Role play of a Panther shopping alone on Gor

Adventures of Erin



Erin had begun recently to understand what her mother used to always complain about in the morning; she remembered specifically the phrase “someone in a pair of boots had been dancing on my back all night”. She groaned as she rolled onto her side in the fluffy but absoutely uncushioned furs in an otherwise really nice hut. “I really need to find a way to get a bed… or at least something resembling a matress up here” she grumbled to herself as she came to her feet. Today, however, her focus was less on any ache or pain she might suffer at the hands of the backward planet she found herself on than it was on her little “magic boxes”. She began to smile as she approached the first one, which she had hidden, she thought, in a nice, quiet little corner of the camp. The box somehow produced rep. she wasn’t at all sure how it did this, and she didn’t really care. She was just happy to finally be doing something with her time that might benefit her friends, but as she approached the box closely enough to see inside it, her smile faded. It was empty, and this was the third day. She had been told that the box would somehow pop out its first bit of rep on the third day, and it had produced nothing. She stood there, looking at the box for a moment, wanting very badly to become angry at the simple box’s betrayal of her. Then she stepped back from it, took a deep breath and decided on another course of action, one, un retrospect, she might well have discounted had she known what it would lead to. Nonetheless, she grabbed her spear, bow and dagger found a lockpick set and headed toward the docks, bound for the fortress that belonged to a group called “northern lights outlaws”, to see if she could find one of their magic boxes, and Steal the rep, the ash wood or any other of the components of the healing bandages she had seen for sale. On her way to the dock, it should be noted here, she happened to cross paths with an outlaw. it didn’t seem important at the time. she didnt speak to him, but stepped onto the trade platform until he had seeminlgy gone on his way. His name as she would find out later was zero.
She found her way, quickly to the NLO fortress, digging through her belongings for the pick set she had grabbed on the way out of camp, when she spied a figure running from the docks toward her. It was the outlaw, the one she had crossed paths with in whispering moons!

The role play:

  • Zero :  then reaches for her spear, takes it and tosses it away too

  • Zero :  taking a rope from his belt, wraps around her arms and pulls them tightly together

  • Zero :  gets from the belt another long rope and loop it around her feet with a tight knot

  • Zero :  gets last ropes to make a long leash to grah erin with him

  • Zero :  leans down agan blindfold erin eyes then pays the captain to bring him on this point of the map “sail me and erin now”

  • Zero :  begins to steps inside the land with erin well leashed to him

  • Erin :  is finaly jarred to conscioussness by having her head bounced off the ground and gasps repeatedly “wha…whyyy

  • Zero :  bends down and took away her blindfold after roll over erin to let she stares his eyes “so why you shoot at me?” he said with a grins

  • Erin :  looks around and shudders thenup at him “you were followi…stalking me”

  • Erin:  looks around the place again, wondering where he had taken her “where?….”

  • Zero :  laughs loudly at her words “i was stalking you? walking into a land full of huntress? looking erin up and down. a smile graced his face “Tal, girl welcome to black slaver cove maybe you have chosen the wrong target today”

  • Erin : “slaver?” the word struck her like cold water in the face, making her flinch “no, i…. you frightened me…please….i have friends and a life….let me go…i’ll pay”

  • Zero :  shrugs about your former life. tell me your name i dont like be questioning why you shoot at me if not to become my slut “an evil grin breaks on his face” and now you want to go back home?

  • Erin :  gasps but tries to bite it back “erin. my name is erin. and i don’t wanna be anyone’s slut. i just. i… i was looking for a store of ash wood to make needles for sewing with”

  • Erin :  wriggles her wrists in the ropes, trying to loosen them

  • Zero:  lets a soft chuckle roll fourth from deep within himself as he heard her words ” a store? ” we can offer all you needs, leans moves his dagger lower along her stomach pushing it just under her belt, gives it a quick flick of the wrists and lets that drop to the floor

  • Erin : flops back to her belly quicklt as he cuts her belt away “No! stop! those that its mine dont”

  • Erin :  grunts as he flips her back over, in quiet frustration

  • Zero :  notice a nice dagger on her left legs , leans to pick it, better so you cant harms me, then pulls out his dagger again and allows the dull side to brush along her sides between the hole of her bra, slides the knife in the hole can cuts her top off

  • Erin :  squeals as the blade skims her side, twisting away from it, the whimpers as he cuts her top off “no…. please…i wanna go home im so sorry ill never shoot t you again. i swear. my…my knife….”

  • Zero :  laughs “no little slave not be afraid i am just checking you cant hurt yourself” and keep to yuse his knife to cut her panties, then go up reaching her hairs shakes them out looking for lockpicks, or other things an huntress can have

  • Erin :  cringes at the word slave “im not…la ki kajira”

  • Erin :  hunches at her belly, ducking her hips back as he cuts away her panties she becomes frantic “NO!” she shouts “LA KI!!! LA KI!!”

  • Zero :  then notice the nice necklace she have “this one i will keep for me he said with another smirks” .him let his eyes run over her mmm .than he bends down and take off the hudge boots…well i think a slave of ours will be glad to get them

  • Erin:  feels her eyes filling with tears as he takes her jewelry and boots away , she lay there naked and bound and all she could think was that no one knew where she had gone

  • Zero :  looking her bare body finally free from everything he asked again growls louder “why did you shoot at me if not to become my slut” give me a reason to let you go

  • Erin:  starts to sniffle barely audibly “i wanna go haome”

  • Erin : “you scared me running after me through the sa verus land. i remembered seeing you in my homeland and you followed me”

  • Zero :  i dont like liar you must choose better your target next time bends down close to the girls face looking into her eyes “you want a collar don’t you, to be safe from all these wicked men and women”?

  • Erin :  shakes her head, always careful to look away and squeaks “no. i dont want a collar. i just want to go home”

  • Zero :  home? you are still thinks at your home chuckles “he finisheds saying with a smirk, his right hand now traveling downward, between her legs. There, the fingers on his right hand found the sensitive lips of her heat and he began to gently stroke the outside of her sex with his hand, his fingers easily teasing and stimulating her delicate folds all the while “Tell you what, if you are a good girl, I won’t harms you………. from this point onward, you will refer to me as ‘sir’ do you understand?”

  • Erin :  squirms and ducks her hips back trying to dodge his fingers, as she feels him begin to touch her “sir…” she gasps , unable to move around enough to avoid his touch

  • Erin : “i have a home, sir. please….and friends, and i will miss them, and they will miss me” she squeaked, trying not to belie to any degree greater than neccesary what his fingers were doing to her

  • Zero:  ignores her words and zero glided the fingers on his right hand directly down and then up her heat all to the top of it. There, his fingers found the pert bud of her clit and two of his fingers gently grasped at it, with his grip upon her clit complete, he pulled up on it, not enough to hurt or punish her, but enough that she would be able to feel it, “your delicate skin is what can make you enjoy submission to a man

  • Erin :  squeals as his fingers torment her and squirms again, futilely, gasping and thrashing her hips wildy about “nuhhhh!! ohh gaw…” she spat, as she tried to both get herself free of his fingers and resist the touching causing the sensations that she, of course, couldn’t prevent

  • Zero:  shrugs his shoulders softly for the time being as he continued to play with her clit carefully, his head now suddenly going on downward, his face now right in front of her own, his hot, warm breath washing out across her face like a silent, sensual kiss as he began to speak to her once more ” Don’t think your’e safe from me woman, not even for a moment.” the tone in zero’s voice was sweet, but there was an underlaying darkness to it all, a sense of dominance that he carried about himself in all that he said or did, zero is not a man that liked to be told ‘no’. i think you shoot at me just to become my slut and not lie again

  • Erin :  holds her breath as he began to hover over her, her body trembling now as she began to lose the fight to resist the sensations he was causing with his never ending manipulation of her heat, she arched her back, biting the inside of her cheek as his face came down very close to hers, her head involuntarily turning away as he breathed his words to her, she just hoped as he did his mind was on his continued insistence to her that she wanted this, and she tried so very hard to not make a peep as she gave in and felt the orgasm rush through her, little electric jolts running down the insides of her thighs and up her spine, she gasped as the thought raced through her mind- she was sure he would feel her wetness now “no.” she gasped “i dont..donnnnt. ” she gathered her breath “not a slut… No!”

  • Zero :  llistens to the girl and laughs “they say anything to escape the collar when we all know that is what they desire most… no little slave, a thick piece of meat and a large bowl of paga often compete for the affection of a slave” he tosses away his helmet to stares her eyes again, then let his hands go down again close to her clit and extend two fingers witch he slowly began to worm inside of erin’s hot, warm cunt, his fingers traveling deeper and deeper inside of her tight little hole until they could go no further

  • Erin :  whimpered as his fingers pushed inside her in and odd corkscrew motion “i…oh nooooo….noooo.!! NO SHIT!..not …not a …slave” her words fading as his fingers ploughed deeper into her, her breath coming in ragged gasps now and she began to sob openly at the unfairness of her predicament and the frustration of not being able to stop him taking her “nooooo” she hissed weakly

  • Zero:  ting her own once more in a tender embrace as he began to speak to her once more “zero brought his three fingers outside of her wet hole, his fingers glistening with her juices, proof of her own wanton desire, he brought his right hand on down and began to smear the juices erini’s lower lip, so that she could taste herself as he continued speaking to her “You will love have sister here, smirks” and with that, he brought his right hand back on down and suddenly delivered a series of swift spanks down upon the surface of her pink slick heat

  • Erin :  ‘s head jerked back suddenly with the blows and she squealed again loudly, then trying but failing to expel with out tasting herself, her face burning, she humiliated, started to rock her head left to right and back again as her gasps became quiet panting, with the stinging….her eyes, her face and now her heat all burning “not a slut ” she whimpered repeatedly “friends…i have a life…

  • Zero : laughs loudly, “yes you have a former life maybe is that you mean grins, once more began to bring his right hand on down after the spank to her sex again, now, four fingers where clenched together and sent darting inside of her wet and needy body, his eye’s traveling up and down her, marveling at her body, simply taking in the sight of her slow and eventual defeat, a collar is what zero has in his mind

  • Erin :  ‘s body jerks and writhes spastically with another blow to her heat… she had no new offer of argument left, she knew, as he forced a fourth finger into her, he would not relent, he would not stop, that he intended to collar her; she didn’t bother to try to argue any more and as she felt him take her again with his fingers, she let out a soft, high pitched wavering moan which even to her own ears sounded defeated. She couldn’t move, he could do with her as he pleased, and she knew it. She began to spatically grind against his hand, her hips in uncertain uneven circles, bringing her clit against its butt, pressing and grinding, trying to satiate her own needs now

  • Zero :  showing her no mercy as he teased her body , but then he stops hearing her moans, he pick up a cute set of collar and cuffs, he leaned to her feet forcing each ankle to rest in the cuffs, he focuses then on her wrists grabbing one hand at time to lock her wrists in the iron rings before place the collar on her neck closes with a padlock, holding the key for him, now smiles at your new life he said, leashs her collar and begins to cut her ropes

  • Erin :  ‘s panting calmed as he withdrew his fingers her skin, feeling the cold metal about it, strangely, burned, and she let loose a long low cry, a sound she had only heard dogs make at home before. It was then that she knew what that sound was. inside she died just a little….

© Erin


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