About The art of furring on Gor

Virtuality of Sex


Dear readers,

Furring is, well to be completely honest in all of the books of Gor, the words “furring”, “to fur”, and “furred” are NEVER made in reference to sex between Goreans. But in plausibility, I believe the word “Furred” is used because that is where the Goreans may have partaken in sex.  So, let’s just be clear … Furring for our purposes means sex.  Let us also be clear about the following, captives in the Luna Caleeng do face the prospect of being used sexually.

So what is good and what is bad roleplay cybersex?

Bad roleplay sex –

Male:  kisses your neck.

Panther girl:  yawns

Male :  removes your top.

Good roleplay sex –

Male : gently lifts panther girls long silken hair from her swanlike neck. He leans in to inhale her sensual fragrance, exhaling softly in her ear before brushing his lips tenderly upon her velvety skin

Now you understand…

Cybersex should be like reading a smutty little bodice-ripping romance novel…well at least for women. It’s merely an added benefit that it happens to be an interactive novel, thanks to Second Life chat.

There are many descriptive words that can be used while bedding in the furs. Keeping these in mind can make it all the easier to come up with ideas, such words as….:

Sway, seductively, rotate, glassy, glossy, satin, satiny, shine, silken, silk like, silky, sleek, slick, smoothen, velvet, velvety, waxlike, waxy, modest, narrow, petite, slender, slim, angelic, devilish, curvaceous, sweep, radiate, forlorn, thrust, thrill, cast, arouse, vision, excite, spiral, force, bold, hasten, agitate, urge, tingle, induce, shiver, chime, jangle, torrid,  scorching,  captivate, stoop, Provocatively, siren, Vixen,  flutter, flicker, flitter, quiver, fluttering, delicate, dainty, fragile, frail, hard, pastel, sensitive, skilled, soft, subtle, tender, ticklish,  Smoldering, trembled,passionate, scalding,  fiery,  sultry, fantasy, divine, hot-blooded, dream, shimmer, tantalize, taunt, enthusiastic, careen, immersed, icy, idealism,

Many, many words to choose from….and that is just a beginning list. I would be curious to see if, over time that list grows and expands through your own use, desires, and actions.  However, you need to remember to be VERY descriptive in all of the actions and activities. This would include from the very beginning tender touches of shimmering skin, to the either rough or slow removal of the clothing, which would lead to the naked glistening sweat covered bodies that would roam on top of or around each other, to after tantalizing moments of pure passion him grabbing her soft hips and firmly entering the warm moistness of her heat, as backs arch and muscles tense repeatedly bringing themselves closer to the end of no return, the ever building passion or lust which is created leads fully to the climax of scorching action between the two, flashes of light in closed eyes for an ever brief moment, lead to minds and bodies laying spent but wonderfully energized by the feeling of pleasure and fulfillment.

BtB point of view

Panther women are heterosexual, which is the very core reason of much of their behavior and the value they have to men as slaves. They suppress their sexuality actively, but do live it out at times. To do that they go to their moondance circles and enter a dancing frenzy – preferably but not exclusively with men. That means: They go as a group to the moondance circles if they have a male captive to rape, else live their sexuality alone or in group by dancing there in a very feminine, feline way.
They do not live their sexuality by else masturbating and even less by laying with each other or with their female slaves.



Her hair was worn knotted in a bun on the top of her head, like that generally of the women of the read hunters. Their hair is worn loose, interestingly, out of doors, only during their menstrual period.
Beasts of Gor pgs: 193

“Perhaps,” he said.
“Does Phoebe have her period?” I asked.
“No ,” he said.
Magicians of Gor pgs: 163

The worst thing that can happen to a panther girl in straight sex is getting pregnant. This was a real risk since slave wine was in short supply in many panther lairs. So if no slave wine was available, what other methods could she use?

·         How to avoid pregnancy: Calendar Method

The calendar method is based on the hypothesis that the minimal possibility for a woman to become pregnant is on 11th up to 15th day of her menstrual cycle.

Disadvantages: This method is effective only if a woman has a steady menstrual cycle that lasts 28 days. Besides, this method cannot protect a woman from sexual infections.

·         How to avoid pregnancy: Syringing

Syringing is washing out vagina with different solutions killing spermatozoon.

Disadvantages: Frequent syringing can wash out not only sperm but also wholesome micro flora that can result in dysbacteriosis, thrush, and other health problems.

·         How to avoid pregnancy: Slave Wine

The effect of the slave wine endures several cycles, or moons; it may be counteracted by another drink, a smooth, sweet beverage, which frees the girl’s body for the act of the male slave, or, in unusual cases, should she be freed, to the act of the lover; slave girls, incidentally, are almost never freed on Gor; they are too delicious and desirable to free; only a fool, it is commonly said, would free one. Slave Girl of Gor   Book 11   Page 70

She did not need the sip root, of course, for, as she had pointed out, she had had some within the moon, and, indeed, the effect of sip root, in the raw state, in most women, is three or four moons. In the concentrated state, as in slave wine, developed by the caste of physicians, the effect is almost indefinite, usually requiring a releaser for its remission, usually administered, to a slave, in what is called the breeding wine, or the “second wine.” Disadvantages: None, its very effective and can be reversed with breeding wine.

·         How to avoid pregnancy: Herbs

It is possible to cause a miscarriage or abortion if you will by ingesting a tea.  Healers have provoked late menses before by using herbal methods. Disadvantages: Does not prevent pregnancy , but can be used for abortion.

 Fire and Roni

The furring of a panther by a panther.

The role play:

  • Fire  takes out three binding fibers .. using one to bind her hands tightly behind her back

  • Koyia  shouts: TREE TOWER CLEAR

  • Roni  coughs….trying to blink and clear my vision….”don’t…live….here……traveller” I try to speak

  • Fire  the uses a second one to bind her crossed ankels with a capture knot

  • Lia helps herself to some bread and mead

  • Fire  uses the third and final one on her as a leash.. tying it around her body

  • Roni tries to pull my arms free from her but weak from the attack

  • Fire  takes her bow and wiht my axe chops it into firewood.

  • Fire  then takes her blowgun and tucks it in my belt for me to use as a backup

  • Fire  gets my toe under her and rolls her over to take a look at her

  • Roni  feeling my strength begin to return…..pulling at the bindings …struggling as she rolls me over

  • Fire  see’s and takes the dagger on her right thigh tucking it in my belt also

  • Fire reties her feet so she may walk.. but not so loose that she can kick me or run

  • Roni: “there are not my people” I say as she pulls at my dagger….”that battle you wage with them has nothing to do with me”

  • Fire  grabs the leash and moves off with her

  • Roni  growls at the woman as she ignores me and tugs me by the leash

  • Roni  eyes dart around quickly to get a flavor of the situation….the camp being foreign to me

  • Zara  looks down at Electra, then around to the others “Anything else we want to take while we’re here?”

  • Morr: Aye Zara, any food or drink that can be carried…

  • Roni  tries to work on the bindings at my wrists as the woman searches for items to steal

  • Electra  grateful not to be dragged around anymore, “t..thank you Mistress.”

  • Zara  glances back, while leading you around to see what else I can find, “You’re welcome girl”

  • Fire  grabs the cover off the table and lays it on the ground then knocks the cooking meat onto it.. smiling I wrap it up tight and take a fiber and tie it off on it then loops it around the womans shoulders .. so she can carry it out for me

  • Fire  shouts: I got the meat

  • Morr shouts: when you are all done taking what you want, meet at the gate with your good and prisoners

  • Roni  growls at the woman as she wraps the heavy pack over my shoulders….dripping in meat juices

  • Lia leads the bosk over to the fire “I got better! A milk bosk!”

  • Morr: laughs…WOOT milk for me

  • Fire : pretty women in this tribe

  • Lia scratches the bosk behind the ear “nice boskie nice boskie”

  • Morr grins at Fire. ‘Indeed they will bring a good amount of coin in trade, should we choose to do so.”

  • Roni  struggles under the weight of the wrapped up meat…..”do you eat like a bosk??” I snap….shifting the load on my shoulders

  • Ina  stands there looking at them ” what you want girls ?

  • Fire : or whatever else we can think of to do with them.. ” leers at mine

  • Morr pats my captive’s cheek. “Why, you of course.”

  • Ina  smiles ” but why my girl ? ”

  • Morr: ok zara you got the key?

  • Zara : The gate is open

  • Morr: why not?

  • Roni : “as I tried to tell THIS one” pointing my head at the one holding the leash….”I was only visiting!”

  • Fire : that one you have is pushing it Morr

  • Lia tugs on the leash “come boskie”

  • Cali: smiles

  • Electra sees her Mistress in binds and tears start to well up in her eyes. She cries out “I’m sorry my Mistress”.

  • Morr shouts: Special K come on

  • Roni  grunts and pants as I struggle along with the insane load of meat the woman wrapped up

  • Morr chuckles. ‘Make me.”

  • Cali: Thats a lot of damn birds

  • Fire  with the rope tossed over my shoulder casually leads her to the docks an onto the ship.. tucking her in I pay the captian for mine and her fares home including the bosk cart ride too

  • Lia leads the bosk onto a small boat, She gives the captain a few wooden coins and a loaf of bread “thanks for transporting the bosk.” She waves to the others “see you back home I have to take the long way”

  • Cali Tears two boards from the docks, straps them to her feet, grabs the rope dangling from the ship, and waterskies away

  • Morr is glad to reach our lands and makes sure we all made it, then heads up to camp with my captive in tow.

  • Fire  looks at Roni..” you picked a really bad time to visit.. but thats ok… you will like it here to my pretty

  • Roni  feeling my joints begin to ache ….eyes darting around as we leave the boat

  • Ina  looks at the woman holding the bind pulling me along ” and who might you be

  • Morr: Well your new mistress, but my name is Morr, one of the ens of this tribe. And you are?”

  • Fire laughs at that question asked of Morr” shes your new mistress as I am this ones

  • Morr shouts: Raiding party returning

  • Cali shouts: Raid party returning

  • Roni: “and here I thought my task was only to carry your meal” grunts under the load

  • Fire  moves up nice and close to her.. shifting the meat package on her… then whispers to her” oh no my pretty… I need a pretty girl in my furs on these cold winter nights to keep me warm and heat my blood

  • Fire  shouts: Fire and captive” I shout up to our camp to let them know we are not a raiding party in the valley.

  • Roni  eyes widen at her as she steps close to me…but thankful that she moves the heavy load on my shoulders

  • Fire  moves up to the servery and removes the heavy load from the woman and plops it on the counter for the girls to put up or on the fire later… my job with it over

  • Fire  leads her over to the dispay bench and very quickly pulls my dagger and moves in behind her and aims a shot behind her ear with the blunt end to hopefully stun her long enough for me to get her on the display bench

  • Roni  panting as sweat pours down my body. from the climb….panting heavily….”must you live on the top of the mountain??”

  • Roni  grunts at the blow….stunned long enought to not really be aware of what is happening until I am secured on some odd bench

  • Roni  again struggles with the new bindings but this woman seems to have a talent for knots

  • Fire catches her as she slumps towards the ground… taking the leash and putting it behind the bench and around the knot back there.. then begins to pull her towards it… I tie it off then move back out front and gently lift her to the bench.. tying her head back so she wont fall forward.. I arrange her legs and tie each down around each calf then moves back to the rear and ties her hands backwards and over her head behind her.. ” aye we do live on a mountain top .. ” I say as she comes around

  • Roni  blinks a few times to clear my head from the fog from the blow….my legs now tied and spread….my arms in an awkward angle behind my head. I grow more anxious at the situation….”huntress….I spoke the truth earilier….I am not a member of the tribe you raided….I am only a peaceful trader….causing no harm to any”

  • Fire  nods eyeing her..” aye.. and like I said you had really bad timing today.. wrong place wrong time type thing..” I move closer to her standing between her spread thighs and runs my finger up from her chest to under her chin and lifts her chin so I can look her in the eyes as I say this part” you are very pretty.. and will serve me well… in all respects pretty one”

  • Roni tenses at the touch of her finger….sucking in air as if to somehow avoid her touch but that being impossible while bound as I am….her eyes fixed and staring down at me….”I am a huntress as you are…..perhaps an unfortunate one at the moment….but still a huntress”

  • Fire  offers her a tiny tight smile” aye a huntress indeed.. and now under my hand .. huntress….I think you will like me.. I am a good lover… can make you feel good.. but of course would expect you do return the favor on occasion…. and maybe.. just maybe one day I will let you go from here.. if you displease me I will simply sell you to the men at Thentis… the slavers there are always ready to train new girls… I think they would like your looks and body as much as I do…. so start to relax.. make the most of it here.. be good… I will in turn be good to you

  • Roni feels the tension run along my spine….so very few options present themselves to me….one being to do as she says….another being to cast my lot with the male slavers. My mind spins wildly as I think of escape….would it be easier from this mountaintop…..or from the hands of lazy men. “I do not question your….your position as a fine huntress….I am not so foolish to do so when…..when tied as I am”

  • Fire  grins as she tries to say what she thinks I want to hear… I offer up a short barking laugh and I reach behind her neck.. untying her top letting it fall forward exposing her breasts then leaning into her I untie it from the back also.. tossing it aside.. then tugging at her loin cloth also

  • Roni  tightening my muscles as she unties my top….feeling the cool mountain air on my flesh…..then the same as the loin cloth is pulled away as well…leaving my body naked before her….open and exposed

  • Cali nods and nods “Gotcha… i’ll be back

  • Fire  the runs my dagger up both sides of her loin cloth and yanks it off of her body… tossing it on the ground with her top… then takes one step back from her letting my eyes rake over her now naked body.. noticing she is clean shaven but for one little landing patch,… and oh I do plan on landing on that.. my eyes move up her body very slowly and deliberately wanting her to feel it… to squirm under my gaze.. my soft voice saying” very nice… you will do well.. I am pleased”

  • Roni  unable to move…unable to cover myself in any way….there is nothing I can do other then endure the feeling of her eyes….inspecting every inch of my flesh as if I were a beast at auction. She doesn’t look at me as one huntress to another….she looks at me as an object…..the winnings of battle. “isn’t the other one better suited to your….your needs??” looking towards the other captive in the distance…..”I….I am far more plain that she is…or…..or the slave you captured!!”

  • Fire  smiles softly my eyes liking her build and tired of sleeping alone I may keep this one for myself…but I glance over at the other one Morr has… ” naw.. I like you I mean after all I brought you all the way back here… I paid your fare on both forms of travel.. I did not let the males touch you at all… no you will do fine… now a few little tests.. lets see where to start” I run my finger up your belly to your nipple circling it then up to your lips my thumb crossing them softly then moving in closer to her I place a kiss on the side of her neck

  • Roni : “tests?….tests?….what sort of tests?” I ask with some stress in my voice but you answer with your fingers….brushing over my belly…..lingering as you circle my nipple…feeling the flesh harden in response…..then a brush over my lips as you lean against me and press your lips to my neck. Her thigh press against my spread legs as you press against me…pinning me to the post. “I…I could repay those fares” I say but the words sound foolish….she already posesses the pouch I had that contained the few coins I owned

  • Fire  smiles as she stutters and gets nervous…also noting her nipple hardened immediately to my touch…. my words right in at her ear” see its like this huntress… I want a woman who can respond… who can please and be pleased… I am a sensual lover.. some pain yes.. more like rough sometimes but not well entirely hurtful… just hot,, wet… furring… a woman under me who moves with me who desires my touch…” as I am saying this I kiss down your throat and across your collar bone.. biting you gently right where your shoulder meets your neck..

  • Roni  tenses as the woman whispers into my ear…..her voice and fingers taunting me….testing me…then feeling your teeth sink into my flesh enough to feel….enough to remind me that I am bound and she is not…I cannot prevent my nipples from hardening further as she speaks of her desire….her wish to take with passion….with lust….powerfully and eagerly. A cool breeze rolls up the mountain and blows against my flesh as her hair dangles over my naked body….”I….I am only a trader….I am not a fierce panther warrior as you are…..do you not remember how easy it was to down me?”

  • Fire  smiles..” I only placed a few in you.. I think my sisters did most of it for me and left you to me.. my lucky day from the looks of it.. and I am not so fierce as I am experienced in what I do as you will learn” I murmur from your neck as I nip and suck at you my mouth moving down your body towards your nipples nipping around it then covering one with my lips trapping the nipple in my teeth and teasing it with my tongue my hands resting on your hips.. gripping your waist hard as my hips move forward into yours… pressing my heat agianst you

  • Roni  feels my heart racing as she moves further down my body….her lips tasting my flesh….her ‘test’ continuing…my body tenses as her lips circle my nipple…feeling the twinge of pain as her teeth grip the tender flesh…tightening….tightening…then her fingers grip my hips and she presses herself to my naked heat….a symbol of dominance…of power….reminding me that I am captive. I slight moan escapes my lips….quickly stiffled

  • Fire  smiles as she moans.. my mind quickly assessing this” yes she will do indeed…” my mouth sucking on your nipple now.. my left hand coming up to cup your other breast my thumb teasing the nipple roughly as my blood begins to heat up….” your responding to me.. very good … you show promise indeed… lets continue the tests shall we trader”…. my right hand moves down to cup your heat… moving between us and resting there… my fingers right over her clit but not parting her lips at all… my mouth now moving back down to her other nipple raking my teeth over it roughly… I speak softly to her” tell me how it feels… I will know irregardless so dont lie to me or it will go rough on you trader”

  • Roni  fights the sensations as her hand cups my heat….fights it more as she tortures my other nipple with her teeth…her body so close to me now that I can inhale her scent…..the aroma of a wild forest woman similar to mine. A part of me continues to fight but she is right that I cannot hide what my body shows….and I am in no position to lie to her. I feel the pressure of her hand against the wispy curls of hair at my heat as I whisper….”I…..I will not lie…..your teeth against my flesh….your power…the…the pain….it makes my body……burn” the last word coming as a tortured whisper

  • Fire  parts her lips my finger moving right down to her entrance her wetness tells the tell.. I drag my finger back up to her clit dragging my nail across it gently to tease her .. then removing my hand completely from her heat.. I step up against her again my heat pressing into hers I begin to grind against her my hands holding her hips forward as I do…. my mouth moving back to her ear…” good.. I like it hot… real hot… you will do… and its looking as though your trading days are over.. and your pleasing me days are beginning .. but we will still see .. there is more to know before I make my decision trader… if I keep you that will be your name.. you will be called trader if you wear my collar” while I whisper this to her my hands move down to her ass lifting her upwards to me.. so we meet.. my grinding right on her clit for the most effect” do I make myself clear trader”?

  • Roni  feels the wetness of my loins as she presses her fingers to me and drags a nail over my clit….making my body jerk in response. I feel almost dizzy as if I were drunk on paga. My instinct is to fight her but her power is wearing me down….her ability to coerce what she desires from me is difficult to fight. She grinds against me as her fingers dig into my cheeks…lifting me and pulling me towards her aganst against her heat. My breasts bounce slightly as each of her thrusts jerks my body a bit the air is cool but a sheen of perspiration forms on my flush skin. The continued pressure and grinding against my clit makes my body squirm in the ropes…twisting more and more violently as her fingers grasp my ass tighter

  • Fire  waits for her answer but notices her bodies response to me.. my hands.. my body against hers… the jerk of her body as I touch her clit tells me alot too.. shes hungry now… I see the light sheen of sweat knowing its fear and desire now that brings it on…. her nipples hardening as the cool breeze moves against her flesh but her uncontrolled movement agianst her restraints tell me more… she is ready to be used.. hard and well…my hand releases her hip and grabs her hair.. violently jerking her head back hissing in her ear now” answer me or feel my wrath” then for emphasis I hiss one word ” mine”

  • Roni  yelps out as she grasps my hair and pulls my head back harshly…my body now shivering in the bindings……eager and juiced….my belly rising and falling as I have fallen prey to her power. “I….I understand….you have won me in battle…..I….I want you to use what you won…I….I NEED you to” I say with a begging voice as she looks down at me with dark, piercing eyes…her fingers clenched tightly in my hair

  • Fire  smiles.. and yanks your hair agian… I asked you a question… I want an answer… what will your name be… when I collar you to me .. mine… what is your name… my lips moving go cover hers viciously now almost angrily… my tongue probing her lips for entrance…. my hips still as I wait for her to speak.. breaking the kiss I wait for her answer

  • Roni  arches my back wildly and presses my drenched heat towards her yet she stays clear of me…..answering my pulling viciously at my hair and pressing her lips hard agianst mine…her tongue poking deep into my mouth. “I…I am trader…..trader is my name” I moan

  • Fire  releases her hair now..” good girl… yes your name is trader..” I watch her hips jerk in need and desire now I smell her scent which makes my mouth water to taste her and I will do that but first things first.. I pull the collar off my belt and slip it on her throat as I step in close again… my hips against her grinding her hard as I lock the collar around her throat” you are called trader… you are mine.. you will sleep in my cave in a cage until I can trust you not to run…” I back away and throw the key as far as I can then squat before her and pick up cuffs and moving around her I lock cuffs on her ankles.. wrists and around her her waist then moves back in front of her and squats again… my eyes looking up at her .. suddenly my fingers part her lips and my mouth covers her heat.. flattening out my tongue I lap her from her entrance to her clit my fingers finding her entrance and entering you violently.. fucking you hard… my teeth trapping your clit much as they did your nipple .. then I  tease it with my tongue

  • Roni  barely able to think now as she wraps the steel around my neck….snapping it in place as my eyes widen into a wild stare. Then the cuffs and waist belt…..the adornments of a simple beast….naked and chained for anothers pleasure. I watch as she lowers and stares at my dripping heat….then quickly pressing forward and pressing her lips to my heat….my head tilting back in a low moan as she laps at the juices created by her….the juices almost oozing from body. I scream out as she clenches my clit as she did my nipple….marking my flesh…..making my body twist wildly Cont’d

  • Fire : tal you two

  • Roni  tugs a little at my wrists while trying to hide it from the woman….testing to see if the binding is tied well. “this cave is a maze….if i were to run, I would likely starve in some endless pathway”

  • Fire : tal my sister.. greetings mine

  • Roni tenses at the one who captured me arrives…stepping from the darkness of the cave. “someone has come to trade for my release??” I ask eagerly

  • Fire  laughs now as I stare in at my beauty ” noone has come… I wont trade you anyway.. you are way to hot to let go of… I told you I would keep you

  • Koyia  nods, “That much is true,” she takes up the leash as she opens the cage, “At least this way you can get some fresh air, and stretch about for a short………or maybe not” she turns as fire shows up from no where….stamping her foot a little, “DONT do that…..you scared me three quarters to death…..your going to make me wrinkle and turn grey despite the shots…..” she shoots the one in the cage an apologetic look, “Guess you wont get to come sit by the fire now” she cringes at the obvious confusion that could be caused, “Well Fire, her wrists are bound, but i’ll leave her to you”

  • Fire  winks at Koi” thank you sister.. this one is a good catch.. very very responsive.. hot… good for the tribe and me””

  • Roni  eyes dart from one to the other….I wonder a moment if a seat by the fire may have provided me a means to escape…but then my skin flushes as the one who captures me speaks…her eyes staring at me….speaking of my value…”I…I was fatigued earlier….perhaps in shock from the capture”

  • Fire  grins at her too… ” sorry did not mean to scare you.. I learned a long time ago to walk softly and carry a good bow… I do practice that…. maybe I will make her available to all here…” then my eyes roll back to my new acquistion” yeah fatigued… you mean near orgasm… panting.. hot.. now tell the truth or do we start all over agian

  • Roni  eyes clamp shut as she speaks….the truth of the earlier events being hard to fight…to lie would only bring trouble….”there is no need to start over” I whisper but the words echo off of the stone walls

  • Fire  nods.. ” I thought that is how you would feel.. lies will get you punished .. the truth will set you free… I wont tolerate bad behavior… now remembering that we will proceed.. you and I… to where you are sure of your place with me…. or maybe you already know… ” I peer at you with narrowed eyes..” do you.. do you know your place trader”?

  • Roni  stares at her through the bars of the cage door…her ways so confident and self assured. “I do not deny your power huntress….it is why you are on that side of the door and I am on this side…and….and I do not deny that this power has an effect on me that I cannot control…..but in my heart I am free…I am huntress”

  • Fire eyes narrow dangerously now” a huntress huh.. thats funny cause earlier you said you were a trader.. ergo your new name and now you say huntress.. ” I finger my whip” it looks like we have more work to do dont we.. as your either lying then or now.. I will give you one chance to tell me what you are… this is the last time I will ask”

  • Roni  feels my breathing quicken as she rests her hand on her whip….her eyes narrowing…her words tense. “I do not deny what happened earlier huntress….and to you I am trader…that much is clear….but that doesn’t change that I crave my freedom as well…Surely you can see that” I say with a twist of anxiety in my voice

  • Fire hisses at you .. THAT is not what I asked you is it…. so wrong answer… I guess I will just have to show you and teach you wont I… I really hate to mark that pretty skin of yours…” I say as I eye her all over… you are a beautiful desireable woman.. you wont be so pretty with whip scars all over your back and ass now will you my pretty…” I sit back and wait now.. arms crossed over my chest rocking back and forth on my heels

  • Roni  steps forward and presses to the cage….”what do you wish me to say??…that I am a beast?..a slut??…no different than a coin slut in a tavern??” body tense with a mix of fear and anger….”I have said such a thing…I have PROVED such a thing to you earlier….taking a whip to me will not change who I am!”

  • Fire : shakes my head at her.. ” your not listening to me..” earlier you said you were a trader not a huntress now your suddenly your a huntress.. a bit confused I think…. but as for your admission now yes you are a slut…. my slut and dont raise your voice to me agian… is this clear to you.. you will not be a coin slut not a beast.. but my beautiful wanting girl… who spreds her thighs just to seek my attention.. to beg for my touch….. now answer the question”

  • Roni  takes a deep breath…letting it out slowly. My head bows and I see the teeth marks on my nipple…not angry teeth marks but marks nonetheless. I am naked….and my thighs are still sticky from the juices that flowed earlier….”you are a huntress….I am a trader”

  • Fire  offers her a tiny tight smile.. ” its time to get you out of this cage and out so all can see you and know you are not to be traded or let go but that you are indeed my pet.. MY girl.. and maybe I will set your body free from the passions it feels for me.. maybe if your good” pauses and says “mine”

  • Roni  steps slowly from the cage….stretching my feet a bit and inhaling the air….cleaner than the dank smells of the cage

  • Fire  grabs your wrist binds and leans heavily into you.. my hand cupping your heat .. parting your lips and quickly enters your wet heat.. and as quickly withdraws from you… then right in your face and sucks it .. tasting you agian and then leaning in I kiss you hard.. my hand deep in your hair keeping you flush agianst me.. hard

  • Roni  startled at the press against my heat….and the thrusting finger as she forces my legs open. There is something I fear about her…even as she licks my juices from her finger. I stumble backwards as she pushes against me and kisses me harshly…her fingers twisted into my hair

  • Fire  breaks the kiss and and with a smirk I lead you out to the fire a smile of knowledge on my face as I know she cannot see it behind me as she is… I say softly” I will treat you well if you behave and dont act or do something stupid that will get you hurt .. mine” Cont’d

  • Fire  strolls into the cage area with a tray of breakfast for my new collared one.. fresh fruits, tarsk my personal favorite, and fresh bosk milk for her along with some cheese balls

  • Roni  snores lightly while curled on the fur….dreaming of springtime in the forests….the warm springs and the moist, warm air

  • Fire  places the tray down and opens the cell door then returns to pick up the tray and move in close to her…. setting the tray down agian I stroke her hair away from her sleeping face and say softly” wakey wakey mine.. time to get up…. good morning to you”

  • Roni  blinks a few times…..everything coming back to me slowly….but smelling the food makes me wake more rapidly. I stretch my limbs a bit from the stiff nights sleep and sit on the fur….staring down at the food

  • Fire  smiles as she stretches arching as best she can knowing those ropes Z put on her will stop her from to much of that.. forcing her head to be up and me cursing my self for not having taking them off her before I put her down for the night but says nothing and does not let it show either in my face… cant let her see I regret doing something … she may find that weak… instead I ask her” you know I forgot to ask you yesterday what tribe you belong to..you implied it was not the one I caught you at…” I say this as I start untying her from the painful ropes

  • Roni  remembers the ropes as I move…..all night long feeling the rough fiber slide over my clit….all night feeling it rub my tender asshole sore….I eagerly hold my wrists out to her as she starts to unravel the ropes around my wrists to untie the posture bindings. “I spoke the truth…..my tribe was scattered by raiders so I survive by trading….and that was the reason that I was within the panther camp that you raided. I hunt spotted larl in the north and trade the pelts for spices from cities…..spices that panther tribes desire”

  • Fire  smiles at her as her relief is obvious to me” you hunt spotted larls.. some of the largest most vicious animals around Gor who are known for their hunting abilities and stealth and admit to me yesterday that you are not a good bow.. how is this possible trader…. I dont see bad scars on you… your body in fact is perfect” I say as i take in her beauty yet agian

  • Roni  digs my fingers into the food without asking….pushing it quickly into my mouth and making a mess on my face as I haven’t eaten for a full day now. I again see her staring at me….studying me….my naked body bent over the tray and quickly devouring the breakfast. “I am not a good bow….not a huntress who is skilled at raiding as your tribe has…..and taking what you wish” takes another mouthful and quickly chews and swallows….”to hunt a wild beast is different….its patience….its silence….its waiting for days on a snowy hillside knowing that the beast will pass by…..it is one arrow……an arrow that either kills the beast….or the beast kills you” wipes my mouth a bit….”most are too aggresive…thinking they are stronger and smarter than the beast….they end up in the beasts belly”

  • Fire  nods and watches as she literally gulps her food and gets it all over herself…thinking to myself.. lord I mad her carry all that good fresh hot meat home and she was probably starving then… if she hunts alone as she implies she may very well go hungry alot indeed… but shrugs it off as there is no way I would have known.. but guess I should have asked her as I took my evenings repast with my sisters.. not even thinking of her hunger …. Oh well will do her good to know she is totallly dependent on me for everything she needs here

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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