About how Forest Girls of Gor are not Tree sluts

Not Kitties


Panther Girls are not kitties, they are not tree sluts, they are live, vital predators of the northern forests who will just as soon kill you as look at you.  Do not underestimate a panther girl, because the moment you do is the moment that you fall prey to her wiles”  (quote –  kortai.dover)


Capsluts is not a term we like to use in our tribe, it refers to panthers who enjoy to get captured. We do have some rules about being captured. It can happen that when you are travelling in foreign lands or scouting that you are captured. The rules are as follows:

1x captured , we WILL trade you out

2x captured, we will TRY and trade you out

3x captured, you are on your OWN, try and escape by yourself!

This rule basically applies to sisters who get captured over and over again in a short period of time. Please be aware that our trade supplies are small and limited. It is unfair to others who rarely get captured and cant be traded because trade supplies have run out. Thank you for your co-operation.

What Panthers are:

  1. Women who believe that the concept of women being servants to men is preposterous. The entire Gor culture is based around this. Now with that being said, it does not mean that Panthers are adverse to slavery. No, Panthers do enslave, it’s just that they enslave everyone for their own reasons. There are many other cases in Gor where men are slaves so this is not a big leap of faith and is actually depicted in the books. It’s the concept of the Kajira that Panthers object to. Women bred for the sole purpose of serving and pleasuring men.

  2. Panthers are hunters. Or to be exact huntresses. This mean they need weapons to hunt and they have them. Bows, spears and daggers are the common weapons carried by a Panther. While there are many tribes that actively seek out fights with outlaw bands and cities, in most cases it’s to rescue a captured sister or to scout and become familiar with the sim so that plans can be made if a rescue there is necessary.

  3. Panthers are incredibly loyal to their tribe-mates. They consider themselves to be a family and in many cases act much like a sorority of women (not like college sorority’s, look up the word if you don’t know the difference). Panthers in my tribe have sworn thier lives in defense of their sisters.

  4. Panthers are extremely territorial. They consider their part of the woods or jungle theirs and don’t like others stomping around scaring away all of their food. So they patrol it to hunt game and to keep noisy trespassers out. I’ve actually had role players question this. “why do you think these woods are yours?”. I ask them the same question about the meadow they laid their city or fort down in. I don’t believe the notion of Manifest Destiny found its way into the Gorean culture since there is plenty of open land to go around and that open land is a VERY dangerous place to be.

What Panthers are not:

  1. They are not Amazons! Panther woman are not over sized female warriors having the intent of enslaving the entire male population. While there are MANY role players that wish this, they shouldn’t expect it. Warriors of Gor belong to a specific caste in the culture. They consist of MEN ONLY! Thus women, even Panthers cannot think of themselves as a warrior. The cultural idea of what a warrior is in Gor would not allow that kind of thought. Does that mean Panthers don’t fight? Of course they do. They need to learn to fight so that they can learn to hunt for food to survive. Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t any large amazonian women running around in the trees. There are. It’s just that there are averaged sized and small woman running around with them.

  2. They are not dirty slimy tree sluts. I find it interesting that men role playing Gor seem to use this term quite often. And to be honest, I have yet to find this term used in the books. But I’m looking. Based on the writings in the books I have found that many elements of Gorean culture is really very similar to many elements of our own past cultures here on Earth. I would suspect that bathing, except for possibly the highest levels of society was something done infrequently. So to be called a stinking tree slut by a stinking outlaw or common warrior seems rather hypocritical at best. Also, as most ladies know, a whore is a girl that puts out for money, a slut is a girl that puts out for free; and why are these people coming to forests to capture and take away Panthers again? It would seem to me that Panthers are anti-sluts and that the pleasure slaves running around in the cities are in fact, the sluts. I’m sure I’ll burn in Gor hell for that statement!

  3. Panthers are not man-hating revolutionaries intent on changing Gor culture. In fact many Panther women enjoy the company of men if for anything else to release sexual tension. Are Panthers liberated feminists. Yeah, I tend to think given the era the books were written in that the author had that concept in his head when he wrote about Panthers.

  4. Not all Panthers are lesbians.

Final thought:

How many of us have been called  “kitties” ic?.. or “tree sluts”?.. that is not btb either.. maybe we could all kind of try to keep away from the stupid button for a while.

Oh wait..what am I saying..its SL Gor.. of course we are stuck on stupid.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Various


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  1. YEAH! WHAT SHE SAID! umm. okay that’s all I got on this one. agree. except the part about not wanting to enslave the whole male population…. im down with that. MUWA HAHAHAHA

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