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In this blog we mention the BBP (Book Based Panther)  City Report and ranking list, share a roleplay about a cartographer of Gor and list the most important cities and places in Gor.

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cartographer of Gor

Marli wakes up, she had leant against the tree she had been sleeping on, the spear she had made was close to her. She rubs her eyes and looks around, mumbling ‘strangers…’ She grabs her spear and watches closely…….AAiiii! with a bit of luck Marli manages to down a stronger “male” and he wasn’t pleased – no real surprise there.  It was raining captives that day, with another male and female in the cages. What makes this roleplay extra interesting is that the male captive claims to be a cartographer….

Marli patted her knive “So tell me cartographer of Gor ….how many digits do you need to draw a map?”

Reenok Shakes his head “Tell me panther, of your camp and how you desire it to stay in one piece. Because you should know for even the most minor of damage done to me. My crew will return it upon your camp in double…And quite a few of my crew mates wouldn’t think twice about raping your sisters…”

Marli swept back her hair and laughed “threatening is so unbecoming of a potential slave…..please me and i may let you live”

Reenok Laughs “I threaten where a threat is given, as for pleasing you. Come hop in this cage and I will happily make you moan out for your sisters to hear, dear panther. But I am not a slave and I will never submit to someone who can not dominate me..”

Wynd : sts quietly seeing the huntress who put her in the cage just outside.

Marli lips curled in a smile “Lets see what potential you have as a pleasure slave, as you seem to think you can make me moan”

Reenok laughs “I know what I can and cannot do.. as I spent several months as a slave in a panther camp simmilar to this once.. I killed one of their sisters, but instead of killing me they decided to collar and keep me, degrading me every day. But it was worth it to get the woman who killed my companion”

Wynd : listens to the voices glad this male is a different cage unlike when she awoke this morning.

Marli grinned “Then you know how foolish you are to come near a panther camp, the only males that enter are slaves, if you had been wise you would have sent a slave to do your job” she points to the cage “Like this girl….though her owner thought she would be returned after she delivered her message…..obviously a foolish mistake on the owners part”

Reenok shakes his head “only a coward sends another to do their job. Do I seem like a damn coward to you? I do my job and I do it properly despite threats of death, rape, torture, collars and being lunch. I stand for what I believe in and that is doing everything you can to do the best of your ability… so do you think I should have sent a slave in my place really?”

Rayne : looking at the huntress.. he starts to ask if he could help her.. but remembers the knife she put against his throat when she told him to stay away from her. turning, he walks off back to the cliff edge

Marli tilted her head and tapped the side of her brow “men and their foolish pride” then kicked his foot with her boot “Men have grown to fear me” she points to the male mamba

Marli moved to the gate levers and prepared to open the cage

Reenok Shrugs “Men may fear you and so may boys. But tell me panther what can you threaten me with that I have not been through before… ” shaking his head a little

Marli smiled , but it wasnt a pleasant smile “You wish to find out?….” she chuckled as she squatted beside him and checked his binds were secure and tight

Reenok Laughs yet again “only if you wish to find out what it is like to see your sisters suffer for your actions..”

Marli flicked out her blade and noticing the pants were loose fitting she had no trouble removing them, she pulled them off and ripping them into shreds she tossed them outside, perhaps using them later for a gag , to muffle him

Marli smirked as she saw his manhood , she wanted to make him feel insecure so she lied “such a small insignifcant tool, i doubt i could feel it inside me ” she sighed heavily

Reenok winced a little at the comment but decided to retort quickly “Must be quite a stretched cavern you have then.. though I do hear you lie with bosks here so it wouldn’t be surprising”

Marli tapped his cock with the back of her blade “You will never find out …boy” she moved forward , her head leaning in , her warm breath in his ear “You know what comes next” her fingers taking some plucks of his white hair

Reenok flet the cool steel on his cock and was glad it was the blunt side that touched him. Sighing a little as she grasped his hair, his eyes closing as he lay there and waited for her to be done. “Try not to make to much of a mess. I am quite fond of my hair..”

Marli proceeded and with her knife skillfully shaved a strip from the forehead to the nape of his neck, she collected the hair and showed it to him “Its done male, you brothers will know that mere women captured you”

Reenok Blew her hand and looked up at her, trying to to hide the fact he was actually pissed about his hair. “And you offend your self and your sisters by refering to your self as mere women.” Shaking his head as he closes his eyes “Now what else do you have planned tree slut?”

Marli smirked “too many times have i heard we have the strength of 12 year old boys, yes so mere women captured you and striped you” she prodded his left thigh “You males liking branding women …though i doubt you realise the intense pain….like bearing a child….so how tough are you male? you care to impress my curiousity?”

Reenok laughs a little “Look at my inner thigh” there would be a brand in the shape of a poorly made larl.. “you panthers like to brand as much as men do.. I for one have never branded anyone.. apart from if you count the time I jammed a hot poker into a mans cock…”

Marli lifted an eyebrow and inspected the mark , it wasnt a fine brand like a female Kef, but rather a rough one that suited a man, her fingers ran over the brand, feeling the scar tissue “So indeed you were a slave…perhaps a work slave” she felt his muscles “yes”

Reenok shrugs “I was used for whatever they wished. I was passed around the camp for cooking, cleaning , furring, hunting, building, fighting… They all had use for me and used me they did.. I never worked as hard in my life as I did in that camp”

Marli grinned “Then you will fetch some coin…or perhaps goods” she leaned over him , her hair touching his bare chest “Now the question is…should i trade you to your brothers or just sell you to another tribe” it being more a statement rather than a question, though she would hear his response and perhaps take it in consideration

Reenok cocked his head as she continued to inspect him. “Well then I guess that depends on which you think will give you the most for me doesn’t it..”

Marli looked deeply in his eyes “What would your brothers offer for you i wonder ” she tilted her head “only a high price would lure me to your brothers”

Reenok looked back and shrugged his shoulders “I do not know. We are not really a trading lot…”

Marli fashioned a leash from some loose rope and said nothing, though the look on her face said it all, she had not been pleased , she had wanted to hear she would receive something of value

Reenok Sighed as he got prepared to be dragged around again. Closing his eyes as he took a deep breath and prepared to get splinters in his ass, as well as rock and grass burn.. from the friction

 List of the most important Cities and places  of Gor:

Panthers will visit cities dressed in Free Womens clothes. A risk to take in SL Gor as many residents will read your profile and know you are a panther girl. Nevertheless it can be exciting to see if you can get away with your disguise .

ANANGO: A large island not far from Schendi. It is similar in some respects to 18th century Jamaica on Earth. Reputed to be the home of mythical “black wizards” though in actuality there is no magic on Gor.

AR: This is the largest and most populous city on Gor. It is similar in many respects to the city of Rome upon ancient Earth. Citizens of Ar tend to be the most civilized and technologically developed of Goreans, and Ar is a cultural center for much of Gor, setting the prevaling fashions in many other cities. Ar is at war with its ancient enemy, the island Ubarate of Cos.

ARGENTUM: Sister city to Tharna, and a producer of much of the silver mined on Gor. This city is one of the “Silver-Cities” of the Gorean north. It is similar to any of the walled city-states of ancient Earth Greece.

AR’S STATION: A freshwater river port town on the Vosk originally established as a river colony and tributory of the Ubarate of Ar. Recently it has split away from the Ubarate and follows its own political agenda, even allying with the enemies of Ar herself. It is considered an ally of Port Cos. Conquered by Cosian Invasion forces several years ago, its Home Stone nevertheless survived and was returned to the town.

BRUNDISIUM: A large walled city, a saltwater port located south of the Vosk delta on the shores of Thassa. Its port facilities rival even those of Cos and Tyros, and much of the merchandise and supplies which are transported into the landlocked northern interior come through Brundisium. Through the treachery of her former Ubar, the city of Brundisium, though officially allied with Ar, served as the staging point for the great Cosian invasion of Ar, which took place several years ago. Needless to say, Brundisium and Ar are no longer allies. It is similar to any of the walled seaports of ancient Earth Greece.

CORCYRUS: A city southwest of Ar, which until recently was ruled by a Tatrix, Sheila of Corcyrus. She was deposed for her tyranny, and, after a lengthy war, the fortunes of the city are again on the rise. It is similar to any of the walled city-states of ancient Earth Greece.

COS: An alliance of several cities which all exist on the island of Cos. It is known for its famous wines and its vast fleets of trading ships, as well as its imperialistic tendencies. It is at war with the city of Ar, and along with its ally the Ubarate of Tyros it is currently at war with the city of Port Kar. It is similar in certain respects to the ancient Earth Minoan culture.

FORT HASKINS: A smallish fortress town at the edge of the “barrens,” vast grasslands northeast of the mountains of Thentis, which guards the trade routes in that region. Known for its large contingent of kailla and Tarn cavalry used to resist and suppress raids by the Red Savages, which inhabit the barrens. It is similar to various western frontier settlements during the Indian wars of North America on Earth.

KASSAU: A seaport in the far north, southwest of Torvaldsland. Though sharing a similar “Earth-nordic” culture with that place, it is far more cultured and civilized. A major trade center of the frigid northern climes of Gor. It is similar to early medieval Copenhagen on Earth, or other Danish settlements of the same period.

KO-RO-BA: Also known as “The Towers of the Morning,” this city was once destroyed but has long since been rebuilt. It is a cultural center similar to Ar, but its citizenry is known for their fierce love of independence. The city produces many excellent Warriors. It is somewhat similar to the city of Athens during the Hellenistic Period of ancient Greech, on Earth. Ko-ro-ba is in a perpetual state of semi-war with the city of Treve.

LARA: Walled northern city-state, allied with Ko-ro-ba, which occupies the strategic juncture of the Vosk and Olni rivers. A freshwater port, it is otherwise typical of the mighty walled settlements of central civilized Gor. Known for its skilled Warriors, excellent sailors, and superbly trained slaves. It is similar to any of the walled city-states of ancient Earth Greece.

LAURA: A rough frontier town located on the Laurius River, upriver from Lydius. It serves as a staging point for the transport of bulk goods such as lumber and furs. A favored trade town for the various outlaws and woodsmen of the northern forests.

LYDIUS: A northern free port, neutrally aligned. Govered by merchant law rather than by civil law, and loyal to no Ubarate. Located at the juncture of the Laurius River and Thassa (the sea). A large trade town, it handles much of the distribution of the raw materials harvested from the great Northern Forests, and is a major supply port for both northern and southern shipping.

PORT COS: A freshwater river port town on the Vosk originally established as a river colony and tributory of the Ubarate of Cos. Recently it has split away from the Ubarate and follows its own political agenda, even allying with the enemies of Cos itself. It is considered an ally of Ar’s Station.

PORT KAR: A port city located on the shores of the Tamber gulf, at the coastal edge of Thassa (the sea). Its precise location is open for conjecture, as it guards its privacy tenaciously. Surrounded on the landward side by the vast Vosk Delta Marshes, it is virtually inaccessible except by ship or tarnback. Known as a den of thieves and pirates, its raiding fleets are among the most feared upon Gor. The city itself is squalid, decadent, and often virtually lawless. Similar to the pirate cities of the Barbary coast during the Golden age of Piracy on Earth, and to Dakar on the Gold Coast of Africa during her slave trading heyday.

PORT OLNI: A large freshwater port on the Olni River, which is a tributory of the mighty Vosk river. Walled and well defended, it guards the mouth of the Olni where it joins the Vosk. This city is a member of the Salerian Confederation.

SCHENDI: Mighty seaport/riverport, which exists on the edge of the subequatorial rainforests and jungle regions of Gor. A free city, governed under merchant law. This is the primary city of the black tribesmen of Schendi, and home of the League of Black Slavers. Due to its strategic position at the mouth of the southern Cartius River, it is a major trade center for the various spices, raw materials and trade goods of the jungle regions. It is similar in certain respects to the ancient capital of Ethiopia, and to other large African seaports of the same period on Earth.

TABOR: One of the other “exchange islands,” south of Teletus. Also governed according to merchant law. A free port allied to no city or Ubarate.

TELETUS: The largest of the central “exchange islands,” governed not by civil authorities but rather according to merchant law. A free port allied to no city or Ubarate.

THARNA: Once controlled by a a total gynocracy, it is still governed by a female ruler, or “Tatrix.” The male portion of the population has long since regained control over the city, and with the exception of the Tatrix, men rule Tharna almost entirely. There are only very few freewomen in the city of Tharna, the entire female population consisting almost completely of female slaves. Tharna, and its sister city of Argentum to the south, are known for their silver mines and production of that metal. Their blue helmets can distinguish Tharnan Warriors from warriors of other cities. Tharnan males are recognized by the two yellow cords they wear tucked in their belts. This is used to bind slaves. It is similar in some ways to the ancient Earth City of Carthage.

THENTIS: A fortress city in the Mountains of Thentis. Possessed of some agriculture, particularly the export of wool from its goat-like mountain hurts and its export of beans used to make “Black Wine” (coffee). Also famed for its great Tarn flocks, which are indigenous to the Mountains of Thentis. Most of the tarns on Gor are bred here. This city is not currently at war with anyone, except perhaps the city of Treve. It is similar to several Tyrolean mountain cities found in the Southern Alps in ancient Earth.

TI: Walled river city situated on the Olni River north of Tharna. It is the seat of the Salerian Confederation, an alliance of four cities dedicated to the restriction of imperialism and piracy on the Olni River. Known for its superb Warriors. It is similar to any of the walled city-states of ancient Earth Greece.

TOR: The largest and most populace of the desert city-states of Gor. Located in the far south, to the northeast of Turia, at the edge of the vast Tahari wasteland. It is a major trade center and the focal point of hundreds of desert caravan routes. It is also a cultural center for the tribesmen of the Tahari, providing the bulk of trade goods both to and from the desert regions. It is similar in many respects to ancient Earth Baghdad.

TORCADINO: A walled city-state not unlike Vonda. Recently served as a mercenary stronghold during the Ar/Cos conflict. Occupies a position of great strategic importance in the central north. It is similar to any of the walled city-states of ancient Earth Greece.

TORVALDSLAND: Not actually a city, but a scattered group of settlements in the far north. Famous for its inhabitants, the Torvaldslanders, who are similar in most respects to Earth Vikings of the early medieval period. Known for its superb sailors and the rough mannerisms of its denizens.

TREVE: A hidden city in the Voltai Mountains, accessible only by Tarnback. It has little or no agriculture, and exists solely through raiding and warfare. Known for its fierce independence, its love of warfare and its superb tarnsmen. Currently this city is at war with practically everyone, notably the city of Ko-ro-ba. Many years ago it was the target of a retributory tarn strike by the forces of Ar, which turned out to be the largest and bloodiest tarn battle in the history of Gor, in which thousands of tarnsmen clashed in aerial battle for days. It ended in a draw… Ar did not pierce the defenses of Treve, but Treve suffered terrible casualties in fending them off. Neither side wishes to repeat this action, nor does Treve raids the territories of Ar. Treve is similar in certain respects to the ancient Earth City of Sparta.

TURIA: Often referred to as “the Ar of the south,” it is the largest of the southern Gorean cities. A walled city of the southern coastal plains, it was once conquered by the Nomadic Tribes of the Wagon Peoples, but has long since been rebuilt. It is an opulant trade center similar in many ways to Constantinople on ancient Earth.

TYROS: An alliance of several cities which all exist on the island of Tyros. Known for its great fleets of raiding ships. Along with its ally the Ubarate of Cos it is currently at war with the city of Port Kar. It is similar in certain respects to the ancient Earth Island of Crete.

VICTORIA: A freshwater port on the Olni River, which is a tributory of the mighty Vosk river. This city is a thriving river town, which was instrumental in the defeat of the Vosk Pirates several years ago. A member of the Vosk League, 19 river towns united against river piracy on the Vosk.

VONDA: A fairly large port city on the Olni river, which took part in a disastrous territorial war against Ar several years ago. Now rebuilt, it is known for its production and training of male Gladitorial fighting slaves. It is therefore a large Gladitorial center. Free women are typically well received there, and such free women own several of the training houses. It is similar to any of the walled city-states of ancient Earth Greece.

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