About Red hair and a Gorean Mamba!

Hissing and bearing sharp teeth

My thoughts on mamba’s:

Dear readers,

The so called extreme “mambas” are essentially part of the cancer that is killing Secondlife Gor; the tumor in the brain of all things logical and book-inspired. They kill to kill. They teleport people in by the tens for one single person firing upon them simply to win. They will then unceremoniously, unforgivingly, slice you up and eat only the choicest parts in order to degrade you and make you feel even more sick and unvalued than you were if you were to be eaten by TRUE mambas. There is no mention of honor. There is no use of your whole body. They will tear out your heart and then burn the rest of you as if it were common practice. TRUE mambas, true people-eaters, as it were, are similar to the cannibalistic tribes of south africa, or the hunting tribes of Alaska and the Arctic. They respect and even cherish the animals/people they hunt. They try to make the death as painless as possible, and then apologize for any pain or stress the person or animal may feel as they die. They then thank them for the sustenance, strength, and materials they will provide for the future of the tribe they belong to before ceremoniously ending the life of said person/beast. They respect those that they hunt. The extreme  “mambas,” however, will simply eat what they get. They instill fear in what they hunt, and go into the most gory of details which parts they eat and which they simply throw aside. They respect not the personal limits of a roleplayer, nor do they really care about who is behind the keyboard that they intend to consume. You’re a panther? We’ll eat you. A free woman? We’ll eat you. A snivelling, weak, sick, helpless kajira? HELL YES, we will eat your heart and burn the rest, and then discard the bones. This may be a rant, but it is a rant in the hopes that no others will follow their footsteps. Gor as a whole finds life to be precious, even true mambas know that. This group requires that you have a mind set on the murder of others in order to participate in their daily practices. Sooo….anyway , let’s look at the role of mamba’s


The word ‘Mamba’ in most of the river dialects does not refer to a venomous reptile as might be expected, given its meaning in English, but, interestingly, is applied rather generally to most types of predatory river tharlarion. The Mamba people were, so to speak, the Tharlarion people. The Mamba people ate human flesh. So, too, does the tharlarion. It Is thus, doubtless, that the people obtained their name. Explorers of Gor – 393

The Mamba are not a refined, pleasant lot, they are not nice nor merciful, they are the flesh eaters of Gor; Cannibals. They are not above scheming and luring the unsuspecting. Their lands are not for the squeamish or weak at heart. Within the stockade bred men of large, savage nature, beautiful female maidens as uncivilized and vicious as their men. Chained slaves, prisoners awaiting their day .. as the next meal. And though these people are so uncivilized, there is always much light and noise. The air filled with the sounds of dancer’s feet thumping against ground from the rises of tribal drums hanging in air, heightening the thrum of hearts, whimsical notes from the confines of wind instruments, clashing of sticks.. to the ritualistic dances offered during their cannibalistic feasts. Least these be the men who cast curses upon their foes, upon those afraid to speak their true names


“Within the stockade of the Mamba people there was much light and noise. I could hear the sounds of their musical instruments, and the pounding of their drums. Within the stockade, too, we could hear the chanting of the people and the beating of sticks, carried in the hands of dancers.” ~ Explorers of Gor

The Mamba Askari (Warriors): These were the entities who lurked high above, obscure with calculating quickness. They gave life to the jungles of the sacred Mamba territory. They lurked.. waited.. watched from the lush, shadowy foliage of the jungle tops. Any moment, raining down in dozens upon unsuspecting intruders. Intruders whose remains might be found in the stockade refuse dump after a ritual ceremony of cannabalistic feast. Beware upon the grounds you wander, once the Askari are upon you, there may be no return. If one is unfortunate to come face to face one, such a grim visage would be seen. Rib cages hang ornamental over there torso like some grisly shield, tribal markings of ebony swirl in contrast to bone powder that artisans their visage in some macabre tradition. Furs, Skins & Shields: The men wear “skins” that hang from their waists, and the kind of skin indicates the social status. For example, only the royal family and chiefs can wear larl skins. The Mamba warriors wear the tufts of bosks’ tails around their upper arms and knee joints, supposedly to make them look bigger and more frightening. They also carry leather shields, which tell how experienced a warrior is by how much white is on them. Another interesting fact about their shields are the tufts of fur. When it lays to the bottom, they hunt animal. When it lays to the top, they hunt the flesh of human. Cooking: In Mamba culture, general cooking is the domain of women, free or enslaved. The only exception is that of the ritual ceremony given when an enemy falls prey to the hands of the flesh eaters. Then it would be the men who prepare the body and it is at most times cooked over a large open spit near the central fire of the village. It is not uncommon that they feast upon raw flesh as well.Hence the reason for sharpened teeth. Family & Mating: Family was extremely important to the Mamba. He choses the one who will be his mate carefully. It is common that this will be the woman he lives his life out with. The woman who will give him a son. Sometimes males will seek the help of the a village Sangoma to help him choose a mate who is seen to be fertile and able to give him a son. Therefor, the female mate is chosen mostly for her fertility, and also for her dowry and beauty. Beads: Beads are the pride of the Mamba nation. Mamba beadwork encompasses a symbolic language that may include reprimands and warnings, messages of love, and encouragement. Different beads carry symbolic meanings that may be used during courtship. Slaves: Female slaves: are kept naked save for a long narrow skirt of simple brown and their breasts are sometimes painted with intricate designs. Their nipples and ears are also pierced once they have appeased the ancestors in the eyes of the Sangoma. Some owners even choose to have their slaves genitalia pierced. The female slave works hard and her place is in the home with the women and to help in the caring for the children. They also work in the fields, helping to cultivate and caring for the crops. Male slaves: are kept naked save for either a simple loin cloth or light leathers made within the village. It depends on his status with his owner(s). He, too, will have his nipples pierced when seen worthy of such. The males work alongside the males of the village in all things save for village meetings. He, too, is called upon by the women of his village to assist in chores when he is available. They also work in the fields, helping to cultivate and caring for the crops.

Feral Speak

This short blog will seek to educate players on what is and what is not by the book for “feral acting” characters, and then attempt to give further guidelines and expectations for players who choose to play a feral character outside of the fiction. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THIS: Just because you choose to play a feral girl, you ARE NOT going to get a free pass on behaviour. You are not going to escape capture and you are not going to get a pat on the head for stealing just because you are an feral person. A feral child (or wild child) is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and has no (or little) experience of human care and, crucially, of the Gorean language. Some are alleged to have been brought up by animals; some are said to have lived in the wild on their own. Role-Playing a Feral: Alright, so if you’ve read through all of this information and you decided you’re going to play a “feral” girl anyway, make no mistake, you should expect some resisitence from fellow role-players.

1. To some Gorean role-players, ferals are as bad as wookies, i.e. they believe them to be completely outside of the fiction and nothing you say is going to change their mind.

2. To some Gorean role-players, ferals are worse than princess kajirae, i.e. they believe feral characters are nothing more than an excuse to being cute and baby talk. You’re going to have a hard time changing their mind.

3. Some Gorean role-players, will accept the concept that a feral character could have happened, i.e. it’s not completely implausible given the vast wilderness of Gor, and are still going to hold you to the same standards of any other Free or slave on Gor.

Most feral girls use some kind of animal as the basis of their role play. Here’s a few things to keep in mind that will help you avoid aggression in situations and therefore save your skin while maintaining a naturally aggressive character. NO animal (unless it was sick with rabies) would get into a fight that it cannot win. It would tuck tail and run away. Why? Because if that animal were to fight and get injured it would be a death sentence. An injured animal cannot forage for food, it cannot hunt for food, and it will die.

A Mamba feels the Goad

Red hair has captured a male mamba named Affa. The role play is based on the second life character known as Ȥȩuȿ. I changed his name to Affa as he seemed upset that a panther girl would try to break him. Any way you can find the original role play on my old blog   click here


The role play:

  • Affa “come on now when are you gonna remove this strap from around my balls its a little to tight ” he said  looking to marli and hearing her words ” oh well you see I am not a slave so I will not kneel for you”

  • Marli tilts her head to one side , then smiles as she grabs the loose flesh around his ball sack “standing will cause you pain”

  • Affa felt how she grabbed hold of his sack well hearing her words “pain or no pain I will not kneel for you I am no slave you want me on my knees your gonna have to find away to do so” he said as he looked to her  grinning as his feet was free from bindings still whilst his hands worked over the knots on his wrist binds

  • Marli simply applied more pressure to his balls, digging in her fingernails “you will kneel”

  • Affa heard the girl he growled out and glared at her know she was thinking something before feeling how Marli started to apply more pressure feeling her nail digging in the pain shooting though him as he worked on trying to block the Pain he was not planning to give Marli what she wanted. As he continued to try and block out the pain caused by her nails digging to his balls his leg started to buckle some

  • Marli saw his knee buckle some and then presses down on his shoulder “kneel” she commanded

  • Affa felt her applying pressure to his shoulder well still feeling the tightness of her grip on his sack his knees caving in dropping to the ground on his knees

  • Marli grabs the leash and shows him the stocks “Do not think our camp hasn’t got similar teaching tools”

  • Affa smirks as he see the stock “well it might have the same tools but what makes you think i will be what you want me to be I am a mamba and we mamba do not submit at all”

  • Affa “I am not and will not submit Mambas never submitted so we can skip past this ” he said as he looked to them before feeling Marli pushed him down onto to the stocks feeling how she slammed the top bar down against his neck to hold him in place

  • Affa growled out whilst pulling on the stocks “this is more then enough its painful enough being like this”  having this strap around my cock keeping my shaft hard well still feeling the affect and pain from marli’s nails and well this collar around my neck being pressed down against me from this bar against my throat

  • Marli leaned over the stockade , her hair caressing his forehead as Marli looked down at him “You will insist on being stubborn…….that will only cause you grief and pain”

  • Affa darken orbs glare of marli feeling how her hair brush over his forehead hearing her words and how she wanted to play with a new toy ” How am I being Stubborn I am just stating the fact that we mamba do not submit we are not slaves never have been and never will be”

  • Marli drew a heart shape on his forehead with her index finger , as she spoke softly “do you submit freely?”

  • Affa upon feeling how she drew a heart shape on his forehead his eyes locked upon hers ” no I do not submit freely I will not be a slave what part do you not get”

  • Affa voice growled out as he felt how she poked him with the Goad dealing the Jolt of Current shot through him ” No I will not submit ” he said in anger and pain caused by the event he was in right now the pain from the goad

  • Marli playfully moved her fingers through his hair, Marli could feel his body rock and shudder as the goad did its ugly work

  • Affa voice growled out once more as he felt how she poked his thigh feeling the jolt shooting through him yet again his arms tensing up as he pulled on the stocks looking to Marli “No I will not be a slave am not gonna submit ” he said grinding his teeth

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Wiki


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