About a Panther and the dreaded Tuchuk Wagon People of Gor

The nomadic peoples



Freewomen do not wear the veils of the city women. They wear long dresses split up the side to allow for easy riding. Leathers are sometimes worn made from the skin of the bosk. The Freewoman’s hair is braided at all times.

kajirae of the Wagons are forbidden to bind their hair in the manner of a Freewoman. However, she may tie it back with a strip of red cloth which is known as the Koora. A kajira wears three articles of clothing. A curla, or red cord is tied around her waist. A long, narrow strip of leather, known as the Chatka, is held in place by the Curla. It passes underneath the cord, between her thighs, and up over the cord in back, with the long ends hanging free. She also wears a short, open vest of black leather, the Kalmak.

A slave may be stripped of all garments by her Master/Mistress at any time. This is usually done when the slave gives reason for mistrust. The lack of garments making it impossible to hide a weapon on her person. She may also be belled at wrists and ankles so that her movements can be easily heard.

The kajiri, or male slaves, wear a sleeveless jerkin of black leather called the Kes.

All Tuchuk females, slave or free, wear a delicate, thin gold ring in their nose. The ring adds greatly to the beauty of the Tuchuk female.

In the winter the wagon people wear clothing designed to protect them from the bitter cold of the plains. Trousers made of bosk hide, fur-lined boots, heavy coats and headgear with ear protection bound beneath the chin by a thin strap. Slaves sometimes wear their turian collars on the outsides of their coats, beneath the fur-lined collar. This is not always the case since the kajira is never mistaken for a freewoman due to her unbound hair. Kajiri are shackled at the ankles as proof of their status.

The wagon people

The Wagon Peoples claim the southern prairies of Gor, from the gleaming Thassa and the mountains of Ta-Thassa to the southern foothills of the Voltai Range itself, that reared in the crust of Gor like the backbone of the planet. On the north they claimed lands even to the rush-grown banks of the Cartius, a broad swift flowing tributary feeding into the incompatible Vosk. The land between the Cartius and the Vosk had once been within the borders of the claimed empire of Ar, but not even Marlenus, Ubar of Ubars, when master of luxurious, glorious Ar, had flown his tarnsmen south of the Cartius.

These nomads have encampments of thousands of gaily painted wagons, their herds of the reverenced bosk, often numbering into the millions, surrounding them. Throughout the day, the camps are teeming with scarred warriors, kaiila, clad Kajir slaves, dour free women, haruspexes and domesticated sleen. All Tuchuk men are expected to defend their encampment, so there are no castes as such, but clans, such as healers, leather workers and salt seekers exist, including the clan of torturers. The Tuchuk warrior prays to the ‘Spirit of the Sky’ on kaiila-back with his weapons at hand, demanding victory and luck for themselves, defeat and misery for their enemies, primarily Turia. ‘…chief of the things before which the proud Tuchuk stands ready to remove his helmet is the sky, the simple, vast beautiful sky, from which falls the rain that, in his myths, formed the earth, the bosks, and the Tuchuks.


Red Scar : Courage Scar. Always the highest Scar on the face. No other Scars may be given until the Courage Scar is earned.

Yellow Scar : Loyalty Scar. Given to Warriors who have risked their life for the Ubar or the Tuchuk.

Blue Scar : Virtue Scar. Scars given to Those true of heart in Their actions and Their words.

Black Scar : Valor Scar. Warriors recieve this Scar when They have demonstrated Their Honor during battle with man or beast.

“On the face of each there were, almost like corded chevrons, brightly colored scars. The vivid coloring and intensity of these scars, their prominence, reminded me of the hideous markings on the faces of mandrills; but these disfigurements, as I soon recognized, were cultural, not congenital, and bespoke not the natural innocence of the work of genes but the glories and status, the arrogance and prides, of their bearers. The scars had been worked into the faces, with needles and knives and pigments and the dung of bosks over a period of days and nights. Men had died in the fixing of such scars. Most of the scars were set in pairs, moving diagonally down from the side of the head toward the nose and chin. The man facing me had seven such scars ceremonially worked into the tissue of his countenance, the highest being red, the next yellow, the next blue, the fourth black, then two yellow, then black again. I recalled what I had heard whispered of once before, in a tavern in Ar, the terrible Scar Codes of the Wagon Peoples, for each of the hideous marks on the face of these men had a meaning, a significance that could be ready by the Paravaci, the Kassars, the Kataii, the Tuchucks as cleary as you or I might read a sign in a window or a sentence in a book. At that time I could read only the top scar, the red, bright, fierce cordlike scar that was the Courage Scar. It is always the highest scar on the face. Indeed without that scar, no other scar can be granted. The Wagon Peoples value courage above all else. Each of these men facing me wore that scar.


In this storyline Marli hears that her Shaman has been captured by the Tuchuk people , here is what transpired.

The role play:

Marli looks back at Ruffus “Yes , I have come to trade goods , which might be of interest to your people …..I am Marli ….panther of Lake Ias ”

Ruffus : me nods to the free woman and the forest girl… ‘come to the fire then please.. we are in sacred lands so please leave your weapons aside youwont be hurt:”

Ruffus : nuray, winyela i will have paga and fruits

Winyela: aii my Master

Winyela: Greetings Masters and Kajira

Nara: Greetings Master….

Ruffus : Tal free

Ruffus : greetings slaves

Kutai: Welcome back Ruffus

Nara: tal winyela smiles brightly

Nara : Greetings Mistress…

Nara : Tal kajira

Ruffus : akimba.. the forest girl says she comes to trade

Hakimba : tal Lady greetings winyela

Kutai sees the panther girl which comes with Ruffus, this one armed however

Winyela smiles

Ruffus : and the woman there seems to want to learn wagon life

Marli unsheaths her bow and spear and places them near the tree stump

Hakimba : ahhh she will need to trade with Kutai.. i need to retire in a short

Ruffus : me nods

Hakimba stands up.. nadi will stay i ask you to protect her

Leda looks about and grumbles to herself as she warms her body by the fire, looking away from ruffus so he wont meet her eyes

Nuray headed straight to the kitchen pullind down a platter and a clean plate she checked it to make sure it had not dirt or cracks on it setting the platter to the side while she gathered up different fruit to fill the plate with

Nara : smiles up to her Master….

Ruffus : aii Hakimba she is safe with us

Kutai: I don’t know if the pantehr comes to trade, and if so, for which reasons

Ruffus  looks to the new girl

Ruffus : has she been branded already Kutai?

Nara : jumps in his arms loving…..kissing him

Kutai: No

Hakimba kisses his girl .. nadi you may help serving the free while i am looking for the bosks

Kutai: i think she is f the wagons

Leda looks to him and spits as she hears of a brand and straigthens herelf out* I am not a slave not a beast I will not wear a brand

Ruffus : ahh maybe i shall brand her while you trade with the panther

Nara : rest well my Master

Ruffus : ohh?

Nuray glanced out to the campfire hearing the men talking about Teeth frowning well looks like Nuray was going to loose her new found pet ,,

Hakimba : better you prepare my furs nadi then you may return

Marli inspects her fingernails as she listened , then looked up “Yes , here to trade ” she sees Leda and wonders how she ended up here

Kutai: and have spread word, among the tribes. If someone comes pay ransom, then we have a profit, If not…. we put her at stake at the Love Wars

Nara: yes My Master

Hakimba: stay well free serve with fire girls.. nadi follow me you may return when i sleep

Leda throws her head back and laughs at the thought os the love wars, then looks to her En and winks thining that is was wrong that I wandered to far off

Winyela smiles to my sister pinching her bottom as I walk to the shelf for a small tray and a bowl, I wipe them clean and move to the paga bottles.

Marli takes a seat on a nearby log , her eyes meet those of Leda and she briefly winks back

Winyela looks back to nuray and giggles then places the bottle of paga on the tray and takes it back to My Master…

Kutai sits a at log, then studies the panther who has come with Ruffus

Ruffus : me smiels as his slut kneels before him

Leda stands up and pulls on the chain, growls like a she-larl and moves to teh barrel of water, dragging the chain with her as she moves in quick large steps

Marli smirks a little , Marli would tease her sister about this , though at this point she had to figure out a way to trade her back if possible

Leda cups her hand and draws out some water, drinking as she watches the slave near by and hisses to her* you never had me nor will you ever

Nuray turned to the baskets of fruit sitting around gathering up a few from each one as Winyela walked by her pinching her bumm Nuray gave a shape squill the fruit in her hands ending up in the air and down arund her feet ” WINYELA she yelled looking around not seeing her Nuray hurriedly dropped down gathering up the spilled fruit dusting them all off and dippig them in water her to clean them as she gathered them all up she plopped them down on the plate turning she grabbed a bowl filling it with the curddled boskmilk and adding some sugar sitting the bowl in the middle of the platter she picked it all up walking to serve her master

Leda throws her head back and laughs as she walks back near the fire

Ruffus  looks to the forest girl.. ‘we have some skins and some arrow heads … what do you offer?

Ruffus  smiels at nadi approaches

Leda sits on the ground and watches with disgust at the slaves, hisses out* Shameless slaves * looks back to the one she knows is somewhat like her, herself being Shaman him being a harspex and says* do I alteast get some coverings?

Nara : settles softly on the fur next to her friend admiring her serve to her Master. smiles around the central fire leans back on her heels her hands on her thighs …waiting to serve

Winyela pops the cork off the bottle with my teeth and pours paga to the bowl. replacing the cork and smiling as I look to my Masters strong face with love and devotion, I pick the bowl up with two hands in honor of my Master, I hold the bowl to my glistening full, kissing it as I watch my Master with sensual eyes, full of desire. then holding the bowl high to him. “My Master your Paga, I wish for you a delightful day full of passion”

Kutai looks at Ruffus “shall we give her some, or teach her the lesson to be more carefull, i like seeing her naked. But you catched her

Marli listened to the offer Ruffus made , arrow heads made by male steel caught her interest, she tired of using bone and glass for arrowheads “The arrowheads interest me ” she waved her hands in a broad gesture “The Lakes offer many items of interest……fruits……oils for cooking …..herbs ” she ommitted poisons , she knew men had no interest in such things

Ruffus  smiels and takes the paga and sips as he pats her leg… “mmm mine good temperature”

Kutai hears the Lakes “you are a taluna of the Schendi?”

Leda grins knowing of what her En speaks of she plays with her hair, as she draws her knees up to hind her body

Winyela runs my hand over Nadi’s leg and smiles to her “Greetings my sweet wonderful friend”

Ruffus Pinion ponders about fish then looks to Kutai to see if he might be interested onherbs…

Nara: shivers purring feeling the soft hand of her friend on her leg….a gentle smile passes between her to winyela an then her Master

Marli snickers at Kutai ” I live in the Lake Ias area”

Nuray  turned grinning at teeth the sweetest of smiles that any one could have had on their face she slowly picked up the juicesest fruit she could find dipping it over and over in the curdled sugar bosk milk till she got it coated so thich bringing it up Nuray looked at it thinking it was just had to much curddeld bosk milke and sugar on it holding it out to her left side Nuray started shaking the excess coating off the fruit she watched as the contents went flying straight for Teeths face turning her head Nuray smiled at her Master ” would you like asweet fruit My master , her eyes shinning

Kutai sees the questioning look of Ruffus and directs to the ravenhaired forest woman “what kinda herbs do you have, you also have hallucinating herbs or mushrooms” he asks this for they help at his meditations and gives a more easy access to the spirit world

Winyela wrinkles my nose hearing the panther

Winyela: …and Kutai

Kutai: i would like a cold paga

Ruffus licks his lips as he nods.. “yes mine… then picks the juicy fruit and rubs it on her firm breasts.. then licks the sugar and bites the fruit feleing the juices sparying all over her leg..””” ” turns to Winyela..” offer kutai some refreshmente mine”

Leda looks up from her chin on her knees to ruffus, hides her face the best she can as she growls low and asks again* Coverings, my captures, it is the least you cna do for a free Woman, to allow herself to cover herself briefly if anything

Winyela picks up the tray and bottle moving quickly to the kitchen “yes my Master”

Nara : lets out a sigh, happy to hear the Master send his girl…turns her face to the outrider with a soft smile of thanks

Ruffus  nods to nadi

Nara : smiles lowering her eyes

Marli lips curled into a thin smile , she was surprised Kutai had an interest in such matters as mushrooms ” there are some mushrooms that can be used as medication or as an hallucenagen” she nodded “I do have such mushrooms in the trading bags of my canoe ”

Winyela places the tray in the water to wash and the paga bottle back to chill. finding a fine bowl and wiping it of dust inspecting it of cracks then smiling, I dry the small tray from the wash water and place the bowl, I take a fresh Paga bottle and move to the Masters side to serve him his chilled paga

Kutai: “i would be interested in such goods. And experiment with them in my meditation sweat hut. The paths of the Open Sky are many, and i have not wandered all. Such mushrooms would open new doors to me, where i can find answers to help and advie the wagonpeople tribes”

Kutai loks at Winyela and smiles

Nara : moving to the fire pit as the embers start to wane….reaches down gathering some bosk chips from the wooden box at her side…tosses them into the fire, poking the logs with a stick watches as the flames leap to life sending sparks up into the air.

Winyela sets the tray down, taking the bottle of paga in my hand looking to him with a smile as I pop the cork with my teeth and pour the fragrant liquid to the bowl. I take the bowl in my two small hands and lift it gracefully to him softly saying “Master may the paga quench your thirst this fine day”

Leda hisses at the slave near to her and shakes her head to the beast, not understanding why such women do this and knows they are weak to fall so easy to the collars and brands of men, then throws her head back laughing as she looks about the plains of the valley

Kutai takes the cold paga out of Winyela’s hands and brings it to his lips “excellent paga”

Marli glances at her shaman , Marli had on occassion used the mushrooms to get in a higher state to get closer to her Goddess “I have two cotton bags of dried mushrooms , they are the most potent I know ….” she points her finger at Leda “is that one for sale ……see seems unbroken and I do enjoy a challenge ” she grinned as she heard Leda hiss , Marli was enjoying the spectacle

Ruffus : Nuray go kennel mine and clean my wagon

Winyela feels the excitment run through my body as I have pleased the master and honored mine.

Kutai hears the comment of the panther “no, she is no slave, not yet. I expect ransom for her, from her family. If not, i put her at stake at the love wars. better her at risk then a free woman of my tribe”

Nuray smiles leaning over she gave her master a soft kiss “Yes my master ” Nuray stood up waving at winylea and Nara she made her way to her master’s wagon

Ruffus : me ndos to kutai

Nara : rest well nuray….smiles at the girl

Leda keeps her head turned from the one named Ruffus so he can never get a good look at her, she plays with the grasses and laughs as she shakes her head to the reaction of the slave, such shameless behaviour… her eyes widen at the words he speaks and says with a hiss* I am not a slave nor will I be, the love wars will not befall on me, you will see

Kutai smiels at Winyela and then says to Ruffus “you trained er well Ruffus, i remember when she was free, never expected she would find such pleasure in being helpless and pleasing”

Winyela smiles and waves to my sister as she leaves

Leda holds her head high and laughs* only worthless slaves go there to be lost to those of turia, I am not one, nor will I feel silks on my flesh

Ruffus  grins at Kutai feeling proud of his girl then narrows hiseyes trying to see the panther

Winyela giggles knowing the men are in control not a panter

Kutai: you are wrong dear free woman. We only put the free at stake. They have something to loose, slaves have not. Which honorfull man will put his life in danger to defend what is not there, the honor of a slave girl”

Ruffus  chuckels… “well free woman burn with slave heat inside always from my experience brother”

Marli: “ahhhh, a ransom ” her eyes widening “and you think a her family will pay ? out of curiosity , what is the ransom?” Marli tried to remain aloof and not give the impression she knew Leda, fearing this would increase the price

Nara : grins broadly hearing the outriders words, knowing he speaks the truth….free woman or just not wearing a collar yet

Kutai: such depends on her family

Leda scoffs to his words, throwing her head back as a free woman would do with pride* I am far more worth then any beast, just my knowledge alon……* trails off not wishing them to know what she does*

Kutai: If they are wagonpeople, i might eeven give them her for free,”he chuckles “unless they are paravaci of course, those thiefs” his face sobers “if my initial impression is wrong, and she belongs to city folk. Well then the price rises. If it appaers she belongs to a Trian family or other ennemies, i will take her as my own slave, and let her squirm before her family to humilate them”

Kutai: Turian

Ruffus  laughs and spits when Kutai mentioned Paravacci

Leda turns and spits to the ground at the word Turian* I am no sleen of that place * then looks away and hisses* I am no slave either

Marli frowned , Marli had no idea who the Paravacci was , in her world there were panthers and non panthers “And just suppose ….suppose her family were panthers like myself ….then what would be the ransom ? ……” she blinked innocently “……out of curiousity of course ”

Kutai: well, if none comes, you might become a slave their if your champion loses at the love wars.”he grinses evily “some Turians want be friends with me and give me their slaves to use when i visit them. In such case we wil meet again”

Ruffus  eeys the panther MArli with curiosity….

Leda throws her head to the side and screeches out* NEVER!!!!

Kutai grinses at the temperamentfull reaction f the woman “you have spirit woman, you almost must be of the wagons. Spare your energy, and use it in the furs, when you meet me, i love some action in the furs”

Ruffus  finishes his paga nd gives the bowl to NAdi…. “aii she seesm very familiar Kutai.. she probably is from the plains”

Kutai dreicts to Marli “panthers and family, hm. strange thing you suggest there. But i can imagine she is a friend of one of the other tribes”

Leda shakes her head and pulls the chain with her wieght as she moves back and to the end of it* NEVER!! Never will you see me there, I will not be found like these beasts* she spits to the ground near the feet of one of the slaves*

Winyela listens to the master and giggles

Nara : takes the bowl from the Master’s hand…”do you wish a refill of warm paga Master?”

Leda hides herself behind the log as she still has not gotten any coverings and looks to Ruffus and squints her eyes, a sshe turns her head and back to them

Ruffus : aii nadi and give some water to the panther

Kutai laughs hard “so you don’t wanna see e there. Well i can use you from behind, like that mamba. You can be blindfolded and never know it was e who took you, and you will restless sleep for the rest of your live and wondering who that man was which brought the slave above in yourself”

Leda mumbles to herself how she will never fall slave, collared and branded as a mear beast, she puts her chin on her knees and hides the fury in her eyes

Nara : yes Master , smiles warm paga for you an a bowl of water for the Panther

Marli: “I want to trade for her ” Marli pointed her finger at Leda “…..I know the panther tribe she runs with ” Marli still not elaborating who she was and her position in her tribe , if they knew Leda was a shaman

Nara : unfolding her long tanned kataii legs sways to the kitchen

Kutai: “if one of her tpantehr band would come here, we might negotiate about some sachets of mushrooms. Or we close a treaty for a longer trade relation”

Kutai gives Winyela his paga cup for a refill

Leda her body shaking as she sit near the water, thinking of her past and now of those dear to her, looking back over her shoulder a moment at ruffus she lets the fury shine a moment before her hides her face once again

Ruffus  watches the slave looking at him…”yea thatcould work Kutai.. maybe we keep this one some days.. she intrigues me some”

Leda listening she screams out* NEVER!! * then mumbles* I will never be in your wagon agai…….. trails off the last words so none can hear*

Nara : reaching up to retrieve a rep cloth wipes the Master’ bowl clean. Taking hold of the spigot allows the rich room temp paga to fill the bowl. Pulling it close between her ample breasts warms it even more with the fire of a slave.

Winyela smiles and picks up the bottle of paga taking his bowl and pouring the paga. placing the bottle down and holding the bowl high over my head happy to refill, refreshing him in the warm sun. “Master may the paga relaxy and refresh you”

Ruffus  frowns listening to the panther… and rubs his chin….. as he looks at nadi go bring the slut after you finish”

Nara : Holding the bowl tightly to her flesh…lifts it to her plump lips kissing the bottom…lowers her eyes whispering….”May this warmed paga nourish you and give you strength Master.”

Kutai takes the bowl from Winyela , ruffus girl

Marli nodded slowly at Kutai “Very well ……she is known to me, her name is Leda …..I will trade you the sachets of mushrooms and we can discuss a possible trade relation” Marli chuckles hearing Leda scream , it was quite the spectacle and Marli looked forward to the stories around the camp fire about Leda’s adventures with the wagon people

Ruffus smiels and takes the bowl.. ” very good nadi”

Nara : do you wish me to bring her closer to your boot Master…

Nara : looking at him some puzzled

Winyela smiles “yes Master”

Ruffus  pats nadi legs and nods……… “aii slave girl.. just enough to see her face”

Winyela pinches her bottom

Nara : walks to the stake holding the chain of the panther

Kutai hears Marli suggesting a trade, he feels there is a connecton between the 2 women. He does not want to dig that relation, for that would only blur negotiating “4 sachets of dried mushrooms would be good edeal” he directs to Ruffs “what kinda stuff we need in a trade releation with them. We can give them the arrows of the slain Turians, we can’t use them ourselves anyway because we have different, is recurveed, bows”

Leda grabs a small branch and uses it as a switch, hitting the slave on the thigh* be off with you SLAVE!!

Nara : unsnapping the chain looks at the female an smiles, with a yank pulls the woman to the Outriders boot

Nara : laughs yanking on the chain drags her to the Master

Nara: drops the chain in the Master’s hand smiling giving one more yank

Ruffus  rubs his chin…..”” well some slaves or perhaphs also some honey from the forest…. I have heard is more thick”

Leda looks to him then away and demands * give me coverings as a Free aught have * covering her breasts and petals with her arms and hands*

Ruffus  watches nadi return and grabs the leash

Marli laughs at Ruffus “you mention slaves ….well from time to time we do have wanderers that think they can enter our lands , we will trade you those captives …..” she paused “we have honey too , we use it in slave wine to sweeten it , sugar is a prized possession” she then looked back at Kutai “four sachets of dried mushrooms then for her release ”

Ruffus  rubs his hands

Leda turns away from him, letting only her back show as she hisses to the slaves with disgust, looks to Marli and winks twice to let her know all is well*

Kutai hears the offer of the panther about the sachets “i will release her for that, i want see her step free behind you, for i suspect she is one of us, and don’t like to see her end in some lice filled citizen bed”


A day of trade with a tuchuk.

The role play:

  • Cyan  lays his hands flat on the table. “It may be a while before anyone comes by with the drinks. Why not share the table and I can discuss some trade?”

  • Màяℓî  lifted her right eyebrow , the red head had a keen nose for trade “trade ? what do you propose?” she stepped up boldly to the table where he sat

  • Cyan  smiles with a crooked grin, drinking in the ambiance of the small, torchlit tavern, the prospect of profitable trade, and the sight of the two girls in the brief skins of the panthers. Not necessarily in that order. “I am Cyan, leatherworker of the Kataii. Now that winter has settled in, I travel along the forest towns to purchase all the unused pelts and furs.

  • Màяℓî  kicked the cushion closer to the table with her foot , making it ready should she chose to sit near the trader, she then rubbed her nose as their eyes met , she was aware her leathers were revealing , she smirked like a panther girl would “Well met Cyan , I am Marli , I also trade ……..in slaves …..pelts…..and furs” she straightened her arm braces “what do you offer?”

  • Cyan  stretches out his arms, creaking the bones and both arms back. “Assuming that you have no use for coins, I have access to the materials panthers need. Arrowheads, metal, cooking pots, collars and metal binds. Enough to purchase your spares. Now, panther bands can rarely afford this, but I also carry very high quality leatherwork. Boots, clothing, saddles, bindings, braided furs. And my own personal created masterwork, a special slave whip that exists no where else in Gor of this quality.

  • Màяℓî  pointed to his person and glances over to Moon “I dont know about you my sister, but it seems he has not brought his trade wares with him “she turned to him , her eyes sparkled in the fire light “Show us some of your wares to see if they are worth what you say , I am most interested in metals , they are indeed hard for us to acquire ” she smiled “…it is indeed true that panther bands are poor….but” she removed her fur belt and tossed it on the table “…..our pelts and furs are of the finest quality as you can see”

  • Moon: seems funny that a trader doesn’t even carry an example of his goods with him

  • Moon: how do we know he speaks true

  • Cyan  examines the belt with disinterest. “Your larl pelts can be of good quality in the region, but the best leather is made with high quality bosk. Pelts from the game here can occasionally be sold in the cities if I am lucky, for which reason I am willing to take some off your hands.

  • Moon: Sis .. is he saying our pelts are worthless

  • Cyan turns pale green eyes to Moon, who speaks for the first time. He smiles and pats a small leather bag. “I carry some examples of what I have to provide. But nothing substantial until I know I have a safe- or fairly safe- area to trade. Everything else rests in caches or with fellow merchants. You understand that not all panthers and outlaws respect free trade as much as they should- so carrying my entire stock with me would be foolish at best.

  • Màяℓî  grumbled as she noticed his brief examination and his apparant disinterest in one of her most prized possessions , she behaved like a forest brat and snatched the belt from his hands , buckled it back around her hour glass waist “…I know what I want”

  • Moon: he’s not a quality trader .. our pelts .. he’s not interested in .. I think he’s looking around for slaves

  • Moon: I don’t trust him

  • Màяℓî fiery eyes focused on the leather bag he patted “I want to see what you have in your bag”

  • Moon: traders come through here all of the time .. and they bring a fair example of their goods .. not just a tiny pouch of trinkets

  • Cyan  reaches into a worn leather bag and rummages around extracts an arrowhead. He places it on the table. Then comes a metal collar, simple with a straight lock. Shackles. A small iron pot. The ironwork is fairly simple, until he begins to pull out examples of the leatherwork. Boots, clothing, bindings, a small kaiila saddle, and finally, a special slave whip, all of the finest bok work and made with obvious craftsmanship.

  • Cyan : Bosk leatherwork

  • Moon: thought he said he didn’t bring much?

  • Cyan : One example each of all my stores. The metalwork will suffice for all your needs.

  • Moon: hhmmmmmm

  • Màяℓî grinned as she leaned in to examine the articles which lay before her , she immediately reached for two items , the collar with a straight lock and the shackles “What do you want for these? one pelt ?” she acted as if she was trading for the first time

  • Cyan : The leatherwork is sold in towns. It is worth silver, more than the finest pelt in the forest Unless you have unusual wealth or are willing to part with a slave girl.

  • Cyan : The collar and shackles are good metal. Very rare for a forest camp. Each one is three to five larl pelts or 5-6 tabuk pelts, depending on the quality.

  • Màяℓî  frowned , it was obvious the red head had no silver on her , she began to shake her head hearing his steep demands “Your asking prices are beyond our means “she placed the items back “……much beyond our simple means” she hoped her reaction would make him open to barganing

  • Moon: see sis ? .. slave girls .. he’s looking for slaves

  • Moon: I bet he’s a Slaver

  • Cyan  stretches forward on the table. “I come now, at this point in the year, because you now know how many furs you need for the winter. and what you don’t. So tell me, panther, what do you have to offer?

  • Màяℓî : “For the collar and shackles…..my offer would be three tabuk pelts ……you have to consider my skill of hunting these animals , skinning and preparing them for you….what say you trader?”

  • Cyan  looks over at Moon. “This leather is genuine bosk and caste quality. No slaver would have this to trade. But slave girls are a universal commodity.”

  • Cyan  frowns. “Tabuk are common. Three wouldn’t come close to buying one, much less both. What kind of larl pelts do you have?”

  • Moon: and our pelts are of good quality . not just tabuk or bosks .. but others as well .. some you can’t get in a city

  • Cyan : Also, these are only examples. I carry more in supplies, kept safe with merchants I trust. A necessary precaution when traveling, as I’m sure you’ll understand.

  • Màяℓî  bit her lower lip . she was clearly interested in his metal work , but his demand at this point was too high a price for her , she looked away disapointed to her sisters “He asks too much”

  • Moon: well .. trade with him if you want . I’ve already said I don’t trust him .. and I think he’s just scouting for slaves

  • Cyan : Tabuk is rough, not favored for sitting or bedding furs. It also makes for less quality work than any bosk leather. If I used it on regular basis I would lose my reputation. Larl furs can be used for bedding or sitting, however.

  • Cyan  grins wolfishly. at Moonstar “I can be trusted in trade, if nothing else. You still haven’t given me your name.”

  • Màяℓî : “Three larl pelts will keep me warm during the winter , I risk my life to hunt them” she nodded to Moon “If he is here to scout , more fool him to seek out the most dangerous panther girls on these lands”

  • Cyan  grins. “How often does your trade involve buying back captured members of your band? If you could develop an ongoing supply line for metal goods and arrowheads, what sort of advantage you you have over your enemies?”

  • Màяℓî  lips curled into a thin smile “I would do anything to defeat my enemies”

  • Cyan  takes hold of the arrowhead and uses it ti pick the tip of his thumb, barely drawing blood. “So if one panther band develops a line to supplies and city goods, while other bands only trade captive panthers, who has the advantage?

  • Màяℓî  watched him draw some blood and nodded “the one who has steel arrowheads , compared to ones that use glass or stone……you still have my interest….four larl pelts if you can deliver what you say”

  • Cyan: Four larl pelts for both the collar and the shackles. Three steel arrowheads per tabuk pelt. That is my introductory offer. Then, I can bring back more- five larl pelts for both shackle and collar, or three for either. Then two arrowheads for each tabuk pelt.

Abducted from Earth by a Tuchuk

Her history: Kamchak spotted her at an earth club, he talked to her and found out she had slave heat, he informed Kutai his uncle. Kutai decided to harvest her at the next slave hunt. So it came to pass that Kiana was lured to a silent meadow and grabbed by the much stronger Kutai, he used Thassa powder to drug her, and brought her into the space ship of Aquistion. The ship brought to Gor where Kutai locked her into the cellars deep under the baths of Turia. But not before making her a kajira, his kajira.

The role play:

  • Kamchak lands at the surface of Gor with the capped woman, he notices she is still unconcious of the Thassa powder, so he decides to wake her

  • Kiana feels sweat running over whole body when she opens her eyes

  • Kiana looks around and decides she must still dream

  • Kamchak has bound her still, so he looks in her eyes, lchecking is she is not suffering of shellshock after the space travel, he nods satisfied and lays her again at his shoulder, bringing her to the big building behind them

  • Kamchak takes her in the cellar area where the labor slaves are kept

  • Kiana feels the cold wet air running over her body

  • Kiana  wakes up some more recognizes the stange man.. w..what have you done.. where am I?

  • Kamchak unbinds her ankles, but keeps the fibers at her pulses so her movements are still very limited, at her hair he leads her to the anvil and lays her head over it

  • Kamchak grabs her hair and forces her head thigh to the iron.

  • Kiana looks around fully confused.. not able to understand whats going on

  • Kamchak takes a ring of metal of a shelf, a circle of steel in which is written “property of Kutaituchik Haruspex”

  • Kiana’s eyes slowly catch details in the dark.. but what she see is not what she likes

  • Kamchak: “you are at the planet Gor girl, maybe you have heard of it, for sure you have dreamed of it because sluts like you belong in the collar” saying this he lays the steel ring around her neck and twists the key in the lock

  • Kamchak puts the key in a secret pouch in his clothes then he lifts the girls neck and admires the steel and Gorean text on it “from now on you are mine girl, I am your owner, your Master”

  • Kiana feels the cold metal on her neck.. what do you mean?

  • Kamchak: that you are a slave

  • Kamchak: my slave

  • Kiana repeats the words with eyes wide open.. your slave

  • Kamchak: yes

  • Kamchak: so kneel before me and call me MASTER

  • Kiana: yes… m..Master

  • Kamchak takes the switch of leather at his hand and hears her words “a bit more convincing girl!” he slashes her back viciously with the leather switch

  • Kiana bows her head.. I’m sorry Master

  • Kamchak drags her to a cellar and throws her in


  A Kataii trades spices with a Panther Girl

The role play:

  • Reni comes to our first meeting in some time…..seeing him on the platform……”tal Sir”
  • Kutai hears the voice of a well known panther girl, some how he had expected her, since winter will come soon for the Northern Forests
  • Kutai: Tal Reni
  • Reni: “you look well Sir…..and your land looks prosperous” eyes slowly move over the surrounding building…his people going about their business
  • Kutai notices her eyes speeding around, the other people of his harriga watching her with curiousity, but not alarmed since he gives no signal to grab her “welcome, please be seated at the dais”
  • Reni drops my bow at the side of the dais and climbs up…..taking a seat near him…..”My chieftess sends her warm regards……as always…..she has been happy with the…ummmm…dealings our people and yours have had in the past”
  • Kutai nods “greet her from me, some in Gor see the panther girls of the Northern Woods as ennemies, and for city people they are outlaws, for us they are no less trade partners as the vermins behind walls. At least your bands have contact with nature and respect for the powers under the Open Sky.”
  • Kutai looks at the sky ” it is early autumn still, you are earlier this year. You already are in shortage of salts, or do you want acquire other trade goods then the salt of our mine?”
  • Reni: “I will give her your wishes when I return to our lands. We know well the reputation that pathers have…and perhaps some of that reputation is well deserved. Our trade has always been honest….as it has been with you and your people”…..pauses a moment….”it is trade that has brough me to your land…..but my chieftess is eager for spices…..southern spices which are not easy for our tribe to get”
  • Kutai mumbles “spices, you mean the spices of the Southern Islands, or special spices which we have here at the Plains. For the island spices, we need to travel, and those will be expensive. For the special wagon people flavors, we can gather our self and fabricate it into the desired forms”
  • Reni: “wagon people spices….there is a merchant that has many items that we desire. His desires are for that which fills his stomach. He once travelled with the wagon people and grew to love their food…..and has not been able to copy it with the spices of the north. He is eager…..very eager to find a source for such spices”
  • Kutai looks at the dais and picks up a small pot, he screws it open and shows it to Reni “this is called mustard, and it’s seeds are collected at the foothills of the Ta Tassa mountains, which are under our control” he offers the pot to Reni”
  • Reni dips my finger into the paste and touches it to my tongue….reacting a bit to the strong flavor of the paste
  • Kutai: You can add parts of it, not to much to sausages or other small pieces of meat”
  • Reni: “when I have been here in the past, the aromas of cooking are very strong….and very unique. I can see how he would try hard to copy the flavors”
  • Kutai: “We often have strong spiced meat, because it’s mostly dried, which tastes good, but gets boring for the tongue. Specially the more wealthy among us, like a variation. With mustard or some bitter spices”
  • Reni: “on my past visit…..I had occasion to spend a night or two among your men at the outposts…..and tasted the flavors of their cooking”
  • Kutai chuckles, knowing why the outriders hold her someties for a couple of days of sport
  • Hakimba: Tal Kutai, greetings huntress
  • Reni blushes a little as he chuckles…..both of us knowing the needs of his men….turning to the arriving man….”tal Sir…it is good to see you again as well”
  • Kutai: “Are these the kind of spices your En could use, if so i can give order to gather some and then you can take them with you at our next meeting”
  • Hakimba listens
  • Reni: “aye Sir….an assortment of your spices….perhaps enough for him to flavor his food for a season….that would then reap us many items that we are eager to posess”
  • Kutai sees his nephew arrives ” Tal Hakimba, you remember Reni, she wants trade spices this time. I offered her mustard” he points the small pot with mustard paste.
  • Hakimba nods … mustard we could offer
  • Reni: “I remember your nephew well Sir…..as I recall…..he has claimed a woman as his own….aye?”
  • Hakimba turns to the huntress… “yes i did.. in between i own two girls”
  • Reni smiles and nods at him….”then you have grown even more prosperous Sir…..I am glad”
  • Kutai grins ” he is a young man, full of needs, which his slaves fulfill in perfection”
  • Hakimba grins.. “indeed they do so”
  • Reni nods and smiles…”they are lucky to serve such a fine man”
  • Kutai: “back to subject, we are here afterall to do a trade, and are not here babbling about the skills and attractions of slave girls. About how much of these small pots, your En has a market, Reni. I need to know, because i must snd out a expedition to the Ta Thassa mountains”
  • Hakimba “yes you are right uncle”
  • Reni lifts the pot…checking its size and weight….”perhaps four to start……I can manage the load and return them safely to our land and to the merchants hands”
  • Hakimba: its a very fine quality
  • Kutai looks how she handles the small pots. He first was thinking of bigger pots, but then realises, she must travel far and light “four pots it will be. It will be quite some chore for our kajirae to collect so much seed, on the other hand their labour is cheap”
  • Reni: “aye Sir…..I can see that the paste is ground perfectly….your slaves are trained quite well and perform their skills to perfection”
  • Kutai turns to Hakimba “what shall we ask for 4 pots, normally Reni trades us pelts of small animals. Would be 3 pelts per pot a good deal? “
  • Hakimba nods..”yes kutai i think that would be a fair deal”
  • Kutai turns to Reni ” is that doable, 12 furs of selective small animals? “
  • Hakimba: it would be fair for both sides
  • Reni opens a pouch and digs around within it….extracting three pelts and laying them before him….”I can give three now……pelts such as these…….and return with the remainder when the pots are ready…..12 seems fair to me as well”
  • Hakimba nods .. “i would aggree .. but the decision is at Kutai”
  • Kutai nods “thats a fair deal, I give you the pot you know have as a proof and test item for your En. If you could find some red squirl, with intact tail, I would be extra pleased with the deal”
  • Reni: “I will bring your desires to my chieftess….I’m sure she will direct the hunters to search for this particular pelt”
  • Hakimba turns to the huntress.. ” i am sure my uncle will be very pleased then”

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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  1. -slides up silently- quiva ready- face obscured by that mask of the black clan- What is a panther slut doing in a tuchuk circle?!??!?!?!? she should be dead or in a collar.

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