About a Panther being enslaved for the diamond mines of Gor

Pitch Black


The Lost Diamonds

Whispers…..tales…..about strong male slaves needed for diamond mines…..read on.

The Lost Sereem Diamond Mines of Primus

During works to clear the old panther cave infirmary slaves made the discovery of an entrance to old mine workings. Further investigations have confirmed these to be the lost gem mines of Primus, for many years believed to be only a story, the figment of old Thord’s mind.

An intrepid exploring slave Adio Magic climbed down into the mines and returned a Passage hand later with a bag of Sereem diamonds (red, sparkling and white flecked) only to find themselves hunted down by Sa Verus panthers for allegedly stealing from their mines.

“Before Suleiman, now, there lay five stones, three Sereem diamonds, red, sparkling, white flecked, and two opals, one a common sort, milky in color, and the other an unusual flame opal, reddish and blue. Opals are not particularly valuable on Earth, but they are much rarer on Gor; these were excellent specimens, cut and polished into luminescent ovoids; still, of course, they did not have the value of the diamonds. (Tribesman of Gor, page 92)

The discovery that the mines still contain Sereem diamonds brought war to the previously peaceful woods as the Sa Verus reinforced their claim that the mines fell in their lands and therefore the riches below the ground belonged to them.

Abandoned at a time when the value of Sereem Diamond was far below its value now the mines were considered no longer viable, but time has moved on and the diamonds that still poke out from the walls floors and ceilings of the dark tunnels are of immense value. The most prized the flawless vivid followed by the plain vivid, and then still glittering the lesser vivid

After a bloody period which saw the passing of two Passage hands the Sa Verus put their slaves to work exploiting the mines and the huntress provide provide protection within the woods for honest traders who wish to come and trade for these valuable stone whilst prevent the theft of the rare and valuable Sereem diamonds by the unscrupulous.

The exact location to the old entrance of the mines is a closely guarded secret and when some driven by greed do find it and enter the dangers that face them are formidable – but for a few that do manage to leave again with a few of these rare diamonds a life of good living awaits, though they be wise to remember;

“The 97th Aphorism in the Codes” .. “What is invisible but more beautiful than diamonds?” “And the answer?”..”That which is silent but deafens thunder.”..  “And what is that?” .. “Honor,” (Page 304-305 – Vagabonds of Gor)

Escaping the mines is difficult enough, it took the first to enter a passage hand as they struggled with the maze of tunnels, shafts, rock falls, spider nests and other dangers. But even then having surmounted these peril there lay’s ahead a journey through the woods where the Sa Verusi roam collecting their tolls and protecting their hunting grounds as well as the occasional outlaw venturing out of the fort high on the craggy cliffs. Many will try and hide the gems about their person, sewing into clothing but the huntress are wise to such tricks.

“Perhaps he has precious stones, rare gems, sewn in his clothing, for an emergency,” I said. MERCENARIES OF GOR   107

The Sa Verus now hunt the strongest warriors to put to work in the richest part of the Mine system, using such a chain of slaves and keeping them down the mines working 15 Ahn a day with only one holiday a year the tribe prospers.

“There are many uses for such slaves. They can be purchased for work chains, to be rented out by their masters, sometimes marched between cities, depending on the seasons and the work available. They can serve, too, in such places as the mines, the quarries and great farms.” (Guardsman of Gor; p. 244-245)

Roll play the finding and increase its value (see below)


The mines are within Primus and the Rules of The Northern Forests of Gor Continent apply to all rp within the mines.

There are a few specific rules for rp within the Mines as follows but these do not override The Northern Forests of Gor Continent rules anywhere other than in the mines.

1. Leaving during RP in the mine – It is accepted that ‘crashs’ occur and that sometimes rl infringes – ‘falling asleep’ in the mines is allowed (if deliberate i.e. leaving for rl it should be rp’d) but the log in should be directly back into the mines. TP’ing out of the mines simply because you are lost or to avoid contact with another in the mines etc is not accepted.

2. Obstacles – All locked doors, boarding up, rockfalls, sumps etc may be overcome with appropriate rp. Damage ‘traps’ are present within the Mines including animals – reseting of meters is strictly forbidden, aiding is allowed with appropriate rp. There are no auto doors, to open or close them, you need to touch them.

3. Captives – There is no ‘sole use’ of the mines and if you encounter others in them it will be for you and them to rp how such an encounter goes. However due to the nature of these mines dragging captives around would be impossible (a) hand/arm bindings may only be used (b) captives may not be leashed whilst overcoming obstacles (c) the captive needs to be taken physically to the exit point and rp’d as being taken out of the mine. From the exit to the dock they may be leashed and walk or be dragged as you chose

4. Weapons – The mines are narrow twisting passages and their nature makes the use of bows, long blade swords etc difficult however this is sl and there are limits to how prescriptive we can be so as long as it is not a banned weapon you make your choices and take your chances.

5. Sereem Diamond – there are three types of sereem diamonds (described in the books as being red, sparkling and white flecked in appearance) within the Mines, these range from; Small, Low Quality, Lesser Sereem (very little colour) TO Large, High Quality Flawless Sereem (brightest colour). In total 27 ‘grade’ of diamond though presently only Medium size, medium quality, lesser Sereem and high quality flawless  have been found

The diamonds may be picked up by clicking on them (a rough cut diamond which is transferable but not copy/mod will be given) NB You need Alpha on to be able to see them!

OPENING value of Sereem Diamonds;

Medium Size High Quality Flawless Sereem = Double-weight Gold Tarn Disc.

Medium size Medium Quality Lesser Sereem = Gold Tarn Disc

But its true value is in its story – if you would like to build that history and so its value then send a nc of the rp of its discovery to Ama Galaxy who will swap the one you find for a mod/transfer version into which you can place note cards of the rp that follows its life.

6. Transporting – Transporting the diamonds from the mine to the docks (or other land) is as much a part of the rp as the finding of them. If you are captured and searched well you should transfer any diamonds to you captor. Honesty is the best policy here as this is a game and if the rolls were switched would you not like to be treated the same way.

Elma finds the Diamond Mine

An encounter near the Sareem diamond mines.

The role play:

  • Elma: *looks up and stifles a yelp….’Can I go now….pleeeassseee!?’

  • Elma: *laughs quietly

  • Angeni walks in grabs her leash, an loosens the binds just enough for her to waddle along

  • Elma: I promise to pay the toll next time – now that I know one is due….

  • Angeni : Well ye still got to pay the one this time, my Mistress does not do credit lines….but dun worry just a little work in the mine an ye will be squared up

  • Elma: *stands slowly, shaking from the binds as they’ve been tied so tight all night…..and prepares to waddle….

  • Angeni  holds some bread up to her lips “hungry?” she asked

  • Elma: *smiles politely, thankful for the offering…’Absolutely ravenous – thank you…. your’e almost to kind’, she whispers

  • Elma: *looks around slowly, half dazed and makes a mental note of her surroundings, then sighs….’Oh this is’nt good… if only we’d known there was a toll – this could have all been avoided’

  • Angeni  smiles as she lets you eat your fill, there was a cart nearby she sat down the bread an picked up some water and gave to her “yer so called friend did never return perhaps they do not care about ye, perhaps may consider that you call the wrong group friends, no one has come for you.

  • Angeni : Why if you was in my Mistresses band, ye’d be better looked after

  • Elma: *listens attentively to the girls words, then whispers ‘Well, Inna, the Zima SE, was giving me a tour of our neighbouring lands – she’s the only one who knows I’m here I think… I recently returned to my tribe, but they have moved from the old lands to somewhere near here – we were looking for a place named ‘mystic’ – do you know it?

  • Angeni : Erm, kina sort’a, but listen aint nu one come lookin fer ye tho……I mean I may be able to wave the fee if’n ye ask fer a friend feather an have an interest to join the mightiest tribe in the lands Sa Verus…” she said grinning as she then tugged the leash an headed to the mines

  • Elma: *smiles somewhat feintly – ‘Well, I was happy where I am, I’ll wait and see if they get word of my whereabouts – hopefully they might trade…

  • Angeni : dun be frightened now. *she said*

  • Angeni : Oh my

  • Elma: *starts to shiver – ‘Where on gor are we…what is that strange n-n-noise….*she shudders

  • Angeni : Not sure think the place is haunted

  • Elma: And your going to leave me here alone….to mine what?

  • Elma: ghosts?

  • Angeni  smiles “Heer we are ….” she giggled at what the woman said earlier “I am sure ye will be done wit the work afore they ever heer of yer incarceration dear, an then they got to travel, I mean that person ye were with dun seem care about ye…..oh there is somethin in ‘ere dunno if it a ghost or what….” she said nodding as she walked over to a ball and chain and clicked it lock around the womans ankle “Only my Mistress has the key.” she lied

  • Elma: I hope you don’t have any sleen down here….. *she gasps under her breath, listening to the eery sounds emanating from the mines

  • Elma: Only your mistress has the key….are you sure girl? she says quietly, noticing a strange look on the girls face, almost as if the last part of her sentence did’nt quite ring true…

  • Angeni : Oh, well we do, but if one approaches, he wants to mate, jis git down on all fours put yer butt up an ye will be fine…” she smiled as she then cut the binds pulled them around and ties her wrists in a slave bind so she can swing the pick axe she pointed to the dark rock “break that up.” of course she did not mean the entire pile only to do that job she giggled an patted her butt “I was teasing ye girl, I can let ye out when yer finished an no I aint leavin ye alone, we dun want our stuffs stolen now.”

  • Elma: *smiles – ‘I’ll do the work, I have no fear of working for payment… but please, next time can we just be asked for the toll fare?

  • Elma: *slowly picks up the pick axe and after thinking for a brief second about using it as a weapon to gain freedom, decides it best to start breaking the rocks up…

  • Angeni  frowned a bit of course she new that one mistress was like a loose cannon she said simply “Well, tell ye what, I will let ye only work enough for your own toll, won’t make ye work off that other ones, she will be charged later.” she of course been meaning to speak to her Mistress bout lil she smiled and ran an fetched the cart of little bit of fruit and bread and water

  • Elma: *looks over at the girl as she picks up the pick axe, and starts to swing, watching as the rocks begin to crumble, then grumbles under her breath – ‘Could have made this pick axe a little lighter – I have a bad back you know…

  • Angeni  she got one empty barrel and moved it over “fill this to half and ye will be done.” she said with a smile she was a fair girl and knew her Mistress trusted her judgement, after all she had been made First Girl of the tribe, this work here had be done somehow there was much of it she nodded “Well erm, it was all we could steal from that farm before we got spotted, sorry Mistress.”

  • Elma: *smiles politely, then asks the girl slowly…’May I ask who your mistress is girl? I would, after all, like to know who is responsible for making me break these rocks….I gather this is Sa Verus land, but only because I noticed the sign as I was being dragged here last night…

  • Elma: ‘Beyond that, I know very little else – and it’s always good to know who ones neighbours are…’

  • Angeni  wriggled her nose a little bit as she listened to the womans tone and everything she thought for a moment and said “Are ye sure ye dun wanna know to later git revenge on her or something?” she asked adding “I was an En once, I been around, dint jus ride in on the bosk wagon dis mornin.” she said in a thicker hick scent than before

  • Elma: *me stops swinging the axe to pick up the first handful of broken rocks and place them carefully into the bucket, before picking up the pickaxe and continuing to swing against the hard grey rock…..

  • Elma: ‘Oh no girl – I have no thoughts of revenge… this is fair payment for a missed toll, if it were thought unjust, then I might consider revenge… the last thing I would want to do is upset a neighbouring tribe…’

  • Elma: *looks slowly over the girl as she continues the arduous task of smashing rocks, then asks politely ‘How did an En wind up as a first girl? That is a story I would like to hear sometime…..’

  • Elma: me pauses briefly to scoop up some more of the broken rock, being careful to avoid some of the sharp edges, then slowly lets them trickle thru her fingers into the bucket…’One more handful should see the debt paid’, she says, panting from the exertion….

  • Elma: Then picks up the pick axe and continues with the task, watching her skin as it starts to drip sweat on the cold floor below…

  • Elma: *slowly lowers the pick axe to the floor, placing it carefully on the large grey rock ahead of her, then bends down slowly, the sweat pouring from her skin, and picks up the last large handful of crushed rock… carefully placing it in the bucket…. ‘There 1st girl of Sa Verus…… I believe if you are a girl of your word, that the debt is now paid….’

  • Elma: *Waits patiently for the girl to come back from her daydream – must be the eery sounds down here…almost trancelike, she murmurs

  • Elma: ‘May I ask that girl be gracious enough to hand me back my bow and sword before releasing me – I have to find my way back to my tribes lands, and I don’t fancy my chances without at least a bow – my guide is gone and I have only the sun to guide me…’

  • Elma: ‘You have the word of a Forest Moon Pamther that I will sheath my weapons until I have left your lands…..;

  • Angeni had been watching the woman and listening to her considering she finally said “my Mistress name is Asma, she is En, I love her…..” she thought a moment an added “Perhaps sometime I shall tell the tale.” she looked into the barrel an nods “Aye, it is been worked off, I shall let my Mistress know….” sighing “Nay, yer bow is taken as property as well however I shall walk with ye to dock an I shall see the captain know where to take ye I believe yer lookin fer some place call mysti fire right?

  • Elma: ‘Oh no – I won’t go there without my guide – I’ll be going back to our tribes lands to see if I can find out what became of my companion….’

  • Elma: ‘Hopefully she has been returned home…’

  • Angeni  took a key from her pouch and went an unlocked the girls ankle from the ball and chain and then cut her other binds free she thought a moment and said “Well I can give ye an old worn out bow, it still works.” she said but I have to fetch it

  • Angeni : let git outta ‘ere first tho

  • Elma: *Smiles – ‘Thank you’

  • Elma: *wonders how the girl can remember the way out of those cold horrid mines…

  • Angeni  walked in a storage hut an grabbed some old bow the tribe had deemed not worth keeping, it worked just the craftsmanship was nothing spectacular she handed it to the lady with a few old arrows “there Mistress, beast I can do, and I do this only cuz ye ‘ave honor.”

  • Elma: *smiles – gratefully taking the bow, and as promised, slings it over her shoulder and smiles…….. ‘Thank you 1st girl of Sa Verus – now, if you could just point me towards the dock I’ll skedaddle……. ‘

  • Angeni : I will guide ye, jis follow me Mistress an yer welcome

  • Elma: And, give my regards to your mistress…. Maybe I shall visit on friendlier terms next time….

  • Elma: *giggles

  • Angeni : Yes, I will do so Mistress

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Ama


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  1. i went to those mines to look around, maybe snag a big shiny bauble or two 😀 … But all i found was a Sa’Verus panther, who i capped and, then, finding kris the slave collecter absent from brandstone, gave away to Pinkie (slve). Oh well. — if you do an update, could you include a map to where the goodies are??

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