Story of Gor, Reward for escaped slave of Gor

A bounty for Enna issued by ThreeMoons of Ja Hesa


Three Moons  sends out messengers all over Gor, posting a wanted poster for the most Notorious Panther in Gor…Enna.. there is a great reward, so pass it on and lets see who can get her.


Anyone who knows the whereabouts of this panther girl or can point me in the right direction, please contact Three Moons. Her name is Enna, originally from Turia on Southern Gor. Current location unknown, but I assume somewhere in the Northern Forests.  She used to be with a Panther tribe close to the City of Tharna some time ago…..ever since vanished in the forests.

I had a close personal relationship to this girl in Turia and would love to see her again. I didn’t know Enna has left Turia to become a panther girl and would like to know the whole story.

There is a price for finding her. Three Moons offers three gold coin, to anyone who finds that woman for her : ALIVE! and gets me in touch with her. But beware, panther girls are said to be fierce and restless fighters and extremely skilled with the bow.

Where is she…..

Save Paths…you’ll need it.

Three Moons of Ja Hesa

Addition in OOC mode:

I am not looking for a certain player I lost contact with, that I could do by simply sending her an IM In-World. Come on I am not that stupid. I know where Enna is OOC, I chat with her at least twice a week.

The idea is, to continue an interesting storyline and see how the story develops .  If you want to join that story by all means do so,

….but keep it all IN CHARACTER.

All your character knows is the rumour, that Three Moons is looking for a specific Panther Girl that has been living in Tharna and that gold is the price of finding her alive. Everything else you need to find out yourself really – there is a cool storyline behind all this.

If you participate, feel free to share your part of the story here on the blog.

Run-away slave known as Aaminah

The slave formally known as Aaminah (Liemoon) is now masquerading as Lia Bloodlust and is hiding in the Black Panthers as a slut to Denice Bloodlust (movinghitbox) whom is only a pledge in the Black panthers. As per Gorean laws and customs, the death of Lia bloodlust is warranted. A reward of 50 coppers stands for her capture or death. The Black Panther pledge Denice Bloodlust may be sold to a slaver and the profits from  her sale are all awarded to the captor.

A runaway in the novels

“I will not try to escape, Master,” said the girl. “I wonder,” mused Marcus. “I  am collared,” she said, “I am branded.”
“True,” said Marcus. In this way she had  suggested that even if she might desire to escape such hope would be forlorn for  her. She was reminding him of the categorically of her condition, its  absoluteness, of the hopelessness of escape for such as she, A female held in  Gorean bondage. For example , there are not only such obvious things as the  collar and brand, and the distinctive garbing of the slave, but, far more  significantly, the extreme closeness of the society, with its scrutiny of  strangers, he general nature of an uncompromising culture, with its social,  legal and institutional recognition of , and inflexible enforcement of, her  condition. There is, accordingly, for all practical purposes, no escape for the  Gorean slave girl. At best she might, at great risk to her own life, succeed in  obtaining a new chaining, a new Master, and one who, in view of her flight, will  undoubtedly see to it that she is incarcerated in harsher bondage than that from  which she fled, to which, now , under her new strictures, she is likely to look  back upon longingly. Similarly the penalties for attempted escape, particularly  a second attempt, are severe, usually involving hamstringing. Only the most  stupid of women dares even to think of escape, and then seldom more then once.  Magicians of Gor, page 32-33

The punishment of a runaway slave is often grievous, sometimes culminating in death. He would do no more to Elizabeth Cardwell than was commonly done to female slaves among the wagons, even those who had never dared to speak back or disobey in the least particular. Elizabeth, in her way, was fortunate. As Kamchak might have said, he was permitting her to live. I did not think she would be tempted to run away again. {Nomads of Gor}

She had run away. Marlenus, with two huntsmen, had taken her within the Ahn. Marlenus, who had hunted in the forests since his boyhood, was a master of woodcraft. She had been unable to elude him. Dazed, shocked, she had been swiftly caught and returned to camp. Marlenus had then handed her over to a huntsman. She had been stripped and, hands tied over her head to a post, had been given ten lashes. Marlenus, and most of those about the camp, had not bothered to watch. It was simply a slave girl being punished. The punishment was so light because it was the first time the girl had attempted to run away. {Captive of Gor}

I did not know at that time what was commonly done to a girl who has attempted to escape, and has been recaptured. It is just as well. Much depends on the master but, commonly, the first time she is recaptured, she is treated with great lenience, as being only a foolish girl. Commonly, she is only tied and lashed. Should she attempt escape a second time, and be recaptured, she is commonly hamstrung, the tendons behind the knees being severed. Almost no girls attempt escape a second time. {Slave Girl of Gor}

 A short story based on the encounter with Enna

Here’s a little fan-fiction based in John Norman’s world of sci-fi, beasts, heroes and sexism – Gor

It was still night time , the darkness before the dawn. The red headed panther girl stepped off the small wooden dock after being away for a week. She headed along the narrow sandy track and heard and could make out some movement in the forest. There was a swish of an arrow! She ducked quickly , then notched an arrow and a tabuk went down thrashing not too far away. She slipped into the trees and spotted a Zima Panther stalking another tabuk into the trees. The red head sent another arrow flying just to show off her hunting prowess.Both Panthers had plenty of meat for both camp’s for a while. The Zima came round to where the red head was and they introduced each other and swapped news and gossip, while the first rays of the sun were shimmering through the leaves. They then started to get the carcasses ready, dragging them back along the path which led to the Forest Moon Lair. The Zima was invited in and the two tabuk were strung up to finish the bleeding. The red head removed the single horn from one of the tabuks head and placed it under her belt. The red head and Zima then deciding to slip back into the woods to see what was about. They went together for a while and then spotted a lonesome kajira sitting quietly on the IOB trade post in the morning sun. She looked familiar to the red head , so she motioned to the Zima to follow her. The red head got close enough and was shocked to see the girl who had once been a panther.

She had heard of the bounty from ThreeMoons of Ja Hesa.

The red head thought this might be a chance to rescue her. It was quiet, hardly anyone was about, such a chance might not come so easily again.. The red head called out, reaching for the girls arm , the girl resisted and was alarmed. The red head deciding to slug her , binding her wrists to make sure she wouldn’t run off and then ran like the wind dragging her along back to the camp. Once they were safe inside the Lair , the red head released her and they hugged. She was glad to see the red head despite the bruises and scratches. She looked around the Lair but was clearly not overjoyed at being rescued. At the camp fire they talked and caught up on things and the girl confided that her new master had lit her fire, so the daring rescue had in fact been for nothing….. The red head pondered about ransoming her back to her master, she then looked into the girls doe like eyes and decided that it was better to let her go……

A short story of a slave girl

Here’s a little fan-fiction based in John Norman’s world of sci-fi, beasts, heroes and sexism – Gor

The slave girl didn’t notice the red headed panther who walked up to her . The girl didn’t notice until she heard a harsh voice calling her name. She stood up as a young girl should do in the presence of a superior panther girl. ‘Yes, Mistress!’ the girl answered sensing her heart beating in her chest. The fact that this panther addressed her indicated something bad, she knew that. She wondered what she was accused of doing. She took for granted that there was some wrongdoing being done and that she had been accused of it. She could not imagine the real reason for this panther talking to her. The girl was soon to be told the grim reason for her address. The panther didn’t give her much time for preparations. ‘Strip!’ the red head ordered with a stern voice. The girl was bewildered. ‘But, why, Mistress ?’ she managed to ask. ‘You are to be taken to the slave pit.’ ‘No, Mistress , that must be some mistake, I have been a good girl.’ The girl felt her cheeks blush. ‘You are the property of the tribe and to be taken to the slave pit to be sold.’ ‘Am I no longer the property of Mistress Sheeba?’ ‘Will you strip or shall I order my sisters to strip you?’ ‘But, please, Mistress, I do not understand.’ ‘The papers are in order, our green saw to that,’ the red head replied. The red head didn’t prove it by showing the girl the papers. Even if the girl could read, it was not that. It was, simply not done. ‘But, Mistress, why would she…?’ ‘Strip now, girl!’ ‘My owner can’t have. Please, Mistress, do not tell me, my owner has sold me!’ ‘I think she has. Will you strip now?’ The girl was overwhelmed, distraught. She covered her face in her hands, weeping. The girl couldn’t believe what was happening. Her mind was in turmoil. The girl heard the other panther girls in the company of the red head who had addressed her, obviously her sisters, approach her. The girl immediately stood up. She realized she had to comply. Nothing could be more embarrassing than having those sisters strip her right there. ‘Please, Mistress, wait, I will do as you wish.’ The red head held back her sisters with a gesture of her hand. The girl looked up at the red head in despair. The girls fingers fumbled with the cord around her waist. She felt numb. ‘Please, Mistress, can’t I take my clothes off later?’ ‘It is not customary,’ the red head answered and the girl knew she was right. The girl untied the cord around her waist and hesitated. The red head looked annoyed but she didn’t say anything. ‘Please, Mistress.’ The red head didn’t answer but gestured with her hand and her sisters started to move. ‘Wait, wait, please, Mistress, I will obey.’ The red head held them back. The girls hands trembled as she slipped the camisk from her shoulders. There was a sense of loss as she felt it slide over her body. She held it as it slipped from her and then she stepped out of it. The red head held out her hand and the girl gave the red head her camisk and the cord that used to hold it in place. For a while the girl just stood there, feeling utterly naked, blushing, her heart pounding in her chest, full of shame and anguish. The red head didn’t say anything, she just pointed at the girls hip. For some reason she didn’t dare to protest. Her fumbling fingers untied the knot at her hip and she slipped off her minimal breech cloth. Now she was naked. ‘Now, girl, kneel!’ The girl fell to her knees and hunched her back, trying to cover up, overcome with shame and embarrassment. ‘Straighten your back!’ The girl did as she was told. She sat up and suddenly she saw all the panthers who had gathered around her. It was a bit of entertainment in the camp to see a girl being enslaved like this. The girl wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to look calm. ‘Knees apart.’ The girls heart beat an extra beat at hearing this. This was the ultimate shame, having to kneel like a slave in front of these free women. She obeyed the red head while her whole body trembled. ‘Wider!’ The girl cried as she obeyed the red head. Her head swirled and her cheeks were hot as she knelt on the grass, naked and with knees apart like a slave girl. The red head squatted behind the girl and took the girls arms and crossed them behind her back. The red head then bound her and put a rope around her neck as a leash.

A short story of a girl found near the panther lair

Here’s a little fan-fiction based in John Norman’s world of sci-fi, beasts, heroes and sexism – Gor

The young girl awoke with a yelp, a kick to her foot made her shrink further into her make shift shelter near the swamp entrance as a wild red headed woman towered over her, it was Marli, she was beautifully dressed in animal skins and wore thick fur booties, a crudely crafted wooden bow notched with markings was in her left hand as she parted her lips to speak to the girl. ” well…. I hope you know how to use that thing” Marli pointed towards the bow that the girl was hugging close to her chest. In complete shock the girl nodded her head dumbly her mouth opening and closing like a fish before she found her voice as she pulled herself to her feet “im not great but i can shoot at a bosk if need be” The girl could feel Marli’s eyes on her, scanning her body curiously, Marli’s eyes resting on the girls neck before Marli chuckled and reached into her wild red hair and pulled out a lock pick and in an easy manner laughed out her words as if this was just an everyday occurance “Hehe…. turn around girl and let me get that collar off you” A moment of fear filled the girl as she turned slowly and felt Marli expertly push the pins into the lock of her collar, Marli worked fast and cleverly till the timbles in the lock clicked and released the collar falling uncerimoniously from the girls neck landing at Marli’s feet. The girl took a deep breath and kicked it away with a few determined nods of her head and she looked up to Marli with a weak smile and pushed forward her hand and spoke with as much strength in her voice could muster “Enna…… I am Enna” Marli’s face broke into a warm smile as she clasped the girls hand “Well met Enna, my name is Marli ……….now let’s get out of here, i’ll show you our camp…which is close” Confused the girl just grabbed up the few belongings she had and followed in Marli’s footsteps as they walked around lake Ias and to the astonishment of the girl she saw an amazing structure of wood and branches, swamp undergrowth and trees. Hidden there was the place that Marli had made her home. Marli quickly looking over her shoulder opened the door to her hut , dragging the girl inside and slammed it shut before turning and speaking “well…. this is my hut, make yourself comfortable but keep your eyes peeled, we are never safe, the Askari men come hunting us daily” With a flick of her red hair and a grin on her face , Marli started towards some ropes and hauled herself up to the zipline and called over her shoulder “i have to go hunting for food, be safe sister” and with that Marli disappeared over the rocky cliff and headed to lake Ias, again the girl was alone. The girl started to walk around the Luna Caleeng camp in awe, unsure of whether she really was in a Panther camp only having heard tales about such places, the reality suddenly hit her, Enna, the Kajira was now a panther, a wild woman of the forests. At this realisation she fell to the ground and sat cross legged at the camp fire and just shook her head in disbelief. Before she knew it, she was surrounded, they seemed to come from nowhere jumping over the undergrowth, all pointing bows at her, her eyes darting around looking for an escape as she felt a dull thud to her head as she fell to the ground, she felt her wrists and feet being bound and looked up blinking trying to focus as a dark sinister character covered in jewellery and bone decoration all over his strong body and heard his words cutting into her head “Mhmmm…….. I like you, quite the find” he laughed a cruel evil laugh as he grabbed hold of the binds and started dragging her along the ground “come on lets get you home……. mine” Complete anger filled the girl as a growl came from her lips , her mouth snarling as she spat out the words “get your hands off me you bosk scum I am not yours…..I am a panther girl” He just laughed and continued to drag her towards his tarn and tossed her like a rag doll over the back of the saddle before jumping on himself and whistling to the large black bird as its powerful wings started to beat raising up above the camp………

© Lunacaleengpanthers/various/wanted image taken from arua



  1. she’s a jesuill, and three likes to attack anyone standing near her too-l just a warning if you happen to be near her, keep your bow handy.

  2. The blog, though a lovely idea, is OOC, and any capture that occurs as a result of the blog, will therefore be invalid. Actual IC of the Bounty is needed, In person interaction with ThreeMoons of Ja Hesa and therefore a chain of connection bringing the capture about. Good Luck!

  3. Lol you might say Duh its ooc, but it hasn’t stopped people using info here in the past for ic purposes. Therefore I must ask why post it here in the first place since it’s not RP, just a notice, and to add to that, why others reply to it providing more OOC information?

  4. *shrugs* It’s a blog for fun. Whether they chose to use it as IC purposes isn’t our problem and our fault. It was their choice, can’t blame us for it. We just post it for OOCly for fun.

  5. sayu, some people blamed columbine on a movie. Some blame a cartoon for vangogh’s murder. If this were on a poster on every dock in gor, those people would call it griefing.

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