About Panthers gathering Winter provisions on Gor, Whispering Moons

Winter comes



As the seasons change the first chills of autumn greet us when we wake each morning boding the return of another hard winter in Whispering Moon forest. We need again to stock our store rooms for the tribe to survive. The attachment gives a list of provisions needed by stealing, trading or however you can get them, work individually or in groups till we have what we need to make sure the tribe survives the long winter months.

Cured méat – Tarsk, Tabuk, Verr, Kailiauk from the red savages

Salt Fish – From the Port cites and villages of Gor

Grain & Flour & Rice – Safer to use out lying villages on the edges of the Northern forests

Salt – 25% of salt in Gor does from the Tahari but bags of salt can be found across Gor

Rence mats – To line the base of huts are rooms from the cold, the fence growers also brew Rence beer and are near the Port of Kar

Skins – Deer, Larl and Bosk for sleeping and cloths against the winter temperatures

Sugar and Black Wine beans – From wherever that can be found, but the centre of black bean production is in Thentis

Dates – as they can be kept preserved from the city of Tor; and other dried fruits

Paga/Mead – All cities of Gor brew their own Paga and for 3 months of winter we will need a fair bit!!

Wine – Ka-la-na of Ar if possible; Ta-Wine

Based on an idea from SDS, Lizz Dawes

The air grows cold

We are coming to a time when the frosts start and the air grows cold and the fires of the camp burn bright. A time when the leaves of the evergreens may be stiff with white hoar frost. Then as winter encroaches deeper and the days become shorter and the first snow falls. The rivers may freeze over, so canoeing would be impossible. traveling long distances maybe difficult if the snows are deep.
By now the herbs will be buried or died of for the season and all things will become harder to find. many of the animals will be migrating towards the south and warmer weather, some even as far as the southern jungles where are Taluna sisters live and run.
We have talked about our slaves tanning hides preparing dried fruits and salting and storing meat for the winter. It is important for any panther tribe to be prepared for the winter and not only to have enough food and drink and furs but to hide it well. There maybe the odd raid from a desperate tribe short on food and resources and it is equally as important to hide what we have as to collect it.
If you hang, smoke and salt meat it should last the winter.
Grains and wheats gathered from the ports will sustain a tribe, as will dried vegetables and also pickled ones. The same with fruits and nuts and berries.
It will be difficult to get out of the forests to trade during the winter, where the temps drop low and there is the added danger of wild animals driven by hunger turning their attention to a lone traveling panther. The danger of traveling and not being able to keep warm enough to survive.
We know that even in BtB and GE Gor that everyone will survive the winter, but its still fun to rp the difficulties and needs of the winter. We know we will still be raided and taken, that frozen rivers will hold no sway for the determined raider. Though in reality there would not be any, for only a fool would try to enter snow bound forests or break their way along rivers that are frozen. The best way of travel would be with some form of sledge but that would be hard on narrow forest paths probably impossible.
In the winter the life of a Panther is more threatened than ever if she has not prepared properly. She is more in danger from the wild animals around her, just as she is more dangerous to them. The summer brings plenty and there is never fear of starvation or freezing to death. The winter sees a fight for survival.
You would grease your skin with animal grease to keep body warmth. It seals the skin and also acts as a shield to the cold and the wet.
You will burn your fires in your lodges and huts for 24 hours a day. The fire will have warm stones that sit there and can be drawn to warm furs and robes, as long as they are not over heated. Hotter stones will be used to cook things on, whilst the cauldron probably made from the gourd of the bosk will be kept full of nourishing food, which will be here as and when you need. We all need to eat more in the winter because we need to keep body heat and energy levels up. Unless of course you have foraged badly during the summer and autumn.
Simple stews from stored wild vegetables, tree roots, wheats and meat will be made and will probably be brewed in a central place by the slaves.
The paga that has been brewed and stored will be warmed by the thrust of a red hot poker. The barrels covered in furs to keep them warm, or laid in pits covered with twig gates covered in leaves and fern to help keep warmth so that they do not freeze.
You will probably sleep in pairs or groups to ensure body warmth, nothing to do with hanky panky but that may be an outcome of course.
The tribe will be more insular and for the most part grow closer though there maybe the odd ultra-cation. The winter is a bigger danger than the threat of raid it can wipe out an ill prepared tribe.
It is important to keep bow strings dry and not frozen a brittle string will break. A bow should have a fur sling and a quiver of arrows should have a fur flap to go over the feathered shaft to keep it free from freezing. If the feathers on an arrow shaft freeze it damages its distance and aim.
In the hot summer the panther will wear less and dress for ease of movement but as the winter closes in she will dress for the conditions and to keep warm. A panther however tough will not run around in the winter half dressed, she would die in the Northern Forests.
All these things are relevant to the Panther who wants to establish themselves as a genuine rp player. Though some will still run round half naked and some will not rp the winter, that is individual choice. If you want to make a realistic seasonal tribal feeling these are the things that you will work to. Things that make you more credible as an rp player and give you as a person and your tribe closer identity with their roots.
It is a time when the story tellers will talk at fires and when religious ceremonies increase as the Panthers look to fill out the shorter more confined days.

Poppy trades

The role play:

  • Poppy heads to a village.

  • charl checks the visitor at the gate… “Tall huntress, be welcome in this city

  • Poppy lightly nods her head…”tal, would you be one I can speak with about a trade?”

  • charl  shakes his head,… “i be guardsman in this city, trade not be my responsibility…..

  • Poppy  looks at you then glances up at the walls…”hmm, well then do you know if any merchants might be awake or someone that could speak with me?

  • charl looks at the huntress… nods.. and takes out a scroll he yesterday received with a copy of the register wit citizens…runs his finger over the records…. and sees two are listed as such…” Aye there be two, but they both be traveling, i suppose to obtain wares…

  • charl : i am sorry that we can not provide you with anyone in this matter…

  • Poppy  glances once more at the gates above her, a slight flaring of one side of her lip is the only reaction she shows…”well, I seem to come at a bad time…do you know these merchants or have a captain of your gaurd?”

  • charl  shakes his head…. “he be also on duties, it be hard to find anyone at the moment. But i might spread the word, what is it you like to have word over with our merchants ?.

  • Poppy  let’s a light sigh slip from her lips…”I travel far and take great risk coming to your gates to provide much needed supplies for the coming winter in our home”…then pulls one arrow from her quiver, holding it out to you…”I come seeking trade with many of these to offer, crafted and sharpened with my own hand”

  • charl  looks at the huntress… taks the arrow from her, and hold it in his hands… feeling how well balanced it is, the point nearly penetrates the skin of his thumb…. smiles… ” Aye they be excellent quality, i never seen such fine arrows… they be very useful to us. “returns the arrow to the Huntress, ” I will see that we can have trade with these, our storage be well filled, and these arrow we need in defending these.

  • Poppy  for the first time since stepping on the dock, a smile crosses her lips…”that is wonderful news, I have a canoe filled with crates tied up and hidden along the river…I can offer you all for grains or rice, enough to fill the canoe, salted fish or even paga or mead would also be fair trade”

  • Takashi  shouts: “Is there a free in this city that can open the gate? This worthless slave seems to be rather insolent in her belief she can refuse a direct order to fetch someone!”

  • charl  smiles… “well i can not do trade, with you, but i am sure my commander will if he be there. These arrows are very good.

  • Free  leans on his staff, crossing one arm over the other that’s holding onto it, very curious indeed what the .. couragous panther is doing at a city gate. he watches, a bit puzzeled, with a ameable passive expression

  • Poppy  watches the others near, her eyes studying the male before she lightly nods her head…”tal”…then looks back to the male she has been speaking with, once more offering the arrow back to him…”fair enough, I will leave you this one so he can see what goods he will receive”

  • Allison caught just the end of the conversation, a brow raised. There was a small sigh of relief as she indeed did not know the woman and she watched, too, with great curiosity, as much surely, as the panther was watching her and the man who was near her.

  • charl  smiles…. and receives the arrow that is so finely crafted…. ” I talk to my commander, and upon your return, here on this dock, your safety will be guaranteed. And we will commence fair trade, but al negociations have to be done with commander.

  • charl : Tal Sir

  • charl  smiles… holds the arrow proud in the air.. “Thank you

  • Poppy  quickly shifts her eyes as another goes past, obvious nerves holding her cautious being so close to the city gates. With a light nod of her head, she looks back to the guard, a flash of a smile crosses her lips…”aye, my thanks for that, I shall leave you to your business now, this place makes me a bit uneasy”

  • Free  looses interest fast… at least at the conversation… although he does openly admire the panther’s appearence. he coughs into his fist quietly hopefully before being noticed doing that, and points back inside the city to the green

  • charl nods… smiles.. “Aye i understand, but no harm will come to you here. I wish you well, and hope we can be successful in trade.

  • Allison  moves closer to her new friend and offers an arm. “I was thinking we could look out over the water from up high. The wind is more vigorous on the wall.” Her eyes shown with a gleeful kind of mischief. “Would you care to join me.. I’ve had quite some time to wander about these walls as of late.”

  • Poppy  nods…”till we meet again, safe paths”…then dashes down the dock, slipping off the side and into a tied canoe before she begins to paddle upstream, her head turning back to be sure she isn’t followed

  • Poppy  paces the outer wall of the camp, her eyes scanning the forest then switching back to the ground she stands on, leaning at times and picking up feathersm checking them over, then tucking the worth while one’s into a canvas bag hanging off her belt. Every once in a while Poppy finds a straight arrow or a broken with a good tip and places them in a second quiver as well till both her bags are full or almost full, then sits on the ground, setting the bags in front of her.

  • Poppy smiles at the still warm air around but looks to the sky, knowing full well it will soon change and she needs to be ready. Taking out a small flat stone from a pouch, Poppy pulls the tips from the broken arrows and begins to clean and sharpen each, a pouch laying open as she finishes a tip and sets it inside, each one looked over with special care to be sure it’s right before she continues, humming happily to herself.

  • Poppy  pulls out the feathers, looking them over and discarding any that seem frayed or imperfect, then places out a long line of the good ones as she hopes the wind stay calm before she pulls out the repairable arrows and starts replacing tips and feathers so they fly true. Taking her time as the sun warms her skin, Poppy occasionally looks out across the forest, thankful for the quiet for once, and keeps working, making a small but growing pile of good arrows for tribe use and trade.

  • Poppy  looks around, her hands and fingers now tired, a few crates of freshly repaired arrows sitting before her, the clutter from raids lying about the camp now cleaned up, her own quiver stuffed with a new pack as well as a pile left for her sisters to pick over set beside the crates. Taking her small stone, she packs it back in the pouch, tosses the old feathers over the side of the camp ledge, gathers the broken arrows for kindling for the camp fire, then stands up and stretches as she looks out over the quiet woods.

Poppy trades

Poppy heads to Lake of Sins.

The role play:

  • Bender : Tal lady Bender : with what can we help you?

  • Poppy  takes a step back, her hand slipping to her side as she looks up…”oh, Tal, you startled me”

  • Konrad  has a seat and stretches like a cat

  • Bender  look at her “you do not have to be scared, you are on a safe trade dock hun, so tell me, why are you here?”

  • Konrad : Konrad sheathes his weapon and stands down

  • Poppy  watches both men carefully, then slowly begins making a small pile of leaves with one foot…”aye, good to hear…now about my visit”…she then looks down, pointing one finger at the leaves then kicks the pile as they blow away…”this, this is why I come to your lands, the winten month near and I seek trade with those who may wish it”

  • Konrad nods slowly. “Aii… soon the snows fall…. we all have needs. What kinds of goods can we offer you?”

  • Bender : “yes it start to beeing cold here, so what kinda stuff are you looking for?” he look at her with a smile

  • Poppy  flicks her eyes to look at the one on the barrels, a light smile forming on her lips…”we seek anything that may help…grains, paga, dried fish or fruits, or even the left over rence from the brewers of the mead””

  • Konrad  shrugs. “We don’t have much of that to trade. Maybe you’d just like a warm man beside you… to keep you warm at night?”

  • Poppy  feels her lip flare up instinctively as she stares at Konrad…”a warm man with a cold heart does little to bring me comfort…we have goods you may aslo need in return for fair trade”

  • Konrad  turns to Bender and nods. He turns back to the girl. “We may have some goods you need. What do you offer for such things?”

  • Bender he laughs about his brothers action and shackes his head “Brother, life isn’t only about that!”

  • Poppy  let’s her eyes drift between the two once more, a cold stare her only expression…”we have honey, gathered all summer from the lands we claim, as well as arrows, tested true, sharpened by my own hand, fine feathers so they fly straight”

  • Konrad  turns to his brother. “Maybe life is not all about that, but look at this pretty girl!” Konrad turns back to the girl. “Arrows are always worthwhile. Do you need arrowheads for yours?

  • Bender  he look at his brother, selling her arrowheads what endup in your own ass is not a nice trade he thinks “we need paga! “he look thirsty to the women

  • Poppy  once more looks to the one sitting, her eyes studying you, corners of her lips upturning just slightly, something about her stare changing the faintest before she pats a small pouch…”I keep a stone for sharpening, find many after raids or travelling the lands…that is why I have so many arrows to deal you see, it helps be concentrate”

  • Bender : “what makes you think we have enough supplys? the only thing I know is that what we have constantly get stolen!”

  • Konrad laughs. “I think we need the same things and have the same things to offer in return. But… if we give this some thought and time, maybe we can find something the other truly needs.” Konrad looks to Bender. “What have we got to offer that she cannot get elsewhere?”

  • Poppy  looks up at the tall man before her, taking one step defiently closer…”if I wanted to steal your goods you would not see me do so”…then tilts her head to the side, eyes narrowing, then slowly takes a step back…”I only seek fair trade and an agreement for the same at any time…I will offer you safe passage on our lands as well if we come an agreement”

  • Bender: “we can teach her how to Obey Brother!” he laughs cause his own joke, then he turn his yes back to the women “be more specific, maybe we can get some goods, but we need to know what you want!”

  • Bender : “What is the name of your lands lady?”

  • Poppy : I come from Whispering Moons, just down stream from Siba”

  • Bender : Ah that land with a tavern on the dock?

  • Poppy  pulls a small tattered scroll from her belt and looks at it, scratching something off with her nail…”as for needs, let’s see…any grains or rice, dried foods that store easy, rence mats, and any wines or pagas, we are not picky on those”…then smiles and nods looking up…”aye, there is a tavern there, I hear the boiled urt is very tasty”

  • Bender : He looks to the nice blonde women and say with wide open eyes “That land where they down you during a trade when a deal is not going the to requested way?” then you are right that you come here to trade, cause not many traders want to trade there anymore! like us” he look at her, thinking back on the time he get downed out of nothing durring a trade….

  • Konrad rolls his head slowly, appearing to be trying to recall Whispering Moons. “A beautiful name,” Konrad murmers. “But we do not have large stores of these foods. We could offer you furs perhaps?”

  • Bender looks over to his brother, we can go look in one of the city’s we come during our travels” so If we take this supply’s for you what are you willing to pay? orhter then arrow heads, cause we have them enough, and can not live from it….”

  • Poppy  turns and looks out at the shore across the river, as if she is looking at someone, her eyes narrowing, face showing signs of annoyance, then turns back, nodding lightly to both men in turn…”aye, if that did happen I am truly sorry, I do not care to hear such things as trade is sacred, please accept my apoligizes”

  • Bender  sees that the women feels sorry and he knows she can’t help the actions from others “It’s not a problem, we only do not trade there anymore, that is all” he smiled friendly to her “so what would you willing to pay?”

  • Poppy curls her lips into a smile as she hears furs, something to keep them warm always worth the trip…”and for what do you wish for these furs, I can offer a barrel of honey and a crate of arrows”

  • Konrad  looks encouraged. “What say you, brother? She gives us a barrel of honey and a crate of arrows. We give her a stack of furs?”

  • Poppy  watches them both, one hand slipping to her hips, then slowly circling on it…”old furs could mean saving our lives, but for the sweet honey will always remind you of me with each taste”

  • Konrad  grins. “That’s the spirit!”

  • Bender whispers: “the honey I wil not take brother, remember the two captures yesterday, it can be poinsoned, so we can take the arrows, normally we just collect the from your ass

  • Bender : He laughs to his brother

  • Konrad  rubs his ass and grins. “Some of our recovered arrows probably came from this bold lady’s bow!”

  • Konrad : What can we call you, lady from Whispering Moon?”

  • Poppy  reaches to her belt, pulling off a small jars sealed with wax, then pops her finger randomly into the seal, breaking it, then pulls out a glistening finger,, coated with a golden liquid which she spreads on one arm be fore she tilts her head down, soft eyes flicking up to look at both of you, her moist tongue slipping out and lapping the golden nectar from her skin..”I assure you both there is no poison in this”…then offers the jar to the man closest…”I am Poppy, that is all”

  • Bender he look at her and smile, be he will not trust the honey of the panthers “We are not farmers hun, so we can’t trade food or supply’s, we living in the forest like you do, so we facing the same problems, we jsut trade with big citys if we have the change. We have so rugs, that is all we can offer you, or you must want to buy a slave”

  • Poppy  takes a few steps closer till she is right at your feet, her head tilting up to reveal a smile, hand pushing the small jar into your chest…”rugs are a fair deal, you can keep this small sample for your own use as well”…then steps back…”two crates of arrows a good exchange for you both?”

  • Bender : “that sounds not bad, but it depence how many rugs you want…”

  • Poppy  smiles as she thinks, her tongue now running along her lips as the sweet taste of the honey still fills her mouth, then smiles…”well, if fine quality for trade one per crate will do, but if they are old and tattered I will ask three seeing you most likely do not use the old ones anymore and they will bring us much needed warmth”

  • Konrad nods but looks conflicted. “We can offer you four full-length sleen robes in exchange.” Look… Poppy…. my brother and I… we are not traders as you think of it. If I may be quite frank with you, most of what we trade is captured ladies, slaves, detached free women, thralls, and sometimes panthers like you! We respect your right to come here to offer us honey and meade, and we will give you a stack of furs in exchange, and we will not attack you while we trade. But we are not interested in a long-term peaceful relationship with you or any other panther camps. We would rather hunt you ladies! Do you understand?”

  • Bender : he look at his brother and odds a little “We are trading here Brother so that have nothing to do with the other business” he smiles” I go to the camp and get some furs to show you hun” he smiles at her ” don’t be araid we wil not cap you” he grins”

  • Poppy  looks back to Konrad as her deamor changes, a more serious tone taking hold of her face…”I understand exactly what kind of men you are, had I not needed good for the coming cold I would not be standing on your dock.”…then reaches back as her fingers feel the cold blade, brushing it lightly before she continues…”I do not seek your friendship or even an alliance with you male, only trade when needed for both our good…had things been different you both might now be seeing me standing over you as the taste of your own blood fills your mouth…but we can be civil for now for each other’s well being”

  • Bender : He comes back whit some furs and put them on the dock to show her

  • Konrad  gazes at this bold woman, admiration in his eyes. “Aii, Poppy. Agreed.”

  • Poppy  looks back to the one known as Bender, then her eyes turn to the fur rugs…”oh, they will do nice for us in exchange for the arrows…if you accpet I agree to the trade”

  • Bender : “We wil trade them, how many do you want, and witch?” if he spread the rugs on the dock

  • Poppy  runs off to her canoe, pulling out two crates and makes her way back to the men, setting each to the side and pulling open the tops to reveal the neatly standing arrows inside…”how does four rugs for two crates sound, these arrows were crafted by me and me alone so I know they are fine quality”

  • Konrad  rises to inspect the arrows. He holds it to the sky to shed light on its shape and length. He hefts it to asses its weight and balance. “These are finely crafted, Poppy…. more than acceptable.”

  • Poppy smiles as she nods, then slowly rolls the rugs into a pile for dragging…”it was a pleasure doing business with you, if I have some poor girl screaming and kicking for a male I will drag her this way”

  • Bender : Good you get four rugs you can pick them” he smiles

  • Konrad : Poppy… will you please spread some of that honey on my arm for me to taste?”

  • Konrad  holds out his arm

  • Poppy  steps up to the one who was sitting, her chest bumping him slightly as she looks up…”I will remember what you said, male, if our paths cross again”…the licks her lips slowly before she smiles…”but know I do not fall easy or bow to any, so your hands will be full”…then pulls out another small jar, cracking the top and pouring some honey on his skin

  • Konrad  gazes deeply into his arm as he swirls his tongue over the honey she spread on him. His message to her is unspoken. His agreement with her, implied.

  • Konrad : gazes deeply into her eyes!!

  • Poppy  looks down at his arm, her lips moving to it as she licks lightly at the honey, then sinks her teeth in just enough to let him know she doesn’t play nice, before slowly stepping back…”I thank you both for your fair treatment and know I will pass word of your warning”

  • Konrad Vaako grins and he licks off the mixture of honey and his own blood she left for him. “I hope to see you soon again.”

  • Poppy  reaches down and grabs the end of the rugs, steps back pulling them, then turns and nods her head…”safe travel to you, males”…then grins as she narrows her eyes…”least till we meet again”

  • Bender : “be safe lady”” and he wisper to his brother… hmmm if I ever get my hands on that one! he grins

  • Konrad  just nods, licking again at his sweetened, wounded arm.

  • Poppy  pulls the rugs into her canoe and secures them with some old twine, then takes paddle to her hand, peeks over the dock once more catching sight of the man on the barrel, growls softly, then begins paddling down stream


Poppy trades

Poppy heads to another town.

The role play:

Poppy  pulls herself up on the dock, eyes watching the area close, scanning for any threats before she turns and looks at the looming gates ahead. Taking a few tentative steps, she sighs, knowing th guard told her she was safe, yet the uneasy feeling and lack of trust for those in a city make her cautious and leery. Reaching the large gate, one hand rises, pulling hard on the bell string as she feels the butterflies fill her belly.

レαdч Şイεㄕん : tal panther

Poppy  watches you come close, eyes studying you careful before she nods…”Tal, I come seeking a merchant or trader”

Empress : “Tal”

レαdч Şイεㄕん : She nods to the panther.. im just passing through it seems the bell tols and they do not come for trading . . such a shame.. . enquires ” What do you have for trade”?

Poppy  offers her own unique version of a polite nod to the lady in the blue dress, then turns back to the one in black, her eyes narrowing as they seem to search the woman, a quick pull of her hand behind her back reveals a small jar…”I have fresh wild honey and a canoe full of arrows to those willing fair trade”

レαdч Şイεㄕん : she smiles. . “oh i do love Honey .. Perhaps i have some coin . we could come to a rrangemnt suitable to both of us . I tell you now pnathers aernt so bad once you get to know them . all fire and gaul but sweet enough.. pauses for a monet. and smiles so what coin would you take for a pot of that wild hunny

Empress : looks to the panther girl, eying all her weapons, a little hesitant to talk to her. mouth salivating for the honey she just spoke of. “Aye, honey. I would really like to trade for that, however, my trade something I don’t think you need or want. I am a hairdresser and can only offer my skills. Business is bad so I am all out of coin.”

レαdч Şイεㄕん : See her escort peering from over by the ship . she turns and nods to him . and shouts “its ok Im being good “. Turns back to the panther

Poppy  smiles slightly as she looks at the woman in black, a off type grin crosses her face as she holds the jar a bit higher…”I seek good to help those I care for survive the coming winter”…then flashes a look to the gates above…”I wouldn’t come near a place like this otherwise”…then looks back to you, her other hand reaching to her face as she scratches at something on her neck…”coins will help with my needs, how does three copper tarsk per jar sound to you?”

レαdч Şイεㄕん : Then turns to the lady in blue and says in a whisper. Better not let the men of the town hear those words. they may mistake you for an urt and try to make a ring around your neck

レαdч Şイεㄕん : hmm 3 copper tarsk….. thnks for a monent. then looks at the jar.. may i see it closer and perhaps smell its aroma before i say ya. as i like to see my good closley before i buy

Idunn  alights from the serpent, getting her sea legs back quickly she gets a spurt on and heads past some women at the docks, not looking at them properly and hoping her sister is behind her

Freyja takes her smoked parsits and runs after her sister, nodding to the ladies at the gate

Empress : Looks to the lady in black with concern. “why would what I said make them think I was an urt and try to ring my neck?”

Poppy  looks back to the lady in blue, a crooked lip makes her face distort in a strange fashion…”I have no need for prims and propers of the city people, but if you are willing to part with a nice brush we could have a deal”…then offers the jar to the lady in black as she turns…”the is a wax seal on top, I assure you it holds no poisons as well…hard to get return business if I were to kill off my buys”…she says as she offers a quick, warm smile

Empress : Looks through her satchel and pulls out three brushes, small, medium and large, spreads them out for the girl to see “I have three sizes and would be willing to part with one, for some of that honey. Your choice.”

レαdч Şイεㄕん : Well a lady with no coin. is a lady in need. . . i have seen it before in my home town.. then returns her attention to the jar.. she looks down upon it and seeits its thick and rich texture… then with her hand she wafts the smell coming from out of the top of the jar.. lifts her head up and smiles..I like your honey .. and it will go with my bread for tea i belive plus have some left over….. she removes her glove and takes out 6 tarsk from her purse. . Now My dear Panther she says . i want you to take the 2 jars to my escort. the large looking fellow loading my supplys on the ship .. he will stow them accordingly for our voyage home. . she gives the pantehr 5 coins and holds back one

charl : Tal Huntress, tal ladies

Poppy  raises her brow as she looks down at the brushes, a light humming sound slips past her lips. Poking at them with one finger, her eyes flick up to the lady, narrowing, then shoots back to the brushes as she pulls the small one away quickly, then slips in into her belt as she pulls out a smaller jar from a pouch and pushes it at the lady in blue…”this works for me if you are fine with it, though it’s not my normal need for my goods”

Empress : “Tal Sir”

レαdч Şイεㄕん : se the Warriors and requineses him she nods tal charl

charl  smiles.. “Nice to see, this be the HUntress who has these great arrows on offer.

charl : Tal lady

Poppy  then turns her head as she looks at the lady in black, the coin s making her eyes widen, tip of her tongue sneaks past her lips then vanishes just as quick as her head nods slow…”that is a fine deal I must say”…then shoots a llok to the man at the end of the docks before she turns back with a slight glare, only 5 coins in her hand…”the last coin will be placed before I step to that male…no offence but I hold little trust for those that cover their face”

charl : watches as the lady unknown to him passes with great

Poppy  looks to the guard, her heading nodding in recognition…”Tal warrior”

charl  nods to the huntress, and sees she indeed hold coins… ” I hope your trades be going well ?.

レαdч Şイεㄕん : oh but of course my dear panther . but with that she holds the coin in front of the pantehr in front of her.. with a wisk of one hand across the other. the coin dissapears…she holds both her hands out to show the coin is no longer there… .. “now i wonder where that coin went” she thinks for a second then smiles..i see it. she lifts her hand up to the pantehr and with a gentle motion reaches for her ear. and pulls the coin out . and shows it to all befroe putting it in the panthers hand and closing it with hers. smiles and says . take good care of that coin

Empress : smiles, being happy with the trade “A fine brush you picked, I hope you can find some use for it.” Stuffs the small jar in her satchel. Looks back at the Lady in black “Oh, I understand. I have more coin owed to me and waiting for the Ladies to arrive for payment.” Looks at the sun dying down, “They should have been here by now I guess.” sighs tired of waiting and very hungry.

charl  smiles seeing the little trick the lady in the black cloth put for the huntress, since he always wondered how that was done so skilled. Looks at the lady in blue. “You do not need to be hungry, i am sure there will be a nice stew made in the inn by one of the girls, you should perhaps see to that.

Poppy  watches the lady that still owes her coin, eyes set on her, studying her movements, a look of confurion washes over her as the coin vanishes..”where did..”…then she feels the hand close to her head, one foot stepping back, her demeanor changing, free hand sweeping back as it grabs just above the blade of her klaive, nearly tugging it loose before the hand pulls away, the fading light sparkling off it, a light sigh slips out as she releases the grip on her weapon and takes a breath before speaking…”that is a neat trick you have there, but I must warn you some might be less patient when a strangers reaches for their head…thank you for your business”

レαdч Şイεㄕん : She smiles some maybe less patiencet but many see the side of my caste and ask for another. .. but our business is complete.. now for my next trick she trys not to giggle im going to make a pot of honey dissapear

charl  watches the fast reflexes on the huntress, to the prank of the lady in black, that she confused with a way to settle the trade in a proper manner..Smiles at her. “Laughs, well the lady settled your trade. There be no reason for pulling blades huntress.

Empress : Looks at the man wondering how he knew she wa hungry, looks at her body seeing she might have lost a few pounds from the journey “Aye, sir I am familiar with this Inn. Yet I do not have an acquired taste for stew. I am a vegetarian and most are made with grotesque animals.”

charl  did not know about vegetarians and shakes his head about so much ignorance to good food.

Poppy  looks with a leery eye to the woman then leans in a bit closer, her head turning as she looks to each side then speaks with a faint, almost whispering voice…”as I said there is no poison in that jar, but if you those who have need of such I can also arrange for a special delivery…the coin would be more of course for that”…then leans back, offering a smile to the guard before she slips the coins into a small pouch, a light jingling sound catching her ear

charl  sees the lady approach that was in such good relationship with his dear brother Jon. Smiles.. “Tal lady angie, i hope your day was well.

Empress: “Tal Lady”

Angie  smiles as she notices the man who is friended whit the man she tries to avoid and grins “Tal Sir ”

レαdч Şイεㄕん : And my dear lady in blue i feel a genorous mood …i think you do have some Coin in that purse May i see it if you please

charl  narrows his eyes as he takes a close look at the huntress.”There be no special deliveries here. We do not allow such thinks in these lands. If i see people not waking up here from unknown reasons, you will be held responsible.

charl : Tal sir commaner

Tyr  nods across the dock area “Tal Charl, i hope you were questioning this girl here” he said as his eyes ran the length of her Spear and the clear arrows upon her hip “Panther, you would do well to turn from the gtes and head back in the trees from which you came” he offered a warm smile to the other free gathered by the gate

Angie looks whit interest at the scene in front of her and whispers to charl “That women knows how to make buisnes “her gaze moves to the huntress and stares at her… Anja only have heart of them but never saw them this close, and her curiousity makes her a bit rude in staring

charl  smiles widely at lady angie. Feeling so happy his best friends was allowed to court such a fine lady.”And how is Brother Jon doing lady angie. Word came to my ear her did valorous actions to save you from uhh… “falls silent. “You have all reason to be very grateful to this great warrior.

Angie  roles her eyes at charl’s words as it seems to be the only subject he can talk about “I told you before i feed myself to the sleen rather then giving him his my hand “her gaze moves to the man in blue “Aye.. Tal sir ”

Empress : Reaches to the back of her shoulder pulling the satchel off her back loosens the string off the top, holding the sides tightly. showing the lady to look inside, very hesitantly, Knowing her lively hood of possessions for her craft is inside and would be devastated if lost or stolen.

Taavon looks over at the scene, the warriors and a wild girl. Not wishing to get involved with the politics of the wild girls, he nods and osffters a light “Tal” sliping past

charl  looks at his commander…smiles” Well sir, on the contrary. This Huntress offered us some fine arrows, that we could use very well. It would be a shame to pass such a great offer. Perhaps you can arrange that this trade is done ?.

charl : Tail sir. Look at the warrior in blue who just passed.

Poppy feels uneasy as many more gather need the dock, her hand moving by instinct to her side, eyes once more looking up at the gates as a light shiver passes through her…”I hope you understand it’s getting late and travel along the river in the dark holds many dangers, but that is nothing compared to what I feel is behind these gates”…then looks to the one in scarlett by the weapon rack, her eyes narrowing in on him, slightest of flare moves to her lips, a hint of a growl fills te air around her”

Midnight gives a mischievous growl to galvanize the humans into activity and take interest in her [09:02]  Taavon Marquez approaches the rack of bowed weapons and removes his crossbow and places it at edge against the rack.

レαdч Şイεㄕん : would you pull out the purse you would normally keep your coin in if you please . your possesions are quite safe .

Tobias  wonder back out the gate the apparent sea of new arrivals at the gate he lowered his head and wondered passed to get to his ship needing to set sail before strong winds came in.

Taavon reachs to hips and unchains his scimitar, a blade that would clearly give way his origin as if his skin had not already. Holding the sheathed blade out to the warrior he offers it up, unsure if the city permits travels to bare arms.

charl  gestures at the huntress to not worry about things, as a trader her safe passage will be guaranteed.

レαdч Şイεㄕん : Turns for a second and Says. no th epanther must be kept safe.. she hasnt delived my honey yet.. trys not to laugh

Tyr  nods to Charl “I understand Scarlet, but we hold plenty of stock, and those of the forest , outlaws indeed will not be welcomed in the city, unless of course i can convince the woman to lay down all arms at the gate here and wrap herself in concealment i would have her sent away” , smiles to the man to his side “Keep blade sir, we would not take instruments of honor from you or the chance to defend if the codes were to come into question, your bow is gesture enough”

Poppy  looks to the guard she spoke with, a faint softening of her arrogant stare shows as she moves past him…”I shall return this time tomorrow with the arrows tied close by, if there is deal to be made for them I will be ready”…then nods to the lady in black as she makes her way to the end of the dock, slipping off it quickly then pulling back up, a small sack in her grasp…”your other jars as the deal holds”…she says, handing them to the escort by the boat…”may your path remain safe and clear of our lands”

Taavon  nods to the warrior and places the scimitar back to its rightful place. “You have my word that my blade will serve in defense, as if protecting my own, while I remain a visitor here.

charl  looks at his commander… Nods… “Aye this be too bad, i checked them, and they were much better quality then we have on stock, half of them if bent, and tend to fly into our own ranks instead of those of the enemy. We had many in the infirmary because of this. “Nods at the huntress. Well i be buying some myself, i feel safer with your well balanced and straight arrows, then with these worm eaten things.

charl : safe paths

Poppy  slips quickly back off the dock, eyes turning to look at the gates as she pulls a paddle into her hand, dips it in the water, when moves silently away, a small wake on the only trail left behind her

レαdч Şイεㄕん : See the panther delivering the jarss and smiles.. saying Panthers do have honor. they just get to many bad writings on them “

Poppy trades

Poppy trades for some grain.

The role play:

Oly  smiles “Tal Poppy..of here” chuckles a bit “I have a bag of rice and two of grains..one whole and one finely ground sa-tarna

Phil : Tal fellow

Oly: tal akicita

Poppy let’s her hard look fade, the corners of her lips curling up slightly…”oh, you come with good news…and how many of those arrows would you like for these grains?”

Oly  eyes wander over poppy, searching for any of her handicrafts “You mentioned a number before..but I would be hard pressed to carry but one or two of the crates by myself”

Phil : looks over at the panther running* she is swift that one.

Poppy  slips her bow up one arm, eyes looking off to the distance as she motions the men back toward her camp…”we should move from here, seems there are some looking to be drug to any slaver that is close”

Oly keeps a wary eye out for any movement in the forest “I can bring more grain..provided the waterways do not freeze before my return” he sets the rice and grain down

Poppy steps closer to you, one hand reaching out, fingers curling into your belt, her eyes looking down at the various bottles and pouches…”so, one bag of rice and two grains”…then flicks her eyes up, looking at your, their softness showing a tender side to her that remains hidden…”what would you think sounds fair for such trade?”

Oly  lets out a low groan from deep in his chest as fingers gripped his belt, his eyes met poppy’s with a blue sparkle “Do you have any handiwork? I was very impressed with your beaded work earlier” eyes scannning poppy’s facial features as he grins warmly

Poppy  purrs lightly, her fingers still curled into your belt, a slight tugging of her hand pulls her a step closer to you, a slight squint to her eyes as she peers up at you, her soft features now showing a bit more, the tip of her tongue brushing over her lips just before she speaks…”well I made what I wear now, but if I keep giving you my clothing I will be running around naked, you don;t want to see that now do you?”

Oly licks his own lips as he watches Poppy’s seductive tongue , his eyes dropping over her curvaceous features before his eyes come back up once more to hers “I cannot say that I would be unhappy to see you naked” takins a half a step backwards , tugging your hand should it stay in his belt, that she might be caught off balance and lean to his bulging manhood, now straining at the laces holding his trousers closed “Perhaps….” he pondered a bit “Perhaps the crate of arrows and a small taste of your …” his eyes dropped to her waistline.

Poppy  fights off the smile as she feels your step a bit back, her hand tightens to the belt, then she slips one finger up and over the waist of your pants, running it lightly along between the tight leathers and your hairy skin, her eyes still looking up to you, a soft, almost helpless feature washes over her as she listens, her teeth sucking in her bottom lip before she takes a deep breath, drops her eyes to your belt, then reaches out with her free hand and begins to lightly jiggle two of the small round jars on your hip…”well, I think the arrows were part of the trade”…then darts her eyes back up, a wanton hopeful look on her face…”as for the taste, maybe you can toss in a little something extra”

Oly  face reddens slightly as his trousers become uncomfortably tight , glancing to the bottles “What did you have in mind?” his breathing becomes a bit more hurried as Poppy’s moves keep his interest keen , his eyes glues to her lip as it gets sucked into that soft=looking mouth of hers.

Poppy  tugs once more on your belt and pants, her finger now curling into the top of them, pulling them so she can see a bit more of your belly, a light purr slipping out as her eyes dart back up to your’s, one of her feet now stepping onto the top of your boot as if she were pinning you in place, her body now close to your’s, a smile filling her face as she imagines you can feel her breath on you…”I like that flask on your side, must be filled with something good…so maybe a taste from my sweet jar can be worth such a small little bottle of whatever”

Oly tries to focus on the task at hand , poppy’s body heat warms his frontside as he glanced to the flask “That is a special wine..I found at a pygmy camp…” leaning to whisper hot to her ear “seems they like their men to stay hard for days at a time..the wine keeps their extremities..how shall I say…in an extended state of arousal?” at that he moans low, his nose was filed with the seductive huntress’ scent now, he closed his eye and enjoyed the moment

Poppy  hums out another purr, hand still tight around your waist, now s second finger slipping into the top of your pants, running over your skin, her body so close to you she could sink her teeth into your skin if she wished so, then once more looks up at you, catching your closed eyes, the corners of her lips now fully curved to reveal a dangerous smile…”aw, now I’m sure there is something you could part with, something I don’t have and you would really like to give me…come on, give it to me for just a little taste”

Oly  cock swelled beneath the leather, the tip reaching towards poppy’s fingers as they taunted him “I would trade a scent for a taste…I have some of the lands most scrumptious perfume to let you sample..and if your fingers go any lower..you might just be getting a bit more than we both bargained for” he opened his eyes in time to catch her smile “Just a bit on my tongue” he pointed to his mouth “I promise….it won’t hurt”

Poppy slips her fingers out of your belt and pants, her soft eyes dropping as the hand falls to her waist, feet carrying her back a few stesp before she pulls up the small jar from her belt, peeling the tight leather cover off the top as she smiles…’you only want to stick the tip in, that’s up to you, but it’s your jar of my golden honey to do with as you like”…then grins a wickedly evil grin before she leans into what appeared to be an empty barrel and pulls out a few crates of arrows, setting them down beside her…”these are the one’s you sought for the grains as well, good sir”

Oly smile fades “Your..your golden honey?” he looks at the opened jar in disbelief..”Of course that is what you meant!” tugging at his trouser laces to loosen them , then snatching the honey from her hand, grumbling incoherently as he fumbled for a small perfume bottle , handing it to her “If I could botle your scent..I would be rich beyond the imagination”

Poppy  fights off the urge to grin as she watches you fumble for the bottle, her eyes flashing up to your’s, a mischievous look on her face, something hidden beneath the grin as if she meant more but let the game play out, her hand quickly snatching the bottle before she took another step back, slipping into into the side of her quiver with a nod…”you are cetainly good for your word sir Oly, maybe one day we will find more use for each other”…then lightly licks at her lips as her vision drops to the laces of your leather pants

Oly dips his tongue into the huntresses’ sweet honey, the taste is exquisite, he rolls the treat along his lips and helps himself to another “MMmm, very good..I am sure we shall cross paths in the futur…” his words stop as he feels a sudden tingle rush through his senses , he licks his lips, something is slightly awry.

Poppy  watches him taste the honey as she shakes her head as if it was a bad thing, then steps closer, her hand reaching to you, fingers drifting slowly up along the laces of your pants, eyes rising till they meet your’s, her voice cold and cunning…”you are too trusting good sir, had I not felt a trust for you that honey would surely have been laced with the powder you gave me your last visit here”…she them smiles, stepping back and away from you…”it is not, you are safe, and one day soon you could meet a need I have that will bring us both mutual satisfaction”

Oly points to the bottle “I think you need to wash the vessel more thoroughly before you fill” smacking his lips “I sense a slight..tanginess” squating to lift the crates of arrows , he nods “Let it be so then, Poppy of persistent persuasion” turning toleave he stops and looks back to her “A man with not so much honor would have taken you, ravaging that tight body of yours…keep your guard up as well” he walks off whistling a happy tune

Poppy  smiles as she watches you grab the arrows, her arm waving to you…”safe travels to you good Oly, please do return as I have many needs and know you could fulfill them”…then reaches for her bow, slipping off her arm as she peers down at the bags of grains

Poppy  wraps her hand around the sacks of grains, eyes flicking around her then she pulls the bow up her arm, takes a second grip on them and slowly backs up toward camp, dragging the sacks as she watches out for any movement, not feeling safe till she is over the bridge and at the gate, then slips into camp and pulls the sacks into the cave for safe keeping.

Poppy and Kolby trade

They borrow from a servery.

The role play:

Poppy : I wouldn’t suggest you continue further

ķℴℓЪϒ : Me and cynz redesigned Lo Nykuii’s servery for them…

Lune: ohhh?

ķℴℓЪϒ: We did it for free too

Oly hears the voice again, looking all about for the source “I am not lost..just venturing

Poppy  stares down at him, her arm pulling the string back slightly…”well you have ventured where you shouldn’t be, I will give you the chance to kneel or run…up to you”

Lune: for freee?!?!!?!?!??!!?!

Oly : the chance to trade something ..perhaps you wish an elixir to knock someone out..or one to keep a man hard for days?”

ķℴℓЪϒ: We did it out of the kindness of our hearts…

Lune shakes her head

Poppy  stares down with a cold, blank expression as she grips the bow tighter…”there is a beel out by the fire, if you wish trade that is how you contact us…for your own sake I suggest you use it”

Oly snarls back “I didnt know there was a camp here..until I heard your call out to me…sounded rather needy

ķℴℓЪϒ yawns

Lune: Does that mean it’s cuddle time?

Poppy  holds her stare as she pulls the bow out over the ledge…”I have no need you could satisfy, male, now if you wish to speak trade you have one chance left by the bell”

ķℴℓЪϒ smiles “I should already be in bed now.”

Lune: Awwwww

Poppy: by the kings this male is a slow one

Poppy kisses your cheek as she runs by

ķℴℓЪϒ yawns and pulls her cloak all the way around her “Nini sis.”

Oly: Now I see..the bell..tal to you, small fry

Poppy lifts her eyes as you come near, they study your movements and follow your hands…”tal”

Oly reached slowly to his belt, pointing to various bottles “I trade in rare items..of late I have come across some unique potions..may I show them to you?” nodding as he looked the Huntress over “I am Oly..from north of here”

Poppy  let her eyes quickly dart to your belt, scanning the small bottles before she looked back up at you…”how would I know what you say is true, those bottles could have been filled with the swamp water or colored with a few berries”…then nodded slightly…”well met, you may call me Poppy”

Oly grinned “Well met Poppy..I could demonstrate them to you…just a small sniff of the clear one here…would render you unconcious for a few moments..would that suffice?”

Poppy  growls as she takes a step back, one hand reaching to the blade strapped to her body…”if you step closer with that I am not sure who will have a worse day”…as she stares at you with a cold hardness to her eyes”

Oly released the bottle of clear potions “Easy..easy now..I am here to help you with your needs…perhaps you tell me what you cannot find in these woods that you crave?”

Poppy  let’s her hand drop away as she remains staring, the coldness in her eyes held deep, the faintest shift to her face shows barely as she starts to speak…”I have recently begun selling wild honey, what I could use is something flavorless I could stir into a jar or two that would slow the capacity of the user without harming them could be useful”

Oly  nods as he listens, taking a moment to look around warily “Would you wish to induce paralysis, without rendering the user unconcious?”

Poppy  flicks her vision to the belt once more as she hums lightly, then looks back to you, a flash of sadness washing over fades almost as fast as it came…”I wish no long term ill effects, just something to make them more compliant

Oly nods “I see..would this be for a man or a woman or both?” his fingers open a pouch on his belt, removing a small vial slowly, in full view to Poppy’s eyes.

Poppy  watches your every movement, her eyes following you hands, body tense, one foot digging their toes into the grass as if she were ready to strike, then raises her eyes to you, narrowing them before she spits out one word…”both”

Oly  uncorks the vial and sprinkles a small amount of the powder contained within to his opened palm “This powder will numb the user..how much depends on the quantity used…the one drawback, if mixed with kalana wine..will render the user unconcious…” he smirked a bit..waiting for her response…”Oh..best part of this is..it it tasteless!” hoping this would raise some interest in what he could offer her.

Poppy  watches you play with the powder, the description sounding exactly like something she seeks. Blowing a long strand of hair from her face, she cracks what appears to be a smile as her eyes look back up to you…”and now what would you seek in return for such a powder, seeing as I more enjoy a fair trade then taking you down and just walking away with it”

Oly  fills the powder back into the vial and stoppers the cork “I rather admire the beadwork along your loincloth….one for the other..an you will be on your way to making the honey that makes all Bee-have!” snickers a bit, his eyes studying the craftsmanship on her lower garment.

Poppy bites at the edge of her lip, her eyes flicking from you to the vial, a soft growl slipping out as she looks back up, then drops one hand to the side of her beaded skirt, tugging the thin leather strand holding it in place before it falls to her side…”your deal had best be worth it, Oly, or know that I will come hunt you down”…then lifts the beads as she looks at them one last time…”I set them myself, took more then a few moons to finish it”

Oly  holds out the vial in his open palm, his other hand awaits the beaded skirt as he remains motionless “I only trade in the best” his eyes upon her nakedness, he licks his lips and takes a heavy sigh “You are runner…that much is apparent”

Poppy  grabs for the vial, her hand moving fast as it swipes it from your grip, the beaded skirt set in it’s place as she takes a step back, her eyes catching the tongue running over your lips, a look of disgust filling her face as she looks down to the vial…”and what is it you call this powder…and how little an ammout does it take to work?”

Oly  felt her hand graze his as she moved with the quickness of a cat “The powder is called Tessa..it is used very sparingly to render someone ..how would you say…compliant” pointing to the vial “That amount should be enough to make ten..maybe twelve medium jars of spiked honey..perhaps you make some weak..and some stronger? Is up to you” his eyes upon the skirt “The detailing is exquisite! Do you have anymore like this? I could return later with other potions..and to see your successes with the Tessa?”

Poppy  takes a last glance at the skirt, her feeling for it now fading as the small vial holds her attention, thoughts of those she needs to find now filling her head as she nods at your words, then slips the vial into a small slit in her quiver as she pulls out an arrow from it…”I do have a few more beads I have fiddled with when the days were warmer”…then holds the arrow out in her hand, twirling it…”If you know someone with need I have many of these to trade as well, the finest quality and tips hand sharpened by myself”

Oly steps closer and hold out his hand to inspect the arrow “May I?” his eyes gleeful to see anymore made by this artist

Poppy  sets the arrow in your hand, her own not eager to release it befor she let’s it go, then steps back, eyes wandering up to your’s, watching your reactions…”I consider that my true skill, many of them rebuild from remnants of past attacks”

Oly flips the arrow to and fro, sighting down the shaft “Very straight” feeling the fletchlings, then the tip “I would hate to be on the recieving end of one of these in flight…very nicely made” his smile growing as he realized he stood before real talent “How many of these do you have for trade?”

Poppy  flashes a quick look up to her home, then looks back at the arrow as she starts to hum lightly…”well, what I have to trade, hmm”…then looks up at you, a start of maybe some trust takes hold, her eyes staring at your, cold, dark, something hidden beneath the stare before she parts her lips with a whisp of breath then smiles…”to trade I have five crates, 24 arrows packed per crate…al the same quality as that one you hold”

Oly  holds the tip of the arrow, offering the blunt end back to Poppy “Perhaps we could come to a mutually agreeable settlement for those crates then….I travel extensively..I have contacts far and wide to procure most anything you could desire..potions..powders….perfumes?” he sang out the last word, as Oly was adept at finding the most alluring fragrances , he whispered now “Not that one such as you would need any help in attracting most anything or anyone you could desire?” he raised his brows, twirling the arrow some as if tickling in mid-air with the feathered end .

Poppy  locks her stare with your’s, eyes held as she reaches out on hand, fingers dancing lightly around the feathers, brushing them toward you, her hips swaying hypnotically as if the feathers were in deed tickling her as she purses her lips on your last few words before she eases back her hand, pushing the arrow back to you, her eyes once more flick toward the camp as she starts to speak…”I have no needs for such city things like perfumes, but what I do seek for those you may have little trouble in finding”…then looks a bit more serious as the last of her words come out…”the winter growns near, we need rice or grains to survive out here, if you could get a sack of each per crate we will have a deal”

Oly stomps to the ground slightly as his pants tighten, watching Poppy’s hypnotic hips was making him grow beneath his trousers “HMMmm…I should be able to gather such within a four days” shaking his head as his thoughts returned to the trade at hand “I look forward to seeing you again” managing now to keep his eyes locked to hers.

Poppy  takes her turns to run her tongue lightly along her lips, leaving them glistening with a moist sheen, then curls them into a soft smile, the news of a deal bringing joy to her heart, could it be true that some men still hold honor is all she could think before speaking…”aye, sir Oly, I for once and glad I did not fill a male with arrows, may your travels be safe till you make your return”

Oly  eyes watch with intensity as Poppy wets her lips..her tongue so seductive as it sweeps slowly, her smile so long in coming lit up her face “I wish you well in your hunts, and will return with said supplies..safe paths to you…Poppy of the forest”

Poppy  smiles once more before she turns back to her home, the bow suddenly appear as it made a soft whistling sound, her grip held firm to it…”and safe paths to you, Oly of the north, till we meet again”…then she darted off quickly, head turning only slightly before she reached the log

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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