About the Di Jan Lina Panthers

Lake Ias Di jan

A word from Bacala Artis

Well sisters, this was not a easy decision to me and probably nothing better then i explain my self in a note. About 4/5 months ago, i made the decision to do a long pause in my gorean life. Not to leave as some already told me, but a long break. To understand that you need to know from the beguine of all. Looks so long ago that i forgot the time when Bac born in Gor. Invited by a friend to be a kajira like her, that was how i met Gor. For a vampire in CCS and DCS sims, that was a litle strange, but Gor looked to me a nice place with rules and not the mess of the vampire RP.

After i search for some information i decided that my destany was to be outlaw, so there i was in Gor with my vampire cloths and my sword looking for a good group, the first land on the SL search was ARIA, got a meter and there go Bac. Looking around i found a pirate camp and for my surprise i am attacked with no reason, damn that people was shooting at me, so i got my vampire sword and shot back some balls of fire against them well that was my first meet with gorean drama. But i didnt give up, back to the market i saw a panther, and i did her some questons about Gor, she told me about panthers, she told me that panthers was a role with the chance of be Mistress or slave if capped and asked me if i wanted to go to a big or a small Tribe.

Well i was learning and to learn small tribes are better, so i decided for the small Tribe, she gave me a LM and there i was in Wastelands where i met my first EN, well one of them, was a small Tribe but with 2 EN. That way i got my first lessons about Gor and about what is to be Panther, and one thing that i learned fast was that the bow was the diferance that the huntress that i met first talked about, the one of be the Mistress or the slave. I didnt know if was not in Gor to be mistress, but i was not for sure to be slave, so i trainned hard, some times alone in the camp full of targets placed by me, some times in the arena or looking for the best to sparr and in one month i was one of the best bows in the Tribe.

With that i started to teach also the other sisters, and is in that time that i met Maly. Well Maly portuguese like me, and with a big will of learn, so not long time for she become my best friend in Gor. Then the Tribe had some trouble, the ENs where separate, dont ask me why, that was not important to me in that time,well Maly chosed to follow one of them and theres go Bac, new Tribe, new sims, Maly becomes the Tribe SE and i become 1st bow. Maly taking care of the camp and the land and Bac raiding and getting in trouble all the time, well i had the EN and SE to get me out. Then the EN stoped to be active, and she return after 2 months saying that was was no more panthers and that now we was Talunas. Maly get crasy, big fight, the EN is almost kicked and we stay in the land with a new Tribe, Maly as EN and me as SE, that Tribe is called DI’JAN LINA, what means WITH THE HEART.Well that was a start, we had a EN and one SE, but we also had a sim owner causing drama all the time and that was the principal trouble for we get new sisters. So Maly got us a new Land, Cronopia was the name. With the move to Cronopia we got new sisters, one of them was Buba, she joinned us with a group of 5/6 huntresses, we also got other huntresses, me training them with the bow and we was a small but good Tribe. Well, small Tribes have tendence to do alliances, and on that days was something natural, that was the time of the big alliances,not only Panther aliances, but Mercenary and outlaws aliances. Thats how i met Nicc, not with that name, but Nicc, she used to be much time in Cronophia, or after one of the sisters that joinned with Buba or to spar with me and we became good friends, was easy to find Nicc also in the raids or in ARIA where i was many time. Donnatella also join us in that time, old EN from other tribe she became my RP mother, Maly and one twin of Maly my RP sisters. Donnatella was much importante because she showed us how to raid without the big alliances, 5/7 sisters raiding towns with more then 20 people there and leave with captives. Milu was the twin of Maly, well for better understand, Maly was Milu’s charecter in Gor, but at one time Milu also came to Gor, the diferance was that Milu was mercenary and got her Free companion from Maly, well he was Mercenary. With that Milu was more around at one time of the day and Maly at other, but slowly Milu won time to Maly, so Maly decided that was need a second EN. Buba become EN, and in one day Maly tell me that she is forced to go away of Gor because of her RL, damn how i cryed in that day, and i asked to Buba for we take a picture of the Tribe to offer to Maly.  Well to me Buba’s group was a group inside the Tribe and loyal only to her, and we had other sisters loyal to me. Not that we had much drama, but we had some, and after some time Buba leave the Tribe to become pirate, then Maly ask me to be the EN. She tell me that will not be so long as she used to be arround but she will with Milu, that way didnt look so hard and i acepted. I had not many huntresses but i had some that was very important to the Tribe, one of them Ana. One day, im hunting in ARIA with 2 sisters and i hear one huntress complaining about the drama in her Tribe, suddenly she is attacked by some males, we help her downning the males and i ask her to follow me to Cronopia, she was Var Viverra and her name was Tabitha, later i ask her to join us, she did it and with the time she became my Tabi, the one that i always said that is the best SE that one EN can have. Tabi was very important, very good training the new sisters, loyal like no one, Tribe get strong day by day, we are feared in the continent, Panthers allainces lose most of the time when they raid, but not when Di’Jan are there.

Then after about 1 year in Cronopia, Milu come to me with bad news, Cronopia go to close. So me and Tabi look for a new place to call home, we were first in one land that was a big fail, then other that was not so bad, There we got  respect from all, and then i got a very good invite. Larion ask me to go with the Tribe to Tarn island continent. Tarn island was 1st on TOP, and there we go to Tarn Island 2. Like i used to do always that we moved, we needed to show to all that we was there, that we are not captur sluts and that we dont need many to spank them ass, so was like lets put the land on fire *giggles*. We didnt use to attack the city but the land around it and this was 3/4 Di’jan downing 10/15 warriors, the proud city start to close the gates, horns sound in the walls of the city when one Di’jan cross the land. Di’Jan not only attack Tarn island, but also all the continent, they need alliances to raid our camp and most of the times they leave with the tail between them legs. With this Tarn 2 a land that not even is a full sim, is on top 10, and dont leave TOP 20 for long time, almost until we move to Lake Las.

Damn how i was happy here in that time, SISTERHOOD AND PROUD, this words was so important then the “WITH THE HEART”. One thing that always was much important to me was that all need to feel important in the Tribe, because they realy are, a Tribe is always in change, sisters leave and others join, the most important is that we have a good group, that we have the old ones training the new ones, when the new ones will be the old, then is the time for they train the others that will join. The real loyal stay, others go and then return, and who dont return at least go with something, i like to think that with good memories. One day i log about 6 AM here in Portugal and i find Ana, that Ana that was with us since Cronopia, counting the items on the RP server to see if they were not stolen, were 7 am in her home and she tell me that she used to do that every day. Damn how i felt proud. Still in Tarn 2, Tabi Leave the Tribe i never realized what was the real reason, but for you understand her loyalty, for many times she offered her self to be enslaved when i was capped in some place and the trade was denied. Not long ago she told me that she was with a cancer, and i dont see her on for long time. And was also in Tarn 2 that many joinned us, Branca, Nicc, Wikk are 3 of so many. Well Tarn 2 became small for us, Larion wanted to close Tarn 2, like later he did with Tarn island. We moved to Lake Las, this time to close and in the same continent. Nicc, Wikk and Branca will that we had a land to call our own so we had a meeting, one of many that we had, because in my opinion the EN have the last word, but not without know what her Tribe want and the Tribe are not only the Elders, are not only a group of the sisters, but all, sice the last pledge that joined until the EN. Well that way we decideded, and when i say we, i mean the Trime, that Wikk was the sim owner and all the sister help with something and then it was. I know that Branca payed almost half of the sim costs every months. Wikk also payed much, many helped. Well, is not easy to deal with so much diferant opinions about what is better or not to the Tribe, i established some values that was to be followed, one of them was the sistherhood, most followed it, others not so much. Disagreement is part of life but dont need to turn in a big drama, and if we are in a group we need to acept the decison of the majority. Well that didnt happened all the time, Nicc, Wikk and others decided to leave and join a outlaw group, and that became a problem to the Tribe, The Tribe felt that Lake Las was no more our land, the Tribe land. So we recovered the land back. Later Wikk, then Nicc asked to come back, we never closed a the door to some ex-sister, so they was received with open arms. Well sisters, this lines are 5 years old, not 6 months. I got much with the Tribe, feeling up and low, happiness, sadness. I remember to be here and feel refreshed, be here and forget any trouble of RL and not a place where to get headaches every days so i decided a brake , that together with some changes in my RL then the brake became more long then i was thinking. If i have not that right i ask sorry, i know that i was wrong about dont say a word, but like i said, the brake was not to be so long. Well, but now im back, im back since 2 days ago and to me was hard to find home or recognize where is the Tribe. If it the decison of move had beed done after a meeting and not the way like it was, then i had no doubts where to go, but thats not what happened. Some looks more worried with the name that with the real Tribe, so sisters im sorry, no one imagine how, but keep the name, i go look for the Tribe.


A panther is captured

A panther learns that many say bad things about the Di Jan, but they are feared.

The role play:

  • Marli: Tal bac

  • Bac join the huntress hands behind her back, wrap one of the ropes siveral times around her hands and tie them with a triple knot

  • Bac: Tal marli

  • Marli looks down at the fallen panther and shakes her head

  • Bac then wrap the other rope siveral times around the huntress arms and torso and tie her with other triple knot …. “Marli do you knoew her?”

  • Bac then wrap the other rope around her neck and tie it in a way that she will be forced to follow or choke to death

  • Jynx  rolls her eyes a bit as she wakes up and just shakes her head. “well so much for the idea of coming here here in hopes of perhaps talking to someone. Attacking a person not even having weapons out. same old as always baca”

  • Jynx : you can sail me to get me on my way

  • Marli smirks “depends …..the Luna may talk first …if you have something worthwhile to say”

  • Bac pull the leash and look at the huntress face …….. “i know you”

  • Jynx : you should Baca. Had i faught back you be the one in binds.

  • Jynx : I just did nto think you where worth eh effort as i had come here peacefuly

  • Bac: second time that you come here in so short time, that you only can be scouting

  • Jynx : Second time had come here to scout? you smoking kanda again Bac?i not been in your lands in 4 months

  • Bac: you sure

  • Bac: i suere that was your smell

  • Jynx  just shakes her head and looks to teh docks “well how about you sail me then. Pretty sure after this little ordeal my interest in joining here just been squashed”

  • Bac: well lets go to the camp, i think that i go collar and brand you

  • Bac: Marli, you invited

  • Marli looks over at the stockade and lifts both eyebrows , marli wondered if that was where bac would take her captive

  • Bac points with her nose to the ground as she looks at Jynx ……… “sit there, that way i dont need to push you”

  • Jynx rolls her eyes and looks to bac “the purpose of this is what? you trying to get your jollies off collaring and torturing someone who did nto even bother to fight you? We both know i do not want to be here or have to deal with you after this. We both know i will not wish to stay a slave and will just leave first chance i get. i had come here to see if dijans was even worth joining as a panther tribe. Obivious not if this is how you treat people”

  • Bac: sit there

  • Bac: is not the first time that i capp you

  • Bac: did i tortured you before?

  • Jynx laughs “Bac you never have beaten me in a 1 on 1 fight. You usally find some reason to get out of it, like last time in whispering moons”

  • Marli listened to bac and jynx , whilst doing so Marli inspected her fingernails

  • Bac: we can have some fun sparing after this

  • Jynx : So do us all a big favor and take me to teh docks and sail me so i cna get on my way looking perhaps for a place to call home

  • Bac: well Jynx, Di’jan are agressive and thats how i want them

  • Bac: many saay bad things about Di’jan, but they fear us

  • Bac: so yes thats how we treat who come here

  • Jynx shrugs a bit “well get on with ever you plan. we already established I rather not be here or deal with you. but as I am in the binds not like get much say do i?”

  • Bac pull the leash and walk …… “you didnt shot me back, so yes i go to free you, and i think that you know that i always respected you, but well ….”

Caught in cross fire

Marlies is suddenly attacked for no reason.

The role play:

  • Mary shouts: you lost girl?

  • Marli wiped the blood from her face, an arrow had made a cut just above her eyebrow, Marli had been surprised by the sudden attack,  she grwols with a hint of pain, her steely gaze on the woman as she aims a hard kick in the belly with her boot

  • Kit groans

  • Kit growls ” what was that for?”

  • Marli leans in and grabs kits bow and slings it over her own shoulder

  • Marli grabs some ropes from her belt and used them to tie kits wrists in a tight gorean knot

  • Kit falls unconscious from the pain she falls unconscious just as she sees hte woman reach for her bow

  • Marli ignores the unsconscious woman and pushed her feeth together so she can tie them too in a tight gorean knot

  • Mary shouts: hey you there on the bridge – what are you doing here

  • Marli shouts: “caught a scout!” she replied quickly, she didnt want to be in the line of fire, her vision still slightly blurred meant she would be at a disadvantage in another exchange of arrows

  • Marli used the last peices of rope to tie around the womans waist and used it to fashion a leash of sorts

  • Mary looks startled at the new voice from behind the building – calls back – Who is that?

  • Marli searches the woman methodically as she always would, starting with the hair and then carefully patting her down just below the hips and loin cloth for any hidden or sharp items, she looks at the womans hair again, some blood stained feathers sway in the wind , Marli cant be totally sure but thinks she has discovered some di jan feathers

  • Kit ‘s eyes slowly flutter open, she tries to reach her hand to her head to no avail, she wriggles in the binds ” heyy what what the.. what happened, who are you?’

  • Kit turns her head to try abd bute the woman

  • Mary laughs – oh it is her! look its the wildcat they call Kit

  • Kit hears voices approaching and she turns over

  • Marli shakes her head in such a way as to sway back her red locks of hair, she lifts up her nose in an arrogant fashion and growls from her lower belly ,just in time  steps aside so the woman cant bite her, she snaps  “who are you ?”her dark brown eyes fixated on the woman who lay in binds at her feet

  • Mary: Tal Huntress

  • Fullmooon: laughs

  • Marli: Tal huntresses

  • Fullmooon : Tal Huntress

  • Kit: “oh for the love of gods not you again!” she shouts a sshe sees the familar red headed one approach

  • Marli: “I caught this one snaeking around” she glances at both panthers , then brushes off the dust and sand from her leathers, her vision finally less blurred and clearing up

  • Mary: yeah we saw her a bit earlier and shot at her to warn her off

  • Kit: I wasn’t sneaking I was merely.. umm observing!

  • Marli: “well is your lands , so i will turn her over to you” she offers, Marli wipes her brow , the bleeding stopping as the blood starts to clot

  • Mary: you are welcome to her – I capped her before – she does not like to answer questions

  • Marli grins, her lips curling up in that telltale manner , she folded her arms under her breasts, watching the woman still seeming squirming all over the place

  • Kit wriggles in the binds, the rope cutting into her skin ” how about you let me go!”

  • Mary: besides – her tribe will come looking for her here – if you take her she will be beyond help

  • Marli motions to her lips, then hisses “shut up or I will gag you “, briefly glancing down at the woman with a stern look in her eyes

  • Kit: They do know I’m here so really it is a matter of time” she agrees with the red headed one

  • Mary: oh I think you should gag her now Huntress – she has a loud mouth that one

  • Kit ‘s jaw drops open as she makes a face at marli

  • Mary: mmmm but when they come here looking for you Kit of the Dijan I will tell them honestly I do not know where you are

  • Marli thinks that is a good idea , she reached in her dark brown leather pouch , it hung loosely on her belt , fashioned with some simple rope, it was a place she kept various items when she travelled, and as the jaw drops open , in she stuffs the make shift gag, propping the slighty dirty cloth deep down the  womans throat and tying it securely at the back of the head in a tight gorean knot

  • Kit growls low as she kicks both feet up in the air ” dont touch me!”

  • Mary: see what I mean – Wildcat

  • Kit muffled noises escape from her as she tries to yell profanities at the woman

  • Marli grins “I like them feisty , more fun to break in “, she could make out the various profanities , though ignored the woman, she squatted down, rubbing her knees a bit , they felt slightly sore , Marli had run into some thorn bushes during the arrow exchanges

  • Marli snorted and leaned in , she tilted her head , finally taking a brief moment to examine her prey closely , the woman was not unattractive , though her mouth definately was , that was something Marli would have to take care of , finally her slender hands grab the rope

  • Mary: good luck with her huntress – oh she does not like the idea of being hamstrung by the way – grins

  • Kit ‘s eyes widen as she stares at the woman holding the leash, she shakes her head no then at mary almost pleading for her to somehow let her go

  • Kit ‘s muffled screams grow louder

  • Marli laughs “that will happen if she tries to escape ” her eyes have an evil glint as she says this, though it was meant more to frighten the woman

  • Fullmooon : was well met, Huntress, they call me Moonie, grins

  • Mary: have fun Kit of the Dijan – I will tell Leyla I saw you

  • Marli:” I am Marli , well met Moonie”

  • Kit narrows her eyes at Mary

  • Fullmooon: smiles at Marli

  • Mary: Tal Marli and I am Mary – we met some moons ago but it is a long time now

  • Marli smiles at both of them, they posed no threat to Marli “well met Mary ……..well safe paths , this one wont be in your lands for a long long time ” she slapped the womans thigh with the back of her hand, she wanted the woman to move down the pathway which led to the docks

  • Kit muffles noises from behind the gag

  • Fullmooon : laughs, safe paths, sister, have fun with the kat

  • Kit gets scraped and cut by the debris on the ground

  • Kit whimpers

Marli rolls the captive into her canoe and rows to her home.


  • Kit awakens from a rather rough sail

  • Marli rolls kit out of the canoe and onto dry land , she was back home, she glances around to check if she is alone , then seeing there are no strangers around , she leans in and removes the gag from kits mouth and tosses the cloth to one side

  • Kit shouts: let me go!!

  • Marli turns kit over on her back “not yet ” she brushes aside the womans hair , to take a closer look at her face, the woman’s face hadnt been hurt, Marli only found some scratches and bruises on the womans body

  • Kit: that must have been the worst sail ever, who taught you to row!

  • Kit tries to toll back over

  • Marli: “my mother” Marli snorted

  • Kit scrapes her back against the ground ” ouch can you please untie my feet please?!

  • Marli: “so you are kit of the di jan “

  • Kit pressses her lips tightly together not answering

  • Marli shrugs “fine , want to prove you are tough”

  • Kit keeps her lips pressed together and looks in the other direction

  • Marli grins “lets see how brave you are in the dungeons “

  • Kit: Nooo nooo please, fine what do you want to know? aye I am kit .. from the mighty Dijan

  • Kit growls

  • Kit looks up and under her the material covering her bits and smirks, then looks at marli quickly so she doesnt notice what she just did

  • Marli shakes her head “that is kit of the di jan , the di jan are only mighty in their own little forest “. She tapped her boot softly on the grass under her boot, her arms folded as she looked down at the woman

  • Kit curls her upper lip and grinds her teeth, ” mighty in all of Gor!”

  • Marli laughs in the most arrogant way she can think of and prods the woman with the tip of her boot “no , mighty in the little di jan  forests “

  • Kit shoots the woman a stare as though penetrating her body with her eyes

  • Kit: In all the forests… girl

  • Kit grins as she amused herself

  • Kit squirms and wriggles in her binds, finally rolling herself over which didnt do much for her, so she rolled back over again and sighed

  • Kit shouts: Let me go!

  • Marli: “calling me a girl , that was a mistake , you dont want to go down that road with me “

  • Kit shouts: help someone please

  • Kit shouts: let me gooo!!!

  • Kit shouts: anyone!! please!

  • Marli laughs “these lands , there is no one to hear you scream for help , these are the lands of Forest Moon”

  • Kit grunts

  • Kit tired from the journey and frustrated she sighs deeply and shuts her mouth, perserving her energy as she did not know what was in store for her

  • Marli: “lets start again , apologise for calling me girl ” she stared down at kit, same cold steely eyes, that rarely blinked when Marli felt anger and despise

  • Kit stared up at her

  • Kit: and shakes her head no

  • Marli shrugged “then I will deal with you as I see fit , I have no issues with the Di Jan untill you shot at me…but now I despise you like all those other panthers that have tried to fight me and lost “

  • Kit: You shot at me!

  • Kit: where are you taking me?

  • Kit looks around at her surroundings ” where am I? let me go!”

  • Marli lips curl into a thin smile, her eyes adjusting to the dim light, her nose sniffling in the stench of sweat and piss that hung around her , the forest moon cells were dirty and really the most horrible place in all Gor “in the dungeons “

  • Marli sighs , removes her sleen knife from her rope belt and starts to remove Kits left boot and then her right boot “i have many ehn , there is no rush” , she briefly examines the inside of each boot for hidden items , finding nothing inside and noting they are not of good quality (in her opinion) she tosses them away

  • Kit wriggles in the binds, they loose a little but not enough ” well what do you plan on doing with me?”

  • Marli was squatting beside Kit , then slid her body onto Kits belly , her ass pressing down on kits belly button , she now began to tug at Kits brassiere “first I plan to remove your clothes and burn them”

  • Kit: The weight of the woman bearing down on her kept her pinned, she tried to roll over but she couldnt get her off

  • Marli tugged at the bra straps and cut though them , then tossed the bra into the darkest corner of the dungeon, she wasnt sure , but she thought she heard a little urt scurrying around there, the plate from the previous prisoner hadnt been cleaned and was attracting vermin

  • Kit: ” you know…..” she looks at her bra being tossed ” they will come looking for me”

  • Marli: “you know ….I dont care ….and you know , they dont know you are here” she slid lower , now tugged at the womans belt and knickers, it wouldnt be hard to tear through the flimsy material

  • Kit frowns as her eyebrows fury, she tries to push her hips in an upward motion

  • Marli tore through the knickers fabric and cut through the leather belt , then tossed them in the same corner, there was now a heap of damaged clothing, Marli’s keen eyes had adjusted to the dim light and were roaming over the girls naked body, Marli could feel the womans warmth beneath her , but soon she would be cold and start to tremble on the stone ground

  • Kit watches her clothes being tossed to the side, she snarled

  • Kit: It is only a matter of time then that they will search for me

  • Marli slid up now her lower body pressing up close to Kits youthfull boobs , she grinned down and used her sleen knife to examine Kits hair, examing each strand carefully, as if she was looking for nits and creepy crawlies, she picked at something that looked like a bug and brought it to her teeth to check it , then turned away and spat it out

  • Kit: The glint of the sharp knife in her side vision she slowly turned her head to look at it then at the woman

  • Kit: her breathing slowly climaxing as she now only began to worry

  • Marli: “they will search eventually , but by then it will be too late , I may have decided to sell you to a male at our trade post ” she then examined the necklace , it was quite ornate and pretty so  her greedy fingers tore it free and she placed the necklace quickly  in her right boot for safekeeping

  • Kit: Nooo noo my mother gave that to me! she would turn her head from side to side in anger, biting at ait

  • Kit: You slut! give it back!

  • Marli chuckles , now Marli knew the necklace was of some sentimental value to Kit , her eyes  glared, veins reddening  when Kit called her a slut and thus aimed a hard slap at kits face with the back of her hand

  • Kit ‘s head jerked to the left and she grimaces, the sting from the slap causing her face to become hot

  • Kit slowly looks up at her and growls a low infuriated growl, one that almost scared her, she felt her blood boiling and could only see red

  • Kit: I suggest you better be far far away when i return….. and I will… I always do” she said in a low voice

  • Kit shouts: Slut!

  • Marli glared at Kit still “you are stupid ….here you are naked and bound , a sleen knife close to your throat ” she pressed the blade close to Kits flesh , letting her feel the cold steel blade close to her throat, to make her point extra clear

  • Kit would keep her head still, only moving her eyes, she would lock her eyes with Marli, almost in a sort of staring competition

  • Kit: She could feel the blade and it made her throat jump down into her stomach, she was scared but she dare not let Marli see that in her eyes

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Di Jan Lina


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