About which Beasts of Gor a panther girl hunts!

Wildlife and Domesticated Beasts

An encounter with a Larl

Red hair travels to Sa Vella lands to trade, instead she encounters a wild larl.

The role play:

  • Isabeaux shiver ass i listen what i never expect then as i turn to my back i step slowly under the barrrel and crates looking up to the white larl clearly my mind now is focused on the beast “marli…..have you a spear too?” she assk to her ass she wish really reply to her properly but now the danger is too high

  • Kailina ‘s ears twitched when she had seen one of the two-leggers she met walk out of the spiky fort. The larl took the dead verr back into her nuzzle. As silent as she could she saw yet another. Ok! Certainly a nest!!! But somehow this one stank. Her muscled tensed up as she froze immediately,staring at the twwo.

  • Marli nodded , and patted her spear, slowly moving sideways towards the trading post which might offer her some protection

  • Kaoru stops to investigate the scene with her usual scientific curiosity. Two girls, one larl, nothing out of the ordinary. “Like, tal and stuff?”

  • Isabeaux take my spear too and move some step on my right clearly letting Marlii as the first suitable tagert for the beast

  • Marli smirks and knows she could not trust either sa vella , she unleashed her trusty spear and points it at the beast, still moving back towards the trade post

  • Kailina ‘s eyes narrowed as she’d stare at the stinking one as her ears caught the sound of yet another pair of footsteps. But somehow she didn’t care, the large beast dropped her verr before stepping closer to the one near the fire,baring her teeth while a soft growling was hearable out of her throat

  • Kaoru : “Well, since we do not have seven trained men with long spears to hunt it right now, my advice would be to tiptoe away very very slowly..” The blonde proceeds to follow her own bright idea. Quite prudent of her, if you think of it.

  • Kailina would stare at the spear before she’d grab it from the side. She had already had such a thing in her flank once and she wouldn’t forget that early. As she dre her claws the beast took another step closer. Only fools would dare to fight a larl alone

  • Isabeaux frowns as marli got some information about idus but clearly what kao said is the best solution as we are not enough for create a barrier of spears for push in one angle the larl then slowly steps back clearly melian not liike Marli and her words brine me really far from help her but the doubt of idus put some doubt in my head

  • Kaoru finds the situation rather fortunate. We feed the unfamiliar girl to the beast and it leaves us alone. Sounds like a plan.. And on this notion Kao starts to circle the larl with the obvious intention to get closer to the camp and farther from anything that can get in the way to it.

  • Marli felt the strength of the beast as it gnarled into her spear , letting go of it and sprinting towards her right, towards melian and doing so she unleashed her bow and notched an arrow , her breast heaving from adrenaline and excitement

  • Isabeaux retreat using the spear as my protection poiting the tip to the larl and walks slowly back step by step to my camp following the moves of kao but as marli that was the first target comes close to me the situation start to not like me at all

  • Kailina spat the spear away from her. The beast would lift its massive head back up,roaring loudly when she saw the woman run aay from her. A victory! Her feral eyes moved to the toy who seemed to want to play by running away. She growled loudly as she would begin to circle around Marli. Play?

  • Marli had no intention of facing the beast alone so that the vellas could escape to their camp , as the vella move , so does the red head

 The Hunt

Rashida and Malaika has been following the trail of a panther for days. The panther is a nocturnal predator, very skilled and cunning. Rashida knew that they were in panther territory when she recognized the droppings of the scat of the panther and the unique odor of the markings of the territory. From that moment on, she knew that finding shelter needs to be done very cautiously because the panther hunts at night, are skilled tree climbers from where they can jump to drop down on the prey for the kill, and have a keen sense of smell and hearing to sense the prey without visual contact. Rashida explained that to Malaika, knowing that for Malaika this may be the first time hunting a panther in the woods having spent her life in the jungles of Schendi.

It’s late afternoon, and the sun is dipping down in the sky. The heat and humidity of the day, while still oppressive, harken nightfall.

Malaika and Rashida move carefully and quietly through the rainforest, along a beaten path, when suddenly, Malaika signals to Rashida to stop, points two fingers of her left hand in a V-shape toward her eyes, and then points to the ground. Panther scat lay on the trail, signaling that the two have entered the home territory of an ebony big cat. Malaika stops and carefully scours the trees and branches for the presence of the beast. It’s still daylight, and big cats like the Panther they are hunting are in hiding, sleeping during the day. But, there’s a good chance that the beast which owns this part of the jungle is already aware of their presence. If she’s not too hungry, Rashida and Malaika stand a good chance of remaining the hunters and not the prey. But, when night falls, the game changes… Advantage: Panther, and there’s no telling if she’ll tolerate the huntress’ presence, or decide to take one of them without warning, for a meal.

On the path, in the soft mud to one side, a pawprint lightly stands out. There are no indentations from claws, expected since the cat was not in attack mode, but simply marking territory by relieving itself. By the size of the print, the beast is a female, probably mature and in her prime.

Unless her lair can be found before dark, the task now will be to find a camp spot for the night that’s open and will allow us plenty of room, and fuel, to build a fire and keep it burning through the night. One of us will sleep, and one will remain awake, spear in hand. Then, the two wild trade place, keeping watch while the other sleeps.

It’s imperative to remain alert… a little Kanda to chew will help with that… for, if this cat gets the drop on you and you cannot drive a lance into her on her charge, death is not instantaneous. She’ll break her victim’s neck and then haul her prey off into the jungle, paralyzed, but still alive. Slowly her victim perishes, but probably not before the beast begins her meal. These thoughts will be going through the mind of the huntress on watch; and, the huntress who sleeps, puts her life in the hands of she who is vigilant.

Rashida gets excited seeing the new trail that Malaika found. She knows now that they are in the panther territory. Smiles seeing Malaika look with watchful eyes towards the trees, but moves closer to her and points to the wet mud from the markings of the panther. Rashida makes the sign to scoop the mud and spread it on their arms and back with the intent to hide their scent from the panther.

Rashida grins seeing Malaika’s face while she smears the mud on her body. She points to the mud, now telling her with signals to do the same while she sets guard in case that the panther is close. After a couple of ehn, Rashida checks Malaika’s body to make sure that she is covered well. She kisses Malaika’s cheek, then makes a playful smirk of “ewwww” and begins to move before Malaika could react.

Very quickly her hunter face shows up, back in the game, ready to get some furs and teeth. She looks at Malaika and tells her with hand signals that she wants the panther, not just to pass thru her territory without disturbing the lair. And if she agrees, that they need to be alert, no fire, and specially no kanda because it may stun our senses. Instead, the hunters need to behave like the prey, be like a panther, hunting at night, letting the panther shows herself by staying perfectly still, blending with the woods. Not an easy task and very dangerous because the night is owned by the panther.

Malaika’s sense of the hunt is turned in its head… It’s not that Rashida has signaled that she wants the kill. With that, Malaika has nor problem, But, to wait the night with no fire, covered in mud, and vulnerable to discovery by the keen night vision of the black cat… this… well, this is new.

As the two reach the bank of a stream, they refresh themselves with a drink before covering their bodies head to foot in mud, which will damp their scent as well as dampen their bodies. As they wait for the shadows to fall, they munch on some dried vulo, whisper to each and listen to the jungle.

By nightfall, the two have found spots to spend the long night beside a trail, based on the droppings they’ve found, traveled by their prey. The mud has dried on their skin, and each huntress has taken a position on the ground in the root-arms of a large boabab-like tree, on 90 degree angles from each other. This will make it hard for a big cat to seize the neck. Should one of them confront a cat and find herself in trouble, the other can pounce unexpectedly on the beast, from a second angle.

They’ve checked the base of the tree for insects… no nests were found. There nothing worse than sitting, awaiting prey only to find that you’ve disturbed an colony of fire ants!

But for now, the shadows have come, and each huntress’ begins the night with meditation, and then, a dreamlike state, where the creatures of the night and the creatures of the mind occasionally blend, sometimes playfully, sometimes lethally, but always memorably.

As Malaika sits, quietly waiting, a vision of a time when she and Rashida sang a song together drifts out of the night. The dream is a very happy, soothing one… It disappears after a moment of unknown length.

The night is full of sound and movement. Advantage: Panther…

Rashida explained to Malaika when she noticed the discomfort in her face: “I know that this seems risky, Malaika, but the lair of the panther could be anywhere. Look at the tracks.. *points to the mud prints*..they end up by the tree, which the panther climbed and essentially we lost her track. To find it again, we need to go around many trees to see where she may have landed.” *waits for Malaika to think it thru*.. “Now, by us blending in her environment, we will see and follow her to her lair if we do not have a clear shot.” *then she scoop some of the mud wet with the markings smearing it on your body*.. “And Malaika, don’t be picky, we need to BLEND. Hiding our scent with her marking will let us follow her undetected if we follow silently.” With that, Rashida and Malaika find the spots near the tree that had more tracks around, guessing that it may be a common spot for the panther to roam during her nocturnal hunt, and begin the wait.

The ehns, turn into anhs, the night turn darker, the woods wakes up with new sounds of the inhabitants that come out to hunt without the interference of the artificial light of the fire. Rashida notices Malaika going into a dreamlike state, a smile form in her face. Rashida gets close to Malaika and softly touches her hand whispering… “be alert, moyo wangu…” They continue their watch, listening and observing. The ahns pass reaching the twilight when the night begins to sleep and day starts to wake up.

Rashida was getting ready to break the watch when she hears a rustle in the bushes close to her. She frozes, slowly looking in the direction of the sound to see the most magnificent panther that she has ever seen. The huntress seeing the hunter coming out with a prey in her jaws what looks like a small Verr. Slowly she lifts her bow, aiming at the panther when the panther stops and look at Rashida in the eyes. Rashida finds that odd, eyes the panther back. The tension of the bow is at its peak, but the panther does not attack. She just turns slowly with the Verr in her jaws, and walks away breaking a trail in the bush. Rashida does not shoot, loosening the arrow, she touches Malaika.. “moyo wangu.. did you see that? come.. let’s follow her.. ”

Without waiting for a response as if being mesmerized by the panther, Rashida begins to track the panther silently, hopefully to her lair…

Malaika blinks her eyes and looks puzzled at Rashida, then looks back to the panther who has disappeared into the underbrush.

Rashida whispers to Malaika: ‘moyo wangu.. did you see that?’

Malaika whispers to Rashida: ‘aiwa, ndugu, she saw us, and paused, as if to recognize that we hunt her, acknowledge us, and as if to say “our time will come, but it is not now”.

Rashida quietly takes off in the direction of the panther and her prey, and Malaika follows, sheathing her bow and removing her spear from her back. The sun is far from rising, but the sounds of the jungle have not yet greeted the slowly-rising light… and with this light, Malaika feels a bit safer. At least, she has a chance of spotting the shadow cat before the beast sinks her teeth into Rashida’s or her own throat.

At a quick, silent pace the two follow the trail of the big cat…

Rashida follows the trail of the panther silently, not wanting to be too close, but not too far that she would lose the trail. Dusk is approaching, still dark in the woods, but light is beginning to shine thru the leaves. She knows that Malaika is behind her with the spear out, but Rashida cannot wait too long for Malaika, wanting to find the lair. Imagining the teeth and furs that she will get and to claim the prize of hunting a panther. The look that the panther gave her seems too far away with the excitement of the hunt.

Suddenly, Rashida stops and signals to Malaika to do the same. She begins to move slowly, leaning down on the ground, begins to crawl thru the bushes reaching the edge of a clearing. She opens a slit between two bushes and .. stops… does not move… looking towards the clearance, she has found the panther lair. And in front of the lair, the panther is laying down with the Verr next to her. Rashida signals to Malaika to approach slowly, signals with her fingers to look. Something just changed in the demeanor of Rashida, her eyes are watery from emotion when she signals Malaika. Her eyes glimmer in the twilight of Dawn.

Rashida looks back to the panther, and her four cubs. Two of them are feeding from the teats of the panther while the other two are trying to figure out how to bite and eat the Verr. The panther looks directly to Rashida. The panther does not move, just gives a roar in warning, but stays feeding the cubs.

The heart of Rashida feels disturbed, looking at the panther. She whispers to Malaika… “moyo wangu… she has cubs… “…

Malaika looks, see the panther with her cubs, and moves her head slowly from side to side, looking directly at Rashida. This panther is not prey… She is a nursing mother. And, in spite of the possible glory associated with the fur and teeth taken from such a beast, no sense could be made of, no justification could be made for, the taking of a mother from her cubs… Bad ju-ju, apart from being stupidly impractical.

Malaika peers once again through the bushes at the nursing mother, looks to Rashida, smiles and jerks her head in the direction opposite that of the cat’s lair.

The two depart quietly and disappear into the jungle, regrouping at the river, where they bathe in the fresh morning light, washing the mud from their bodies.


There has been a lot of discussion lately in panther tribes about having larls and baby larls wandering about camp, Shelly writes down her thoughts on the subject, all credit of this article to Shelly.

— What I see as the CONS —

(1) It’s impractical for a panther tribe to have trained larls at their disposal.

From a BTB perspective, larls acting like pets or allies of a panther tribe simply never happened. In the books Norman describes larls like this:

” the larl in its native haunts in the Voltai Range, that incredible pantherlike carnivore which may stand six to eight feet high at the shoulder.”  — Outlaw of Gor, page 21.

A kitty that stands 8 feet tall at the shoulder isn’t exactly the cuddly little fur ball that I’ve seen RP’ed so often in SL! Norman describes them as massive, ferocious killing machines! They are driven by instinct to avoid humans and seek the mountains:

“None of the men below the mountains, the mortals, had ever succeeded in taming a larl. Even larl cubs when found and raised by men would, on reaching their majority, on some night, in a sudden burst of atavistic fury slay their masters and under the three hurtling moons of Gor lope from the dwellings of men, driven by what instincts I know not, to seek the mountains where they were born. A case is known of a larl who traveled more then twenty-five hundred pasangs to seek a certain shallow crevice in the Voltai in which he had been whelped. He was slain at its mouth.” –Priest-Kings of Gor, pages 19-20.

Now, I realize both the Priest Kings and the Pani used larls. The Pani actually had larls trained from birth, for Lord Nishida’s use. They also used them for hunting in the wands:

“A cage wagon rolled past, in which, turning and twisting about one another, agitated, were several larls. These were the beasts, primarily, who had patrolled outside the wands. They were trained from cubhood, to respond to secret commands. Accordingly, one who knew these commands might command them, venture beyond the wands, and so on. Ashigaru prowled the edges of the road, lest any of Lord Nishida’s minions, primarily mercenaries, be tempted to avail themselves of an unobstructed highway to another prince, one with perhaps a deeper purse.” — Swordsmen of Gor pg 635

I would say though, both examples of ‘tamed larls’, Pani and Priest King, represent extremely rare special cases. As a panther tribe, I think it is very unlikely we would have the wherewithal to keep and train larls from birth. Even if they were raised from cubs, they would still eventually turn on us. SL doesn’t make such a battle realistically possible, since a beast 8 feet tall at the should would decimate our tribe with very little effort. I’m envisioning a beast with something like 800% GM meter health and instantaneous kill with its paws…  *shakes her head at the thought*

(2) Domesticated larls will drive people away from our sim, and our tribe.

This point probably depends on how we use larls and what we restrict them to. But, I think having larls in the forest is enough to discourage some people from visiting. Having them trail individual panthers around is much more likely to result in calls for a mod (I would ask for a mod if I was battling a panther and a larl jumped in to help her out). Having them defend the camp is going to cause additional heartache. Sending them along with us on raids will damage our reputation – even in the GE community, which is much more forgiving than the BTB crowds.

(3) Larls will drive sisters away from our tribe.

Some people love RPing with animals, so this doesn’t apply to everyone, but some don’t want animals interjecting themselves into the RP. Some simply don’t know how to deal with them. I admit that I often find myself in that crowd. When I think how I would likely respond to the presence of a larl I see myself acting out of fear – for myself and my tribe. If I was true to that feeling (IC of course) I would kill every larl I encountered, I actually took this approach when I first encountered larls in the forest though and I have since learned that killing a beast is no different than killing a person, in that it creates drama and heartache and generally isn’t worth it.

— What I see as the PROS —

(1) I have come to appreciate the diversity.

I admit I was a little steamed when Dani first allowed beasts in the forest. After watching for awhile though, I have come to appreciate that they add elements to our forest that don’t exist on other Gorean sims. I think part of what makes Valkyrie Forest special is that we have such a variety of characters. We have panthers, mercs, slave hunters, ferals, city folks, outlaws … and yes, even beasts. I think we need to decide some guidlines for using larls, with the books as a guide. I think we should put something in the sim rules so visitors understand what to expect from our beasts. I think if we do that then the larls could become a benefit to our sim.

(2) I have come to appreciate individual role players.

I will single out brigid the larl here. He (using the gender of his avie) spends a good bit of time on our sim each week and contributes to the role play whenever he is around. He defends the camp and individual tribe members. He has also attracted other beast avies, who are also contributing (As a recruiter this is gold to me). I’m told he has even made a donation to the sim. This is exactly the kind of people we should be looking to attract. Whether they RP in the tribe, in the village or in the forest remains to be decided but I think we should do everything possible to make a home for dedicated, contributing members of our virtual family.

(3) Defense

I must point out that larls have the potential to be very, very effective defensive tools for our camp. Larls can jump, climb and run around. They can strike with paws and are deadly in close quarters. We can use them in camp. We can send then around behind attacking forces. I think the possibilities are only limited by our own imaginations. Do we really want to turn away such a potential source of defensive strength when we have so much trouble fielding enough bows to defend our camp?

— Ideas —

I’m not going to ask for ideas and not supply one or two of my own. These are just ideas …

(1) What if we made a larl cave at the base of camp, or near the back door? Then they wouldn’t technically be domesticated.

(2) What if we kept them outside camp, but allowed them in the forest? This might prevent some of the problems with tribe members.

 There are a wide variety of animals on Gor, some which were originally transported from Earth to Gor, others which are native to Gor and some which have come from other planets.

Not all Earth animals exist on Gor. Most specifically, the horse and dog are not known on Gor except in legend and myth. There are no canine type animals, such as wolves or coyotes, known to be on Gor. There are Gorean animals that are similar to some Earth animals but are native to Gor. The theory of convergent evolution states that there are certain optimum configurations for animals that would be similar on similar planets. This explains why larls and Earth cats are similar. On Gor, the larl is the optimum configuration for a land predator while on Earth it is the Bengal tiger. It is unknown whether some men evolved from Gor or all were originally brought from Earth. There are some anthropoidal fossils on Gor though which may indicate that at least some men may have independently evolved on Gor. There are no mention of any other types of fossils so it is largely unknown what other creatures may have existed in Gor’s past or may exist in isolated wilds. Dinosaurs may have also once walked the world of Gor millenia ago.

A very unusual Bosk

The role play:

  • Mistka jumps out from her canoe and starts to drag on the dock some bosk’s furs

  • Mistka looks the sun that is quite at the azimut but she still to works

  • Mistka takes some shaped long rod and starts to tie them making sonething like a lil hut

  • Mistka a stranger can think that she is making a tent

  • Mistka takes the rods and starts to assemble them making the skeleton of somehting that looks like a hut

  • Mistka places over the two main rods soem leather straps

  • Mistka looks her work and places the bosks furs over covering the wooden skeleton

  • Mistka at the end places the head and hold it whit two ropes

  • Mistka insets inside the two furs layers soem strews and leafs

  • Mistka: tos hape it like a true bosk or maybe a lil one

  • Mistka insert on a lil space her bow and then sneaks inside from the bottom

  • Mistka stands on her knees and grans whit ehr hands the leather strapes and lifts the dummy

  • Mistka mumbles feeling it heavy

  • Jenifer : Look….some one dropped off some bosk meat to us…….smiles

  • Mistka feels some steps close and lifting the heawy wooden skeleton turns slowly like a normal movement the dummy to see from the lil holes on the head

  • Mistka makes a deeply voice and mubles “MOOOOUUUUUUUU”

  • Mistka bends down the foward part over some flowers like the dummy was eating them

  • Jenifer shouts: sounds likea female, gorean like sick bosk!

  • Mistka turns a lil the dummy on the left to see better and she is in a sweat lake

  • Jenifer shouts: Shall I shoot it and shin it’s hide?

  • Mistka : MOOO? * stands from her knees and starts to wiggle the big dummy like a normal slowly bosk movement

  • Mistka looks from two holes on the side first on the left: a huntress…then on the right an other one….slowly starts to slips down to the lake

  • Lupus laughs, I would count the feet on that Bosk Sister. It may not be all it seems

  • Mistka makes a pause to breath

  • Mistka breaths heavyly and drags the dummy to the corcyrus woods

  • Mistka moves near the Viking’s gate

  • Mistka waits and moves very slowly to become a part of the nature and the landscape till the dark

  • Zino laughs

  • Mistka : MUUUU

  • Mistka ears heawy steps running away, breaths faster and deeply scared to be discovered

  • Mistka sits and eats some bosk smoked meat while lifts a bosk’s fur on the top part to chek the situation

  • Mistka looks the darkness incoming and keeps her eyes on teh walls looking some sentinels

  • Mistka slowly and lazy stands up lifting the dummy and drags it till the next ferns group

  • Mistka starts to assemble a lil bad luck pole

  • Mistka uses her scimitar to shape the extremity to place in the ground

  • Mistka ties the lil skull of a rat that she founds during the slowlt Bosk movemente at the other extremity

  • Mistka removes from the dummy some red piece of a old dress of a captured free woman, and uses both like the lil red flags that she usually places on the bad luck rod

  • Mistka sneaks a lil foward

  • Mistka waits keeping here ears open….her heartbeat is faster and loudly like a drum

  • Mistka covers herself behind a tree and pushes out the dummy the bad luck pole

  • Mistka removes the leather string from ehr hand and moves a lil them

  • Mistka then poses on the ground the bosk dummy and sneaks out from the back

  • Mistka takes from the ground the pole and wear it on ehr shoulders

  • Mistka takes also her bow from the bosk that she will leave at the bottom of the tree

  • Mistka takes a long breath and runs to the viking gate keeping an hand on her back to the pole

  • Mistka places the pole on the ground

  • Mistka pushes it on the gras then runs away

  • Mistka slips under the bosk dummy again and lits it on ehr shoulders

  • Mistka walks faster to the dock

  • Mistka starts to dissassemblre the dummy bosk: slips out and breaths the fresh air then starts to palce the furs over the canoe pushing on a side the strews and teh leafs

  • Mistka unties the ropes that are holding the bosk’s head and tosses it into the canoe

  • Mistka starts to unties also the leather strings to disassemble the rods skeleton tossing all on the ship bridge

  • Altair: whispers…look saliva provider

  • Selena nods.. “ooh yes.. lets go get some.. ” she whispered back…

  • Altair : tal butterfly…smiles softly

  • Mistka : tallies * waves*

  • Diane : tallies

  • Selena smiled innocently.. “tallies huntress.. ” she looked curiously over at her as she stepped closer.. she bit on her lip as she hoped the cute little panther would speak with consumption so she could catch a bit of her salvia, but instead she looked at her son and knew he would manage to forfill their mission

  • Selena : Diiiiii tallies

  • Altair : smiles and nods– you know you may find strange what i will ask of you now, but my lips are just the breeze that my heart ebss, and no truer breeze could ever soften your facees features by its warm fan..

  • Mistka lifts an eyebrow looking the two strangers

  • Mistka moves her head first to the woman then to the man ” something is wrong?”

  • Selena stepped a bit back as she didn’t want the cut little pannie feel threatned and grinned at the wordings of her son… “ooh no huntress all is fine… “

  • Altair: i could taunt you, tease you till your face reddened in a crimson rage, until you looked at me with anger and hate and won your spat…but that would be meaningless, no nothing is wrong..i just ask you for a gift from your lips sweet scent , one that will not flow forom your hearts fury, but from other emotions ..

  • Mistka : uh oky * bends down and continues to put inside ehr canoe that is under the ship some bosk’s fur

  • Altair : smiles–hear me butterfly

  • Mistka waits tossing an bosk head on her canoe….looks at the man ” are you asking for a kiss?”

  • Altair : that is what you are, a beautiful butterfly chasing those rainbows that light her destinys horizons, as she weaves her spell to the sound of her beautiful silken wings

  • Mistka looks to find some kanda’s leafs on the ship bridge

  • Altair smiles softly and shakes his head…and slowly moves his finger softly through her lips,tracing the texture of a warm caress–no dont be alarmed–

  • Altair tilta his hand inwards and gently whispers–to safe a life i need you to spit on my hand, i know,,its absurd..but i will hold it as a gift from your lips heart

  • Mistka feels the man’s fingertip on her lips and he taste a lil weird ” did you cleaned your hands?”

  • Altair : aye, smiles–how else could i dare touch those lips which are a veil of dreams

  • Mistka looks at her canoe that is full of furs and wooden rods whit a bosk head then looks at the male…” sure”…gently takes ehr hand ..smiles innocently

  • Mistka opens it moving his fingers on a side then closes her eyes… looks up the sky….inales deeply from her nose making a loudly and deeply sound then spits over his hand

  • Altair : smiles–please spit on my hand, just think of why a man could ask you that…and remember, i hold it as a gift from your essence…

  • Altair : smiles–i thank you wild rose of the woods,

  • Mistka you welcome then jumps on her canoe and paddles it to the fog

A Herlit

The role play:

  • Marli unsheaths her spear and turns briskly when she sees the huge bird in her camp

  • Doughboy eyes the woman and her spear.. he puffs up his chest and spreads his wings so he looks bigger then he actually is.

  • Marli assumed the colder weather was attracting all sort of wildlife to the lakes , she had already seen a beast down below

  • Doughboy claws the ground in front of him which normally got him something to eat from his trainer in treve. He flaps his massive wings to add to the specitcal of his food demand.

  • Marli watched the awesome bird , still holding her spear , she slowly grasped for something in her leather pouch , she tossed a beef jerky at the birds feet , she thought a predator bird might like that

  • Doughboy didn’t understand why no food had been thrown at him yet so he gets a bit more demanding. Craning his massive head up he chatters his beak at the woman. He’d been lost for a few days now and been unsuccessful at getting anything to eat so his mood was a bit cranky. When the treat lands near him he descended over it in a flash, snatching it up in one bite and then moving in closer to her to demand more of whatever that was..

  • Doughboy bobs his head up and down at her before shrilling loudly once again

  • Marli shakes her head , so typical of a male bird to want more , Marli wasnt in the habit of feeding the wildlife , she was a panther girl and hunted beasts , not feed them “There is no more ” she lowered her spear to shoo it off

  • Doughboy was a bit spoiled from his time in the aviary and since this was a woman he was not as timid as he might have been around a male. Opening his wings he decides this was a good place to roost so he plops down with a heafty thud. He’d been up and down the coast today and this seemed like a nice place to rest. The woman had given him something to eat so he figured there was more of that coming soon. When she goes to shoo him off he just bites at the tip of the spear but didn’t really move much. He was a big thug of a bird and had already decided this is where he wanted to sit.

  • Marli grumbles, why did she have a soft spot for runaways ? , she couldnt really blame the young tarn from wanting to stay after she had fed it one piece of jerky, Marli decided it was best to ignore it , since the spear didnt impress it much , she didnt want to hurt the bird , she turned and looked off into the distance, hoping a caravan would cross the lands so she could raid it

  • Doughboy he too just sits there and waits. He really had nothing else to do and since his encounter with the other tribe he was not very keen to go flying around, they had already shot at him more then once. Getting a bit more comfortable he extends his wing to preen it with his beak and int he process knocks over the horn that was next to him. The sudden crash of the horn on the ground startles him and he shrills loudly at the horn..

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Wiki/various


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