Role play of Red hair’s new bow, skulls

A new Bow



As any story or life it once started somewhere.  I don’t know how long I have been here in the forest. My whole life it seems. Over years even these things have faded as some dream  that you watched and only the highlights are the things you can recall by simply closing your eyes and remembering.  There are many things I can still remember vividly…..

To some outsiders I might sound  mean and cunning but in all my innocence I have been taught without truly knowing myself that I was selected for a purpose. That I had been here for a reason that until now had been lurking in the darkest corners of my subconsciousness. ….that purpose was to be a panther girl…..

All the clarity of my existence would be given by my bow. A weapon  that I have carried with me since early childhood. I travelled and hunted through many lands on Gor…..When I returned to my tribe….. They were pleased that I had come even if it was many moons later.  I had come with an even greater prize. I had come to them with knowledge about men, places, and useful names.  To them I was now an activated weapon and to me I was finally whole again……..

Naming her bow ‘Skulls’

How red hair acquired her new bow.

The role play:

  • Konrad tips his head respectfully. “En! It has been a long while.”

  • Marli lips curl into a thin smile “Tal Smithy….it has been some time ….how are you?”

  • Konrad sniffs, appearing unsure how to reply. “You know me as smithy here. And perhaps you know my mother… Sin.

  • Marli nods slowly “I have heard of Sin……didnt know you were related though”

  • Konrad : I am Konrad … son of Sin, son of Argel , a wagon camp commander… before the Kurii destroyed our wagons that is. Perhaps you’ve seen me wandering the outskirts of your land. I am interested in trade… among other things.

  • Marli  opened her palm revealing the steel leash holder “I can use a smithy like yourself ….men who can manipulate steel” she closed the palm “….trade could be beneficial to both parties …..what is it you need from the forests?”

  • Konrad  regarded the leash holder. He regarded the gaze of the En. “I need what any man needs. No more. No less. And if an occasional girl should happen by, I might avail myself of her. And when I wander to seek opportunities, sometimes I am threatened or even attacked. I do what a man must do.”

  • Trouble  climbs into the boat and points to the map “To Sardar Captain!!!” She smirks and waves to her brother as she disembarks on her sail to Sardar

  • Marli  folded her arms , her dark orbs giving him a piercing look , she tilted her head to one side as she notices the panther girl and the smithy know each other

  • Marli : “well now….not sure what you are saying Konrad… it untamed women you want?”

  • Konrad  waves to Trouble as she departs by canoe. “That is my sister, by the way. You see… I have grown up with panthers. I have been living with them since I was born here. For many years I was the only free man on this entire island.” Konrad pauses. “I do not need you to provide me with women. I ask though, that you be patient with me should skirmishes erupt now and then. You’re girls might attack me as I come by. Naturally I must defend myself.

  • Marli  lifted an eyebrow “I have not met many men that have grown up in a panther camp, I have heard it said that boy babies are struck with rocks and killed ” she licked her lower lips “….so glad you were spared that fate” she flicked back her red hair “…as you lived with panthers , you know better than to refer to them as girls ” she inspected her fingernails “as long as your bow is sheathed , no sister of mine would attack you , and in a skirmish , well all bets are off”

  • Konrad : Aye, as it should be. I would like to avoid having a band of my hair shaved, but I realize that you have your duties. And I apologize for mis-speaking about girls.

  • Marli : “the trade post is clearly sign posted , ring the bell and sisters will come …..bring steel …..knives…arrow tips …whatever you can carry”

  • Konrad : I make all manner of things. May I present you with a special bow? A gesture of good faith, so to speak

  • Marli lifts an eyebrow “special bow ? now you have peaked my interest” Marli possesed her self made bow , a simple short bow , with a notch for each capture etched in the sides

  • Konrad : Come.. to my shop. No funny stuff. Let me show you a bow.

  • Marli : “lead on”

  • Konrad  holds up a broken bow, mangled and useless, but still beautiful when imagined as intact. He turns it to show its graceful turns as the light glinted off the summit of whichever curve happened to catch the sunlight…(continuing)…

  • Marli  felt the heat of the furnace , her nostrils filled with the smell of worked steel, her eyes then turned to the bow the smithy was holding

  • Konrad : “I could repair it, but it would never be quite right again. Konrad reached into the box at his side and held out a new bow. Its surface did not appear to be made of bosk bone nor ka-la-na wood. It looked smooth enough to be steel, but its finish did not gleam. “Can I tell you about this bow? “

  • Marli looked curiously at the new bow , admiring its shape and curvature “What can you tell me about that bow ?”

  • Konrad  slowly rotated the new bow for her to view it. “I used the broken bow to fashion a mold to preserve the shape and size of your broken bow. I cast this bow out of a special compound of metals I think will work well…(continuing)….

  • Konrad : First of course I chose iron for strength. Second I chose carbon for strength, flexibility, resilience, and to make the bow lighter to carry and maneuver. I used much more carbon than in sword steel, to give this bow the flex she needs to hurl your arrows very hard. Third I added tungsten which transmits force throughout the bow very quickly — you will feel at one with your arrows.”

  • Marli smiled as she listened to the detailed description , she could tell the bow had some of the spirit of its creator within it “it is truly a fine bow “

  • Konrad : May I tell you more? I realize that this detail may be boring.

  • Konrad  turned the bow slowly, letting the sun strike its many curved surfaces. “Notice how smooth it is, and yet it does not gleam like steel. Were it shiny like sword-steel, the sun’s reflection would impact your vision, and impair you in combat. So I applied a finish that won’t bounce sunlight.”

  • Marli : “impressive” she replied , as the smithy continued with his description

  • Konrad applied pressure to the bow and it ‘bowed’ easily but only a little. “After I added the carbon and tungsten to the molten iron, I laid the mold into the stream and let the gentle wavelets cool the compound while mixing it constantly, so the carbon fibers remained spread evenly throughout the compound while it solidified.”

  • Konrad  pointed to several spots where other materials covered the compound. “I used tanned deerskin for the grip to prevent slippage and and the fur of the snow sleen on either side to insulate your hand from the cold.

  • Konrad holds out the bow. “It is yours, En. Please do not shoot me with it!”

  • Marli : “you are too generous …..but I will not offend you either by refusing it” she took the bow and inspected it “I shall adorn it with two jit skulls and name it skulls! ” then smiled at him “…..I have some good quality furs in my canoe , they are yours to do with as you please , I would consider it a favour if you accepted my gift “

  • Konrad  dipped his head respectfully. “May our days ahead be like this one. I’ll be honored to accept them.”

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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