About a Panther visiting Tavern Night on Gor, the crazy tavern girl

Tavern Stories


Tavern Night

Tavern Night….an initiative of Lizz Dawes….EN of Sa di Sani…..

Once a week it was known to be open house at a tavern frequented by panthers.  Many tribes were often in attendance though they were not easy gatherings many long held antagonisms and old rivalries often spilled in to fist fights or promises to track people down when outside and the evening was over, the atmosphere of relative calm was actually a seething under current of hostility.  But the tavern keepers allowed no weapon violence inside the premises so serious fallout would be followed up after the event was over.

These gatherings were often drunken affairs for some who came just to relax but in quiet corners whispering could be heard  of trades, devious alliances, schemes, all sorts of dirty deals were struck on those few occasions warring tribe sat in the same room to exchange tales over a glass or two.

The plan is a regular known gathering for RP and to create inter tribe story lines; all are welcome from any tribe or outlaw group or city; as long as they obey the rules. This is not a friendly get together it is to reflect the tensions ond inter tribe rivalries that already ensue.

By entering the tavern you accept the rules :

It is a panther event but provide services for all , Panthers , Mercenaries , Outlaws as they must obey the RP only rule

1) No use of weapons in the tavern : This is an RP Only event , if you use the tavern during a sim raid , or for GM fighting you are auto-capped.

2) Tavern Dealings are RP Only no GM Items are required unless its approved by third party

3) If you brought a captive to the tavern , the only rescue method to be applied here is a trading method , however there is no guarantee of your safety when you get out of the tavern

4) All Must Pay for the tavern services , if you don’t pay the tavern ((( IN RP Off course ))) you will be considered as a thief and who ever is hosting the event can deal with you as they see fit

5) Fist fights can breakout but if you break anything , and as in rl bars , Bar tenders have the shotguns 😛 the tavern keeper have a sleeping dart that would shoot on you to get you unconscious , then you would compensate the tavern for the damage

6) Slaves can have drinks \ food provided by their owners, or if alone the only payment method they need to do is to offer their services to the tavern customers as personally agreed which includes being used as pleasure slaves.

A crazy tavern girl

Red hair and a crazy tavern girl.

The role play:

  • Marli  tied her canoe to the tree near the waters edge , covering it with some reeds , in the distance she heard a familiar voice , she turned seeing a Zima huntress , she shrugged overhearing part of the conversation and prepared to head into the small village

  • Mali : ohhh…a Huntress……she want to trade some drinks…….grins..I hope she has coins

  • Ajane  slowly lapped up the awful thing, it was somewhat welcomed though to get rid of the AWFUL taste of the gruel, but the thought of it on the floor made it sink in her heart somewhat as well

  • Saanity eyes widened as Ajane licked the floor, she didnt think she would do it, but watched her in amusement as she did, she poured some more water on the floor for ajane to lick

  • Marli  looked at the signpost of the tankards and baked vulo and grinned widely

  • Ajane  tried to lap from the stream as it was getting poured to get the damn thing closer to fresh

  • Saanity turned her gaze to the door and dropped the bowl ” Greetings huntress!” she said all startled, as she reached out to pat ajane`s head, to get her to stop

  • ᴍᴀᴄᴇ : rolls his eyes as the slave degrating ajane, once again bound and naked. ” takes a pathetic person to derive pleasure from the abuse of another.” shaking his head as he stood and walked oiut

  • Ajane rolled her head in the hand the way she usually did if her head was touched stealing more petting, even if the girl had been awful to her she did it, for some reason

  • Ajane  slowly sat up again

  • Marli  looked around the tavern, noticing the two women to her left , seemingly cudling , the red head slanted her eyes to see a slave cleaning the floor , she walked towards the bar

  • Saanity slowly peeled off the clothes Eve had given her, she knew Mali didnt like when she wore it in the tavern, then she pushed herself to her feet and walked closer to the panther ” Uuum May i be of any service Mistress?”

  • Ajane  tried to clean her face with her hands, feeling all awful then she put her hands under her udders again to cover up as she of course was shy

  • Marli eyes caught the attention of the wanted poster , she reached and grabbed it , reading it until the girl addressed her “Bring me some fresh water ” the red head’s dark orbs glancing at the girl , she tucked the poster under her belt

  • Saanity looked to Ajane and smirked some, she had never seen her serve before ” Ajane fetch this lovely huntress a glass of water”

  • Ajane  shakes her head

  • Ajane: oo o o only slaves and and animals do that

  • Ajane: un unless aa a aja aja get a a copper between the the udders

  • Ajane : since since aja aja likes coppers

  • Ajane bit her lip as she suddenly wondered how the copper would stick between her uddders now that her gown had been stolen

  • Saanity chuckles ” the huntress might give you a copper if you hurry”

  • Marli  narrowed her eyes and huffed at ajane “you will get more than a copper in the udders if you dont bring me some water”

  • Ajane  struggled to her feet dragging the chain with her so chain rattling could be heard on the floor

  • Ajane  stood infront of the table….. and put her hands under her udders to lift them up and increase the cleave the way she always begged for coppers when she had her gown she then leaned her udders over the table and offered sheepish smile to the “panther animal” as she thought of them

  • Ajane : aaa a aja aja likes coppers l lady — she whispered

  • Marli growled at ajane , she was convinced the girl had insulted her in some way “Hurry up !”

  • Saanity bit her lip, trying to stifle a laugh as she watched Ajane

  • Ajane gritted her teeth and shock her head

  • Ajane : nn n no the the magistate taught aja first ccc coppers

  • Ajane: then then drink and and and then line up the aa animals to see if they want to use the awful animals

  • Marli  reached in her leather purse and retrieved a dirty copper “Here is my money , now bring me my tankard filled with water ..” she leaned in closer to ajane “…Hurry up , you are testing my patience girl.”

  • Ajane  held out her udders hoping the copper would be placed between them she sqeeezed them hard so the cleave would hold the damn thing at least while she was sqeeezing

  • Ajane : y y you got to to place it lady since since the magistrate says aja not supposed to touch them since ajas fingers might stain the copper

  • Saanity chuckled as she heard Ajane, but she didnt say a word, she just leaned back to the wall and watched the two of them

  • Marli  blinked seeing the girl squash her boobs , she shook her head and placed the copper on the table , and looked at Saanity “You place the copper between her udders.”

  • Saanity chewed her lip and looked back to Ajane ” uum im not allowed to touch coppers Mistress!”

  • Ajane  shruged and turned around to teera still holding her udders all sqeeezed

  • Marli  grumbles , picks up the copper and grabs ajane ‘s left boob and presses the copper deep between the cleavage “Now bring me my tankard of water.”

  • Saanity laughs ” there you go Ajane”

  • Ajane  ‘s face all flushed red…….and she whispered — thank you lady

  • Ajane  hurried to where the water botas were hanging on the damn wall holing her udders of course so the copper would not fall

  • Ajane stared at the bota, knowing she had delima here as without the dress the copper would just fall if she let go with her hands

  • Ajane  let go of just one of her udders freeing one hand, and of course the damn thing fell down landing somewhere between the barrels

  • Ajane growled as she saw it fall between them

  • Ajane  wimpered some but took the damn bota and carried it to the bar table

  • Ajane handed it to the panther, making a face as she did

  • Marli took the bota from the girl and seeing the girl make a face , she scowled at her “continue with your chores now girl.””

  • Ajane : aa a aja aja got no no chores since since aja is is a noble woman

  • Ajane : dont you know only slaves and and animals got chores ?

  • Ajane  hisses

  • Marli taps the wood on the bar “Your owner wont be pleased when I tell them what happened here today.”

  • Ajane  frowns

  • Ajane : dd dont you know only slaves and and animals got owners ?

  • Ajane : not not noble women almost from the place called Ar like like aja

  • Saanity shrugs

  • Marli lips curled into a thin smile “We shall see , wont we girl.”

  • Ajane shrugs and nodded her head

  • Ajane : the the magistrate says though though that aja aja not really a a girl

  • Ajane bit her lip sheepishly

  • Marli sipped at her water

  • Ajane  slightly chewed her lip

  • Saanity reached out and slapped the back of Ajane`s head, then she replaced her hand at her thigh, as if nothing was done by her ” I do not want to get whipped for your mistakes… behave yourself” she whispered to Ajane

  • Ajane yelps in pain

  • Ajane : aaa a aja aja never makes mistakes !! nn noble women dont do do that !

  • Ajane : and and lady Mali says aa aja is is a property that will one day fetch a a lot of of coppers !!! aa aja gona be so rich then since since aja likes coppers

  • Ajane : and and a a property is almost noble woman

  • Saanity frowns and just shakes her head

  • Saanity: ” what brings you to Gimli, Mistress?” she asked as she kept her eyes at Ajane

  • Marli points at the wanted poster “News and gossip.”

  • Saanity nods ” very well, this is the right place for gossip i guess “

  • Marli  grins “usually all the village news can be heard in the taverns”

  • Ajane: aaa a aja never gossips except except when aja does

  • Saanity reaches out an playfully pinches ajane ” have you traveled far? and which tribe do you belong to ? “

  • Saanity laughs as she hears ajane

  • Ajane yelps in pain and jumps to the side so the awful chain rattled a bit

  • Marli shook her head “I have travelled only a few pasangs down river from Whispering Moon , our lands border another tribe you may know , the Sa Di Sani.”

  • Ajane : mm maybe you you should close your eyes lady ? since since aja is shy

  • Marli smirked at the girl “shy ?”

  • Saanity nods ” i know them very well, they are regular costumers here… we also had a lot of visitors from the Ja`Hesa tribe, they are searching for their En..”

  • Ajane  nodded her head sheepishly

  • Ajane : yy yes aa a aja not supposed to to show the skin

  • Saanity chuckles as she looks to Ajane

  • Ajane: but but some panther aa animal stole ajas aja dress

  • Ajane : yes yes thats it a a panther animal did

  • Ajane  bit her lip looking to Teera giving her angry look for a good reason

  • Marli : “A lost En you say ? how interesting” she mused as she finished drinking her water.

  • Saanity chuckles ” well not lost, but captured, she`s been a captive for a few days now!”

  • Ajane : if if if aja was panther animal then surely aja would be en

  • Ajane : but but but not lost

  • Marli  chuckles

  • Ajane  shrugs

  • Saanity laughs

  • Saanity snakes her hand around Ajane`s waist and pulls her closer to herself ” You wouldnt be the En” she frowns ” you would be a panther slave!”

  • Ajane squirmed some as she was pulled and tried to resist a little

  • Marli  nods “slave girl belonging to panthers.”

  • Ajane : what ??? nooo surely aja aja would never be a a a a slave animal !!! their the most awful ones almost almost as awful as as the panther animals !!!!!!!

  • Ajane  hisses slightl

  • Ajane : noooo not a a slave girl !!! — she stomps her foot

  • Ajane : the the magistrate even says aja not really a a a girl

  • Fey  chuckles “you know Ajane I’d becareful where you say that, you might insult a panther

  • Ajane: and and lady Mali says aja is is a property !!! she said all proudly thinking that was some sort of a type of a noble woman

  • Saanity laughs

  • Marli  wiped her lips and nodded to the two girls “Serve with fire”

  • Saanity looked up and smirked some ” be well huntress”


“… Also the bounty for nadira of the Sa di Sani is still on…I hear she may be beiing tucked away in a city as an FW….remember…1 fur 1 salt 1 turian..1 kanda for her hide!”

– Contessa

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Lizz


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