Lets discuss Exotic Panthers of Gor, shemales and manthers

The Other Panthers of Gor



Every now and again the discussion in the GE panther world arises about the possibility of herms and sissies being bred as slaves and escaping to join panther girl tribes. There are tribes like Sa Era and Lo Nykuii  who would argue that given the advanced breeding techniques on Gor  to breed a Hermaphrodite is utterly logical and possible.

The novel Daughter of Gor is often referred to as a basis for legitimizing this claim, however , what is often overlooked is that this is a piece of fanfiction and not from the pen of John Norman.

Aurore of the Sardar is however a well written piece of fanfiction in my opinion. Very much in the style of JN.


We also discuss the growing problem of men playing as female panthers. We refer to them as ‘manthers ‘ and sadly they are one of the death causes of panther girl tribes nowadays.

The discussion about manthers

Editorial Marlies Dasmijn

Panther girls are sexually attractive to men , I suppose most men see panthers as strippers in pelts with face lights that could light up the deepest caverns of Hrimgar……
For most female players choosing the role of panther girl, it means they can show off some skin and look sexy, without having to sit in nadu all day and slinging puny rocks whilst dressed in a silky camisk.
There is however a change taking place in the raiding patterns on SL Gor, it is becoming noticeable that warrior and mercenary groups are raiding the panthers less, largely due to mistrust between both groups. So why is there so much distrust lately towards panther girls from Free Women and in particular Free Men? There used to be a time that warrior men would charge into a panther camp, bind up the panther girls and drag them back to their lands. Once there an IM would open and terms of capture would be discussed between the warrior and the panther. Then the role play would start. Nowadays , the men charge in, hogtie the panthers , then charge right out again.
Some women, tired of being hit on all the time by their sisters, have started leaving panther groups and are joining outlaw groups. Some men complain that role play with panthers just isn’t fun anymore. If the man captured a panther, the first thing she would do is get into his IM’s and curtly explain that she wasn’t into men, leaving him with limited RP possibilities. If the panther captured the man, he generally had a couple of hours of very unpleasant torture to look forward to. The result is that the word spreads amongst the men in the warrior groups and panther tribes are avoided.
There is another reason why men are avoiding RP with panthers. The panther role seems to be attracting male players…..yes…you heard it right…..male players!….like ewwww! Not content with being restricted to she male tribes they are now infiltrating all female panther tribes! There is now a term for men playing panthers , they are called manthers….they are a man…get it…MAN-ther . And this disturbs many male players as they do not want to capture and to role play with another man. The result is an RP environment lacking in trust with men seldom intimate with panther girls. The solution would be that these “other panthers” of Gor clearly mention in their profile that they are men in RL. That they are playing the female role but are not a RL female….it could solve the current mistrust. According to the website for the Gorean Meter, one of the combat meters for SL Gor, there are 14,223 regions taking part in Gor with 6,338 listed male avatars and 10,124 listed female avatars. Clearly more females than males ,imagine if just 50% were gender swappers ?

Quote from SL-Gorean:

Handy helpful hint – gorean women ain’t built like brick shithouses and there aint no book entitled “the chronicles of Gor #376 – jungle dwelling tranny of gor”

The brief time being a Manther

Taken from this notorious manther website: click here

I went under cover dressed as a panther, to know exactly what it’s like to be a woman in the wilds. I had put together an outfit to match the style (Ask and you may see it.) So after looking at various sims, to find and active one… Ohh I came across the Sadi de Sani. I walked up and shouted, “Tal huntress, I came to seek to be in your tribe.” It worked.. One came down and in RP tore my top away to expose my pecks.. She kissed me at the very minute after she had offer me stew. I shoved her away, explaining that I just want to join their group. So she took me up to their camp, and introduced me to the fellow panthers. They were shock and awe as I came and greeted. Questioning my beard. I was nervous that my rouse would be spoiled. How ever we went on. They explained to me the chores and how they are all slaved, but behind my screen and in my head… I was LOLLING AT THEM! They took me to a raid, and we hopped over a fence and well.. I went on a frenzy and took a few down, before I got trapped in the bubble. After I had got up and attempts I had made an escape. Two of the ugliest panthers of Sadi de Sani came after me, while I was at 23% of health. The Outlaws that were defending confused and continued to attack th others. I took them both down and took a particle piss on them and made my escape.

 Beware the manther!  sent in POG

Beware the manther  мadιѕyn ιиgℓєωσσđ , when she gets mad she attempts to start drama and interfere.

More on the subject:

true or not, it was just a sideways insult

мadιѕyn ιиgℓєωσσđ  MAY in fact Be a “manther” but to send a notice that says “beware the manther” on the basis of ‘likes to start drama’ is just as bad. have a REASON for the notice, make the point of the notice in the title and be an adult. thank you.


-how about we-

stop the tupid notices, no one cares if you have a male private or female.


it begins lol,

Aurora’Rory: oh yes, im so ray i sit on my fat ass with my cock out stroking it

Manther exposed! sent in IM

Fūjinami : hi marli

Fūjinami : a long time i dont saw you

Marlies : Hi fujinami, nice to see you again

Fūjinami : i awaked this avi a few days ago… laughs

Fūjinami : do you remember, who i am?

Fūjinami : laughs

Marlies : hmm….no…I find it hard to keep track of alts…so better just tell me

Fūjinami : ragnarok

Marlies : lol…..there goes the  “we are not manthers” rep 😉

Fūjinami : lol

Fūjinami : this avi is for help friends

Fūjinami : at least i dont hidding, who i am 😀

Marlies: uhuh, well, true to a point…..but does not say in your profile you are rl man

Fūjinami : kimmy not know, who i am

Fūjinami : lol

The Consequence of Manthers for the rest of us

This is a story of a gorean man with a ‘valid’  excuse to avoid all Panther…..does he fear our arrows? Nope, its Cuz this guy fear the possible  wrath of the Manthar!!!!!! RAWR!

Cally : you want to raid us

Cally : we can go to camp

Logan Melodie: i dont raid panther

Logan Melodie: never

Logan Melodie: im here becasue there is a raid in my land

Cannot help but notice the storm of bullshit brewing from this guy, so why the heck won’t he raid panther girls?

Cally : ah ok

Cally : we just having fun teasing you

Logan Melodie: wasnt interesting , most of panthers are men

Damn. There goes our we are not manther rep.

Logan Melodie: so for me was like dont hear nothing

What? You fear being capped by chatty women that wouldn’t let you get a paragraph in edgewise?

Cally : thats harsh….our tribe isnt

Logan Melodie: all tribe tell this

Cally : laughs well we cap men for a purpose

Cally: so hardly likely to be men

Lol, well to a point, and yes, I know that MOST of us are female 😛 

Logan Melodie: i dont rp with panther

Logan Melodie: im sorry

Cally : its ok…we just having a laugh

Logan Melodie: panthers play vs  other panthers, marvelous time are past

No shut up! here he goes….. panthers are all manthers! *wearing a strap on* SEEEE!!!! *face palms*

The Discussion about She-males in POG

It has come to my attention that the SDS will not recognise herm panther girls as they are taking GE too far. Though they will go and spend time with Nykuii for *coughs* visits. Here is a quickly penned response to them being ungorean, I believe that RP is RP, we write our own story within the framework, I would think many of you are the same.

Mhar En Sa’Era

A response to singling out Shemales as ungorean in GE:

I will direct this response to the tribe that has started this ball rolling again. Of course in GE there many things that can be classed as ungorean, so let me just address the SDS. It is a small way to show that people in glass houses should not throw stones. Now where do we start? Ah yes Shemales are ungorean. Well 4% of births in the world are Hermaphrodite of some sort. It is a given that Goreans evolved from earth so that does not take a stretch of the imagination to convert that 4% to GOR. Ok, moving on, the SDS have said that they will not recognise any female with a cock as it is ungorean and too far. A priestess worshipping a Goddess is not too far? As the opnly Gods tolerated outside of the PK were the male Norse Gods. Namely Thor and Odin, female dieties would never by any stretch of the imagination be allowed. Male slaves being encouraged to run round attacking and raping free, in fact encouraged to do so. Again would be dead after the first one but is that not a stretch too far? My point is that this is Roleplay, it is based on Gorean crap soft porn novels. Written by a bitter man when he was going through divorce and hated women, then suddenly found his second rate writing was popular. There are more holes in the Gorean world than a cheese grater that allow interpretation by the reader. So what I will say is put aside your bigotry and RP..

The reply…..From SDS…

This IM came to me externally from our tribe following a discussion with the Lo Nykuii, which must have been note carded and passed on, about restricting the sexual extreme’s that had been happening in their SIM to remain there with consenting players and not in our SIM; as a result a tribe vote is underway with the options to ‘Tribe RP ban’ or for people to ‘Individually RP ban’. The offer had been made of no raids and let people who want to play there from our side do so, but stop the raid, rescue’s as many did not want to do it;  was refused.

I received the following IM from a source I shall not name.

You are the worst excuse for a Gorean and a roleplayer ever. You’re playing in a setting where people ride around on dinosaurs every day and use alien technology and where medicine has advanced WAY beyond the scope of what is possible on earth, where chemically imbued women and women who can spit acid and poison are totally canon, but somehow a male who has a higher estrogen balance is too unrealistic? Oh but magical healing paste isn’t of course. Not only are you a sexist biggot (the Gorean standard though, is it not?) out of characterly but you are the worst of the tyrant Ens I have ever heard of. I don’t even play in Gor but I have gotten the notecard about you through the DIVA’s wrestling league, which is completely unrelated, and people like you are what discourages me from ever giving Gor a shot. As if your inability to rp wasn’t pathetic enough you are trying to FORCE your personal opinions upon an entire population just because you as an individual don’t like something. Grow up. If you don’t like sex with transgenders then put it in your limits and you won’t have to deal with it. You can’t force your personal beliefs on others. Your tribe is going to be getting blacklisted very quickly by Mahina, Sa Dina, Illwyth, Sa’Era, Sa Ki Fori, Sa Ila, Sa Sareem, Sa Jesuil, Valyrie Torva, and the NLO outlaws and KWO and Tharna if you institute a ban on transgendered characters. Some of those don’t even have them in their tribe but will suppourt actions against you. Hells even Di’Jan has shemales in their tribe. This is GE and it is going to become a much, much smaller place for you if you don’t wisen up.

Took me a moment to dig around. Sa’Tor. Have you heard of them? Probably not. About two years ago their En tried this. They got blacklisted from the Gor hub and excomunicated. They died because people wouldn’t rp with their tribe. You are free to your own personal beliefs, and you can post it in your limits, but if you try and force your beliefs on others then shit will rain down on you faster than your sim can be bombed

My reply First I will not use the same vitriol you have used at me and suggest you make that the last IM you send me; second I think you need to listen as well as spouting off. I am in RL a huge supporter of transgender people and call a number my friends but I will take the time to reply as you seem to have your wires crossed. The whole GE concept has been twisted by women walking around with huge penises dangling off them claiming to be transgender or herms; this is nothing to do with trans people it is to do with people who get a kick from it; and believe it or not even that I don’t have a problem with if they do not force it on me. I offered a compromise that we will stop the raids and any who want to play that can travel to the tribes that openly encourage it as a game play; it was refused as they wanted to raid. You may wonder why this was an issue well what tipped the balance for me was when one of our tribe was killed for refusing anal sex with a shemale, yes it was deemed not a valid kill but that is not the point if you think Gor is about being caught bound and ass screwed then you play a different game to the one I know. I then put to the tribe for them to vote as it is not my view but all that will be the decision maker to ban this particular tribe for the way they force this type of sex role play in to the game or we each set individual profiles on our limits, NOT ME FORCING MY VIEW. We even agreed anyone who wants to RP a woman with a penis can come to us but ask they wear some under cloths and if they want to rp sex they do it in private as would anyone else. Now I suggest you get off your soap box and get the facts before you sound off; trans people I support and help, blatant use of Gor and our games and openness to get off on a sexual fetish is nothing to do with Gor and gives real trans people, who have hell to deal with as it is, a reaffirmation of the distorted views our society holds of what are normal and in my experience some of the nicest people I know, this way of normalizing it does not help the cause.

Further Thoughts I think whoever wrote that clearly has no idea about Gorean role-play, in my view this is not about any sort of bigotry or gender bias. I’ve known excellent panthers RP’d by both sexes, gay, straight and TG and none had a desire to run around with penis’s hanging out nor indulge in RP focused on sexual fantasies. They wanted to RP panthers or Talunas as described in the Gor novels and do so as closely as was pragmatically possible. If people want to focus on ‘shemale or hermie’ type RP then there are plenty of SIM’s dedicated to that genre but its in no way Gorean. All that being said; I do not favor an all out-group ban and offered, what I think, a fair compromise; it was refused.

In my view, and I stress it is my view, each will make their own decision and a TS person would not want to run around with a 7 inch willy hanging off them. This is just playing some fantasy. The other issue is the whole image of ass screwing ‘manther’s’ is extremely detrimental to the furtherance of panther RP with mainstream Gor groups, not just BTB, it just gives more ammunition to those groups who refuse RP with panthers and yes it makes GOR panther look a sad version of BDSM Disney.  If people want to explore those fantasies in their huts with willing partners then fine but making it the public face of your RP is just not in keeping with the genre in any way shape or form; we are not voting to ban TG nothing of the kind just the avoiding being drawn into making Gor another SL sex fantasy role play and loose the real game, Gor not just about sex in any shape and form and nothing else.

It has nothing to do with any sort of homophobia or anti TG bigotry at all.

I wont play this particular tribes twisted version of Gor on gay shemale sexual depravity, and saying that is GE is not a valid justification, if that’s what they want to do in their own camp or SIM again fine but they shouldn’t foist that RP on others who would rather confine their RP to more traditional and mainstream Gorean play to the core of the genre of the game. The vote is currently at 20 for full ban 19 for individual band; it is likely with so close I will go for the individual option as will stop many who wish to RP with them (which is not fair).

Some Facts A hermaphroditic organism is one that has a complete set of both sex organs. Only animals such as snails and worms can be hermaphrodites. Humans are NOT born with both sets of sex organs, that is a common MYTH. There are people who are born some mixture of male and female tissues though and they are more correctly identified as “Intersex(ed)”. There are dozens of intersex conditions. They range from not visible to ambiguous. For example a woman with AIS (androgen insensitivity syndrome) looks completely female. Her AIS may not be discovered until puberty when she fails to menstruate. The reason is she has no female organs (uterus and ovaries) is because she is chromosomally XY. However, her body is insensitive to the effects of testosterone (hence the name AIS) and the estrogen in her body makes her develop that way. It should be noted that everyone has both estrogen and testosterone in their bodies.

Another important thing to keep in mind is although their bodies may be intersexed these people are NOT a third gender. The vast majority, like everyone else, have firm gender identities. Meaning they have a strong sense of themselves as males or females. AIS women for example strongly identify as female.


Just a little note

To all those who continue to fling out names in the little Herm/Shemale debate on this group. I will kindly ask…. Stop putting band names and assuming that they will do things. The Mahina has made no open indication to wanting to be involved in this issue and rightfully decline being pulled in it by your banter. In that I respectfully thank each side for entertaining my morning notice reading and step back to the shadows with my sisters and our quiet little corner of Gor, peace love and chicken greas


In Response to the herms  in gor

I am going to put it this way, most of them can be the nicest friends.. In my eyes most tribes are GE  for reason. if we all were BTB then yes there be no herms or shemales nor lesbian and gay sex and that would ruin alot people’s fun in gor…So everyone who has beef with herms in gor please just keep it to your self and not publicly announce it in groups… makes you look bad

Sa Era, an all She-male tribe

Sa Era Panther girl profile…….En – Mhar :

We are Panther girls who are not gender phobic. Female, Shemale, Herm all are welcome as sisters. Recruiting Sisters and slaves for this very Gorean and very fun group. RESPECT is our watchword.

Yes I am a Dick girl – Yes I am in Gor! Before you start with the crap. It is as likely as Wagon people commaders of Scarlet caste. Torvies settling in the south and telling their slaves to stand. Bondmaids believeing they were born in the north as slaves and not just caprured FW or Kajira. So take the book you bash, turn it sideways

Sa’era are the fabled panther girls of the Gorean northern forests, such bands being comprised of wild women of the forest, former Gor Free women, and runaway female slaves, who have fled from male Gorean society and taken up residence amidst the primitive camps of the dark forbidding hidden unexplored woodlands. Many sightings have occurred; however; some still consider it a myth.

These panther girls are strong, physically and mentally, and fierce fighters when encountered. Their weapons of choice are slim spears, short bows, and hunting knives, along with poisoned darts and needles. They survive by trading with the inhabitants of certain secret settlements for difficult to obtain supplies. The Panther girls also survive by hunting and trapping game in the wild. They may also use natural forest pheromones to lure specialized prey, a pleasant perfume that sedates as well as attracts.
Some of their traps are designed for netting small as well as larger game, including males who wander into their territories, who they enslave and barter for goods. They are free women. Rumor consistently surface that many Gorean Masters and Gorean Free women in Gorean Settlements have secret dealings with these panther girl camps, procuring their slaves, by trading goods for them.

You can visit the Sa Era website  click here

 A role play of a She-male rapist

A shemale rapes a panther girl. The reason I won’t role play them any more!

The role play:

  • me rolls eyes “and where are you from ? obviously not from the Northern Forests “

  • Kia smiles. “I’m from a place.. far away.”

  • me: “sounds like a bed time story “

  • Kia smirks, rolling the girl over again, and putting the breeding wine vial to her lips, pinching her nose with two fingers and closing her jaw with the rest of her hand as she holds the girl down with her knees

  • me wouldnt drink anything she didnt know that easy , so I struggled violently at first , though the lack of air finally forced me to swallow it

  • Kia smirks some, seeing you swallow the wine. “Now my little pet, you’re fertile again.”

  • Kia smirks. “You see, I can rape you and make you pregnant now.”

  • me thinks the worst , stretch marks , big lactating boobs, morning sickness “ohhh….but you are a woman!”

  • Kia teases your breasts. “Will your trie want a pregnant slut?”

  • Kia tosses aside her skirt, and pulls off her panties, tossing them onto the skirt

  • Kia smiles a little more, her cock flopping free of the confines

  • /em said nothing , she knew the fate of pregnant women in her tribe , it was a tough life bringing up a baby in a panther camp

  • Kia smiles. “One last chance girl, submit, or you’ll be pregnant.”

  • me screams out seeing the penis “what….the !!!” her eyes growing wide

  • Kia giggles

  • Kia waits for her reply

  • Kia: pregnant, or mine?

  • Kia smirks. “Well, either way you’ll be mine.. but pregant makes things more perminant.”

  • me: “I am not yours !” I was still struggling with the sight of seeing a woman with a dick

  • Kia pauses. “I’l going to cound to 5, and then I’m going to rape you, unless yuo submit.”

  • Kia slowly starts to count. “One….”

  • Kia: Tow…

  • me shook her head “No , I wont submit !”

  • Kia smiles. “Then you’ll be exiled, andI’ll pick you up and collar you anyway.”

  • Kia: Three…

  • me hissed “either way , I still choose not to submit to you !”

  • Kia smiles. “Well, I’ll keep you held here till you’re nice and fat, then offer you back to them, and see if they want you.”

  • Kia giggles. “We’ll see how loyal your sisters really are.”

  • Kia: Four…

  • me: “what will happen to the baby ?” she tried desperately to change the subject

  • Kia smiles. “As I said, I’ll take you. if you submit, you can live happily with it, if not, I’ll ssell it, in front of your eyes.”

  • me: “if its a boy , sell it , I wouldnt care ” she blurted out

  • Kia smirks. “Five.. Last chance girl, submit or be made pregnant. and I’ll make sure it’s a girl.”

  • me narrows my eyes , no one could predict the sex of a baby “I wont submit !” was my defiant answer

  • Kia smirks, rubbing some powder on her belly. “You want to see me make you a girl, girl?”

  • Kia searches her various herbs, looking for the right ones. “You see.. I have experimented with herbs, and I know just the right ones..” She cathers some crushed herbs in her hands

  • me: “you have Priest King powers in your cock?” she grumbled as kia was rubbing her belly

  • Kia smiles. “And why do you think I was hunted?”

  • Kia smiles. “They blessed me with this cock, and the abilities I have.”

  • Kia smirks. “That is how I see it now. So you can submit, or I’m breeding a girl with you.”

  • Kia smirks. “and I don’t care how much it hurts. Girl will be bred, and will be pregnant.”

  • me tightened her thighs , she wasnt going to let it be easy penetration

  • Kia smiles. “I’ll give you one last chance, after I take what is mine.”

  • Kia smirks as her cock hardens, dragging her over face down onto the furrs

  • Kia tosses the girl down onto the furrs, and slowly tries to pry the girl’s thighs open

  • me was bound still and squeezed her thighs together

  • Kia smacks her ass hard, rolling her over instead, much easier access could be had from the front

  • Kia tugs her thighs only a little apart, letting her feel she ould win this as she slowly slid over her

  • me gasped as she felt something slither against her thighs

  • Kia smirks as she reaches the girl’s heat, her cock pushing it slowly apart, filling her nice and slowly, teaching her of her defeat

  • me cried out desperately , she felt violeted by the woman , she struggled in her binds , but he was to strong and heavy

  • Kia smiles softly, lookign down at her. “Now my girl, you can feel it can’t you? You’re beaten.”

  • Kia slowly rolls her hips, pushing her cock in and out at a slow rhythm savoring the girl’s heat

  • me looked into the redhead ‘s eyes , her body might be bound , but her mouth and head were not , she leaned in and tried to bite at anything that was within her reach , she would not be defeated that easy , though there was nothing she could do to stop his penetration

  • Kia smirks and grabs the girl’s panties from nearby and stuffs them in her mouth.”no biting mine.”

  • Kia continues her slow rhythm, still savoring it, making it last

  • me felt tears running down her cheeks from sheer anger and desperation , as the woman continued to thrust inside her , her feminity betraying her as she felt her wetness grow beteen her thighs

  • Kia smirks, pickign up her pace now, feeling your walls coat her cock to make things easier on her. “You see, you’re just a kajira in training, and I’m the one about to breed you s mine.”

  • me: “mhmpphhhh” she wanted to scream and scratch at Kia for that insult , she was sweating , pearls running down her back as her body was losing the battle , with each thrust of his cock she felt her heat respond

  • Kia giggles, pushing ina and cumming violently, hser seed sloshing about inside her as she pulled out and then dragged the girl to a cage

  • Kia reachs over and pulls down the lever, smiling

  • Kia smiles. “feel like submittingyet girl?”

  • Kia grbs up her clothes

  • me spat out the panties “NO!”

  • Kia shouts up . “Sis see to our captive, make sure she stays put”

  • me peeks through the bars as she sees another victim

  • Fara scowls up at Kia angrily “Slave…!”

  • Kia rolls her over and does a more through check, removing any hiten pins and lockpicks “Nice of you to admit what you are.”

  • Kia uses her claws and rips off the girl’s top

  • Fara turns her head aside, closing her eyes tight and exhaling sharply

  • Kia smirks, running her claws down slowly, teasing her bodt as she slashes off the belt

  • Fara bites her lip softly, trying to hold herself still, tensing and feeling her heart race

  • Kia lans down to her with a smile. “sure you don’t wan to submit to an old friend?”

  • Kia smiles. and works off her boots slowly. “You won’t need these either.”

  • Fara feels her cheeks burn bright in shame, trying to hide it by keeping her head turned away from Kia, tensing against the ropes holding her

  • Kia: /emoves up back to her face, turning her to her. “well?”

  • me listened to them , it seems they knew each other , I  relaxed my wrists again , I would test the bindings all through the night if I had to, once I had something in her mind I would keep at it , I was stubborn that way

  • Kia moves back up after removing the boots and leg covers. “Well, my old friend?”

  • Fara looks a little helplessly into Kia’s eyes for a second before making her expression defiant as she can manage “I… I won’t…”

  • Kia giggles. “You’re quite stuch, being a lone girl you know.”

  • Fara scowls, glancing at the other captive, then turning her eyes back to Kia to glare at her wordlessly

Later in IM with one of the Sa Era leaders:

  • sharon: if it wa s kia she was baanne d a few days ago

  • me: Yea was Kia

  • sharon: kk how come you still here??

  • me: I waited for Kia to resume rp , since she capped me , if she is banned , then rp is over

  • sharon: yes

  • sharon: sorry

Raven’s band, an all She-male tribe

Raven’s band is currently searching for new members.  Panthers only please we are not currently looking for slaves at this time unless you are a previous member.

We are a GE Band of panthers who tries to stick to BTB with some exceptions.   We are LGBTQ Friendly and welcome herms, trans and all to come and enjoy the sim and role play with our band.

 A word from She-male Raven

First of all, I want to thank you for reading this. My name is Raven, En of Raven’s Band. We are a band of herms/trans/and females. I want to set the record straight that we are NOT like Sa’Era. Some hate speech has been going around about my group that we are “The reason Gor is dieing” as though my people have done something wrong. I understand many of you remember Sa’Era and more recently Nykus’Fori. I was En of Nykus’For yes, but when I saw how far the group had fallen, I have learned from my mistakes of not watching closely and they will not happen again. Raven’s Band is now a group of very well literate para/semi-para Roleplayers, as well as decent to very good fighters.  

What we are not is the stereotype of a “Shemale fuck club” like so many people think. We don’t have members with XXXL breast, nor “horsecocks that hang past our knees”. In fact, the majority of my own RP never ends with my pants being removed at all.  

All we ask is a chance to prove to you and your people that we are a legitimate panther tribe that wishes to RP Gor the best we can. We are not pushing to change anyone’s opinion and if you or your people do not wish to engage in any sort of ERP with my people, all you have to do is say so. A simple PM with “I don’t like girls with penises” is enough to let us know that the RP with such people do not wish it to go in that direction. I will not tolerate my people pushing themselves on other any more then the context of Gorean RP.  

Again, I thank you for taking the time to read this and please, PM me with your support or rejection of my offer of RP and I will add you to my “Go and No Go” list. Safe paths to you. 

En Raven

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Sa Era/Panther of Gor/SDS/Ravens band



  1. i have spider eyes, and there aretrillions just like me in the real world and you must kiss our butts or we will put you out of business! And stop trying to bring silly shit like FACTS into this argument when the only fact that matters is WE’RE 10 EYED AND YOU LIED AND QUADRILLIONS DIED!

  2. …there are some people who believe, that we actually don’t have genders, that we are all individuals, with sexual organs in order to procreate and pee out of, they believe that if by chance one of these individuals who has an outy happens to stick their business into another, and that other happens to have a womb, a baby just might be born,
    Now I know so many people over time have determined and desperately believe that if you have an outy, you must belong in one group, and if you have an inny, you belong in another, so these kind folks who like to sort things out, have given us two groups,
    Now so many people believe with all there hearts that these two groups are sacred, and there are rituals each group must follow and laws and rules each group must obey, and never must these groups practice or even entertain the idea of following or even thinking about performing the rituals of the other group, or abiding by the laws and rules of the other group,
    this would not be sacred, I guess it would be like Blasphemy or something,

    But wait, recently one group is being allowed to do some of the stuff the other group wouldn’t let then do for a long time….they can do stuff like get better jobs now and Vote.

    but, lets not get crazy or or too excited or anything, it is advised that you continue to identify the one group as being blue, and the other pink, try not to confuse the colors or all kinds of hell might break loose.

    oh crap…I am being so silly aren’t I, God created man and woman, it was God’s idea, to have just the two groups, yea, it is in the bible, so it must be truth, oh darn…sorry to waste your time, I really should be spending my time making sure those whack jobs get back into there proper groups, please forgive me

  3. I got this IM when I was in off gor by a panther herm:
    [04:49 PM] florn Auer: moves up agains ther, drawing her fingers along her thigh, slowly pulling her close” This girl says merry christmas ” drawing up against her, letting her ebony face rest between her thighs and gently laps her clit
    This is why folks ban herms. I was always neutral on them until this IM. If I go back to gor, you can be sure it will be BTB. This is not role play, this is a pig wanking off.

  4. what I seein this “dialogue” is one person (or group) who started playing this game called “Gor” being attacked by another person who wants to ruin gor, by forcing everyone to accept something as being gorean, when it clearly (unless you’re a hate spewing anarchist, or have literally only half a working brain) is NOT in the books. Were there hermaphrodites? Surely. Did they ever flaunt it? No. It would have meant death.
    problem? The pc nazi insists THEY be annointed as the arbiter of truth and lies. That makes THEM, not their extra pieces, but THEM unacceptable.

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