About a hunter’s flesh rewards for panthers

A captor of Forest girls


Dear readers,

I was considering something different to blog, as lately my role play and story lines have been a bit thin. We all have our particular favorite role players. And through the years I have certainly picked mine and Ricka would be one of them. Feel free to post in the comments section and share your own list of favorite role players!

How Red hair met Ricka

Red hair pauses from her casual exploration of the trade post and gives a nod at the man sitting by the fire.
Ricka had simply paused at the fire, resettled the wood in an orderly manner to make sure he could light it easily again. Eyes went up shortly as he noted a young red headed panther girl closing in and he canted his head in a slight nudge.. “Tal.. ” he said, before slipping to his knees and taking a flint and steel from his belt to start the fire.
Marli moved forward almost in a kitten like way. She clambered upon the log and watched him pulling forth the fire starting implements. She crouched quietly, watching almost mesmerized at his technique. Her thick red hair swayed in a light breeze that pushed down over the tree tops. Her slender fingers, ending in chewed off nail stubs, tapped randomly against the wood as she perched curiously “Tal” she finally uttered.
Ricka took some tinder out from his belt, pressed it beneath the wood and started flinging the flint and steel over each other until there was a spark, or so he was told to do it. Whether it worked or not, there was a spark and it ignited the dry stuffing beneath the wood. Bending slightly further forward he started to blow at the spark, the small flames with an increasing volume of air. As the wood started to take bigger flame, he pushed himself up with a soft grunt, knuckles dug into the soft ground around the fire pit.. With a few swats, he flung the dirt from his hands, his pants and made a step backwards as he looked from the fire up to the woman.. “Have not seen you here before?” the question also a notion.
Marli let her legs droop over the stump, took off her soaked boots and wiggled her bare toes in the dirt for a moment like fat little worms. Her body folded over her lap as she tucked her hands under her chin and stared at the flames, “Sometimes….” she mused, quietly “I come around sometimes, to trade with the local panther girls known as the Zima”…… her dark orbs slanted to regard the other for a moment, taking in his frame as she said, quietly “I am Marli, and it is my pleasure to meet you” her head bowed slightly by way of greeting and she shifted for a moment before apparently becoming comfortable.
Ricka still stood but slowly one of his brow furrowed by the talk of local tribes… “I see.. ” his usual response sounded as he had to process impressions and things people gave or said to him, trying to sketch an image of the woman. “Well met Marli, ” he responded with a courteous nod of his own.. “ I’m Ricka and well.. nowadays a trader.. “. Eyes followed hers, and as he took a step back, allowed himself to fall down on his ass with a soft thud in the dirt, he asked.. “and what might the name of your tribe be? Perhaps I know them?”. As he leaned against the rough wood of the felled tree behind him, he extended his hands to the fire, rubbed them against each other and warmed them.
Marli let her dark brown eyes drift back to him as he slumped against the mossy log and a light smile crossed her face “I shall say, I am a Forest Moon, but judge me not by their reputation of hunting in foreign lands, as the wilderness calls out in all our dreams”, lips curling up, then she dusted her own hand off on the simple leathers she wore.
Ricka sat there quietly, the sound of the crackling fire. The smell of the dark forest, decay that brought life, the hint of her as she sat close to him, mixing up to a rich sensation that soothed his senses, only through openeing all those senses, he felt truely relaxed. “There’s more then enough wilderness around here.. ” his voice was soft, it was a small muse, “feel free to stay around longer.. “


How Ricka became a Slave

A wounded man , a perfect revenge:

Ricka is Panther Hunting, in Valkrye Forest.  He has been away from home for days. He is certain he will snare some fresh, auctionable pussy meat from the forests in Valkry. He had several leg snares set on some hard beaten paths but, still no captive. His impatience, once again, gets the best of him. He approaches the panther camp, which is chock full of panthers.

The role play:

Ricka  shouts: Panthers. I have come to trade

Yami  looks over the ledge but cant see anyone yet so she shouts back: What kind of trade?

Yami  shouts: what do you have for us that might be interesting?

Ricka  shouts: “You bring out a case of arrows, and in return, I wont hunt for panther women in these woods today.”! he was so very frank about it, as if he had every right in the world to hunt who, where, and when he wanted

Yami  shouts: and why would we take that offer? we could easily beat you

Dover shouts: laughs’ go away male not interested in your insult of a trade

Lillith  shouts: oh come on En, he asked for arrows, sure that was an invitation to open fire on him?

Arrows were flying between Ricka and the panther camp.  Then something peculiar happened. A pirate man was near the panther camp sitting at a fire. He rose to his feet, and started helping The Panthers against  Ricka.  This is a true gorean crime to help the tree women, at least in Ricka’s  opinion it is an unforgivable act.

Ricka  looks at the panthers as he darts for the man arrows flyin at him he takes the mans ankles and drags him behind the wagon

The arrows were coming at Ricka fast and furious. He could not bind the man. The man wakes up and escapes!

Ricka  looms over his prize, squatting near her.  Easily, he ties theend of the rope around one of her wrists. Sitting on her now

Ricka  again pulls the man by the ankles amid a hail of flying arrows. Zinging by his head,, he risks his life

Ricka  disarms Desiree,, taking her bow, and her melee,,

Ricka  removes the mans 2 swords on his back, and his bow,, flinging them to the swift river

Ricka  turns him over assessing his injuries, and slaps him in the face.. “I think Youll live.. Wake up, and dont run or Ill split you in half

Kadon: starts to come to, a groggy look in his eyes

Ricka Deerhunter: “Yea,, thats it,, wake up fella”

Kadon: rools over and pushes himself to his feet, standign warily

Ricka  whispers: “Tell me a few things.. WHy are you defending those run away slaves?”

Kadon whispers: why were you shooting at me while i was enjoying a fire?

Ricka : ‘I dont recall shooting at you at all.. Is that really what happened sir?”

Kadon : ‘I saw arrows coming towards me from your direction

Ricka : “I certainly didnt mean to drop them on you….Forgive me”

Kadon: ‘Apologies accepted, now that is cleared up, shall we get some slaves?’

Ricka  points to the river.. “I dunno if youll find your weapons…”

Kadon : ‘Why would you do that?

Ricka : “Because from my point of view,, at that time,, you were fighting shoulder to shoulder with panter women”

Kadon: jumps into the water, seeing his weapons on the bpottom, grabs them and swims up, putting on the sword vest and clipping his bow

Ricka : “I have another question” he takes a step back warily.. “WHy werent they shooting you?” Ricka still strongly disrusts this man.

Kadon: ‘I did nothign to offend them i guess?, get out of line of fire man

Ricka : ow

Kadon: turns to the man, this isnt a good place to be

Ricka : “We can’t beat them now. THey have Desiree. It would be suicide… Tell me, do you trade with them? There has to be another reason they dont shoot you” Ricka grills the man, loking for answer that would satisfy his suspiscions.

Kadon: i have traded with them once or twice

Kadon: ‘What do you suggest?’

Ricka  grins.. “Really? And you are willing to help me capture them?”

Kadon: grins wickedly, I do like panthers in the furs

Ricka : “My mother is a physician, and can get all kinds of drugs… Maybe you can trade something to them that is tainted?” grins

Kadon: ‘that is possible, but first i must ask you something, why are you after them?

Ricka : “Because it is my firm belief that all panthers should be concubines of men”

Kadon: laughs, ‘I would agree sir, my name is Samuel f the Black Hand

Ricka : “I am Ricka , of Rebel Reiver” he thrusts out his hand, but still with small distrust, his free hand is near his beltline dagger

Kadon: grasps the mans hand and pumps a firm handshake

Ricka  releases the mans hand as soon as possible. He is still alert, but over confident,  thinking he can be quick enough to avoid a double cross by this man, but Ricka was wrong. Then, the man did something unforgivable. He pulls his sword, and attacks Ricka!!  The mans hand flashed! In an instant the sword was cutting across Rickas midsection,

Even as he tumbled backwards, to the ground. Like a cat, Ricka scrambled to his feet, using his backward momentum to avoid the deadly swinging of the sword, both left and right. He gets hit 4 times in all, and a couple times, quite deep. The fatal blow was heading for his throat when lady luck blessed Ricka. The massive sword stopped short of his throat. It was a cut moving left, and if it werent for the mid sized maple tree in the way, Ricka would be dead. Taking 3 steps back, still his momentum leading him backewards, Ricka instinctually pulled his bow and notched an arrow. The man struggled to remove the stuck sword from the tree. He ducked just as Rickas arrow flew. The man turned and ran, with Rickas arrows glancing off of his skull. He ran directly into the approaching herd of Panter women. The all had some quick words. From the depth of the dark brush, Ricka saw his doom in the sheer numbers of people he would have to fight.  He didnt fight. He chose flight. He ran for Sardar, and didnt stop. Arrows clipped twigs just above his head as the band of women gave chase. From Sardar, it was Essexx and they were closing the gap on the wounded man.. AFter Essex it was Siba.  It was in Siba that Ricka saw no more pursuit. Doubled over, and clutching his bloody wounds on his chest, he staggered onward,, and finally, he collapsed in the land of North Keep. His legs were both heavy and numb, numb with the sensation of a thousand needles pricking his skin.  His muscles lacked the blood to hold up his bosk heavy weight any longer. It was at the base of a mountain, in a small hollow, he curled up,, dying. He lacked the strength for anything more, and his water canteen, much to his dismay, was punctured by an arrow, or maybe the sword.  Only a few drops were available. He needs to continue on to survive, He knows this, but…. not now,,,  rest first,, and if possible,,, later, he would try to push forward and seek help. He curls up in the small hollow and tries to rake some leaves on top of him to protect him from a possible cold night up coming… The leaves never cover him, and Ricka loses consciousness.

Time passes……….How much time… he did not know., but soon, two panthers, un assosciated with the tribe that was chasing him,, happened through North Keep in their hunting loop. They see A man lying in, and covered with blood at the base of a mountain…

Leisha  grins.. what a lovely slave waiting all alone for us to come

Manwa  pauses and points to the man lying  next to the cliff, “hmmm not as alone as we thaught i see she says softley to her sister”

Leisha  Are you coming willingly male? or do we need to shoot you

Ricka  is unaware of the women. He thought he had found a good place to recover from his wounds and fatigue.. He is out like a light,but  when she speaks.. His eyes,,, pop open”

Manwa  watches scooting around him as leisha talks, she just keeps watch, doing nothing more for now hoping he isnt actuallly dead till his eyes open

Leisha  come on male, it sfull of footsteps here, come outside, I know yu are there, and if someone is with you, they are welcome too

Leisha  is it a cave what I see behind your back? or you are just sleeping on the ground like an animal * considering that anyway that is just what he is

Ricka  pushes himself up to a sitting position. His first thought, was that the tribe he fought with discovered him. He looks closely at them..He suspects now, by the feathers on their bows, that they are NOT from Valkrie Forest.. “I got no truck with you women.. Be gone.” His bloody body and tattered clothing a sure sign he was in trouble.

Manwa  watches ricks curriousley, his clothing suggesting his is maybe not in the best of health so she decides on trying something to later avoid the need to shoot him. She walks down and causually goes to pick up his bow, attempting to take it from his hands.

Ricka  doesnt have the strength left in him to fight her. It easily pulls out of his hands. A childish motion of resistance is all he can muster. “Go away!!! Leave me alone!!”

Manwa  chuckles and steps back looking at leisha with a grin “i beleive this might be the one you wanted some time ago, all yours “

Ricka  crawls into the depth of the trees, trying to give them just enough hassle so they will give up…

Leisha  watches him without making a move.. ” Aye, it is him. But I see he has become less than an urt now.. I dont need my revenge with such animals. He is not even able to defend himslef. I am so not interested…

Ricka  rolls over, and lies under the limbs as they speak of his fate. His breathing labored, he struggles to hear them over his own haggerd breathing

Leisha  look at him now.. he would eat food from my hand, without even biting

Manwa  chuckles, eye but there could be other rewards for this paticualr one

Ricka: “just go. let me die. LEAVE ME!!!”

Leisha  shrugs, if you think he is worth something, take him

Manwa  bends down her voice softer, she taks out a little jerkin and holds it out towards him “come i wont hurt you so long as you are nice”. Mani pauses on her hunches “come on come and get some food, i will help you get yoru strenght back”

Ricka  feels her warmth and compassion, but he resists, and shakes his head.. ‘I cant eat” his voice somewhat raspy. He is void of sweat even, and cherry red in the face. He is dehydrated. “No!! No food!!. Waa Wa–ter” he croaks

Manwa  nods, i will get you water as well”. Manis voice is soft, taking a little flask from her hip and holding it out “come to me, i will give you water”

Ricka  opens his mouthand wishes it to drain into his mouth. His limbs refuse to move towards her, both for the uncertainty and the fatigue… The water is  the one thing he craves.

Manwa  shakes her head before speaking her voice still soft but she is also unmoving “come to me if you want the water, i will let you drink”

Ricka  falls for it,,Of course, it was her way, or certain eventual death. He uses almost all his energy he has left. He raises up on his elbows, and army crawls towards her, out from  behind the branches.. “Water!” his raspy and desperate voice

Leisha  again she looks at the animal like man grinning to herself .. it wont take long. she then softens her tone and speak to him ” alas, man, you neeed some water right now, and you look worn out, she will help you. Follow her and everything will be fine”

Manwa  takes the flask and holds it to rickas lips, allowing just a little water to fall from it into his mouth, just enough so that he will stay alive a little longer “here you go, just a little now, then follow me, and i will help you more”

Ricka  drinks everything she offers, greedily slurping. The water was like liquid lightning,, giving him instant relief from the inner burning. He crawls a little closer, following her suggestions,, or orders.

Leisha  ” glances at his blade ” You better take that off Mani” * pointing at the man’s back

Manwa  smiles and pulls the flask away, then she bends down and picks the sword and shield from his back tossing them over to leisha for safe keeping. Then she stands tall hoping ricka does not see her next move

Manwa  takes a collar from her hip, and opens it very quitley above his head so she can walk him rather like a pet on a leash and attempts to click the collar around his neck

Ricka  nods his head. He clearly wants more water. The small taste giving him a ray of hope. The front of his shirt, slashed and bloody from where the viscious sword attack injured him. His head hangs as she strips him, and he didnt  see the collar coming.

Leisha collects the weapons slowly and puts them on her back, the sword kept in her hand

Ricka doesnt react fast enough. He tried to hit the deck as the feel of the collar closed around his neck, but it was too late

Manwa  grins and adds a leash to the collar “come mine, i am taking you home to nurse you back to health”

Leisha  hears leaves crackling and looks around

Manwa  leads her new pet onto the boat, and ruffles his hair rather like well a pet really, then she pays the captain fare for all three and sails home with her ricka and leisha

Ricka  doesnt argue, He lacks the strength, but he finds the strength he needs to crawl behind her pathetically. The thought of more water, and surviving the ordeal drives his determination

Leisha  be good you.. she grabs his collar and holds it firmly

Ricka  nods his head , almost timidly, and then lets it hang from her hand,,, like a …like a goddamn animal..

They arrive in Srimgar

Ricka : “Oh god,, Not… here” he pants as he looks to his captors

Manwa  pauses on the docks as they get off the boat again, once again she takes her flask and tips it agasint ricks lips “drink” she says in a more commanding tone that earlier, though still its basically soft and freindly sounding, just a little firmer.

Ricka had slept the whole way to Srimgar. He accepted the water again. The water was only a might bit easier to swallow, than his utter and deep humiliation was.  He burned inside bitterly at the way she shoved the water at him, practically ordering him to drink, but..his insides screamed for it. He was so dry , he felt like sand its self. A nice stiff breeze just might blow him away…. He drank greedily…  That was when an arrow exploded the flask. It was the Ghost Outlaws attacking Srimgar.

Manwa  take her bow from her back and stands ready to fire

Manwa  moves back to ricka with a sigh “she pulls the arrows out of him wondering why exactley someone shot him in such a state, it makes no sense to her. She takes out alos a little salve and adds them to his wounds. While there she picks up up the leash again

Ricka : “WAit,, stop… The hill”

Ricka  pants but keeps trying his best

Manwa : keep up unless you want left for dead

He half keeps up and is half dragged into aPanther camp, high upon the mountain. This trip simply did him in. He blacks out amid a ruthless attack on the panthers by the ghosts.  he panthers slaves, picked him up like a piece of dead meat, and dropped him hard onto an infirmary cot. The battle.raged on. The panthers were defeated.

Magic hears shouts outside and hollers for her sisters to be alert

Magic shouts: RAID SISTERS

Leisha ties the leash to the tree and goes helping her sisters


Ricka wakes up. An outlaw woman was at his cot. The panthers were outside, bound like hogs.  The woman looks concerned at the ghastly sight of a man who appeard to be almost dead.

priscilla: you tired sir?

Ricka  flutters his eyes open to Pricilla.. “Water…. Water..” he asks

priscilla looks arround her seing a bowl filled whit water.. she grabs a cup filling it up, she walks back to the man, holding up his had so he can drink out the mug

Tia : poor guy

Kaddi : i think they hurt him bad

Ricka  has deep gashes in his abdomen and ches area, with tattered bloody clothing. He is pale and sickly to look at.. He opens his mouth and drinks as much as she will give him

Kaddi : can we help him sis

priscilla  looks at his body seing how badly itis hurt, she wonders why they did this to him, ” sir come.. let me help you of this table.. we free you from this filty panthers”

Ricka  shakes his head… “Move me…” his voice raspy.. “Ill die.. I cant make the trip… A place to lie is my only hope..”

Ricka : WOman

Ricka :  “WOman.  Please listen to me” he holds her hand…

Ricka : “Get word to my companion… Tell her I love her,, and tell her I was dirty dealt some  fatal wounds from a swordsman..A cheap shot..”

Kaddi : yes who is she please

Ricka : “Will you do it?.. Bring her words for me,, I know the name of the man who stabbed me..”

Kaddi : tell me quickly

Ricka : “Her name.. is Maxie, of Rebel Reiver.. The name of the man,, is…” he grimaces,, and holds his finger up.. “Moment”

Ricka : “His name,,, I want him dead,, is…Samual of the Black Hand, known to frequent Valkrie Forest, near Sardar . He is a tall ragglylookin fella, bent nose,,Ugly as sin,, Black balding hair”

Ricka : “  him dead,,, i want him dead!!”

Kaddi : nods softly to him ” ill find her and tell her and give her your love

Ricka  smiles “Thanks You do this for me,, and if I live,, Ill be sure to reward you…” his voice trails off,, and his eyes close,, he passes out.. His only hope now, is for them to leave Manwa behind, the one who found him and wished to nurse him back to health

Kaddi : give hiom a bota of paga and some kanda leaves to chew out of her pouch ” sorry but i must go till we meet again Warrior”

Bryan shouts: ok, Ghost, move out

Fate had it, that the Ghosts took only a couple of panthers, and left the rest behind, bound in their panther camp. A tiny little slave scurried from a hole in the ground, and feverishly worked to free her Mistresses. Manwa, goes immedietly to see if her captive. Ricka had been stolen by the ghosts. Her captives health was very important to her. Ricka was guilty of raping her panther sister, and he needed to get healthy, to pay the price for what he had done. He didnt know how fucked he really was…yet.  She sighed with relief to see him still on the cot, unable to fend for himself.

Ricka  just looks at her. HIs hands on the collar. He looks confused,, betrayed,, although he has no reason to feel betrayed really.. SHe was just someone who gave him water,, and she should have no sense of loyalties to his freedom

Manwa  takes your hands gently in hers pulling them away from your collar for now she needs you to relax, so she lies which she is a pretty good at all things considered “you can barley see by the looks of you, the collar was just so i could lead you”. Manis voice is soft again now they are more comfortably inside her camp and less exposed, there is less hurry there. “i am going to underss you now, i need to see exactley whats been done to you”

Ricka  lets his arms flop to the side. . He resigns his fate to everything she says and does. The sword wounds on his chest and abdomen will be obvious when his tattered shirt is removed. His face is blank,, and pale.. SHocky, but no sweat, because of the dehydration.

Manwa smiles as you begin to relax. She moves over to refil her flask with water. Then she holds this to your lips pouring it slowley and carefully. Her other hand slips under your head supporting your head upwards a little while you drink “your going to be just find in the long run”.

Ricka  nods, and drinks as much as she will alllow. His eyes watch her. His life in her hands, he has the expression on his face like that of a head injured bird, who flew into a tree. “I would have died back there… you know that.. Why,,, Why do you help a guy like me? You dont know who I am do you..”

Manwa nods her head, i do you know who you are yes, my mate recognised you when she saw you earlier. Though i have not spoken more than two or three words to you personally before. There are two reasons i am helping you, the first is that i value life, and leaving you to die would have made me a monster i dont ever wish to be. The other reasons is that you raped the woman i love. Something i will expect you to atone for”. While she is talking Mani attemps to snap the chain back onto your collar again. Regardless of the success she then moves back a little and takes out a knife beginning to cut away your shirt while she waits on your response.

Magic returns to the ledge after having made a pass through the servery, finding no slave, then grabbing a hunk of bread and some cold vulo to eat.

Ricka  doesnt fight her as she easily puts the chain on his collar. He lies perfectly still as she cuts his clothing. He tries to remember who this panther was, and how does he know her,, for she looks vaguely familiar.. He closes his eyes and tries to think of all the panthers he had raped, some of which werent actually rape in his eyes,, but more of an awakening for them, to discover, what he thought to be their true calling..Regardless, he begins to opt in and out of consciousness. Dreams turned to daydreams as he woke occassionally. Faces of panthers haunted him as he lied there…His eyes open,, and he watches the tall and strong woman work on him.. “You,,,,,,,, Terre De Luna… We traded collars to you, for a slave woman..” He, in his head, tries to figure who her loved woman was,now thinking of Terre De luna,,, “Who… Who is the woman that you love?”

Manwa  listens to your answer, and watches as you fade in and out. She keeps working on your shirt, finishing the task of removing it while she talks to you “her name is leisha, you met her in terra de luna not that long ago as well as myself. Though she has met you previously and on one of those meetings you raped her. Now it will be the compasion of someone who loves that saves you from death funny old wold is it not?” Manis tone is probably a little scarcastic towards the end of her last statment then she goes on. “She is almost as tall as me, which should help her stand out in your memory, strong hips and shoulders like msyelf as well for a woman, with black shoulder length hair.”. Mani then looks your wounds over as your chest is now in view

Ricka : ‘Yea,, Its afunny world all right..” his hand reaches out for her forearm.. “Look,, about the woman you love,,,I dont remember her, but I awaken many panther women to their natural desires… Most of them beg to be used before I I actually do it…” his eyes sincerely looking apologetic..

Manwa  brushes your hand away “save your apologies for her, they are not due to me after all”. Mani then sighs hard as she looks at your chest. “your going to need a bit of work, i hope your man enough to take it without crying like a baby. She then puts some water in the kettle and over the heat. To this she adds a scalpal and some rep cloths. Leaving them to heat up and sterilise though boiling she then goes to pick up some black pepper. This she adds to a grinder and turns the handle untill she has a nice selection of black pepper ready to use. She pours this into a bowl. Mani then goes around looking for some ginger root. Finding some she takes a knife and slices it into small bits before adding this to a prestle and mortor, then finally grinding it into a past. Mani smiels as she words, she has never been a green but she she has worked with them and had her healing aproved by a elder physican. . Mani looks at the kanda and shakes her head knowing its a posions and while effective not to be usedcont  when someone is so week. She she puts a second kettle of water over the heat and drops a bit of willow bark into the water to boil away and make some willow bark tea  Manwa Pastorelli pauses to look over at you while she is working waiting to see how much of what she is doing you are taking in

Ricka  sees some of it, and much of it he is oblivious to. He wonders if he is being doctored up for proper slaughter to a vengeful victim… “Ill take it, and you wont see me cry,, Ive been through things in my day..” he does just what she told him to do,, he stopped talking about the rape,, and saves it for the victim… “So then life will take me where it wants.. I do, or i die,,” he smiles at Manwa.. “Either way, Ill be sure to get busy with one of them today..living… or dying”

Manwa  nods her head slowley at rickas words “if i wanted you dead, i would have left you back in the bushes. Mani then goes and finds a needle this she drops into the boiling water to sterlisise as well. Looking around now she finds some slave and adds a little to the root paste she made a min ago. Moving back to the willow bark tea she pours this into a cup. Mani then carries this over to you and lifts your head gently holding the cup to your lips “drink this, it will ease your pain”

Ricka  watches her eyes of compassion. SHe was teaching him things. Valuble tactics of true compassion, and for him, a man who raped her woman… He drinks the mix batch of herbs and medicines, roots..and smacks his lips when he was done.. The pain,, almost instantly , and partially relieved. The tension in his face drains away. “AYe that is good stuff” he lets his head fall back.. “Im sorry woman,, Your kindness makes my bad deeds haunt me with guilt”

Manwa  smiles hearing his words for this was half her aim. She then moves and washes her hands thoroughly knowing now she must touch the wounds you have. She picks up a sterile rep cloth and wipes clean the deep wounds on your chest being as gentle as she can. Mani then picks up the black pepper she ground “this is going to sting like hell but it will help you”. She then sprinkles the black pepper into the wounds and pulls a face knowing just how much this does sting. Then she keeps working and puts some of the salve she made into each of the wounds on your chest. That done she takes a needle and thread which are also sterile now. She stiches up your wounds with small need stiches. Finally she gets some gause and lays it over your wounds before wrapping bandages all around your chest and tying them off. “your going to need to rest now”. Mani finally picks up the leash, please follow me, i will take you to where you can”

Ricka  nods,,, he stands up,, still almost doubled over with pain… He took the pepper like a trooper,,, partly because he wanted her to be impressed with his toughness… He shook his head,, “Why should he care about that?” he thought.. He studies those thougts as he followed her,, and he was astounded to realize that he was already walking… Very weakly,, but he was already a tad bit stronger.. thanks to …her… was he.. infatuated? or,, was she just admirable

Manwa  closes the door behind her, then locks the leash off to the bars fo the cage door. She Makes sure its locked and the levers have the pin in place so the door cant be opened from the inside.

Ricka  complies, and his head turns as he walks willingly,,, no,,,, compliantly into the cage…. Still, she was much stronger than he was still,, He had no choice

Manwa : rest

Manwa : i will be back to check on you later

Ricka  sits down in the cage as she demands, and he is alone,, left there with his thoughts,, which soon,,, help his fatigue put him to sleep

The ghost outlaws bring word to Maxie (Ricka’s companion):

Maximus is back in Rebel Reiver. SHe awoke to start her day wondering about her companions hunt. SHe was becoming worried. He had been gone almost 5 days already. “That goddamn man!” she complained of his lone wolf stupidity once again. This was when she spied a lone woman approaching. SHe waited for the woman to get near.

KaDDi : Tal Lady I am looking for Libertas please

Mαㄨίє  looked down at the woman standing in front of the gate “That would be me…and whom are you?”

Mags  looks up from sharpening his arrows, quirking an eyebrow, and pausing briefly.

KaDDi: hold her ground and looks nervously around not being in this strang land before but a promise is a promise” I am called Kaddi and I bring a scroll from your Fc who is badly wounded” hands her the scroll.

Maxie reads the scroll, On the scroll, the loacation of her companion is detailed, as well as what basically happened to him.  A man    named  Samuel of the Black Hand,   had stabbed ricka. Apparantly the man lives near the panthers in Valkrie Forest. SOmehow, the panthers in Srimgar ended up with Ricka, who was apparantly hovering near death.

Mags brow furrows, replacing his arrows in the quiver, and his bow in Mistress’s pack.

Mags  takes his bow and quiva from his Mistress’s pack and, notching an arrow, prepares  to defend Her.

Mαㄨίє (takes the scroll but doesnt open it. She takes in the womans appearance

Libertas Maximus: ay

Mags  brow furrows as the women speak, and begins running thru a list of things that would be needed for a possible trip, including medical items, and spies the one of the boss’s carts to put things into, should Mistress commend.

Mαㄨίє inhaled, trying to hold back any emotions she had and pulled a small pouch out from between her breasts. OPeing it, she pulled out a golden tarsk and held it out to the woman “I thank you for the information Lady, I am sure you had better things to do…take this for payment of your troubles”

Maximus: earance and face, memorizing what detail she could and said “Kaddi you say? Where did you find my FC?!”

KaDDi : spies the boy arming himself and twitches her hand slowly to her dagger ready to defend herself if needed..” please read the scroll Lady if has all the information

Mags  ties his bow to Mistress’s pack, and listens quietly

Mαㄨίє  opened the scroll and read through it then looked up at her once again “yes….but this does not say where he is! My god! He’s dying and needs help…and the PK’s forbid..but if he’s dead, I want his body to bury in his homestone soil

KaDDi: of I forgot He is in in the Sa’ng Suri tribe in the Scrimgar Mountains a panther there is trying to nurse him to health we couldnt move him or he would die

KaDDi : but he is seriously would” hangs head knowing this will bring panic to the Woman but maybe sh ecan go help him some way

Mags  brow furrows as the women speak, and begins running thru a list of things that would be needed for a possible trip, including medical items,

KaDDi  : no” no no thanks is needed I needed a wee trip anyways away from raiding you keep the coin maybe you can use it to take revenge on your man “winks

Mαㄨίє  smiled “Ahhhh…then I appreciate what you have done Kaddi…I shall remeber this favor if our paths cross again in less fortunate circumstances”

KaDDi: ” there will come aday when I might need your help smiles that is all I ask in return

KaDDi : turns and goes back the way she came waves bye ” travel safe my new friend”

Mαㄨίє  nodded and smiled then looked at her kajiru “mags…escort the Lady to the docks please……safe paths Lady, may the Priest Kings bless your travels”

Libertas turns to Mags.  “Pack your bags. We leave immedietly. Srimgar is 2 days and a bit, just to get there. This means my companion may have been dead for 2 days already, and by the time we get there, it will almost be 5 days. Gather what is needed and I wil see about bringing some Rebels with us. Harta Boy! There is a chance he is alive!… and after we retrieve him,  we have a man to kill in the Valkrie Forest.

It was less than 5 minutes after Mags began to load the ship when the war with the ghosts started. It raged for weeks, and essentially, it pinned the rebels into their homeland. The ghosts burned the docks, and burned all of the rebel Ships. There would be no way for them to travel to rescue Ricka,, not until the war was over.  It was a harsh reality in gor, and it was far from a perfect world. Someties, fate would just leave your ass out on a breeze. SOmetimes, you were on your own with no backup.. SUch was the case here..

Manwa says “you owe me your life”

Manwa  walks down to see if ricka is awake yet, seeing him up on his feet she smiles a little. Then speaking to him just a little way back from the cage “how are you feeling today”

Ricka  sighs, and sits back down. “I am recovering. I can stand.Not for very long, but on wobbly legs,,, I can stand”

Manwa  nods, then a longer period of rest is in order for you, come tommorow you should be able to have those stiches removed “tell me, how much of yesturday do you remember?”

Ricka  places his chin in hia hand thoughtfully. He ponders for a few moments. “I think I remember most everything. I cant remember….. SOme things are cloudy, like after I was cut, and running, and where I ran to,,, I only remember what I was running from. Things,,, Other things,, I remember but its cloudy… There was you,, and the water. Coaxing me out from under a tree…and …. and … thats it” he stopped himself short of telling her that he had no recollection of his location.

Manwa  nods her head some more, her eyes watching you intently, especially your eyes looking for sighs of truth of lies in them “some say your a warrior with honor, others say your just a ruthless vagavond, tell me which is the truth?

Ricka allows a slow smile to spread across his face. “Honor is relative, dont you think? People reap what they sow.” he shrugs. “I adapt well.”

Manwa : ineed such a statment is true, however i asked you about your self, not of others, what is your nature

Ricka : my nature

Manwa : mmmmhmmmm

Manwa : that was my question

Ricka : “I am compassionate. Only those closest to me know that. I am considerate. Again,” his eyes flip up to see her reactions to what he speaks of. “Again, you have to be close enough to me to see it. I would not hesitate to offer a stranger who hungers, for a bowl of soup” he shrugs slightly. “But I am also an opportunist, and in my business, I am not so kind.” He shrugs again, as if he is having uncertainty about himself, and explaining himself. His stare goes vacant, and he becomes almost trance like…”I keep to myself a lot, not because I like it, but because I am not comfortable in crowds. I want to be like them all. Those social creatures, butI dont fit…somehow. Mostly, I run away from people to find a quiet place, and think about what it would be like to have a lot of friends. I can sit by the river forever and wish what is not” he looks down to her feet. The feet of the woman who holds his life in her hands. “Its easier to throw rocks into the river and wish I was like them. I like to watch the ripples and I like to believe the ripples would wash away my blues….but,, that doesnt work.. Somehow, things only get worse.” he leans back, and then he lies back, and rolls to his side. “Kinda tired….What do you care about me for anyways. WHy are you nursing me back to health, only so you can kill me.”

Manwa  shakes her head as you again ask if i am going to kill you. “if i wanted to kill you i would have either left you to die or finished you of, and no one would have been any the wiser as to who had done it. I am asking because of an old gorean law, its one i beleive in, and one if your truley a man of honor which you will follow. When someone saves the life of another, with obligation to do so, then one who is saved then owes the other a life debt. You raped my woman, and yet i saved your life and showed you compasion because i think everyone should have the chance to atone for their ways. You see there are women in the woods who deserve no more than a collar and to be fucked like a slut. Indeed i have collard and fucked many of them in such ways myself. But there is another bread as well, those who have self respect and honor. Those who ran because they were betrayed, loyalty they gave thown in their face just because someone is physically stronger than them. Some say they are like men, and i  guess in some ways they are, but in others they are not. They are women, strong and proud, living honorable if not hard lives just trying to survive, those who respect the life of even those who hunt them. My mate is such a woman, and you tried to take it from her. I saved your life to hold you under a life debt to me. Which if you have any honor you will follow. When she is statisfied you have suitable atoned for that day, i will release you from that debt.

Manwa keeps watcing you “so the question is, are you going to accept its possible that you have misjudged some of the women of the woods, and make up for what you did with honor and eventually walk away as a free man head held high, or are you a vagabond i should have just let die in the woods?”

Ricka  goes silent, and looks down. He is silent for some moments. “I am aware of the custom” yet he seems tenative,, hesitant. He had never thought of owing his life to a panther woman. Trying to imagine a way he could make that work, short of being a thrall was stumbling his thought process. He was trying to remember the rape of her mate..He was truly guilty of some rapes, most of them however, were…. awakenings, as he liked to call them. His mind, now was jumping from one subject to the other. It was too much for him, in this condition to try to decieve her, because he was too exhausted to be manipulative…He had questions for her about the rape, but,, being too tired to change gears mentally, when she asked the question, it locked him up. “but” is all he can say. “I dont…” he sighs,, “Im confused. I want to ask you something”

Manwa  keeps watching you thw whole time, the tiredness, the looks of what she assumes is confusion. Her words for now are very few “then ask me”

Ricka : ‘Are you so sure i took anything from her that day? I like to think of it as givingto those in need… ummm,, usually thats whats its all about..”

Manwa  flicks her hair back accross her face, maybe if i remind you how she got away from you, it will give you that answer. “she bit your dick when you were about to cum and made her escape. Having just waited for a moment when you were vunerable enough to get away from the torment you were putting her though”

Ricka looks down then, and he is silent for many moments. There is an uneasy silence that preceded his next words. He remembered now, who, and what, and where that all happened. “I dont know how Im going to atone for that. That wasnt me in one of my proudest moments. I … I wouldnt even know where to begin to atone for that, but, I owe you my life. I am in your debt, and in your debt heavily” he pushes himself up on still trembling arms, and props himself , to sit with his back in the corner. “I owe you my life.”

Manwa  nods you do, and the first thing you will do to atone for that, is write a note to your people, explainng that you are in a life debt. And that you will return to them when the debt is paid.

Ricka : “I fear they may be here to rescue me, before they even get the note” he looks to her , caution being used in his expression…”Its 2 days and a bit, from here to Rebel Reiver.” he blinks, wondering when he suddenly remembered the location of this panther camp…he thought he was un aware…”ANy message I send there will be received by an empty camp. They will be coming for me, and hard….They know where I am.” he didnt try toexplain how. He was sure she wasnt going to believe it, but… he did indeed get word out.

Manwa shrugs her shoulders, and walks off to another area of the camp where she picks up two bits of parchemnt, a quill and a small amount of ink “i will take that chance, and given your words you can write two notes. The first i will send to your people in the hope they can be reached before such a thing happens. The second i will keep here for any to show to someone who might show up here”. Mani then passes the parchment , ink and quills though the cage bars “now make the notes”

Ricka : “Ok… ok..” he takes the quill, and the parchments from her, his wrist grazing the bar as he pulled the items back through. He begins writing, as instructed, and he realizes, in stark, cold reality, that writing this note, was just the first of many things he would have to do, to pay off his life debt to her. …*****I Ricka , with a heavy heart, wish to inform My Beloved Companion, Maximus, and my dear loyal slave, Verna , and******** he disconnects the quill from the parchment for a moment, and works on choking back the emotions. He takes several deep breaths of air, and continues

Manwa  watches you in stony silence, she remembers once writing such a note herself, the heavy feeling of forboding in her heart as she wronte the words to her sisters. But she see’s no other way given what you had said. So she stands there her expersions probably comparable to an ice queen.

Ricka : and all of my family and friends…. I wish to inform you that due to a series of unfortunate events, I am in the life debt to another. I will be held in both honor and chains, until the debt is settled in the judgement of the debtor**** he looks up to Manwa… “Is that what I call you,, a debtor? or whats aa better word..?” he asks her

Manwa : thats good enough, it lets you keep your honor with your people, something in the long run i will not take from you so long as you make it up to leisha

Ricka nods, and looks down. His tongue sticking out just a little bit, in his concentrations,, he continues..***I dont know how long this will be, but.. Let me honor the code to the best of my abilities. ANy such rescue attempt will tarnish my honor.. Also,, I ask you all, to .. kill that awful son of a bitch who shook drew his sword and sliced me open with his free hand, as he shook my hand, with his other. I repeat his name, if you did not already recieve it via the messenger I had sent.. His name..Samual, of the Black Hand, living in Valkrie Forest, near the panther band there. SIncerely,,, and with the unfortunate fortune of having honor, Ricka**** he makes his mark at the bottom, and repeats the note on the other parchment. By the time he finishes, he is utterly exhausted and shaking, which was clearly evident when his shaking hand oassed the paraphanalia beck through the bars to her. He wants to just close his eyes and fall over, but he fights it.. He fights it long enough to look into her eyes after she  would read it,, so he knew, that she knew,, a courior had been sent.

Manwa  takes the parchments back along with the quill and the ink, then reading them she nods her head satified. I am going to leave you now to deal with these. She rolls them up and puts them into her pouch and walks out.

Ricka  collapses on his side, and falls into a deep deep, much needed sleep

Forced to live, forced to endure….

Ricka  wakens

Manwa  runs down to see if ricka has woken up yet, she smiles seeing that he has and looks though the bars at him. She is carrying a little bread and water knowing he will need both by now. These she pushes though the bars “here eat and drink, then we will be joined by another”

Ricka  reaches out, his hands shaky. SHaky from hunger and exhaustion. The medicines and care to his wounds kept him alive, but the lack of food has kept him weak, with little strength. Maybe it was part of her well calculated plan. Like a starved animal, he gobbled at the food, even once accidently biting his finger.. Sure, he now had just enough strength to stand, or even walk maybe a hundred yards, but that was about it. His belch preceeded the sound of his faling, empty cup, as the bread and water, were quickly consumed. He was pretty sure who would be joing them, and he wasnt sure which was worse,,… hie driving hunger, or facing the one he had.. supposedly, and probably.. raped.

Leisha  looks at the slave in the cage and makes a cold face ” Greetings boy”

Manwa  watches him eat and drink, then seeing leisha arrive she smiles to her and steps back letting her have space. In truth Mani is not sure herself what will come now. “tal love” is all she says giving leisha space

Leisha  turns her head lightly to Mani but she keeps looking at him ” Tal love, how is the man doing”

Ricka  burned inside, at the thought of a panther who calls him boy. He simply replied by shoving the cup out of the cage, sending spinning across the floor. His initial anger, at being called boy, and perhaps his weakness caused his judgement to lapse.. “I am no boy. Why dont you make yourself useful, and fetch me some more water slut!”

Ricka still does not recognize Leisha

Ricka : or remember

Manwa : he is still weak, at this point he could be brought back to full health or returned to how we found him. Right now he is ours by the right of life debt.

Leisha her face flushes immediately with anger at his words, she clenches her fists and makes a step forward.. then she stops and tries to cool down, knowing she will consume her revenge differently

Ricka scuttles back into the rear of his cage, like a rat, as she took her steps forward. Her energy and strength was something he could not currently match, and initially, he thought his outburst was a grave mistake. There was somethig slightly familiar about her..He nervously looked at Manwa,, :She is the one that was with you when you found me..I thought …I thought your loved one, whom I supposedly raped was the one who would join us.” his eyes dart back to Leisha..For the life of him, he couldnt remember her

Leisha: ” If you want more water, BOY, you will beg for it.. I have no time for your silly games… Ill tell you what you will do. You will become sweet and obedient, and you will come to adore me even..and I will take you to the city of Corcyrus in chains, and they will see you serving me * she laughs hard looking at him amused and studying the expression on his face

Manwa  nods her head at ricka “indeed she was and indeed she was, it is by her grace also that you now live, something you should think about before you speak again”

Ricka  swallows, and silences. If Manwas words of advice was all his outburst was going to cost him,, he would take it, and he would control himself better

Ricka  thought the words of advice were somethig he could manage, but Leishas plans? To be a sweet and obedient slave boy, in the setting of Corocous? He shuttered at the thought. This was certainly a worse fate than death, or even worse than serving her lifetime as a thrall. He needed something here,, something to show his strength, but nothing that would earn him any torture…His wits , still hampered by fatigue..he spouts only a tale that comes to him in desperation.. “That city will hang you by the throat for even having me collarred!. You would be a fool to take me there in chains!”

Leisha  steps closer to the cage and her demeanour calm and cold ” turn to me BOY * she slowly marked the word * Do you see a fool here? I tell you you will come with me to that city, they know a Lady who is of the Clothes Workers, and she wont be harmed in any way, for she is FREE… all that you are not anymore”

Ricka  deliberatly closes his eyes, trying to find himself through his fog of weakness. He really had no friends in that city. Only a granddaughter that he never visited. In fact, he was currently extorting that city, and there would be nothing more the citizens of that city would rather see, than Ricka collarred to panthers. His bluff was over, but his fight to retain his dignity was not.. “Surely the debt I owe you can be paid inn some way, other than this…..humiliation…I can be more valuble in other ways.. Was what I did to you so bad?”

Leisha I might help you recalling your memory then.. but first, tell me, wht is it so big a debt that a man of honour judges to be paid back with humiliation, or with life?

Manwa  smiles as she watches Leisha with ricka, she marvels at how every day she is reminded just why she loves her so much. And see’s yet another thing to love about her. She wanders out of the cave up to the top of the camp. She returns carrying some hot stew, some slave grewl, two black wines and some more water. Mani places them down on the ground and begins to eat and drink just waving to leisha that there is food and drink here for her

Ricka : “SUrely you know why.” is really all he can manage to say His head shaking from side to side. “You wont keep me there for long. WHen they figure out who is the man on your leash, they will rip me from you, and I iwll not be around very long. I will be dead from their hands, and you will have to find another man to take my place” He smells the food immedirtly apon Mannies re entry of the cave. His body sways with the need of a hot meal. His mouth waters, and for some moments, he finds it difficult to swallow his saliva fast enough

Leisha steps backwards to Mani and takes some hot stew, she again approaches the cage and starts picking tiny bits, munching them and blowing intentedly the aroma of the food towards the cage ” I see you are avoiding to answer, well, Ill ask you again, Being a man of honour, what crime would you judge worth to be paid with life, or death if you wish, or humiliation?

Ricka : “Humiliation is worse than death! How am I to ever re enter my world if no one there respects me. ” his answer, he knows is weak, because the possibility of being a thrall for life is something very real here. Basically, this was his stubborn pride here that was rearing its head. “People in the city of Corocous judge honor by status. WHat honor will there be there for me?” He practiaclly melts,,, the smell of the stew making him shake with need. He wanted to rech out and sieze her by the throat, and be done with it all, and to hell with his honor and his lifes debt. SHe was purposely taunting his hunger. It was again, enough to make him lose control of his common sense, and his sense of self preservation. His words hiss to her.. “Why dont you get on your knees and let me see the top of your head? Maybe then, I will recognize, or even remember you. You were nothing to me but a concubine on your fucking knees to me.. and you wonder why I do not remember you!!”

Manwa  loooks over at ricka and sighs, half of her wishes to respond to this outburst, manis insticnts to protect are very strong. But she bites her lip and keeps eating “good stuff” she mumbles with a full mouth. She knows leisha well enough to know she can easily deal with this. So she after a simple tense moment relaxes and keeps enjoying her dinner

Leisha  laughs hard at his words, showing nothing but a last weak attempt to be strong before two women. She keeps chewing patiently not moved to any rage by his words.. she just adds ” hmmm dont you have any little scar on your second..ermm head down there? ” then she keeps blowing the aroma of the food pretending it to be too hot

Ricka  withers at the crushing blow. Her words struck home, and hard. It simply puts him into silence, because there was a scar down there. WIth nothing for him to argue, and his arguments only falling into her strengths

Leisha  sees him withering and for a moment she flushes again with rage, then she collects all her coolness and blows harder on the hot stew spreading all its intense aroma around him, she then turns her back to him contemptuosly as she speaks ” Isnt it RAPE a good reason enough, for a man of honour, to take the life of someone, or to inflict him the deepest humiliation ever?

Ricka  turns from them. The sight of the food, and Manwa, enjoying the deliscious stew was almost to much for him. He clearly was going to be brought to Corocous in chains, wether he liked it or not. His arguments were only satiating their thirst for revenge. He was sure of that, by the way she revelled in her power now. She was enjoying this too much. He turned his back to her, hoping to extinguish her satisfaction. Inwardly, he trembled for nourishment. Bread and water werent much of a help. WIthout proper nourishment, his wounds, although cared for and doctored, would gain a foothold to his fever, and he would die. Death being something he was already hoping would speed towards him.

Leisha  grins evilishly as he turns his back on me. She expects him being very weak now, because of his wounds and the lack of nourishment. But she was firmly decided to take her revenge on him, she wouldnt have allowed him to starve . She turns to Mani and sees the gruel she has taken with her ” I think I can feed you boy, with a tube going right down your throat and some slave gruel..but Ill prevent you from tasting it. Are you happy with this? or you maybe would like to take some bits of my stew…* the tone of her voice soft and luring, not showing anger at all, as if she has forgotten the topic she was discussing with him a few moment earlier

Ricka  stiffens his body in his defense. Its all he can do. He was so hungry. Starving…..He keeps his back towards her though. He is tired, weak, angry,, and hungry. Nothing he says, and nothing he can do to change things. Of course, all of this leads him to another outburst, but it was very weak. He leans his head forward, and into the corner of the cell. He leans into the corner of the cage, his body oddly bent .. “Take your food, and stick it up your ass” his voice soft. He sags forward, his muscles compressed into the corner. He wanted the food so bad

Manwa  lifts her head, would you like a tube luv?

Leisha  smiles softly.. yes please

Ricka  just leans into the corner. He is silent, and rying to save his energy for the fight to come. He has decided not to eat, and he is determined to refuse their nourishment. He would rather die, than to feel this way.

Manwa  rishes up, she wanders off and goes to the infirmary, where she collects a feeding tube, a funnel, and a presstle and morter to grind the gruel down into even more of paste. Then she thinks quickley and also picks up a small jar of tassa thats still sealed and so fresh. Bring them all with her she moves back down into the cave and lays them out on the floor. Seeing leisha is for a min meditating she looks at ricka “now are you going to eat, or do i need to force the subject hmmm” Mani then turns the jar so the label reading tassa is in clear view.

Ricka  swears at Manwa, and avoids directly answering her question. He keeps his back to them. Surely they will figure the answer. Soon they will see how stong headed he can be. He decides to not eat.

Manwa  lets out an exasperated sigh, Then takes out a small dart and blow gun she carries “so be it mine, but before you decide not to eat on your own right you may wish to see what i have here”. Mani then opens the tassa jar. Taking one of the darts she dips it in the water and stands there waiting to see if she needs to add tassa to the needle

Ricka  only grumbles, as if looking at the food would help his resolve. Of course he had no idea that she had tassa. “Fuck you” was his short reply, something he had learned from his past somewhere. He lacked the wit to think of anything but resistance. “Ill die before I eat from your hand”

Manwa  lets out another exasperated sigh “i told you already you will not die”. With that Mani dips the dart in the water, then into the tassa before closing the lid. Moving to the cage bars she carfully loads the blow dart with the tassa coated needle, the aims and blows the dart into the back of his shoulder speaking in the few seconds before he passes out “and you will now get your nurishment by my hand”

Ricka angers at her words… no,, it was not anger,,, it was fright.. The thought of being force fed by her hand, even though he chose to die, was the last thought that was on his mind as his world began to spin and darken into the blackness of his mind,… He simply passed out right there,from her tassa dart.., leaning forward into the corner of the cage. His face down,, drool stringing from his lips,, the top of his head wedged tightly into the corner

Manwa  gined and opend the cage door for leisha, then placed the gruel into the prestle and motore and set about adding water to it and pulping it down into something that could be fed down a tube. She smiles at her mate “would you like to it or should i ?”

Leisha  ” Give me this pleasure please

Leisha  Let me do it myself

Manwa  nods and holds out the liquid lunch she has made to leisha, along with the tube and funel she brought with her. “here you go luv”

Leisha  ste calmly takes the gruel and the funnel and the feeding tube, cursing for she has left the punp she would use to have the gruel flowing into the tube in the Sheku’s camp.. she shrugs and places the funnel into Ricka’s mouth lookinng at the tube for a moment, and assessing the gruel liquid enough to be poured directly into ricka’s mouth..she starts doing it patientlly, keeping his nose closed, she then removes the funnel and slides a hand behind his nape lifting his head a little and massaging his jaws to allow the gruel to sleep down his throar.. she does it again and again, till she assesses the man has been fed nicely, then takes the funnel off his mouth and looks at him as he is unconsious.. ” pity he is a very handsome man”

Manwa  nods her head at leisha “that he is, i am sure we will have a lot of fun with him yet, it seams he has unbound at some point, i guess we need to move him back to a cage at some point, at least check his hair for hidden stuff, i havnt done that yet”

Ricka somehow swallows the gruel as he lies there, perhaps a natural reaction to swallow, or maybe just their skills were what caused him to swallow,,or maybe it was the tube that was so far into the back of his throat,,, just dumping the gruel into his stomach.. Either way,, he was getting plenty of nourishment. The womans resolve to humiliate him, and keep him alive to eat his humility,, winning out over his stubborness

Leisha nods to Mani and ruffles his hair withher hand, in a playfull attitude, then she finds herself almost combing it withher fingers. In a moment she shakes her head and looks at Mani” Nothing’s here, letd grag him back to the cage” she takes his heavy arms and waits for Mani to grab his ankles so we can drag him inside the cage

Manwa  watches and smiles, then she takes hold of rickas ankles helping leisha drag him back into the cage knowing she used very little tassa so he will not stay out cold for that long.

Manwa  then closes the door behind and checks it locks in place and that the pin on the handle drops again to secure it in place.

Ricka  sleeps. Hours pass by. His body, using the nutrition.. His strength builds. A day passes, and 3 more feedings,More days, More drug induced sleep. More feedings..,He is kept drugged and is unable to fight back.Slaves were sent into his cage to clean up after him. Things were done. There were times he was awake, and times he was tassa darted back to sleep.. Finally, after days pass..he is renourished and mostly recooperated. His wounds, still tender, but with fresh layers of new skin covering where the deep cuts used to be… He begins to waken from his final dose of drugs…A new strength from the gruel surges through his veins. He rolls over and gains a knee up,, and 2 knees and his hands,, and kneels up,, sitting on his haunches,, looking around the room. He feels alive again. Stiff and sore from the confines of the cage, but alive. His muscles, so under used in the past several days, werent up to very much yet, but walking and carrying himself around for a couple hours at a time, which will  be both managable, and theraputic to rebuilding his total strength. His mind however, was like mush. The groggy after effects of being drugged into a vegatative state for the better part of at least several days has taken its heavy, and hopefully temporary toll. The mind, much like the muscles, needed exersize to stay strong. Although fed, he has had zero mental stimulation in days, or week.

Hopes of a rescue, long gone. The rebels, he thought had abandoned him. The pain of that paled in comparison to that of his companion and slave abandoning him..He wasnt sure exactly how much time had passed, due to the constant druggings, but as he rubbed his jaw, and judged the length of his whiskers, he can tell he hadnt shaved his face in about three weeks, or more, which was, the morning of the stabbing in Valkry forest.. Yes,  he was sure he was abandoned,, or nearly sure… Perhaps,,, his only hope of not being abandoned, was in the lingering thought that the ghost outlaw woman did not bring his message to silent running, and the parchment he was forced to write?  Maybe Manwa burned them in the fire, and never delivered them.  Perhaps a form od psycological warfare on her part.. Maybe the ghost outlaw woman was killed in the forests of Srimgar, and never delivered his message… Maybe Manwa knew of her death,, Maybe this and maybe that…. All he knew for sure, is that he was all alone in this now, and the cage was stronger than he was..    He had little way of knowing the truth of what exactly had happened outside of his small 3 by 3 foot world. He had no way of knowing that The Rebels and Maxie had indeed recieved the messages,, all of them. He had no way of knowing that the Rebels were stuck in a long and drawn out war with the ghost outlaws. He had no way of knowing that the rebels repeatedly, and successfully beat back the almost daily attacks by ghost.. He had no way of knowing that the ghosts had ransacked and razed the docks, and all of the rebel ships. He had no way of knowing that the Rebels planned on a rescue of him in Srimgar, but were hopelessly landlocked as their ship builders worked deep in the underground tunnels on constructing a worthy vessel that can carry them across the seas.. No,,, they could not rescue yet,, becaus ethe needs of the many outweighed the neeeds of the few. They would come though, sooner or later, and if it were a trip on a hijacked and commadeered ghost veessel, or on a new ship being built,, as soon as the Ghosts were defeated, they would turn their attention on Rickas Retrieval…  Maxie, was rumored to be going insane, not beig able to get to Ricka.  Her love, dying or dead, or nursed back to health and god knows what else… She felt even more helpless than Ricka. No, he had no way of knowing all of this. All he knew, was his 3 foot cell, and his will of the Huntresses was every bit as strong as that of any man he had ever known…..and worse yet,  they were 2 very scorned women.

 A slave !

Ricka  paces. His energy gaining remarkably

Manwa runs down to the cages once more, seeing you up and paceing around she grins at you “well good afternoon mine, you look as though you are feeling much better now”. Mani places back and forther herself watching you closeley

Ricka  stops pacing. His fingers wrap around the verticle bars.. He nods

Manwa  watches you taking hold of the bars and a little smirk cross’s her face then she takes out an arrow from her quiver, stripping down the feathers she tests teh flexibility of it and smiles. Then swings it towards your fingers using the slight bend in the arrow rather like a riding crop attempting to catch your fingers “dont even thing about it mine”

Ricka  doesnt move his hand out of the way in time. The tip of the arrow grazed the backs of his fingers. He jumpa back, and looks down to see a thin line of blood on his knuckles, already , beginning to bleed. What was it with htis woman!, he thinks. He cannot even seem to gain a mental edge, his free thoughts thwarted at every turn. He seriously was feeling helpless, and almost at the point of not caring any longer. Noone has come for him, and he hadnt seen the light of day for a while now. His small cage, his only home… He sucks the blood from his hand,, sucking off all the knuckles…..Looks to her.. “When will you let me see the sun shine again!! Im tired of this place! I want to be outdoors!”

Manwa smiles thinly, then she takes a few feathers from her pouch and adds them again to the end of the arrow which she then puts into her quiver. Finally she looks at you, quite obviosuly only being prepared to answer you in her own time. “when you ask the right way” is all mani says in a rather matter of fact tone showing little to no emotion and without telling you what the right way is.

Ricka  moves forward in an outburst of anger. His hands slap into the bars, hard,, open palms pushing forward. “You cant keep me down here forever like a goddamn caged rat!” the bars were solid. Hitting them hard failed to have the effect that he wanted. They didnt shake, and they didnt rattle. They were so solid, that they barely made a sound. He had wanted to appear menacing, as he was desperate to even the score a little bit. His frustration was so high, being so…..He wasnt used to being held for so long. The few times he had been captured, he had managed to escape, or fool the captors, by lulling them into a false sence of security, but, this time, being in this cage for so long, he never had a chance. Even to relieve himself, he was not let out of the cage.. “I demand some fresh air.. Thats the proper way to ask!”

Manwa  turns, her apearance is disapointed, maybe a little exashperated “tell me, have you got anything you wanted rather than something i wanted thus far? If you really want to get out of that cage, you will think about that, for in there is the only clue you will get”. Mani then steps back and takes out a dagger, she begins to clean her nails with it. Quite obviously not rattled or in any kind of hurry what so ever.

Ricka turned from her,, facing the back of the cage. He was also very exasperated. He was angry at himself for being so stupid. They had gone through his little hissy fits before, and he had lost every one. The difference between the earlier hissy fits, and the most recent ones, were that in these recent episodes, it was himself that he was angry at. He knew he wouldnt get any privledges if he didnt act to their liking, yet he had persisted to be stubborn, even though he had previously given in , several times,, calling them ..The Mistress word, just to be allowed food and water…He was so totally off balance..They dont allow him to starve himself, and yet they wont feed him if he doesnt show the utmost respect,,If after a time, he hadnt shown them the respect they expected, they would tassa his under fed body, and force feed him. His options were not even options. They were option. He had one choice, and that was to cower to them like a fucking animal,,, slave beast. Every time he failed, he was drugged and

Ricka : force fed, making his life miserable. Still facing the back of the cage, he takes a few moments to gain control of himself…and finally, in a voice that sounded almost….feeble…He asks her…”May I please be let out of this place.? Ive been here for freggin..days”

Manwa  walks closer to the cage “getting there, so close yet so far”. Walk to the bars with your hands behind your back, then put your wrists together and keep facing the back of the cage”. As you do it try again, this time showing more respect, and address me properley”. Mani then takes out a length of binding fibure running it though her fingers and waits

Ricka  sighs his exasperation. He slowly walks up to the bars, exactly as she asked..”May I please be allowed priveledges Mistress?” he closes his eyes,trying to calm himself, and trying to put out a non agressive vibe. “Please Mistress. Please let me be something other than this animal I have become” He would play her little game, and as soon as he was outdoors, he would bolt. His strength was mostly back now.

Manwa  knows you cant see her as you face the back of the cage. She reaches though the bars and starts to tie your hands together, if successful she will end the bonds in a secure capture knott. “thats much better”. Manis voice is calm and level, but just a touch less cold that previousley. She is alert though, and this will probably show in the way she handles the rope and the feel of her fingers as she binds you

Ricka  doesnt bother to resist. If he tried anything, he couldnt force her to open the cage.. The levers were well out of reach. His hands bound securely. he just stands there, eage to finally be out of the darkness. Finally to be out of the damp cold. He wonders, if it is daytime or night time. He shakes with the anticipation of breathing the mountain air again.

Manwa  smiles and ties the end of the rope off around hte cage bars then she walks to where she dumped the chain some days ago and moves back to the cages. That done she moves to the levers and opens the cage . Standing before you she looks at you “now put your head back so that i can easily attach this chain to your collar”. Mani is stnading tall and proud as is her way. Her voice while solid and unwavering holds that tint of feminisam about it that shows she also has a softer side.

Ricka  complies. He found himself enjoying the sound of her voice. Through all the time he had been here, it was maybe the one thing that kept him sane. Ricka was known to be somewhat of a loner, but it was usully on his own terms that he dictated when and where he would interact with people, .. Here, he had been left along in the cage alone for sometimes…. it seemed to him, to be days on end. He waits for her to chain his collar. The muscles in his shoulders, already straining form the unnatural position of his arm

Manwa  locks the chain onto your collar, then unties your wrists from the cage door and leads you out of the caves “now you can breath fresh air again”. Mani sounds almost cheerful as they head up towards the sunlight “oh and just incase your thinking about it. If you kick me, i will cut you then i will find some magots and add them into your cut. Then dump you back in the cage till there is nothing left of you but a mass of squirming maggots”

Ricka  drops to his knees as they leave the darkness of the cave. He screams, and squints his eyes,, trying to bury his face into the ground. His hands tied behind his back, and he is unable to shield his eyes from the brightness.

Ricka : “Stop!!” is all he can muster. The brightness of the light of day, blinding him

Manwa  finally comes to a stop then she locks the other end of the leash off around the holding ring attached to teh servery. That done she takes out her dagger and moves behind you while your still squinting and cuts though the bonds i added to your wrists down below. Then stepping back she gives a very satified smile. “you will be politer than that mine, or you will go back down there. But right now i wish to be here anyway, dont piss me off and force my hand into caging you again”. Mani then goes to find a seat while her new boy has time to compse himself.

Jeff: greetings huntress

Manwa : greetings boy,

Ricka  just keeps his head buried into the ferns, and his eyes closed. He has no idea that he is locked securely to a post. His hands fall free, and he instantly uses them to cup his eyes from he brightness of the day. . He allows time to pass, and it takes a while, but slowly, his eyes adjusted. He pushes himself up to his feet, and begins to look around the camp, still half squinting. He glances at the boy, and feels his stomach turn. Was that what he was to become? He echoes his thoughts verblly to Manni.. “You want me to be like him?”

Manwa  shakes her head slowley “no i do not want you to be like him. I want you to be better than him. He is already angering my by not having yet offered to serve me. Leisha told you what you were to do, to earn your freedom again. I am not about to go against her word. You will be the best kajirus there is untill she is statisfied your raping of her has been probably fullfilled.” Mani then finds a tree and leans back on it casually watching both Ricka and jeff

Jeff having listened he gets up slowly

Jeff : i´m sorry i forgot…

Jeff : may i be of any service huntress?

Ricka  sighs more frustration, and stands there for some moments, feeling like a sore thumb. Feeling out of place

Manwa  scowls at jefff “you forget to many times boy”. Then her face softens, yes i would like some lunch, there is some fresh tabuk stakes on the the servery i trade for yesturday. Dice them, and fry them with some vulu eggs and mushrooms. Make me a nice omlet”

Jeff : um… yes huntress

Jeff  gets up and walks to the servery trying to make an omlet which hes never done before

Manwa  the turns her focus to Ricka “is there a reason your still standing mine, trust me what ever reason there is is not good enough”. Manis voice is again a little cold as she addresses Ricka. She leans forwards watching him closeley.

Jeff : greetings brother

Jeff  looks for the tabuk meat finding it on a wooden platecutting the pieces into small dices using a kitchen knife from the table

Manwa  watches jeff, a little smile on her face. She wonders if he remembers the two days she spent with him teaching him how to cook several dishes back when he lived in esseex. She guesses she will not find out but it seams he has made a good start by dicing the meet into small pieces

Jeff  pours the meat pieces into a large pan adding some vinegar and some vegetable oil putting the pot on the fired pit

Ricka  reaches over to one of the steaks. He wants to throw one at Jeff, but he stops suddenly,, knowing it would earn him more time,,, probably weeks back in the hole. He does not touch the steak, and Manwas voice stops him cold in his tracks. He drops to his knees, facing her. His eyes are downcast. “Forgive me!!” he couldnt get the words out quick enough He doesnt want to give her the respect of the Mistress title every time he speaks to her. He hopes to skate on that. Perhaps if he just submits to her wishes, perhaps he will be allowed to skate on the formalities. He hisses to Jeff. “Im not your brother!! DOnt even … fucking talk to me!”

Jeff pouring some herbs on the meat he uses a small wooden spoon to stir it up while adding a log to the fire

Jeff  grabs some mushrooms from a wooden box adding them as well hoping it will work…

Jeff  takes some fresh vulo eggs opening them above the pot pouring the liquid eggs onto the meat

Manwa  smiles watching jeff, “you seam to have improved in some ways jeff boy”. Then Mani turns back to rick and smiles thinly at him “getting there mine, but as before so close yet so far, you forget to thank me for reminding you to kneel, and you forgot to call me Mistress. I did say i wish you to be the best of the best did i not hmmm”

Jeff  ignoring his new brother he continues to work on the omlet by lifting it from time to time using a wooden fork and a small knife

Ricka : “The best of the best..” his words trail off a little bit.. “You actually want me to call you Mistress… every time I speak?”

Jeff finally using some salt puring it slowly over the omlet he withdraws the pot from the fire putting some of the meal on a wooden plate, adding a fork and a spoon

Manwa  shakes her head, her voice level and stead as she talks her demenour is relaxed again, almost casual “No i do not, but i do expect you to do so when there is a good cause for it, such as you thanking me for correcting your wrong beheviour. At such time the use of my title is prudeant and in those cases i do exepect you to use it. Though truth told the better you behave over all, the less cause there will be for you to need to adress me in such a way”

Jeff walking to the huntress he melts slowly on his knees offering the plate lowering his gaze

Jeff : “may this um… omlet… please your senses huntress”

Jeff nods to himself

Manwa  beams down at jeff, and she silently wonders if ricka is paying attention or not. She turns to jeff and takes the plate from him ruffling his hair as she does “good boy, you may resume your other duties now, of if you have non assigned go to the village in the isle of sin, presuming the place is ungarded as it usually is, steal me some arrow heads from the smiithary there.”

Manwa  then begins to eat the food jeff prepared for her, while she watches her new boy ricka

Ricka  casts his eyes downward again, and nods… “Thank you for …..reminding me to kneel…Mistress” his ears feeling the heat of a flushing. “The best of the best Mistress. That is what I will do” his eyes cast down again. He dreads the thiught of the underground cage. Out here, he is always closer to being able to escape, although, at the moment, the sturdy post held him secure, and there was no chance at all. He stays on his knees and waits for her to speak. He continues to adjust to the now,,,, night air, and light.. He feels like he chould be ofering her something, but, with jeff cooking, and him being on such a short chain, there wasnt much he could do, but to just act like she expected. He keeps his eyes to the ground

Jeff : isle of sin… um…. yes…

Jeff  nods

Manwa  looks down at rick, the smile that has crossed her face from time to time returning now. The one that shows a genuine element of pleasure there once more. Mani looks past you towards the servery. “do you know how to make black wine boy?” She then begins to pace up and down while she waits for your answer

Manwa : tal sis

Cally : smiles and her eyes light up seeing Mani…” Tal sis ” she says happily

Skylark : that is a good look for him..

Manwa  smiles seeing sky returning home as well “tal sis”

Skylark : tal Mani

Cally : quietly looks round at the male….her eyes narrow slightly as she tries to recognise him…as he looks somewhat like one who raped her recently……..her nostrils flare as she considers his size and shape…and then blushes slightly as she peeks at his penis…cos she can always recognise one penis from another…she gasps slightly and gazes impassively at his face

Ricka : “Mistress!! I do know how to make black wine” he caught himself short. He almost argued with her, that he was NOT a boy, He shakes off the thought of argument. It was something he was just going to have to get used to. He looks down when he sees Cally, and hopes she didnt recognize him. The last ting he needed, was to have his … sentence of slavery , be extended, although, he already strongly suspected that it was to be lifetime.

Skylark  raises a brow at his outburst “you got him calling you Mistress..” she laughs “i always knew he was a slave..” she muses a bit “probably shouldnt be nice to him either with the trouble he has caused us in the past” she eyes him for a moment fingering a dagger as she glances to Mani

Manwa  shakes her head slowley looking round at her sisters “these men, they know nothing they spend all their lieves being served, but if they really had to fend for themselfs they would be royally screwed.”. Mani then turns to Rick and points to the bag of black wine beans “stage 1, take some of those beans, put them into a prestle and mortor and use those strong arms of yours to grind them into a fine powder”. Then turning to sky “how well he is treateed will depend entirley on how well he behaves. He raped leisha some time ago, and his life is mine because i saved his life. He is working off his past mistake with Leisha right now”.

Skylark snorts ” he has about 5 other “mistakes” to makeup for not counting leisha” she says in a low voice as she glares at him

Manwa  turns to face skylark, her face suddenly very serious “am i to understand that leisha is not the only one from this camp who has been raped by my boy in his past life?”

Skylark  nods her head “there are several others and a slave or two..” she replies to Mani “why do you think we dislike him so much around here”

Manwa  shrugs, a slave can not be raped, they are just property but tell me of the sisters, who else is there?

Skylark: cally, tomo twice, i think deli, Nova, and perhaps one or 2 more

Ricka  is quick to anger. He knows he shouldnt, but, he was so mad at Sky for calling him a slave. The nearby steak finds itsself hurtling through space towards Skylarks face. His outburst was almost perfectly timed to come on the heels of Manwas instructions. “Of course i am a slave!!” he hisses at her. “Do you not see the collar!?” His anger was at what appear to be her misconception of his slavery being a willing act. In his mind, he was now a slave, as he was collarred, and perfectly controlled and manipulated, but in his desires, he was running free, and far away from this place. He suddenly opens his eyes wide, knowing that this was an outburst that was not going to win him any privledges, With a quick look at manni, and the truth coming out about how many in this camp he had raped (just before his outburst), he charged into the post, trying to break it, or loosen it from the ground. It didnt seem to move, and it didnt break either. He reaches down and wraps his fingers around it, trying to pull if from the ground desperatly…He needed to run,, and fast.. but the post wouldnt budge.. He slams his shoulder into it, and lifts at the same time…All of this, in just a few seconds and it still doesnt budge

Skylark  shrugs “though tomo is no longer a member of this tribe so perhaps cant count her..” her voice stops suddenly as she sees the piece of meet flying at her and isnt quick enough as it glances off and she snarls at him, taking her spear from her back she moves up and strikes him a full blow in the center of his back with the wood handle part of it ” do that again and i will cut off what should be cut off..slave” she snarls..having no patiance with this man at all

Manwa  watches this sudden outburst, and she just shakes her head, looking at sky who has just had a steak thrown at her head she waits to see what her sister might do. Having no intentions of stopping her doing anything except killing him for that paticular insult he just made towards her.

Manwa  nods in satisfaction at skys response to the flying meat, and then waits again for Rickas response, she goes back to cleaning her nails with her dagger at this stage. Obviousley mildly amused by his antics, with all the time in the world on her side right now.

Ricka  drops t his hands and knees from the blow.. Through the pain, he feels a glimmer of hope. Her threat seemed to end there, and no more punishment to come.. He nods,, “I am sorry Mistress,, Please forgive me,, I wont do that again,, I swear,a nd I promise,,” he is running on the jopes that his cock wont be cut off

Skylark  sheaths her weapon and turns on her heel “aye, it better not boy.” she says in a cold tone as she moves back to her orginal spot and crosses her arms again “you know mani, if he was my cap he would be dead already…i dont know why you still keep him alive..”

Skylark  smiles seeing marli walk up and wiggles her fingers at her “tal sis”

Marli: Tal Sister ” she smiled back at Sky

Manwa  turns to sky “he is still alive because given the choice he would have chosen to die rather than do this. But i have taken that choice from him Regardless of his wishes he will do my will, and this is a much stronger revenge to execute on him than merley killing him ever would be.”. Mani then turns to Ricka and grins at him “seams there are more here than just leisha with reason to want you hurt or dead, best keep your nose in line, i wont be here all the time, and i wont stay their hands if you are giving them reason to be angry at you for current events”

Ricka  holds his position on all fours for a few more moments as they discuss his death. He scrambles towards the servery and starts the task of making the black wine. He needs to survive. He needs to get that black wine made, and stay in the good graces of Manwa more than ever now, for the rest of the ribe seemed to want him dead. . If he was to ever see his companion again, he needed to do whatever it took to survive. Manwas words, echoing his very thoughts. He starts to crush the beans.. “Yes Mistress! RIght away Mistress!!  Black wine Mistress” doing his part now, to his best abilities.. and hoping Maxi would do her part to rescue him… again,,that hope fades,, and he thinks, they never received the message

Ricka : he now thinks he needs to survive, because when he decided to die, thay made it clear, he was not allowed to

Skylark glances to marli a bit “i think ricka well need a “exam” soon” she says with a smirk “perhaps your biggest needles..and maybe a few expierments while you are att it would be good” she snorts as she hears him scrambling and saying Mistress “he seems to make a decent slave..but i do not think he will ever be on my, be nice too list.”

Skylark : welcome back jeff

Jeff places a small bag next to the servery

Jeff : thank you huntress

Manwa watches Ricka with a gleem of satisfation on her face. Her eyes watching his movements carefully “when you have crushed the beans, add them to one tankard mine. Then put some water over the heat to boil. When its boiled add the water to the freshly ground black wine beans and leave them brew. In the mean time prepare some filter paper over a goblet. You will also need to add one of each sugar kind white and yellow to the goblet”. Mani pauses then she goes on “now i like my black wine in a very paticular way. When you have added the sugars to the goblet, pour the brewed black wine though the filter paper into the same goblet as the sugars then stir well till the sugar is compeltley disolved. When it is, take a small spoon and hold it so that the curve of the spoon face upwards. Then angle it down so the spoon is almost but not quite breaking the surface of the wine. Once there slowley and carefuly pour the bosk cream over the back of the spoon. You will see the cream will float rather than sink. cont.

Manwa : raise the height of the spoon till the goblet has an apropriate amount of cream in it, which would be about 1/5 of the goblets volume. When its ready, you may then serve the drink to me.

Ricka  gulps,, and keeps his hands busy, hopiing he will remember all of that

Ricka  crushes the beans into a tankard. The water is almost boiling on the fire already. He finds one yellow suga and one white one and puts it into a goblet. The water finally boils and he adds it to the crushed beans, and lets it stew for a minute as he pulls the bosk cream from the servery. He placess a spoon near the cream so thats all ready to go. He waits some time until the water had absorbed the bean flavor. Now he cant remember what she said, so he starts to slow down.. getting more deliberate,, trying to waste a little time,,, to give himself more time to remember… A filter paper,, over the goblet with the cream,, he pours the coffee into there,, . DIscards the filter paper and the grounds into the fire..”ummm” his fingers point to things as he struggles…. The spoon upside down and the cream poured over the back of it intil about the cup is full…. 20 percent she had said,, but the problem was,, he already filled the goblet 90% full of water, so the cream tops off the cup, and its only 10 percen

Ricka : t. He closes his eyes and sighs.. “Fuck” he says

Ricka : hopes for some luck. He puts the cream away and quickly clean up,, thenn liftes the full cup. He walks it over to her, spilling it, of course, because its full to the rim. He settles on his knees in front of her and holds the cup to her, clumsily saying some un poetic phrase,, that held the Mistress word with it.. and held the cup up for her to take shakes his head,, surely he must have forgotten a few things, and he would be back in the dark hole again, and chances of escape from there? None…

Manwa  looks down at the goblet as its offered up to her. She see’s he has put some effort in but did not pay full attention to detail. Part of her wishes to just pour it over his head. And in truth had they been in a city right now where black wine was in abundance she would have done exactley this. But out here black wine is a precious thing so she takes it from him. She sips carefully at the drink which is far hotter than she would have liked due to the absance of cream. Then placing the goblet down to cool she looks at rick and asks a simple question “If a slave had done such an apauling serve to you when you were a free man what would have done?”

Ricka  stays on his knees in silence for many moments. He suddenly realized this slave thing wasnt easy at all. He lets the silence stand for a few moments before he answers. “I take mine black, so the serve is always right Mistress” his voice low, and even, and he does his best to make it sound as sincere as he meant it to sound.

Manwa  glares at ricka, she hears what sounds like sincerity in his voice, yet she finds it hard to beleive that one so famouse for the making of slaves would such a lack of knowlege about how a slave she truley be acting. She stands there for a min contemplating this before she speaks. When she does her tone is scornful “are you telling me that someone who is so famous for making slaves does not really have the first clue how to train them. That you are really as ignorant as you would currently seam to have me believe”. As she talks Manis voice gets louder and then falls again as she makes an effort to keep her temper in check. “over filling the goblet was by no means your only mistake. You didnt clean or polish the goblet, nor did you offer a prayer to the priest kings for my health, or kiss the rim of it before passing me my drink. You failed completley to put any kind of entertainment into the serve for me, not once did i see you tensing or flexing the find muscles you have on your body.” cont….

Manwa : Mani pauses again and then takes a few deep breaths before going on. Her voice becomming more and more stead as she does. ” you did not tel me you hope the drink pleases me, or tell me how much you had enjoyed preparing and serving my drinkn to me, are you really telling me that the great slaver was really just an ignorant brute who liked to rape?”

Ricka puffs out his cheeks with air, too humiliated to even speak. It seems everything he did was entirely wrong…. He looks his eyes up to her , and tries to explain…”i…I was.. I was so focused on the details of the coffee, I…..forgot all about the other details. His thoughts run away quickly.. (Where the fuck was Maxi and the rebels), he thinks. He had been here for weeks, and slowly, and methodically, he was being forced to be the very thing he despised most.. a male, ….disgrace.. “Please forgive me Mistress” he looks down, shaking his head. The tone of HER voice giving him dread, Surely, she was going to lock him back up underground again.

Manwa  curls her lip she isnt sure why but her patince is not long today, more typical of the red hair that grows from her head. She moves forwards and grabs the leash around your collar yanking it harshly, Her glaive in her other hand ready incase you try anything “come with me, you will do better tommorow or you will feel the whip boy”

Manwa  prods you with her gaive “get in”

Manwa  closes the door and locks the leash off around the bars, then checks the pin is in the lever again

Ricka  dreadfully follows. Scores of Panther women looked on,, and his hands were free for the first time, but as he was pulled to the cages under ground, he was followed by a few of them,, prodding him from behind with spears…No chance again,, and.. In the isolation of his cage, he curls up pathetically in the fetal positon, vowing to do better next time..Better at serving, which would of course offer him more chances of escape.. How he hated it down here in the dark.

Ricka shouts: “Ill be good!! Let me out of here!!”

Shiloh : What are you yelling about?

Ricka  drops to his knees as soon as the door opens. “I cant see in the dark. I dont want to be down here anylonger”

Shiloh : Well I hate that for you. I have no idea why you’re here but I’m thinking your personal comfort was not high on their list

Marli looked the man over from top to toe and wasnt sure she recognised him from the tavern in the nearby village, it wasnt her concern so she didnt ask, she checked if he was hurt and saw no injuries and remained silent

Ricka : “it wasnt” he cringes suddenly when the healer entered. SHe was told to experiment or something, using him. “Just forget it! Forget everything!” he scuttles to the rear of his dark cage. A torch was now lit somewhere in the dungeon, casting the long shadows of the panther women onto the cage

Shiloh  looks to her sis and whispers “Wasn’t he the one who decided he didn’t likes hintresses in his tavern and we had to flee for our lives? As I recall he was not the most pleasant male I have ever met”

Marli inspected her fingernails , she wondered if this was the one her Chieftess wanted drugged and prepped , her eyes slanted now and she nodded at her sister and said in a soft hiss “Aye”

Shiloh smirks. I suspect he would just as soon rape us as look at us. I have no qualms about him being detained here and for you to do as you wish

Ricka  recalls the day that happened, but says nil about it, and remains at the rear of his cage. He awaits the outcome of their little talk. WIthout a leg to stand on, he decides it to be best, that he keeps his mouth shut.

Shiloh : I think any experiment should include castration. Just my opinion of course but that way he would no longer be a threat to us. He is like all males…not to be trusted even for a moment

Ricka  shouts: “You castrate me, and Ill cut off your head with a dull edged rock!!” he shouts

Shiloh  laughs….once you have lost the family jewels you would be as tame as a kitten. I just suggested. Not like I have a say anyway

Marli lips curled in a wicked smile, she looked innocent but was not, it was a facade “Our chieftess has something special in mind for this one” she whispered in her sisters ear “hypnotic” then giggled

Shiloh laughs softly. Whatever you think best sis. Regardless he can do us no harm in his present state

Ricka  starts to pant heavily, the thouyght of his jewels being removed, making him hyperventilate almost.. “You all just leave me here in the dark. Come near me and ill rip off your head , and piss in your mouth” he is so irate,, and all because of the mention of castration. Manwa is going to wonder what has him so riled up, after she had him stepping in tune so well, but now with the word castration being tossed around, things will be ugly

Marli removed a tassa needle from her belt and inspected the tip, it contained enough to knock out a bosk and was more than enough for the man, she peered through the bars moon faced and silent , the needle glistening in the light of the flame torch

Ricka  stays in the rear of the cage, out of her reach. He puts his hands in front of himself, like a boxer would,, ready to strike it out of her hand should she reach in the cage.

Marli crazed giggle echoed through the caves as she looked at him

Marli: “You and i will have much fun later” her eyes flickered in the flames as she withdrew herself

Ricka  hisses,, “If you call getting your head chopped off with a dull rock fun,, than I say its a date!!”

Marli tilted her head and placed her thassa needle back in her belt , merely smiling at him and then turned to walk away

Manwa  watches ricka waking up, the now familiar sight of the three of them in the cave together making her smile, she grins at ricka wickedly “are you ready to accept now that our will is what is going to happen here hmmm?”

Leisha ‘s eyes locked on him as he stands and turns looking around. She wanted herself and Mani be the first people he could spot ” i see you are in strenght again, man, and I hope you can see by yourself that we can keep you here forever, if you dont do the right thing”

Ricka was already turning that over in his mind.. Their resolve, too strong. He was feeling much stronger, and knows she must have been true to her word.. He had been fed by their hands,,and they have denied even his wish for death. He was beginning to lose hope for a rescue. His letter to the rebels,, probably has been delivered.. Truth was, he had lost his sense of time, but he thinks he must have been here for several days already.. Noone has come, and the rebels must have respected his wish to live out his lifes debt,, much to his dismay… He had counted on them to gather their forces, and come here to end this ordeal for him,, but much to his dismay,, clearly, his plan had backfired.. He had been abandoned,, written off. All that was left for him no,, was his life, as dictated to him from this band of women.. Her words stung.. and he could only nod.. He conceded his helplessness. His eyes flickered from one to the other, and he just looked down.

Manwa  looks to leisha and gives her a look known between them that says your move.

Leisha  nods to Mani and steps closer to the cage taking Mani’s hand and leading her next to me. she then looks at the man, he is not holding her gaze anymore ” State who you are now, man, and what you will do

Ricka  keeps his gaze lowered. He is sure he had been here a week or more, and no rescue..No hope..Alll he can see, is their feet while he looks down to the floor of his cage. He shrugs. “I am indentured in debt , to your service.” his eyes begin to lift,, slowly.. “I owe you my life” Twice, he thinks, but doesnt say it. “Its better if you tell me what I will do. Its clearly of your choosing”

Manwa takes leishas hand again squeezing it. She is not used to letting others lead the proceedings. But she is enjoying this, this is her new life, just partner to leisha and a sister in the band. She likes it and this little situation is making her smile a lot. Mani puts her other arm around leisha and waists to see what she demands of him

Leisha  what I want from you, is to really see if you will hold yourself to your word, and see if really there is honour in you. If there is, you perfectly know what I wasnt from you, she angrily spits on the ground now her feline wild manners coming out fiercely ” I want you to kneels, man, and to fully understand what this entails, and to fully accept it, by your honour, and by my strenght

Ricka sighs.. but a quick forceful exhalement. She just didnt understand that there was no honor for him, to drop to his knees, even if it was part of honoring his indentured service to them for saving his life. He makes up his mind right then and there to stop resisting. It was futile. No… he was much smarter than that. Now with proper nourishment, he had the wit to think his way out of this prediciment. He would survive, and he would escape when given the opportunity. He doubted that he was recovered enough to the point to actually outrun them, but he could buy time, and sooner or later, he would find an opportunity. It was clearly a choice of which type of honor was more important than the other.. The honor of his pride, and his will to live, outweighing the honor of fulfilling his indentured service to the likes of run away, rogue panther women. Surely, he could swallow his pride long enought o find his chance for escape. He lets is knees buckle, and fold halfway, as he drops to his knees inside his cage   He tells himself that he is kneeling for the conservation of his newly found energy, rather than truly submitting. SUre,, he is lying to himself,, because no matter what way he paints the picture in his mind, he is submitting to their will

Manwa  looks at ricka and a smile crosses her lips. The sight of this most famous of panther hunters now submited to herself and her mate one of some note worth. She squeezes leishas hand again and then steps towards the cage. She looks down at their new boy on his knees. “now address us as you should mine, acknowlege us in words as well as you just did with your actions when you knelt just now”

Leisha follows his gaze trying to figure out the emotional storm going on his mind now, she folds her arms and keeps looking at her property , not wanting to step over his pride more than she has already done ” I am not a young girl with no experience, boy. I will keep my eyes on you, but who knows.. you might enjoy serving us”

Ricka  feels the small hope of escaping grow even more doubtful as she pledges to keep an eye on him. “I highly doubt I will enjoy anything here…Panther Mistresses” he adds the title that Manwa so wanted to hear from his lips. he shrugs off the revelence of wether his enjoyment matters. Clearly, indentured service was not about enjoyment. “So I am yours now” he shrugs again. He can feel the redness creeping up around his ears.. SHame,, humiliation, anger, frustration..A mixed bag of many negative emotions. Clearly though, fghting them was all in vanity. it was time to be smart. Bide his time, and bolt across the lands. In a few more days, he suspected he could run at full strength. The Valkrie Forest panthers couldnt catch him,, and he strongly doubted anyone else could. The lithe, and toned legs of Manwa, sleek, sinewed, gave him a flash of a doubt, but he clung to his hopes of a future escape.

Leisha  unlocks the cage to let him out, she then steps closer to him and grabs his hair by the hand, she bends over him and hisses something in his ear ” I was true when I told you my intention about Corcyrus.. My sould will never be at ease again till I have done this to you” this said, she releases him and looks at him one more time ” its fine the way Mani wants you to call us, but I am telling you something valuable now.. If I ever hear you calling me by my name ( mistress Leisha) then I will know that you really have pledged your life to me, if not.. be ready to be slained if you ever escaped from me and you had the bad luck to meet me again

Ricka : its good for the story and i will add it.. and respond to it monday

Ricka  gulps

Ricka  is haunted by her words,, her promises…

Manwa  looks at leisha, baby i am tired of his face, can we leave him for another day

Leisha  nods, let us leave him , he needs rest too

Flesh Rewards

Marli finds out more about Ricka’s flesh rewards.

The role play:

  • Rainie shouts: marli?

  • Marli : Tal Rainie

  • Rainie : *sighs* tal Marli. i had hoped to stopy by the tribe next to trade. but since you are here already

  • Marli  raised an eyebrow “I was passing through.”

  • Rainie : maybe i could walk back with you *she says and indicates her pack* i have some fresh milk to trade and a bounty offer or Ricka

  • Marli  looks at the pack Rainie is holding “what do you want to trade for this milk and the bounty on Ricka?”

  • Rainie : *passes a scroll to you* the man is becoming a menace and some idiots have decided he is leadership material and are following him

  • Rainie : but as for what i want for the milk. perhaps you have some honey or cured meats?

  • Marli takes the scroll and reads it , then curls her lips in a thin smile “Ricka was once a captive of ours , I guess he will remember me , so I will send out panthers he doesnt know.”

  • Rainie : yes he is well known around many panther camps. most dont seem to know what to do with him after theyve had their fun

  • Marli  removes the travel pack from her shoulder , she opens the contents to show , some bosk jerky pieces “I have some jerky , and more to be traded at the trade post , as for honey” she rubs her chin “its rare now and valuable , we use it to cure our meats”

  • Rainie: *lets out a sigh* i do hope i can find some honey, it makes the acorn cakes taste much better. but i could trade for a couple pounds of bosk jerky. i have 2 quarts of milk here… *frowns* but i would want the bottles back. maybe we could run to your camp and i can put them in a container you have

  • Marli  laughs “its a sample , but come to our trade post tomorrow” she passes a map

The following people are wanted by Ricka and should be delivered to him while he is online in the Tarnburg Outpost

Mostly Panthers are wanted, but you will see an occassional Free Person or slave.

Captives must be hunted specifically! If you happen to capture one of the wanted, due to a large scale Nintendo style raid. I will not accept them.  If you did not specifically set out in roleplay to hunt and capture them, I will not accept them!   Leave a notecard of the hunt and capture Roleplay in my mailbox at the dock of Tarnburg.  You need to also do 30 or 60 minutes of post capture roleplay with them before delivery to me. This will assure they get roleplayed in the event Ricka and captive are never online at the same time and never get to RP.

Put the Captive in the cages in Tarnburg  if I am not online, (They will need to prim-pass to get in there) and they are free to tp away and do whatever they want until I am online again.  Dont forget to put the RP of your hunt and capture in the mailbox.

(physical descriptions of avatars are assumed to be complete and accurate, but details left out due to avatar changes new skins, hair ect.  avatars change looks often, so an accurate  physical description is assumed)

A note to hunters.  This is a dangerous job. You assume all risk in your quest to capture these people. Remember this. No risk? No reward?  No guts? No glory!

Reminder. This is about the hunt. If you scavage a wanted person off of a battlefield, or stumble apon a bound or bubbled target, I am not interested. The targets should feel pursued, and hunted before they are captured. Having someone land in your lap conviently defeats this rp.

1. The description of a woman who would strongly resemble Branca Coba  In Lake Las

2. The description of a woman who would strongly resemble Lessien Vella, Panther. of possibly The Primus /Lake Las area.. escaped on 5-5-13 from Ricka’s Collar

3. The description of a woman who would strongly resemble angiewolf resident from Valkrie Forest

4. 2 panthers from  Sa da Sini, in the land of Gimli.  The EN of the tribe, and The Priestess  1 items of your choice

5.The description of a woman who would strongly resemble Kaiila Rhode Panther EN destination unknown

6.  The description of a woman who would strongly resemble Miniri Taselian In Character name : Miniri Tribe : Luna Jerag in 2011 Hair : Black Eyes : Light brownish eight : Short shit about 5’7. Markings : No scars, Body covered in jibberish ink with bitch blatenly shown on her back. Piercings : Bottom Lip, Nose and Left Eyebrow. Temperment : Quick Witted, Sharp Tongue.

7.  The description of a woman who would strongly resemble Isabella Losee, Panther of Primus.

8. Brigette Wade!!!   Important Target! Possibly of Lake Las- She wears a lot of white

9.Alma and Kris, Panthers from Valkrye Forest Torva Tor

10.Kalilelle Resident Panthers from Valkrye Forest Torva Tor

11. Josie Milev,, Panther from Daeva..  Last but not least, and I will offer 20 coins for her,, twice the going rate… I WANT HER UNHARMED.. her skin must be unblemished, or any bruises must be fully heal-able

Panthers Captured and Delivered.  

1. Maddison Ramirr…captured twice escaped twice

2. Sylvia Hawks (November 24, 2010.  Captured and delivered, collarred)

3.Imbali Jinx-escaped.. but I want her again

4.Ambrosia Caiben captured and collarred early december 2010

5. Tifa  ( Courtney Onyett:) Captured, Collarred. June 2009

6. Zahladhalia Hendrassen-    1-23-2011 deivered by a bounty hunter

7. Ophelia Dimanovic,   1-24-11 delivered to Teletus


Rumored to be killed during the hunt:

1.) Maddison Rammir

((To see if Ricka Deerhunter  is online, or for other questions, look in his profile, and join the group called Ricka’s Hit List.  This group is open enrollment, and you should join it.  WHen I am available to take captives, I will announce in the group chat, that I am online, and you then can hunt. It is not an in c group, and it has no homeland.  not trying to get you to leave your homestone and join another group.. thats not what this is about))

Captured by the Hunter

After a brief fight in the Gimli forest the Hunter captures two panthers and drags them to Gimli village, the role play cut short due to real life , to be continued.

The role play:

Ricka picks up the ankles of ladysavage, and drags her into the slave cage. He closes the door

Eve Wade : Ricka what are you doing ?

Ricka pockets the key as she wakens

Sav : laughs

Ricka : “Me doing? Taming the wildlings”

Eve Wade : Are you new slaver here?

Ricka : “I am a slaver wherever I go darling. Are you interested in a purchase?”

Eve Wade  shakes her head ” No, but i can talk to tessa so you can officialy be slaver of the village.. as we don’t have one

Eve Wade : it has everything you need.. office.. cages cross and all that ugly stuff for taming  captives

Eve Wade : This one with red hair is pretty.. tho

Sav : snickers as she rattles the cage doors

Ricka twists his face….purses his lips. “If the money is there, I can do that'”

Sav : dont leave us here

Mar’li whipped her head around at the slaver “I am no slave …..I am a huntress” then darkened her eyes at the woman

Eve Wade : OH and another one is also pretty

Ricka : “The forest produces the best fuck meat”

Sav : snarls at the redhead in the funny hat

Eve Wade : With big blue eyes

Ricka spins Marlies around by grabbing on her shoulders. “Look at that wall art and tell me what you see!”

Eve Wade : i see boobs!

Eve Wade : And… slavery….

Ricka shakes his head

Mar’li feels her body being spun around and laughs sarcastically “I see my future slave….she is pretty”

Eve Wade : It’s double .. just like your situation

Ricka : “Future slave eh? I see a future slave too. Do you think you are so like a priest king that you can break a collar or chain like that? My slaves are my slaves forever….FOR EV ER

Eve Wade  looks at girl in the cage then back at redhead ” Predators are not doing double catch… you have some new style Ricka.. ”

Mar’li tilted her head to one side , then spun around , she looked him over with her deep brown orbs “You are no fool and neither am I “her lips curled into a thin grin as she spoke with an air of defiance in her voice

Eve Wade : And somehow… i smell more than two panthers in this building

Mar’li snorted arrogantly “that is not all I smell”

Ricka : “I have a way of breaking you woman. You will not remain so defiant for long” he looked over at Eve. “Two is all I can handle at once” he grinned

Eve Wade  looks at Ricka and wrinkles her nose nodding her head ” alright… so… if you want to be village slaver let me know.. ”

Eve Wade : “Ill leave you to your prey now.. ” takes last look at the girls then walks down the stairs

Ricka : “Eh…I can perhaps be a slaver here but would need help”

Ricka turns his attention back on his prey. “WHat are these on your leg?” he grabs one by the handle and lifts it off her right thigh

Mar’li laughs , as if she despised him for that remark about needing help, then twisted her leg “You need more than help male , if you cannot recognise dried verr blood”

Mar’li : “they are skinning knives” she remarked

Ricka: “YOu some kind of a witch or Mamba blood eater?” he removes the other two and tosses them behind him. He removes his dagger and flashes the blade in her face, holding it near her eyes. “I could split hairs with this ting. You best stay still while I am cutting off my new belongings” he now spun the blade closesly to her face in a very slow manner so she could see the edge

Mar’li smirked “Does my tongue sound mamba to you?  a witch ?  perhaps , some call herbalists such” she shook back her red mane of thick hair as he flashed the sharp filet knife to her face , she hissed at him , she knew what a cut to the face felt like

Ricka lowered the blade slowly. mHe slid the tip, sharp side away from her, along the skin of her upper chest. . The sharp side started to lift or raise the necklace. He stopped all progress. Looked her closely in the eye. “You made this necklace did you not?” his head tilted just a little as if he were an owl, waiting for her reply

Mar’li watched him lower the blade , close to her breasts , as she breathed in , they heaved a little, she heard the rustle of her bone necklace “Aye…..I made the necklace from an inflicted , a sufferer of the plague , he had no more use for them after his death” it was a lie , but he would never know the truth

Ricka withdrew the blade and the necklace lowered back to her skin. He reversed the grip on the blade and both of his hands on either side of her face tunnelled under her red locks and from the back of her neck he unfastened the necklace and removed it. “Now you no longer need it”

Mar’li felt him remove her bone necklace , she snorted as she saw him hold it in his hands, then she smirked some as she prepared her reply  “plenty more bones in the earth to make a new one ….male”

Lina Frost Gets a broom from the corner

Ricka : “hmmmph” he placed the necklace in his pocket. Now the blade was on her skin again, sliding down between her breasts, The sharp lifted a string and cut her clothing that covered her breasts. Thje fabric yielded easily. He lifted the blade off her skin suddenloy and his free hand siezed the clollar that was hanging from her belt. “YOu brought your own collar MINE?”


Mar’li heard the rustle of bones as he placed it in his pocket , out of her sight , she felt the cold steel close to her skin , cutting through the fabric , he spoke and she leaned forward , her voice trailing in a low hiss “I will NEVER be yours” fiery eyes staring back at him

Ricka : “Oh no?” he fumbled with the collar hook until it was removed and he lifted the collar so she could watch him prepare it. >It has been a long time since you watched me start that fire in the woods Marli. You will be with me as I start many more” he opened the collar so she could see it coming. “DO you remember?” he whispered

Mar’li blinked as she watched him dangle that collar infront of her face “You have me confused with some one else “she remarked dryly “But I do remember you , many hands ago , do you recall Manwa?  Sang Suri?”

Ricka : “Manwa” his eyes lifted from the recognition of the name. “Of course I recall Manwa” he moved forward and positioned the collar under her chin. Pressed the leather against her throat and pushed her up against the wall

Mar’li gloated some , even though she felt the cold steel grip her slender throat

Ricka turned to Sav. “Watch closely you. Your collar will be next” pressing still and pinning Marli to the wall. “You will learn to do everything I say willingly and you will enjoy it” his fingers began to afix the mechanism that would secure the collar to her neck..”And you will not have nary a stripe for it”

Sav shouts: “get your hands off her you beast, she is no good for you, you want a  challange come try to tame me” she speaks with a rage in her voice

Sav shouts: and get me out of this cage

Sav : spits in the fools face, “you think your so manly but your nothing but a  vulo squaking behind trees and rocks”

Ricka wrapped marlis leash onto an anchor high up on the wall which would force her to stand there and not be allowed to sit.. A fiure 8 wrap was alll that was needed and he approached ladysavage. “A challenge? Who says I want a challenge?” hs eyes move slightly as he observes all the features of her face

Sav lears at the foolish male hoping he will open the door and spits in his face again, “come on you vulo show me how you can break a huntress”

Ricka smiles and stands his ground while he wipes off the spit with his hand. He watches her for reaction as he begins to eat her saliva from his hand using his tongue to draw it in. He stopped for a moment and sneered. “I know what you ate for dinner last night”

Sav : laughs at his foolish actions, and begins to rattle the doors hopeing they will somehow weaken clears her throat with a nasty sound and spits into the males face again “so tell me what did i have for dinner last night”

Ricka : “I think you ate shit” this time he pulled a rag from behind his belt and wiped his face clean. He took a step back to avoid another spit in the face. “You want it rough dont you.”

Sav : laughs, “i had roast bosk last night you fool” snickers as he steps back like a coward would, “do i like it rough?” laughing even harder, “maybe i do maybe i dont, but i know for a fact your to much a vulo to open the cage door to find out”

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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  1. ricka’s favorite place to hang out is Abydos, (tarnburg outpost) if you’re interested. and by the way, he’s great from a distance with a bow. but can be had if you rush him with melee in a small room. (that interesting factoid, free of charge, courtesy angiewolf)

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