Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Verr Fjord

Verr Fjord

Verr Fjord is located on the southern border of Torvaldsland.

The roleplay:

♣  kiera : softly behind the cloaked person “tal, i am Kiera of the southern continent, can you point the direction of the dustlegs camp please?”

Tiressia:  shrugs: “I just arrived. I have no idea where that might be or of its existence”

♣  kiera : “my apologies”    Then walks down the main boulevard to a group of people standint at the entrance of a bridge…

♣  kiera : “tal, i am Kiera of the southern continent, can you point the direction of the dustlegs camp please?”

Bɭɑđɛ :  looks over to the woman and frowns slightly

Tiressia:  slowly approaches the small group at the bridge looking around at the City’s shops.

♣  kiera : “i assume that means no. apologies. good day”

Lydia: whispers as she sees a big pair of boots “greetigns Master ”

Bɭɑđɛ : shouts: come back here woman

Bɭɑđɛ : tal sir                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ♣kiera  turns back and walks to the edge of the ramp, at which the man in black was standing  and shouts: “yes”

♣ kiera : shouts: “My message is for the dustlegs, Sir, unless you can tell me where to find the camp, i need to be on my way to find it myself” she receives no reply from the man

♣kiera : shouts: “so again, Be Well”

Bɭɑđɛ : come here woman

Bɭɑđɛ : shouts: i said come here

Deka : herd shouting girl you seeking Viper?

♣ kiera : yes i am

[[then two men, one of them the man in black run to where she is standing, talking to meganblue, bows drawn…. she decides it’s time to go and turns to run back to the ship]

Bɭɑđɛ :  grins and says thank you friend

Hamor: pulls kiera’s hands back behind her and quickly ties them off as well in a capture knot

Hamor: finally he takes a the last piece of rope and makes three loops around lieras torso and leaves room for a leash

Hamor: looks to the man “aye sir i will leave you to your fun” he looks down at the girl “be you well panther”

Bɭɑđɛ :  stoops to grab tha panthers leash and walks away draging her in the dirt

♣ kiera  growls “i never drew a weapon. i answered you when you spoke. i asked politely my questions, what reason do you have to try to murder a simple messenger?”

Bɭɑđɛ : i was not trying to murder you

♣kiera : “what do you call those attacks, then? greetings?”

Bɭɑđɛ : the law says all visitors must turn over their ranged weapons

Bɭɑđɛ : when i approtched you you ran, that is reason enough to assume guilt

Diran  look at the men draggin the women”well done sir”

inas : Seeing the Mercenary leader approach “Greetings master.”

Son’Nir:  nods to hamor. “good, i will speak with her later if she is to be taken to the prisons.” seeing blade dragging the woman behind i spoke directly to him. “It is best she is taken to the Warrior hall immediately. You do not want to give the Villagers a scare”.

♣ kiera :  scoffs loudly “well done would have been were i here to fight. i did not draw a weapon. i am a messenger”

Viper : shouts: I lost the tracks on the stone

Celestine : Greetings Sir Blade

Viper : Hou Free , I was informed a mesenger came to see my camp and never made it

inas :  sees teh red savage cheif approach. “Greetings Master.”

Celestine : Greetings

Sir Viper  :  remain silent and wait to see the explanation

Viper : Lady Firecloak came to tell me

Bɭɑđɛ: your messanger broke the law, she willremain in mycustody until her trial is concluded

Viper :  nods to Celestine “hou Lady good to see you. Nice to visit your city at times”

♣kiera : “you should just kill me and be done with it then. i will no more lower myself to defense in courts than in these streets when attacked for no reason”

Atyia watchs all that was happening smiled over to Hamor having not seen so amny people in one plae at one time for a while now

Celestine :  nodded seriously at Sir Viper and smiled slightly .. Your presence here Sir fills my heart with hope that cooler heads and warmer hearts will prevail

Viper : what law did she break?

Viper : and it better be a good one to assualt a messenger which even a savage like me knows it is against your gorean Laws to attack a messenger

Bɭɑđɛ : you wish me to site the laws good sir?

Son’Nir Assessing that this would turn into a round of politics, i turned and motioned for Hamor and the House slave to follow. “Let us leave these men to their business.” i said as i left without any form of farewells.

Deka : quietly walks up to large group, to listen in

inas  goes to study the fearsome panther carefully whilst she is bound, and keeps my silence.

Viper : I know the laws of this city I visit it alot. I am not a member of the city but again I know the laws as i can also site a lw you seem to have broken if you fired first

♣ kiera looks at the knees by my head

Bɭɑđɛ : first law broken

♣  kiera : shouts: “boo!”

♣ kiera : “he fired ONLY. i never drew a weapon”

inas  jumps back a pace, startled

Bɭɑđɛ : she is a woman is she not?

Tiressia leans back on the stone wall and observes without commenting.

♣ kiera : “as far as i knew by his demeanor, he was a slaver looking for a victim”

Bɭɑđɛ : then why is she armed

Viper : well if you fired first then you shot a mesenger without provocation of a threat towards anyones saftey

Viper : she is probubly armed cause there are weapon happy guys that would rather shoot her then care

♣ kiera : “like the one who did, you mean, yes….” she grumbled…

Bɭɑđɛ : i challanged her awhich is my right to do as the commander of the dagone mercs who are tasked with assisting the reds to defence and keeping the laws

Bɭɑđɛ : she took off running both times i challanged her

Hades: would sneak passed not paying attention to all this commotion

♣ kiera : “i came back the first time after i asked you for direction, which you ignored. you never replied”

Viper : and as the high chief of my tribe i can ask how you deem to challenge a woman? you can not enter combat with her. that is another law of goreans you would have to break to do

Bɭɑđɛ : second law of the city is no visitor may enter the city armed, all viusitors must relinquish there ranged weapons to reds or mercs,

♣ kiera : “and, by the by, find me an escort to escort me through this town, which claims one such as me needs no escort and i’ll be happy to have it”

Viper : well that is true you can challenge them but here is how a man honoring his contract would handle it. Take her to the place she claimed to have a messege for and see if she is lying. if she was then you have her if she was telling the truth you did your job without an issue

Bɭɑđɛ : i was merly attemting to fullfill my contract

Bɭɑđɛ: i never had a chance

Deka: there an weapon Locker where? near blacksmith shop “why so far from Boat?”

Bɭɑđɛ : she ran as soon as i stoped

Celestine  looked down at the panther ans spoke up ” this seems to be a conflict of interests … Sir Blade, it may well be that she has a valid reason protected under someone to be here armed … Sir Viper she is armed and an armed female is hardly able to be here without being challenged .. indeed in the north she would have been killed out of hand …

Bɭɑđɛ: therfore i make the choice to take her into custody by force

Viper : I’m a visitor

Viper : but i have not shown a threat plus as a messenger she is allowed a wepaon to keep her mesege safe

Bɭɑđɛ : then you sir must hand over your bow to me at this time to be reterned to you upon takeing your oath to this homestone or leaving this village

Viper : i do not as i have a truce with your Administrator as does anyone seeking my camp that showsd no threat to the city. Who is the red that taught you upon your contract being signed?

Tiressia: slowly walks to the other armed fellow and asks him with a low voice: Can you show me to a weapons rack where I may secure my crossbow” pointing to his crossbow next to his feet.

Viper : this red should have told you of our camp outside the city lmits so you would be tetter prepared for such an incident

inas  runs up again with a fresh bota of water.

Turg : you would be best to release that women”

Eir  walks over stands behind her uncle and companion

Bɭɑđɛ: my contract is with lyndal himself and it clearly states that the degone mercs are permited to NOT rack weapons in the city

inas :  sneaks back to the bank wall and out of the direct line of fire, jus tin case.

Celestine : I agree Sir Viper they should have been briefed on this

Viper : signing a contract with a city you as a merc is held to the lws and traditions of your people the goreans. in that there is a statement that messengers do not get harmed but escorted for their and your peoples saftey to the destination to keep issues like this from happening

Bɭɑđɛ : i know about the camp Hades: would whispers back to the man ” I am new to these lands, I cant help you sorry” he would offer a friendly smile and watch on at the people before him

Bɭɑđɛ : i also know the law says that unless you send an escort or one of the city guards escort said person a panther is not alowed to leave the dock.

Deka: watching the Man i yet to meet step over to other man as place his cross bow an ask where weapon rack is as he answer an skirt around People , Sir this way is weapon rack

Viper : and if i did not know bout the panthera comming to see me with a messege? am i supposed to know with my mind she was here?

♣kiera : “the man called viper, the message is a scroll, rolled in the quiver of my bow, you may find it there, upon searching my corpse…” she murmured as blood trickled from the corner of her mouth

♣ kiera  a little more quietly then “i am sorry i could not deliver it in person”

Bɭɑđɛ : is there not a bell to signal a free on the dock? she cpould simply ring the bell and wait we are capable of comeing to get you are we not?

Tiressia:  takes the cross bow from the floor and follows the Lady to the rack. Then he secures it on the rack and removes the bolt placing it in his pocket. “Thank you Lady. Is tehre any palce wehre i can stay for teh nighht here/’

Viper : one moemnt panthera. Now mercenary get the scroll and hand it over to settle this peacefully without the need of your people andmine having mutiple isues in the way of trials and circles of the elders

Deka : zzthe INn unsure when the tavern Is Open Havent seen Tavern Master Lance today < please follow me to the Inn

Celestine :  walks up to Sir Blade and stares him straight in the eye ” sir please pass me her leash, wer wounds need attending and I would not have our fair citie’s name bropught low over so minor an incident .. assign her a guard and you may take this discussion where you will … there is no need for this

Bɭɑđɛ :  shrugs and grabs the scroll and tosses it to the man and says i have no issue delivering messages, but this criminal will remain in custody until she vcan be seen by the magistrate

Viper : there is no criminal here but you can have her under guard and I will send for my nephew to come and stand over her as well

Bɭɑđɛ :  waves the woman away and says he hit her with the flat of his blade she will be fine.

Bɭɑđɛ: very well, she will be placed in a room and it will be guarded by my men the reds and you may send two of your men to make sure we do not treat her harshly

Viper :  write a note and ties it to a herlt trained to go straight to turg’s home and lets it go

Celestine :  cooly steps around Sir Blade and bends down, taking out a rep cloth and wiping the blood from her mouth, looks at inas and mumurs water in a bota, and hot soup

Bɭɑđɛ : better yet, to apiese everyone here who is interfearing she will be kept in the greens office under guard

inas :  hears the Mistress’s command, and runs to the Inn.

Viper : no it will be guarded by one man and my nephew

Viper : one man from both sides to keep it level

♣kiera :  coughs a bit of blood and laughs “you have yet to take the bow you found so offensive”

Celestine : looks up at Sir Blade and grins very wide ” Aye Sir, you are indeed an Ubar”

Viper : Hou Mita Neph

Viper : My guard is here now pick the one for your side

Turg : “all this kneeling stand girls”

Bɭɑđɛ:  drops the leash and says she is your concern and will be your responsability i have things to do (rl) know this though if the prisoner escapes or is released then you will be charged with treason against the village, am i clear woman?

Viper : they can’t Turg by their city laws respect that

inas :  kneels beside the huntress with a bota of water, uncorks it and holds it to teh Huntress’s lips. “PLease, Huntress,drink.”

♣ kiera :  turns her head away

♣ kiera : whispers: “i am no huntress, i am just a messenger”

Turg : “why this women on the ground”

Viper : sdhe was a messenger sent to see me i was told and now we will be sure the mercs do not harm her

inas :  holds the open mouth of the bota the other way to the Huntress’s lips. “PLease, huntress, PLease drink.”

♣ kiera :  snatches the mouth of the bota in her teeh and jerks her head the other direction

Turg : “so then i ask why she be tied up messagers cant be harmed by southern lae unless they show harmful intent?”

Celestine :  touches her hair ” No .. you are a pleasure slave? .. you are of … treve? perhaps Turia .. mutters “no matter, I see what is unspoken .. you will have justice I can assure you of that

Lady Viper : let this play out for the moment till the magistrate can come here and i can get her released

Deka : had taken the visitor to Inn he resting as trying figure out how to get home to My Fc walks behind bank

inas :  reaches for the bota as the contents spill on the ground

♣ kiera : hisse up at the ruffled dress “i am a messsengerrrrrrr”

Turg : raises brow “so verr has become lawless”

inas :  scampers back to the Inn to refill the bota.

Viper : my advise mercenary is to not press anything hostile further and lets try to keep this calm for you

Turg: “well then ye should release the women”

Celestine:  blesses her torvie frame and shoulders the panther girl and carrys her to the clinic grunting

Turg: “your agianst the laws of the city and that will not do”

Celestine  drags the panther girl and wipes her brow .. greetings Sirs Son’Nir stops short of the female and still armed panther. “Can you explain the reason why she is still armed and not within a cell Lady Celestine?”

Celestine : this prisoner is under my care .. chest heaving Celestine (AllisonBaker): I am supposed to have a gaurd.. two actually for her.. but it was decided to keep her in the infirmary

Hamor: shakes his head “killer, shall i disarm the girl?”

Celestine : loks up at Turg gratefully

Son’Nir nods to Hamor. “collect her weapons then take them to the Warriors hall for safekeeping”

Celestine : she is to remain under gaurd until the magistrate decides Son’Nir “That is understandable but you should have already stripped her of her weapons before tending to her wounds.”

Celestine : weapons to me Sir are probably what paint brushes are to you .. inconsequential .. I live to express life, not end it

Viper  “with 1 guard of the city and a guard of my choosing as well” pats Turg on the shoulder pointing out his pick

Celestine : Tat said I am no fool and I do understnd

Turg : “aye and i used to be the captain of the guard of this city so aye i be both”

Eir laughs

Hamor: walks over and kneels down beside the panther and takes her bow and slings it over his shoulder. he then looks down and takes up her sword and places it in his belt he pats her down looking for any other daggers or anything of the like before turning to the man in black “killer i have taken what weapons i could easily find although she has not been properly searched

[[ The next Day….]]

♣kiera turns to the red “yes i was, but viper got the note i had for him. i was waiting for a green to treat my injuries”

Ankreo: Have you been treated? Celestine turns back to the hospital and mutters ” back in a while ”

♣kiera shakes her head “no. there was a green in the city last night, at the door, but some one engaged her in conversation as she started to open it and she left” Ankreo: show me your injuries”

Ankreo his eyes still showing anger, but his voice softer

♣kiera takes her cloak off, revealing several bruises and cuts from being chased through the city by two horny mercs

Ankreo: Come with me.

♣kiera nods, and follows him back the infirmary Ankreo: “up on the table please” Ankreo: mine, get some bandages from upstairs

♣kiera nods and turns to get onto the infirmary bed

Ankreo: “Huntress…” Ankreo growls softly to himself as he gets some cotton and alcohol Ankreo: “this will sting like a bitch”

Ankreo: it must be done though

♣kiera nods “i would expect so” inas scampers upstairs to collect bandages and runs about excitedly, collecting them, pads back down stairs more cautiously with a bundle of bandages to help. “Master, I hope these will m eOK.”

Ankreo: Good girl

Ankreo swabs the cotton… and starts to clean her wounds

♣ kiera bites the pillow and in a muffled voice then “uh-k i’m ready”

Ankreo: Can I assume huntress, that you do not freely submit to me?

♣kiera hisses “you may assume that” Ankreo cleaning out her cuts, almost shaking with anger inas examines the other girl’s body, grateful that shs is not likely to submit. I don’t need that kind of competition.

Ankreo: I presume you announced you were a messenger?

♣kiera: “i announced that  yes, i was a messenger”

Ankreo: and you announced that before weapons were fired?

♣kiera: “i did, but apparently not to the right people”

Ankreo growls…

Ankreo: messengers… should n ot be treated in this manner.

♣ kiera: “no, i agree”

Ankreo: had you worn silks, and chains.. had you been delivering a message you should have been unmolested

♣kiera: “but after the initial problems, your admiral lyndal started several changes, including the gated checkpoint, so that it wouldn’t happen again. i assume theyre still building it, though he had several men there, working”

Ankreo: Good  inas setting the bandages down on the head of the bed, I carefully start to unroll one. of a suitable size, it seems to me cover one of the Huntress’s wounds. I stand ther holding the bandage waiting to see what My Master desires.

Ankreo taking some stinky green ointment from his pocket

♣ kiera: “yes i hope so… but i was told to dress for winter here, so i did”  Ankreo smearing some aginst the cuts, taking most of the pain..

♣kiera: “cloak, boots, all of it, to stay warm” inas recogises the stimky green ointment and backs away…. “N. No Master.”

♣kiera squeaks “easy, please” Ankreo: I am not branding her mine.

Ankreo: it helps with the pain, as you know

♣kiera: “yes, eventually it will”

Ankreo: I have done some battlefield healing

♣kiera: “i am a field healer too”

♣kiera: “though my techniques as a panther probably differ greatly”  inas looks dowmn at teh fresh brand on my leg. “Sorry master, Huntress, the branding is still fresh in my mind.”

Ankreo taking the bandages h is girl offers… and wrapping the cuts on her thigh.. and on her abdomen

♣kiera: “its okay” looking at her leg over the pillow “no offense taken”

Ankreo making sure the cuts re bound… Ankreo: turn over Huntress.

♣kiera relaxes a bit “mmhmmm” Ankreo growls.. as he sees most of her wounds were in the back.

♣kiera looks up, noting that he was seeing the location of her injuries as telling the story, and it irritated him “yes all my wounds were on my back. i never drew a weapon and tried to go back to the ship, when it became clear to me something was not right”

Ankreo nods

Ankreo: you are patched up as well as I can Huntress

inas: Master, the Huntress’s bow was still at her back whenI saw her dragged about he village.

♣kiera: “thank you”

Ankreo: For what it is worth huntress…

♣ kiera: “yes?”

Ankreo: i apologize for your treatment here

♣kiera: “it is well, all the problems i made evident with my misadventure have been rectified, Sir, and that my purpose in coming here with the note”  inas bustles about tidying up the cut ends of bandages and cotton wool balls, throwing them into teh fire. Takes a cloth and wipes down teh surfaces carefully.

Ankreo: I am Ankreo. Captain of the Red Caste

Ankreo: this is my inas

Ankreo leashing his girl with a smile

inas nods “Greetings, Huntress, we met last night.

♣kiera nods “greetings, Captain Ankreo, and inas Ankreo turns back to the panther

♣kiera: “i am Kiera”

Ankreo: Well met

♣ kiera smiles and nods “and you as well”

Ankreo: If you return this way… I try to tell tales every few days at the Inn.

Ankreo: and the city owes you a drink or two I think

♣kiera smiles “without my weapons…” laughs  Ankreo smiles

inas nods. Ankreo: weapons are seldom nessesary at storytime

inas: But a wrod of warning Huntress, my Master’s stories steal hearts.

♣kiera whispers: “they may, but i have been accused of being without one, so i think i am safe”

♣ kiera: “but now, i need to take my report ((edit the rp actually)) and be back to the en’s council with it, as I’m sure they would like word on the progress being done here”

Ankreo glancing at hs girl, and smiling broadly

Ankreo: aye Ankreo: would you like us to walk you to the ship?

Deka Doo Zadark Firecloak: humming walking street’s

♣kiera nods “yes please”

Ankreo nods Ankreo: come mine

[[note: the distance between the infirmary and the dock seems much shorter when you are not being chased by two horny mercs]]

Ankreo: Good journey Huntress

♣kiera: “thank you, and be well, both of you”

inas: I wish you safe paths Huntress.

♣kiera turns and waves, then hands the captain a single silver and says “home, jeeves!”

My report on Verr Fjord:


© Lunacaleengpanthers/Erin


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