About Red hair and a Kurii of Gor

Alien race of Gor



The Kurii are a savage and ancient alien race with one hundred thousand years of civilization stretching behind them, whose own planet was most likely destroyed by their own technology and lust for blood, although there is no direct proof of this. It’s not a great leap then to know that “Kurii” is the Gorean corruption for what they call themselves, their race, their kind; as well as the Torvaldsland word for “beasts”. On Gor the Kurii are anything but cowardly or inferior.

They only live in a couple areas (Northern Region) and if they are found “roaming” where they shouldn’t, they should expect to be hunted. The Priest Kings will be monitoring this to help keep this kind of rp to insure we stick close to the books.

We know little about that species of animal called the Kur. We do know it is blood-thirsty, that it feeds on human flesh and that it is concerned with glory. Beasts of Gor

In the doorway, silhouetted against flames behind them we saw great, black, shaggy figures. Then one leapt within the hall. In one hand it carried a gigantic ax, whose handle was perhaps eight feet long, whose blade, from tip to tip, might have been better than two feet in length; on its other arm it carried a great, round, iron shield, double strapped; it lifted it, and the ax; its arms were incredibly long, perhaps some seven feet in length; about its left arm was a spiral band of gold; it was the Kur which had addressed the assembly. It threw back its head and opened its jaws, eyes blazing, and uttered the blood roar of the aroused Kur; then it bent over, regarding us, shoulders hunched, its claws leaping from its soft, furred sheaths; it then laid its ears back flat against the sides of its great head. No one could move. Then, other Kurii behind it, crowding about it, past it, it shrieked, lips drawn back, with a hideous sound, which, somehow, from its lips and mien, and mostly from its eyes, I took to be a sign of pleasure, of anticipation; I would learn later that this sound is instinctively uttered by Kurii when they are preparing to take blood. Marauders of Gor

…slaves are chained at night to avoid becoming the snack of Kurii…“The soft flesh of the human female, I knew, was regarded as a delicacy among the Kurii.” Marauders of Gor

Trade with a Kurii

Normally I avoid role playing with huge Kurii avatars, I wont even begin to think about attacking one, best to retreat rather than being captured by one !  I made one exception when I heard of a new kurii sim, decided to try and roleplay trading with them….

The sun was rising, the sounds from the swamps could be heard.  Marli sat cross legged at the log fire in the middle of camp. The early morning started with a plan. Marli slips in her canoe  and paddles down river to trade with Dreaded claws.

The role play:

  • Netis: she growls again as she catches the scent of another human

  • Marli steps back some paces from the huge beast

  • Thorgrims : watches as she moves to the new girl

  • shakti busies herself back with arranging the food, breathing easier as the Kur moves away

  • Netis: she snarls at the human animal – do you have business her female

  • Thorgrims : it was nice ot meet you

  • Marli gauges the distance to be safer and out or arms length , she noticed it growling , Marli stood her ground “I come to trade ” she asumed it would know what panther girls traded

  • Thorgrims : I think I need to go work.

  • HopefullLilly watches the kur move, she was a bit afriad of its rather large size, but did find herself rather curious, as she tends to be at times, eyes gazed back to the girl ” nice meeting you as well” she said, watching her leave

  • Netis: she watches the new arrival closely and snarls – what do you have to trade panther

  • shakti flips her cloak over her shoulders out of the way, dragging a heavy barrel of rice from the corner, setting it beside the another her mouth watering as she looks at the sugary sweet pies laying on the counter

  • Marli unslung her leather travelling pouch , she held it an an angle so it could see and sniff the contents “I have healing herbs, fruits to trade from our swamps ” she quickly added “Our tribe also trades …ermm” she was cautious “larl furs ” then grinned “….and slaves …..but those are too large to bring with me in a small canoe”

  • HopefullLilly: excuse me Lord, my I beg to be excuse to hea back to the village? * she asked softly with a smile

  • Netis: she sniffed the contents and looked at the items…then listens to the words of the panther and rumbles out the sound of laughter…..she turned and nodded to the female – yes…go back to the village human

  • Netis: she looked at the items again and nodded – what do you want in return then

  • Marli lips curled in a thin smile , the prospect of a trade was something that made Marli happy “mhm….I heard the Kurri might have oils and such to trade ….if not , then anything else that is small enough for me to carry home would be fine “

  • HopefullLilly shrugs her shoulders as they spoke buisness, spun around on her heel and skipped off to the village

  • shakti lifts the lid of the black wine barrel, closing her eyes blissfully for a moment as the fine smell of the beans wafts over her, fingers numb from the cold, the lid slips to the side landing with a loud thud on the floor, hurrying to pick it up, “apologies, Lord, a girl begs forgiveness!” not liking to startle the Kur

  • Marli glances at all the supplies near the tavern , the sight of food reminded her she needed to hunt soon, her tummy rumbled a little , then startled from her thoughts she heard the loud thud

  • Netis: she snarls low – we the kur do have oils and lots of other items to trade – she turned to move to the storage box ….unlocking the lock that kept their items safe…she lifted and small box containining 3 bottles of oil…she then turns back and looks at the items on the ground again then she growled from the thud of the lid – be more careful human…that may get you killed – she turns with the box in hand and slides a paw under a cherry pie and returns to the panther…she snarls in her raspy voice – i heard your stomach grumble so eat….this will be good for the first trade with my clan…..if you should return with more items….there will be more to trade – she hands the box and pie to the panther girl

  • Marli lips curled in a thankful smile , despite the growl from the Kur , she takes the box in one hand and the piece of pie in the other, she then tucks the pie in a napkin for safekeeping “thank you , may this be the first of many trades between your clan and my tribe ….I am Marli” she said with a smile and then handed the leather pouch containing her herbs and fruits to the large Kur

  • shakti “a girl will be more careful, Lord,” swalowing hard as the Kur moves breathing easier as it takes an pie and hands it to the girl, turning back to the balckwine barrel, rubbing her hands together to try to warm them

  • Marli: “Good to have met you Netis …..I shall return to my lands and in a few moons return with more goods to trade ” she grinned “perhaps even a runaway , they tend to get lost in our swamps ” she then tilted her head to one side as an leaving gesture “Be well Netis “

  • Netis: she growls – the kurii do not have need for furs or fruits…..but the humans on our lands can use them….and we are always looking for slaves to trade…..so keep that in mind as you travel …..stay safe and good trading Marli

Fan art

Kurii of Torvasland

The Kurii, the word itself means beast in Torvasland, it is a Gorean corruption for the word they use to describe themselves. The Kur found upon Gor are the specimens of an alien race that are in a war with the Priest Kings for Control of both Gor and earth. The Priest Kings find and destroy the Kurii ships that crash but do not usually hunt down the survivors, permitting them to live on Gor so long as they abide by the laws governing technology.

They are highly intelligent, incredibly strong and vicious. As a shark, blood drives them into a frenzy. They have only ship loyalty and ship law, much as the Priest Kings have nest trust and nest law. It is believed that the Kurii lost their world and so, seek another.

The kurii of Gor are generations removed from the kurii that battle the Priest Kings, however, it is always a concern that contact might be made.

Kurii and men made contact mainly only in the northern regions of Gor and regarded each other as mortals enemies. Kurii often feed upon men,being particularly fond of their flesh and they are only hunted ever within the territories of men if protecting bosk or herds requires it. Kurii are described as having sable fur, mottled with white. The kurii do not frequently inhabit areas inhabited by men, most that are seen by men are actually dark furred,either a brownish red or black. It is theorised that they have not yet over generations developed the mottled furs that help them blend into the northern environment or shed the winter coats. They have large pointed, wide ears that lay flat back against the head,rising when listening, the head of which is about the width of a man’s chest. They are about 9 feet tall and about 500-800 pounds, though they can come in varied sizes. They have wide,leathery snouts with two nostrils that are slitlike, dark tongues, two rows of fangs (The first four are most prominent, in the first row, top and bottom,canines. The upper two are long and curved.) The mottled white markings are often sign of disease. In darkness, their pupils can fill their eyes, growing to about three or four inches in size. They are adapted for both diurnal and nocturnal hunting.

It is physiologically impossible for a Kur to attack without it’s shoulder’s hunching, it’s ears lying flat and it’s claws emerging. They have an extraordinary sense of smell. Their trailing abilities are equal to the larl, though not superb to the sleen. Their hearing is also equated to the larl, the sleen reigning supreme in these areas. Their day vision is equal to men if not superior and their night vision, much superior to that of man. They are rational, single brain organisms like man, limited by a spinal column and are said to be equally intelligent to man. What makes them such fierce foes is not a superiority to man, but their persistance,agressiveness,emotional commitments,savagery and their need to poulate and expand. The greatest difference between man and Kur is that the Kur finds no inhibition at all in killing.

While Kur can speak in Gorean tongue, they do so much as a tiger or lion might, growling and snarling the words. It’s mouth is big enough to fit a human head within it, the interior of the mouth is reddish and when it closes this mouth, the prominent fangs project over the lower lip and jaw. They are known to carry wide round shields made of iron that are about 4 feet in diameter and large double bladed iron axes that are about 4 feet in width. The handles are made of carved green needle wood are about 4 inches in diameter. These axes are 7-8 feet in height.

Kurii often wear adornments signifying rank, a spiraling golden armlet or golden pendants hanging from the bottom of each ear. The paws of the Kurii are 6 digited and multiply jointed while the legs are thick and short. The Kur uses it’s upper appendages like a baboon to move very swiftly. It runs on effectively four feet. It does have an upright posture which permits brain development and acute binocular vision, increasing their scanning range as with most bi-peds. It can outrun a full grown tarsk in short distances and is said to have great stamina, though the stamina has not been proven.

Kurii see the flesh of females, slaves, as an absolute delicacy and in their wish to move southward over Gor demanded numbers of them as part of the provisions required for their trek from Torvalsland as Torvalsland stands between them and the rest of Gor. A Kur’s word for female slave or human means cattle and is the same word used for Bosk or any other meat.  A Kur’s idea of negotiations involve asking for what they want, their only offer in return being your life should you give them what they request. Kur are entirely carnivorous as was shown in these “negotiations”, they will throw up and be nauseous if trying to eat grains or breads. The Kur can eat and digest quantities of meat that would kill a man, their blood is red and much like humans, but has a higher salt content, acting in water as a protein solvent.

Kurii are methodical in war, dispatching every single last person alive,looking through bodies and leaving no survivors behind if at all possible. They have long leashes, fifteen feet in length to bring home captured women as prey and thick leather metal insert collars with flat metal blots that spring into place and welded metal rings. The reason for the length of the leashes is so that a single Kur might drag,screaming, up to 40 or so bond maids at a time.

Kurii are land animals, not found of water, but will use naval attacks and ships, being rational creatures. Their shelters are made of skins and furs which are arched over bent saplings. These are four to five feet high, very wide and between 50 and 100 feet in length. They are often curved and irregular, often adjoining and giving mutual access. They resemble caves,networks of caves,constructed in the open which they enter and leave upon all four feet. They do not like being exposed. If in a field, they will bury themselves, burrowing into the ground like a sleen,covering the opening with grass and sticks from the bottom,sleeping with their head towards the opening.

A typical Kurii foraging squad is made of 6 fingers and called a hand, the leader is called it’s eye. Two hands with an eye is called a beast or Kur. This military body of Kur is commanded by a Blood. Kurii believe that thought is a function of blood, that one thinks with their entire body. Contemporary Kurii have come to understand that thought is brain centered but the old ways of thought still center in their songs , wordings and customs. Twelve Kurs is one band, 180 animals commanded by a Blood, who wears two rings on the left arm. Twelve bands constitues a march made of 2160 animals, or 2172 including the commanders. A march is commanded by a Blood wearing one ring on the left arm. These rings are bland, made of a reddish substance and not the ornate bands that Kurii are fond of. These rings are welded on the wrists of the beasts. Iron files will not cut this alloy, the only way to remove them is to server the arm. Twelve marches is called a people, the Blood of which is a Blood Of The People, said to be outside of the rings.

The Kurii consist of serveral peoples, not all speaking the same language and with differences in marking,fur,temperament,tooth arrangement,ear shape and such. These differences are extremely important to the Kur as they were torn by internal war and strife which is believed to be the possible cause of the loss of their home. Kur use a base twelve mathematics system. Everything goes by divisions of twelve.

Sometimes foraging squads are accompanied by trained sleen, usually four of them. These are watch animals,guard animals,points before a squad some of which are trained to attack enemies while others are trained to return upon spotting them. Some are trained to hunt humans, of which some are trained to kill them while others are trained to run the quarry to a holding area. Some are trained to kill males and herd females. They may herd them over great many pasangs to the waiting “herd” of females in the kurii camps. If a female cannot be herded, it is killed. There can be three or four thousand females in a herd.

Bond maids and thralls in a march are kept in the center and carry the spoils. Thralls carry the bulk of the weight as Kur believe hard labour spoils the meat of the females. Bondmaids are seperated from males to prevent leadership and prisoners are kept single file,seperated by feet, to prevent possible conversation. Sleen prowl between these lines so that if a prisoner should move too close to another or attempt to step out of line, they will be killed. Flanking those lines are the Kur. Prisoners are always stripped, Kur see no reason to give animals clothing. It is key to note that humans are only kept by Kur for two reasons, carrying things and of course, to eat as needed, for their is always more new humans to bring in to carry stuff and to eat.

Kurii fight in a war square, lines of Kur kneeling and standing with those further in ready to charge if the square is weakened or to support it if needed. Rank and princehood in the Kurii is gained only by blood and battle.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Wiki/various


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