About why GE and BTB panthers never mix

Gor-Evolved (GE) vs By-the-Book (BtB)

Know your fiction:

‘”Question:”‘ Knowing the fiction I totally understand but what do you believe is the acceptable amount of knowledge, especially for those who might not be strong readers, etc. Where do we draw the line in the sand?
‘”Answer:”‘ There is NO line. You can never really know enough. Even if you memorize all of the 30+ books, suffering through some of the worst writing in science fiction history; it is NOT enough. Because you have to then learn about Earth History. There is never a point where anyone knows enough. But that’s not relevant. What IS relevant, is what relates to YOUR character. Does what I am doing with MY character fit in the fiction. I don’t need to have physician’s knowledge when MY character is a Panther Healer.

If you do NOT know the fiction, then all you can do is be respectful enough NOT to role-play that you DO.

Know what isn’t your Fiction:

No matter HOW strongly someone tells you something is “true to the fiction”, or how insistent they are that you need to modify your RP to conform to it; in the end, you simply need to know your fiction, and make respectful choices. A good line in the sand for this, is to ask yourself, “Does this addition, add to the fiction and make the role-play better, more interesting, cooler? Is this addition cool to more than just myself, or is this just another stupid rule that doesn’t do anything other than add another ‘rule’?”

Don’t propagate ignorance, and don’t dismiss plausible creativity!

About Gor:

I am NOT a proponent of Gor-Evolved (GE), and yet I am also not a fan of By-the-Book (BtB) as it exists in SL Gor. Gor-Evolved is too far away from the books and the fiction that I enjoy, and rigidly By-the-Book (as its often played) can become boring..

I do play, a more relaxed, Book Based Panther, because to do anything else is Gor-Evolved or worse, even idiotic. If we are not playing Gor, based on the books by John Norman, we are simply not role-playing the Gor fiction. Gor is a series of books, and we role-play “by them”. If you are not going to role-play compatibly with the books, why even call it Gor in the first place?

However, if we are going to ROLE PLAY instead of RECREATE, we assume that we are going to tell our own stories and have our own characters. And role-play means being part of a shared story, a story we together create, in the fictional world of Gor; actors in a play without a set script.

I understand and respect the choices people have made, to play BtB or to play GE, but to me -neither- of them is actually ROLE PLAYING in GOR. I am a role-player, I am a Gorean role-player, and that means I want my cake and to eat it. I want my creativity and I want my story, and I want it IN the world of Gor.

© Ironhall/Lunacaleengpanthers



  1. Yes, I agree, BTB do an effort in creation in respecting the book’s frame. And when I see your lame one line RP, your lack of respect of the RP etiquette (TAKE TURNS!! Is it so difficult to understand this basic point?), clearly, BTB and GE won’t mix. And BTB panther girls don’t have any interest in meeting with the Ms Conan (as Norman calls fighting females other than panther girls) that you accept in your sims.
    But good news, there is a Conan sim, in SL, you should try, your scimitar would be certainly accepted, there.

  2. BTB: you’re captured, taken to a city, oops. You’re NEVER released, and you can’t escape. Game over. Delete your account.
    BTB: someone in a camp with 30 other panthers claims you ate from their hand. Look here’s the poorly forged log to prove it. You’re a slave. You’re Never released, you cant escape. Game over. Delete your account.
    So exactly HOW POINTLESS is creating an account only to make the mistake of blundering into a BTB panther sim?
    It’s pointlessness is absolutte. Like ZERO. And i’d tell you to ban
    k that, but zero is zero. Absolutely.

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