About the Gorean Meter used for trading and crafting

Trading and Crafting in Secondlife



TRADE!….. a good reason against the use of Gorean Meters on a sim. Now and then a sister is captured in a city that is near to impossible to raid without considerable forces and ensuing drama…..in these cases it is a good idea to dress as a FreeWoman of Gor, the symbol of diplomacy. However, according to their role they always have to rely on the honourable behaviour of the gorean Men towards her.  I do not wear my bow and feel really helpless, left without option but hoping for the best in negotiations. The last time I did this, I was asked for role play server goods in IM….it’s the new collectable now… more and more it spreads like a disease over gorean- metered gor…over time these items concentrate in the large tribes and groups of course since its them who rarely need them but often get them…trades on the other hand are more frequently needed by the smaller groups since their means to raid are limited… It may be a good reason for using for role play only for trading…..just a thought.

GM goods and items:

Most will think GM (gorean Meter) stands for the combat system , but there are also trap items , a trade system and crafting system built around it. You can visit their website here

The HUD interface in Secondlife Gor:

Every newcomer will need a GM meter , almost every Gorean Second Life sim has a dispenser near the entry. Usually in the shopping area or near a dock. You need your avatar to wear this meter in order to take part in combat and in trade. Most experienced players are happy to help a newcomer set up the meter and explain the basics.

GM Crafting Manual :

You can get a crafting hud in Gimli. The upper row of the hud shows the same 10 inventory slots as you have in your GM Combat meter. The second line shows the crafts that you can craft for your given skill and level. You can click either a item slot or a craft slot and click info to either see what item it is or if it is a craft then you can see what ingredients are needed.

Each avatar can train one skill. If changing skill type then you start again from Level 1. (You can change skill type by clicking the skill label).

Raw materials can be produced by your GM RP Server, those then are used to craft more complex items. Any skill type can make any of the raw materials though with restrictions of on what level you are on.

Note that often to craft you need to trade or do teamwork with person that have other skills since the ingredients you need might need to be crafted with someone who has different skill than you have.

Trading for Bosk meat

Marli travels  to the Kataii people to see if they will trade Bosk meat .

The role play:

ArtiZan Visitor Greeter 1.11: Hi Marlies, Welcome To The Kataii Wagon Camp, home of the City of Turia. sim since 2007! Please Read the rules which were just given to you, there is no excuse for not knowing the rules as you now have them.

Max : come for trade? I have some fine bosk for sale Lady

Marli  holds her nose up smelling bosk dung

Ashlee  runs out the gate after her master, see the woman, and stops kneels and greets her as she watches the girl also approaching

Shibari   about backed up into the other guard and made her apologies and smile dunder her veil, she was dressed for colder weather it seemed and had jsut returned from her travels, “my apologies Sir.” she said looking at Drake

Ashlee : greetings Mistress, she says, theen hearing footstep behing her looks over her shoulder to see the man,

Shibari  winked down at the slave and handed her a small wreath of leaves like the one she wore in her hair. “Harvest time in the north.”

Ashlee : she greets him, softly

Ashlee : greetings Master

Marli  tilts her head and looks the bosks over and simply asks the one named Max “What you wish to trade for these beasts”

Drake   nods to shibari in greetings “Tal, nothing to apologies for…” then turs to ashlee “tal girl” looks for the panther in the distance to see if its all fine

Max: not sure what you might have of equal value, you seem for from the northern forests

Marli  nods “I am a healer and herbalist…..so thats what i offer …..for example sleeping potions…..thassa powders”

Shibari   waved her hand before her to shoo some of the plains flies that seemed to plague the bosk as of late, it wa slate in the season and the weather would be changing soon, she could already feel the cool air, as if it had followed her from Ironhall. She looked drake over again, there seemed to be a lot more scarles about as of late, something she was thankful for. She heard the panther and the words she said made her take note as she smiled turning to bounty as she heard him approach

Max : these bosk I value highly, my intent was to take them to Schendi and ask a gold tarn each

Ashlee looks over to bounty, smiles softly, and greets him,

Drake   wear his armor and bracers taking couple of steps far as the situation is calm … looks to bounty and nods him in greetings”

Marli  nodded “indeed , panthers value gold” ….she showed her bracelet….finely decorated , perhaps it had belonged to a Lady of high status once

Ashlee : greetings Master she says softly, then looking back to the woman

Shibari  walked up to Bounty, leaned in and whispered something and then stepped back with a slight smiryk under her veil, then walked off as she winked at him showing him she was joking

Max : then what do you offer, a full herd of bosk food enough for a dozen for many months? (?)

Marli smiled “A full herd is way beyond my means….i was thinking of buying one if that is possible….in return for this gold bracelet and a pouch of sleeping powder” she showed the pouch, though knew that poisons were a typical female weapon , so hoped perhaps his companion if he had one would be interested

Anneke : tal Free

Anneke : greetings Sir

Bounty : Tal M’lady

Anneke: looks around her…….tal kajirae

Anneke: came to shake your hand Sir

Anneke : reaches out for His

Bounty : you did what did I do to deserve this

Max : would you like it on the hoof or killed skinned and dried?

Anneke : my gratitude

Anneke : thats all

Bounty  listens to the merchant deal the bosk goods

Drake  looks at the situation is quite calm drake back to the town

Marli  patted the first bosk she saw “slaughtered and prepared…..a one on hoof would only slow me down”

Bounty : then extends my hand freely

Anneke : feels her arm slightly trembling

Anneke : before she slips hers into his

Anneke : thank you….she whispers

Max draws his sword, walks calmly to the male bosk Archer he speaks softly to it saying thanks for providing for the farm and the city and slides the sharp Turian stell across it throat

Anneke : i will not disappoint you

Anneke : sees the beast been killed from the corner of her eyes

Anneke : thats should bring luck

Bounty : aye it will

Marli  holds her hand under the beasts throat , the warm blood flowing onto her palm, she cups it and drinks the blood and smiles “It tastes good”

Anneke : her smile reflects in her eyes

Max  then quickly sciles it from to loin, he opens it and draws out the heart still beating and bites into it taking the strength of it into his body, he turns and offers the rest to the healer

Maxim  gave you Piel de bosk 01 [G&S].

Marli  takes the meat and carefully wraps it in a cotton cloth and runs some ropes around it , then offers her end of the bargain, the finely crafted gold bracelet and a pouch with dried herbs

Max : ash to my foot!

Lady Zena : Tal All

Ashlee : yes My Master

Anneke : tal Lady, be well

Lady Zena : Please excuse me ….. as she walks by unnoticed

Max  takes the bracelet and places it on his slave “Very fitting my girl”

Ashlee : runs over and kneels at his foot, smiles up to him, and lays her head against his leg for only a minute

Marli  smirked at the slave girl, such women meant little to her , she prepared the wrappings with the meat and slung it around her shoulder

Marli  then waved her hand “Safe paths bosk trader”

Max : be well Lady

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Wiki/various



    • Hi Kaity, thanks for letting me know. Ok, so I checked out Asia’s link and was sad to find this…… artbyasiachun.wordpress.com is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site…..Guess she either quit or she set up another site I dont know about, will try and IM her in SL to find out. Really hope she hasn’t quit her art work was wonderful…..

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