Lets discuss Role Play of Men and Women in SL Gor

Men and Women


Observations on the Role Play of Men and Women in SL Gor

Having read now more than 20 of the novels I feel compelled to put to words my thoughts on these matters. Many complain of the stereotypical fundamentalism of Norman’s approach to the dominate male and the submissive female. His consistent and repetitive approach to this genetic difference with the endless diatribes on the emotions of woman, in their desire for strong men, and of strong men’s pleasure in the owning of these ‘superb’ beasts.

It is however interesting how many women in this world, all I presume of earth in their origins on the assumption that Gor does not actually exist, are keen if not gushing in their desire to play this role. Actively seeking out such men. However he is also extremely articulate on the homogenization of earth men in our culture of tolerance, that men have been feminized by the upturn of women, freed from the simple strength of men to compete on a playing field where the power of intelligence, rather than simple strength, becomes the key determinate in who is Master or Mistress and who is slave. The majority of the books having been written at a time of the emergence of feminism, and in a way his implicated fears of the natural order of things, as he see’s them, being even more now in our time having come to be true, with the rise of women in the workplace and to more leadership roles.  I wonder if he would be even more extreme in his depiction were the books to have started their creation now rather than the 50 years ago when they began.

But let us look critically at the realities of what we see in the SL Gor many women come to this world attracted by the revelations that there are such strong men to take them to their arms and own them totally, the preponderance of those keen to play the role of female slave girl are plain for all to see. That is not to say all fall in to this category hence the large numbers of Panthers, but how many of them were their deepest truths to be bare, if they found the right ‘Master’ would not let their knees crumble beneath them to a man who could so take them fully to his. The irony of the game is that Norman may well have been right for whilst earth women seem to make excellent slave girls, earth men do not so easily make the transition to Gorean Masters.

There are exceptions in all cases, for doubtless Gor as earth behaves to a normal distribution in terms of personality types, but on Gor the mean from a male perspective would be that most Gorean men fall to the type described in the books as Masters. It seems earthmen playing this role rarely live up to the characterization, and whilst most can regurgitate a few lines of the Master said in the books, they are not the uncompromising brutes of Gor. Often sneaking in to a private message conversation, apologizing for some action inflicted, or seeking permission from those in world they attempt to call slaves. How many lands are under the covers run by slaves, cajoling or even bullying their so-called Masters to their ways.

It is my conclusion Norman was right in two respects; earth women make excellent slaves, and earthmen have been feminized to the lapdogs of earth women, their manhood intellectually gelded for them and unless a true Gor really exists then I doubt this situation will ever change.


© Lizz Dawes



  1. upon further consideration, the more difficult task for a male rp’r is being “Gorean” without becoming simply petty, spiteful and hateful… Eg male from “the prisoner”

  2. Hmm… I agree.. It’s hard to find a good male rp’r without them coming to panther camps wanting to bother and be capped.

  3. i’ve found a few who fit that bill. Interstingly, none have a knee crumbler currently, though i’m sure many have had the opportunity to be crumbled

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