About the Sa Di Sani Panthers

Tribe of Gimli


 A word from Silkie

Tal and greetings, My Tribe, My Sisters , My Loves  and my Friends.

This letter is for all of you, an account of my life in Sl Gor beginning on December 18th 2007 ..it will in no way be all of the accounts of my life here, but some of the most important ones and there will be ic and ooc mixed together simply because its all part of how i became who i am . I write this in part because I love you all so much and I want you to know  I always will, and if I can never return maybe a small part of me will always be remembered.

Most of you know I have lost my RL employment and that is what is  snatching away my connections, I will return  as soon as i possibly can.. just Know my heart is always with you all.

With Love and Affection, Silkie Rayna

I landed in a place called Aria Hills on Dec 18th 2007 looking at awe at the land before me and I saw a kajira near what appeared to be some kind of fortress sitting alone  and working on something I dont remember what now  and so i walked slowly in her direction, and upon reaching her i greeted her  and asked what this place was  and where it would be that I could find a place to stay, little did i know at this time it was the fortress of the Dagger Edge Outlaws, but she nodded softly and directed me to a place in the next land over called Aria Lakes.

She led me  through some small streams and on the edge of a lake  to a wild and winsome camp structure  and called out to some women there and i was allowed in to the camp … it turns out the camp was that of the Tu Adira Panthers of Aria Lakes and then En there was named Joy SungSoo.. and I was accepted and welcomed and I felt wonderful that I had a place to rest, the healer there was named Brigette Wade and she made sure that I had my shots and then examined me to be sure I was  healthy. I was then given a bow and a dagger and a feather of the tribe and then shown about the camp, it was only after that I was ensconced as a member did I find out the kajira that led me there was the former En Carrie Spitiler. who had submitted to a Dagger Edge Outlaw named Drefan Swindlehurst.

The land due east was called Aria Sands and  due south was Aria Forests and even farther south was the great city of Glorious Ar … it was an enchanting place and we had constant daily battles  with the DEO and I vowed as a new  panther that i would free the former En from them and  tried for the longest time to free her, but being new and a terrible bow, i didnt have much of a chance  and  after a time I had to give up on my quest .

After I had been in that tribe only  4 or 5 hands of days  there seemed to be much unrest and  the sisters started leaving in ones and twos and then one day my healer Brigette  told me she was  leaving as well , I often wondered if it was me they were  running away from i was trying so hard to be a good huntress but failing in so many ways, but in time, there were only 5 of us left and the new En Slayora DeSantis began rebuilding the camp.

One day there was a large battle that broke out  outside of camp and I being new jumped right in.. i fought hard and then i slipped on the edge of the wall and the one that I had come to despise Drefan Swindlehurst found me and in his rage because i attacked he drew his dagger and sliced the back of both of my thighs, my legs went numb and he left me there my blood draining into the  grass, a pirate from Aria sands  came upon my unconscious form and pulled a collar from his belt  and weakly i said if you dont get me help from a healer you  will be collaring a corpse, he then carried me t o the great city of AR and called out for one of their greens, and i was carried into the infirmary there and given medication to sleep and then two greens sat about to stitch my thighs back together, they worked for three ahns and then wrapped me in bandages and placed me in a small secret room for me to recover,

1 then 2 then 3 and then 4 days passed my strength was returning, but also i kept hearing noises in the infirmary, the gruff sound of a man  and the clink of weapons not tightly secured ,, searching looking for something, when next i saw the  green for a dressing change I told her of what i had heard, and then she told me that the slaver of AR had a nose for panthers and they were seeking me out. Two more days passed then early in the day there was banging on the door and i was terrified, it was then that the green sent a messenger to the few sisters i had left in the Tu Adira and then met in a clan destined spot just outside of AR  and  placed me on a litter  and took me home saving me from the slavers clutches.

A moon or so later the tribe was  down to five and i was  watching over camp alone … when i noticed a group of three men sneaking about the camp i hailed them and demanded that they leave the area of the camp..but they responded only with arrows..i fought as best I could but in the end I was  downed and they made their way into the camp…  I was stripped naked and  bound spread eagled on a  layer of furs and raped  by the three of them for 4 ahns  .. each of them taking turns or them ganging up on me together and using me as  they would a coin slut and then when they had finished  they left me  bound and  brusied and dirty with their seed leaking  slowly from my body .. when i finally got myself untied … i didnt leave my hut for two full weeks .. mt self-confidence was shattered… i questioned my life in GOR it was  the first time i had ever been raped and forced  and debauched in such a fashion and in the end  i decided i should give up my bow.

so i went outside and took a torch and set my hut ablaze and walked out of the camp and submitted to a man named Tyke Balbozar of the Dagger Edge outlaws in the next land to the west … of course they knew who i was  and they suspected i was a trap  and so after he took my bow and my submission … he placed me in a deep cave devoid of all comforts and then tossed in a pile of books and a  charcoal stick and rence paper … my duty was to read the books of Gor and then write serves and dances and each day for only one ahn he visited me and tested me  and then just before he left the cave he would bind me to a cross and whip me  saying I could have  gotten more sone  ,,,  and that i wasnt working hard enough  and then he would leave and once more with only candle light to guide my eyes i was held in  isolation … this went on for 30 days  .. until one day …he said  he was pleased and  finally called me his .. i was allowed to adore him ..but never was i to say i loved him  .. i was  the fifth on his chain and so often ignored …

the one named Drefan swindlehurst was there as well … and so was  Anjel masala .. who each and  everyday ..swung a hammer over my head and said if i flinched he would use it to smash me .. i was always in constant fear of my life. it is here that i will mention that once during a incursion into their camp i was caught  and i was placed in a cage and hung over a pit with sleens swimming below it .. and i hung there by my arms for 12 ahns no one spoke to me although the  camp was full of outlaws … after a full 12 ahns of hanging there ..Anjel brought me down out of the cage .. and then dragged me cold and hungry and naked out of the camp and tossed me into the river to drown  .. and just as i was  about to take my last  gasp of air a huntress walked by .. her name was Jara .. she pulled me from the river and cut me loose to return to my camp.

So my days as a DEO slut went on .. and during this whole time .. my healer Brigette Wade would keep tabs on me and make sure i was  still alive  .. but didnt try to come for me  at all .. she knew i was learning  .. then  suddenly .. my owner started changing  and his first girl he took  up top of the camp and slit her throat and tossed her over the cliff .. and then the second as well ..the third girl ran and was  killed before she could make the edge of camp the fourth girl fainted and fell into the sleen pit and suddenly became a red stain on the water and that left me alone upon his chain … and he said i am leaving this camp and i am selling you to  one named Jed Illyar …when the new owner claimed me  .. he demanded that i keep him sated to his desires  and i performed well  ..i rode him like the finest of red silks not one thing was  forbidden, all of me was  available to him and soon there were other men paying  to have time with me and i was  always sore or tired or just simply  to weak to carry on.. Then one day he looked at me and said i was no longer worthy of him and he dragged  me to the City of Fina and tossed me upon the cobbles there and left me ..

the Slaver made me a kettle slave.. and i went from a prized red silk to an urt in the course of a week . While i had been under the care of Tyke Balbozar ,,i learned to play a kajira flute and made one and then i also learned to play the kalila as well .. and so in order to repair and rebuild my heart i would  sneak into the tavern and then find a corner and play music  … and the patrons seemed to enjoy it much  .. but one day  the slaver  caught me and broke my flute and the kalila  and said i was not  of the musician caste and therefore had no business even  pretending that i could be thus my heart broken once again i was thrown back into the kennels … when i had served my punishment  my heart no longer caring weather i lived or died .. i found my way to the warriors hall and climbed to the top.. as i was going to throw myself from its lofty heights to the cobbles below and end  my days breathing gorean air …

but the first sword caught me and  restrained me and then threw me back to the kennels and then took out a poster .. saying there was a slave for sale.  Somehow Brigette  my old friend from Tu Adira heard of my pending sale and brought a cart full of  goods  .. little did i know at this point that she was  a priestess  in the Sa Di Sani panther tribe of Semris woods … but she did arrive  and i didnt recognize  her right away as  she was  dressed in radiant white  but hen i was leased and handed to her and i heard her  speak for the first time after so many moons .. i knew that i was  finally going  home to where i belonged.

When I arrived in the Sa Di Sani camp there were two En’s …Sara Kleene and Jayda Zadeh the Priestess of course and the slaver by the name of Endless Miles, or she was always called  Em, and Anna and Sherena and another named Brianca and kaoru slade as well ,,, and one named Nadira Jewel  another named NaNa and Becca Juergens as well as a whole host of others to numerous  to remember at this point  ..but a lively camp and there were other girls as well and two of my former sisters  from Tu Adira ..but now that i was  upon my knees the looked at me with a bit of disdain ..there was also Blit Neher and one named JC as well and Sylvia Hawks and Susie Spire and  Cathy Sierot, The slave An oh lets see ..ermm Cheryl Redgrave was another as well and Crystal Sinclair, oh and Eris Lobo was there as well as fawn and lori , feather who was  cathy and susies slave , And a couple there that always i watched and learned from .. one was our sister Anna, and her  FC Brianca , they always seemed so happy and were inseparable and i wished to find someone like that to complete me as well, but i was young and went out hunting foolishly many times and not always doing very well at all, it was also a time when we fought hard against the verus var and one named Lezwarrior, many scars were given and earned in those  days, there were many others  but for now i cannot recall them all

When i first arrived  it felt good to be in a panther camp again …but the slaver Endless was very harsh and mean  … and one day  NaNa told me to place a bug in EM’s hair which i did cause i was  following instruction  … but needless to say Em’s was not pleased and that earned me a whipping.  Life was wonderful being in camp as well  and priestess was actually kind to me, i was  so indebted to her for her coming to buy me from fina that i did anything i could to be pleasing and obedient to the tribe, and after about two moons one day i was sitting in camp and dira was there and she asked me how i was doing, and i said i longed for my bow again and she took me to the highest spot in camp and laid out a bow and the key to the collar and told me to choose .. but of course at that time i could not because i had not asked priestess about it and i felt that it would be wrong to just let dira remove me from collar and I told dira  that as well … she then said to me well you dont wish it very bad then and tossed the key from her hand into the air … and my heart fell as i watched that key tumble through the air far below to the grass on the far side of the stream that ran through our camp …  i ran down the ramps  and went looking  for that key.. and for the next three days i searched and search until i found that key in the grass  and  then making a necklace out of  braided grass i hung it about my neck .. until i could beg priestess to return to my feet. it wasnt much longer after that…  that i did so and priestess granted me my feet and handed me a new bow and dagger  .. and i then was once again standing as a proud panther.

once I was on my feet, preistess then approached me about becoming an acolyte  for the choosen which i accepted fully and thankfully and then began learning about the tenements of the Goddess  and I still keep them close to this day, But i also cared deeply for the kajira of the tribe, as well as my new sisters as well and about the tribe in general, i practiced my bow often , and lost many many  spars and fights, but I was always determined to do much better, and soon it wasnt long before we had new sisters that needed to know the lay of the camp and explore  the  grounds upon which we hunted and played and farmed and fished,  and of course the daily battles with the terror of Gor LezWarrior, i never did  very well against that one, but soon I grew lonely as well and only wished for that special sister that would make me complete, sadly she never arrived, we had many couples in camp and the closeness was  wonderful, so i contented myself with looking after the kajira of camp,

but  then after 12 full moons or so it  came time for promotions and as I had worked hard  for the tribe I had hoped that i would have earned a higher rank, but it wasnt to be, but I didnt let that deter me .. in the meantime we fought against  raiders from other lands and the warriors of semris village as well, but soon the village had a mass exodus and we even lost some sisters from SDS as well and the next thing you know we were down to just 5 or 6 sisters our Ens had left..first Sara and then it was learned that Jayda had been capped and enslaved, and  my sister Sylvia Hawks was chosen to be the EN of SDS , and we as a tribe began working hard to  find new sisters to become one with us and soon we began to grow again, and then we rebuilt the camp with much hard work and and cursing and soon enough we had a much more secure place to sleep at night as long as we kept close watch of the path leading up to our camp.

And the tribe continued to grow again, and I took it upon myself to try to teach  all the new ones that came about all there was to know about SDS and where we lived, and we fought against the wagon people that lived to our south and the small city that was even farther  south as well, and then some outlaws that lived to our east, it was at that time that the village of siba sprang up near and so we fought against them as well, and i acquired my first kajira named vida. We had a sister named Nell Ireton and I worked with her telling her everything she needed to know about us  and then once more it came time for promotions , she was promoted  but i was not , i didnt let it deter me from what i considered my tasks at hand  and continued on, I lost vida to letting her rteturn to her feet and acquired denay, but at that time denay was  wild and unruly and it seemed that my skills in taming her were not what they needed to be, and after a time i had to let her go, it was about that time that Amy joined  the tribe and  she went looking for denay  and found her and made her into the fine kajira she is today .,

It was during this time when the tribe had reached about 30 strong and  the new members stopped coming for awhile that i began heading out on hunts and scouts on my own and also it began a period of time  that i was still not so good with my bow that i spent  many days captured , and my En and sisters spent many days searching for me as well, but for the most part other than a few rapings and whippings i survived  it well enough to limp home and get medical help from our healer Mikki, who was always drunk on paga .. but in her sober periods, she was quite wonderful healer. It was also during this time, that i was  passed over two more times for promotion, and i was  very discouraged, and then the one that was closest to the EN simply looked at me one day, and said you are just not good panther material, i should collar you and put you in your place , you care way to much for the kajira to be a panther, my anger could hardly be contained and I lashed out at her , and then  resolved to stay out of her way as we just  didnt see eye to eye on many issues, she had changed so much since I had first met her that i didnt understand it much, or maybe it was because i had changed instead , i never really figured it out,

it was about that time that our En Sylvia was  to go on a long hunt , and a huntress by the name of Susan Koltai was to be a temporary leader, and it was she that decided that the priestess  needed to be caged and have the  Goddess beaten from her soul and she wished to enlist my help in making that happen, of course I could not bend to those demands and proceeded to sabatage her efforts, and in the end after  two hands worth of days our En returned home only to find the camp in shambles and Susan saying  she would not stay in a tribe that did not follow her orders, and she left in anger, I havent seen her since that day, and the EN enraged as  she was put the tribe on lockdown  and was very unhappy with all of us it seemed, or maybe just me.

it was just after  this period that i released  vida as my kajira to return to her  feet and took on denay as a kajir … but  denay and i  had our issues as well  and i couldnt seem to train her and  the en demanded i let her go and so i did … and than amy found her  and trained her and made her  an obedient kajira …it was a wonderful turning point for her.

then our en sylvia was rumored to be preggers and   since in SDS a huntress cannot remain in the tribe if she is preggers she and kao decided to leave until the spawn was  born … and cathy was made en of SDS … sylvia and  kao  never returned to us, but it was  later found that sylvia had landed with the Pi Ra Tor tribe in Panther Ridge ,, she ws there for some time  and then last known she was spotted in Hrimgar  with the SKF and i think she is  still there to this day .

it was roughly about this time i had become restless and ws traveling alot that one  day i ventured into the isle of Concordia  and  found the camp of the black ravens …this group of outlaws was  very  rich and well to do and  had many treasures of which to steal  .. and it was during one of my forays into their walls that i was  caught  by a woman  by the name of Ravyn Dastardly …  unfortunately she also knew who i was and promptly  made sure i was  bound and placed on the cross  and she interrogated me  for  ahns …  placing a noose about my neck and  hanging a bucket from it  and then  slowly filling it with water  until i begged a  brand and it still lives on my left thigh to this day  ..it was either beg the brand or die which at the time i really didnt relish much  so … in their  dank dungeon .. i received it .. and i dont  care how long you have lived in Gor the pain and smell of a  brand never seems to change .. i once had a healer tell me  she could  remove it  but that it would be just as painful or even more so since  Ravyn had burned this one  so deep  .. so i just opted to keep it .. and it was shortly after that  that we  felt  Gor quakes in semris and the land shifted and so we left our home of almost  two full years and struck out for new lands and ended up in a land called Northern Wilderness …

and it was located due east of where our camp is to today… sadly after a time there  the Gor quakes  once more took hold and shook the lands of the Northern Wilderness to its core and it sank as well … and  we trekked west of there and  took over the lands once  held by a group known as the Black Ravens of Gimli   Village .. we  worked hard and soon made a defensible camp ..  since then we have made changes  to it  but ..we are still here as well.

At this point in time I need to mention  that my two sisters really were a big part of my life as  well… Tawdry Burnstein and Josie Seubert and they still are although both were sisters in SDS  they both moved on as  well.. as their lives pulled them in different directions  … i know some of you have met them and they  will continue to show up from time to time  still Im sure.

One day while we were in camp a new huntress appeared by the name of Trinity Valeska and she brought with her a kajira named buttons .  Trinity was in camp often for about a moon and then started  spending less time in camp but her kajira buttons was here a lot and I was instantly drawn to her, and we spoke often, and the more we spoke the more I decided  that I really  enjoyed her much, I grew very fond of her and i had a belly-button stud that was given to me when I was a kajira but  when I had regained my feet I was able to get it removed but it was not damaged when it was removed so i kept it in my little box of treasures and  one night on a whim i took buttons into the infirmary and laid her on the  bed  and then carefully pierced her belly button and then placed that same dangling stud in her belly  button, i wanted her so much to be mine… .. i had pierced my very first kajira and i wished it to be one I didnt even own, two moons later when Trinity still had not  returned, buttons awoke and was looking out over the valley at the far side of the camp looking lost and forlorn, wondering where her mistress was she had not seen her in two full moons or more and she was  begging to be let out of camp to go wander, instead i took out a set of slaver keys and fidgeted with her collar until it became unlocked and then taking my own collar I claimed her as mine, exercising the law of  abandonment and deciding that i would fight to keep her, finally realizing I once more felt complete and happy, that was on March 22nd of 2010 and she has been a gift to me ever since, a Mistress could not ever ask for a more loyal kajira, always beautiful and pleasing and willing,…..

it should also be noted at this time i was made En of SDS, sylvia had left and cathy had taken over as En and susie was Se, but 8 moons prior to this they had disappeared and I was running the camp as Tor, one day cathy returned and said to me that although I had been running the tribe , she felt that I   was not ready to lead it and that she was going to turn her leadership feather over to our sister nadira Jewel to become En, I was a bit hurt, but I accepted her decision as well, as she was En, Dira took over camp and promoted me to SE, and janet to Tor, and thus we moved forward and remained  strong, about 3 moons later Dira, not feeling as comfortable within the tribe as she had previously and due to other  circumstances as well, passed to me then feather of En, thusly i promoted janet to SE and then asked mari  to become my Tor, and once more we moved forward, we  worked hard and fought battles and endured mostly exactly like what we still endure to this day ,  After 13 moons I decided to step down and let  another take the mantle of leadership simply because i was tired and i was ignoring my responsibilities as a Mistress and was slipping in my care of the tribe as well, it was then that the council of Elders asked Joy to become  En,  janet remained Se and I once more settled into the position of Tor, mari had left the position earlier and in that meantime I had my blood sister Josie as Tor for awhile as well, but josie soon felt the need to travel, and at the time of welcoming joy to the en-ship the position of Tor was vacant.

it was also about this time when i had first became En that I also made one of my biggest mistakes in all my life, and that was getting a sister for buttons, unfortunately i picked one named kyna, and for the next 9 moons trying to teach that one to be a proper kajira was so much work and so much heartache as well… buttons  the dutiful and obedient one that she  is said little but one day when the final string had broken ,,she  wish to be freed if kyna remained … it was also at that point i had reached my end with that urt as well,, and sent her away .. taking my collar from her and banning her from the tribe .

So Then we spent a bit over a year with Joy as our En … and then one day fatigued and tired  Joy handed Janet the En’s  feather  and in accordance to her  right as  En janet promoted Tessa to SE and Asma  to Tor … I stepped  down to Elder having been here over  4 years living and loving my tribe, wishing for it to  be the best place to live for any that  wished it  i hope that the tribe will always  prosper and grow and be a place that i can return to when other things allow me to return  my heart will always be here even if in presence I cannot be …. much love and life to all my friends and loves ….. my girls especially ….. for without them i  may well have done something  not so  smart for a panther to do .

I will never say Good bye … for it is my intention always to return  ….


A trade bell is stolen

A  panther named Kala travels to gimli to steal the SadiSani trade bell.

The role play:

  • Kala:  arches a brow and looks perplexed a minute at the hooded figure. Then her eyes go up above his head. She waves at the trade bell. “I want that.”

  • tomo trade bell?

  • Kagegari:  raises an eyebrow. ” Interesting request.”

  • Eris : You really want the bell?

  • Kala:  grins amicably, “It’s what will get your sister her freedom, yes.”

  • tomo: tomo start thinking she looks to eris then back to her sister in bounds.

  • Eris : Tomo … Sleeny is worth more than a bell

  • Jen:  gives a smile to her sister hoping she will help her

  • Kala:  waits patiently for their decision, her eyes going quietly from the bell to the gathering

  • Eris : So if we get Sleeny back, we can sell her and buy an even BETTER bell than we have now!

  • tomo: well you cant have the trade bell. but i would think what going to happend to you. when you leave the trade docks. its a long ways to the docks

  • Jen:  rolls my eyes…

  • Kala: You’d attack me with a trade fairly given for your sister?

  • tomo: ask for something elas

  • Kagegari:  sighs as he hears the usual panther banter back and forth.

  • Eris : Tomo? Be nice.

  • tomo: no

  • Eris: I think a bell would be worth it.

  • Kala: I want the bell.

  • Kala:  waves a hand at your sister, “You’ll put a piece of metal over your sister’s freedom?”

  • tomo: something elas that a panther would need

  • Eris: The next time I go to a city I’ll get a bell. I go to cities all the time.

  • Kala: I want *this* bell.

  • Eris : Tomo? If you didn’t outrank me, I’d tell you to stuff yourself.

  • tomo: she wants it becouse its our trade bell eris

  • Kala:  she admires the reflections in it for a minute, wishing for once people would be less stubborn about silly things.

  • Eris : So!!! It’s a friggin’ BELL! So WHAT?

  • tomo: I cant leave right now

  • tomo: lat you do this

  • Kagegari:  coughs. ” Perhaps I could help with the bell issue?”

  • Kala:  looks at the male, “Oh?”

  • tomo: your not getting it. its our trade bell


  • Kala: Very well, I’ll take your sister to another place, sell her for another bell.

  • Eris: Are you getting THAT, Tomo?

  • Jen:  gives a look to her sister not willing to make a trade

  • Eris :  growls at Tomo

  • Kagegari: ” Calm down Tomo. Wait, what if I help you get a bell or something like it?”

  • tomo: I am not mad at all

  • Jen:  looks sad as she looks down at her feet

  • Eris : No, but I’m FURIOUS!

  • Kala: I want a bell from a panther tribe, not a city bell. A bell with a name attached to it. A bell that has seen panther trades beneath it.

  • Eris: How DARE you put a BELL over the life of our SISTER!

  • tomo: that you know i canr rp with you. you do this sorry

  • Kagegari: ” Or perhaps I could buy her with enough to have you buy a bell?”

  • tomo: you re talking to an elder watch it

  • tomo: you do it i will just go

  • Kala:  looks between you all quietly, “Will you trade or not?”

  • Eris : You … bell … Sleeny …

  • Eris : Yeah, let’s trade

  • Kagegari: sighs. ” If I may ask why is this bell so important to you huntress?”

  • Eris : I can go to Port Cos tonight and buy one

  • Jen: truns the other way to try to keep hideing my girl parts from the man

  • Eris : Actually, why is the bell so important?

  • Kala:  glances to the male with a lopsided smile, “I promised to take home the heaviest thing I could today. This bell should do it.”

  • Kala:  slips an intricate little blade from her belt and begins to slice Sleeny free

  • Kala: Cut the bell down.

  • Eris : How about a sack of rutabagas? That’s heavier

  • Kagegari:  raises an eyebrow. ” Well that being said how do you intend on carrying it?”

  • Eris :  shimmies up the bell pole until she gets to the very top, then cuts it down, having it land with a “CLANG!”

  • Kala: I will drag it. If you fire on me I’ll run and leave it, true enough, but…” she pauses, “I *will* come back, and keep coming until I have it. A trade fairly given is owed.”

  • Eris: Nobody will fire on you

  • Eris : A deal is a deal

  • Kala:  releases Sleeny with a smile, inclining her head in gratitude

  • Eris :  carries the bell over to you with difficulty

Continued on Sa Vella lands:

  • Kala:  Some distance from the trade point, a pinecone comes hurtling from the forest with not-really-so-brilliant precision. It arcs and bounces with a crinkle on the boards, and Kaja mutters in the underbrush before hurtling another. This one ricochets perfectly off the trade-bell causing the tiniest clang. The bell stays unmoved. “Good,” she smiles. From back here it looked like the same bell she’d tried to haul off with a hand of days before.

  • Keeks :  hears the vulos scatter, and when the pine cone knocks the bell she figures her message had been relayed, and fires an arrow at the trade bell, making it go “ding!” “We’re taking it with us when we move!”

  • Kala grasps the handles of the wooden cart behind her and hauls it awkwardly up to the trade post. Her toes kick one of her flung pinecones aside and she scrutinizes the Sa Vella camp, lifting a hand to salute Keeks up there watching her. “Tal, pretty Vella!” she yells with her hands cupped over her mouth. “You’re emptying camp and collaring yourselves, then? I can save you the trouble of this bell, the only kind you’ll need are the ankle-bells of slaves!” In one swift move she unsheathes a just-sharpened choppy-blade thing and hacks clean through the trade bell’s rope. She’d learned on the last trip; daggers suck. The bell drops with a massive CLANG! that makes the boards splinter, and she pushes a heavy sack from the cart that thuds beside it.

  • Keeks :  notches another arrow and takes aim, so with her bum wrist who knew where it would land. The fact that she hit the bell the first time was frankly a miracle. “Sorry to disappoint but we really were hoping to keep the big bell as well. You are welcome to the anklets!” Visitors on the trade dock were not typially fired upon, but neither did they typically try to make off with the bell, so Keeks lets a warning shot off to land where it may.

  • Kala:  springs aside a bit at the arrow even though it lands well clear. “Not nice! I bring something of equal value for it this time– I learned my lesson!” She gives a sorta grumpy look up at the camp and plucks the arrow Keeks shot from the trade point’s boards, waving it to the huge sack she’d just shoved from the cart. “You want a bell? I have one for you, one that you can gloat about to the SDS next door!” She grins and wrenches the sacking off the SDS’s trade bell, acquired with some effort on the same day she’d attempted to steal the Vella’s one and failed. Without waiting for permission she starts to heft the heavy Vella bell into the cart and grabs the handles, stumbling a bit in the trees. The bell she left behind on the dock lays askew, graffitiied with the words, “CLANG IF YOU LOVE SA VERUS!”

  • Kala:  unslings her bow and fluidly notches an arrow

  • Kala:  springs into the boat panting and tries to cast off in her canoe

  • Kala: Er… trips and lands in the boat’s underbelly instead?

  • Kala: My bell! Dammit!

  • Keeks :  grumbles as the anthe rmakes her getaway…..or wait, did she?

< fighting & cussing & binding >

  • Kala: “Let’s get you home with my bell, hm?”

  • Keeks : spits seawater as she comes to. “Yeeugh! Well at leas tI didn’t drown!”

A Perfect Revenge

Patience is a virtue and Red hair has plenty of that. She strikes an accord with the Sa Di Sani and Rina is caught. Red hair plans her revenge on Rina, by repeating each step the slaver did to Marli: stripping, hypnosis, rape.   Rina shivers, quite rightly !

The role play:

  • Marli yanks the leash “come with me…Mistress will show you the swamps”

  • Rina looks around her and isn’t really liking the place, or is it the situation, wondering how she get out of this mess” i don’t have any ” she grumbles ” i’m a free

  • Marli yanks on the leash “come rina……you have much to learn”

  • Rina: learn? ” closes her eyes ,not liking the sound of this” i know everything about the woods

  • Marli: “aye the woods you know….but you know little about the swamps….but thats not what i had in mind”

  • Rina decides for now it’s better not to ask what she meant

  • Rina although she tries she starts to lose sends of direction

  • Marli knew the swamps would be confusing to a newcomer, its what kept the Luna safe from outside attacks, she opened the secret and hidden doorway to the dungeons

  • Marli applied pressure to rina’s shoulder, forcing her to kneel at Marli’s feet

  • Rina looks around her ,not really liking what she sees, but she’s not going to show that, at least she hopes and looks up proudly at Marli ” i’m sure, we can…mmm…find a solution” growls slightly as she”s forced to sit down

  • Marli runs her fingers through rina’s hair , the sa di sani had removed pins and other items, her brief search confirmed this “really? a solution?” she lifted rina’s chin and looked at her with deep piercing eyes “what solutions do girls offer a panther when they are captured….please amuse me “

  • Rina: mmmm, respect, freedom? “she tries ” doesn’t that sound good to you ? I mean….what good am i to you , a wild panther ….

  • Rina sighs as she sees the other one, thinking this isn’t improving her chances to get out of here , she looks at Marli and whispers between her teeth ” i never submit, i ‘m not a slave, i ‘m a panther , i told you ,woman

  • Marli eyes shift to alice, not responding to rina “will you help me drag the girl to the cross……she needs to learn her first lesson”

  • Rina she is worried though , but hopes her firm words don’t miss the effect they should have

  • Alice pulls a dager from the end over my top and holds it to the girl you never what

  • Alice looks to marli aye lock her on the cross

  • Rina freezes and doesn’t move, her eyes on the dagger ” mmm…become a slave??..never??

  • Alice: you see there is a problem with your words

  • Marli yanks on the leash , rina had frozen, she pulls rina to her feet and then drags her to the cross

  • Alice: girls who say never well it becomes truth

  • Rina struggles against ,in vain off coourse ” yo don’t wanna do this woman, you don’t ” looks with mixed feelings at the wooden cross

  • Marli pushes rina’s back to the cross, she gets some spare ropes from her belt and first ties the waist to the cross

  • Rina her instincts saying her to fight, but she knows that for now she does’t have a choice

  • Marli secures the wrists to the cross and then then the feet

  • Rina looks at them both ,while she ‘s attached to the cross ” reconsider this , Marli…it’ll never work

  • Alice : she seems so sure marli

  • Marli flicks at rina’s bouncing nipples “Oh they all say that “

  • Marli removes a steel collar from its peg on the wall and shows it to rina “once you feel the steel around your neck you will feel different”

  • Rina gasps and finds out with that cross in her back she can’t even pull away ” stop that ” she yells , dissapointed to feel the slight reaction of her nipples

  • Alice laughs to bad we are under ground and no one can hear your scream or please for help

  • Rina: nonono ” shakes her head ” don’t you dare ” she grumbles hopefully sounding angry as to hide she’s getting worried about this

  • Marli holds back rina’s long golden hair , she then slips the collar around rina;s neck and turns the key clockwise , with a click it snaps shut, Marli then removes the key and places it in her leather pouch

  • Rina tries to pull away , her heart beating faster from anger and fear ” no, don’t do that woman

  • Marli: “its already done” Marli remarks dryly as she runs her finger along the collar “get used to its feel rina……feel the emotions “

  • Alice: you want me to give her a light sedative to calm her

  • Rina shivers and looks from one to the other ” you can’t do this to me, it won’t work ” she yells ” you just can’t

  • Marli grins evily at Alice “how about some special dust….like the one we used on brigs …that will calm rina very much”

  • Rina: no, please ” she tries ,looking from one to the other ” we ..we can work this out, i know we can

  • Alice reaches into your pouch then smears it under the girls nose holding my hand over her mouth so she has to breath through her nose

  • Rina sturggles to get her nose free, but has to inhale whatever that woma did ” what are you doing ? stop this ..what???

  • Rina feels a cold shiver running down her spine as she looks at both women ,feeling a bit odd

  • Alice: you see dear you worried us we had to bring you home

  • Marli watches intently as rina has to breathe at some time, the dust would enter her system and calm her serenely , a side effect being she would be more open to suggestion

  • Rina: home?? she stares at Alice ” home ?? ” she says again, not fully understanding

  • Alice: yes you begged for us to bring you back home and we had to save you

  • Rina she listens quietly to the explanation, which soounds vague and plausible ,still somewhere ,something tells her vagely there’s more to it ” i ..;I live here?

  • Alice: you serve the sisters here you came here when you lost everything we saved you

  • Marli nods slowly at Rina , looking at her convincingly

  • Rina: i..i serve ?? i’m saved ? ” she looks at both , deep inside sensing there’s more to it ” so…;” she thinks slowly as she has a hard time concentrating” i’m h ome and safe ” she says, not totataly convinced

  • Alice: we were the only people who would take you in I found you brought you were were she and I treated your wounds and got y ou better

  • Marli caresses rina’s cheek “we had to put you on this cross for your own safety”

  • Rina she stares at the ground thinking, searching he rmemory and whispers ” thank you for saving me ” then looks at Marli ” i understand …i think

  • Alice: if we hadnt put you up there you would of hurt yourself when you fell its so we can see how badly your hurt without having to move you

  • Alice: if we hadnt put you up there you would of hurt yourself when you fell its so we can see how badly your hurt without having to move you

  • Rina nods as that statement made sense ..somehow “yes, i can understand that ” bends her head , her eyes searchig her body for wounds or bruises and relaxes as she sees none

  • Alice: you fell down the steps bringing us drink we got you on the cross so that you wouldnt get hurt further and maybe have permanent injury

  • Rina she nods ” but ..but i feel good, a bit dizzy perhaps ,but rather good ” all this information becomes to much to question for now , so she accepts it for what it is

  • Marli: “you are our favorite girl …rina” she smiles “we were so worried about you when you fell”

  • Rina smiles back ” i am ?? ” then frowns ” i’m sorry, i can’t remember falling down, i must have hit my head, it’s all….all a blur

Conclusion of Day one:

Rina is left in a cage to sleep.  Marli returns the next morning , she finds the mind drug has worn off. Not that Marli minds , she would prefer Rina to be conscious of what is happening to her….Marli grins ….Rina shivers.


  • Rina lifts her head ” you …..” she grumbles

  • Marli reached out and tickled rina’s exposed nipples with her gloves hand

  • Marli: “mhm….the dust wore off it seems”

  • Rina bites her lip and wiggles with her hips as good as she can,which is way to little to her likings ” stop that ” she says ” don’t do that

  • Rina: haven’t you done enough yet ? ” she looks at Marli” that bloody collar

  • Marli chuckled as she watched rina wriggle in her binds “Mhm…i will stop when you call me Mistress” her finger roaming down he left thigh, she had waited a long time for this moment, Marli was a patient one , she allways got what she wanted

  • Rina feels a slight tremble running through her body , she looks at Marli again , realizing her situation isn’t the greatest ever , and defiantly shakes her head ” no, i won’t woman” she tries to make her voice sound strong

  • Marli looked into rina’s eyes , keeping eye contact untill her lips were close to rina’s right ear, Marli’s hot breath in her ear as she spoke “good, dont give in just yet, let us play some more” her fingers once more caressing rina’s flower

  • Rina feels the ghoosebumps covering her arms , bites her lips , trying to think of something else, but she can feel her body react to the touch, and she shakes her head ” what you want from me ?

  • Marli nibbled on the right earlobe a moment and then let go “I am going to do to you , what that slaver did to me” she laughed ,which echoed in the hollow dungeon

  • Rina shivers and desperatly tugs on her bindings, not really wanting to know what happened there ” you…you can’t blame me ..for whatever happened,it wasn’t me

  • Marli moved rina’s hair aside , Marli kissed the cold steel on rina ‘s collar , she whipped out her tongue and traces a lick down rina’s cheek “i do blame you” , Marli intended to repeat each step with rina

  • Rina a shiver running down her spine , she looks at Marli

The priestess

A trade of rabbits with the SDS priestess.

The role play:

  • Brig: tal marli

  • Màяℓî  grins

  • Màяℓî : Tal brig

  • Brig: you know raven here?

  • Màяℓî : “No , but it looks like she is about to be traded “

  • Raven : I am of the Valkyrie Torva.

  • Brig shoves her down

  • Brig: anyway, marli, can i help you?

  • Màяℓî : “Hmm….lets say I am always in the market for slave meat…….brig”

  • Brig: oh – well i was going to let raven here go

  • Brig: she has already been punished

  • Raven  gulps looking down at ground shuddering before making a move to kick at Brig

  • Brig sighs and rehogties raven, easily overpowering the bound girl

  • Màяℓî  examines the girl “I see no whip marks ” then frowns seeing the girl trying to kick

  • Brig: why on earth did you do that, raven?

  • Raven : Cause I could

  • Brig: i was going to release you

  • Brig: not now…

  • Raven : Brig I know you never keep your word unless you have something to gain, so I don’t trust you as high as Sador towers in the sky

  • Brig forces a gag in raven’s mouth

  • Brig: i WAS going to free you, you stupid slut

  • Brig: but you kicked me

  • Màяℓî  shakes her head “ptttt…..you got a real intelligent one there”

  • Brig: marli, she is all yours

  • Raven  gives a muffled protest from behind the gag

  • Brig hauls her back to her knees

  • Màяℓî reaches in her pouch , she retrieves a freshly hunted rabbit “I will trade you this rabbit for ….” she coughs “…..the girl”

  • Brig: yes, good

  • Brig: thanks marli

  • Brig: can i ask one more thing, marli?

  • Màяℓî  nods and hands over the rabbit

  • Màяℓî  lifts an eyebrow “yes ?”

  • Brig: when you tire or her, dont free her. sell her.

  • Brig: pref to a city

  • Raven  looks up her eyes gone wide in disbelief at what just happened, screaming from behind the gag no to have this happen to her

  • Màяℓî chuckles “Aye”

  • Brig sees raven try to scream in the gag

  • Brig ties her elbows together too

  • Màяℓî  looks sternly at the girl “harta girl”

  • Raven groans in discomfort and falls over to her side deciding to go dead weight to be as annoying as possible to the other panther

  • Màяℓî : “Safe paths …..enjoy the rabbit meat”

  • Brig: aye

  • Raven  sighs shaking her head hoping its poisoned

War !

The Sa di Sani tear up all treaties !

The role play:

  • Lizz : ‘the Sa Di Sani has decided that it no longer has treaties with any tribe but the ones we forced to share land with treaties are for weak small tribes and we are the biggest in all Gor’

  • Lizz  holds the scroll up and rips it slowly to spieces

  • ĶααЯι : ok

  • Muffy : i have a scroll for you

  • ĶααЯι : we have a treaty with you

  • Lizz  turns to the one who spoke ‘yes?’

  • Lizz : ‘you had one with us’

  • ĶααЯι : or I should say we did?

  • Lizz : ‘we hold no treaties with any tribe any more’

  • ĶααЯι: ok

  • ĶααЯι: then you can run along

  • Lizz : to tell you facts

  • Wildfire: your all welcome to come here and get crushed anytime

  • Lizz : we decided we never rp with our ‘friends”

  • Lizz : ‘the only people we really rp with is real enemies

  • Lizz : so this way we actually play more

  • Lizz : and dont hold your breath on crushed

  • Wildfire: we have no treaty or friendship with your tribe

  • Wildfire : in fact…we dont like you at all

  • Lizz : our tribe considered there was one

  • Lizz : all the better

  • Wildfire : i was a member of your so called tribe onece!!!! laughs

  • Lizz : then let war commence

  • Wildfire : goody!

  • Lizz : grins

A Sa di Sani switches sides!

The role play:

  • Verna shrugged as she took the bow from her grasp and slipped it over her own shoulder. She would look up as the trade bell rung. “It would seem they are here for you, Ems of the Sa Di.”
  • Verna took the woman by the arm and began to guide her towards the trading women. “Come along.”
    Marissa keeps silent as she hears the bell and wasnt sure it was she who she
  • Silkie : tal huntress’s !! i have come to try to trade for my two elders of the Sa Di Sani
  • Shark gave Mari a nudge forward, “Go ahead, speak your resignation.” She instructed Mari. Looking to the others- “This one has decided to pledge Arua.”
  • Marissa eyes widen brightly at the sight of her sisters . sh waves to them
  • Verna inclined her head as she gazed upon the small gathering of women. She let go of Ems arm and smirked. “Tal. What do you bring me in exchange for your En Bow?”
  • Silkie : looks to the huntress nay i have come for two taken and i bring chocolate and arrow heads and perhaps if more be needed i can arrange something …but i come for two and two it shall be huntress
  • Marissa shrugs off the nudge ” i will pledge my allegience only if I am free…these ropes do nothing for me”
  • Verna pushed Ems towards the Sa Di. “The one called Marissa is not free to go. Not yet. But we shall take your chocolate AND your arrow heads for Ems.” Verna would use their names casually and with a hint of familiarity.
  • Silkie: quirks a brow at the one nuding ems and then smirks well you can be rest assured they are the finest that can be traded for come forward ill not throw them
  • Shark responded: “If you wish to be free of the ropes, you will speak your resignation. Then, you may be free to pledge us. But first, your bridge to Sa Di must be burned.”
  • Marissa looks down , saddened that she wasnt part of the bargain
    Ems : very well ” she raises her brows.. and blinks to silkie ” lets go
    Silkie: points the the huntress further back behind ems .. please come forward and receive the trade
  • Ems : moment.., possibly.. mar wishes to say goood bye to her old sisters… you should grant her that.. or..? ” she tiurns back to verna..
    Shark wrapped her knuckles around the base of her spear, pulling it from her back.
  • Shark briskly drew her bow from it’s sheath, pulling back the string and setting aim at her target.
  • Silkie: looks to mari frowning a bit as well .. sister you need to think very clearly what it is you speak
  • Shark laughed, “She has already given up your En. Tell.. Joy we will be coming for her.”
  • Marissa looks toward Silkie and catches her gaze “Silkie..it is so…I made my decision to leave the SDS and join this tribe…they have a nice camp and good stream nearby”
  • Verna approached and took the chocolate and arrow heads from the traders. She would later divide the spoils up amongst her sisters and fletch new arrows for the tribe. Verna would nod to Ems once before pivoting on her heels. “There are no good byes yet, Ems of the Sa Di Sani. She is yet to earn her right amongst our tribe.”
  • Silkie: looks in amazement you would draw weapons at a trade party huntress ?
  • Silkie gave you Tray of High Quality Carved Poison Arrowheads.
  • Shark : Of course, I will keep my weapons handy. Give me no reason to use them, and they are no threat to you, for one.
  • Silkie Rayna gave you Chocolate Sack….
  • Ems : very well, mar.. ” she smiles.. ” we will meet again
  • Marissa Curtis nods sadly at Ems and Silks, Asma and Fab
  • Marissa Curtis: we shall meet and hunt together some day
  • Shark shouts: Since Mari has given up your En – Please send our best to “Joy!” For, Arua knows her name and will seek her out and break her to our pleasure.
  • Ems : yes certainly
  • Asma cant believe what she is hearing…..looking to maris…she asks with her eyes is this true?
  • Silkie: looks to the one holding mari after i had passed the items requested for ems to the other … and says softly .. are you quite sure you would wish to keep my sister that could possibly cause issues between us further that would only deteriorate ummm good trading policy hmmm ?
  • Marissa looks at Asma “Ai friend…i made a choice and will remain here”
  • Verna looked at the arrow heads closely. She would bring one up to her nose and inhale. “Poisoned.” She announced. “How interesting.”
  • Shark pointed her finger towards the docks, “Return now.” Shark instructed them. “We will meet soon again, I am sure.”
  • Marissa holds back her emotions when she sees Asma’s reaction
  • Karamella dark hues looked each woman up and down as she passed them. She cooly walked and stood near the woman verna on the rise and watched casually.
  • Fabienne turns to Asma, ‘I have no pity for Mari and neither should you sister!’
  • Ems : so we head back of home.., ” she nods.. ” thank you siszters
  • Marissa: Go now Sa di Sani…the brave lot of you will have a place in my heart.
  • Silkie : fixes t he huntress standing next to my sister mari with a cold gaze .. you have no idea what your deeds will cause .. tis amazing to me you would wish to seal your fate so soon in your young life .. you and yours will be hunted until my sister is returned you are quite well aware of this are you not ?
  • Marissa: Silkie…It was my choosing to stay. I made a choice. I will live with it.
  • Shark held her bow firmly in her hand, raising it slightly. “I said leave. Do you not know you are now speaking to an Arua? Turn before our tolerance of you on our lands is revoked.”
  • Silkie : you will not be forgotten sister
  • Marissa : I will live here and hunt with them. I will survive”
  • Silkie : pfft
  • Marissa nods to Silkie “nor you sister”
    Fabienne looks at Silkie, ‘it is time that we sail, let us depart!’
  • Marissa : pfft
  • Silkie : you arua huntress are stupid and foolish …said with an evil hiss … may your lands suffer plaquyes and may the fleas of hundreds of larls fill your evermost tender bits may they become infested and may your land suffer great famine .. so sayeth the goddess of the woods !!!
  • Marissa nods slightly at Asma and Silks
  • Verna waggled her fingers in an amused gestured. “I am sure they will, Huntress. I am sure they will. And when they do we shall move into your woods and take over your land. Then the next. And then the next.”
  • Marissa: so..what;s for dinner?
  • Verna : The forest supports our hunger.
  • Shark began to cut through the bindings of Marissa after the others had sailed from the docks. “They would cut your throat should you return. They know you have given up their En.” Finishing, the binds as they fell to the grass, “You should know, I am a tracker. If you run, I will find you and your punishment will leave you begging for death.”


A short encounter with Silkie

The role play:

Silkie Rayna: looks to her left seeing a familar face … hmmmm and what brings you to these woods ?

Marli winks “pretty faces as allways”

Silkie Rayna: smirks well aye and lets hope you only look and not try to take as well …

Selling a Sa di Sani is a fishy business

The role play:

Marli helps Niki with blue

Marissa feels the hair on her neck stand up

Marli: “home sweet home for you…eh……blue?”

Blue: home? but that was my home

Blue: oh no….

Marli: oh we heard tea wanted you bad

Blue: so does the dijan slaver i escaped from

Marli: youre a popular “girl” blue

Ŋίķί: oh really?

Blue: i’m a huntress. sighs

Ŋίķί: giggles at Marli “hmmm the vast wealth of two large tribes. I really want to see those talents.”

Marli chuckles “indeed sis”

Blue: groans

Marissa: Tal

Ŋίķί: just looks at Marli “I totally don’t see it. Tal”

Marli slaps blue on the ass “sds and di jan ….perhaps we should sell you to the highest bidder”

Blue: Don’t suppose you could hlep me out Mari?


Blue: damn *rubs her stinging bottom*

Marissa: hmm..found yourself in ribbons eh?

Marissa: do you mean to trade blue?

Blue: grabbed me while my sisters were asleep

Marissa: ahh..the nerve of them!

Blue: sighs

Marli nods at Mari “yes we mean to trade blue……she misses the SDS…..she couldn’t stop talking about you all”

Marissa: uh huh

Blue: groans

Blue: Tal Ely

Marissa : well..what will you take for her

Marissa : we have fish..lost of fish

Elysia : hello blue

Marli rubs her chin “fresh fish for blue ? mhmm……sounds like a good offer….how many fish?”

Marissa : well..let me think..

Marissa : how many do you want? we have lots…maybe ….10 fishes?

Marli whispers at blue “start looking pretty girl…..you want to be worth many fish”

Blue: pfft

Marissa  laughs

Marli looks at Niki “ten fish? you had to drag her…..is that enough payment?”

Kirst hops in the boat and starts padding back home again

Marissa : ythey are medium sized..good eating fish.

Ŋίķί: “eh…your call En. She wasn’t much trouble”

Marissa : no scales..

Marli licks her lips “well, if they are as good as you describe them…..we have a deal….ten fish for blue”

Marissa : very well..let me put them on a stringer

Ŋίķί: grins at blue and pulls her piercing playfully “you’re still going to have to show me one day”

Blue gasps

Marli chuckles

Marissa  takes a length of rope and slides ten fresh fish onto it

Blue: d-don’t do that

Blue: ummm…show you waht?

Blue: what have you been telling her Marli?

Marissa: the fisher person wont mind..i will pay her back later

Ŋίķί: chuckles and wiggles the ring “no?”

Marissa  hands the string of fish to Marli

Marli smiles seeing the fish and takes them

Blue squirms and lets out a light moan as the rings are toyed with

Marli pats blue on the ass “you are worth ten fish”

Blue: Ely! new hair-do….first time ever that I’ve know you!

Elysia : oh

Blue: i should hope at least!

Ŋίķί: tugs some more as she hands the leash to Mari “show me the big deal. clit piercings wouldn’t do it”

Elysia : i change sometimes

Blue moans as the nipple rings are pulled “s-s-stop that!”

Marissa  takes the leash and tugs on it lightly “Thank you…i am sure she will serve well..once again”

Blue: what???

Marissa winks at Blue

Blue: you have to be kidding Mari! groans

Ŋίķί: smiles “tug on those rings. she likes that”

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Sa Di Sani



  1. rp that involves permanently enslaving someone who didn’t come to “gor” to be a slave is bad rp, and just ensures that in the future you’ll have one less person to interact with.

  2. Why is it there is so little information coming out, is my Beloved tribe still in existence, I miss Gor so much.


    • Silkie SIlkie! oh where have you been? how are your travels going? You have been missed by so many. I sometimes recall you to people when we reminisce on days past. I pull out a wanted poster of you. I am sure you remember that. and they would say “oh yes..of course I remember her.” You are much loved in the SL Gor community. And your memory is fresh on many minds. Ely and I come on like once a week or so. Yes, we still do kneebends and goof off and search for the best salami we can find. Ely misses you as well. I hope you are in good health. You should log on sometime if you can. It would be great to see you animated.
      Mari (marissa curtis)

      • Hi Mari !!!!,

        I miss you and Ely very much. I wish I could find a place where I had enough data available to log on and visit. What is going on in the tribe ? Is buttons still a huntress or is she submitted again ? Who from the old tribe is still there ?

        Love You so much,

  3. Don’t worry Silkie we are still here, I have posted a group notice to this blog so expect some news!
    I hope you are well.
    -Love Tiny.
    P.S. Thanks Marli for the heads up.

  4. Silkie ! i tried to post a reply but it dodnt get posted..dammit. Ely! where is Ely…she will fix it. Priestess!

  5. Hey Silkie

    Wonderful to hear from you! I hope you are well,,where are you now in your travels? SDS are still trundling along ..we had a raid last night from Morr and the SKF, it was quite heartwarming when we downed them all …they look quite fetching all trussed up in ropes ! Kirsten is Se now thats the most up to date change since you heard I think as far as the band is concerned. Siba has shifted on us and moved below Whispering Moons, so we only have the one proper connection now to WM and a corner touching Siba.

    Would be great if you could manage to pop in sometime for a visit.

    Love Etain (Kara)x

  6. Oh my !!! It’s so wonderful to get some feedback, it is also wonderful to know that SDS is still a good strong tribe. Tiny I often think of your wonderful skills in the first, please keep up your good deeds and oil your rod often as I instructed you, do you still have the scar I gave you ? Etain (Kara) I know you will keep the tribe in good stead, I miss so much being there but my connections are less than desirable, I would love to see a roster of the tribe and any small tidbits of info. Mari and Ely my heart breaks for the knee bends, we had oh so much fun doing those when we were not defending the camp. There are so many questions I wish to ask, but it would take ahns to go through them all.
    I am doing well and currently playing hide and seek in the mountains of Arizona, I am also trying very hard to come home to SDS, you all still hold my heart.

    I Love You all so much,

  7. Here is a roster, Silkie but many are not active. I guess we never delete anyone unless they do it themselves…:) we certainly miss you and sorry you haven’t been ale to get a steady connection but hopefully you will in the near future.
    I still have my wonderful girl, denay, and we often think and talk about you. 🙂 Hurry back!


    ßėĺĺą βℓaςкιςe (bellamira1), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-28T00:00:00Z
    ßoo (taretha), Sa di Sani Pledge, 2015-09-11T00:00:00Z
    αイιуα đαωєѕ (faythnoele), Sa di Sani Panther, Online
    ςαℓℓisto whitesong (pearlkelly), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-21T00:00:00Z
    Ϯ ηoηηα Ϯ (nonnamerel.spingflower), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    кɪттєɴ (ranaa), Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-24T00:00:00Z
    єℓℓα ɱαяιє (heelslk), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    ℓíℓℓy (jumaane.lilliehook), Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-21T00:00:00Z
    ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (liliaiflower), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Ƹ̵̡ .K’s ella…̵̨̄Ʒ (yasmin.teardrop), Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    ΣмʙєяƖчɴɴ (emberlynn.moonites), Sa di Sani Pledge, 2015-10-21T00:00:00Z
    aisha (ziptripper), Sa di Sani Potential, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Amygirl Carlberg, Sa di Sani Elder, Online
    anita Avalira, Sa di Sani Pledge, 2015-10-18T00:00:00Z
    Anke (pieternel.brandi), Sa di Sani Pot slave, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Asani (caringwind24), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-04-28T00:00:00Z
    Asma Whitesong (louise.siemens), Sa di Sani Elder, 2015-10-28T00:00:00Z
    Aurie Aurielle (erissiaurielle), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    B u t t o n s (freya.umia), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Beru Jendri (berudandi), Sa di Sani Potential, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Beth Caerndow, Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-10-28T00:00:00Z
    BLaCKaT (kathrina.xue), Sa di Sani Pledge, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    blackkajira, Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-19T00:00:00Z
    Blue (jt.sellers), Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-10-28T00:00:00Z
    Brigette Wade, Sa di Sani Elder, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    cara (caranda.schreiner), Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-10-28T00:00:00Z
    Cari (carina.iadyl), Sa di Sani Pot slave, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Catalyna (caitlynrene), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-28T00:00:00Z
    cllea, Sa di Sani Elder, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Cream (avperi.monitor), Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-28T00:00:00Z
    Dawn (faby.damiano), Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    dawns Larnia, Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-25T00:00:00Z
    denay (dana.benedek), Sa di Sani Slave, Online
    Emerald (abeeey), Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-10-27T00:00:00Z
    endless wade (endless.miles), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Eris Lobo, Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-05-05T00:00:00Z
    Etain Stonesoul, Sa di Sani Elder, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Exp (experim.bluxome), Sa di Sani Pledge, 2015-10-04T00:00:00Z
    Fey Wade (fey.esparza), Sa di Sani Huntress, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Ghost (jamie.bligh), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-27T00:00:00Z
    Gwen Whitesong (gwen.panthar), Sa di Sani Huntress, 2015-10-28T00:00:00Z
    Honey (littlejoss), Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-23T00:00:00Z
    Hundino, Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-05-24T00:00:00Z
    Indra Allian (indraallian), Sa di Sani Huntress, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Ino (ino.auer), Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    janet Quicksand, Owner, 2015-10-26T00:00:00Z
    Janine Whetmore, Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    JC (jessika.cazenove), Sa di Sani Huntress, 2015-10-06T00:00:00Z
    Jen666 Alter, Sa di Sani Pledge, 2015-08-25T00:00:00Z
    JJ Blue (jjhandytoo), Sa di Sani Elder, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Josephine (josephine.charleville), Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-10T00:00:00Z
    Kirsten (kirsten.klaar), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Krista (krista.woodrunner), Sa di Sani Huntress, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    La Tigresa βℓaςкιςe (snowleopard.burnstein), Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    LadyElizabeth Demina, Sa di Sani Panther, 2014-06-30T00:00:00Z
    Lizz Dawes, Sa di Sani Elder, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Lizzy (lizzyhall), Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Luciy (luciy.walpole), Sa di Sani Huntress, 2015-10-28T00:00:00Z
    Lupino (kuro.semyorka), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-06-27T00:00:00Z
    Mισ (louisedeblois), Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Marilyn Oxidor, Sa di Sani Huntress, 2015-09-03T00:00:00Z
    Marrissa Greene, Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-28T00:00:00Z
    Merryn Michigan, Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-22T00:00:00Z
    Mickayla Hauster (mickayla3), Sa di Sani Pledge, 2015-10-25T00:00:00Z
    Phais (romy.charron), Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-08-13T00:00:00Z
    Rafi (arafel.ewing), Sa di Sani Pot slave, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Rah (rahana2), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Rampoina, Sa di Sani Huntress, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Raven Black (ravenasid), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-25T00:00:00Z
    Saffina (saffinablaze), Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-24T00:00:00Z
    Sapphire (roannamorningstar), Sa diSani supplicant, 2015-10-26T00:00:00Z
    Sappho Ling, Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-10T00:00:00Z
    Sarah89 Edenbaum, Sa di Sani Pot slave, 2015-08-05T00:00:00Z
    SaraTrixie, Sa di Sani Potential, 2015-10-17T00:00:00Z
    Saraya Vaella (sarayavaella), Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-10-10T00:00:00Z
    sharon1970 Bade, Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-09-26T00:00:00Z
    Tala Wala (missvane), Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Tess Anatra, Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-03-05T00:00:00Z
    tiny (done.arun), Sa di Sani Slave, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    tomoko whitesong (tomoko.saxmundham), Sa di Sani Elder, 2015-07-09T00:00:00Z
    Toni Slafford, Sa di Sani Huntress, 2015-10-01T00:00:00Z
    vixen (susanne.violet), Sa di Sani Potential, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Willow (willowlongbranch), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-29T00:00:00Z
    Wrenni U Swashbuckler (silverwren), Sa di Sani Panther, 2015-10-21T00:00:00Z
    Yaaj the Valkyrie (yaajayra), Sa di Sani Pledge, 2015-10-25T00:00:00Z
    Yumi Oxidor (leslie.zeta), Sa di Sani Huntress, 2015-10-27T00:00:00Z
    Zosa Akros (zosa1), Sa di Sani Pledge, 2015-10-23T00:00:00Z

    • Wow !!!!

      Thank you so much Amy, the tribe looks like it is doing well, I am so happy to read of all those that I know and remember well. It breaks my heart that to buy data is so expensive, because as you know SL sucks up lots of data. And in most places I am data streaming is very poor, but I continue to try. Please let everyone know that I am thinking of them often. And that I miss being home.

      Love You,

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