Role play of The Sa Vella Panthers , Luna’s story

Sisters of Vella


Vella of SL Gor

The SaVella (Vella’s band) are a role play group founded by some former Di Jan who liked to play the role of panther girls on gor with some differences to what to what they had played before. They are not a strongly btb tribe..and they are not a combat oriented tribe. They are a tribe that takes the books serious but seeks foremost fun in role play.

The SaVella love and seek people who are interested in long term role play plots. Expect them to be very open to anything that helps breaking out of usually day by day business..without becoming ungorean and ridiculous. They don’t need IC Friends but role play partners. Trade is very welcomed but please role play earning their trust. If you do’ll find them a worthy add to your roles activities.

Vella of the books

In book eight, Hunters of Gor, Tarl Cabot visits the norther forests looking for his first love, Talena, princess of Ar.  He meets Vella, now a tavern slave, but leaves her there, though he had declared his love for her at the end of book five.  He had meant to return her to Earth earlier, thinking it best in spite of her objections, and she had fled with his tarn, a large, eagle-like bird able to carry riders.  I did not remember where this scene was, and had a time finding it.  As it turns out, it is a mere flashback near the middle of book six.  Later he does own Vella again, but her strength and individuality seem considerably degenerated.  In this book we hear much about the panther girls, the free outlaw women of Gor, the second popular Gorean sub-group.  As a whole, however, this is not one of the stronger books.

Captured by capture scent

A small group of Luna Caleeng panthers  were sleeping near a smoldering camp fire. The dawn sun was slowly rising from a soft red sky. The sounds of the wildlife in the swamps audible in the back ground as the beasts slowly awakened. There was no other sound , then suddenly a group led by Nelly had stealthily entered the camp, capture scents were used , female cries of surprise were heard in the swamps.

After attaching the chain to the necks of three captured Luna Caleeng Panthers, Nelly and her band of ten sisters marched their captives out of the camp, ordering them to start out on their left foot. At the command of the ones that now held the Luna Caleeng,  was a Panther named Lita , she was moving the coffle outside the swamps, marching them naked, wrist bound behind their backs and a chain running from one slender neck to the next.

Nelly Looks around the empty camp one last time, nodding her head with a crooked smile on her lips, happy with the way they were able to easily enter the camp, that was exactly where the treacherous Sandy said they would be sleeping.  Remembering how they moved in silently, covered by the semi darkness of the early morning sun rise. Using pieces of rep cloth and small bottles filled with capture scents , slavers call it “Bottled sleep “ and works effectively when forced to breathe in.

Nelly and her band of sisters had entered the camp, silently as a Larl stalking its prey. Splashing the liquid on a rag to cover the mouths and noses of the sleeping Panthers. Each of her sisters picking a Luna Caleeng Panther , with almost no struggle, dragging each semi unconscious Panther to the center of camp.

Feeling proud of herself for making the plan to take this tribe into binds, not getting any of her sisters hurt, and putting the Luna Caleeng Huntresses in chains. Taking in a deep breath as she focused on the task at hand.

“we have done well , very well indeed”, Nelly talking to herself , being the last one to leave, letting her dark eyes scan over the camp seeing a few skins that Panther girls wear as clothes, and several small capture scent bottles, scattered around inside the camp.  Then the dark skinned Panther turned to follow her sisters, leading the coffle of Luna Caleeng captives.

Five Huntresses led by Marli, a brave young Panther, skilled with a bow, returning after a good hunt, stopping in her tracks at the small hill just outside the tribal trade post. To her horror she saw  three of  her sisters in chains, surrounded by ten Panthers.  Holding her small fist in the air, stopping the hunting party of five Panthers quietly, then opening her hand , a signal telling the others to get down in the thick undergrowth of the swamps.  She squats ,  getting as low as she could but able to watch the Panthers and coffle, she was staying  out of sight behind some bonta trees.

Slowly pulling her bow from her shoulder, the others doing the same, as they moved closer to see who had taken their sisters captive.  Nelly and her tribe  believing they had the whole Luna Caleeng tribe were making jokes , laughing loudly and congratulating each other on their great victory.

Marli turned to her sisters, whispering in a hushed tone, “Get you bows ready….sisters”, she points to each of her five sisters, “pick your target, let each arrow count and  we should be able to even the fight, we have the advantage of knowing our swamps”.

Then putting her finger to her lips as the coffle pasted on the trail which cut through the swamps, Marli taking in a few deep breaths to calm her nerves as her blood rushes through her heart, knowing she is outnumbered, if they failed they would all be captives. She relied on her most experienced sisters…. Hot , Lune, Aanni and Storm. The new pledge Cyanne looked nervous.

Marli tightened her fingers around the arrow on her bow string, “wait …wait” she then nodded at Storm “Storm , you and Hot and Lune team up ……Aanni and Cyanne team up with me”.  Marli then fired her first arrow , the others followed , Nelly and her panthers totally surprised and trying to duck for cover.  The traitor Sandy ran from the swamps , that left nine of Nelly’s band for Marli to take down. As Luna Caleeng arrows found their target it was clear that Nelly would have to make a decision, it came a few ihn later , she shouted “All out !!  leave the captives !!”.

The En of En’s message

One of our panthers Meri stands guard near our camp when a Sa Vella slave appears bearing gifts.  Well, actually the message from the new En of En’s.

The role play:

  • Arun shouts: tal huntress

  • Meri : you talk to me boy?

  • Meri : greetings boy

  • Arun : drops to his knees and clears his throat. “Sorry to disturb huntress but this one is looking for the Sa Cellong tribe. Doe huntress happen to know where to find their camp?”

  • Berick  shouts: you need to teach this thing here some manners

  • Meri : “sa cellong tribe ? i have never heard of them ,are you sure they live in this land?”

  • Arun : Caleeng tribe i mean huntress”

  • Meri studies him”you mean the luna caleeng tribe ?”

  • Arun : Quickly takes a look at the note his Mistress gave him. “Yes huntress, you’re correct. This one has seen so many tribes that i sometimes mixe their names up” he says smiling a nit

  • Meri chuckles “well i belong to that tribe ,what do you want from them boy?”

  • Arun : This one hase been sent by his Mistress, the Sa’Vella EN to deliver a message to the fearless EN of the Luna Caleeng”

  • Meri looks back to the boy “if your mistress allows it ,i can take the message and give it to my En “

  • Franziska: greetig boy*

  • Meri watches the two panthers carefully

  • Kitten  : spits at the threelegger

  • Arun : My Mistress needs your word You will hand the message to your EN than. It’s a matter of utter importance”

  • Arun : wipes the spit off of his shoulder but concentrates on the Luna Caleeng huntress

  • Meri kept her eyes on the panthers nodding to the boy”excuse me untreses ,do you have issues with me talking ith this boy ,who and why are you here

  • Franziska: no i have no problem

  • Franziska: we are traveling only as to

  • Meri : “you are in lake las ,huntresses”

  • Franziska: ohh there

  • Franziska: oh thank you, then provide information for them and safe routes

  • Kitten: be well growls

  • Arun : safe paths huntress”

  • Meri returns her blue eyes to the boy “i will give your mistress my word that her message is going to be given to my En “

  • Arun : Clears his throat again as he knows slaves aren’t suppose to ask his next question. “Terribly sorry but may this one humbly asks the name of the huntress as he has to report to whom he handed her message if it’s not handed to the tribes EN” he asks bowing his head as he knows slaves aren’t suppose to ask any free’s name

  • Meri smiles”my name is Meri ,if your Mistress is Vella ,i think she knows me from before “wasnt upset about him asking her name

  • Arun : Smiles as he feels relieved his Mistress seems to be known by the huntress. Grabs the scroll in which his Mistress wrote Her message. “My Mistress is the EN Vella herself, indeed huntress. EN of EN’s, her name whispered in fear by all all over Gor” Moves closer to the huntress and kneels at her feet. Stretches his arms offering the scroll to the huntress

  • Meri takes the message and stuffs it in her belt “i will guard it with my life untill my En returns from her trip”

  • Arun : Please be informed that my EN considers this message to be of utter importance. She is very serious about handing it to your EN.” points to his back showing the whipmarks. “She doesn’t like to be disappointed” he adds “And will take her meassures in case it’s not delivered within short notice’

  • Meri nods her head “as soon i see her i will give the scroll to her boy,dont worry “

  • Arun : Bows his head respectfully. ‘Thank you huntress, i very much appreciate it as first who will be punished will be me, and than probably your tribe”

  • Meri shrugs”you have done your job boy, now its my turn “she pats his head making sure the scroll was safe where she put it

  • Arun : “Thank you huntress, safe paths.

  • Meri: safe paths boy

  • Meri began to walk towards the camp

  • Arun : stands, bows his head once more and leaves for the docks

The message reads…..

I am Vella, yes that Vella who are known all over Gor. Yes I am the one you and your sisters are whispering around the campfire, I am the one who leads the band who rightly inspire fear in many…strikes terror in others hearts and slavish obedience in most. I am the one that is so beautiful that even Marlenus of Ar owe me tribute.
I wish it known that I have recently been appointed to the En of all Ens, En of the whole Northern Forest. This means the days and nights when you have sit shivering in fear in your burrow holding hands with your sisters and slaves now are over over since I will show mercy to all my obedient subjects like your kind.
I want also to acknowledge you that I want to meet you in Gimli… to tell you how things going to be from now on. You will bow down at my feet and I will tell what fair tax rate you are going to pay me, the Mistress of the Northern Forest. I will also like to get to know you a bit better…and your talents…I have not yet have the chance to… appraising you. So when you are coming here…I want you to make sure you are bathed and free of any diseases.
Also I want you to tread warily in my part of Gor, and act both humble and meek for I am not of a forgiving nature!

The Luna reply

After reading this…..The Luna decided to set on some panthers, specifically the Sa Vella. Here is what happened when we caught one named Nelly.

The role play:

Nelly : Who is it?

Marli  shouts: It is me , Marli and some of my band !!

Nelly shouts: And what is your wish…filthy Luna sleen!?

ѕςαя laughs, “Great…just great!” thinks to herself

Marli inspected her fingernails “Your tribe sent a slave messenger , we allowed him to return , now we are here ” , then hearing the insult “…..forget it then , your tribe remains ignorant as ever !”

Nelly : A slave messenger? What slave messenger? Propably one of Talras schemes against her own sisters. I dont know about that..all i know is that the only good luna is a tied luna. *nelly snorted*

Marli: So be it , Luna out

Marli shouts: typical ! you only speak with arrows !

ѕςαя  shouts: And you said she was a good bow! haha we should sell her to Morr!

Marli shouts: Maybe she gets old ! Scar

Marli  nods at Scar “I like that idea , we profit by this and Morr will have her revenge ”

The Luna raiding party returns to the lair with their Sa Vella captive.

Alma  shouts: *Is Ariel in there?*

Marli shouts: Arial is out hunting , she will be back later !

Nelly : Well…ask Mo the next time *nelly said* youll see in her reaction..if it is the truth iam telling you or not. But one thing is for sure…you will soon realize how long i can carry a grudge. You will witness it first hand.

Marli nodded “we are alike on that respect , I carry a grudge a long time and wait for a time to strike back ” she folded her arms “….had you not called us sleen , you would have found out why I came ”

Nelly  snorted..”I call everyone sleen.” she said.”You were not there for trade….i should have seen that. I was foolish to let you take the first shot…but i wont be anymore. Do as you please with me…and be sure that you get what you want for me…because the next time we meet..Marli..of the Luna Caleeng…I will not give you time to speak.”

Marli  pondered whether to sell Nelly to the slaver in Kamba , it was far away and no one would find Nelly, she grew irritated “….I may have to remove that tongue of yours then ”

ѕςαя  dramtically enters

Marli : “or at least crush your bow hand under a stone ”

Alma  looks at Nelly *Well what have we here…*

ѕςαя  laughs hearing Marli mid conversationg “DO IT!” i say grinning

Alma : *Tal Marli… Good to see you…*

Marli  looks at Ama “Why is a Sa Verus in my camp ?”

Alma : *I asked Lunella to talk to Arial, but I am glad you are here…*

Alma : *What I have to say, however is…* and she glances at Nelly… *… not fit for all ears

Marli  nods “should we talk in private ? this is a Sa Vella captive ”

Alma  nods *My point exactly, Marli*

Marli : “very well , lets head to the camp fire Alma ”

Lune looks at Scar and shakes her head

ѕςαя  frowns, “SOmething the matter?” i say but taking no interest as i head to the zipline, “I have some errands to run…” i say awkwardly at the gesture Lune gives

Lune: I’m not sure sis but I don’t like the thought of Sa Verus having the information we have Nelly

Mandy sighs as she lifts her gaze facing you

Lune reaches down and grabs the leash close to your neck “So what shall I do with you now?”

Nelly is left in the cages and tries to escape.

Nelly sighed after being left alone for the most of the time…the cages door was left open …she turned around..trying to find something she could work on her ties….she crouched outside rolled over onto her back using her feet and her ellbows

Nelly  leaned over..turning backwards reaching for her feets bindings bending her knees…searching and fooling around with her fingers until she caught the end of the ties…..and managed to grab them firmly….then she started to pull

Nelly  tried hard to pull on the bindings…it was an awkward position but she finally managed to loosen those ties a tiny bit…..she would wiggle her feet and continue to loosen them bit by bit…already she found that she could put a finger between the rope and her skin

Nelly  had to try harder…sweat was running down her body….she would hold still from time to time to listen…but they seemed to have forgotten her….nelly continued to work on her ties.

Nelly : me sighed…she continued to work on her ties….still no one cared to look after her….she didnt understand that at all…was this a joke of sort? She rubbed her ties against the edge of the open cage door…it would take some time but…well she obviously was going to get it.

Nelly  continued to work her way through the ties…finally after she had a lot of time..she managed to weaken the ropes have space to wiggle herself out of them….they were well made though…her skin was brushed and bruised….she felt exhausted….but she would not miss the chance she was given….finally she slipped out of the ropes……tossing them aside

Nelly  walked up to the trap door…she had seen them using a secret lever somewhere….she just had to find it again…..she searched for the lever to open the gate..

Nelly  shouts: HELP!

Lune: And why do you need help

Nelly shouts: Iam here in my cage..and i want water!

Vella sends a message to Valks

Several moon cycles  later in Gor.

The role play:

  • caelan : takes the arrow and examines the tip raising her brow slightly “metal? and where are we supposed to get metal in the middle of the forests? I will certainly pass the message to Robin, but that would require us raiding to get it. How good are you willing to pay?”[

  • caelan : Turns seeing another stranger upon her lands and cants her head in the womans direction to see if she recognized her her hand sliding to her bow though she kept it sheathed for the moment “Tal Stranger who are you and wnat brings you to these forests?”

  • Talra  laughed “I am from Vellas band, our name is whispered all over Gor, all great men owe us tribute and send garments and gold to buy our courtesy. Did I mention we are hundred of sisters?…So dont worry about such things as payment Panther. Get the steel arrows for us. You know where you can find us”Talra had no intention to trade with competition, they would capture them and force them to reveal where they could get hold of the metal arrows direct from the source, that was the plan, if the rival panthers would be sucessful

  • caelan : Rosebud lips quirk upwards into a wry grin at her words “If your band is so large and so formiddable why is it you cannot purchase such things yourself? I will pass along the message though I am sure we would require payment up front at least partially in order to know that this isnt some wild chase meant to cause harm to our tribe and so that we can buy such things as disguises to get the metal if need be. ” she finally remarks after thinking upon it for a few ehn ” Payment always matters panther, especially when you ask us to risk our own safety to steal these things.”

  • caelan : Turns hearing footsteps behidn her and smiles seeing Shelly “Tal Sis” she calls out in a friendly manner before looking back over at Marli wondering why the woman continued to be so silent and clears her throat asking again “who are you and what brings you to these forests?”

  • Shelly  walks up and smiles to see her sister. She nods to her and smiles again before looking at the two strangers carefully “Tal everyone” she says simply

  • Talra : “Well lets discuss the price when we see the goods”she said shortly “And do not forget to give my message to the ones in the ranks Panther, and tell them also to tread our woods warily, we are not of forgiving kind you see”she smirked,and turns around and disappears in the underwood.

  • Marli had remained silent and aloof , she had been watching the two women and overhearing their conversation. She watched the Sa Vella hurry down the forest path, deep into the dark and dense high forests of Gor. Her lips twitch in a mischievous grin. She knows this Sa Vella  girl, she turns on her heel , fingers wrapping around the sheath of her sleen knife.  She would just follow her, persue her, silently and staying hidden.

A Sa Vella message to Di jan

A Di Jan panther is threatened with death by the Sa Vella !

The role play:

Nelly : Well …captive…i think you may have an idea why you are here. After the events that happened between Dijan and SaVella..i think its time to put things right.

Cally : looks up and tries a smile…..” oh…we having a paga together ? ” she says somewhat hopefully

Nelly  smiles..”Of course not…see…you send your slaves here so they steal our supplies and insult us…who are as free as you…..we catched one of them and did what needed to be done. I attempted to notch her ear as this is what is done to thieves…dont you think?”

Cally : sighs quietly to herself and shrugs almost imperceptibly…” but…but we are Di’Jan….we own everything…..* shakes her head * have no idea why a slave of ours would bother to steal, she should just take !…” she nods as though she believes her own utterances implicitely whilst looking round for her exit route

Nelly : Well *nelly nodded* at least you got the right attitude….but it is as well known that you should not own what you can not Anyway…we should make sure that even the last of your band understands what it means to her slave to send her to our forest to do mischief. And that is by far worswr then to get her ear notched. Thats why you are here….you will serve as a shining example of revenge and regret. Yes you may feel honored.”

Cally: shivers lightly as she is decidely not liking what she is hearing…. she tries to brave it out…….” am not sure I want to be honoured…in fact am damn sure I don’t…now I would perhaps suggest you untie me, these ropes chafe, and we sit by the fire, have a drink and you tell me your troubles…it will be best in the end !” she tries to look sympathetically at the huntress though her mind rages with anger

Nelly  laughes..”no…i would never sit down with a dijan to have a drink..and I don’t like paga at all..this bitter is not to my taste…water, milk or even a mild ale are far more delicious. Men drink paga as it makes them feel more manly drinking the worst brew under the three moons. No….as far as I heard your band came to our forest to…have revenge for one of their slaves ear bein notched… wasn’t even notched just her auricle slit…as a warning and a copper tarsk was paid for the …temporary damage. Your band came here notching the ear of one of our panther girls….as…answer. Of see the spiral of escalation you?”

Cally : nods slowly listening to the huntress but not listening really her mind in a whirl as she struggles quietly with her bindings….” err you seen the green recently ? …oops ” pops out of her mouth as the thought forms before she means it to…” errm I mean to say its good to hear you are paying us to live here now I am really a very nice huntress, in fact the nicest huntress you could meet , so hows about you just let me go and we forget all this nonsense and I wont say a word…honest ! ” she smiles one of her best smiles which usually can make even the hardest Merc melt at the knees

Cari ): cut off her ears, sis …both of them ” she grumbles in her usual ‘sweet’ way

Nelly  blinked….”It seems you don’t take me seriously……well lets start then…iam sure you will change your mind quickly. So….it will be no surpise to you that you will be the ext step on the ladder of escalation…and we SaVella usually like to reach the top of it as first. I mean…..why should we all suffer from it. Your…death will be a worthy end to this …iam sure you will be happy knowing that you are saving many panther girls lifes with your sacrifice.

Cally : eyes go large and ears inexplicably prick up for some odd reason at the words…. cut off her ears ! …. and then does a double back flip as she registers the word death and her all in one sentence……” ermm * squeaks * you have definitely got the wrong person….I am an innocent ! ” she babbles out …

Nelly  smiles.”Of course you are innocent.” nelly said.”No one really cares if a wrongdoer dies. I mean what will they say? Something like…”she deserved it was a result of her actions.” Thats it. But when someone dies who is not related to the issue-..well in your case you’re sharing the same tribe…then people start to think about why this had to happen.”

Cally: eyes almost cross over as she tries to focus her small brain on the twisted logic behind the huntress’s words….she opens her mouth to speak…” err “…closes it as her brain fails to function and then tries again ” no “….she utters with a devastating logic…” not a good idea, in fact a very very bad idea…have you any idea how much i am loved….the whole of Gor….tribes ,clans, boat loads of pirates, even a few beasts * blushes * would arrive asking some very difficult questions I can tell you ! “.

Nelly : I didn’t cut anyones ear off….the slave did steal from our supplies and was even braggint about it to me. I just slit her auricle…a little. But of course Tina has to make a big issue out of it. I should have hamstringed her.

Nelly  then turns back to her captive

Cari : good ” she smiles and looks at Cali ” in that case we’ll make you a decent stone, so they can grieve there ” chuckles

Cally : shivers and looks wildly round …her wrists working the ropes as hard as she can….” dont ! ” she screams furiously at them

Nelly : Well I do believe Dijan are loved by beasts…no doubt about that. But then it makes even more sense to sink you in the river….because people will be happy that not more of you share this fate. *nelly grabbed another rope from her belt…cuts a certain length from it and starts to apply another binding wrapped around the girls elbows and upper body..”Dont be upset…we should be upset….as we were attacked for threating your slaves properly. We were even punished for doing so. As we can not allow your slaves to roam around here…we of course now will make sure that it becomes way to costy for your tribe way to continue this course. And making them loose sisters by a hungry river thalarion is a pretty good way to achieve that.”

Cally : shivers break out even more violently now as she tries so hard to be brave…..” no please not that….I hate those things….its inhuman to do that to another woman… can you ” she screams……and feels like vomiting

Emma: smiles”Tal sisters”

Cari : Tal Emma

Cari  smiles

Nelly  smiles..”Yes it is inhuman to do that to someone..anyone actually not just women…but…iam sure you understand the necessity of proper actions to prevent even more suffering. I promise….after you died….no one of your tribe will share your fate….because they….will understand that its not a good idea to punish free over a slaves wrongdoings. I know you share my opinion..even though you may reject it for now.” nelly smiled and checked the ties…one hard pull and the loop around your body tightens….leaving less space in your lungs…”Hmm….a rock tied to your neck…and it should be good.”

Cally : shakes her head , her eyes going like castenets from side to side as she feels herself tied tightly….” ooooff…too tight ” she manages to gasp out…..” noooo….really its not too late to recant ….huntress if I die the heavens will fall…..”

Lita: Tal Nelly! “she snorts*

Nelly tilted her head….”Recant…what? It was already done dear…i mean….we have to do this…*nelly marched over to the fire and searched for a proper heavy stone to apply t the girls neck. She lifted some of the brimstones and had her eyes scanning the soil…most of the useful ones were hot by the fire…and inside the camp almost no rock was left..”Maybe we should search at the pond itself.”

Cally : shivers and considers her family, the long long list of those she loved and cared for, the little ones running around who would now be without her

Cally : , the puppies and bay deer all so dependent upon her feeding them all who would die a terrible death, a tear came to her eye

Cally : baby

Cari : yes” she looked annoyed as she hates these long walks

Cari : ooh ” smiles ” we’re going to play it that way are we , Yes, and Nelly is about to kill her, so…sit down, wait and you’ll get the body to take home ,won’t take long anymore

Cari: the mistake was already made by your sisters …” she shrugs ” live with it , but if you don’t wanna claim the body, it’s ok, we can still dump it in the swamps

Cari : forget it, i’m not your slave and you have no demands or commands to give here , so either change your tone, or get out

Cari : you wouldn’ thappen to have a stone with you , by chance?

Nelly  shouts: Silence! I have to concentrate!

Laura  shouts: Have you ever expected to say silence to me and then get silence?

Cari sighs ” shame , would have been helpful

Nelly  rolled her eyes..

Cally : looks around in a quasi helpful manner….” err a small pebble by your foot huntress !”

Cari  laughs ” off course you are ….but see….some of your sisters will perish too, maybe even you, so yes, it’s a rather desperate and silly threat,But i will give you a chance,listen carefully….Your sister ..Tina needs to be punished for what she did…take care of that and Cali might live

Cari: sorry ,sis ” sighs ” she didn’t bring a stone either

Laura : I promise you this. You will perish long before I do if you wish to walk that route. Be sure of it. There has been an uneasy truce between our two tribes for a long time now. This was wanted by people on both sides. It was wanted by me. There have been some who try to break this truce and they are dealt with on our side. And here we are yet again. So I shall ask this once and only once. Do you wish this truce to end?

Nelly : What does she want anyway…..i didn’t do anything to this one yet….i need some moments..*nelly looked around trying to find a proper stone here as well* I need something proper to attach to he neck…as she has to drown quickly…i mean it would not be good to have her yelling and screaming and all that.”

Cari : are you deaf ?? you’re the one breaking the truce, i give you a chance now…take it or leave it ..i don’t mind, we don’t mind.;mmm..Cali might though

Laura : you came to our land. You attacked us, you took one and now you casually talk of killing her as if it was nothing. No. I am not deaf. Are you stupid?

Cally : nods furiously like a demented rabbit on speed

Nelly : Truce…so you are sending slaves here to steal our supplies and insult us….without them being punished…..but as soon as we take action..we are breakign the truce….hmm..that makes only sense from a dijan way see at things.

Cari : no, but you are as we didn’t came to your lands, you came to ours, girl, now go, since you don’t wanna solve it , you can say goodbye to Cali

Laura : Nobody sent any slaves here. She came here. We would have dealt with it as we have in the past. And now you lie to me. You say Cally came here to be taken?

Nelly whispered to Cali..”See….someone has to die to end this first….i think now you see the reason behind my words….” *nelly smiled* “If it means anything to you…iam glad its you to solve this problem by sacrifice.”

Cari: you heard whati said, you came here, attacking us before Cali was taken, Deal properly with your sister who caused this, or wave goodbye to your sister ,it’s your choice

Laura: do you seriously think that killing Cally will end this? No. That will be the start of something more which will build to even more. That would not be the end. It would be a beguinning. You know better than that, Nelly.

Cari : she’s deaf, sis,go ahead, i’ll help you find a stone, she ‘s here on false pretexts ignoring the deeds of her own band

Nelly sighs.”Earlier today..tina came to our forests shooting…to take revenge for the punishment that was don’t to your stealing slave. There are two ways to deal with it…one is to let her continue doing so…and stand down..and the other way is to show that we do not accept slaves stealing our supplies. What would you do in our case Laura? Would you allow our kajirae to walk around in Lake Ias stealing? Cause this is what you want us to do.”

Cally : gags….” you are glad its me…but but but ….why ? ” she asks in her most plainitive voice …..” look at me …do I look killable….furrable maybe…killable well no……I mean No…really…its just not me !”

Laura : I should point out, of course, that Cally means little to me. But I am only one. She matters to far more. I would simply return the slave to you for you to deal with. And you know I speak the truth.

Laura : or Talra surely does as I have done so in the past

Cally : frowns suddenly at Laura’s words…..means little……in fact if her feet werent bound she would have stomped one of them….

Nelly : Tina would not deal with her..she would pat her head saying she was doing well. You forget that we know her. And on gor…all free should punish any slaves for doing wrong. I was trainign her slave and she attacked to thank me for it? No…i demand somethign more then just a truce. I want to be compensated for what happened. Properly. The ear of a free of our band was notched.

Laura: and you believe a murder is a suitable retaliation? You can dress it up as sacrifice all you wish but you iknow its a simple, straightforward murder. Have you murdered before?

Cari: i have, and if my sister hand should fail, which i doubt, i’ll be glad to do it again, but you heard her, you have a chance, take it ,if you don’t, her death is on your hands not ours

Nelly : No Laura..but I wasn never punished for treating a slave girl..right as well. This is an escalation…and we shurelly won’t wait for one of ours being killed first. No we go straight to the end of it. You have to ask yourself if it was worth it..for a slave girl being punished mildly about lying..stealing and insulting a free. It was not our choice.

Laura : I will now ask you to leave us, Cari. You have no place here

Lita  cocked a brow as she heard the spoken word… but still too curious… she just stands there and listens to them

Cari : you can ask whatever you want, but you can forget it , go order your band, but not ours is that clear ?

Nelly : take her *nelly handed Laura the leash* any of your girls returning here….and you won’t get her back.

Laura : I am not wrong. I tell all of ours to stay away from here and for the most part, they do just that. Occasioanlly, someone new or someone troublesome ignores what they are told and we deal with it. I deal with it.

Cari : warn your slaves and your sisters, set one toe here and you’ll see what happens , now get off this land, we have plenty of work to do ..disinfecting the whole place will take days

Cari : tina wasn’t new ” laughs ” spare me your pathetic excuses

Laura : what a pahteitc little girl she turned out to be. I had hoped the years would mature her. Instead they turned her bitter

Sa Vella capture Hot

The Sa Vella raid the Luna swamps and capture Hot.

The role play:

Laura :  forces her arms to her back and loops a first lenght of rope around , and locks with a capture knot

Laura :  loops a second lenght of rope around her ankles, letting them loose neough to perform little steps, but not run.. and walk clumsly

Laura :  gather her bow . and slides it over her own shoulders

Nelly: shouts: SaVella! Take what you can find! Take their supplies and leave a message they can not misunderstand!”

Laura :  places a longer rope around her wrists .. and pulls the girl up and out of the water

Laura :  growls.. and hisses to the girl.. for the damn heavy effort she had to perform to gather her out of the water

Laura:  slaps her ass hard . “and remember now.. you owe me your life.. in full and totally ”

Nelly: seems to me..the other two escaped…there was a fourth one but she…well…*gasps*disappeared

Hot:  coughsprewing water over the panther in front of her

Laura :  remains expressionless .. not much for the agony of this slave girll. but for waht just heard from her sister .. “disappeared ? ”

Emmaly : oh my.. you managed to get one sis.. we seem to have lost the rest

Nelly : lets leave here…gather your boy lynx.

Laura : Zazz … come along

Nelly : shouts: Maria!

Laura : and start thinking o f epic chants.. for our gestures

Nelly : Ya…he did not well in this matter

Emmaly: i will go back and find Maria”

Laura : hmm did … not .. he ?

Nelly : lets discuss that in camp

Nelly : our camp

Laura : yeash

Dar :  scratched the back o his head, the nerves still biting him.

Nelly : shouts: Emma! I see Maria from here…she is already waiting!

Emmaly: shouts: nods softly

Maria : jump in my cano and sailed back at home, with the paddles in my hand i wink to my sisters tyo come after me

Laura : Zaqzz .. you’ll explain why on Gor you must be always the last one in the queue ..

Laura :  throws the captive into the canoe .. “zazz . sit over her !” … then jumps into the canoe herself

Nelly :  waits for the rest of her sisters arrive….briefly shaking her head at each and everyone of them…then she sets sail

Hot: heee get your filty ass of meeee

Laura : let’s paddle home

Laura : and off they paddle °giggles°

Dar :  sat onto the captive, which however, would provide a warm shelter against wind.

Maria : think you have that lovely girl i have see on the wall sis

Nelly : very good work! We have to find something to deal with their black magic though..maybe talra needs to sacrifice a verr or a vulo…for the minor curses.

Laura :  sighs heavily .. “Zazz . you take the leash and gather this slave .. or let’ìs say this sacrifice item to our camp ”

Laura : .. and hands over the leash to Zazz

Laura : I’ve done enough of the hard work.. that’s what slave are made for

Hot: looks at the nearest panther…maybe shaving before you come to our camp helps?

Maria : stand closer to the captive and feel her muscle, think sis you have capped a good on, very strong

Nelly :  sighs..”Well she has a point” Nelly said.

Dar :  nodded and quickly spoke “Yes mistress!” with a clear voice, agitated from the journey. He takes her leash and follows.

Hot:  growls low

Laura : let’s go

Nelly : We are all back safely and we brought a captive. Beware of forest moons black magic though!

Hot : heeey lets sit ther

Laura : Zazz .. tie her to the log here .. while we decide what kind of .. sacrifice would please Talra better

Hot : its warm there…points her nose to the fire

slob : whispers: Welcome back Mistress, how went the hunt?

Dar :  yanked a couple of times hard onto the leash, annoyed that she often wanted to go in another direction. To his mistress he turned and nodded. A grim look on his face, as he wasn’t certain either of the chants he had to made.

Maria : sis i get tired from the shooting, so i go to my hut and sleep a while, make me awake when something happends

Dar :  using one hand at her neck, he pulled her to the ground over the log. Where he would slowly tie the rope to it.

Hot :  tries to kick the slave as far as her binds let her

Laura :  waves at Maria .. “sure we will sis . But be carefull in there ” °giggles°

Dar :  panted after the sheer struggle of being kicked, being smaller caused him to require more of his energy to get tasks like these done.

Nelly : We were successful mine..*nelly said* of course..*she lifted her chin* and we brought a captive. She will become your sister…and if you do your chores well you might have her some day.”

slob :  looks down at her and smiles and bows his head to his MIstress, “Understood, Mistress.”

Hot: i wouldent bet on that, she grumbles

Laura: hmm just after we will be sure she’s not carrying diseases into here.. they are well known for the most horrible bugs in there, where she comes from

Laura : and indeed.. look at her eyes .. they are NOT those of an healthy beast . and this loosy ass °pinches at Hot ass-cheek° ..

Laura : nay .. she doesn’t look good at all

Hot :  grins looking athe fleacoats they are wearing…i think you will find your wild in your cloacks…she grinned

Nelly : Feed her to the sleen then? *nelly shuddered* I remember the last one…and it was not a nice sight..uh…i still have nightmares hearing her screaming…..

Dar :  to his mistess’ comments over the captive he aswell took another look over her. He had seen worse he thought – it wasn’t that bad.

Laura : The sleens are weary too after that .. they don’t want junk food anymore

Nelly : strip her! *nelly gasped* i want to see her helpless and exposed! Our victory needs to be complete!

Hot : good then i suggest to let me go and it would be all benefit you

Hot : think about a live without bugs?

Hot : its all in your reach

Dar :  hearing Nelly clearly he got to his knees beside the captive. Staring at Laura for her confirm, his hands resting onto the captives back.

Hot : just untie me and let me go and i’ll prommish to take my germs with me

Laura :  just slightly nods .. the sign enough for the little man to proceed

Dar :  nodded again, quick and severe. While he gripped with his hands – unusually large for his small size – onto the few clothes she had. Brutally pulling them off, to the point where the clothing could leave marks of strain onto her skin if it was a good fabric.

Laura :  shakes her head hearing Hot’s useless comments .. the ones captives always tried to toss around to try hide their own shitty situations . “you better stop chitchatting by yourself, and better start just answer the questions you get asked ” °and steps closer°

Nelly :  gestured..”rip those rags from her, boy!”

Laura : if you don’t get asked anything, you stay silent. clear enough ? °she knew the girl would have been silly anyway°

Hot : well….just ask, sofar i didnt hear any

Dar:  placed two hands onto her ankle guards, while he stared at Laura again, indirectly asking if he should remove these too.

Nelly:  rolled her eyes..”Why is this taking so long!” she barked

Laura :  nods again .. getting the doubt and relying him a direct consent

Laura : go ahead boy .. all along and without refrains

Laura :  steps on hot’s fingers, to gather her attention .. “your name ? .. and your role in that tribe we have taken you from .. ”

Dar :  rose up again and placed his foot onto the captives thigh. Mustering all his strength, he would start pulling off the shin guards, one by one. His dirty foot leaving a mark on her hind.

Hot : aaaarghhhh!…shit you moron…she growls

Laura :  sighs aloud, shakes her head and places the tip of her left boot and the dirt coming alon into her mouth … “wrong answer”

Emmaly :  sheaths her weapon and smiles

Laura : wiggle the tip in there . and takes it out .. “name ? .. role ? ”

Hot:  feels her guard comming of taking half her skin with her, she grits her teeth not to scream

Dar :  tossed the armpads into the fire while the sweat stood onto his forehead. He eyed the elbows, they were still left.

slob :  watches the exchange between the captive and the gathered free, frowning at her rebelliousness. He looks around and studies the faces of the panthers, especially his owner, seeing the grave seriousness on their faces… this was not going to end well.

Hot :  growls at the boy…you will loose double that skin soon boy , she hisses

Dar :  being threatened he merely looked back again at Laura. He all ready had placed his other foot onto the captives shoulder, waiting to pull off the remaining guards.

Nelly :  whispers…”You may have her without achieving it slob. If she proceeds to be mouthy you will be even ordered to use her…in every way i want.

slob :  nods, a grim expression on his face, “As you wish Mistress.”

Laura :  laughs .. “empty threatens . How silly from a tied up hog … like you look like right now.. ” °turns to Zazz° .. ” I said get her done … to the bones .. oh well . to the skin eventually”

Hot :  growls, thinking its better to shutt up if it was just to dissapoinyt the boy in that, but she knew she would remember his face and when she got out he would be on top of her list

Dar :  having mustered some new energy to his muscle, he used his food onto her as a lever, making her body dive further into the dirt, as he pulled hard. As long as it’d take for the guards to come off. To be repeated again or the other arm.

Hot:  grits her teeth again feeling her sking cracks at his force and the warm feeling of blood spreads along her arm…

Dar :  with the pieces having come off, he threw one directly into the fire. The other he first examined – curious for what kind of animal bones it were.

Laura :  notices the way the girl’s eyes pops open while the pressure of Dar’s force materializes its effects … “sounds like she is used to be handled rough .. she must be the slave of that tribe ”

Dar : finally he tossed the guard aside. It seemed to be alot better then the kind of bones he used when he was still a traveller. He then leaned down to see the wounds it had caused, gently moving his hand over the wound as he felt.

Laura :  turns at her , crouching down .. “so now that we know your role .. we must find a name to call you by ” °whispers into her ear°

Hot :  hears the womans comment and thinks to herself…it will be your turn ones…she didnt comment it as she had made that up with herself…no sound , not a word

Nelly :  stretched herself..”Yes she is obviously used to this treatment. I can even imagine it arouses her. A slave girl trying to hide under this appalling set of bones..waiting for them to be taken away and her as well. Lynx…we should not waste our time with kindness.”

Hot :  couldent resist it and it was out before she knew it…Cal me Mistress slut she growled

Laura :  doesn’t show any expression , while gathering her own dagger, and slowly forcing the cold sharp blade between the girl’s lips .. and letting her feel the metal on her tongue .. “there are many ways to say .. wrong answer! I’m sure a few could understand even you ”

Hot :  closed her eys as she knew her bad temper drew its tricks on her again and she bites her lower lips then feels the blade between her lips.. she shivers lightly then holds her breath ..just keep calm she said to herself…hold your fucking mought girll

Dar :  sitting down beside the captive, the warmth became more noticeable and unpleasureable even. He took off his hood for now.

Nelly : held her breath seeing lynx using the dagger to intimidate the captive…it was thrilling to watch her..knowing that a blade like this becomes incredibly fearsome when someone has to face it while being bound

Laura :  remains rather still .. her hand keeping the blade firmly in place …while asking again .. “I want you to answer shortly and directly to my questions, Have I made myself clear enough ? ” you are allowed to say : yes, I have understood by nodding . but I suggest you do it slightly ..and slowly . As you can imagine I wouldn’t take a no as an answer ” °her own tone of voice extremely quiet and slow .. and for the same very reason extremely dangerous at this stage°

slob :  winces at the brutal display and the thought of what’s to come. He lowers his eyes just slightly, not being into violence muich himself but not wanting to take his focus away entirely either.

Hot :  felt the sharp blade resting at the corners of her mouth, she knew exactly what the woment meant, she wasnt that stuppid. She thought it was best to play along now and forget her pride fir a moment and slowly she nods once making sure the dagger didnt cut her

Dar : watched the ice cold expression from his mistress upon the captive. He knew that look – he had felt it himself. A chill of fright running over his back thinking of his past and future. She could be like an animal he thought, no remorse.

Laura :  nods along .. taking away the stare she had locked like a sleen on the verge of striking , from the girl .. and with that the blade gets retracted.. carefully but in a single smooth move .. freeing her tongue, lips and mouth overall from the danger .. “I .. ant .. to .. know… who was there with you , tonight. I expect three names ”

Lune: shouts: “You have my sister”

Cari : well, well ” smirks as she looks down at the naked slut ” now, girl, who are you and who brought you into your new life?

Cari  pokes the girl with her foot ” so…for te last time, girl ” who brought you here,and who are you?

Hot  raises her brow hearing the voice near, she was feeling broken afther a long night in this position and she felt the scratches at her arms and legs stitch…I’m …Hot

Cari  laughs ” I’m not asking what oyu are, slut, but it’s a good start, slaves should be hot ” nods” ‘m pleased

Hot: and who’s asking?.. she said while she licked her lips wich were dry and swollen

Cari  gives the girl a swat on her bum ” your Mistress ” she smirks ” now you better start answering my questions, I’m not known to be very patient

Hot  grinned a little coss in spite of the pain, her name was always confusing to the simple of mind

Hot: ouchhh

Cari  shrugs and picks up the leash , pulling the girl a bit more in the open to have a better look at her ” It’s ok, your name isn’t important, you’ll get a new one soon enough

Cari  after untying her from the log

Cari  uses her foot to tip her over and looks at her ” well, you don’t look so bad, i’m sure we can get a good price for you ” she smiles satisfied ” anyway, whether you were free , or already a slave ” she shrugs ” you will be one now, girl

Hot  moved her wrists to get the bloodflow starting . She was able to lift her face a little to look at the woman

Cari  uses a rope to tie the girls hanfs and feet once more , and secures it with a gorean knot

Hot: mmmm..i dont think you realy want that woman….who tells you you can trust me?

Cari  smiles as she looks at the girl ” ooh, i have my ways ,girl , don’t you worry, and besides ….i’m pretty sure you value your life ,no? Playing tricks with me might not be the most wise thing you ever me , who brought you here?

Hot : a panther with the most ugly kajirus i’ve ever seen

Hot: but that wont be for long she growls softly to herself

Cari  laughs ” right , well at leat she has better taste now ” looks down at you , with a smile around her lips ” so…tell me , you prefer the hard way ? or do you accept your fate dear ?

Hot: well…she pauzes a little…i’m still here, so what does it look like?

Hot : in my opinion, thereisnt much to accept is there?

Cari  sits down besides the bound woman ,looking her over, examining her naked body , her forms , her strength and decides she will do ” really ” sighs ” ok, the hard way it will be then ” she shrugs ” you might not like it though and the result will be the same , anyway

Hot : what do you mean?..she grinned….you talk about acceptance and you bind me and hold you on a tell me what is there to accept for me? The fact i’m bound?..Facts are just facts , they dont leave room for acceptance

Cari  rumbles in her pouch as she keeps her eyes on the girl , and then lays 2 different feathers beside her ” shall we start, girl? I will teach you to accept , bound or not ,don’t worry

Hot : it just is or is not..she raised her brow

Hot  looked at the feathers….fuck she thought…knives ok, fire shrugs a little , but feathers…thats different cookie

Cari  picks the softest of both feathers, looks straight into your eyes as she starts using the feathe rover your tummy, slow, teasing , tickling your skin, bringing it alive ” let’s see what you are made off ,girl

Cari : /ms slowly moves the feather over your skin, following the swell of your breasts, teasingly slow as she keeps looking at you, a devious smile around the lips ”

Hot  felt her belly harden wwhen the feather touched her and a shiver runned down her spine inspite of her trying to hold her body under controle. She hope the woman didnt noticed it and slowly she started to push her heels into the soil to try to bend away as soon as she didnt payed attention

Hot  felt te damn feather sliding over her roundings and the dowside of her breasts wich as the panter didnt know , a very sensitive spot to her her love used to get her wet in an instant

Cari  ever so slow the feather slides over your right breast, around your nipple , again and again” It’s so sad really ” she sighs ” to fight what is in you , to fight your own body, which as i hope will soon find it’s own fire inside, the fire of a slave

Hot  grits her teeth before she spoke…I’m not a slave nor will i ever be one, you can tickle me till i die with your damn torture instruments,but i will die free, not with a collar arround my neck she said , having a difficult time not to giggle and her voice trembled a bit

Cari  smiles and nods ” but off course , dear ,it’s just ….yor body might not agree with you ,we’ll see ” moves the feather over to th eleft breast and teases your nipple there too” see I’m just beginning, this really isn’t nothing yet…

Hot sighs softly seeing the damn nipple respond….you better stop it she..she said…Your wasting your time on me

Emmaly : smiles and winks”im glad you never captured me sister..”she said thinking it would be hard not submit to her but would never say it

Hot  looks to the other side, glad she was distracted by the one that just spoke

Cari  nods as she sees the reaction of both nipples ” yes, so i can see, wasting my time he ? “winks at her sister ” i don’t mind to waste some time , i have nothing better to do, dear girl ” trails the feather back downwards, slowly, first follwing the lucious curves of your breasts then over your summy , till it almost reaches your heat , where she stops and draws a few teasing circles just on top of your heat ”

Hot  arches her back in an attempt to escape the teasing feather and it was like all her nerves were about to screem as her body was almost exploding int cramps over the cruel tortures the woman gave her…S….sstop..she hisses an attempt to buy hersef some time

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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