About the many dances of Gor

The many dances of gor


There are many dances of gor, some in the books, some particular to the occasion, there is no one style or one way to do things, just relax and do as you feel.  


The dance:

She stood before the three moons that glistened among the stars flickering in berwildment, Courageous in its only demise the moons were full white, and bestowing beneath the heavens above. She was completely marvelled by the moons against a sky of the darkest velvet. The largest moon, glistened, the two smaller ones behind the largest moon. Speckle of flickering white made themselves known to her senses. The stars, she thought. Shake the sky and the stars could fall. But the moons that she treasures every twentieth ahn, It was eternal and would never stop rising.

The soft curly tendrils billowed lightly in the wind. Her hair was wild pigments a vast array of colors Midnight blue, and strands of burgundy, all boding together to make the fine sun-kissed flowing locks cascading around her body.  It enveloped the mound of her breasts. Her hair flowed down her back and shoulders, with wisps hanging suggestively, as if pointing to her breasts giving them an obstructed view of her flawless form, stimulating her nipples, the carressing touch of the winds, an involunatry reflex rose her turgid nipples.

Dressed in nothing but the tattered pelts of the forests, and the ornament that hung around her thigh with a perfect fit. It was fabricated from Sleen teeth, sewn with various skins. The huntress was in the prime peak of vulnerability her weapons was discarded, everything from her Temwood bow to her carved Canine dagger was left beside her. She stood in full form every enticing curve of her body shown, she gleamed with sweat, incredibly aroused breathing in erratic patterns, with wild passionate hunger.

A hort away from her position laid a mound of leaves spread out all different multi-tone of colors scattered over each other cascading eagerly. The patterns continued to make up a circle. Her eyes glinted with a fierce gaze among the moons. She placed her left foot forward on the ridge of the leaves for a brief second she stood still not moving. Sashaying to leap over the leaves into the circle.

Standing there for a couple of Ihns her eyes never leaving the moons. She broke the silence of the nature as she started to chant swaying her hips with unbridled lust, thrusting her hips sensually. Raising her arms to the moons just above her head she started to claw at the three moons of Gor. First few moments of finding her rhythm, and then finally the fruition into a free flowing creature of movement. Her neck and shoulders would loosen and her head would tilt up towards the moon or an invisible god. The veil of thick curtly hair would fall back revealing eye. That would go from obtuse to fire filled Nin.

Lifting her head back arching her aching firm swelling breasts she was utterly bestowed at the beauty of the moons. Unclenched fists thrashed at the moons, lustful throaty mewling gasps escaped her lips. Like encircles of passion she danced moving her body in the most erotic seduction. The soul-stealing Emerald eyes fiercely grew with tears of frenzy. It raked her mind the tenseness was unnerving. Envious of the moons violently she stamped her feet into the trodden earth. Whimpering and crying louder, she could surrender to them. The brazen display of womanhood was barely tamed by a piece of cloth. Mesmerizing motions of the erect breasts’ as they swayed resiliently.

Moving her hands to the cover of her breasts she started to tear at the scarce clad around her bosom. The remnants tore freely her chest bounced a sign of her virtue a woman she was. The damp lustful pelt was dropped to the outside of the circle. The swell of her ample breasts rising and falling to reveal the tawny aching nipples, teased.

Creating circles with different parts of her body. Head, spine, hips, feet, elbows, wrist, and fingers, each would find their own rhythm or melody to follow. The drums beat became louder and louder echoing inside her mind. Each movement she made the frenzied dance would take a different turn.

Her slender body had a certain sun-kissed sheen; the sweat accentuated her curves more than ever. Her pinkish-brownish nipples pebbled in the cold air, leaving a trail of Goosebumps around the areola. The sensations of the seductive dance radiated her body. Instead, her face would relax and a smirk curled the edges. Her hands searched out her face like a lover in the dark. They played over her heart, tapping out a seductive cryptogram. Her hips would appear to move in a certain way one at a time only to be snatched up by invisible hands only to be released, over, and over again.

Her desperate cries grew to a primitive hunger. Undulating her arms she moved faster and faster quickening her pace as she clawed at the moons an inaudible noise escaped her lips. Only to groan louder the drums had ceased to a halt her breathing patterns were turmoil. She dropped to the earth clutching the leaves moaning. Only to her the soft thuds of her heart and the silence of the earth beneath her.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Nina Barinneaux



  1. omg, Marli!
    Ahahaha. Nice
    Reminded me of that Miley Cyrus song, Twerk. *snickers*
    But yea, there’s different ways or possibly, ‘versions’ in how to Twerk!
    I approve this post!

  2. well, like it or not, it’s an apt name, cuz it sounds vaguely geeky/dirty like a comic book convention version of poke’sex.
    P.s. Sayu, my condolence on the recent loss of your beloved stuffed bunny.

    • *shrugs* Many people have their own view on twerking.

      And lmao! That passed around WM quickly, but yuh…thanks.. T..T
      It’s grave is in Zima’s campfire…Imma bring some flowers later on today to mark it’s grave. heh. See how that goes.

  3. put em out while reni isn’t around, like on the cooking slab, maybe in a vase, so they arent immediately identifiable as wabbit flowers…
    Btw, reni had more viewers for her bunny murder story than piers morgan ever had on cnn. I believe she enjoyed telling it.

  4. just an idea: a teporary avi, named “SayusBunnysRevenge” could buy and place a giant stuffed rabbit on reni’s favorite sitting rock…
    Maybe with a trap script in it 8D

  5. well, you saw da wabbit, it’s fuzzy white butt lined up to be right in front of reni’s face. Reni did one of these: XD… O.o

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