About Panther girl bands in Second Life Gor

The birth of the Luna tribe


The three Gorean moon’s misty light casts long deep shadows through the large trees and into the thickets of the swamps in Lake Ias, the silence broken by light cool breezes rustling the leaves, swamp creatures crying out into the depths of the night.

The soft croaks of the toads as they call out their gentle warnings, the tap-tap-tap of the beautiful yet deadly spiders as their sharp fangs rap persistently against the bark of the trees in search of their dinner, coaxing their prey into silver threads of web.

The low growls of the forest larl and sleen hunting their prey in the distance, the ominous hiss and rattle of snakes perched high above in the trees as they restlessly watch the swamp marshes for a chance meal.

Two panther girls  walk together into the swamps, their tanned tawny bodies clad in small pieces of leather skins and furs, around their necks layers of stringed shells, golden armlets flash in the streams of moonlight that pass through the thick branches above. On their small shoulders they carry a wooden bow and a hunting spear.

Strings of shells around their ankles rattle and shake in unison with each soft step, their backs straight, these two girls  bodies are slender, strong and proud, their bodies lithe and graceful as they walk together along the small narrow path leading to their camp.

Their soft whispers add to the myriads of night sounds floating through the dark forest, surrounding them like a thick cloak of tranquility, laughter in their bright eyes as they pause to look upon each other, a mother and her daughter..

One, a beautiful mother with long shiny red hair, the other, a  lovely daughter with long golden blonde curls, two females in stark contrast to each other yet so much in tune with the other as they smile widely and continue to walk to the center of a small clearing in the swamps.

Suddenly they both stop as if frozen in time, their lean muscles tense and bodies become rigid as they tilt their heads to the side, eyes wide as they look at each other with concern, both sensing a hidden danger in the swamp they call home.

Eyes scan the trees and undergrowth as their heads turn away, a glimpse of shiny metal flashes in the bushes, the panther girls turn to look knowingly into each other’s eyes, a slight nod given by both as a silent communication of trust between them. They unsheathe their bows in unison.

The two panther girls protect each other’s back, chins down on their shoulders, their eyes squint down along their poison tipped arrows,  as they scan the dark shadows of the bushes and trees.

Their bows held out taut and straight, each panther girl a mirror of the other in the small tight circle, they know each other as well as they know themselves, two stunning females, mother and daughter protect each other with their lives.

They turn, side by side, to face a sudden rustling within a densely vegetated area, both panther girls motion to the other, a spirit of co-operation as they split up to hunt their prey, they watch each other closely, ever mindful of the other’s safety.

The panther girls take a cautious step back, the red haired one swiftly begins to toss a net out from the pack she carries on her back, both panther girls move quickly to bend down to lift the net together.

The panther girls lift the arms straight out from their bodies and, as they face each other, they take quick steps backwards while they begin to stretch out a net, their arms swing towards the bushes in perfect time to toss the net. A terrified female howl echoes through the swamps.

Each panther girl moves as she grabs an end of the net, they work together, to heave and pull the net out of the thicket, their legs straining as their feet bury into the dirt, each adding her full strength to drag out their captured prize, a young female runaway. The metal of her collar catching rays of moon light as she struggles in the net.

They work in silent unity to drag the net out, their hands move with great speed over their young runaway as they quickly start binding wrists and ankles, their glistening golden bodies move around the net as they bend down to lift it’s edges.

Arm in arm they pull the laden net around the clearing , returning to their home, dragging their prize behind them,  once again their laughter sings out among the trees, they walk out and then back to the clearing as drums begin a light rhythmic beat…

The panther girls step into the entrance of a large camp, their smooth sun-kissed skin glistens in the light from the raging campfire, they pause for a moment, their bright eyes roam over the camp and suddenly widen as they look towards the end of the camp.       Warm wide smiles reveal their pearly white teeth as the panther girls laugh in sheer joy at seeing their other sisters, extraordinarily and stunning women who stand proudly in the glow of the campfire.

They circle around to hug and laugh with each of the sisters, the Luna Caleeng , knowing each one would do the same to protect them and each sister, knowing in their hearts these women are the closest of friends.

The two panther girls then drag the runaway to the center of the camp,  where both panther girls  stop to stand, tense, looking down fiercely at their bound captive, the red beauty snaps her fingers  and the drums tempo changes to a strong pulsing beat.

The red haired panther stomps her feet in perfect rhythm to pounding drums, the smooth muscles of her bare thighs and hips ripple with her movements, her gorgeous golden body sways to and fro, small hand unsheathing her spear , she screams and  drives the spear into the soft earth near her bound prey.

The blonde panther joins in the primitive dance, her slender fingers reaching for her knife, her feet strike the ground as she slaps a toned thigh, she falls to her knees, her knife flashing near the terrified captives eyes. A howl of mercy from the runaway makes hairs stand on edge.

The red haired beauty squats beside her daughter, she tosses her head wildly from side to side, the drums pound a single harsh beat as both panther girls scream menacingly at their captive.

The panther with silky red hair looks to the women around the camp, each one of these sisters so special and proud, each one loyal to the other, all loyal to her, she was the band’s  Leader, she was their Marli.

The red haired panther, Marli runs her finger along the captives collar. She asks one question to test the girls resolve. One answer will lead to sisterhood in the Luna Caleeng, the other to submission. The captive girls eyes fill with fear , she struggles to answer. Marli shakes her head , this one is not ready for sisterhood.

The other panther girls stand proudly around the circle, looking down at the bound captive. The  panther girl Arial, panther girl Kaylee, panther girl Hot, panther girl Lune. The panther girl Mane, their feral Twig, all women so striking, so bold, and fiercely loyal to each other. It takes a special girl to become part of this sisterhood…..The Luna Caleeng.

© Lunacaleengpanthers

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