About the life of a Gorean Panther Girl

Forest Girls


Dear readers,

There is nothing in the books that supports nor denies lesbianism.  However any female that flaunted her sexual nature even among other panthers openly, were subject to being collared, even by their own panther sisters. In RP flaunting amongst panther girls would be frowned upon. Also bear in mind that some women are put off by unwanted advances from their sisters. Panther girls are not large muscle bound amazonian type women, so the Xena Warrior Princess persona never existed on Gor. So be aware of that when selecting an female avatar shape for SL Gor. Panther girls are small in stature, said to be in the books about the size of a young boy around the age of 12, small and thin, well toned yes from hunting and foraging. Yet still not large enough to face a man of Gor on her own, she would only stand a chance  in a small party. In RP that translates in panther girls being wary of men and approaching with caution.

Panther girls were not hulky women, they caught most of their quarry by using another panther staked out, or running semi-naked like a game of tag in the forest to lure a man into a trap. They did not collar men unless he was the type to kneel before them, in most cases if the man was trapped, his head was shaved and either released or held for ransom. Panther girls did not hate men, They were strong minded women that did not desire cruel, weak, honorless, inattentive men. “Most” panthers wanted a strong honorable Warrior of a man. Panthers wanted a Larl of a man, not an urt of a man. SL men should not come into a panther camp expecting Dominatrixes, they are playing the wrong game if they do.

On the edges of the Northern Forests, panther Girls had trading posts of a sort, called Exchange Points. These such exchange points were the only “Safe Zones” ever mentioned in the books, in SL Gor these are also safe zones for RP trading. It is not done to start shooting arrows at a trade post , bows should be sheathed at all times. There were other “safe times” such as burials on Gor or even the safety of the Sardar Fairs. or inside the temples of the Initiates.

Now this paragraph is not just for newbie panther Girls, this is for all newcomers of Second Life Gor. If You are going to pick a “Gorean” persona then be true to it. Don’t flip it around to suit your own misguided delusions. SL Gor is SL Gor and if you can’t live by it’s laws, then maybe you are in the wrong venue. It is best to be in the right venue than to make a fool of yourself in the one you are in. Xena Warrior Princess was not on SL Gor, women living in the wilderness were.

History of the Panther Girls of Gor 

There was once a war between the men and women of Gor. The women lost. The Priest-Kings seeing that the women were beautiful did not wish them killed so they declared that all women and their daughters, and their daughter’s daughters, to be the slaves of men until the end of time. This did not sit well with the women. However, they soon found themselves living in a world ruled by men and Priest-Kings. Some of the women found happiness in their slavery, some of them found a middle ground as cherish free women who would bear the heirs of men, and a few of the women flat refused to obey the men or the Priest-Kings and ran off to hide in the Northern Forest. The women of the Northern Forest became known as Panther Girls, for the pelts of the forest panther that they used to clothe themselves.

The Panther Girls learned to survive in the wild by themselves. They learned to hunt, to cure the hides of animal skins, which vegetation was edible, how to prepare herbs for medicinal uses and they learned to make weapons from what they could find in the forest. They were dangerous, intelligent and strong women. Those outside the borders of the Northern Forest soon learned to fear them and those who lived within the Northern Forest learned to respect them as a separate culture. Throughout Gor, they became feared and despised, though it was said many women secretly wondered what it was like to live as a Panther Girl, to live free of the dominance of the Gorean male. In many cities there were laws written regarding the Panther Girls. Many of the laws stated that if a Panther Girl was seen outside of the Northern Forest that they were to be enslaved, or worse, destroyed. The laws of men further caused the wild women, as some referred to them, to move deeper into the forest never to be seen free in the outside world. The Priest-Kings, it is said, sat on their mountain and watched, as after the great war of the sexes, they refused to meddle in the affairs of men. Many of the men of Gor were outraged at the mere thought of women living outside of the law. A few brave men decided to act on their outrage and since these women who dared spurn their laws refused to come out of the forest, these brave souls ventured into the forest to hunt them. The hunters soon become the hunted. As it became perfectly clear to the Panther Girls that the men were not going to leave them alone. The Panther Girls realized that to stay free in the life they had chosen for themselves they would have to become stronger and, somehow, they had to increase in number. One method of increasing the population was reproduction.

The majority of the women of Gor accepted their fate to be ruled by men. However, a few of them ran to the forest to join the illusive Panther Girls. Some ran from arranged companionship’s, others ran from abusive and hated mates and some ran because they refused to live under the rule of men. The women who came to the forest hoping to become Panther Girls were not many and they found a surprise when they met up with a band, or pack of the women they sought. Most of these would be Panther Girls found themselves bound and wearing a crude, but effective, choke leash. Those who insisted that they were not slaves were given the chance to join the pack. Most were shocked to learn that the method of joining a pack was to kill one of the pack members and take her place or to be able to spar with the strongest, and if not win, to come close enough to show her value to the pack. Those who possessed skills that would benefit the pack, such as physicians, leather workers, and so on, were often spared. The methods of accepting new members were not adequate for increasing the population of Panther Girls. It was learned that the packs should be no more that 15 to 20 in number, for any more and the territory was soon stripped of game and edible vegetation. It was soon realized that if they increased in number by increasing the number of packs they could come together when needed and fight off the men who would invade them. Somewhere along the discussions it was asked if it were not better to raise daughters in the ways of the packs and it was accepted as a good idea. However, to have daughters, men would have to be involved. They began to capture the men that would come to hunt them in the forest, instead of kill them. A sacred ritual called the Moon Dance was invented.

The Moon Dance became known as a horror to the men of Gor. The men the Panther Girls would capture would find himself staked out in a circular clearing, he would be severely whipped with the five bladed Gorean slave whip, or worse the snake whip, a two inch stripe of hair would be shaven in the middle of his head, from his forehead to the nape of his neck, he would watch as the women danced around him as the three moons rose above the clearing, he would be taunted and ridiculed and then he would be raped by the women. If none of the women became with child he was simply killed after being used for heavy and hard labor in the camp, or if he was lucky, he would be sold at an exchange point most likely to become a galley slave. The shaved strip of his hair became known as the degradation stripe and was a humiliation if he left the forest as a slave or if somehow he managed to escape his captors. However, if any of the Panther Girls became with child, he found himself a camp slave. He would only live until the female children born of his blood reached the age of seven, at which time they would kill him. This became the ceremonial ritual to them to teach the younger Panther Girls that men were weak and had no place in their forest. If by chance the child born was male, he was swiftly killed. This was their way to control the male population so that the male child could not grow up to one day hunt them. After all, the women had enough men hunting them already, without adding to it. Survival was the foremost concern of the Panther Girls, at any cost.

Anything the women wanted, anything they needed, they would find a way to make do with what the forest provided. They accepted no outside help. However, as with all things, this changed. It came to pass that more women, escaping from the cities and the world of men, joined them. They soon started to form packs and declare territories, warring among each other. They started to trade with those in the outside world. They started to turned upon each other. The men of Gor found it easier to capture them. For even a few of the Panther Girls would assist the men for the profit it brought to their own pack. The most famous recorded event of the Northern Forest was when Marlenus of Ar captured and fell in love with the head huntress, Verna of Verna’s pack. Verna escaped and through a twisted plot of events a band of 100 Panther Girls led by Hura, allied with men to capture Marlenus of Ar. Tarl Cabot methodically captured the Panther Girls of Hura one by one and in the end was able to free Marlenus and the Panther Girl Verna. There were not many Panther Girls left after the events of Marlenus of Ar and Tarl Cabot, (see Hunters of Gor). However, Marlenus of Ar allowed the huntress Verna to return to the forest and Tarl Cabot allowed two of her huntresses to return to the forest to join her. It was not long before the packs began to reform. However, there had been changes, there was now increased trading with those of the outside world.

The Panther Girls would once again find peace among each other, to come together to stand beside each other against men and to protect the forest. As they were no longer warring among each other it made it more difficult for them to be captured by the men who would hunt them. They become great in numbers and killed, or enslaved, any man who entered their forest. They continued with the moon dance to propagate their pack. There were unrecorded events that would take a turn for the worst for the Panther Girls. One of the most damaging of these unrecorded events was the Boss and his Shadows. The Boss was not out to enslave the Panther Girls, he instead wanted to shed their blood just as they shed the blood of men. He had his own agenda and only the Panther Girls who lived within that time knew the reason. The Boss stopped the killings only after he had destroyed every pack and their camp, except one that was only left with very few members. The Boss caused many women to leave the forest, some of them even fled to the cities to hide in the robes of free women, only to escape his blood shed. Some fled deeper into the forest where it was difficult for them to survive. In a way, this made things even worse because now the women would attack and interact with those outside of the forest. A few of the Panther Girls stuck to their old ways and remained in the forest away from men. Others took mates and raised children, male and female, within the forest. The packs are fewer now and the women are no longer as feared or as frequently hunted as they once were. They do not gather together as they once did. However, there are a few of the elders who would attempt to somehow find a way to meld together the ways of old and new. They are forming their packs again, coming together once more and they have claimed part of the Gorean Cliffs as their own. A few are working again to strengthen the Panther Girls. Each pack retaining their own laws, their own beliefs and their own cultures. The only thing that will remain unchanged since the beginning of their history is that they will stand together to protect each other and the forest. Only time can tell how successful the Panther Girls will be in their new quest.

The Panther Girls of Gor clothes

“Those are the great forests. No one knows how far they extend to the east, and they go north as far as Torvaldsland. In them there are the forest people, but also many bands of outlaws, some of women and some of men” “Women?” I asked. “Some call them forest girls,” said Ute. “Others call them the panther girls, for they dress themselves in the teeth and skins of forest panthers, which they slay with their spears and bows.”
~ Captive of Gor pg. 82

She was magnificent. She might have been bred from pleasure slaves and she-panthers. She was sinuous and arrogant, desirable, dangerous, feline. I had little doubt that she was swift of mind. She was surely proud and haughty. She was lithe. She was perhaps two inched taller than the average Gorean woman, and yet, due to the perfections of her proportions, as vigorous and stunning as a girl bred deliberately in the slave pens for such qualities.” Panther girls are arrogant. They live by themselves in the northern forests, by hunting, and slaving and outlawry. They have little respect for anyone, or anything, saving themselves and, undeniably, the beasts they hunt, the tawny forest panthers, the swift, sinuous sleen.
~ Hunters of Gor page 28

“She was one of the most exciting beautiful women I had ever seen. I resented the brief, tight skins which concealed her from me.”
~ Hunters of Gor

Runaway women who live in the forest without free men, taking as slave any man who enters their domain and eventually selling him. Those of the northern forests dress in the teeth and skins of forest panthers which they slay with their spears and bows
~ Captive of Gor, page 82 and 118

The girl, clad like the others in the skins of forest panthers…
~Captive of Gor, page 126

I saw a pair of slim, tanned ankles. I lifted my eyes and saw slender, strong, tanned legs. And then, to my horror, the brief, tawny garment of a panther girl. And in the belt of the garment there was thrust a sleen knife. She wore barbaric ornaments of gold. I lifted my eyes to this tall, strong, beautifully figured female.
~ Captive of Gor, page 296

They carried knives on a loop slung about their shoulder. They carried light spears. Their hair was bound back in talmits. On their necks there were no collars, but barbaric strings of claws. On their arms and wrists were golden bands. Two had a golden anklet. Clearly then they were women. Did they not have their vanity? They were clothed briefly, and not that differently from slaves, but they wore not rep-cloth, the wool of the bounding hurt, or silk, work silk or pleasure silk, but the skins of animals, of forest panthers.
~ Smugglers of Gor, Chapter 29

In SL Gor we see Panther Girl’s usually clad in some kind of fur or leather bikini, often versions that reveal much and leave little to the imagination. The Bikini Panthers reveal more than that they conceal, some even wearing strings. Given above quotes it might t be more realistic for a Panther Girl to cover herself more. Bikini Panthers should not be surprised if the Free men and women treat and address them like slaves. Therefore , its advised to conceal the belly button as it is considered slavish to have it exposed. In my opinion we should look at the way native american women dressed as inspiration, wearing long dresses and tunics with only bare arms and legs……

The most common material for clothing and blankets were skins, hides and furs. Bosk and Larls and smaller animals were commonly used for breach cloths, dresses, leggings, shoes and blankets. Local fibrous plants could be stripped and used for cord and thread to sew skins together.

Tanning is the process to preserve skins and to make them suitable for use in clothing and blankets. It also makes the skins soft and flexible. The traditional tanning technique is called brain tanning. The flesh is completely removed from the hide and the hair is scraped off with a sharp stone tool. The hide is processed by rubbing it with a solution of the animal’s brains and water. The hide is then stretched and dried near a fire. To use a hide for a blanket, Panther Girls would leave the hair intact for more warmth.

Traditionally, sewing needles were made from animal bones and were effective. Thread or cordage was made from animal sinew or plants. Both made strong, long-lasting bonds. Items were cut either with one sharpened stone or two, used like scissors.

Weaving with cordage is an ancient tradition with the Panther Girls. As the fur trade increased in some areas, and hides for clothing became more scarce, the Panther Girls had to rely more on weaving or trading for cloth.

Clothing and blankets weren’t merely functional; they were also means for expression and and outlet for art. Traditionally, a variety of natural materials, like stones, bone beads, seeds and feathers were incorporated into designs. Spiritual motifs and regalia for ceremonies were an integral part of the society. Later, Gorean men introduced glass beads for trading with panther Girls , and they became a part of an art form.

The Panther Girls of Gor Weapons

Club: Such weapons were fashioned in various ways from various materials. Some Panther Girls would uproot a young hardwood sapling, carve the heavy root ball into the business end while the small tree trunk served as the handle. The roots might be sharpened to form spikes or the ball end might be embedded with stone points. As an alternative a Panther Girl might attach a heavy round stone or chisel type blade to a wooden shaft in order to pound or slash her enemy.

Steel tipped arrows: Panther Girls at exchange points will often request arrowheads which they need within the forests to hunt. They form their own arrow shafts with sleen knives, quivas, or daggers, they make these shafts sturdy, then place the arrows upon the shaft, the arrows are shorter than regular Gorean arrows because the Northern Forests are quite dense. The arrows are used in the short bow. A complete arrow has never been requested at an exchange point in the books. Only arrowheads were requested.

Short Bow: The Great bow is described as being six feet and length, this bow, the short bow is described as being much smaller in size. The bow is usually made of flexible temwood or ka-la-na wood, the bow string is often made of hemp. The bow is used for greater range shooting and is commonly used by Panther Girls with incredible skill when attempting to hunt tabuk and other animals found within the Northern Forests. There has never been a bow requested by Panther Girls when they were bargaining their slaves for goods they needed in the forests, and they never requested bow strings because they could make both of these within the Northern Forests.

Sleen Knife: A common weapon used by Panther Girls in their hunting, sparring, skinning and tanning of animals, fighting, cutting down trees, and anything needed while within their lairs or out wandering the Northern Forests. The weapon is commonly slung in a sheath, a long leather strip is tied around the waist where the sheath will hang and the Panther Girl will stick the knife, and sometimes, Panther Girls will have a belt for 3 or 4 sleen knives. The sleen knife is a broad bladed, flat, and double edged utility knife equipped with a simple stubby crossguard and unadorned pommel. The knife is very commonly requested in exchange points when bargaining in trade of captives that Panther Girls may have come across and captured.

Extra Facts: Often, steel knives are requested at exchange points when trading for slaves. Panther Girls need and use steel knives quite often for nearly everything they do.

A Panther Girl spear: Panther Girls form their own spears, with their steel knives, they shape and form thin, sturdy, light weight, wooden shafts, then they usually trade slaves for spearheads or arrowheads to place upon the shafts, creating lightweight, durable and sturdy spears. The specific name of the spear was not mentioned, but rather as a light weight, and sturdy spear.

All weaponry not named here was NEVER used by Panther Girls and should not be. Shields, steel armor, helmets, swords, axes, any types of crossbows, the great bow, bola, scimitars, hook knives, killing knives, any type of spear or lance, harpoon, or trident were ALL weapons that were not used by Panther Girls. In Second Life Gor there are instances where Panther Girls wear a small sword or scimitar or blowpipe.

The Panther Girls of Gor Tattoo

Tattoos are a part of Panther Girl culture in SL Gor. Each Panther tribal group has their own purpose for incorporating tattoos. However, the primary reason for tattoos was to identify different SL tribal groups and in some cases grant special powers (ie shamanic rp) to its members. As some Panther Girls were escaped slaves a brand may be a more popular choice ,it’s definately a more BtB choice.

  • Panthergirl cups her hands and shouts “tattoo…….get your fabulous tattoo…….friendly prices ….best deal tattoo!!”
  • Panthergirl: “mhm….ghostly sign ….dont stand here !”
  • Hawk stumbles over the ladder stubbing his toe and hopping on one foot trying to look all dignified and stuffs “Tal Huntress” glancing down toward the sign in which she spoke “oh that, not sure where that came from but I havent yet grown the guts to figure out why “
  • Panthergirl looks up and frowns , she sees the outline of a male “Tal…..i make nice tattoo for you….naked girls on your belly and back….or special slave tattoo for your slaves ….I can see you are a big man ….bet you have many kajira !”
  • Hawk leans against the wooden beam and lifts one foot rubbing his pained toes shaking his head “Nay Huntress, I am but a worthless thrall, i service to the women of the woods” he laughed “having a tattoo put upon me without my owners permission would certainly get me beaten within an inch of my life”
  • Panthergirl sighed , she had travelled a long way and the villagers where not normally her customers, Panthergirl painted tattoo on pirates and panthers and other outlaw types , though she wasnt put off yet “Well , where are the others ? perhaps they will want a tattoo” she rubbed her chin “tell you what , first tattoo is free of charge “
  • Hawk  dropped his foot back to the ground and seemed a little distressed glancing out over the woods watchful “unfortunatly a thrall is here alone at the moment, the tribe must be out hunting again and hasnt yet returned” he turned his attention back to the strange panther at the base of the wall trying to make out her features “I am sure they would love to meet such a skilled woman especially one with ink, it is a rarity in these parts of the woods”
  • Panthergirl smiles up at the thrall “Indeed , wise words , even if you are just a thrall…..the ink is permanent, it can be beautiful…..or ” she grinned devilshly “ugly as a the devil on the faces and bodies of your enemies “
  • Argel  eyes the women checking out her breast and ass thinking of all the things he could do to her and not a soul would come to help, well he thought, its a shame he isnt a free anymore “Tal brother” gives a nod looking to hawk, then lingers his eyes back down to teh huntress and nods “Tal Huntress”
  • Hawk scratched his head turning and nodding at first thrall of the camp as he replied to the women dropping down slightly so she could hear him well “do you have many colors like the peoples from the cities or does you use that bad ink stuff I saw the taluna trying to pass off as tattoos some years back that looked like blood poisoning and always faded after a couple of months, the tribe wouldnt want any of that useless work if you did”
  • Panthergirl nodded a greeting at the other thrall, Panthergirl wasnt a mind reader , doubtless she would have made a witty comment, she listened to hawk , his voice clearer now “If you doubt my skills , then i will show you mine , i hope you can see from up there” she lowered the arm brace and showed the elaborate tattoo
  • Argel  remembers something he has to do with paying for the sim, then nods to his brother and the women “Be well Brother and be well Huntress”
  • Panthergirl waved at the thrall as he left
  • Hawk squints and tries to see in the shifting shadows of the wind blown trees of the forest “I see Huntress it does seem to be solid work from here, I cant let you in camp however until my owners return, I wouldnt live to see another sunrise if I let such a stranger near their huts in their absense, I know perhaps they would be interested in such fine work”
  • Panthergirl nods nods “of course not, i wouldnt dream of getting you into trouble , do you think it wouldbe allright if i set up a small tent outside camp? you could leave a notice in your camp , tell them Panthergirl tattoo artist would like to show her work” she smiled “…..first tattoo is free of charge “
  • Hawk laughs and plops down on his backside in the grass and crosses his legs lookig down the hill at her “I am a thrall Huntress, you know very well I cannot give permissions for anything such as that” he said “a slave does not have the right, although nor does he have any rights at all to interfere with the workings of a free, there is however a small cove to the south that would be quite comfortable for now, much water to drink and for bathing, fruit in the trees and meat scurrying around in the brush”
  • Panthergirl grins “thank you , i shall do that……..however , you are allowed to post a notice …..and i would prefer if your tribe knew i was a friendly tattoo artist residing there “
  • Hawk  shrugs and glances back over his shoulder hearing sounds in the camp but attributes it to wandering verr or orts “I can make sure they know your words as you spoke them Huntress” he said “as for being a friendly artist that is yet to be determined, taking a strangers words as proof of who they are is a foolish practice for anyone with a bit of sense wouldnt you think?
  • Panthergirl waved and headed south
  • Hawk  turned his eyes back to the Huntress watching her intently “may your hunting be pleasent and your travels be filled wiht victories Huntress”

The Panther Girls of Gor Feathers

Feathers mean a lot to Panther Girls in SL Gor. A feather isn’t just something that falls out of a bird, it means much more. The feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, freedom and many more things. To be given one of these is to be hand picked out of the rest of the women in the tribe – it’s the coming of age for a young panther girl (pledge , glana ) and is given by the Elders of Chieftess.
If any Panther girl is given a wild Tarn feather it is one of the most rewarding items they can ever be handed. The Panther Girls believe that Tarns have a special connection with the heavens since they fly so close..

The Red feather represents supernatural (spiritual) power.
The Black feather was thought to render the wearer invincible, it also represents death (and was used in the wave of the death feather to sentence a captive to death),it also symbolises letting go of negative thoughts and behaviour, a form of dying and being reborn;
The White feather represents peace, spirituality, harmony and balance.
The Blue feather relates to all flying beings.
The Purple feather represents wisdom of the ages.

 Captured feathers

  • Taeden  nodded her head, “I don’t have an issue with anyone using the coin sluts Mine, as long as they pay.. and not in buttons.” she took the message, “Eh, I did get this and read it. He can come speak to me himself if he likes. But what I take from this is they want people to pay them to help them raid. I’m not getting into that mess.”
  • lila: “Yes My Mistress, he said he would return to speak with a Free” she moved her chin forward so it met her Mistresses boot, lila genbtly kissed the leather “I mopped out the cave floor as well my Mistress, i slipped over and landed on my bum” she nibbled her lip “Din’t want any free to slip as well”
  • Taeden  tussled the girl’s hair and laughs, “I tried to get the panthers to build us a bath in there. As one of them pointed out, if I’m gonna live in a hole, it might as well be a warm, moist one.” she blinked, “now what were we talking about.. oh yeah, mopping. That got me thinking of the bath.” she looked over toward the fence, “slut, go see what that panther wants over there. If she’s drawing face or marking grafitti on the sign, you give me some signal.”
  • lila: coughed softly at the mention of warm moist holes, it brought back a memory of the panther, she turned around and crawled along the grass away from the fire “Yes my Mistress” she called on her way
  • Marli thought the O on the sign would make a good smily , she was tempted to carve just that into the sign as she overheard the blond woman
  • lila: “Greetings Mistress” lila craned her neck to look around at the sign
  • Marli raised an eyebrow as the slave girl approached , she walked up to the girl and ran her finger along the girls neck , looking down at her naked body
  • lila: gulped and her neck bulged against her collar out “Welcome to the trade post Mistress, would you like to come in?”
  • Taeden called out to the panther, “the girl can help you if you’re wanting to know about the exchange. I’m just getting myself a bite to eat, but I’ll be around later. I’m Tae, one of the traders.” and she waved and went off to get her dinner.
  • Marli grinned as she watched the girl gulp “Mhm…trade post huh?” she was wary of traders , they were always doing shady deals for their own benefit, she shrugged , she wasnt impartial to the odd shady deal herself ” show me slave”
  • lila: “Yes Mistress, right away ” lila crawled to the side so the Mistress could come in “Most just sit around the fire over here Mistress” she explained then politely offered “perhaps i could get you something refreshing to drink?”
  • Marli nodded at the girl “what will this drink cost me?” she was fully aware a trader usually didnt give it for free
  • lila: “Oh, well for a bowl of paga we only ask a single copper Mistress, but understandably most Huntresses don’t walk around with coin, so perhaps just a length of rope” . Lila crawled to the fire where she had some botas layed out “It is good paga Mistress, so far no one has complained ” she looked back smiling
  • Marli checked her belt , she removed some length of rope and hung it around the girls neck, she narrowed her eyes at the girl “here is the rope, dont disappoint me with the paga….or you will find yourself in those ropes slave”
  • lila clenched her jaw nervously “I wont disappoint you Mistress, would you like to sit down” she motioned with her hands before crawling closer to the fire. Lila had an assortment of wooden bowls layed out and choose a smooth clean one, she double checked it , before she lifted a bota, popped out the gork and filled the bowl with the amber liquid
  • lila cradled it carefully in her hands and crawled over just on her knees, she held it up for the Mistress, and along with a beaming smile , said “I hope you find this exquisitly pleasing Mistress”
  • Marli walked slowly around the fire, her eyes checking out the trader and the other slave, she chose a tree stump to sit on , one that would face them all. she gave the girl a brief smile as she took the bowl from the girl “thank you slave” she ran her finger along the rim, then dipped in her pinky and tasted the paga, it was fine , she took a gulp an wiped the moisture from her lips
  • lila: watched with delight and pleasure as the Mistress dipped her little finger in, lila found this to be very cute and had to suck her lip to hold in a giggle “You are safe here in the trade post Mistress, no fighting is allowed, and it is used manly for anybody to come by and do trades, or just to chat and relax for a bit” lila smiled “After a busy day of fighting perhaps”
  • Marli smacked her lips “the paga hasnt disappointed , guess the rope will be put to another use ” she stretched her left leg down , almost touching the girls breast “mhm…..and what does your owner trade ?”
  • lila puffed out a relieved breath, she wasn’t aware she’d even been holding , the rope still dangled around her neck and lila glanced at that, then she noticed the furry boot move , she could almost feel its warm through her sheer camisk “My Mistresses will trade in just about anything, Mistress” she dragged her gaze from the boot to look up just a little “Was there something you were after in particular?” lila asked
  • Marli chuckles , then took another sip from the bowl, her eyes peering down at the girl “I am Marli, purveyor of trading extraordinary items” she grinned “The chieftess feathers belonging to Fire, some brown hair belonging to Vella……rare items you see …slave”
  • lila’s eyes grew in excitement as the Mistress told of her prestigous title “Oh” she gasped thrilled “I bet you have some wonderful and exotic things” , she listened in awe “chieftess feathers, a Huntresses hair” she giggled “You could make one of them little stuffed dolls that the mamba poke pins in”
  • Marli laughed “who says i havent already made a voodoo doll from those items” she gazed with her penetrating eyes at the girl “i can see i have your interest…..this bodes well for my dealings with your owner”
  • lila felt her hands twitching on her thighs , she wanted to clap in excitement, instead she wiggled her excitement “will you show me your voodoo doll one day, please Mistress” her eyes sparkled, her cheeks dimpled “I am very interested in unusual and unique things Mistress”
  • Marli finished the paga , the mixture in her belly making her belch briefly in a unladylike fashion “One day” she turned to the trader who was still sleeping , then back at the girl “”one day soon i shall return to the trade post” she prepared to get up and leave
  • lila sucked her lip again when the Mistress burped loudly, looking up she nodded, with bright eyes “I look forward to seeing you Mistress” . Lila slo glanced at her sleeping Mistress, then asked “Would you like me to leave a message Mistress?”
  • Marli shook her head and then headed to the waypoint
  • lila: “I wish you well mistress”

The Panther Girls of Gor buriel rites

Because they lived so close to nature, all Panther Girls knew that death from hunger, disease, or enemies was never far away. Individual tribes maintained their own death customs and adapted them to their regional environments into which they migrated. The Sa di Sani panthers believed in resurrection of the dead, for the Luna, the veil between physical and spiritual is considered to be very thin. The “Tasta” , the giving, generosity, taking care of the elderly or sick, and purification of the body through fasting or ritual bathing were how one prepared for the afterlife, and resurrection in the flesh. The resurrection from the dead is considered to be very real among the Luna, and within the realm of the shaman or healer or person of power. It results in a state called “Tor”, which means, “light,” or, “heaven.” It is an exalted state of great joy that one could enter when the two powers in the self are brought together in ceremony, and ritual, and with spiritual cleansing.
Most Panther tribes believed that the souls of the dead passed into a spirit world and became part of the spiritual forces that influenced every aspect of their lives. Many tribes believed in two souls: one that died when the body died and one that might wander on and eventually die. The Sa di Sani Panthers believed that the soul could be brought back into this World.
Burial customs varied widely from tribe to tribe. Panthers disposed of their dead in a variety of ways. Some tribes cleansed the bones, and then reburied them in a mound that included furs and ornaments for the dead spirits’ use in the afterlife. But during outbreaks of deadly diseases like Dar Kosis leading to the deaths of many tribe members, survivors hurriedly cast the corpses into a mass grave or threw them into a river.

“Suddenly to my horror, I saw the quarry of the larl, It was a human being, moving with surprising alacrity over the rough ground. To my astonishment, I saw it wore the yellow cerements of the sufferer of Dar Kosis, that virulent, incurable, wasting disease of Gor.” (Tarnsman of Gor pg. 149)

Rites among Panther tribes tended to focus on aiding the deceased in their afterlife. Some tribes left food and possessions of the dead person in or near the mound. Other tribes, such as the Sa Nahele of Sardar, sacrificed slaves. Among some tribes, mourners, cut their hair. Some Panthers discarded personal ornaments or blacked their faces to honor the dead. Others gashed their arms and legs to express their grief.
Please note that Luna is a GE tribe , the above is all fictional and was never mentioned in the novels of John Norman.

The Panther Girls of Gor daily life

Panther Women of the Northern Forests played a important role in Gorean society. You might think that male slaves did all the work and women had the easy jobs in the Lair. However that is incorrect. Each Panther Woman would own a tree hut; one significant and time-consuming job that women had to do was to build the tree hut by themselves or using male slaves. The women would have to gather all their goods , whenever the chieftess would decide to move to another area. Another tedious, however crucial job they had to do was to tan hides. Tanning hides included skinning a Bosk then putting it out to dry in the sun. After the skin was dry they would make clothing or a hut cover. Bosk were very key to the Panther Women, not only did they make their clothes out of them, they also cooked and used them for food. The main job that the Panther Women would have to do was to hunt Bosk or Larls, the latter being used for their fur. Panther Women and slaves were the ones who were responsible for cooking the animal. The women would do all of the cooking, and gathering. In addition to cooking, they also had to raise the children. The women didn’t always work or hunt; they also had time for fun. Sometimes they would take a break from their work and play a game called “ ball and bat” and is like field hockey on Earth. They would use sticks and a bosk skin ball. A tribe would not be able to survive without it’s women. Or  “cat’s-cradle game, matching one another’s intricate patterns with the twine”

The lives of young girls , varied depending on the tribe, but generally the life of girls was not bad. This in contrast to baby boys , who would be killed at birth or sold into slavery. A baby in a Panther society was not supposed to cry. If the child had been cared for, and it still cried, then it’s mother would put its cradleboard somewhere away from the Lair. If the tribe’s enemies heard a baby crying that could alert them to the other tribe and give away their position. When children got a little older they learned about their culture. They were told stories, and attended ceremonies. The rituals taught them about their religion. To learn about the skills they would need for their life, they copied their parents and other adults. Girls would ride fake horses. The children also played a game called “ball and bat” to entertain themselves. The game was like hockey; they would push a ball into a goal using wooden sticks. Girls would make small versions of tree huts to imitate their mother. They also played with dolls made out of bosk skin. As the children matured they started taking more roles in the tribe. When girls were close to being an adult, she would be ready for the initiation rites. (Note: in SL Gor as in SL in general child avatars are frowned upon, there is no mention of female pregnancies in panther camps in the novels).

Panther clothing was simple for daily life. The Panthers used feathers and shells for decorations on their clothing, the slave men wore loin cloths, the Panthers wore short skirts and tops or dresses made out of hide, threads or plant fibre were used to sew things together, children often went around naked.

When a boy was born he would be killed at birth or sold into slavery. There were few men in the Lair , they were always slaves. They would be used to do hard work or to mate with. Warriors were prized, since they were strong and had good genes.

Life for the Luna was considered one big religious ceremony. The whole world was a mystery. The sky, sun, moon’s and Gor. The Luna worshipped two female Goddesses. The Shaman or Priestess would communicate with the Great Spirit’s through dreams and visions. Some Panthers would pray in private , the women would use pebbles, oddly shaped roots and animal bones and claws in their private ceremony.
Not all ceremonies were private though. One of the best examples of this was the Moon dance. It was a ritual of torture, where captured men would be used by the women , for four days without food or water until they would faint. To start the ritual, scouts would search for a wooden tree to become the sacred dance pole. They would treat it as a great Huntress , talking to it respectfully. Four women would chop down the tree, which was not allowed to touch the ground. The tree would be mounted in the center of camp or Lair, and the Moon dance would begin.

Please note that the Luna Caleeng is a GE tribe , we therefore base ourselves loosely on the books. In our interpretation it was possible for panther women to have children and build a matriach society……

The Panther Girls of Gor

Understanding the Panther Girls is a difficult thing as they are never spoken of in such detail in John Norman’s books as are Free Women or slaves, for example. That said, I have gleaned what information that I could from the books to try and give only information found within their pages.

Panther girls, or forest girls, are women escaping their roles in the city walls, either Free Women who grow weary of abuse or kajirae who have slipped the bonds of their slavery. These women depart for the Northern forests. Here, they take to forming tribes and living in self-made huts and protective compounds.

Each camp is protected by a spiked wall of twined logs and a single, vine twined gate to allow passage in and out. Individual huts or tents circle a center cooking pit. On the whole, a Panther camp is empty, as the days are spent hunting, though at night the camp comes alive.

Each Tribe member knows well the territorial boundaries of her Tribe. She protects these boundaries well and none are afraid to capture and trade Panthers from neighboring tribes who cross such lines. Raids into other tribes to capture Panthers for sale, and to take their land, is not uncommon.

A Panther tribe, once formed, is difficult to become a part of. Those desiring a place amongst them must show her ability to protect herself and the camp by killing off an existing member of the Tribe to take her place. They are skilled hunters, and infamous for their ability to hunt the forest panthers. Though they never use the heavier sword weapons of men, they are deadly with the bow and arrow, sleen knife and spear. They wear the skins of their kills, and even then, only scantily so. Bones, claws, and teeth of their kills are often used to decorate their simple clothing.

While their hunting skills are usually turned towards the animals of the forests, they are quick to leap on foolish men who travel alone through the trees. These men are enslaved and taken back to the camps where they are often raped and chained for later sale or ransom. Each man caught has a “degredation stripe” shaved into his hair. A two inch wide swath of hair removed from forehead to the back of the neck so that all will know he was captured until he can grow it back. Men returned to cities after such activity will often wear a hat to cover the strip to hide his humiliation.

Panther Girls are not to be confused with their fair skinned “cousins” the Talunas or women of the Schendi jungle. While some activities criss- cross the groups, it is only the Panthers who hold the night dances.

While the day to day activities of the Panther are common place, it is their nightly rituals that set them apart. Once returned from hunting the Panthers strip away clothing and move to hidden circles where their night rituals begin. Here, away from the eyes of Men, they dance wildly under the three moons of Gor. They are allowed to remove their masks of coldness and scream and claw at the moons, releasing the sexual and emotional frustrations they are, otherwise, unable to sate. As it is with the Free Woman and her veiled being, and the kajira and her freedom, the Panther has given up something precious. In these nightly courtships with the sky she is able to fight for and win back a hint of that which she gave up in her choice. Such nocturnal dances fill the night with wild screams, the sound of drums and finally the using of slaves to beat back the tide of need for one more day.

The Panthers though, despite their ways, are not to be confused with lost and frustrated slaves. They are prideful, arrogant and care little for anyone ouside their own tribes. In their forests, they rule. They are dignified women and accomplished hunters. Their skills are not used, only to forward their own survival, but to obtain items for trade. Furs, teeth and slaves are traded at safe exchange points. In return they often take all things metal, as there are obviously no blacksmiths in the forests. Beads, jewelry and various needed items are also traded here. Well known is the Panther’s penchant for candy and it often trades hands here as well.

While Panther Girls are known as great hunters, they are also known as good prey. Sometimes, bands of men will turn to the forests for hunting with the women in their sites. They are an exciting hunt, and it is rumored that a Panther Girl can make the most fiery of slaves. A capture though, can be devastating to a Panther herself. Amongst her Tribe she is forgotten and wiped from their tallies. It is believed that any Panther that was weak enough to be caught deserved it . The Panthers will not try to ransom or release her, to them, she is lost.

Panthers do not favor slaves and are often cruel to them. They scorn Free Women even more and view them as “slaves in waiting”. Outwardly they despise men, though will hold some mote of respect to the fact they are warriors. The life of a Panther is many things. It holds the beauty of freedom and the strength of a tight Sisterhood. It requires inner pride and an outer dignity that won’t be easily crushed. She must know herself well as she and her place will be questioned often. It is a lonely life, spent on the outskirts of proper society and yet in no other manner can one find their place so securely.

It is harsh.
It is Gor.

 Panther Women (BtB)

Panther women are referred to as Panther Women, Panther Girls, Forest Girls, the later two mostly by men. Panther women refer to themselves also as “Outlaws”, as women or girls with a clear other gravity of meaning than how it would be taken if a man would call them such.
Their groups are reffered to as “{leader’s name}’s Band” or “Band of {leader’s name}”, e.g. “Hura’s Band” or “Band of Verna”, not as tribes nor with the plenty found Gorean or web invented pseudo Gorean wording like “Sa blabla”, “Tre’sha blub blub” or likewise. The keyword here is also “band” (versus the often seen “tribe”).
The hunting grounds of a band is called “domain of XY’s band”.

Panther women address each other by name or “you”, there is no reference of them calling each other “sister”, “sissy” or similar. Their entire lifestyle displays them more as band-by-necessity than as tribal community or sisterhood. They live a hard life, even amongst themselves. It can happen that a girl, including the leader, who shows weakness or has a power hungry band mate, gets bested, then slain or at least enslaved, then sold or banished. Their groups are based thus on respect and strength instead of sisterly love – an enslaved panther woman will usually not be saved if it means the slightest going out of their way for the rest of the band.

The Northern Forests are called by either such, “Northern Forests”, or also the “High Forests”.

Habitat and places of occurance:

Panther Women live in the Northern Forests in the vicinity north of the Laurius river. There they live in about 25 – 100 pasangs distance from the river. It can happen but is not common that they travel northwards at least as far as to Alexandra, which is located quite north of the Northern Forest. Exiting the forests is unlikely for them to do by free will, Captive of Gor though states an assumption that it could be that Verna had freed her band in Ar itself.

The band – camp:

The panther woman band lives a mobile life, with only temporary camps. Only their winter camp is said to be semi-permanent. The non-winter camps so are hidden and quickly set up (assumption: as the winter camp is called semi-permanent, I personally assume that the other camps are moved at least 3-6 times within a year). Hence the camps are simple, the books describe Verna’s camp as circle of 5 thatched huts (given her band is 15 people strong, each hut might be shared by 3 girls plus slaves) with a simple sleen fence / a “small palisade of sharpened saplings” around it. Other camps may be looking more like travel camps with single sleeping steads with branchmade rainfall shelters.
Panther women camps are hidden by their own active intend. Hence, they scout the surroundings and will keep it hidden as good as they can, will move it when they see risk for it being discovered. The often seen shouting from their camp site towards forest wandering strangers (even men) in the vicinity as often seen in SL’s tribes is highly unlikely to happen – much as men walking straight up from the “central forest docks” to the camps. Verna’s scouts had seen Marlenus and Tarl seeking for her, and set up a trap in her camp for the case they should find it.

The band – ranks:

The books talk exclusively about leader (e.g. Hura in Hura’s Band), second to the leader, high standing girl in the band of X (“I stand high in the band of Verna”) and else panther women / girl.
Given a somewhat Gorean translation, the ranks could be called “En” (Gorean: first), “Se” (Gorean: second), High Girl and Panther Girl.
Ranks like Tor, Elder, Pledge/Cub do not occur.

Further personal assumptions: Priestess/Shamaness are very unlikely given Gor’s faith world, and would require the coincidence that they believe in some cult/sect based religion which do occur on Gor (see: Tarnsmen).
Ranks like Healer, First Bow/Spear are not book given, but surely possible but based on the background respectively their current skill set. The best in hunting might become a first bow/spear, yet such a title will never be official, but rather a bragging or addressing by others in awe.

Slaves in the band:

Panther women do hold slaves: smaller, weaker feminine women. They hold those with contempt, are cruel to them but not saddistic. Panther women do not cuddle/snuggle their slaves.
Men can be slaves in panther woman bands as well, but rather short term until they are sold after being likely richly raped and humiliated.
Enslaved men – assumed – are very dangerous for panther women if held for longer time, as even a male slave can turn a free woman into a slave by the sex.

Panther 4 Hire?

Both Hunters of Gor as Smugglers of Gor show panther women in “service business” of men. Hura aided Marlenus to find and fight Verna’s Band despite himself coming with a huge load of men to hunt for her, the girls in Smugglers were on spying/scouting mission against payment by some mysterious employer.


Panther women trade at the trade posts at the shores of the Laurius river or Thassa ocean. At those trade posts no hostility nor mutual capture occurs as that would render the trade posts senseless.
They usually sell slaves whom they captured in the forests and ask for various iron wares (e.g. arrow heads, knifes, spear tips), luxury items like mirrors, golden bangles and also candy sweets.

Luxury in camp:

Panther women live from what they can get in the forests of their domain and the bit they can trade for. So for example the bands in the books that had “special drinks” both had either one or a small number of Ka-La-Na wine bottles, in one case as tool for a trap for men, in the other as a hideous tool to overcome the current leader.
There are no mentionings of huge stocks of Blackwine, other wines nor other such drinks, nor agriculture based products. Even the suls they might acquire will be rather rare and wild growing ones, i.e. smaller than the peasant grown ones.
Luxury as e.g. wellness institutions are not described to be in camps – panther woman leisure time is described as being filled with e.g. simple games like a “cat’s-cradle game, matching one another’s intricate patterns with the twine”. The camps have neither well-equipped “infirmaries”, “scriberies” or similar caste related setups.


Panther women are highly skilled in nature. They know their surroundings forests well, know what to look for in terms of actively or passively laid out traces. They know the dangers like plants or animals or other by looks, behavior and even smell. They are skilled with their weapons – not to the level of a caste warrior of course – and able to use the wilderness to their advantage.


The body of panther women is described ranging from “beautiful”, “pretty” to “large” and “fierce”. Muscles to a more or less esthetic level should so not be uncommon, yet also not to the level of strength of a man.

The weaponry of panther women are sleen knife, spear, bow and club. (Hint for GM users: There are clubs on the market, e.g. Primus Weapons or LR Weapons, that do the same damage and DPS (pick-axe) as scimitars or glaives).

The clothing of panther women is a not 100% fixed topic in regards to its shape. What is clear though, and appears in most every book text about their clothing, is that their clothing is made of the fur/hide of the forest panther animal – which btw gives them their “role name” Panther Girl – often even of the “tawny” colored forest panther. Panther woman clothes hence are clearly not of snake skin, not of fabric or silks, not of flowers nor well crafted celtic patternd leathers.

Personal assumption regarding clothing: Panther women cover in short tunic shaped clothings as less covering has many reasons to not only make no sense for them but also appears richly ungorean in comparison to how slaves are dressed. There are many indications in the books to that – including a slave comparing their clothing to slave clothing yet of furs (this slave wore a slave tunic), quotes about the panther garments disguising them from view, etc.. It can be assumed that panther women walk barefooted or with sandals on their feet.
This is of course to be seen situational: When spear fishing they might dress more scarce, in winter times far more covering.

Daily life:

Panther women hide in the Northern Forests, a vastly big, hostile and dangerous place where they fled to from the men dominated society where they once were free women or slaves themselves (no panther woman is born in Northern Forests amongst a band). That is where they persue their daily needs, ranging from hunting over crafting (e.g. weapons, clothes, huts). They hunt in groups, scout/watch (even alone).
Being hired by men is surely not a daily occurance nor is their sneaking in or close to Northern Forest close cities like Lydius, Laura or likewise, or other mixed gender settlements that are located in or near the Northern Forests.


Panther women are heterosexual, which is the very core reason of much of their behavior and the value they have to men as slaves. They suppress their sexuality actively, but do live it out at times. To do that they go to their moondance circles and enter a dancing frenzy – preferably but not exclusively with men. That means: They go as a group to the moondance circles if they have a male captive to rape, else live their sexuality alone or in group by dancing there in a very feminine, feline way.
They do not live their sexuality by else masturbating and even less by laying with each other or with their female slaves.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Eve Cartier/silversadifod/Violetta Daviau


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