About Panthers finding Men who live as women of Gor

Sissies, the Men no longer allowed to live as men


Every now and again the discussion in the GE panther world arises about the possibility of herms and sissies being bred as slaves and escaping to join panther girl tribes. There are tribes like Sa Era and Lo Nykuii  who would argue that given the advanced breeding techniques on Gor  to breed a Hermaphrodite is utterly logical and possible.

The novel Daughter of Gor is often referred to as a basis for legitimizing this claim, however , what is often overlooked is that this is a piece of fanfiction and not from the pen of John Norman.

Aurore of the Sardar is however a well written piece of fanfiction in my opinion. Very much in the style of JN.

Perrin Avindar says:

I role play an effeminate male silk slave in Gor. I am here to tell you that nothing brings out homophobia more than to see a prissy effeminiate silky slave boy. In the course of role playing this particular character, even using quotes from the books to justify his existence, I have had people jump into my IMs ranting and raving and literally foaming at the mouth. I have been banned, threatened, harassed, told to leave, among being called a number of horrible names. Some of these actions have resulted in other SL characters being banned by LL. However, the question remains…..How do we mitigate these kind of actions from Gorean role play sims. The “By-the-Book” sims are the worse. The question is: Even though the ToS and Community Standards forbid harassment based on sexual orientation, do sim owners of these public sims have the right to continue to ban players who appear “too” homosexual, effeminate or transgendered?

The tale of  how Nero became Slave Nira

Here’s a little ongoing story inspired by John Norman’s world of sci-fi, beasts, heroes and sexism. Featuring the story of Nero, a young man forced to live as a slave woman.

0 – Prologue

“What do you think you are doing?”

Nero spun around to face the voice, the silk dress fanning out and then wrapping around his thighs briefly before falling back the other way to hang down his legs again. His heartbeat raced and he felt a fine sweat break out on his body. He also found himself unable to move or speak.

“Seriously,” his mother stalked into the room, “what are you doing? Why are you wearing my robes? Please tell me you haven’t got my underwear on, too.”

Nero’s mind started racing trying to decide what to say. She wasn’t supposed to be home yet was his first thought, the next thought was why did he have to decide to pick such a feminine dress.

“Answer me,” his mother demanded.

“Uh, I, um,” he started looking around trying to grasp what he was going to say, how he could explain without making things worse. His mother walked over and perched herself on the edge of Nero’s bed making it evident that she wasn’t leaving without an answer and stared at him. “I am waiting.”

Nero could feel his body starting to wilt as he fully came to grips with the realization that he had no escape. Tears started to run down his cheeks.

“I, well, I-” Nero sniffed and stared down at his feet seeing the heeled shoes. “I was curious, and they feel nice, so I tried them on.”

“Boys don’t wear dresses,” she scolded him. “I’ve got to tell your father about this.”

“NO!” Nero shrieked. “Please, don’t do that.”

“I have to,” Nero  could see the true sadness in his mother’s eyes.

“You know how much worse it will be if he finds out later for both of us. So, you are going to stay dressed like that until he comes home. Then we’ll talk about it and see what happens.”

The tears were freely rolling down Nero’s face now.

“How long have you been doing this?” She gently asked as she sat next to him on the bed. “And please, don’t lie. I can see you’ve been up to this for a while.”

Nero started to pick at the dress without looking up. “Since I was about 10 I guess.”

“That long?” She shook her head.

“Can I change?” Nero pleaded.

“No.” She shook her head and glanced around the room. “I can’t take that chance. We need to talk to your father, just like this.”

1 – Captured by a red haired panther girl

An arrow strikes the ground between his feet and as Nero looks down, he feels the sharp point of the spear at his back, the archer steps from the shadows, another arrow trained straight for his heart, one wrong move and he will be dead, it is that simple. Suddenly, a red headed panther girl  steps from the shadows, in his moment of awe, the back of his knees are struck, buckling his legs, forcing him to kneel.

“kneel in the presence of a Panther…. slave woman,”  commands Red hair.

He gazed fearfully up upon a long and lean young woman, dark brown orbs flicker down to him, they are intense and wild, even deadly, flame red  hair pulled back from her tanned face in a loose braid that runs the length of her back, slung to her hips are her sleen knives, on a toned thigh is a ruby hilted dagger, She leans casually on her spear and grins wickedly, clad in the form fitting skins and leathers of the panther girls, they reveal the strength and agility in her slender body.

She is one he realizes that he should  fear and obey. He feels so weak and insignificant in her presence.

“Dangerous place to be wandering alone, slave woman,” said Red hair.

“I…I….am not a woman,” stammers Nero.

“Do you have a name slave woman?” asked Red hair. Her piercing eyes look down upon him.

“I am not a woman, I am a man, my name is Nero” said Nero.
“You are a woman,” said Red hair. “I am Red hair and you shall please the slave men of our camp.”
“I am not a woman,” sulked Nero.
“You do not wear breeches,” said Red hair as she pointed at him, “You did not take the warpath when my tribe of Panther Girls raided your encampment.”
“But….but….I am not a woman,” protested Nero.
“You wear the tunic of a woman.” said Red hair in a dismissive tone. “You will do the work of slave women. I think I will give you the name of a woman. I think I will call you Nira.”

2 – Taken to the Panther Lair

An Ahn before darkness they entered the Panther Lair camp. Nero  had spent another day, traversing the forest, hooded and leashed. Only this one he had spent, in a whole world of discomfort, having been beaten for his failure to respond quickly to his new feminine name.

Even now, his skinny body clearly showed an even mixture of bite marks and crisscross red stripes, a mixture of where she had put him through his paces the night before and where she had liberally used a stick upon him in the morning.

For the first ahn of the day, he had blubbered within in the hood, soaking it with his salty tears. He had forgotten to remind her about his beating before she had remembered herself, and as such she had deemed as him being dishonest, so he had received double the beating. It was then, after cuffing his hands behind his back and attached his two leashes, but before hooding him  she had told him of his future as the tribe’s slave woman.

Ignoring his tears, she had then hooded him and with a hard tug on his testicles leash set off, without another word. Now, weary beyond belief, he welcomed the end of their journey, despite what implications of his introduction to her home and fellow sisters might have for him.

Licking his lips, he knelt at her feet on the trail, as Red hair cupped her hands to her mouth and made a shrill bird noise, which shortly after was answered. Satisfied the camp was safe, Red hair, urged her new slave up on his feet with a tug on both leashes, for the last part of their passage. Now, as he heeled her, approaching the camp, he could see it was situated back from the bank of a small brook, one of the many tiny streams that seemed to interlace the forest.
Eyes on a rough wooden gate, fastened with vines, gave entrance into the camp, Nero was startled by a vivacious panther girl who eased herself from the branches of a nearby tree, greeting his captor with a hug. Though they talked rapidly, he heard himself, the details of the trap and attack on the hunting party, discussed.

Stepping back from their embrace, the panther girl, her every step full of energy and vitality, looked at him, automatically sending warning signals through his every fibre. He knew instinctively she was a woman to be wary of.
Her body was heavenly, she too like his captor, wore only brief animal skins about her waist, but her lovely breasts were bare and were a joy in their own right. About her neck, waist, ankles and wrists hung assortments of shell and tooth necklaces. Tucked in her waist band was a long hunting knife the blade bare, looking sharp and even longer than his captor’s blade.

Quicker than he could have thought possible, she was at him, his balls gripped in a vice like grip, her face hissing in his ear.

“Red hair, let Sav geld the skinny man now?” asked Sav.
Red hair laughed aloud, but to his relief, pulled her friends arm away.

“Let us greet our sisters, there is time enough for determining the fate of his manhood, today, tomorrow, next week, it is of no consequence. To rejoice, greet one another, to drink and fuck, well now that matters!” said Red hair.
The panther girl thankfully released his balls, leaving him traumatized and concerned about his near future. Already forgetting him, the Panther Girl he knew as Sav, had her arm about Red hair’s shoulders, chatting. The two women entered the camp through the wooden gate, a very jumpy Nero meekly followed on the end of his leash.
The Panther’s camp consisted of little more than tapering small huts, woven sapling and thatched, surrounded by a picket of sharpened saplings. In the centre of the camp there was a cooking hole, banked with a circle of flat stones. On a wooden spit, set on sticks, grease dropping into the fire and flaming, was a thigh of tabuk.

A large nude male slave, tendered the meat, turning it. The toiling slave did not look up from the spit, as the two panther girls and a heeling Nero approached. To Nero underfed, his belly nauseous of the paste he had been fed on, the cooking meat smelt magnificent. The smoke, in a thin line, trickled upward into the sky. To permit such a clue to their encampment, told him all he knew about how far away he must be from any well travelled trails, otherwise the panther girls would not have been so brazen about their whereabouts. Here, deep within the forest, they felt confident of their security from the likes of the hunting party that he had been with. Due to his hooding for the majority of the passage, he had little idea of his location to either the shores of Thassa or the Laurius River.

3 – Recalling the past (draft)

Nero was born into the scribe caste, his mother doted over him, dressing him in feminine blue robes of the scribe caste. He has always been a skinny fellow, his mother encouraging him to eat only small meals, stay indoors and study books and she loved to comb his wavy long hair before bed time.

He was the runt of the family in the eyes of his uncle who happened to be a powerful ubar. His name was Marlenus of Ar and he loathed the scribe caste, in his eyes a weak and useless caste of Gor. The feather quill mightier than the sword? It made his blood boil to hear Nero speak such words in his presence.

To this end his uncle hatched a devious plan to rid himself of the weakling Nero once and for all. So on the lads eighteenth year he enlisted four slavers from Port Kar and presented them to Nero as his most trusted men. It was time for Nero to defend the family name and seek out and then capture the most famous panther girl of them all…..the one named Verna.

“Summon the boy named Nero of the caste of scribes!” the voice of Marlenus thundered through the halls of the Central Cylinder. The captain of the guard nodded and motioned to his men to follow him as they set off to the dwelling where Nero and his family lived.

As the meek lad approached the stern looking Marlenus he was forced by the guards to kneel. Marlenus grinned as he began his speech.

“Young master Nero, I risked my life a thousand times and when I was your age I had a vision of Ar and it’s empire. That there might be one language, one commerce, one set of codes, that the highways be safe , that farmers might cultivate their lands in peace, that there may be no threat from the savages,” He continued speaking “So, you, young master Nero shall set out and claim your fame for our family name, your duty shall be to capture and tame the panther girl known as Verna!”

Marlenus instructed his trusted men to train Nero in the arts of swordfighting in the Stadium of Blades. The skinny lad was poorly trained by the trusted men who spent most of their time drinking and whoring around. After a month had passed the young man was hoisted into an ill fitting harness. It was quite the sight , the lad’s small head barely visible under the huge oversized helmet, a long sword slung from his hip almost touching the ground and his mother fussing over him whilst his father was in a heated discussion with the trusted men about the tactics of war.

When Nero and his trusted men reached the docks , farewells were said , the lad in tears as their small ship sailed to the shores of Thassa River.

As the four slavers set up their encampment the lad soon realized they mocked him openly now. He hated them for it and he had twice refused to go on the warpath against the panther girls. The first time he refused the slavers forced him to wear the tunic that had been meant for Verna once she had been captured.

The second time he had refused to go on the warpath he had been bound in his female tunic and his  left thigh was branded with the  Sa Fora brand of a chain girl.

When the panther girls attacked the third time the slavers had abandoned him and Nero had fled into the darkness of the forest.

 4 – The transformation into Nira begins

Nero awoke to a harsh cry from a panther girl, bringing a cane down upon him. Hurt and fearful he looked around him and saw two other panther girls. They sat cross-legged, either side of a staked out male. The large muscular male slave was aroused and the girls were playing a derivative game of cats-cradle, matching one another’s intricate patterns with twine, centred about the slave’s erect manhood. The slave’s huge manhood, glistened with oil, and he was moaning uncontrollably with frustrated pleasure. The girls were skilful at the game, dexterous fingers, guiding the teasing twine all about, up and down the hapless male slave.

Nero saw, clearly, no other panther girls in or about the enclosure. He did see, however, a movement within one of the huts, and he supposed that to be another girl. He saw no evidence of further male slaves. They might, of course, lie chained within one of the dark huts. Perhaps the movement he had seen within the hut had been a male slave. He did not know. Finally noticing the return of their sister, all the panther girls dropped what they were doing, rushing over to greet their sister. Between the joyful shrieks and mirth, Nero gathered the camp had considered his captor dead, a casualty of the raid. No such luck, he grimaced ruefully.

Abandoned, Nero looked again about the camp, his new home. He saw some poles behind the huts, on which, drying, were stretched the skins of four forest Larls. There were some boxes, some kegs, near one of the huts. In the last set of poles, as equally stretched out as the skins, was another nude male, rather skinny just like Nero, his head and lower belly were shaven.

The poor wretch looked uncomfortable, he hung about a foot above the ground, his wrists, secured, by leather binding fibre, fastened above his head, which hung limply on his chest but that was not the worst of it. Additionally, his legs had been widely spread and tied to the side poles and Nero saw with dawning dread that at the slave’s groin, behind his limp and much shrivelled manhood, was nothing at all, just a darkened red smear. Nero knew immediately that this young male had been castrated, conveying a clear dose of reality to an already alarmed fresh slave. Beyond the castration, Nero also registered that the young man had been circumcised too. Perhaps, a victim of the all too eager Sav and her long blade? Nero shuddered at the thought

5 – Manhood is lost, no turning back

Two skinny male slaves stare, and watch the panther girls , chained out and unable to do anything else. As they stare and watch one of the panther girls scrape her knife blade over their genitals, removing the nest of pubic hair from both of them,  and then scraping the blade down their legs and through their armpits until they too are hairless.

Sav walks past the two young slaves who have been washed and shaven, holding her knife, and as she passes  them they both nervously look away. They know she’s come to make her pick, to decide which one of them she will geld first. Finally, she stops nearby Nero.

Sav smiles, and then nods, and as her sisters  unhook the skinny young male and drag him by the leash around his cock to the bench. Scared he tries to get away then, as soon as the chain is unlinked from the pole he was tied to, but it’s a useless gesture and five females wrestle with him and drag him onward to his fate.

Nero can’t get free he frantically starts to beg, knowing at that point that he can’t stop what has started. In less than twenty ihn he’s over the castration bench, the link of chain hooked to his wrist cuffs secured to a hook in the ground in front of him. His body is over the bench, and his two legs are then pulled apart, wide, stretched out and open until the links of chain on his ankles can be linked to two other hooks waiting for them.

“Please….Please …don’t…..don’t do this!” stammers Nero.

Sav frowns with that, and then she turns and nods to a panther girl near her.

“Milk this one….remove every drop of disgusting seed from his balls” said Sav.

The panther girl is holding a thick wooden rod, one end is wrapped with leather, to form a handle, the other end has a big rounded end,  and is well greased. She pushes the big greased end into the  young male’s virgin anus.

Nero is scared and he whips his head around to try and see what is being done to him.

“STOP….PLEASE do not put that thing into me!” pleads Nero.

The panther girl ignores him, and then, without warning she pushes on the rod. The young male  grunts, and at that moment the panther girl just shoves the rod all the way in until the end pushes up against his prostate.

Nero arches his back with the intrusion, and his eyes go wide. He gasps again, louder, making more of a grunting noise and then he winces. Then the panther girl  begins to move the wooden rod in his ass, pushing it in and out and rotating it up and down and side to side all at the same time.

Nero is grunting as Sav comes to him, almost as if she is attracted by these noises.  As the young male  shoots his load, Sav grins, and as she does she rotates the knife and sets the angle of her blade. The rod is pulled out of Nero’s  ass with a “plop,” and as it is removed Sav steps behind Nero and lifts up his small balls which have just squirted their last and final load.

The young man feels Sav grab his balls, and as she does he panics. The chains rattle with his desperation. He knows he is about to be unmanned, and the fear in his face is obvious. Sav then pulls the loose scrotum skin down,  and hard. Almost in the same instant she jerks her right hand, which holds the knife, and as she does she slices it into the fold of skin, making a single perfect cut, right at the very bottom of Nero’s small scrotum.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” screams Nero.

He feels the cut, and he slams his head back and his thin thigh muscles tighten. Sav moves quickly, and with her left hand she grasps Nero’s scrotum, near the top, and with a pulling down motion she literally strips his two small balls right out of the scrotum, popping them out through the slit she has made. The young man’s  exposed balls are like small vulo eggs hanging from their delicate cords.

With a careful flick of her knife she cuts the whitish cords, and as she does Nero’s grunts and his legs shudder. The cutter pulls downward then on his twin eggs, pulling them backward and upwards at the same time, between his legs, stretching the remaining vessels. Nero grunts, and his chains rattle as he feels he is going to faint any moment now.

Sav twists his two exposed eggs, around and around, twisting the still attached blood vessels even as she stretches them. The very ihn she finishes, she lays the side of her blade up against the remaining tubes then, sideways, and rapidly begins to move her knife up and down along their exposed length. It’s the very opposite of a slicing motion, instead just scrapping the blade sideways up and down the side of the pulsating tubes.

The two tubes start to tear, shredding really, and then less than a ihn later the eggs are free and no longer his. Sav grins as she steals the eggs, her sisters are laughing, and then with a toss she throws the eggs onto the ground.  Nero finally faints  as it is done, and then he just collapses over the castration bench, no longer a man with seed.

 6 –  Memories fade, he questions, was he really a male? (draft)

Nero learns the panthers of this tribe have specialised themselves in gelding techniques and have gained quite the reputation in the northern forest, with many seeking them out to buy or trade for castrated males.

“Was he punished?” Asked Red hair.
“Oh yes,” Sav nodded in confirmation,“The slave concerned was gelded as a lesson to the others and chained in the kajira cages for a week. The girls had a great time teasing him whilst he healed,” Red hair smiled, amused that the male slave would have suffered terribly as the slave girls teased him with their bodies.
Red hair nodded, not blinking an eyelid, slavery and the gelding of male slaves had never really shocked her. Red hair saw castration of a kajirus as just another decision a Panther girl had to make with her property, on a par with choosing which cock ring a male slave should wear.
“I take it, you mean this one? ” Red hair said tapping the kneeling kajirus’s shaven head with her leather strap.
“Yes, it is,” Sav laughed. Nothing nestling between the kajirus’s muscular thighs , where once low hanging plump balls would have been. The slave ring he wore through his shriveled manhood glinted in the bright sunlight.
“Then sell him to a man!” she said to Sav, pointing to him, as the poor wretch knelt naked and chained.
Sav signaled to another panther girl to remove the male slave from the pole, his fate sealed. “Lesha!” barked Jen, the panther girl. At this command, the kajirus swiftly placed his hands behind his back, ready for binding, and with his head back and chin to the left, ready to have a leash snapped onto his collar. Jen the panther girl then marked his chest with a “O” with her marking stick (meaning the male had been nulled), before securing him and leading him away.
Impressed with his obedience, Red hair complemented Sav, “You have trained him well Sav, another batch of male slave meat to be sold at our trade post and trained to your highest standards.”
“Thank you,” Sav smiled and nodded, pleased with her sisters complement.
“Shall we proceed,” Red hair said, “I think we have a lively one here.”
Walking over to the next male slave, Red hair grinned, indicating the males stirring massive manhood.
“Your voice has such an effect on males!” Sav laughed, “Position, boi.”
With a swiftness defying his bulk, he rose, large bare feet widely spread, providing them with full and easy access to his naked body.
Reaching out, Red hair momentarily fondled the males huge manhood. It was all that was needed. Free of his restraints, probably for the longest time in his slavery, Red hair was experienced enough to know accidents could happen at this stage more than any other. Withdrawing her hand, she said, “I think he’s lively in more ways than one.”
“Indeed. I have named him Brutus, his magnificant manhood proved brutal to several of our slave girls” Sav replied closely watching the males mighty manhood pulse before them.
Her almond-shaped emerald eyes watched him intently, sparkling, challenging him, as her exploring, hand moved across his chest, down past his belly and back to his groin. He moaned softly as she cupped his massive balls, her finger tips exploring deeply, her forearm brushing the tip of his manhood. His knees nearly buckled by the time she took hold of the ring through his oversized manhood, her nimble fingers moving the ring around.
Annoyed at his lack of self-control, Red hair struck the back of his calves with her leather strap. “Stand still boi !”
Emitting a small cry when struck, he rocked on his toes. She waved her hand to Sav. “Prepare the beast and bring him to my hut later.”
Turning to the male slave, Sav regarded the him closely, looking him up and down, knowing  what red hair had seen that was so interesting. He was immensely developed in contrast to the other slaves that had been on display. Grinning to herself, she said, “Nadu, boi.”
As he knelt at her feet, knees widely spread, Sav gave him a swift kick in the groin. The bulky kajirus collapsed in pain, sobbing he curled up in a ball, dust from the sand pit sticking to the sweat of his body. Crouching before him, Sav retrieved his restraint and replaced it on his now shrunken and tender manhood. “I’m not sure if the others should envy or pity you boi. Red hair is a harsh one.”

Sav has stripped away all that false and nasty surface masculinity. The further she forced Nero to accept his feminization the more humble and worshipful he became. His original name does not matter anymore. Now he is a Panther girls humble slave, Slave Nira.

Sav began by making him wear some of her bloodied, unwashed thongs under his regular work tunic. He felt so nervous. What if the newly arrived male slaves saw he was wearing a soiled female thong?  He feared he would faint – not for a reason, just hypochondria – and the male slaves would remove some of his feminine clothing. At first being found out obsessed him. Sav, being a cruel teacher, enjoyed his paranoia.

Week after week his feminization continued. Finally came the day when he looked and behaved  like a female slave. Sav told him that he would now  have to banish all memories of ever being a male from his head.

“Look at that pathetic little cock”, Sav hisses. The group of panther girls  chuckles. “Hell, I can hardly see it, it don’t look like nothing but a little bitch clit.”

Nira  hangs his head in shame.

“And don’t get me started on that flat ass. Shit, this slut needs to be fucked into shape.”

She reaches for her belt and shows a large wooden dildo with a harness. She slips into it, tightening the straps so that the big wooden dick stands tall and proud like real cock at full attention.

She snaps her fingers and points down.


Nira drops down in front of her.

“Open up slut.”

Nira  opens his mouth as wide as he can and sticks his tongue out. Sav leans in and spits out a big glob in Nira, then SHOVES the wooden dildo past his lips, slamming into the back of his throat. Nira gags, coughs up spit. His stomach heaves. It’s empty, nothing bad spills out.

“Suck that big wooden cock ! That’s right. Open up, you’re gonna get it.”

Sav pulls the wooden rod out and spits in his mouth again.

“That’s right bitch, choke on that dick. Let me hear you get it wet. Oh yeah! A nice sloppy blow job.”

Those are the words that get Nira excited. Sav pumps it between his lips, then THWACK, lands a slap on his face. She smiles and keeps pumping, throwing in a couple playful slaps.

“Face down, ass up slut.”

Nira crawls on his hands and knees to the furs near the camp fire. He hangs his head and sticks his ass up in the air.

“Pull ’em apart.”

His head falls onto the furs. He takes a cheek in each hand, pulling them apart to reveal his tight little asshole. Last time, she abused his prostate until he pissed out hard. It took an ehn. It hurt his pee hole so much he couldn’t piss right for days.

With a hard thrust, she pushes two, then three fingers up inside him, feeding his backdoor with plenty of spit. She pulls out, wipes her hand on the furs. He feel her press the head of the wooden cock against his hole.

“Get ready to scream slave bitch, you about to get fucked.”

She gives it a hard shove and the tip bashes through his defenses, burying the head into his ass. A searing pain lights his ass on fire. He keeps his head buried in the furs, breathing in that musky animal scent, digging his fingers into his gripped ass cheeks. Sav sees Nira’s fingers stiffen and throws his hands off his rear, replacing them with her own. She pushes deeper and deeper into his  expanding asshole. Inch by inch the big wooden fuck rod invades his sensitive hole.

He feels her thighs press up against his cheeks. She shoves it in all the way.

“Oh you think you can take it, huh? You better hold on tight bitch.”

She whips her right palm down hard on his ass, and backs up, pulling nearly the whole cock out in one stroke before SLAMMING it back in all the way. Nira moans and whelps. She fucks him hard, putting her weight and muscle into each thrust and decorating his exposed cheeks red from a fury of open-handed abuse. She hammers his ass with her big wooden tool, pulling and pushing in long strokes. Occasionally she pulls back too much, and it pops out of his ass.

“Open that flat ass back up whore”, she bellows.

He reaches back and spreads his cheeks, careful to avoid the sensitive areas where she’s been leaving a handprint.

“There it is.”

Her slick wooden cock rips right back into Nira. A shaking anguished moan escapes his throat. Sav laughs.

“Yeah you like that, dontcha slave bitch?”

She puts one leg up next to him, then the other, and pushes down on his back, burying his face harder into the furs. She crouches over Nira, hammering down into his asshole.

“Come check out this pussy gettin’ worked.”

The group of panther girls drifts over to the furs, crowding around to catch the perfect angle of Nira’s poor abused ass getting wrecked by a woman with no pity.

“That’s right, this slut takes anything you give. You wanna try this bitch ass out yourselves?”

Nira lifst an eye from the furs, looks up at the group. They stare daggers into him. At first, he just sees the faces of bored panther girls, but behind their eyes are flickers of mischievous intent and the thirst of selfish female superiority. They grunt affirmatives.

“Mmmhmm.” “Yeah.” “Yes.”

He feels the wooden cock pulling out slowly. It squeezes out of his ass, leaving him exposed. An ehn of abuse is about to start.

Slave Nira is now a slave woman. She is a vigilant cleaner. An excellent cook. Moves gracefully. Scented, pierced and wearing the make up the panthers have traded for him.

Sav whips Slave Nira every day. Some might call these maintenance whippings. Sav calls them fun. The girly tears always make Sav smile.

Her sisters admire how perfectly Sav has turned Slave Nira into a humble effiminate slave who exists only to serve.

Slave Nira is in for a shock. Now that the feminization training is complete, Sav is becoming bored and is leaving him. She will chain Slave Nira to an ungelded male slave and find herself a new skinny male to feminize.

7 – Caged by the red haired panther girl

“Slave Nira, you  have reached the end of your training with Sav. Do you have anything to ask?” said Red hair.
Please Mistress, I would do anything for you for a little time released from this restraint!!” pleaded Nira.

“I am already wet and horny from hearing your begging, this is why I asked if you had any request. Your chastity cage does not bother me at all so it will stay on until I have decided otherwise and I do not want to think about it now. I am busy with other things. What you should have asked me is how you could make your Mistress happy. Now I have to answer this question for you. You make me the happiest Mistress when your little worm stays a prisoner of your chastity cage. Therefore, I will keep you locked up as long as I feel happy!!” said Red hair.
Slave Nira has been gelded and feminized by Sav, now his feminzation training is ended and he has been chained to Brutus an ungelded male slave belonging to Red hair. Poor Nira, he thought Sav was a cruel teacher until he was passed on to Red hair. This panther girl wants his now useless little worm to be permanently caged. She wants Slave Nira to be conscious about the heavy chastity belt and to learn that a slave is selfless even when suffering.

The red head grins seeing Slave Nira’s tears stream down his cheeks. She asks him if they are tears of joy? Oh, it seems so sweet!! She likes to see his chastity cage and its little tormented prisoner hidden within it. She wants Slave Nira to permanently accept his little worm is so small and lifeless compared to her slave Brutus.

“I remember when we first met in the forest and you looked so sweet in your tunic. Do you remember what I told you?” said red hair.

“Yes Mistress , you told me my name was Nira and that I was not a male,” said Slave Nira.

“Yes, that’s correct. And then you were gelded and feminized by Sav, because we intended you to be an effeminate slave, your little worm is only good for wee wee now is it not?” said Red hair.

Yes Mistress, I can only do wee wee with it” blushed Slave Nira.

When we look at each other and I see your frustrated and desperate face, it makes me so horny and wet…especially when I see you chained next to Brutus,” smiled Red hair.

Slave Nira started to sob softly. The slave Brutus grunts under his hood only hearing and not seeing what is taking place.

“You may think I am completely heartless but this time I will show some mercy. If you would like to release a bit of your frustration and desperation, you can beg me as I prepare your slave gruel without any punishment,” grinned Red hair.
“I will not give you the pleasure of seeing me begging you for mercy and release from my restraint,Mistress. Not this time, I am stronger than this, Mistress,” sulked Slave Nira.
“Do not try to mess up with my pleasure slave! If I want you to beg, you will beg. Since you show slightly disrespectful to your Mistress, I only see one solution for you to beg properly and give me what I want. Now, remove your tunic! Let’s see how your begging will be after the whipping you are about to get!!!” screamed Red hair.

8 – The shaman and her feminizing slave gruel (draft)

Slave Nira notices he remains hairless, his voice is softer and he has small breast growth. The tribe’s shaman reveals to Slave Nira that the slave gruel he has been fed all these weeks is made from feminizing soya beans.

The first girl and Red hair  now train Slave Nira how to be pleasing to men, his small worm has almost contracted inward and it has the outward appearance of a vagina.

Slave Nira resists the male slave Brutus at first but the constant beatings and whippings by the first girl and Red hair force him to accept he can no longer please women and must now please men.

But their first step is to turn Nira into a willing bisexual.

A male slave has few opportunities to make a request of his panther mistress. Red hair straddled Brutus hips. His maleness filled her to a delicious fullness. Slave Nira’s mouth and naughty tongue pressed against the place where they joined and multiplied her pleasure. Red hair was breathless with pleasure. She stroked Brutus face fondly, “My favoured slave,” she said softly. She thought to kiss him on the lips but then thought better of it and kissed him fondly on the forehead.

“My Mistress,” Brutus replied. He shifted his hips and Red hair trembled with an after shock of pleasure. “Your boy would beg of you a request.”

Red hair smiled indulgently. She was well accustomed to the manipulative ways of a kajirus, but her Brutus had pleased her exceptionally well. “Ask?”

Brutus was quiet for a long moment. Finally, he found the words and courage that he needed. “When your tribe took me from the pirates, they never offered me the Warrior’s Choice. My mistress, I love you with all my being, but I would rather be dead than be a slave , even your slave.” To avoid slavery, a captive on Gor was entitled to choose death, the Warriors’ Choice.

Slave Nira sat up nervously and backed away quickly. He stared at Brutus in the dim light. Red hair froze motionless. No one even noticed  Slave Nira as he slid quietly away from the furs.

Red hair shook her head in disbelief. She felt him soften within her and slid forward to straddle his broad chest, leaving a track of wetness up his belly. His nipple rings pressed against her bare thighs. Branded and circumcised, a kajirus was marked for life and had absolutely no hope returning to his old life. She touched his nose fondly. “I will not slay you or order you slain by my sisters.”

9 – Marlenus and his men arrive in the Northern Forest (draft)

Nero has been missing for many weeks. The trusted men have spent all their gold on alcohol and whoring,they decide they want more gold so set off to Ar. The trusted men return to Ar but without Nero. They claim they have fought hard against the panther girls and Nero was captured. They need gold and supplies to fight the panthers, Marlenus agrees, but instead has the trusted men led straight to the dungeons. He wants all evidence covered up.

Nero’s parents are worried and petition Marlenus to do something. Reluctantly Marlenus agrees to try and find Nero. He has his own agenda, if the panthers haven’t already killed Nero then Marlenus will do it himself.

10 – Slave Nira meets his uncle again (final chapter draft)

The panther tribe is satisfied Slave Nira is sufficiently feminized and broken to help them assasinate Marlenus. The shaman makes a return.Slave Nira is fed small quantities of toxic poison to build up his immunity. In his mouth he now hides a small bladder which when bitten on releases a toxic poison meant for the assasination of Marlenus.

His uncle does not recognise him after the full transformation. The panther girls present Slave Nira as a gift to him. It is well known that the harem of Marlenus has several tom boyish kajira, flat chested and skinny. As Slave Nira is led to the tent he is awe struck by the riches and opulence. Marlenus demands to be served, it is then that Slave Nira reveals he has been trained in kissing with tongue in the most sensual way in Gor. Intregued his uncle orders him to demonstrate. As they kiss, Marlenus coughs , there is a panic, his kajira think he has choked on a peeled grape. As Slave Nira stealthily escapes he meets up with the first girl who asks him if he has succeeded in poisoning Marlenus.

Nira’s  destiny had been accomplished. He had served the Panther girls. The shape of a world had been altered by the death of Marlenus of Ar, the rivers of a planet’s history turned to new channels. Then, no longer needed, Nira was discarded.

Meeting a Sissy on the grid!

Sometimes you find them on the grid. They are small and skinny wearing non gender specific loincloths and tops. Roleplay with a Gorean Sissy.

The role play:

  • Marli looks over at the stranger “Tal “

  • Kaedalus peeks, “Hello.”

  • Lyndall smiles, “Tal”

  • Marli smiles “You must be earth born , they are the only ones that say hello “

  • Kaedalus giggles, “Yep! Sorta a habit I suppose.”

  • Lyndall laughs, “And all gorean born woman have extremely large breasts, so yes earth born”

  • Marli looks curiously at the woman , Marli had met few free from Earth , most were slaves

  • Kaedalus grins, “I’m a boy.”

  • Marli: “huh?”

  • Lyndall frowns, and her eyes go extremely wide, “A boy..” i say getting horrifically scared

  • Kaedalus laughs, “Yup! No boobs here!”

  • Lyndall whispers into Marli’s ear, “I think he is one of those ‘homo-sex-you-als’ i think thats how you pronounce it”

  • Kaedalus giggles, “No no no. Bisexual.” he winks, snickering. “And I just prefer to look cute and not.. all.. burly and smelly.”

  • Marli frowned “You dont look like a Gorean man , is this how Earth men look nowadays ? weak and girlish ?”

  • Kaedalus smirks, “No. And i’m not weak, either.”

  • Marli huffs . Marli looked him over , he looked as strong as a twelve year old gorean boy

  • Lyndall laughs, “I am pretty sure my knee could snap your spine!” i say hearing the word ‘bixexual’, “Come again?”

  • Kaedalus grins, “I like both boys and girls…. just for different reasons.” he says, chuckling, “I am sure my knee could snap yours as well.. you look about as frail as I do.”

  • Marli whispers to Lynn “he admitted he was frail “

  • Lyndall sniggers, turning to the boy “You want to fight me…uhm…neuter?” i say turning back to Marli, “I wonder if he has a snake down south”

  • Kaedalus snickers, “You want to lose?” he grins.

  • Marli chuckled “maybe we can find out when he lifts his kilt thingy”

  • Lyndall nods, “Oh yes, i want to loose and see what happens and where you take me…perhaps you will take me to a pink castle with fluffy bunnys surrounding it and daffodils in the fields”

  • Kaedalus giggles, “Ooooh, that sounds like fun. Fluffy bunnies are sooo cute!”

  • Marli rolled her eyes , Marli had serious doubts the boy from Earth would survive long , a Gorean male would cinsider him an abomination

  • Lyndall: Im right here boy, shoot me

  • Kaedalus grns.

  • Kaedalus: Bows are for wimps.

  • Kaedalus leans down to help Lyndall up, checking her over for injuries as he dusts her off a bit.

  • Lyndall dusts her knees, pulling out dirt from her wounds, “For a small boy, you seem to be able to hold big swords”

  • Kaedalus snickers, “Looks can be deceiving.”

  • Lyndall  shakes her head, “No but i mean really small

  • Lyndall holds her hand out, “Like the size of this”

  • Marli: such a small sword , yet so much damage

  • Kaedalus: Good things come in small packages?

  • Marli stares at the boys crotch and raises an eyebrow

  • Lyndall laughs, “We talking nano measurements here”

  • Kaedalus grins, “So what are you two doing here?”

  • Lyndall points up, “Well thats Marli’s camp, and i live behind us in the north-west “

  • Kaedalus nods, “Ahhhh, I live.. down.. to the south a bit, I suppose.. southeast…”

  • Lyndall: Same continent?

  • Kaedalus nods.

  • Marli: “Are you one of Ricka Deerhunters …ehem……..men ?”

  • Kaedalus: Errr, no

  • Kaedalus: Not sure who that is.

  • Lyndall: Are you a slave for, Sa Verus?

  • Marli: Ricka is a panther hunter

  • Kaedalus: Ahhhh, no

  • Lyndall tries to think, “Well the last place i can think of is the KWO, but i doubt a group of muscular men would initate a thing like you”

  • Marli rubbed her chin “unless they are getting desperate and are compensating their losses”

  • Lyndall  laughs, “Probably”

  • Kaedalus grins, “I live at KWO.”


I am trying to make a femboy on secondlife but i find having trouble to making him. Trying to make him look as female as possible but also finding right skin, hair, facial types, etc. ^^

Miss Marlies gives advice:

First of all, start with a shape you can modify.  The initial “starter” avatars are full mesh, and aren’t customizable.  In your inventory, find the folder Library/Clothng/Older Outfits.  Pick one of the folders in there and drag it onto your avatar.  Or, you can get a free set of Standard Mesh shapes from the Marketplace and begin with one of those.

Use Appearance/Edit My Shape to adjust the shape to your liking.

For a femboy look, try using a slender male shape with a female skin, and also try using a female shape with low breast and hip settings with a male skin.  One or the other should get you close to the look you want.  There is a “gender” button in the shape editing window.  Be sure to save your work often, so you can recover if you mess up!

Pick up free skins and free demo skins from the Marketplace, or at in world stores.  Don’t go paying money for skins until you find one you like.

Since your shape will most likely be quite customized, don’t expect most Mesh clothing to fit it well.  Always try demos when looking at Mesh clothing, and make sure that one of the sizes plus the alpha mask layer gives you a good fit.  Clothing made with the standard clothing layers will always fit.

© Lunacaleengpanthers



  1. What an imaginative short story! A pity it ended so soon. Any hope of a continuation? I would be happy to roleplay the part of the hapless nira.

  2. ROFL. Epic. Thanks for the laugh. I have been reading your blog here with interest and I seriously want to come and see what you do on SL. I do some panthergirl RP on imvu but its limited, and most of the remaining males are bitch-whipped and lazy. Most of the good male character Rpers are female typists. LOL. Thankfully I have some really great friends /co-panthergirl Rpers to hang out with and RP or I wouldn’t bother.

    Seems like more panthergirl action is going on there in SL. I find SL a pain the ass to use (I am completely lost in there) but I am going to keep trying to figure it out so I can come and kick ass with you all.
    Keep up the great work.


    • LOL – was written in response to a recent sissy phenomenon in SL Gor. Anyways , totally agree that SL viewer no matter which one you choose has the most unfriendly interface ever designed 😦 We have time to teach you the basics of the combat meter and viewer, so drop by anytime in-world 🙂 Love you all and thanks for the replies xoxoxo

  3. OMG, thank you so much for this! I have longed for a TG themed Gor novel for so long – it’s so nice to know I’m not the only one!

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