Role play of some perilous adventures on Gor

Perils of Gor


A young girl near Camp

The young girl awoke with a yelp, a kick to her foot made her shrink further into her make shift shelter near the swamp entrance as a wild red headed woman towered over her, it was Marli, she was beautifully dressed in animal skins and wore thick fur booties, a crudely crafted wooden bow notched with markings was in her left hand as she parted her lips to speak to the girl.
” well…. I hope you know how to use that thing” Marli pointed towards the bow that the girl was hugging close to her chest. In complete shock the girl nodded her head dumbly her mouth opening and closing like a fish before she found her voice as she pulled herself to her feet “im not great but i can shoot at a bosk if need be”
The girl could feel Marli’s eyes on her, scanning her body curiously, Marli’s eyes resting on the girls neck before Marli chuckled and reached into her wild red hair and pulled out a lock pick and in an easy manner laughed out her words as if this was just an everyday occurance “Hehe…. turn around girl and let me get that collar off you”
A moment of fear filled the girl as she turned slowly and felt Marli expertly push the pins into the lock of her collar, Marli worked fast and cleverly till the timbles in the lock clicked and released the collar falling uncerimoniously from the girls neck landing at Marli’s feet. The girl took a deep breath and kicked it away with a few determined nods of her head and she looked up to Marli with a weak smile and pushed forward her hand and spoke with as much strength in her voice could muster “Kelly…… I am Kelly”
Marli’s face broke into a warm smile as she clasped the girls hand “Well met Kelly, my name is Marli ……….now let’s get out of here, i’ll show you our camp…which is close”
Confused the girl just grabbed up the few belongings she had and followed in Marli’s footsteps as they walked around the forest and to the astonishment of the girl she saw an amazing structure of wood and branches, swamp undergrowth and trees. Hidden there was the place that Marli had made her home. Marli quickly looking over her shoulder opened the door to her hut , dragging the girl inside and slammed it shut before turning and speaking “well…. this is my hut, make yourself comfortable but keep your eyes peeled, we are never safe, the Askari men come hunting us daily”
With a flick of her red hair and a grin on her face , Marli started towards some ropes and hauled herself up to the zipline and called over her shoulder “i have to go hunting for food, be safe sister” and with that Marli disappeared over the rocky cliff and headed to lake Ias, again the girl was alone. The girl started to walk around the camp in awe, unsure of whether she really was in a Panther camp only having heard tales about such places, the reality suddenly hit her, Kelly, the Kajira was now a panther, a wild woman of the forests. At this realisation she fell to the ground and sat cross legged at the camp fire and just shook her head in disbelief. Before she knew it, she was surrounded, they seemed to come from nowhere jumping over the undergrowth, all pointing bows at her, her eyes darting around looking for an escape as she felt a dull thud to her head as she fell to the ground, she felt her wrists and feet being bound and looked up blinking trying to focus as a dark sinister character covered in jewellery and bone decoration all over his strong body and heard his words cutting into her head “Mhmmm…….. I like you, quite the find” he laughed a cruel evil laugh as he grabbed hold of the binds and started dragging her along the ground “come on lets get you home……. mine”
Complete anger filled the girl as a growl came from her lips , her mouth snarling as she spat out the words “get your hands off me you bosk scum I am not yours…..I am a panther girl” He just laughed and continued to drag her towards his tarn and tossed her like a rag doll over the back of the saddle before jumping on himself and whistling to the large black bird as its powerful wings started to beat raising up above the camp………

An encounter with Red hair

How Sabi’s adventure as a panther started.

The role play:

  • Sabi curses as she is tossed onto the docks “by Odin, you will pay” she hisses at the man, “I am a Torvie woman, they will take your manhood and feed it too” and she stops as he walks off, turning her blue eyes to the nearly naked woman “beast.. unbind me” she says, softly so as not to bring the man , whom seems to be leaving, back Sabi for Errin has never even heard of a panther, being northern, much less seen one…

  • Marli had stood by the trade dock , a place where men would do trade with panther girls like herself , her brown orbs followed the purple robed woman, she narrowed her eyes and boldly stepped past the men , then struck the woman accross the face with the back of her hand “silence ” , then turned to the men “I will trade you these furs for the woman ” taking the skins from her back , they were ful and thick , and of good quality , enough to purchase a woman like this

  • Sabi is… shocked at the slap.. for she has never been struck in her life, especially by.. a slave for that is what she thinks Marli is and she blinks, the red across her cheeks nor sting of the slap anytihing compared to her shock and she blinks.. and then.. is furious “how dare you beast.. touch me” and believe it or not she actually looks to the man “it struck me!” as if he would do anything, ys.. naive she is of these things.. as she watches him take the furs and start to leave and she looks back to Marli “untie me” she says, composing herself againe

  • Marli saw the man look at her furs and inspect them , she swore she heard him chuckle at the Torvie woman, Marli curled her lips as she grabbed the womans loose mane of hair and made her head turn sideways with the force , though Marli was slim of build , she was feline and athletic in her stature “I am purchasing you ” she snapped , Marli was a panther with few words at times , at this point she was interested only in the gown , though buying the woman was a added bonus

  • Sabi head is yanked by her tied up hair, the very do of it indicating her companioned status and it is with Marli’s words that she notices the woman is.. armed.. and that causes her mouth to fall open “you are doing what to me?” and she looks to the Free man “I am ward of the chieftan, companion of the Overeer of Jarnheim.. I am not a.. beast to be bought or sold.. ” she instructs him though as he actually.. chuckles at her and turns to leave and so Errin would try and turn her head back to look to Marli “I am a Free Woman of Gor.. untie me and you will only be beaten and not killed” she says, still living in her protected little former world she is. If you are observant, and since your not a man you might be, you may notice that there is a rather wicked dagger hidden in the back folds of her dress… the stupid man hadnt checked because he is a southern man, not used to women, such as Torvie women, being openly armed and hadnt checked.. so perhaps you will see it or perhaps not, but Errin is trying to reachi

  • Sabi:  it by wriggling her bound hands in that way

  • Marli let go of the hair and turned away briefly from the woman as she watched the Free man roll up the furs , her brown eyes briefly meeting his , he gave her a nod , no words were spoken , though it was now clear that the woman had passed hands and was now effectively Marli’s property. With the transaction concluded , Marli turned on her heel , she tilted her head to one side , she loved the pretty gown , it was this that attracted her attention “I am Marli , Panther girl of the Northern Forests , you are no longer free , and it is you who will be beaten or killed….not I ” then hissed “stop fidgetting woman” her hands grabbing at the wrists checking they are tied securely , then squatted and lfted up the hem of the gown , securing the bound legs , leaving only enough room for the woman to hobble

  • Sabi slips her sapphire blue gaze to the newcomer.. for it still hasnt struck her what is going on, panther’s being an unknown entity to this northern girl “untie me” she instructs and then looks to Marli and yes, she looks to her in disbelief.. “you cannot take being a free woman from me by simply stating that.. it is something one is. . not a state of ownership.. you.. know nothing” she states flatly though the name panther, she had heard rumours of, from men whom travelled, but those were not things told to young women, and she might have as well said she was a fairy or priest king for all errin believed her and as her attempts to reach the damn dagger were foiled she hisses, her eyes flashing and then, her legs are tied “that is.. unnaceptable” she states, though she is truly like alice through the looking glass here, for there is an armed girl, actually backchatting her.. and… well.. she purses her lips trying to process this “take me to your chieftan” she then decides to pull the male card on this

  • Sabi:  one.. it works in the rest of gor right?

  • Marli glances back at the woman , her sister slipping back into the dense forests that lay beyond the panther trading post , now it was just Marli and the woman standing there, Marli grinned , she brushed away the brown strands of hair from the womans face , Marli amused that this woman really thought a panther would release her , for panther girls loathed two things more than men , it was female slaves and free women. She then prods her finger in the womans belly , her deep brown orbs penetrating the womans eyes “I am Chieftess and Lair leader of the girls you will soon meet” she released the pressure on the womans belly , she felt the touch of satin , now her fingers reached for the ropes , as she prepared to take the woman to her Lair , some 5 pasangs from the trade dock , Marli hoped the dress wouldnt suffer too much

  • Sabi looked at marli in disbelief , blinking “your.. female” is really all she gets out as the rope is grabbed… and she is yanked along. Errin would be an unpleasant noisy protesting woman to drag along, but she had no choice but to follow

  • Marli tugged the leash and lifted a left eyebrow “of course I am female ……though that doesnt mean i cant fight and hunt” she took a close look at the gown , checking the bushes hadnt torn into the soft fabric , she pondered whether to keep the dress as is , or use the fabric in smaller pieces

  • Sabi “of course it does” she says, and with her keen eye for detail she notices you looking at the dress and frowns “you dress like a beast and speak like a Free” she says, now trying another tact with this most alien of creatures

  • Marli eyes darkened , she would not accept the woman calling her a beast , such references only acceptable for slaves , and Marli was no slave , and never had been, she came from a long lineage of panthers , she reached out and squeezed hard into the womans cheeks “Do not ever refer to me as a beast , I am Panther Girl” she then let go of her grip , admiring the imprints of her nails in the womans cheeks

  • Sabi winced at the pain of the pinch, the pain making her eyes water but she remained stoic “ok.. panther girl” she says pursing her lips “untie me, I give you my word as the ward of the cheiftan of jarnheim I will not run, you are ruining the sleeves of my gown” she says, yes still in her little delusional world that all is right an normal and she is an all powerful free woman of the North

  • Marli sneered at the weakness of yet another free woman, this had not been the first time she had purchased one , she noticed the tears of pain , she parted her lips , they were moist , the woman she wasnt sure of , Marli having no idea of when the women had eaten or had drank, soon she would remove that dress and it would be hers “come ” she snapped ignoring the pleas of release , she yanked the rope and would guide the woman into her Lair , past the lethal traps

  • Sabi would be yanked along as she frowns “I am not some.. slave.. release me” she would say again, as she is tugged along behind her, though she does see how she enters, clearly avoiding.. something

  • Marli led the protesting woman past the various spike traps , making very sure that the dress wouldnt be torn, of course Marli would be pretending that she was concerned for the womans welfare “be careful , do not hurt yourself on these spikes ” she pointed out the traps that were hidden in the thick bushes on either side of the small path , their feet grinding on the pebbles and leaves , some sunlight cascading through the tree branches, finally the gates of the Lair appreared , Marli cups her hands and shouts “Its Marli and one captive ” to alert her sisters

  • Sabi “I am .. not.. a captive” she lies, for she was feeling very much like one, though it was so odd to see a disrobed woman speaking like a man and warrior, she was actually at a loss for words, so was sorta just watching

  • Marli raised her hand just below her hairline , the red head was searching out for silhouttes , they would be her sisters , she waited a few ihn , then the cranking open of the wooden gate could be heard, slowly it rose , taking with it some loose soil and binding plants , when it was fully hoisted up she and her captive walked through , past some winding paths untill they reached a dark grotto , unknown to the woman , this was a dungeon of sorts and a place were Marli could disrobe the woman at her own leisure and without being disturbed , she pushes the womans shoulder “move ” she ordered

  • Sabi purses her lips as she looks about and shakes her head as her sapphire blue eyes settle on her as she is shoved about , finding herself in this dark place “who are you, you speak and act like a man, but you are a woman” yes, sabi avoids calling her a beast.. there is some learning going on “and what do you want with me? I am clearly no slave, and you are.. armed” yes so many questions as she stands there tied

  • Marli eyes would slowly adjust to the darkness of the cave , she took the rope and leashed it securly around a wooden pole in the centre of the cave , scattered on the cave were thick furs , some larl and some were tabuk , as her eyes settled she reached for her flint stone , using it to light some bees wax candles and a two torches , the light was slightly eerie , she walked back to the woman , her footsteps echoing slightly , she lifted the womans chin and spoke “We are the women of the Forests , some were born here , others fled from the world of men ……” she laughed softly “…….but we are not men , we are females, living on the edges of Gorean law….though” she paused “……in this Lair i am the law…….we are armed panther girls and you… are my mine as I purchased you” her eyes now focusing on that purple dress again

  • Sabi takes all of this in, Errin is a girl of the halls of the north, 8 months of the year spent in flickering oil lit darkness, its not eerie to her as she listens to you letting her chin be lifted her bright blue eyes though stay on yours “I.. am not yours.. I am not a slave, nor a beast nor property.. I .. am free.. slavery is a thing of nature, slaves are naturally slaves, free are naturally free, you do not make one as me owned, whether I am bound or otherwise, simply by stating those words… it is impossilbe and against nature” and she looks to you “release me then female whom lives on the edge of gorean law.. I am also a woman and one whse word is good, you tightened my bindings, it hurts my hands” she says

  • Marli pressed the womans left shoulder , forcing her to sit sideways on the thick furs , the womans feet still tied , Marli squatted infront of the woman , she had a fiery glint in her eyes , she unbuckled the sheath on her hip , sliding out her sleen knife , the steely edge catching the candle light “do not move , i will not hurt you , move and my blade may slip” she reached at the back of the gown , slowly ripping and cutting through it , Marli had decided she would use the material , small peices could be traded easier than a whole gown

  • Sabi purses her lips, though she does not move, a dress is nothing to her and she has spent her life being dressed by slaves, so perhaps surprisingly she doesnt flinch, just remains quite, though not for long “It has.. buttons” she would note caustically at the waste of the cutting

  • Marli flicked off a button with the the tip of her blade “so it has ” she smirked , though the woman would not be able to see that as Marli was now squatted behind her , as she now focused on the hooped skirt , she felt something , it was hard like steel and fairly long “what have we here ?” Marli asked as if she didnt know , her grip now around the knife ‘s handle as she removed it , tossing it nonchalantly to one side “nice blade ” she commented dryly “i will keep it safe “

  • Sabi looks over her shoulder then “it is a nice blade.. and I know how to use it” she adds, “I could show you” she adds also, as her dress is cut from her. She doesnt cower like some southern girl though at being naked, torvie girls are different, though an odd thing for some southerners is she is shaven of course, all of her, its their way, more like the desert girls as she looks at you, waiting, she of course is expecting to be … dressed now “and what are you going to dress me in?’ she asks, now looking about for the gown

  • Marli gathered the knife and the many pieces of fabric, she also found some thin strips of fabric , she used that later to tie a knot around the bundle of fabric , then placed the knife on top , she bellowed out ” kajira , come in here and bring me a camisk ” she snorted , wanting to see how the woman would react “does that answer your question about clothing ?” she noted the hairless skin , though Marli only had some fluff on her arms and legs , she also shaved her other regions , secretly , as she didnt know how her sisters would react and well, most forest girls didnt bother to shave body hair

  • Sabi snorts “you may try that” she says at the word camisk “I will not wear it.. go ahead and kill me then .. I do not wear slave clothing.. I am not a slave.. you are a chieftess of your people?’ she asks, looking to her “I will wear what you wear if that is what is done, I will not wear the garments of slaves”

  • Marli grinned widely “silly girl……and yes you are a girl , a spoiled city girl that has no idea of how to survive in the forest” she crossed her legs as she sat infront of the woman , playing with her sleen knife , a finely balanced and well crafted item , one of her most prized possessions “you do not fear death then?” she peered at the woman with beedy eyes “……the sleen are very real and very hungry ……” she then plunged the knife into some soft sand beside her “I am Chieftess , I lead a pack …….and to wear what I wear ……you most prove worthy” she grinned “are you worthy of a place ……GIRL?”

  • Sabi looks to her “I do not fear death.. I will serve mead in valhalla each evening cavorting with warriors.. there is no death, only the next” she says as she looks at you with her bright blue eyes “I am a Torvie woman, I have killed a man” she says, for that is truly of course something in her cutlure at least, but its their way “I have not asked to be made worthy of whatever you are, I am what I am.. I dont know what you are , I am intrigued, for I have never seen a woman speak as a man so freely, but .. I am what I am.. and do not call me girl” for she is still not used to … being not what she was

  • Marli flicked back her red hair , sending some strands cascading down her bare shoulders , she held up her right hand “look closely ” she spoke at the woman, showing her bow hand , her fingers scarred from the many times she had used the bow strong , it had cut into her fingers a few times “…..these are not the hands of a slave , nor the hands of a free woman , these are the hands of a panther girl……I have killed forest animals, even a larl , I have killed men…….and some women who were foolish enough to attack my tribe ” she breathed in , heaving her breasts “you say you killed a man , that you are a torvie woman……but answer me this…..would you kill again? to safe yourself or would you hesistate ….?”

  • Sabi looks to her with her sparkling blue eyes, she is not sure wha t she is being asked but she opens her palms, for she is a free woman and simply standing naked before another ” I did not kill the first time to save myself, I killed because of honour, do you read me so wrong as to see me as some southern girl hiding behind a veil that cowers at work or the job of killing? Do you see me cowering?” she asks, curios at this question

  • Marli met the womans gaze with her brown orbs , she noticed the opening of the palms , she knew the meaning , she had been in disguise in the towns , she had taken in the customs so as not to be discovered by guards , she clapped her hands “you are fiesty , I like that , perhaps you have potential to join our pack……” she tilted her head to one side “you know our Lair now , there are only three choices …..join us as a sister a slave …….or face the forest sleen naked and take your chances to reach the trade docks”

  • Marli chuckles “I know you are not a slave , had you behaved meak ofr slavish , you would now be branded and collared and this conversation wouldnt be taking place” she stratched her arms , showing off the feline like tone of er skin “…Yes ….I am a panther , I have lived in the forest for my entire life , I have reached this age of maturity through skill and cunning , I would survive , even naked “

  • Sabi purses her lips and nods gently, for there really isnt a choice and with that, she agrees


Some slaves are trained by Sabi.

The role play:

Henry  hurries over and kneels, “tal huntress, I hope you rested well, may I be of service?”

Sabi  looks down at Henry “and?’ she asks, looking down on him ” do I look like I wish your offense to the goddess kneeling in front of me?’ she asks

Henry  looks up at her with sad eyes while squirming on the ground, “please huntress… I only wish to be useful to you, I will go away if you wish”

Sabi  “did I say the latter? I simply asked a question of you, which you have yet to answer” she says, her eyes flashing as she reaches up to toy with a lock of her hair

Henry  grimaces in confusion and embarrassment, “I can’t tell if you wish me to be kneeling here, huntress, but in any case I have no option but to offer my service”

Sabi frowns ” you need to learn then, to learn the nuances of each sister, our desires, our moods and live for them, is that so hard to understand? Do you not see how you have failed by not reading me? my desires, my mood? It is your only purpose and you tell me you cannot tell?’ she asks, her cool eyes looking down on him ” you cannot fulfill your sole purpose in life beast?”

Henry  squirms in response, “I will try, huntress, in time I will read your wishes better and those of your sisters, I will serve well”

Sabi ” you will” she says “and” and she lets go of the lock of hair she was twirling ” I am thirsty but I will not drink from the filth of that river where men have probably peed and the faeces of their cities pour into. go find me water from one of the fresh springs of the hill” she says as she shoos you off her very request showing she has some interest in your presence

Henry  looks up eagerly at the chance to serve, “yes huntress, I will find fresh cool water for you and return with it as soon as I can”

Sabi  looks to henry as he returns, her blue eyes following him from a distance

Henry returns carrying a small flask, kneeling before her and nervously raising the flask to his breast before offering it up to her in supplication, “I found a spring, huntress, on the hill, and filled this flask for you, I trust you will find the water cool and clear and pleasant to the taste”

Sabi  nods but doesnt take the mug ” I wish, when you serve my elder sisters for there to be more emotion in the serve, there must be a beauty in the service, even though you are male, some of my sisters may feel the natural attraction the goddess has instilled, you must serve, highlighting the genteel beauty of the male figure, yet your subservience to the superiority of the feminine, I do not wish you to just touch your chest and hand me a cup of spring water brought from my goddesses bosom, I want you to wish me to desire you, and thus what you bring.. do it again” and she shoos you back to try once more

Henry  retires from her in confusion, wondering how he can make himself desirable to her as he serves, has he not been devoting himself to try and please her already? He backs away and prepares to advance again to repeat the serve

Franki : tal huntress

Sabi looks over and sees the girl from yesterday and gestures her over “sister, you may watch this beast serve” she says, watching henry approach and then as frankie kneels she blinks and then shrugs, for she had not thought the girl was a slave and she just assimilates her into the situation and flicks her hand ” be quiet then.. and learn” as she turns her gaze to henry

Franki : nod hir head

Franki : glances up and looks overt at the male beast

Sabi taps her foot as Henry composes himself as she watches critically though she glances curiosly at the girl, having misread her then yesterday she frowns, she doesnt like misreading thinks

Franki : blushes but looks up…bows hir head…did not intend to mislead the huntress the other day

Franki : looks up alarmed…what….a raid….now?!

Henry  sidles forward with as much animal grace as he could muster, glancing for a instant at the girl before sliding down to his knees before the huntress with an ingratiating smile, holding the flask in his two hands and taking a deep breath… he lets his eyes flicker between the huntress and the flask then slowly raises the flask to her in two outstretched arms, bowing his head low in deep submission, “please accept the cool clear water, huntress”

Sabi  shakes her head to franki ” do not be alarmed girl and stay put, it is the neighbouring woods..”

Franki : nods…resumes hir postion

Franki: sheaths hir dagger in the process

Franki : watches carefully to see if any raiders cross into the realm

Sabi looks to henry and nods taking the cup ” it is better, but .. you lack.. using your masculinity, you showed me nothing of yourself, your muscles did not ripple as you knelt, your thighs did not use their advantage, you must have the submission of a female slave, but the pent up energy of a male sleen.. otherwise, what is the use of you? I might as well cut that annyoing thing from between your legs if you are not at least masculine entertainment.. your serve must exude the power of a beast, ready to serve her mistress, but.. at her instant disposal” and she turns her gaze on the girl ” you girl, do a serve of beauty, show me the goddess’s gift in a serve so that this male beast see what he must be the oppossite of yet emulate” and she hands her the mug of water ” shoo away and come back” and she looks to henry “watch beast”

Sabi  as enigma prepares her serve she looks to henry ” oil your muscles, flex them show me power, do the things a female such as this worthless beast cannot, for she has charms of the goddess, use the ones you were cursed with to entice a mistress to see more than a worthless cup of water.. do you not see why I had you fetch water? if it were mead or ale, it would be of more interest than you, you, must make water interesting” she instructs as she waits on enigma’s serve

Sabi  ” we look at here” and she reaches out with her toe and touches your right buttock, “and here” and she lifts her toe to touch your rippled six pack “and here” and she lifts her toe like a ballet dance to touch your biceps ” these are the places a woman looks.. show them to me in a serve ” she continues to instruct as she waits

Franki : looks up….nods hir head…as you wish huntress. Gingerly takes the cup from the huntress’ hands, turning on the balls of hir feet and walks, with hir hips swaying toward the nearby stream. Carefully shi kneels down on the bank of the stream, pushing a rogue hair from hir face and dips the cup into the water, first carefully making sure there was no debris that slipped into it. Carefully holding the cup in hir hand shi stands up and walks back toward the huntress, hir hips swaying again and hir boibreasts bouncing slightly. Shi kneels at the feet of the huntress, bows hir head down as shi lifts up the cup with both hir danity hands. Huntress, may I serve you this cup?

Franki : Continues to hold the cup aloft, hir knees spread wide in the proper position.

Sabi  watches the girl ” your away moves are adeuqate, you too do not serve the potential, it should excite you, what do men and women whom like women wish? they wish to see your breasts heave, ” and she points to henry ” he does not have those, use them, they wish to see the wetness of your lips, your hair, the things that men do not have, the smoothness of your thighs.. you can do better, be.. breathless in the serve.. ” she says “take the cup from her henry and serve me.. again” she says

Henry  nods his head, taking in the instructions, hoping he would be able to comply and make the serve sufficiently interesting.. his eyes turn to the bond and he watches with interest

Franki : blushes and gingerly hands the cup over to the male

Franki : bows hir head to await the huntress’ next commands

Henry takes the cup and stands to move away, wiggling his buttocks as he does so, the turns and approaches again in a swaggering gait, stiffly flexing his muscled torso, before sinking to his knees at the huntress’s feet, spreading his thighs wide, wiggling slightly on his way do9wn before bowing deeply and raising the cup to her in his big hands

Sabi looks to franki as henry prepares “use the goddess’ gifts girl, heave with subtle passion and desire at each serve.. it is your only being, imagine it is your essence, you are a female giving life as you hand me the water.. imbue every action to draw myself from the water, to you as you serve, for I must taste the water as if it is you.. as she turns her attention back to henry and nods “do not wiggle as you walk away, it is too feminine, and perhaps” and she reaches down to take the mug “once I take the mug, you might.. subtely show your service of me and my presence excites you.. a man oft adjusts himself, though not grossly, to show.. he.. is.. aroused at the situation does he not? it is the beatuy of the serve by a male” she says and pats him on the head and turns her attention to enigma and hands her the mug ‘now.. show me you have listened” as she keeps her eyes on henry to see if he had listened

Franki : looks up..nod shir head and carefully takes the mug from the huntress. Pauses for a moment as shi holds the cup to hir breast and whispers a blessing to the Great Mother for the water shi is about to collect. Silently and gracefully shi stands up and turns to walk over to the nearby stream, hir hips swaying and hir boibreasts bouncing as shi moves. A slight breeze pushes against hir causing hir nipples to stiffen suddenly and hir face to blush. Spreading hir white thighs slightly, shi bends at the waist to scoop up the ice cold water into the mug. Suddenly shi feels a draft from behind and realizes what shi has just done. Shi hopes the huntress and male slave did not see hir secret peeking between hir legs. Red-faced shi lifts up the mug, and splashes water on hir top, leaving hir nipples poking through hir thin leather. Blushing shi walks back, hir hips swaying and hir front water soaked, showing off hir plump breasts. Shi kneels before the huntress, thanks the Great Mother for the coolness of the water

Franki : and lifting with both dainty hands holds the water aloft in the mug for the huntress while bowing hir head in respect. Shi licks hir own lips and feels hir nipples continue to stiffen against hir water top.

Sabi smiles, nodding her head as she takes the water “better, not good but better” she says and looks to Henry “do you grow tired of my instruction boy?’ for he had not moved since she had given him last instruction

© Lunacaleengpanthers



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