Role play of Luna Caleeng

Sisters of the Moon

The Luna

Throughout that abominable world know as Gor. Men ruled with an iron fist. All women accepted it. Most women were contented with it. Some women even enjoyed it. However, far from the civilized world was an area in Lake Ias, two panther tribes lived there. The Di jan and the Luna Caleeng. The Luna Caleeng were a band of barbaric heathen girls or at least that was how their Askari overlords viewed them in the relentless pursuit to eradicate or enslave them.
They were panther girls, fearless and brutal in combat, merciful in victory. The Luna Caleeng lived free of the shackles and whims of men. A man who ventured into their swamp had little zest for life or liberty. For once he was in the clutches of a Luna Caleeng his life was forfeit, for they reversed Gorean law. Women reigned and men perished under the Luna Caleeng by whip or by spear.
They were led by a young woman named Marli, she was as beautiful in thought and deed as she was in face and form. She carried herself with pride and dignity.
It was a dangerous life. Their enemies left them little time to cultivate the small plot land in their camp. They lived by the hunt and by raiding caravans that crossed Lake Ias. A monthly affair, the hunt was a dangerous time for the Luna Caleeng, taking them away from the relative safety of their swamps. At risk from the Askari warriors they kept ever alert. None were safer than those who hunted with Marli. With her, most Askari men became their prey, slain or enslaved. One day though even Marli’s luck ran dry.
An ambush was set for her and her panthers. Outnumbered but not outmatched, she fought like a wild larl. She stayed behind fighting the many Askari warriors, desperately trying to let her own sisters escape into the swamps. With so many upon her she had no chance, so when once her spear was gone, broken into by a Askari warrior’s sword, she fought with her own hands till a noose was tied about her neck and she was dragged down to her knees.
They took her through the town of Siba as their prize. She was paraded in a wagon, bound to the cart, her hands up in the air, tied. The villagers threw rocks and pebbles and insulted her…
Through this all this she kept her head held high and didn’t say a word to no one. In the village center she was tied to a post and whipped senseless to reveal the location of her sisters camp. Again not a word passed her lips, not a cry of pain or shout of fright although the agony was beyond all understanding.
The wealthy villagers put her at night in the cages with the males thinking this would degrade her. The males did not hurt or touch her they just grumbled. Marli was strong of will and it was known she had killed many men, so they knew better. They just insulted and mocked her.
So she squatted not saying a word, ignoring everyone in cool silence, waiting for her chance to escape. Her captivity did not last long. Marli’s wits went far beyond those of her captors and she escaped. It is not important how she managed it. Maybe we shall chronicle her triumphant return one day, but for now let it be that she, with her cunning and guile outwitted the supposedly superior men of Askari.


Online roleplayers  are infamous for free-form role play, as they use it by playing off one another without a set parameter of what is going to happen. While this is fun, it does have its downfalls. The deterioration of a plot is one of the worst problems in free-form roleplay. Certain individuals who are not part of the scene may barge in and start their own plot. While this is rude, and disruptive, the point is to not let this spoil the original intent, or to incorporate the newcomer into the plot. People may disappear for days on end, which causes gaps in the story. Individuals, who were major characters, may choose not to participate in the story any more. Another problem is the probability of a lack of resolution.

Then again, it does have its benefits; free-form roleplay is the easiest type of roleplaying, it also has extensive improvisational opportunities, and it is the most dynamic-it can change at any moment…….At the time of writing the En of En’s storyline has stalled with the Sa Verus no longer adding threads…..So the Luna will be focusing on the following story threads.

1. Gog Biekel thread  (observer Storm):

Gog Biekel was set free upon the promise of a barrel of honey.  Moon is still in RP with Magog, it seems.  Grins.  Sorry, Marli.  I thought we could use the honey since everyone was so excited at the prospect.  A suggestion might have been made that some could be found in Laurius.  I mean, why not be able to trade for so much more when we find Mani?  Should we not receive our honey from the Biekel boys, a promise was also made to burn their home to the ground.  I didn’t mention what all we would make Meep carry home.

Gog Biekel did, indeed, return to the swamp with our honey.  Enjoy, ladies.  Tho I must warn you, OOC information leads me to believe that it is spiked with the notorious gorean laxative brak brush.  Of course, Luna will seek revenge for such a nasty nasty deed.  Seems a little continued RP is desired by these hunky italians.

2. Bina trade thread (observer Isolde):

Hi Marli, I was chatting with a girl in the hub about her new adventure in bina trade and thought it might be a good rp adventure for Panthers. We have very little rp opportunities but I suggested perhaps Panthers could find and trade the stones for the jewels.

The idea is that it would be prestigious for slaves to be adorned by the jewels as a reflection of the wealth of the Owner. Even suggested we get into villages and get chunks of stone from various homestones, as that would be a great thing perhaps to have set in a jewel stone . Anyway, it was a thought and I have copied the chat here and added the name so you could msg her if you think it something we can do sure gives us Panthers a good reason to be wandering woods.

chat betweeen razorkitten resident (Cora ) AND Isolde is at the end of this description of bini trade.

here is a web link to another bini trade idea

Bini trade from Cora’s profile :

I am working to re-establish a working bina trade for all slaves in Gor. Before I go too far, let me tell you one thing: It’s totally free to participate and new beads will be added to the mix regularly!

3. Tharna trade thread (observer Kathy):

Kathy good news , i was at tharna and made a deal with the town outside tharna to trade

Kathy what ever we can trade and need , we can trade there ….

Additional information from Aanna:

Whilst visiting the City of Tharna I struck up a friendship with a Royal guard by the name of Cyn Ansar. She was formerly a Panther and En of the Toki tribe.  She is keen to make her mark with the City and believes forming a closer relationship with Luna may may be advantageous to both parties. They are currently experiencing problems with the CSO (?)
LM for the city dock is below thus avoiding the need to TP. However if you start “upstairs” to reach Tharna it one has to travel by what looks like a giant chicken. The landing is quite nice. Once you arrive there is a track/road which leads to the city.
Outside the city gates there is a bell which visitors may ring – should ring, to gain admittance.
One problem – they prefer we dress similar to free women, not covered all over but pretty much covering the interesting bits.

It was early evening and Hot was at the dock, exploring and investigating. Aanna, Piera and slave boy Meep where in camp enjoying the quiet and stillness of the closing day. Suddenly,  that stillness was shattered by the arrival of a legion of Tharna Royal Guards intent on rape and plunder.  Heavily outnumbered battle was enjoined. The sisters of the Luna Caleeng do not go down easily and fighting raged across the camp and surrounding countryside. Alas, with superior numbers and surprise on their side the outcome was inevitable, we were all captured, bound and taken to Tharna.

What was perpetrated upon your sisters at the hands of these people is best left unsaid but it was not pleasant. Some escaped, some were released and some bargained for their liberty but all sisters and slaves are now back home recovering from their ordeal at the hands of the brutes from Tharna.

OOC –    if anybody hasn’t got out please shout. I did notice there where a couple of others capped alongside us as well – Timmy for example. These peeps did RP with us which makes a great change from just being tied up and left and, depending on who had you in their charge, the RP was good. I did pass on our thanks for playing. They would dearly love for us to re-pay the visit and grab a couple of them.

4. Mani the missing panther thread (observer Marli):

The role play:

Aanna: hmm trade

Marli:” Let ‘s investigate sister” she motioned to Aanna to follow her down the path which led to the trade post, she could hear the trade bell being rung in the distance , too far away yet to hear voices , she did not know who would be waiting for them

Aanna: My En the trade bell rings

Dimiona: Ah there come the huntresses

Dimiona: Tal Luna Caleeng huntresses

Marli nods at the gathering of panthers on her trade dock “Tal !” . She glances at each face , taking in the features of each of these women she didnt know, their bodies look well tanned and athletic, these women had been fed well it seems

Ҳ̸ℯתⅈҩ: tal huntresses

Dimiona: we came to ask you a question.

Marli listens intently and folds her arms under her breasts  “what is your question huntress”, she tilted her head to one side , her red locks draping her shoulders , a slight spring breeze catching her hair

Ҳ̸ℯתⅈҩ: we seek a huntress

Dimiona: I am not sure, if you can answer. But we would like to ask if you know the where a certain huntress is living.

Aanna: thinks to herself – what a lot of people

Aanna: the huntress must be popular

Marli lifts an eyebrow , with so little information and so many huntresses she didnt know where to start, she would need more information. She shifted her weight , her silhouette casting a shadow on the forest floor

Dimiona: Her name is Mani

کƭoгɱ : tal sisters

Aanna: Tal sis

Marli nods at Storm “Tal sister”

Jyian: tal huntress

Dimiona: Tal huntresses

Sari turns around

ʂհἶ: Tal mistress Storm

Sari: Tal huntresses

کƭoгɱ: smiles all around “good to see you, Shi”

Ҳ̸ℯתⅈҩ sighs “tal the other who comes later”

Marli: “this Mani you speak of , which tribe does she belong to and what does she look like “looking at Dimonia with questioning eyes, she had very little to go on

Dimiona: Hm, that is a problem I only know her name, sadly do not know the tribe

Marli rubs her chin  as she pondered “No Mani has crossed the lands or entered our swamps , who shall I say id looking for her ?” her voice would sound honest as she told them the truth

Dimiona: We just want to investigate, so if you do not know it is fine. We have to carry on then.

Aanna: Is curious -why do they seek this girl

Dimiona: We want to have a talk with her

Marli wonders if there is a profit to be had or a reward for finding this panther girl, she smiled to herself , her telltale grin appearing on her soft features, such tasks as finding a lost huntress was of some interest to her and her sisters

Ҳ̸ℯתⅈҩ looks around to the other huntresses

Dimiona: So maybe if you see her or can tell us where she is, it would pay for you

Moon: tal sisters

کƭoгɱ: tal moon

Aanna: Smiles at the huntress who spoke – “Is it permitted to know why you wish to speak with her” she asks quietly

Dimiona: Yes it is of course

Marli: “Tal Moon ”

Dimiona: We want to share some information with her

Aanna: spotting Moon she waves

Ҳ̸ℯתⅈҩ nods to moon, who she know thename “tal moon”

Aanna: “Tal sister”

Xenia : / Me nods to moon, know who she theName “moon valley”

Moon: *waves

Dimiona: That is important to her and to her tribe I think

Dimiona: At least for her

Marli: “where can we find you huntress ?”

Dimiona: We are living in the Laurius forest, edge of the northern woods

Dimiona: May I give you a map?

Marli nods at Dimonia “yes ”

Ҳ̸ℯתⅈҩ: in a deep dark forest near the laurius

Dimiona gets an old map out of her leg bracer and shows it to marli

Dimiona: Here, you see?

Marli steps closer  and glances briefly at the map “yes ” taking note of the most important landmarks which could be seen on the parchment

Aanna: moves closer to peer at the map

کƭoгɱ : Sounds curious, huntresses. You barely know her name and not her tribe but wish to share helpful information with her?

Dimiona: We are the Sa Me Arquana

Marli: “We are the Luna Caleeng , these are our swamps” there was a hint of proudness in her youthful voice  as she spoke , she waves her arms around , gesturing to show the area around them belonged to their tribe

Dimiona: Yes we gathered some information about her by chance, well not much, but think she might want to know

کƭoгɱ : nods and smiles “very kind of you, huntress”

Aanna: Being inqisituive she can’t help but blurt out “Is it important for our tribe huntress. This information?”

Dimiona: I think it is a personal information for Mani. Not sure if it even is helpful to her tribe

Dimiona: It seems she has something, what she does not know herself yet.

کƭoгɱ : perhaps there is an artist among your band that might make a drawing of her.

کƭoгɱ : something…

کƭoгɱ : like a sickness?

Moon: *grins at her sister Aanna, listening carfully

Dimiona: Yes we have no specific information ourself, sadly

Dimiona: Only a few words. And I am not sure really and honestly what it exactly is

کƭoгɱ : giggles “more than mysterious, I must say”

Dimiona: But can be that others want to come for her too

Dimiona: And those others might want her harm

کƭoгɱ : So, you wish for us to protect her? I’d not like to see harm come to my own tribe not knowing why.

Moon: *perks up and listens even harder…

Dimiona: No no I do not ask you to take a risk. I just asked for the information

کƭoгɱ : her whereabouts?

Dimiona: So if you see her or find her, or know where she lives you can inform us and we would offer you some goods for it

Aanna: Not having a good memory Aanna cant remember who they’re looking for but keeps quiet

کƭoгɱ: maybe an auction for the girl would be in order when i find her

Marli: “what kind of goods do you offer ?” Marli was curious about the worth of this woman, after all the effort had to be compensated and it had to be worthwhile, the lair storage was reasonably well filled , despite some recent raids , though there was always a constant need for more supplies

کƭoгɱ : rules her eyes as well and rolls them all over the place

Dimiona: That depends on the quality of the information

Dimiona: But we have honey of the forest bees, dried meat, mead or northern furs

Aanna: her ears perk up at the mention of honey

Marli nudges her slave’s thigh  with the tip of her furred boot , these items were of interest of the Luna, she wanted her slave to be aware of this

Jyian: I’ll go to the harbor and sail back home, safe path all together

کƭoгɱ : be well, huntress

Aanna: safe paths huntress

Marli:” Safe paths” she smiled briefly at the group of panthers, she would head back to the safety of her lair now, she brushed away some hair which had covered her face slightly , her brown orbs would watch the panthers leave , even though they said they posed no threat , Marli always remained wary of strangers, and this was a large group of women

Moon: safe paths

Dimiona: Yes so we offer you honey for the information and the better it is the more we give

Moon: *licks lips….

Dimiona: But you will get for sure

Dimiona: At least one barrel

Dimiona smiles

Aanna: smiles – she can almost taste the sweetness. One problem she think – how to find this girl

Dimiona: So her name is Mani

Dimiona: And I think she is an En

Aanna: “Mani” she replies

Aanna: “I shall remember”

5. The Sa Vella (mis) use the Luna camp ! (observer Isolde/Marli):

The role play:

  • Emma shouts: Tal

  • Emma shouts: Is that you, Isolde?

  • Isolde waves ” tal , it is I , is that you Emma ?”

  • Emma shouts: Aye….I need to speak with you, can I enter camp?

  • Isolde points to the dock ” meet me at the dock !”

  • Emma shouts: Thank you

  • Emma smiles seeing Isolde come near….It is good to see you, Isolde

  • Isolde pants heavily as she runs up to Emma ” tal , how are you , everything alright ?”

  • Emma: Aye, we’re fine now, but yesterday we got attacked by the Sa Vella and this is why I’ve come to speak to you. They started the raid from the Luna treehouses.

  • Isolde frowns ” from the Luna tree houses ?”

  • Emma: It seems that two of your tribe were asleep and the Sa Vella must have secretly entered your camp and climb up in the treehouses

  • Isolde looks suprised ” was anyone hurt ?”

  • Emma: One of our elders was captured and they performed a sick torture on her by pouring boiling hot water over her face

  • Isolde shakes her head ” for what reason would they do such torture ” keeps her eyes still although she is sickened by the news

  • Emma: The Sa Vella are know for their horrible tortures, we had a non agression pact with them, but since yesterday thats off the table

  • Isolde sighs ” aye, I would say the pact is broken, I will let our En know of this terrible news, and that they used our camp, I suspect you at first thought it was our tribe attacking ? ” looks at Emma curiously

  • Emma nods….I had just woken up and saw arrows coming from this direction, I could believe it since we are so friendly with one another. But it soon turned out it was the Sa Vella.

  • Emma: I know the Luna have a non agression pact with them as well, but entering camp without permission is not enclosed in that pact

  • Isolde nods and shakes her head ” I fear it could cause battles but I would say it up to our En”

  • Emma: I agree, this action will only cause commotion amongst the tribes.

The chieftess heads to the Sa Vella warning them of the swamp disease, since anyone who enters the swamps should eat a bonta fruit as protection, it is up to the Vella to head the warning and trade for the bonta.

  • Kulan heard the bell, and realzied all panthers are drunk again, and sleeping. He ran down to the trade post

  • Kulan pants, and stops, “greetings, Mistress”, he said

  • Marli nodded at the slave ,then looked at Lita “The trade bell was rung”

  • Lita  approached and saw the panther and the slave boy, she looked at Marli and lifted a hand: “Tal there, did you ring the bell?”

  • Lita  looked a bit puzzled as she did not see a backpack full with goods.. or crates : “so what do you offer and what do you want?”

  • Kulan moved to the side, but stood close to Lita

  • Marli lifted her hand in similar greeting “I come to speak with you , the Vella , to warn you about the swamp disease”

  • Lita  was interested now: “swamp disease.. and why do you care about our band? tell me something about this disease.. it is like bazi pest?”

  • Kulan heard disease, and shivered, he hated physicians, and last time he had… a disease… he spent hours answering questions. He frowned

  • Marli knew this would interest the Vella “Some hands ago , sisters of your band were seen in the Luna swamps, they used the huts to attack the Seiretei….” Marli paused “the camp was abandoned that day . for good reason” Marli looked very seriously at Lita

  • Marli: “swamp fever is rampant , it is carried by swamp flies , if bitten , causing boils and puss spots to the victim “

  • Lita paused for a moment, she absorbed her spoken words.. she has not been in the Luna swamps and she did not know who of her sisters have been there.. she was scared they could become ill, she sighed and nodded her head to Marli: “thank you for this informations, I will tell my sisters.. is there anything we can do to get rid of this disease? I never heard of it before”

  • Kulan raised a brow, he was not ever in that land, but Lita maybe has. So he took a step back, to put some distance between them

  • Marli nodded “…..eventually it will lead to death , I tell you this because we are neutral with the Vella , if you are interested in a cure , we will trade you bonta fruits ” she waved her hand and waited for Lita to reply

  • Lita  cocked a brow now.. maybe this was just a trick to sell her these fruits for a good prize.. maybe not.. it was not her decision, she shook her head: “I ask you to come back later with the fruits.. I have to speak to our leader first and to our healer too”

  • Lita : you boo… you will write a note for all our panthers, all should know about the disease

  • Lita: and you Marli.. you will hand one fruit to our slave boy here.. and we will talk about a trade this evening

  • Lita turned around and headed back to camp : ” i have some business to do”

  • Marli frowned , she took orders from no one

  • Kulan nods, “aye Mistress”, he answered, “a note, and a fruit”

  • Marli: “slave , if your sisters want the fruit , they will come to the Luna trade post ……that is all !”

  • Kulan turned to Marli, and looked about, did not see any fruits around, so he looked at her. “aye Mistress, but.. but.. can I have one fruit, please”, he asked, knew that Lita will bitch if he returns to camp empty handed

  • Marli scoffed “I did not bring any with me , send your healer if you will , we the Luna shall be waiting “

  • Kulan nods, “yes Mistress”, he replied, “is there something else I can do for you”, he asked, a bit nervously, he was far from safety of the camp,with a stranger that did not inspire trust in him

  • Marli: “No slave , you may return to your camp now” Marli was done , her warning delivered, it was up to the Vella now

  • Kulan nods, “aye Mistress, safe paths then”, he said and ran back

6. The farmers trade in Argenthorpe (observer Isolde):

I have wandered into a southern farming village Argenthorpe Farm and established a rp trade option for the Luna Caleeng.
We can rp trading captured  slaves in return for food supplies, arrowheads and are also able to gather herbs and plants around the village without fear of capture. I have given my word that we are not scouting but want to establish a trade that is beneficial ( and give us some rp ). Any who wish to participate I have attached a landmark and rules and the land owner is Raasay Glas.

7. The Wa Ngao seek trade with the Luna (observer Kathy/Marli):

The Wa Ngoa came to our trade post . seeking a trading relationship between our two tribes. They are a peaceful tribe more inclined to roleplay rather than raiding.

8. The Brothers of Gor raid the Luna (observer Aanna/Piera):

Whilst out exploring Aanna and Piera where overwhelmed by raiders from the “brothers of Gor”See our notecard attached

Imprisoned, brutalized and tormented, finally a deal was struck – a male slave in return for the freedom of the captive panthers. To ensure the deal was honoured a sister would be kept hostage until the slave was handed over. A fierce argument broke out between Aanna and Piera – who should stay as hostage and who should sally forth and tell their sisters what had befallen them. Aanna finally saw sense (and bed) and agreed to go back to camp and inform her sisters.

The miscreants holding our beloved Piera   are to be found here: (i hope thats right) But be aware they have with then a warrior of unmatched skill and cunning who goes by the name of Blackmood and she is formidable – so be wary in her presence.

9. The Golden bow (observer all):

The Golden Bow

Mon 18 Mar 2013 16:27:13

‘The trail for the keys has gone cold’ the warrior said looking down on me bound, caught stealing. What could I do! ‘For my freedom I will warm it and you’ I said quickly. We sat sipping Ta wine later, I told what I knew, his face told me to be ready to run after the drug in his drink took effect. ‘The tribe holding 3 keys will be releasing them back to the game I know not where yet but I will; they have bigger fish to fry’ and I would get him that message for I did not want this man on my trail

OOC Update to the Golden bow rules – each key consists of a prim rezzable key and now a GM inventory key (the GM keys cannot be put in servers) unless you have both keys they are fakes. Please pass both keys; they can now also be stolen by accident. To ensure correct play please note card and send to me all key transfers they will be kept safe and only used in disputes.

The Golden Bow – Another key is seen Fri 22 Mar 2013 15:19:22

The woman I met was an outlaw she seemed to know how to handle herself. It was a tavern and she could maybe handle a weapon but not sure of a drink; as she fell on her ass I saw the key held to her leg with a garter. There were too many men around me to do much about it I wrote the name down and place ‘K………..’ and wondered how the hell I got out of such a huge place.
I was quick to send a message to the man I had drugged ‘Rumor of a huntress dragged through a forest, the land was dark and she was pulled over logs to a camp in the trees; there in the hand of an En with brown skin she saw a key it could have been made by the Priestkings; they spoke a mixture if Gorean and a foreign dialect she thought the land may begin with the letter L…. but could not be sure’

10. The Village of Sardar plans a offensive against all panther tribes  (observer all):

SISTERS BE AWARE Sat 30 Mar 2013 12:26:11

FROM Alliance of Valkyrie As can be seen from the attatched notice, the Village of Sardar is plotting a major offencive against all of Pantherdom over the next few days…

I suggest that (while sticking to their rules, raid ratios & rp intentions) all the Tribes of Gor make this Village their number one target over the same duration…

“They have sown the wind – now let this reap the whirlwind!”

Janet, Sa di Sani Tor

A young girl found close to the lair

The young girl awoke with a yelp, a kick to her foot made her shrink further into her make shift shelter near the swamp entrance as a wild red headed woman towered over her, it was Marli, she was beautifully dressed in animal skins and wore thick fur booties, a crudely crafted wooden bow notched with markings was in her left hand as she parted her lips to speak to the girl.
” well…. I hope you know how to use that thing” Marli pointed towards the bow that the girl was hugging close to her chest. In complete shock the girl nodded her head dumbly her mouth opening and closing like a fish before she found her voice as she pulled herself to her feet “im not great but i can shoot at a bosk if need be”
The girl could feel Marli’s eyes on her, scanning her body curiously, Marli’s eyes resting on the girls neck before Marli chuckled and reached into her wild red hair and pulled out a lock pick and in an easy manner laughed out her words as if this was just an everyday occurance “Hehe…. turn around girl and let me get that collar off you”
A moment of fear filled the girl as she turned slowly and felt Marli expertly push the pins into the lock of her collar, Marli worked fast and cleverly till the timbles in the lock clicked and released the collar falling uncerimoniously from the girls neck landing at Marli’s feet. The girl took a deep breath and kicked it away with a few determined nods of her head and she looked up to Marli with a weak smile and pushed forward her hand and spoke with as much strength in her voice could muster “Kelly…… I am Kelly”
Marli’s face broke into a warm smile as she clasped the girls hand “Well met Kelly, my name is Marli ……….now let’s get out of here, i’ll show you our camp…which is close”
Confused the girl just grabbed up the few belongings she had and followed in Marli’s footsteps as they walked around lake Ias and to the astonishment of the girl she saw an amazing structure of wood and branches, swamp undergrowth and trees. Hidden there was the place that Marli had made her home. Marli quickly looking over her shoulder opened the door to her hut , dragging the girl inside and slammed it shut before turning and speaking “well…. this is my hut, make yourself comfortable but keep your eyes peeled, we are never safe, the Askari men come hunting us daily”
With a flick of her red hair and a grin on her face , Marli started towards some ropes and hauled herself up to the zipline and called over her shoulder “i have to go hunting for food, be safe sister” and with that Marli disappeared over the rocky cliff and headed to lake Ias, again the girl was alone. The girl started to walk around the Luna Caleeng camp in awe, unsure of whether she really was in a Panther camp only having heard tales about such places, the reality suddenly hit her, Kelly, the Kajira was now a panther, a wild woman of the forests. At this realisation she fell to the ground and sat cross legged at the camp fire and just shook her head in disbelief. Before she knew it, she was surrounded, they seemed to come from nowhere jumping over the undergrowth, all pointing bows at her, her eyes darting around looking for an escape as she felt a dull thud to her head as she fell to the ground, she felt her wrists and feet being bound and looked up blinking trying to focus as a dark sinister character covered in jewellery and bone decoration all over his strong body and heard his words cutting into her head “Mhmmm…….. I like you, quite the find” he laughed a cruel evil laugh as he grabbed hold of the binds and started dragging her along the ground “come on lets get you home……. mine”
Complete anger filled the girl as a growl came from her lips , her mouth snarling as she spat out the words “get your hands off me you bosk scum I am not yours…..I am a panther girl” He just laughed and continued to drag her towards his tarn and tossed her like a rag doll over the back of the saddle before jumping on himself and whistling to the large black bird as its powerful wings started to beat raising up above the camp………

Cartographer of Gor

Marli wakes up, she had leant against the tree she had been sleeping on, the second spear she had made  standing next to her. She rubs her eyes and looks around, mumbling ‘strangers…’ She grabs her spear and watches closely…….AAiiii! with a bit of luck Marli manages to down a stronger “male” What makes this roleplay extra interesting is that the male claims to be a cartographer….

The role play:

Marli patted her knive “So tell me cartographer of Gor ….how many digits do you need to draw a map?”

Reenok Shakes his head “Tell me panther, of your camp and how you desire it to stay in one piece. Because you should know for even the most minor of damage done to me. My crew will return it upon your camp in double…And quite a few of my crew mates wouldn’t think twice about raping your sisters…”

Marli swept back her hair and laughed “threatening is so unbecoming of a potential slave…..please me and i may let you live”

Reenok Laughs “I threaten where a threat is given, as for pleasing you. Come hop in this cage and I will happily make you moan out for your sisters to hear, dear panther. But I am not a slave and I will never submit to someone who can not dominate me..”

Wynd : sts quietly seeing the huntress who put her in the cage just outside.

Marli lips curled in a smile “Lets see what potential you have as a pleasure slave, as you seem to think you can make me moan”

Reenok laughs “I know what I can and cannot do.. as I spent several months as a slave in a panther camp simmilar to this once.. I killed one of their sisters, but instead of killing me they decided to collar and keep me, degrading me every day. But it was worth it to get the woman who killed my companion”

Wynd : listens to the voices glad this male is a different cage unlike when she awoke this morning.

Marli grinned “Then you know how foolish you are to come near a panther camp, the only males that enter are slaves, if you had been wise you would have sent a slave to do your job” she points to the cage “Like this girl….though her owner thought she would be returned after she delivered her message…..obviously a foolish mistake on the owners part”

Reenok shakes his head “only a coward sends another to do their job. Do I seem like a damn coward to you? I do my job and I do it properly despite threats of death, rape, torture, collars and being lunch. I stand for what I believe in and that is doing everything you can to do the best of your ability… so do you think I should have sent a slave in my place really?”

Rayne : looking at the huntress.. he starts to ask if he could help her.. but remembers the knife she put against his throat when she told him to stay away from her. turning, he walks off back to the cliff edge

Marli tilted her head and tapped the side of her brow “men and their foolish pride” then kicked his foot with her boot “Men have grown to fear me” she points to the male mamba

Marli moved to the gate levers and prepared to open the cage

Reenok Shrugs “Men may fear you and so may boys. But tell me panther what can you threaten me with that I have not been through before… ” shaking his head a little

Marli smiled , but it wasnt a pleasant smile “You wish to find out?….” she chuckled as she squatted beside him and checked his binds were secure and tight

Reenok Laughs yet again “only if you wish to find out what it is like to see your sisters suffer for your actions..”

Marli flicked out her blade and noticing the pants were loose fitting she had no trouble removing them, she pulled them off and ripping them into shreds she tossed them outside, perhaps using them later for a gag , to muffle him [07:40] Marli smirked as she saw his manhood , she wanted to make him feel insecure so she lied “such a small insignifcant tool, i doubt i could feel it inside me ” she sighed heavily

Reenok winced a little at the comment but decided to retort quickly “Must be quite a stretched cavern you have then.. though I do hear you lie with bosks here so it wouldn’t be surprising”

Marli tapped his cock with the back of her blade “You will never find out …boy” she moved forward , her head leaning in , her warm breath in his ear “You know what comes next” her fingers taking some plucks of his white hair

Reenok flet the cool steel on his cock and was glad it was the blunt side that touched him. Sighing a little as she grasped his hair, his eyes closing as he lay there and waited for her to be done. “Try not to make to much of a mess. I am quite fond of my hair..”

Marli proceeded and with her knife skillfully shaved a strip from the forehead to the nape of his neck, she collected the hair and showed it to him “Its done male, you brothers will know that mere women captured you”

Reenok Blew her hand and looked up at her, trying to to hide the fact he was actually pissed about his hair. “And you offend your self and your sisters by refering to your self as mere women.” Shaking his head as he closes his eyes “Now what else do you have planned tree slut?”

Marli smirked “too many times have i heard we have the strength of 12 year old boys, yes so mere women captured you and striped you” she prodded his left thigh “You males liking branding women …though i doubt you realise the intense pain….like bearing a child….so how tough are you male? you care to impress my curiousity?”

Reenok laughs a little “Look at my inner thigh” there would be a brand in the shape of a poorly made larl.. “you panthers like to brand as much as men do.. I for one have never branded anyone.. apart from if you count the time I jammed a hot poker into a mans cock…”

Marli lifted an eyebrow and inspected the mark , it wasnt a fine brand like a female Kef, but rather a rough one that suited a man, her fingers ran over the brand, feeling the scar tissue “So indeed you were a slave…perhaps a work slave” she felt his muscles “yes”

Reenok shrugs “I was used for whatever they wished. I was passed around the camp for cooking, cleaning , furring, hunting, building, fighting… They all had use for me and used me they did.. I never worked as hard in my life as I did in that camp”

Marli grinned “Then you will fetch some coin…or perhaps goods” she leaned over him , her hair touching his bare chest “Now the question is…should i trade you to your brothers or just sell you to another tribe” it being more a statement rather than a question, though she would hear his response and perhaps take it in consideration

Reenok cocked his head as she continued to inspect him. “Well then I guess that depends on which you think will give you the most for me doesn’t it..”

Marli looked deeply in his eyes “What would your brothers offer for you i wonder ” she tilted her head “only a high price would lure me to your brothers”

Reenok looked back and shrugged his shoulders “I do not know. We are not really a trading lot…”

Marli fashioned a leash from some loose rope and said nothing, though the look on her face said it all, she had not been pleased , she had wanted to hear she would receive something of value

Reenok Sighed as he got prepared to be dragged around again. Closing his eyes as he took a deep breath and prepared to get splinters in his ass, as well as rock and grass burn.. from the friction

Healer needed

The role play:

  • Marli’s healer skills are called upon. She and her sister Kaylee head to the mountains of Hrimgar where the Sa Ki Fori tribe lives.
  • tara  came jogging over to the trade bell seeing Marli but didnt recognize the other one “Tal Marli, Tal. “
  • Marli: “Tal , a message was sent , it read a healer was needed ” Marli smiled at kit and then nodded to tara “Tal Tara …..and this is Kay , my sister “
  • Kay: see the two strangers jogging to here “tal there”
  • Kit followed the Mistress down, kneeling at her side as she peered to the traders curiously. Seeing Marli, she’d gasp and smile brightly, but did not interrupt the Mistresses talking.
  • Kay: nods “i’m called Kay Tal Tara”
  • tara nodded at Marli “yes.. Honey has been away on travels for some time and wont be back for awhile.. I am in need of a healer.. Kit, Rhu and I were taken down by a Large torvie male about 2 weeks ago now.. I was the only one taken…. ” as I breathed in heavily then let it out as I turned to kit for a moment then turned back and looked at marli square in the eye “I fear I could be pregnant as he made sure to give me enough breeding wine and kalana with little to no food… I have seen one green who checked me over and the results were fuzzy.. at first the test vial was clear then became murky and sort of turned blue.. would you mind?”
  • Kit sat quietly, listening and watching, waiting to be called upon if needed.
  • Marli listened intently , she rubbed her chin as tara explained that honey was on her travels , it now made sense to Marli why the Sa Ki fori needed a healer , Marli was an ex sister and did not mind , besides she had left SKF on good terms and there was no hostility with Morr “I can help I think , would it be fine to use the infirmary in the camp ? if it makes you feel easier I would be willing to leave my bow in your care “
  • Kay: hears here sister talks en listen carefully what she says
  • tara  shook my head .”No No please.. we have had torvies coming into the camp recently leaving flags and raiding us on a regular basis.. I called you here and you have come.. I couldnt ask you to leave your weapons with all that has been happening lately.. “
  • Marli nodded slowly “thank you ” then looked at Kay “follow us closely , but keep your bow sheathed unless we are attacked by outsiders and need to help defend the SKF”
  • Kay: she nods slowly end follows here sister
  • tara : Kit I will need you to keep watch on the bridge while we are in the greens..
  • Kit: yes Mistress
  • Marli smiled as she looked around the familiar infirmary
  • Kay: sees a well made informary
  • Marli looks at tara “i will look for a small glass container ” she pointed at the room divider “when i give you the container then i need you to pee pee in it “
  • tara  let out a soft sigh as we entered the infirmary “I thank you again for coming.. im” as I shivered a little and looked a bit worried “Im obviously a bit shaken and still a bit worse for wear.. its not often I get captured and he was anything but gentle.. ive been resting and trying to regain my strength”
  • tara  nodded “Ok I had to do that once already..”
  • Fire: babe is all ok?
  • Fire: tal all
  • Kay: Tal
  • Marli gasped as she listened to tara , she wanted to hug her , but wasnt sure she should , then nodded “i need a new sample ” and marli looked around for a glass vial , finally finding a suitable and clean one amongst the shelves in the infirmary , she turned and saw Fire and smiled “tal “
  • tara : Tal Fire… This is Marli and a huntress from her band.. she is a green and recieved the note.. she is also an ex SKF.. so I trust her.”
  • Fire kisses Marli’s cheek.. ” long time no see woman”
  • Marli smiles at Fire “Good to see you”
  • Fire: aye I know Marlie.. and you are?? asking the other huntress.. I am Fire
  • Kay: smiles i’m called Kay nice to meet you Fire
  • Fire puts my arm protectively around taras waist in support… nodding at the other huntress” aye and well met Kay.. thank you both for coming
  • tara  smiled a bit as Fire put her arm around me as I watched Marli move about the infirmary. I swallowed a bit and breathed in as I saw the vial “well here goes I guess”
  • Marli waited a moment , she held the empty glass vial in her left hand “I know it must seem a bore tara , but i need a sample of your pee”
  • tara nodded “its ok.. im just well understandably a little worried.. ” as I took the vial from your hand giving a bit of an unsure smile then looked at Fire doing the same then headed behind the screen
  • Fire watches her disappear behind the screen and is not sure what to hope for.. as a huntress if she is pregnant she cannot fight… and I will collar her.. if she is not then I will claim her as my mate… worry crosses my brow as i wait
  • tara  stepped in behind the screen and removed some of my weapons to make this an easier process on myself.. taking off my spear, bow, blades placing them all down then moving them to the side I sighed a bit then hooked my thumbs into my pants and pulled them down then wiggled them down so they were down to the tops of my boots.. with the vial still in hand I sighed again and looked up at the roof then let out a sigh “remind me Fire to beat rhu for her mouth next time I see her will you please.. this is her fault” as I did what needed to be done to fill the vial up then placed it down on the edge of the tub washing my hands then dried them. pulling my pants back up then took the vial off the tub and came back out.
  • Fire nods and realizes she cannot see that and curses myself for a fool and says” aye baby will do.. I will slap her around some if you wish.. her mouth is what caused this.. he was probalby here to see me when she challenged him and threatened him… and hes a huge son of a bitch
  • Marli waited patiently with her arms folded , then she heard the trickle of pee and smiled to herself , she listened quietly to Fire and Tara speak of Rhu , then held out her hand “may i have the vial please ?”
  • Kay: whats fire end tara speak to eachother end notice the tension
  • tara  breathed in and hesitated for a breath moment looking down at the vial then looked up at marli and handed it over “thank you again for doing this Marli it means a lot” I said softly as I stepped back after handing it to you and swallowed hard again letting out another sigh of frustration.
  • Fire starts chewing my bottom lip worriedly now… very unsure for probably the first time since I was brought here from earth.. from wanting to kill my brother.. to wanting to protect tara as best I can.. tara being the priority here
  • Fire moves over close to tara and holds her agianst me.. wondering..hoping sort of she is… my niece or nephew would be born here..and if its a son Tanner/ Hawk would be back for him.. a girl I would defy him on
  • Marli carefully took the vial in her nimble fingers , she then walked to the wooden desk behind her , she placed the vial in a holder , then unfastened the cotton pouch from her hip , placing a small splash of whitish powder into the vial , Marli speaking softly explained the process now “i am going to stir the powder with your urine , if it turns red , then you ra e pregnant without a doubt ” marli then turned around , still stirring the vial
  • Kay: cross here fingers for a good result
  • Marli feels the tension in the cave build up as Marli sees the vial change colour
  • tara  shivered a little moving my hand to fires and gave it a squeeze moving in closer i let out another sigh of frustration putting my head to her shoulder “please dont be red..please priest kings dont be red.. with all I have gone through.. and now this.. please ” I said soflty breathing in short heavy breaths
  • Marli looked at tara “tell me , have you missed a period , or noticed any other changes ?” Marli wanted to make double sure , she felt her reputation as healer should never be tarnished , it made her carefull about jumping to conclusions
  • tara  sighed and nodded “since the ordeal where I was for a week.. Ive been extremely tired.. felt like I had the flu almost but I was kept underground in the cold…. ive been resting more spending more time in the springs trying to get rid of this.. and catch my strength back up.. you should have seen the size of him marli.. he was almost twice my hieght and as wide as both of you put together at the shoulder.. and scary.. ive never had a man talk to me the way he did before it was like he just didnt care..
  • Marli shivered as she listened to the description of the man , she remembered how four years ago she had been raped , that she had given birth to a daughter and then lost her , the priest kings playing a cruel trick , returning feathers to Gor much aged “I see , tiredness , flu symptoms are indications you could be pregnant” Marli saw the vial clearly now , she held it up close to a candle light “it is red !” she exclaimed , she would be happy , though under the circumstances she knew not what would happen next , she looked nervoulsy at fire
  • Kay: shivvers a bit hearing here sisters bringing the news of a coming child
  • tara  closed my eyes and hung my head as I breathed in heavily then moved my hands to my face and covered my eyes rubbing at them for a moment fighting off tears.. as I looked up at you then to the vial as I swallowed hard and tried to speak but had a frog in my throat and croaked “are you sure marli? no way it could be wrong?” I said as I shivered a bit and looked about the room then visibily shivered from head to toe.
  • Marli was visibly moved , she had the proof in her small hand , she held the vial to the candle light again “It is red , there is no doubt ” she looked at tara and noticed the shiver
  • tara rubbed at my eyes again and breathed in heavily as my hand went to my tummy and I looked down at myself unsure what to say or do as I had a million thoughts run through my mind. Lifting my head back up to see you I smiled a bit but it was more out of courtesy then anything “Thank you Marli.. thank you for coming.. I umm.. well I dont know whats going to happen now.. ill have to umm.. ya.. ” as my voice sort of trailed off and I looked back over at the vial seeing it was a ruby red I breathed in again then let it out slowly moving a hand to my tummy and softly ran my fingers across it as I imagined myself with a big tummy waddling around.
  • Marli placed the vial on the wooden desk , she turned and tried to make the tension ease a bit “You will have a healthy daughter or son, i am sure , i know it is not the ideal situation ” marli managed a small smile “I went through a similar experience , but i have a lovely daughter now “
  • Kay: thinking off here sisters feathers right know end nods
  • tara  smiled a bit as I had heard of several panthers in other bands who had had children who were now running around causing trouble.. “well I dont know what will happen.. but i suppose one step at a time and just go from there i guess.. I hope honey gets back so she can help me.. ive never been pregnant before.. ive managed to be very lucky really.. “
  • Marli swept back her hair over her shoulder , she tilted her head to one side “yes , take it one step at a time , of course in the meantime you may contact me any time untill honey returns , you know you should not hesitate if ther are pains “
  • tara  nodded “thank you Marli that means a lot.. I will come see you.. umm where does your band call home now? “
  • Marli looked in her leather pouch , reaching for a small scroll , it was a simple map with directions “We live in the swamps , 25 pasangs south of the di jan camp in Lake Ias “
  • Fire grasps the table for support my eyes narrowing in anger .. my brother suceeded in doing what he said he would do .. impregnating her and my hands curl into fists.. but one thing has to be done first… ” tara I hate to do this but I Have to collar you.. you will be mine at my side and I will protect you.. even Tanner will not cross me.. and your child will be born freee.. as you are giving birth I will free you.. but until then you will not be carrying or using weapons at all.. I will gather the weapons you took off behind the screen and put htem away… you will live with me from here on out… is this perfectly clear”?? I move in front of you and take out the collar I had for just in case and place it on your throat and close it… locking it on you then kisses you gently.. you are mine tara.. have been for awile.. and it was gonna be one way or the other… Marlie thank you and Kay for coming…
  • Marli motioned to kay that it was time to leave , “Be well fire ” she gave tara a brief smile “and tara”
  • tara  rubbed at my eyes as i reached out and took the scroll from Marli then heard Fire behind me speak of enslaving me as you move in between us with haste and place a collar around my neck I shake my head no “wait a minute fire wait just a damn minute.. you cant just enslave me for being pregnant its my choice!!” as Marli spoke I turned and looked to Marli and Kay “thank you again Marli I will let you know how things go and come see you to let you know how things go”
  • Fire: I know where she lives tara… I can get you there… no fears no worries.. and as for Tanner he won’t be around for awhile.. I basically raised him,. .. he fears me.. .like he does our momma… or maybe thats reviers me I dont know but he wont mess wiht me until its about that time
  • Kay: nods to here sisters wish Tara end Fire good luck end hopes the baby would be fine end healthy
  • Fire: mp argument here tara.. it is done.. and it will stay done.. or maybe you would like to argue with Mor and Willow about it to

Who dares enter?

A stranger comes too close to the lair.

  • Marli crept from behind the bonta trees , she had heard foot steps , she grabbed for her spear to challenge the stranger “Halt stranger !”
  • Asaroth  walks alone in the forest, no one weapon on his hand at the moment, he knows this is an incredibly dangeous land but he is not prepared at the moment. “W… what” a wonderful wild girl stands in front of him
  • Marli steely gaze flickering through the darkness to settle upon your form. “Tal,” She says to you boldly, “Dangerous place to be wandering alone, Stranger.” Her grin is wicked
  • Asaroth  gasps but immediately his expression turns into a grin. “It is dangerous for girls too… are you one of the famous panther is this zone… people says that the mighty Marly is the En here…” watches at the girl on her eyes
  • Marli: “Who are You?” Her piercing eyes look down upon you, She does not even give a moment of hesitation, “I am Marli, band leader here” she thrusts the spear into the soft earth of the swamp
  • Asaroth  bows slightly. He’s ironic but not completely. He watches at her beauty and he looks up to that incredibly brave woman. “People says you are extraordinarily strong to be… a girl…” smiles “but their words about your beauty are not able to mirror reality”
  • Marli leans casually on Her spear and grins wickedly, clad in the form fitting skins and leathers of the Panther Girls, they reveal the strength and agility in Her slender body “You still owe me your name ”
  • Asaroth : “My name is Asaroth” she probably knows his fame, cause he is probably the fear of each anther on gor. “Noy you know it.”
  • Marli hissed coldly , she had heard of his reputation as enslaver of panther girls , she withdrew the spear and held it tight in her small hands “You will turn around and leave our swamps now , at the trade post you may state your business”
  • Asaroth: “I will do so only after you have knelt down and you called me master” smiles amused “… only then I’ll go and leave you woman of these wild lands” looks straight into her eyes.
  • Marli slender form molded to the bark of a nearby bonta tree , making it harder to spot Her, She listens intently, gaze flickering , she smirks “I do not kneel … is foolish me who kneel in the presence of a true Panther, boy” Anger flickers through her eyes as she watched you.
  • Asaroth  watches at her in admiration “You’re brave, and this makes you a more valuable and fascinating girl…” simles. “a true panther…” he repeats “probably you are, yes… but you probably firgive what a true man is… i’m an explorer… i’m asaroth and i’m here to know you”
  • Marli eyes flicker at You, they are intense and wild, even deadly, Her dark honeyed hair pulled back from Her tanned face in a loose braid
  • Marli: “Explorer and here to know me , you are here to trade ? or here to submit to me ?”
  • Asaroth  steps in front of her “Attack me…” he challenges the girl, completely unweaponed “beat me and overpower me… and i will kneel…”
  • Marli watched his hulky mass approach her , she side stepped into the bushes , slung to Her hips are Her sleen knives, on a toned thigh is a ruby hilted dagger “I warn you , either leave or bow to me ”
  • Asaroth  suddenly slaps to her face, in order to make her lose her control and watches her furious eyes and her breathless body “you will know defeat, mighty Marli”
  • Marli felt the sting in her face , adrenaline rushes through her veins as she lost self control , a primal scream echoes through the swamps as she clenches her small fists and aims a punch at His gonads
  • Asaroth: The girl suddenly attacks him, now he has to fight back, but did not have time and a painful punch reaches between his legs. Collapses to his knees before the girl who is now definitely in the lead. “Damn” pants “were right!” Time to react before she put ko and make it meat brand.
  • Marli: slow cruel grin creeps along Her face and She murmers to Herself lightly “never underestimate a panther girl”
  • Asaroth : Remains one knee in front of her, but she falls perhaps too much time to gloat. Taking advantage of a suddenly grabs her ankles in an attempt to make her lose her balance and place it to the mat. If he were to do that she will be in real trouble. He’s just a moment before the act, to see the beautiful girl’s thighs, eager to make a mark.
  • Marli was surprised by that move at her ankles , she loses her balance and lands on her hand to break the fall , she hissed, her hair a dishevelled mess now as her dark eyes gave him a piercing look, she lunged at him , fingernails digging into his lower legs
  • Asaroth : The girl falls on the ground and he suddenly starts to laugh but he gasps in pain when she dihs her fingernail on his leg. “Slut!” he doesn’t lose his grip on her ankles and tries to keep the control of the girl on the ground blocking them with his hands. He knows that the thighs are the most fascinating part of a wild girl: they are skinned and toned, and they represent their personality. So he knows that blocking and putting them in an exposed way make lose them the control, and humiliate them. He is an incredibly skilled captor. “You’ll repeat my name in pleasure before you can react my en” and loudly laughs
  • Marli struggled under his heavy body weight , she still had enough energy and strength in her slender form to squirm around “Bastard !!” she shouted as he touched her thighs , she tried to bite at anything that came close to her face
  • Asaroth : Rapidly he, keeping holded her ankles, takes binding fiber from his belt. He smiles. “Sssshhh… don’t move…” he rapidly bounds firstly her ankles. Now is impossible for her to move away if he has success…
  • Marli struggled , of course she would move , she was a panther girl and every bone in her body wanted to stay free “get off me !” she shouted
  • Asaroth : “Shut up, beauty… you don’t need more freedom… you only need one lesson on being a girl…” laughs and roughly rolls her on the ground, on her belly. Each wrist is pinned on her back and bound together with gorean knots. He watches the girl in admiration watching at the beauty of the line of her shaped bottom. He kisses her bottom cheeks. Slightly and sensually. “Now drive me to your camp… or i will kill you…”
  • Marli hissed at him “find your own way , I will not reveal the location of our Lair” she smirked “Go and explore !!” she said nothing about the possible risks of entering her camp

A submission

“I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.”  Said Marli to her sister. Her normally soft features turned hard as she spoke. “If we are one like the sleen pack, we win always.” She added, then pointed at the figure that approached from the early morning mists. A  Free Woman is  captured and enslaved by a panther.

The role play:

Marli looks the girl over, having just removed her from the slave pens, her mother had been a pretty free woman, so was her daughter, she would learn the harshness of slavery , she walked around the girl her whip in her hand as she appraised the slave

Kimberly looks at the woman as she walks around me with a whip in hand, wishing so bad to return to my father..”why am i here, and dressed as this..I will never be a slave, my mother was a fool to accept such let me go, and return my colthing..I will never submit to you or anyone”

Marli runs the back of her black whip down the girls legs, she grins hearing the girls petty plea, she pushes the whip close to the girls heat, noticing a slight shiver, she chuckles “you are already sensitive to the slightest touch of my whip…girl”

Kimberly gives a sharp look of anger..”I don’t know what to say, I am still pure down there, perhaps anything to touch me there would make me shiver and shake as i am starting to…I will never submit, and no one will ever have lets save you the trouble, and perhaps my Father will pay you for My safe return”

Marli runs her fingers through the girls long dark hair like she would any common slave, but this one was a beauty and her spirit would be broken, she had seen and heard this many times, at first there would be resistance, in the end the girl would kiss her whip, begging for it in fact

Kimberly looks around for a possible I grow fully awakened..looking down i see slave cloth on myself, and feel the weight of something heavy..”A collar, and camisk…never take these off of Me..and let me go..” as i set my body to be prepared to run and try to get away.

Marli faces the girl, she roughly makes her face her with the blunt edge of her whip, she looks at the girl with deep emotionless eyes “I have bought you from the slavers house…three silver tarsks…..i care nothing of your Father or of your past…” she pulls on the camisk “You are dressed a slave, deep inside you is the mind of a slave….I will find it”

Kimberly shivers abit as i worry what will happen, seeing no emotion or anything comming from her eyes..”please i will do anything please just let me say three silver tarsks..I will get you a slave worth a gold tarn anything just please let me go”.

Marli doesn’t reveal any emotion as she notices the girls shiver, she leans forward, running her finger along the thick collar “Silly girl, you have been sold to a taluna tribe, we have no need for slaves worth a gold tarsk, naye, you are perfect for our needs” she grins running the whip down the girls youthfull breasts as she catches a glimpse underneath the thin silken material

Kimberly shivers again, a strange but pleasent sensation coursing through my body at the touches..i flinch a little, and try to pull away..having begged and pleaded, but getting no where i look to try to escape..thinking best to do so now then later

Marli roughly grabs the girls arm, she attaches a leash to the girls collar, the slave bell chimes as the girl struggles, but she is no match for a strong willed and athletic taluna, she pulls on the leash leading her to the whipping post, saying nothing as she begins to bind her using the ropes from around her waist

Kimberly starts to struggle and pull against the post..growing more afraid..”let me off of here, i did nothing to you..why would you tie me here and keep me..for what reason could you want me?

Marli firmly secures the girl to the post using thick ropes, she takes the leash off and attaches it to her belt , she removes her whip , it uncurls as it reaches the ground she walks to the girls side so she can see it , she waits to see the girls response

Kimberly : “No put that away..don’t hit me with it, I have seen what it does to those girls..please my skin is so beautiul, just cut away this cloth and see, just please don’t hurt me”

Marli grins placing the whip back on her hip, she reaches down for her sharp knive, she skilllfully removes the girls camisk . watching it drop slowly to her feet

Kimberly gasps and takes a deep breathe as those thin clothes are removed from me, standing here nude for all to see, i start to cry..”ohh thank you for not hitting me..please take off this collar, and help me find my clothing..ohh thank you”

Marli smiles to herself seeing the pretty rounded figure of the girl, she was indeed of good stock, the slaver had an excellent eye, she listens to the girls plea, oh how familiar it sounded to her ears

Kimberly : please what will it take, I will never submit, i have nothing now except my virtue..the only thing i have left is between my legs, my pure untouched that what it will take, me offering my body for your furs, to be allowed release?

Marli places her knife back in its sheath, she waits a moment, her right hand reaching for the whip once more, with a low thud the tip drops to the rocky ground, she walks behind the girl ,she touches the girls ass with the the edge of her whip, letting her feel it on her bare skin, she still says nothing , waiting and watching

Kimberly jumps in fear as the whip touches my rear, my body nearly hugging the pole as i try to get away from it..”please say something please what will it take to not feel that on my beautiful body?”

Marli lets the whip slide slowly down the girls hind legs, she leans forward, her warm breath in the girls ear “you are my property , my slut, you offer your heat but you are already mine”

Modan blinks, regaining his senses, looks around disorientated

Kimberly tries to move away..not wanting to be here anymore..”no I will never be fully yours, and I will never give you all of me sure, you can beat me here, but i will close my legs, and never let them open and I promise I will run at first chance I get

Marli sees the slave awaken in the cell, but ignores him, she will attend to him later, she hears the girl “You will be whipped into submission, when you try and escape you will be whipped again and harshly, if you do not please me or my sisters we will beat you” pauses a moment “foolish girl, try and escape a second time and i will personally hamstring you and make you my coin slut”

Kimberly whimpers and stops struggling the woman having great skill with knots and rope..i let myself hang here, speaking softly..”do as you wish, just please don’t hamstring me..please i don’t wish to lose the ability to walk or stand

Marli steps back the whip trialing on the ground, she moves four paces from the girl, an ideal whipping distance , she speaks in a low voice “feel the sting of my first strike….remember it….know what it means to be whipped by a taluna”

Kimberly screams out, as She hits me..”please OWWW! please stop!”

Marli lets the whips drop to the floor , she hears the girl cry , she calls out “Adress me as Mistress”

Marli her heart already filling with hate, as she hated all free women, how she despised them , she would make this girl know , feel to be a slave in every bone

Kimberly screams out..”NEVER, just please no more with the whip..I will never call you that!”

Marli eyes filled with hatred , even more determined to break this girl and have her wriggle and serve at her feet, her arm reaches back and with all her anger focused in her strike she whips the girl brutally and harshly, seeing the whip marks deep, the blood trickling down the girls back

Kimberly starts to scream more and more harshly..the whip breaking through my skin and the blood trickling down my back..i start to believe thise woman will not stop till i utter the word She longs to hear..having had many harsh strikes..”please no more M M M istress!” i scream I can barely take much more.

Marli let the whip drop to the ground , she grins with some satisfaction “Good girl…you are learning …”

Marli walks to the crate, finding a rep cloth she soaks it in the bowl of water, normally used for captives after a harsh beating, she walks to the girl holding the moist rep cloth , she offers it to the girls mouth

Marli looks deeply in the girls eyes , letting her know her determination “Mistress …..will cut you down now…you will be allowed to rest in the slave pens”

A captive

A male comes too close to the lair.

The role play:

Marli squats and takes the leash and then stands up , ready to drag him along the snow

Sarjii: i can walk lonely to the dock.. just get the ropes at my feet off..

Sarjii: sighs as I realize she did take the leash .. looks around but all other seems to be gone

Marli: “the snow will make it easier to drag you along , we will talk in my camp” she raises an eyebrow “untie your legs ? perhaps if you say please Mistress “

Sarjii: pfft .. shakes my head

Marli dragged him to the centre of her camp, she wiped her brow and caught her breath

Sarjii: you could it have easier.. ih you would have opened the ropes at my feet

Marli: “The camp affords me safety , its not wise to stay out in the open with a captive ” she shook her head , Marli was an experienced panther , she wouldnt untie feet unless the boots were removed “These was no time for that , I knew you wouldnt ask me nicely”

Marli rolls him over to check he wasnt carrying a bow or sword on his back

Sarjii: as she start to roll me over I follow her force.. to make it easier.. for her

Marli unsheathed her blade , she carefully ran the knive though his short hair , she checked behind his ears , then rolled him back over again so she could check his mouth for any hidden sharp objects

Sarjii: my minds follows the moving of her hands over my body.. at least she rolls me back and i look up in the sky

Marli pressed down his lower lip “open your mouth wide ” her blade under his throat “dont do anything stupid”

Sarjii: opens the mouth.,. as I feel the blade .. I dont do any fast moving now

Marli checked his teeth , they were almost flawless , as a panther healer she knew this meant he was gorean , she shifted her weight now , her slender body resting on top of his belly , her deep brown eyes gazing into him , she spoke softly , her tone neutral but not unfriendly “I am Marli , this swamp belongs to the Luna Caleeng ,” she held the blade to his throat still “now you know my name and where you are , so tell me yours and what you are doing here in panther lands “

Sarjii: as she do inspect me I say nothing , let her simple do waht she like . I feel her weight at my belly – as she speak up I look up to her.. look in her brown eyes “I was simple crossing the land.. looking for a nice quiet place – that was all . a place to rest”

Sarjii whispers: “And.. I´m called Sarjii..:”

Marli tilted her head , her red locks of hair close to his face , she held the flat of her blade against his left cheek “Sarji….i have a problem with your story … sister JJ told me clearly just earlier that you were dragging cats sister” she narrowed her eyes a little “best you speak the truth now , tell me the full story “

Sarjii: nods as she tells about this story “Yes I was dragging her.. I was at travel as they did top me.. this one I had dragged and another one.. they did treat me.. to collar me.. to steal my property.. my Kanda and all.. so I had to defend.. and tied both up .. it did end that I dragged this one with me.. it looks i did use the wrong path at least.. if I would have known that here did live friends around of them.. “

Marli grins “it is not uncommen for panthers from both tribes to ask a toll for crossing the lands ….its how we survive here , stealing from caravans and lone travellers like yourself ” she patted you left cheek “so they underestimated you and lost ……..I can understand that …… tell me , what did you plan to do with her ?”

Sarjii: “I did like to have a .. talk .. with her.. as im most lonely at my travels.. thats all.. ” feels the pats at my cheek

Marli lips curled in a thin smile “ you did intend to keep her then ? not release her back to her tribe ?” she shifted her weight , slithering like a snake down to his lower belly , where she rested her blade , she flicks off a blouse button , revealing the belly button , she makes sure you see what she does

Sarjii: peeks down “Sure she would be gone .. later.. after .. the talk.. ” see the buttin flys away

Marli flicked off the second button and then the third , untill his chest was bare , the fabric falling to the side “you dress well for a traveller , this is why they they chose you ” she rested her hand on your naked belly , her long fingernails now applying some pressure “……just talk you say ? like we are doing now ? or did you have more in mind with her?” Marli looked into his eyes again

Sarjii: my eyes follow each button which fly away .. at least the fresh cold air reach my skin as the shirt is gone .. feeling the nails at my chest “only talk.. was in my .. thought.. but who know s who it would have ended.. “

Marli growls “we are not alone “

Sarjii: listens to teh sounds into the nature.. but after the broken twig its now quiet

Marli waited a moment , her hearing was finely attuned to the sounds of her swamps , she was ever vigilent , after a few ihn it seemed quiet once more , she sheathed her bow and squatted besided sarji

Sarjii: as she returns with her attention to me..i look up at her again .. and waits what will happne more

Marli flicked back her hair , she then took the blade from the soft earth where she had thrust it in when she had heard the noise of breaking twigs , she manouvered her small frame over his legs , her mind now focused on removing his belt and pants ” I see ” she continued “who knows where it might have ended ” repeating your last words slowly

Sarjii: feeling how the pants goes away now also.. the belt .. shiver a bit as the fresh wind goes over my now bare skin

Marli sucked her breath through the slits of her teeth , she removed his heavy leather belt and then his pants , adding them to the heap along with his blouse , she turned around , her back to his face , she began tearing at his boots with her knife , removing first the left and then the right boot

Sarjii: wiggles my toes as they are now freed from the boots.. but cant still move my legs much as they are still tied up.. “Why you undress me.. “

Marli slithered her body around again like those snakes that were found in her swamps , she flicked out her tongue at him “I allways strip male captives , also to satisfy my curiousity, since you anticipated something with that panther you captured …..or am I mistaken ?” Marli lifting an eyebrow as she stressed that last question

Sarjii: sigs and look at side.. simple not say anything now.. my eyes follow the movement of her body

Marli smiled down at him , she may look angelic , but in reality she was a sly and cruel panther girl , men that had crossed her path knew this , sarji was simply her next victim “Sarji, men should fear panthers , it is not good when a lone male comes into our lands and captures two females , word will spread and more men will come here ….soo” she took a long deep breath “….I make sure men come to fear these lands “

Sarjii: raise my eyebrow.. “fear .. I ll fear this lands already.. ” nods to my words.. as im wondering what she means.. but i get the thougt she does not mean good things now..

Sarjii: looks up at the woman in the white furs.. which me simple now remind how cold it is here to lay naked like this

Marli reached for the collar she carried on her belt , it was a light collar more suited for a kajira , but it would do for now , Marli lifted his head , then snapped the collar shut around his neck , she twists the small key clockwise so it is shut tight , finally placing the key in her leather pouch for safekeeping “You are now my beast and property , you may keep your name for now , but will remain naked “

She enters our swamp

 A free Woman ventures too close to the lair.

The role play:

Marli looked down at the free woman , taking a good look at the expensive robes

Emma  stops dead in her tracks and begins to edge backwards as the huntress approaches.

Marli: “So far from civilisation and without an escort” Marli stated flatly

Emma  looks around nervously, following the panther’s eyes as she looks her up and down. ‘My useless slaves sailed away along with my luggages without me. I have no doubt they are being punished by my father at this very moment,’ she said, with a weary voice, as if she had already explained this story many times.

Marli grinned , her keen eye surveying the lakes , she saw no one nearby , not even Di Jan panthers “No doubt they are ”

Marli replied with a smirk on her face “….however , should you continue down this path , you will have to pay a small fee …….for your own protection…naturally”

Emma  nodded, not finding anything wrong with the idea of a toll, after all her father collected many tolls and taxes in the city. But there was a problem. ‘I keep my money in my luggage, huntress, for coins would ruin the line of my dress. And my luggage is missing. I will be happy to send a slave with payment after I arrive home, if you would allow it.’

Marli laughed and slapped her left thigh “Ofcourse , the slave would be more than happy to enter a panther camp to deliver coins” she shook her head “You will remove your necklace ……I love sparkles …..give it to me and I will let you pass unharmed through Luna and Di jan lands”

Emma  raised her velvet gloved hand to her necklace, touching it lightly. ‘This necklace for nothing more than passing by a road? For this I would expect an escort all the way home!’ She raised her chin defiantly, staring at the huntress. ‘If you will not allow me to pass for a fair toll, I will find another route, it is no matter.’

Marli notched an arrow in her bow , her dark brown eyes piercing those of the free woman, when Marli had set her mind on getting something she would take it by force “The necklace is a small price to pay for your freedom and safety Lady…..remember these are our lands … a moments notice I could capture you and make you our slave … do yourself a favour and be smart…….hand me the necklace “

Emma  narrowed her eyes at the huntress as she saw her drawing an arrow. ‘Are you threatening me huntress? Or do you simply mean to rob me? If you would shoot me for this necklace, why should I believe that you will not shoot me anyway? I find the reception in this land rather hostile. I will retrace my steps to the north and find another route. She begins to turn away.

Marli: “stop!” Marli said in a commanding tone “you have already sset foot in our lands ….believe me the Di jan will do much worse if they catch you ! … last chance Lady …….hand over the necklace and I will escort you to the docks myself “

Emma  stopped and turned back to face the huntress. ‘Which docks? If I am to receive such a reception in every land in these parts, I will quickly run out of items to trade. I will give you the necklace, after you escort me safely all the way to Abydos. It is a good deal for you huntress, you will get the necklace and no fear of revenge from my father.’

Marli shook her head “time for negotiation is over , you had plenty of chances , now I simply take it and maybe enslave you too”

Marli smirked , she squatted beside the free woman and tugged the necklace from her neck , then stuffed it in her boot for safekeeping “Foolish woman……A chieftess keeps her word “

Marli removed a length of binding fibre from her leather belt , Marli grabbed the womans wrists and bound them behind her back in a tight gorean knot

Marli then turned and reached for the womans legs and feet , using a length of rope to secure them tightly , depending on how the woman behaved she might untie them later

Marli with the last length of her binding fibres Marli fashioned a make shift leash and tied it around the womans waist , so she could be dragged along the ice

Marli gathered the leash and checked the womans injuries

Emma  groaned as she began to regain consciousness, finding herself face down in the snow, the cold burning her cheek. She craned her head upwards, trying to look at her captor. ‘That,’ she growled, ‘was rude.’

Emma  wriggled in her bindings, testing to see whether she could pull her hands free from them, but the huntress was obviously skilled with knots. ‘I told you I would pay when I was reunited with my luggage,’ she snapped, ‘you would have received your toll with interest.’

Marli turned the woman over with her boot

Emma  grunted in a rather unladylike way as she was rolled over. ‘Your boots are dirty, huntress. Please keep them away from my clothes.’

Marli: “I told you I wanted the necklace in advance …as payment ……now I have simply taken it ” she laughs

Emma: Her eyes moved to the second huntress. ‘Most people call me Mistress, but Lady is also acceptable. Perhaps if you could talk sense into this other huntress, we could be…on friendly enough terms for you to know my name.’

Marli grinned , Marli had the necklace safely tucked in her boot , she now began to take an interest in the womans robes , feeling the soft texture “that would make a lovely soft pillow” she remarked

Emma  looks a little relieved as the knife was put away, but looked suspiciously at the dark haired huntress, whom she did not trust at all, as she began to touch her clothes. She was very proud of her dress, which had been made specially, a birthday present from her father, but she realised that discussing the value of her posessions would probably not made her situation any better, so she said instead, ‘it is rather thin for a pillow. A simple cotton bag filled with goose down is much better.’

Emma  pulled her head away. ‘What are you doing? Stop that!’ She glared at the huntress as her face was revealed. ‘That was rude,’ she said in a resigned tone.

Marli looked at the womans face , she indeed was a pretty high caste “whats the matter? first time you have been face stripped?” Marli laughed even louder , she despised city dwellers, Marli had only known the harsh life of the forests “Aiiiii……you are worth several silvers ….perhaps even more if I knew her background and caste “

Emma : ‘I have already told you I will pay you well to escort me to Abydos. If it is profit you seek, I can provide it when I arrive home with your help.’

Marli snorted at the woman

Emma  looked frustrated. ‘I am not asking you to enter any cities. You may simply lead me into the land of Abydos. I will make the last mile of the journey to the city by myself – I will be safe there. My useless slaves will no doubt be locked up by my father by then, and I will send one of them out to you with your payment. If you choose to capture the slave, it will be a good punishment for her for deserting her mistress. I cannot be fairer than that.’

Marli: “you forget…all i wanted was the necklace ….selling you off is just a small bonus … you had your chance at freedom , no your fate is in our hands “

Emma : ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained, huntress. You will be paid handsomely and you if you treat me well, you may find a secret ally in my father. He would not of course ever openly assist panthers, but as an influential scholar of the law there are things he can arrange behind the scenes, should it be needed.’

Marli: “I do not want the help from males , I do not want your father knowing about me or my tribe … im sailing you far …far…..away”

Marli looked deeply into the womans eyes “I am selling you so that your father will never find you……..”

Emma  laughs. ‘You have no idea who my father is. He is a very…influential man, who is owed favours by those who operate on the edge of the law he works to uphold. You will find that, sooner or later, somebody will offer him information of my whereabouts in return for a favour.’

Marli: “No doubt he is Marlenus of Ar” Marli smirked “…..your father and his men will lose themselves in the dangerous ambrace of our swamps” “

Emma looks at the huntresses in alarm. ‘You would put me into the hands of sailors with no escort?’ She looks horrified again. ‘Please huntress, you are a strong woman and you know these lands. You will make far more for me by escorting me home than by selling me to these men.’

Slave girl

A slave girl ventures near the lair.

The role play:

Ana’Cara sighs soft while looking arround for some flowers seing the mistress below her at the begin of the hill ‘greetings Mistress’

Marli looks up at the slave girl that had been scouting too close to her camp “greetings slave “

Marli pointed her bow at the slave “What are you doing girl?”

Ana’Cara tries to smile innocent as she can not sure what the Mistress was looking for and just hoping that she wasnt after her while i had other intensions then pickingflowers ‘oh nothing Mistres i was just looking for some nice flowers for My Mistress Mistress’

Marli grinned “picking flowers ? show me what you have picked ? do you have permission?” stepping up closer to the girl

Marli nodded at her sister in the background , the slave girl had no chance to escape now

Ana’Cara swollows bites on my lip ‘i havent find yet nice flowers Mistress i was looking arround her but nothing found yet’ raise her eyebrow while seing the nodding not sure if it was for her or that there was some one behind her that i didnt notie so quieckly looking over her schoulder as my eyes goes wide open turns quieck her head back facing the Mistress sighs deep and thinks that this wasnt after all a good idea to snoop around here

Hot : you wont find flowers here in winter girl, how ever we do know a place were you can pick many, Just follow my sister and we will bring you there

Marli tilted her head to one side , the devious red head was just grinning more and more as she listened to the slave girl “My sisters tells you the truth , we know a place in the swamps where flowers still grow, even in the heart of winter” she motioned at the girl to follow , not that the girl had much choice anyway

Ana’Cara scratching on her arm nervously wasnt sure if the Mistresses had good intentions with her looking arround if there was a way out of it but knows aswell it would be pointless to run away sighs again ‘i will follow Mistress ‘smile’s warm to her and will take her change if there would be any sign of trouble try to run as fast as i can

Hot : the other way girl, she said pushing her to her sister

Marli lips curled into a thin smile , she nodded at her sister at the back ground , a sign to keep aclose eye on the girl “Follow me “

Marli: “this way to Lake Ias girl” her tone commanding as she spoke at the slave

Ana’Cara feeling the push ‘y yes Mistress’stumblet a bit in her word turns on her heels and follows the Mistres

Marli: In here girl

Hot : go on girl…

Marli: see , much more green in here , in the swamps , and later pretty flowers too

Ana’Cara standing on her toes as i peeking in the swamp

Ana’Cara ‘ohhh pritty ‘ examens the flower ‘could i pick some of these nice flowers Mistress?’

Hot : go on girl..further down tere are more.she chuckles, pushing the girl to her front

Marli: Of course dear , but we have much more prettier flowers deeper inside the swamps

Marli shouts: over here girl

Hot : well?

Ana’Cara shaking my head again ‘no no no i wont go ther Mistress ‘

Marli taps her boot “whats taking the girl so long ? she resisting ? then capture her “

Hot : mmmmm…she doesnt wants flowers all of a sudden…shakes her head

Hot takes a fiber from her belt and binds the girls wrists together

Marli rolls eyes “then we do it the hard way , bind her up please sister”

Hot  then takes a longer one aand attaches it to the binds

Hot  shakes her head…

Hot : come girl..nice flowers

Ana’Cara blinks with her eyes as i waking up from the unconsions wonders what hit her so hard on her head feels the fibers arround her arms ‘what did i done wrong ?’

Hot : you took a wrong turn girl

Hot : we ont like it when people step on our pressious flowers

Hot: now kneel

Marli swats the slave girls ass hard with the back of her bow “……and you didnt listen to the En “

Ana’Cara looking in the camp ‘there are no flowers here you set me up Mistress ‘ curses in her head that she was naive that she followt the Mistresses ‘please Mistress let me go’kneels down on the ground

Hot  kicks the girls legs from under her when she didnt respnd fast ennough

Hot  trows the leash to the ground….right En. What will we do with a girl that doesnt seems to like our hospitality and the effords we do?

Marli rubbed her chin as she paces around the slave girl inspecting her “…..any one who refuses our hospitality gets stripped for starters ……” she ran her fingers delicately through the girls hair “…….its very cold here on the snow … you answer our questions truthfully “

Hot  smiles….

Hot : So tell us what were you doing out there?

Hot looked at the gir, thinking to cut her ear of if shecame with the flowers stor again, how ever En would probably protest to that..she grinned

Ana’Caralifts her head a inch feeling the finger under my chin ‘but but but Mistress i hate that spider and i am affraid of that beast i wasn refussing your hospitalty Mistress i just not wanted to passing by that ugly thing’shiver a bit as i think back of the horrible creature looking to the other Mistress’like i said Mistress i was here for picking flower snothing els ‘

Hot : in the middle of winter?..she asked slowly taking her dagger of its sheath

Hot : Tal love..she said to her sister appeaaring

Lune: Tal love

Lune: Tal Sisters

Marli looked at her sister , almost sensing what she was thinking, Marli had in the past notched the ears and even branded thieves that has crept into her swams thinking they could get away with it without harsh punishment , she twisted a lock of hair around her fingers , keeping the the girls head straight , she would grab more hair if needed “….an unlikely story “

Hot : you know…from all my sisters here arround i’m the one with the east patience

Marli: “Tal sister” smiling at Lune

Lune nods knowing that all toooo well

Ana’Cara shifting my weigth on the ground and shuffles a bit more backwards as i see the dagger in the hand of the mIstress’yes Mistress i was looking for snowflowers’notice th frim grip on my hair ‘eeppss M Mistress i am telling the thruth i i dont lie’

Hot : so lets see if you can remember about your bussiness, your true bussiness that is…..what were you doing here girl?….she bows taking the girls earlob and lets the blade rest or her ear

Lune pokes Hot’s bumm with her arrow

Ana’Cara clossing my eyes tight while i feel the cold steel on my earlob sighs deeeply and knows that her lies wont help if i wanted too keep my ear lower my head just carefull a bit ‘i was scouting here M Mistress as i i always do i am be a slave but My Mistress let me keep my own thing i was a proud scout of my tribe before i become a slave girl ‘i talk with a ligth tremble in my voice

Marli grasped more hair from the slave girl ,Marli wanted to rende the girls head immobile , she instictively knew that Hot was planning to notch the girls ear , Marli had no qualms about that what so ever , notching was commen practise when a thief was caught , Marli hissed “WHo do you scout for girl ?”

Hot  ads a little pressure t the blade seeing the skin burst a little and a smal drop of blood slowly starts to find its way downthe girls cheek

Ana’Cara sits perfectly still not wanted that the blade will further sink in her ear ‘auch auch ‘ feelign the pain on her ear and the drip of blood slide’s down on my cheek ‘pl please Mistress n n no more i i told you the thruth now’

Kay: Tallies all smiles

Hot : My sister did ask you aspecific question and wants answers… better be quick about it

Lune: Tal Kay

Marli hisses more loudly into the girls ear this time “who are you scouting for ? my patience wears thin “

Marli: Tal Kay

Kay: oh.. i see we have a new pat

Ana’Cara lower my eyes to the ground’the sa’sang sar Mistress’

Hot : Tal Kay..she said without taking her eyes of the girl adding a ittle bit more pressuer again

Hot  looks up at her En seeing if she was sattisfied with the girls answer or wanting to know more..she still kept theblade on the girls eaar, ready to slice it of as soon as Mari woud nod

Hot  looks overto Lune…you look awsome sis…i betwhen we get raided an you show up they will al run

Hot grins wide

Lune: pfffttt

Marli: ” a sang sar !” Marli ‘s face almost contorted with disgust , “….so now they send a slave girl to find out our strength ……” she nods at Hot “…..give her ear a small notch to remind this slave that she was caught scouting …….a warning to Dione “

Hot : En when we hide her in that tree there, she could be our secret weapon

Marli grinned “Good idea Hot, so be it “

Hot quickly added half an inch to the cut in the girls ear so it realy sterted beeding and whiped her knive clean at the girls shoulder before sheating it

Ana’Cara clossing my eyes as i heard the Mistress talking to her sister and screams as i feel the blade cut further in my ear ‘OUCHHSSS’wants to grab her ear struggles a bit in he ropes feeling the tears popping up in her eyes from the pain and notice aswell that a small strema of blood runs over her cheek

Hot : You want to send the Sa ‘ngSaar a message En?

Hot : or as the girl stated…they dont know were she is and we sell her?

Marli watched the stream of blood flow down the girls cheek , Marli had a satisfied grin on hre face , with her thumb she roughly made a streak accross the girls cheek “Our message is clear and simple , scout our lands comes at a high price ” she chuckles “You may kennel her if you like or release her with our message “

Ana’Cara curse in her mind thatshe was caught by these Mistresses and that she was treated in this way feeling the strok of the thumb on her face smells the blood on her cheek ‘p p please Mistress let me go back to My Mistress ‘

Sa Vella surprise

In an attempt to bring Christmas joy to the Sa Vella En was captured but Myself and Hot were sailed. Nelly of the Sa Vella said she intends to never let EN Leave ((RP)) “i suppose…you started claiming to be the new EN of your band. Your old one will never return to you. *nelly gestured* Do not dare again to come here and speak up to us” Too bad they didn’t open their exploding prezzies.

You’re loving Lunatic Elder Lune

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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