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Dear readers,

In this comprehensive blog post we will look at different ways you could choose a name for your panther girl. Discuss weapons a panther girl will need in SL Gor and the use of the GM meter system. Last but not least, tips and tricks on fighting in SL Gor.

  • choose a gorean name
  • make up a name of your own

Choosing a Gorean name is the first step in getting involved in Second Life Gor, some examples already used by some SL gor players:

Sana , Vella, Ula , Tuka , Sana, Nela, Nala, Talena, Vera, Rena, Hereena, Helena, Lana, Luma , Luna, Dina, Relia, Tethrite, Mindi, Phais, Telima, Mela, Moon,  Midice, Verbina, Thura, Verna , Sheera, Mira, Rissa, Hura, Dani….

About non registered trademarks relating to an Avatar name:

This is a recent trend in second life Gor, I have seen avatars with ™  behind their names. For example : ƨραякℓℯ™ & ™Ɗσηηιє Ƭнє Hσ

If you want to protect your trademark but don’t want to register, you may use the unregistered trademark symbol — the letters ‘TM’.

Gorean Meter (GM) weapons

So you have some Lindens burning in your virtual purse and need a weapon for your panther avatar. GM (Gorean Meter) A combat system created by alika Sao and Jaraziah Lowell It is free to get the meter and to get your avatar activated. There are some free weapons around mostly LR freebies. However, most weapons have to be purchased using Lindens (in game money). Prices for a decent bow can range from 500L to 700L. This includes a HUD and sometimes some accessories like extra quivers.

While Second Life allows the creation and usage of scripted weapons, usually a resident doesn’t take any damage by being hit by a bullet or falling from the sky. This is different in a combat region. Upon entering a damage-enabled area, the Second Life client shows a health indicator on top of the screen. If an avatar now gets hit by a weapon which is damage enabled, it loses health, eventually causing the avatar to “die“. However, death in Second Life is not as grim as in other gaming environments–it merely causes the avatar to be sent to its home location.

We all know there are a few big hitters in the GM Weapons industry;Primus Weapons run by Thord Karu, LR Weapons by Allia Lane (found here) and Vo Fhang Weapons (found here) by Tungsten Engineer. It seems everyone has a favorite brand and a good reason for it, some would say that LR and Vo Fhang don’t lag in big raids, but it always seems that everyone owns at least one Primus weapon. I just checked and I actually own 1 Primus bow , but I also own one LR bow a Vo Fhang bow. Looking more into the world of weapons in the GM Universe I discovered more stores that I had only seen on a few; H&S Designs (Harbinger & Stormie Designs) and a store I was pretty excited about;Centipede Weapons.

Popularity poll:

Primus Weapons! 36.07% (22 votes) LR Weapons! 29.51% (18 votes) Centipede Weapons! 4.92% (3 votes) H&S Designs! 0% (0 votes)

Doomnsayers Weapons! 11.48% (7 votes) Vo Fhang Weapons! 16.39% (10 votes) Other: 1.64% (1 votes) Total Votes:61

Question from a pledge:


I’m not new to SL, but I am new to Gor rp, and just joined a Panther band. I’m shopping for weapons, and I was wondering if any experienced Gor rp’ers would help me with a few questions.

Is a bow or a spear-type weapon the best weapon for a Panther? And pardon me if this question is silly, but if one selects a bow as one’s weapon, do the bows run out of arrows? I’ve searched SL Marketplace for arrows, and cannot find any. Every search just turns up more bows. So am I to assume that my bow will never run out of arrows? (It seems a bit unfair if that is the case.)

Also, which weapon does the most damage? I would actually like to win my battles in Gor–I’m not hoping to be defeated and capttured, lol. I’d like to choose a weapon that actually does some damage. 🙂

Any help the more experienced Gor rp’ers may provide would be most appreciated. Thanks so much!

Panther girls as played on SL Gor are tribes of wild women who live in the forest, often in quite elaborate and large emcampments with huts and treehouses and tunnels and whatnot. They have evolved an elaborate society. Some of the best fighters in Gor are panthers. Your best bet to learn to play a panther is to join a panther tribe and learn how to fight in SL Gor and how to conduct the roleplay from them.

The bow is by far the most effective weapon on Gor, it is a ranged weapon and as you guessed, never runs out of arrows. Most weapons in Gorean RP are designed to fall within certain parameters and to work with the various combat meters in use, by far the most popular among the sims that actually do a lot of fighting is the Gorean Meter (GM). It’s a freebie for players.Most legal bows in SL Gor are pretty close in terms of effectiveness, due to having to stay within the parametes of the meter. LR Weapons offers a cheap 5 Linden bow to learn on, and you can move on up to one of their better weapons when you are ready.

Up close, you will want a bladed weapon to fight with. Most panthers prefer axes or hatchets., they do nearly as much damage as swords and are fast. Some use scimitars, which are KIND OF like swords but do sightly less damage. Some sims allow scimitars, some don’t. I’d say go for the axe and have a dagger in reserve. If a fight gets up close, you will need a blade.

Most of all, I’d say, just join a panther tribe and have fun. You will learn a lot, maybe not all of it that you will want to adapt into your roleplay, but … you will have fun, which is the point of SL Gor, from my POV.

Description of Primus weapons:

Primus Weapons was created in order to provide the combat and roleplay community of Second Life with legal, well scripted, low lag and stylish weapons. Our primary focus was creating weapons to work on the GM meter, however, our ranged weaponry also works for many of the other meters used throughout Second Life. Some of these meters are as listed: GM, GLM, LCS, Meta, Honor, DCS, DCS2, CCS, Collision and any other Safezone meters. Our main Melee selection also works for the majority of meters except for the DCS, DCS2 and CCS meters. All of our weapons are up to spec with the current GM Weapon Standard guidelines. We are, however, always changing and ever evolving to make our product the best it can be for our customers. All of our weapons are equipped with auto-disable and auto-update scripts so you will always have the newest versions. As you will see while clicking through the categories on the right we have a incredible array of choices. For our Ranged products we have Bows, Crossbows, Blowguns, Slingshots and even some throwing quivas and daggers. If you prefer to fight up close there is never a shortage of melee weapons. We have Swords, Scimitars, Axes, Hammers, Spears, Glaives, Daggers, Hairpins, Shields, Maces, Whips, Claws, Clubs. .you name it.

If you are an animal of some sort or a Kur in the land of Gor, we haven’t forgotten you. Check out the Beast section for some claws and other weapons to arm yourself with.

If you are looking for some fun weapons or are in a role that requires you to use lesser damage we have our Slave section. You will find a variety of different range weapons and melee weapons to suit your tastes. If you want to go more basic we have Rocks and Slingshots along with a Melee stick, Broom, Shovel or even a pair of Claws for your fingers. If you have a interest in stirring up some trouble you can check out our throwable burnt muffins, tospits, veggies and even candy. There really is too much to list, you will just have to look and see.

Where to find the website : click here

Question from a newbie: I have never used a bow or any throwing weapon on sl, what do I do?

I know it all seems a bit overwhelming when you get your first bow, I remember when I got mine. I didn’t know what to do with it and firing it seemed even harder. Well it really isnt as hard as it seems. The first thing you will notice when you buy a bow is that there are objects with version numbers behind them, sheaths, gestures, huds, ncs and LMs. Well the first thing we need to do is seperate all this. What do we really need? Well we are going to need the object with the version number. So lets use one of our bows at Primus Weapons as an example.

Lets say we purchased the Evotis Bow. You will notice there are two objects that say Primus Evotis Bow 3.11, one is small and one is large. Well you can only wear one of them. So if you are a big avi use the large, a small avi use the small. Simply wear this object. Now this is our main bow, what we will shoot with. It will be alpa (invisible) once it is attached but that is something we will go over later. You will also notice there is a sheath and a low lag sheath. A regular sheath will be the bow, quivas, and possibly even a belt, as in the case with the Evotis. The low lag sheath will be just the bow itself. So you can choose which sheath you wish to wear: regular sheath, low lag sheath, small or large. Once attached the sheaths will be visibe right away. So now we have our sheath and bow attached. Next we have to draw the bow. There are a few ways we can do this. The easiest way is using the hud. Another way you can do it is by using one of the hot keys in the box (gestures) or you can just type the command in open chat. The command to draw primus bows is /1 draw bow. The last way to draw the bow is to touch the worn sheath and use the quick menu that pops up to click draw bow. You will notice once you draw your bow the sheath will vanish and the attached bow in your hand will appear. It is always a good idea to read the instructions that came with the product due to possible changes.

These instructions are detailed in the Primus Weapons Commands notecard in your folder. So now we are ready to shoot some people. The way to shoot anything in sl is by going into mouselook. There are a few ways you can do this as well. With some weapons and all primus bows, you will notice a mouselook button just above your chat bar at the bottom of your screen. You can either hit that to go into mouse look or if you are using a mouse with a wheel on it you can roll the wheel forward till your in mouselook. Another way is by using the “M” button on your keyboard. The final and longest way to get into mouselook is by going to View > Mouselook. Now that we are in mouselook you will notice the crosshair in the middle of your screen. Aim the crosshair and hit the left mouse button to fire. See Primus Tips #3 below for aiming tips. Now that you have learned how to draw your weapon it is time to sheath it. To get out of mouselook you can hit ESC or use the mouse wheel if applicable to roll backwards and out. If you are downed in combat your weapon will automatically sheath and you will pop out of mouselook as well. If you just wish to put your bow away you can simply use the hud, assigned hotkey (gesture), click the sheath or type /1sheath bow. It is the exact same options as above with draw just exchanging it for sheath. All of the steps outlined above will also work with any throwing weapons (Throwing Quivas, Daggers, Rocks, Larma, etc.) You just need to use the right commands according to what weapon you are using. Again, consult the available Primus Weapons Commands notecard to answer any weapon specific information as well. All of the commands will be listed there. What else do we have in the folder? You see above we mentioned the HUD.

A HUD is an attachment that will remain on your screen in the bottom right hand corner in this case. The Primus Weapons Hud is designed to make your life easier so that you can work your weapon with a click of a button. There are two Hud’s available. There is one that comes with Radar and one without. Attach your preferred hud and give it a look over. There are 8 main buttons. Each button does a command for your bow or other throwing weapon. There is Draw (which is also Sheath), Normal Arrow, Long Arrow, Arc, Height, Sounds, Hit Indicator and Melee. For information on these features see the Primus Ranged Weapon Features notecard. Also, when you click on Melee it brings up another set of buttons. If you own melee weapons these will be beneficial. To use the Hud all you do is click. Play around with it and check your open chat, it will tell you what actions are being performed. Also in the folder you will find a variety of gestures. As we are using the bow for example you will see they are all preset for that weapon. You will see gestures for: Arrow Arc, Bow Sound, Draw Bow, Height, Hit Report, Long Arrow, Normal Arrow and sheath bow. Each of these gestures are assigned a listed Fkey. For more information on Gestures see our Primus Gestures Tips notecard. If you choose to go the route of Gestures you will have to activate them. Remember as well gestures can be changed to do what you want them to do or if you want the FKey changed that is possible as well. Hopefully that explains the contents of the folder. As mentioned each folder will be specific to what weapon but the principles are the same. With these tips you should be up and fighting with your Primus Weapon in no time. Now melee weapons are the same you still have your version number object, your hud, your sheaths, the only difference is, you dont need to be in mouselook to use a melee weapon.

Question from a newbie: What is a melee Weapon? It is any weapon you hold in your hand and hit people with.

Primus Tips # 3

Question from a newbie: How do you aim a ranged weapon (bow/throwing weapon) in sl?

Most video/online fighting games we play you would just aim the crosshairs at the person and shoot. Well it is pretty much the same case here. If you are using a DCS/CCS meter just aim the crosshairs at your target and shoot. If you are using a GM/GLM/Honor Meter or any other Safe Zone damage meter that has splash damage, please continue reading. The most popular meter in Second Life is the GM (Gorean Meter) by far. It is used in most gorean sims and is even now being used in fantasy sims. The GM/GLM/Honor Meter, etc, work on what is called a sensor. What happens is you fire your ammo, which is an arrow in this case and once it hits something either the ground, object or avatar it will put out a sensor. If your target is within the sensor range it will damage them. So where do you want to aim? Well most of the time you would just aim at the person. In this case we are going to aim at the ground around their feet. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. As I stated before, the meter works on a sensor. Anytime our arrow hits something this sensor goes off. So there is really no reason to aim directly at a avatars head or chest. It is best to aim at their ankles, shins, feet or the ground around them. Once our arrow hits the ground this sensor will go off and do damage. I hope this explains on why people aim at the feet instead of other areas of the body.


GM combat is intended as a sub-type of conflict roleplay where the IC events flow is handled by specific tools and game mechanics (the meter and related rules). This means, also that:

– A fight is an IC scenario – A meter fight is acceptable only inside an IC framework – Whatever fights initiated with enemies must have IC reasons corresponding with IC events. – No starting fights out of boredom or “just for fun” (those are OOC reasons). – OOC driven fights are totally unacceptable. – Crafting fake IC excuses to start a combat (i.e.: “my character is evil and violent, my character had a momentary lapse of reason” and so on) is not going to work.

– You must have a meter on and set to combative to engage in RP. If your meter is set to non-com, then you are not allowed to be active in any RP or combat. – Your meter must be always visible and readable when you are wearing it. Bright color and above your head.


When defeated in the meter the IC state of the character is extremely weakened and severely injured. The defeated player is expected to properly play this state. This includes but is not limited to: – No aggressive/hostile roleplay. – Action taken on him cannot be countered are deemed to be always successful (bindings, removing weapons, dragging and so on). – No moving if not dragged by someone else (enemy or friend). – No calling allies or friends for help – No shouting and in general play a weakened state. – Give a proper follow up to the action taken emoted.

Ok I am putting here the essentials for combat in Gor. Many NC’s are out there on this topic. There are also a couple websites. I will link the best one.

First thing to know is that without a decent computer and connection, you will struggle in combat. Remember, the computer is your real weapon, not the bow or sword. Two things matter, your fps and your sim ping. You find both by hitting the ctrl +shift +1 button.

The higher your fps the better, up to 45, which is all SL utilizes. The lower your sim ping, the better, ideally less than 100.

There are some computer setting that will help raise your fps…here is a summary. Depending on the performance of your machine, you may not need all or even any of them, but for best fps here’s the full list:

Edit Preferences Graphics Custom: Shaders all unticked, Reflection detail all unticked Avatar imposters ticked and both other unticked Now top right Draw distance – will vary, 96 is standard, fps drops at higher settings Max particles 0 (this will keep you from seeing some things) Post process Low Objects High Flexi prims Low Trees Low Avatars Low Terrain Low Sky Low. Terrain detail Low is ticked Sun and moon only in lighting detail

Edit Preferences Network: Bandwith slider all the way to right – this will help things rez faster, and cache at least to 500. Best is to keep it all the way right as well, but to clear cache each day on logout.

Mouse Sensitity – all the way to the right unless you have a dpi adjustable mouse then use this to control mouse speed. If you find you are losing sight of your target slow your mouse down. Dpi adjustment is an advantage in laggier sims, speed up or slow your mouse as you need.

Optional: Many choose to play with some alpha textures off. In our sim, I would definitely take off all trees, at the minimum. The risk in doing this is that you will not be able to see some things, and that can trap you against them. To derender go to Advanced tab..(enable that with Ctrl + alt + D) These settings will need to be done on each login: Trees…. ctrl shft alt 3 Water … ctrl shft alt 7 Ground …. ctrl shft alt 8 Grass … ctrl shft alt 0 Clouds …. ctrl shft alt – Particles…. ctrl shft alt = Bump….. ctrl shft alt \ All apha….ctrl shft alt 2

Under advanced tab rendering features Turn off the following: Dynamic textures ctrl alt f4 Foot shadows ctrl alt f5 Fog control alt f6 Flexible objects ctrl alt f9

Ok now for some common sense things..and trust me, all of these things have happened to me at one point…so don’t overlook the little things… 1. Meter on 2. All weapons equipped/drawn 3. Avatar set to run

Realize other programs you have open, skype, photoshop, etc., will also affect your combat performance. Know what your machine can handle.

Basic Bow Strategy: Make sure your feet are hidden Take advantage of terrain Never stand against a hillside Try to get a few directs in at the beginning of the fight Lead your target with your arrows, anticipate Aim for feet if the person is moving Make your movement unpredictable

Bow Selection: To be honest, there is little difference. All bows and other weapons are scripted to standards that allow little deviation in performance. Find the best “fit” for you.

Once you decide, play with the settings. Will you need to “float” arrows over fortress walls? Do you need to snipe? If so take time to practice with the features of your bow meant to up your performance in these areas. How to deal with low fps/high ping. This is tough. Movement is your enemy here. Try to find a good sniping position and stay as still as you can.

How to get better: Realize we are talking in effect about a video game, not actual combat skills, so the first step in getting better is to improve your computer, if that’s possible for you.


First of all, you are free in this tribe to hunt anyone you wish at anytime. We will always defend against any group that comes to raid back for your captives. So if you prefer doing your own thing that’s fine.

We do ask that you bring them back to this sim, not to some other place. As part of this tribe our rp is here. That said, we still have many caves and other places to take a captive for privacy away from the main camp.

No one will ever HAVE to go on a raid here. We respect those who don’t wish to for whatever reason.

If you do decide to raid, be willing to RP a captive if we win, or to remain to RP as a captive if we lose. If you only have ten minutes left online, then don’t go on the raid.

If you can raid, but can’t rp afterwards, please let us know that in advance as well, otherwise, we will assume all who raid wish to rp.

The En bow is always the raid leader if she is present. If not, then normal tribal rank order is in place. There will be times a raid leader will designate someone else to lead, especially if that person has intimate knowledge of the group being raided.

It is important that everyone understands that when we go in as a group, that we achieve the goal of the group. In other words, if we are mid raid, and your worst personal enemy appears as a blip on the far side of the sim, you do not get to run off chasing them. Remain with the group, don’t stray, don’t do your own thing. We all go in together and leave together.

When the command of “All out” is given, GET OUT. If you have something that prevents you from leaving immediately, communicate it quickly. We don’t want some at the docks, some halfway there and leftovers in the raided camp.

If there is risk of taking fire as we are leaving, and not everyone has a captive, the better bows should not drag victims to free them up to defend the group.

Grappling and lockpicking roles will be assigned in advance. Ideally if slaves are present, they can do this. Slaves may go with us as we raid, but are there primarily to bind and assist with entry to camp. No slave will ever use anything but slave weapons should they fight.

When we land on the docks, the raid leader will summarize any rules that may affect the raid. It helps if you familiarize yourself with the sim rules while we are assembling. We always want to avoid hassles related to the fact people were too lazy to read rules.

Once you reach the boat, please leave immediately with your captive. Lingering only invites further trouble. If you fail to leave when given the ” All Out” command, you will be left behind. The raid leader will always be the last person out.


The MOST important thing in group battle, is not about bow skills, but a great leadership and coherent communication. However, in most Second Life gor situation, members of a group are often too diverse, some are newbies, some don’t mind being captured, and often players are not in any way trained, leaders are not absolute and not all listens to, and group communication is sporadic at best. In any case, the following are some tips for individuals for group battle.

• Move together. You must move together as a group. Do not stand next to each other, nor spread far out. Always keep about 5 to 10 meters distance from the group. When attacking a castle, wait for your teammate to catch up. Do not spearhead into a enemy group by yourself. If you went into enemy camp or castle, you’ll be captured in a minute and your sisters can not get in or arrive to join the fight.

• Concentrate your fire power. This is a most important principle in group fight. Suppose 3 Panthers are fighting 3 Mercenaries and both group got equal skills. The group who coordinate their attacks on one foe at a time, will win the battle. This means, in a battle involving more than 2 persons per team, try to shoot the one who’s being shot at already.

• Do not delay. Spring into action the moment you hear a bow string. If you wait to finish your chat or whatever, your sisters will be shot down one by one. By the time you join the battle, you are outnumbered and destined to be captured.

• When attacking, focus on one enemy until he’s down. Do not switch target without a good reason.

• When in a group battle, try to keep a distance from your foe. This way, your sisters can shoot him and not hit you by accident.

• When being shot by a strong bow, run into your group of teammates so as to confuse his target. (keep firing at him while you do this)

• Aid your team mates. When you are not immediately being shot at, go to aid your fallen sisters from the capture ball. You must do this instead of going on to seek enemy.

• When you are not immediately under threat, Role Play to bind enemy that has fallen. This way, he won’t be able to get up, run off and shoot again when the capture ball times out If there’s no time to bind your fallen foe, at least RP disarming him..

• When your health is low or you’ve been just aided, try to run to some safe place for your health to recover some. If you are defending a camp, hide behind a bulwalk for your health to recover. This is important. Do not think “O, one more shot”.

• The group leader should lead the sisters to exit the sim as soon as the raid or rescue is done. Any delay will beget more enemies. (and, almost always, big fights or long lasting fights will involve ugly arguments)

© Lunacaleengpanthers/primus/SKF/Various


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