wasn’t enof” notice she doesn’t wear any collar

Julia closes her eyes and catches herself from moaning softly, her nipples harden and erect instanly as she squeaks “no……the colllar didn’t fit well……so had it removed” *she struggles to keep herself from moaning out loud and looks at Kaytee again “so now you know the truuuuuth” *she squeaks softly trying not to show any enjoyment*

Kaytee: stares to Julia eyes while saying with a strong voice “ill tell you what, i dont believe in poison or violence to collar someone” lowers her voice before continues “in my eyes a touch of a feather, on the right way, makes the captive asking for it by her self” she switch tickling with her feather to her other nipple

Kaytee: takes with her other hand a small collar out of her bag, making sure she sees whats she is taking out while continue to play with her niple

Julia skin on her twitched and her other nipple grows hard, the goose bumps are running ramid arounf her shoulders and back, she squeaks and tried to speak calmy not showing any excitement “but but I did tell you, those two hoodlums lied to me and made me attack this camp, said that my candy was waiting for me in the camp” *she sees the collar and her eyes go cross eyed trying to follow them, her breast are now tingling to a point where she can’t stand it no more and does manage to struggle a few words* “no no, wait, I won’t submit to you, I have nmever done tha before. I have been had collars palces arounf my neck unwillingly but tha is how Gor works”

Kaytee: runs with her feather over her belly before she goes back and place her niple between her fingers and squeeze them “aye thats i Gor julia… and it seems you found your slave home here” she laughs softly before placing the collar around of her neck and lock them into place

Julia scowls softly feeling the cold steel collar arounf her neck, she flinched as she heard the click of the lock being closed* “you will pay for this”

Kaytee: she grins oh taps her nose “they all say that first ;-)” before leashing her new pet and help her off the cross

Kaytee: helps Julia into the cage and drops her leash before closing the door and lock them into place “welcome home hun” she laughs evilly, laying down her tribe feather on the desk so she can stare to it all night

Julia growls at Kaytee and snarls “I will get my feather back and yours to, mark my words”

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Zima Akam



    • seems to work fine now. Even read that the dreaded bubble butt has been fixed 🙂
      Tuesday, Mar 22th 2014 And 4.43 is life ! We had to bring out a meter to fix some small issues, as well as an weapon issue that bin growing. [FIX] When the meter is new then you no longer have a mini bubble hanging out of your body. When the meter is new then you no longer have a mini bubble hanging out of your body.

  1. on a totally unrelated note, i think heather n petra dawn…. Etc are getting ready to vote the ban off the mahinas. So i’ll be spending most of my time in my skybox. (meter wont really be affecting me anymore)

  2. btw, there’s no button to click in the menu from a phone that gets you to “panther girl”, and this is my fave. Section…

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