Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Rarn – The city of copper

Rarn – city of copper


Rarn is a full RP sim that holds true to the Chronicle of Counter-Earth series written by John Norman.

The Roleplay:

Patrick glances back to Nasreen for just a moment, then yanks on the leash and pulls back the kajira, walking in front of her for a step or two as he gazes out to Erin, “Now, Panther Girl, what would bring you so close to the gate or Rorus? You must be desperate.”

erin knocks on the bars “can i trouble you for a tour?”

Nasreen snorts a little to hide her laughter.

erin: “i come to report for the en’s council on behalf of your leader

Patrick glances back to Violette, “Nadu, Kajira,” he orders sharply, then looks to Erin again, “On behalf of my leader? And who would be my leader? And why would he need a report from you?”

erin: ugh you would have to ask again. i told you when i was here last time, and he wasnt here then

erin: /m starts thumbing through scrolls, looking for the right one

Patrick looks suddenly to the girl leashed to him again, laughing, “A Panther Girl, hm?”

erin sighs

erin nods “yes. a panther HAS to be the one to do the report, as it is FOR panthers. all panthers everywhere”

erin: “at least i dont nadu everytime anyone in earshot says the word”

erin smiling she looked back at the new arrival

erin decides to knock again, just to be a bit obnoxious

Patrick yanks hard on the leash, then grabs Violette by the hair and tightens his hand securely holding her there, twisting his fingers in her hair, “I will deal with you momentarily,” he says, then looks out to Erin then, “I can not let an admitted Panther Girl enter into the village. It is just as well that you do not kneel. If your report is written, then you may just leave it there. I will see it delivered to the concerned party.”

erin laughs “you’re going to deliver it to the northern forests, to the En’s council at their table centered between three tribes of panthers are you?” she shook her head “i doubt that”

Talea  pursed her lips and shrugged at the panther’s words. She had a point. She demonstrably did not kneel every time the word was said. The dark woman on her knees though? Well her life depended on it. She smiled back cheerfully, with dimples, and stayed where she was.

erin takes a grape drop from a pouch on her belt and goes over to the woman on her knees, drops it onto her lap and pats her on the head “good girl”

Patrick just keeps his eyes fixed on Erin then, “Perhaps I misunderstood. You will have to return at another time. My leaders are in their furs and I will not disrupt them for any Panther Girl. Even one who claims to be on some sort of mission from other Panther Girls.”

violette : please huntress…let your En know that i am here…my name is violette….

erin: “for all panther girls FROm your leader…and fine. have it your way, but please do tell him i was here, wont you if he rises during your watch”

erin: “violette ?’

Patrick nods slightly, “If you…”

Patrick looks to Violette, “For your insolence, slut, when I have finished with you, no Panther Girl tribe would want you. Now, silence.”

Red hair travels to Rarn to look for a herbalist shop and finds ants in her pants !

  • Ϯαℓα : Tal Mistress

  • Marli nods at the girl “Greetings girl”

  • Ϯαℓα  peers at the clothing and tilts her head “you a physician, Mistress?”

  • Marli lips curl in a thin smile at the girls question “No dear , I am a mere healer, here in the city to buy some supplies .”

  • Ϯαℓα : “is there someone in particular you seek out. Maybe I can help you, Mistress. We do have an herbalist” smiles and puts the brush to her side.

  • Marli raised an eyebrow , she had noticed the girl was holding a brush in one of her hands “Mhm…..don’t you have chores to do? Perhaps you should ask your owner for permission?”

  • Ϯαℓα  shrugs slightly brushing off suds from her leg “i wash the stairs today and most are finished. I not owned but we are told to help those visiting the city, so I ask so I dont get in trouble.” brushing more suds from her hand and smiling softly.

  • Marli nods “Then that is fine, well…in that case you may give me directions to the herbalist you mentioned , it will save me time , though I dont mind strolling through this pretty city”

  • Ϯαℓα smiles brightly up at the lovely women and moves past her slowly “yes, is a lovely city and….” stumbles on a stone “hmm be careful Mistress, the herbalist is this way and in the building with rose arches.”

  • Ϯαℓα  stops outside the building and points then looks down on the ground inside

  • Marli giggles “How clumsy , I walked right past it ” she smiles appreciatively at the girl , reaches in a pouch for some sweet sugar candy and offers it to the girl “For your troubles”

  • Ϯαℓα  smiles again at the offering and gently takes it from the hand “thank you for your kindness, Mistress. I will be about washing if you need more help” pops the candy quickly into her mouth and humms as she moves back up the stones

  • Marli smiles and nods , she enters the herbalist

  • Ϯαℓα  whispers softly “watch the ants….. they bite” and she moves

My report on Rarn:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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