About the bloodiest Punishment and torture tools of Gor

And blood will flow


Editorial comment Marlies Dasmijn:

When I began to write this, I did expect to separate some of the tortures that had been ‘grouped together’ – after all I wanted to make it divisible in ‘shades.’ But most cases are significantly different to each other, albeit sometimes a collection of these tortures were used together upon a single victim.

Out of all the blog posts I have written, this has been the hardest so far and not for the work it entailed but because it’s difficult to read and write of such things and not to feel some compassion for those poor souls, innocent or guilty, who had to endure such horrors and so much pain.

I tortured you

Your fingers;
Filthy things that steal the  freedom of Free Women you’ve collared,
I take scissors,
Placing the mouth at the lowest joint in each finger,
Squeezing hard and twisting until it cuts to bone.
I pull off the skin and muscle of each finger.
You do not deserve to feel the warmth on your fingers that touching a Woman brings.

Your hands;
They are dirty with your foul deeds to Free Women,
I wash them with acid,
One drip at a time until it covers them up to your wrists.
Seeing how the skin bubbles and melts into muscle,
And muscle into bone.
You scream for mercy.
There is none left.
Your body contorts in agonizing pain like the pain you’ve caused  Women.

Your mouth, your tongue, your lips.
The dispelling of a thousand commands.
I’ve selected a serrated blade,
To gradually shred;
Little by little,
Feeling it stick and jerk in the coarseness of your tongue,
The blood gushing through my fingers and running down my arms.
Embracing every vibration as it tears its way through the tough, soiled flesh;
Every moan, tear, scream you let out is pleasing to me.

Next, a needle and twine;
Coarse and hard,
Ripping holes in your frail lips with every stitch.
Let the feeling encompass you as your mouth is to be forever closed.
No more kisses,
No more commands to be given.

 The Tools of the trade

binding fiber:
stout twine made of strips of leather or of a fiber like hemp; a piece long enough to circle a slavegirl’s waist 2-3 times is often used as a belt for her slave tunic

binding strap:
a strap 3/4″ wide and 18″ long commonly used for binding the wrists and/or ankles of prisoners and slaves

branding rack:
a device to which a new slave is chained for branding; the slaves hands are chained above their head, but the rest of their body is free to move, except for whichever thigh is to be branded, this being held motionless in a large vise

a method of chaining a line of slaves together for trekking; common methods are to link the slaves by the left ankle, left wrist, or throat; also, the line of slaves itself

any of several iron or steel devices that fit around the neck of a slave; in Torvaldsland, they are of iron, hinged, and fastened with a rivet

collar, dance:
a collar to which light-weight chain has been attached in order to set off the dancer; a common type consists of a large oval of chain roughly 3 yd. in circumference, to which wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs are attached; once the two sides of the oval have been attached to a ring on the collar, the chain gives about 36″ of play for each hand, and 18″ play for each foot; much used in the Tahari

collar, lock:
a hinged collar easily removed by the use of a key; usually of flat stock, c. 1-1/2″ to 2″ high; usually worn by trained slaves; the lock has one pin for each of the letters in the word ‘kajira’

collar, plate:
collar of flat stock which is hammered about a slave’s neck; usually worn by untrained slaves

collar, Turian:
a slave collar of cylindrical stock, rather than the normal flat stock of northern lock collars; fits more loosely that a lock collar, enabling it to turn around the wearer’s neck

chain; pl. fori – chains

a narrow piece of wood c. 5′ long with holes drilled in the middle and at each end; to secure a girl in this yoke, a thong is tied around one wrist, the end of the thong then being passed through the hole in one end of the yoke; the thong is then passed through the middle hole of the yoke, wrapped around the girl’s neck 5 times, then passed back out through the same hole, after which it is passed through the hole at the other end of the yoke, so that her other wrist may be tied to the yoke; shorter (2 1/2′ long) versions are sometimes used while the girl is serving her master’s pleasure; used mostly among the Red Savages of the Barrens

Harl ring:
a form of slave chain which consists of an ankle ring with a welded ring in back and a yard of in front; the chains termi- nates in a locking device which can be attached to another Harl ring, around a post, or to itself in order the secure the slave who wears it; named for its inventor

iron pens:
the subterranean retention facilities in a Slaver’s house where slaves are kept for training and prior to sale

slave collar

kur :
the five-bladed slave whip

devices of various complexity designed to keep a slavegirl’s legs spread while being used sexually by her master(s); sometimes used on male captives as an indication of humiliation; used mostly among the Red Savages of the Barrens

 plank collar:
a two-piece board hinged at one end and capable of being locked at the other, it has two or more semi-circular holes cut in each side so that it may fit around the necks of more than one slavegirl or slaveboy

pleasure rack:
a device, ranging in complexity from a grid of ropes in a wooden frame to a moveable, adjustable frame with chains, for the display and sexual use of slaves

shipping collar:
a loose, generic collar worn by slaves when being shipped as cargo

a arrangement of chains used to display a slavegirl rather than confine her; it consists of a collar, to which about five feet of chain is attached; part-way down the chain is a pair of manacles, and the chain terminates in a set of shackles

slave bells :
tiny bells which gve off a sensual shimmer of sound; threaded by the dozen on thongs or chains, they may be tied or locked around a girl’s ankles or wrists, or attached to her collar; are worn or removed only at the whim of a owner

slave box:
1) small, square iron box, with a door; a punishment device for slaves;
2) a small ventilated box, barely large enough to contain a slave

slave cage:
a small cage, just big enough for a slavegirl to sit or curl up

slave goad:
an electrical device, much like a cattle prod, used for controlling and disciplining slaves

slave hobble:
a chain consisting of a wrist-ring and an ankle-ring; the chain it is fastened on one ankle and the opposite wrist

slave hood:
a leather hood, having no opening for eyes, mouth, or ears, which covers a slave’s entire head; usually has a gag attachment

slave mat:
a course mat to which area a slavegirl may be ordered for discipline or rape; the slave may not leave the mat unless permitted by their master

slave oval:
a method of chain a slavegirl consisting of a hinged iron loop which locks around their waist, with two sliding wrist- rings and a welded ring in the middle of the back slave pole:
imaginary pole that ‘transfixes’ a dancing slave, by which the slave is ‘held’ during the dance

slave ring:
a heavy iron ring, c. 1′ in diameter, to which a slave may be secured for security, discipline, or any other reason; often found in floors, attached to the foot of a master’s sleeping couch, etc.

slave steel:
generic term for collars, chains, siriks, etc. worn by slaves

slave strap:
a heavy strap or belt which buckles behind the wearer’s back; in front, there is a metal plate with a welded ring, through which passes the 4 hort chain of a pair of slave bracelets; designed to keep the wearer’s hand before his body

stimulation cage:
an ornate, fairly roomy cage, furnished comfortably with fabrics of all kinds, furs, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, etc. in which a naked slave in training may be housed; its purpose is to awaken their senses, esp. the tactile senses, to everything in the world around them, so that the slave may be more pleasing to warriors/patrons; in addition, it is just too short for the slave to stand upright, so that their head is always inclined in a gesture of submission.

Gorean Punishments

captives can be hung from large wooden frames…somewhat shaped like an “A.

High on the beach, I saw two pairs of sloping beams. They were high, large and heavy structures. The feet of the beams were planted widely, deeply, in the sand; at the top, where they sloped together, they had been joined and pegged. They were rather like the English letter “A,” though lacking the crossbar. Within each “A,” her wrists bound by wrapped and taut leather to heavy rings set in the sloping sides, there hung a girl, her full weight on her wrists. Each wore the brief skins of the forest panthers. They were panther girls, captured. Their heads were down, their blond hair falling forward. Their ankles had been tied rather widely apart, each fastened by leather to iron rings further down the beams. It was an exchange point. It is thus that outlaws, to passing ships, display their wares….“Hunters of Gor,”..pg. 18

this punishment is not described in too much detail, however on earth it would translate into a beating with a stick or cudgel….the usually is to the soles of the feet.

this is an ancient form of execution, seen as an option when the offender is of the same Home Stone. It consists of stripping, beating and beheading the offender…it is considered a merciful death.

this explains itself for the most part. A belt is used to strike the offending slave. she can be hit anywhere; usually the lashing occurs on her ass, legs, and back. The degree of punishment is up to He who holds the belt.

Some say the Master belt gets its name because it is used sometimes in the disciplining of bond-maids. This seems to be a doubtful origin of the name. It is true, however, questions of the origin of the name aside, that bond-maids, stripped, are often taught obediance under its lash….“Marauders of Gor,”..pg. 51

Chained on the Boards:
a very old form of execution that involves the person being chained in collar and shackles on parallel upright boards-much like the punishment of hanging from an iron collar. The victim can take some time to die…possibly even a few days. These structures are most common in harbour cities near the wharves.

a Free Man may chain His troublesome FC to the slave ring on His couch for the night without mats or blankets..He may also use this to punish a slave.

This harsh treatment, incidentally, when she is thought to deserve it, may even be inflicted on a free companion, in spite of the fact that she is free and usually much loved. According to the Gorean way of looking at things a taste of the slave ring is thought to be occasionally beneficial to all women, even the exalted free woman. Thus when she has been irritable or otherwise troublesome even a Free Companion may find herself at the foot of the couch looking forward to a pleasant night on the stones, stripped, with neither mat nor blanket, chained to the slave ring precisely as though she were a lowly slave girl. It is the Gorean way of reminding her, should she need to be reminded, that she, too, is a woman, and thus to be dominated, to be subject to men. Should she be tempted to forget this basic fact of Gorean life the slave ring set in the bottom of each Gorean couch is there to refresh her memory. Gor is a mans world…“Priest Kings of Gor,”..pg. 67

I would allow Vika to share the great stone couch, it’s sleeping pelts, and silken sheets. This was unusual, however, for normally the Gorean Slave Girl sleeps at the foot of her Masters couch, often on a straw mat with only a thin, cotton-like blanket, woven from the soft fibers of the Rep plant, to protect her from the cold. If she has not pleased her Master of late, she may be, of course, as a disciplinary measure, simply chained nude to the slave ring in the bottom of the couch, sans both the blanket and the mat. The stones of the floor are hard and the Gorean nights cold and it is a rare girl who, when unchained in the morning, does not seek more dutifully to serve her master…“Priest Kings of Gor,”..pg. 67

Dung Sack:
this is used as a punishment when slaves are forced to spend a night in the sack-which may or may not be holding any type of dung.

a Man being exiled for whatever reason is publicly refused bread and salt, ordered to leave the city by sundown under penalty of death. The exiled One may not come within ten pasangs of the city from that day forward.

Frame of Humiliation:
a wooden frame to which the condemned person is tied to. It is then set adrift in the Vosk River so that he may die of exposure or dehydration; or he may be eaten by tharlarion or other carnivorous reptiles.

Garbage Death:
a way of killing where a slave is bound naked and thrown to canal urts; as in Port Kar.

Hung in an Iron Collar:
an ancient form of execution where the offenders are chained and suspended by iron collars on posts, sometimes taking two to three days to die.

Hung from Poles:
the captive is hung from poles set into the ground…usually nude. The hands are tied to a top pole, the feet to the poles on the side-similar to the use of an A-Frame for punishment or display of capture.

The girls had set two poles in the sand, and lashed a high crossbar to them. The man’s wrists, widely apart, were, by leather binding fiber, fastened to this bar. He was nude. He hung about a foot from the ground. His legs had been widely spread and tied to the side poles…“Hunters of Gor,”..pg. 27

the impaled person on the pole lance or spear is lifted with the dying body raised for all to view.

When one who is a slave strikes a free person the penalty is not infrequently death by impalement, preceded by lengthy torture..“Assassins of Gor,”..pg. 74

Penalty Brand:
small brands, often 1/4 inch-marking the person as a traitor, liar, thief, etc.

Put to the Oar:
a bond-maid on a ship of Torvaldsland if found displeasing can be strapped and tied to an oar with her hands behind her body. she is tilted so her head will face the blade of the oar. the rowing will then continue as if she wasn’t there..she is forced to gasp for air when the oar lifts from the water. this is somewhat dangerous due to sea sleen and sharks. girls work hard to please the Men as they don’t want to be punished like this or used for bait in the same manner.

‘I will not eat the gruel of bond-maids,’ said Aelgifu ‘You will eat it’ said the Forkbeard, ‘or you will be stripped and put to the oar.’
She looked at him in horror.
‘That will not violate you my pretty’ said the Forkbeard.
In this punishment the girl, clothed or unclothed, is bound tightly to an oar, hands behind her, her head down, toward the blade. When the oar lifts from the water she gasps for breath, only in another moment to be submerged again. A recalcitrant girl may be kept on the oar for hours. There is also, however some danger in this, for sea sleen and the white sharks of the north occasionally attempt to tear such a girl from the oar. When food is low, it is not unknown for the men of Torvaldsland to use a bond-maid, if one is available on the ship, for bait in such a manner. The least pleasing girl is always used. This practice, of course encourages bond-maids the vie vigorously to please their masters. An Ahn on the oar is usually more than sufficient to make the coldest and proudest of females an obedient, eager-to-please bond-maid…“Marauders of Gor,”..pg. 66

often, if an Owner finds a slave to displeasing in any way, They will just rid Themselves of the offending slave at a sale.

“Where you ever happy with a master,” I asked acidly. “Oh yes,” said Ute. Her eyes shone. I looked at her disgustedly.
“What happened,” I asked. She looked down.
“I tried to bend him to my will,” she said. “He sold me.”…“Captive of Gor,”..pg. 83

Slave Box:
a small square iron box, usually three feet by three feet-with a door having a viewing area. slaves may be locked into the boxes as punishment.

a death from exposure used in Klima for those attempting to escape. the person is staked to the salt crusts…spread-eagled, until the heat of the Tahari sun kills them.

Sleen Death:
when a Master is done with a slave, or displeased with a slave He may stake her out-tying her ankles far apart to seperate posts. the slave, blindfolded, is cut open on the thigh. blood drawn and smeared over the body to attract the animal to the slave.

Tarn Death:
a person is attached to four different tarns by each of thier limbs..they are then flown into the air where the tarns seperate and the body is torn apart.

Torn Apart by Thalarion:
an execution that involves ropes being tied to the offender’s wrists and ankles. these bindings are attached to two different tharlarion which are then drawn in opposite directions, tearing the body apart.

Trampled by Thalarion:
the offender will be bound..placed before a thalarion, and left there till maimed or trampled to death.

usually a slave is stripped and secured to a tall post set in the ground…there are a variety of whips used. this can be used to punish a number of offenses, or used to teach a slave of the whip and make her move as a slave should. a slave can be whipped anywhere, anytime, anyplace because her Master wishes it so.

“What are you going to do with me and my men?” I demanded.
“Bring a whip,” said Verna.
Mira leaped to her feet.
“Curiosity,” she said. “Is not becoming in a Kajirus.”..“Hunters of Gor,”..pg. 137

“What is to be done with us?” demanded Verna.
“Curiosity,” said Marlenus, “is not becoming in a Kajira. You might be beaten for it.”…“Hunters of Gor,”..pg. 142

Then He said to the bond-maids, “Take her to the whipping post.” The bond-maids, laughing, dragged Hilda to the post, stout, of peeled wood, which stood outside the Hall. Ottar, then, with a scrap of binding fiber, crossed and rudely bound, before her body, the wrists of the daughter of Thorgard of Scagnar; he then, reaching up, fastened her wrists to the heavy iron ring over her head. Her breasts were against the post; she could not place her heels on the ground….“Marauders of Gor,”..pg. 126

‘Does Phyllis remember the lash?’ asked Flaminius. The girl’s eyes widened with fear. ‘Yes,’ she said…“Assassins of Gor,”..pg. 131

“I went to Targo, trembling, and knelt at his feet… I crossed my wrists beneath me and touched my head to the floor, exposing the bow of my back. It is the submissive posture of a slave girl who is to be punished. It is called Kneeling to the Whip.”…“Captive of Gor,”..pg. 200

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