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Panther Food Supplies



One of the most common questions that we get is “What did Panther Girls eat and drink?” Of course, the answer to this question varies from tribe to tribe– as you might be able to guess, Panthers in the Northern Forests had a different diet from Taluna tribes in the Shaba rainforest!

Every Panther tribe that we know of took part in hunting and fishing to get fresh meat to eat.  Panther hunting and fishing weapons varied from tribe to tribe but the most common ones were bows and arrows, spears,  fish-hooks, and blowguns.

Gathering is a general term for collecting food that grows wild in the environment. Sometimes this is a very basic sort of task, such as picking berries from a bush. Usually Panthers gathered wild foods in addition to hunting, fishing….

Panther Girl cooking tended to be simple. Most Panthers preferred to eat their food very fresh, without many spices. Fish was often baked or smoked. Soups and stews were popular in some tribes. Most Panthers always drank water with their meals, but ka la na and paga was a popular beverage.


ka-la-na: ka-la-na is a very strong alcohol that appears red in color. It is distilled from the fruit of Ka-la-na tree, the best and sweetest come straight from the Plains of Ka-la-na. The drink is preferred by Panther Girls because they may drink a lot and not get drunk quickly. The ka-la-na Panther Girls obtain are usually large bottles traded for slaves or furs at the exchange point. If served to a Panther Girl, a wooden goblet is what it is to be served in, because that is the only type of cup Panther Girls have in their small server huts. Shelves upon the sides of the huts are filled with different dishes, among them, can be found such goblets. On the other side of this hut, in the corner, there is a large amount of bottles of ka-la-na wine upon shelves in bottles.

paga: Paga is another drink / alcohol that is preferred by Panther Girls too, it is very strong in taste but gets you drunk very quickly. It too, like ka-la-na is kept in bottles and is stored within the server hut, it is served in goblets too, made of wood. The only type of dishes made within the Lair are those made of wood and bone. Paga is a grain- based alcohol, distilled hard liquor made from Sa-tarna. It’s taste is much like whiskey of Earth.

kalda: This alcohol is not particularily preferred by most Panther Girls, but may be also traded for at exchange points. Kalda is a hot drink made of distilled ka-la-na wine and mixed with fruit juices (such as tospit and larma) and hot spices. usually served in a mug like beer, it is considered a peasant drink.

ta-wine: this is another wine sometimes traded for at exchange points. It is kept in bottles and stored in the server hut. Ta-wine is made from the ta-grapes. It is a dry tasting wine and not particularily preferred by Panther Girls.


Redfruit: redfruit is similar in flesh and taste to apples of Urth. It is found within the Northern Forests, it is picked, then brought back to the panther lair and eaten.

Tabuk: tabuk is much like a swift gazelle of Earth, it is yellowish, but has one horn. It is hunted by Panther Girls often with the bow and arrow, it is then skinned, it’s pelt being used for furs to wear or sleep upon, the meat is then cleaned and placed upon a long straight stick that rests upon two “Y” shaped sticks over a fire, where it then cooks and is roasted. The other way it is eaten is when it is dried out on a rock in the sun and then it is eaten as jerky or can be saved later while travelling. The tabuk is a favored meat among Panther Girls due to its sweet taste.

Sleen: if a sleen has been killed, it’s skin is taken, then the meat is cooked the same way the tabuk’s meat is cooked, roasted over an open fire, it can also be made of jerky. The sleen of the Northern Forests is quite large, when it is full grown it is nearly 20 feet in length, around 3 feet to 5 feet in height. The sleen appears much like the shape of a komodo dragon of Earth, although it has six legs, it has fur, and it’s head is that of the shape of a viper head.

Larl: larls are sometimes found in the Northern Forests, they appear much like a lioness of Earth, they are around 7 feet in height at the shoulders, they are usually a solid color of black, tawny, or red when spotted within the Northern Forests, Panther Girls hunt these, then wear their pelts, they will also eat their meats and dry them to eat them as jerky. They cook the meat the same way they do so with tabuk and sleen meat.

Hith: a hith is a large snake that is much like a python. It was described in the book known as Priest Kings of Gor, that a full grown warrior could barely get his hands around the throat of such a snake. We hunt this snake for it’s meat and skin. We cook it the same way and dry it’s meat the same way as the tabuk, larl, and sleen.

tarsk: the tarsk is a porcine animal akin to the Urth pig, having a bristly mane which runs down its spine to the base of the tail. they are not a favored food, being carrion eaters, but, are a staple amoung the rence growers. Panther Girls often hunt these animals within the Northern Forests, they make good sources of meat.

tur-pah : an edible tree parasite with curly, red, ovate leaves; grows on the tur tree; a main ingredient in sullage. Such is not preferred by Panther Girls to be eaten, but will be eaten if a Panther Girl is hungry and wandering through the Northern Forests with Her band.

ramberries: ramberries are a succulent berry found within the Northern Forests on many trees.

parsit fish: a silvery fish having brown stripes found in many streams, rivers, and lakes within the Northern Forest, they are hunted by Panther Girls using simply spears, they then strike at the fish, catching it with their spear, they then bring the fish from the water. They then remove the scales of the fish with a blade, cut out the edible parts, wash it, then cook it the same way tabuk, sleen, larl, hith, and tarsk are cooked.

cosian wingfish: tiny blue salt-water fish with 4 poisonous spines on its dorsal fin. It is hunted, skinned, and cooked in the same way as the parsit fish.

kanda: a shrub of the Gorean desert; a lethal poison can be extracted from its roots, while chewing the leaves has an addictive narcotic effect. These leaves are found upon trees throughout the Northern Forests.

katch: foliated leaf vegetable. It is found growing upon the forest floors in the Northern Forests.

sul: suls are a tuberous vine-borne fruit similar to the Urth potato. Often served sliced and fried, it is also the principal ingredient in sullage and sul-paga. These are usually washed then eaten raw by Panther Girls. Occasionally, though, Panther Girls will cook the suls.

tarsk, giant : the giant tarsk is a large cousin of the tarsk, standing 10 hands high at the shoulder. It is also hunted by Panther Girls, skinned, cooked, and eaten like a tarsk.

salt thassa fish: a small fish from the gleaming Thassa, found also in the streams, rivers, and lakes in the Northern Forests. The fish is hunted just like the other fish mentioned, it is also prepared and cooked the exact same way.

teslik: a teslik is a plant whose extract is the active ingredient in breeding wine. It is found upon the forests floors in the Northern Forests

The Bonta Fruits

I am creating this fruit to encourage more RP and bring alittle something new to Gor instead of usual PewPewCapSex RP that has long grown old and boring to me. I hope you enjoy this little fruit and with it, encourage and spread the use of it among others. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions about the Bonta fruit, please IM Diamond Mikita.

Products: Basket of Bonta Fruit Bonta Fruit Liquor, mixed from Bonta and Kalana

Effects: Repels insects Prevents certain diseases found within Swamps Allows inhabitation of the Terra de Luna Swamp

Fate of those in the swamp without eating bonta: Day 1: Bug bites all over, swelling, irritating itching Day 2: Fever, Nausiea, Weakness Day 3: Bed ridden, vomiting, bodily pains, chills and very high fever Day 4: Death

Storyline of the Bonta Fruit

Discovering the Bonta Fruit Tree —     Indigenous to the swamps within Terra de Luna, it was this sole element that allows the inhabitance of anything living within the dangerous swamp. The fruit was discovered while the lone scout of the Luna Jerag sought refreshment while getting lost through the thick muck in the swamp. Seeing the strange fruit, she cut it down from the tall tree and would try it carefully, not wanting to poison herself. The Bonta looked somewhat like a melon, a thick, leathery rind covering and protecting the sweet flesh inside. Peeling back this hard cover with her dagger, inside it was juicy and ripe, it contained a center of seeds, but were easily scraped out, leaving the rest of the fruit exposed for eating. The fruit was bitter at first, but it was something that grew on you, turning quickly into a thickly sweet taste to savor. Finishing the small treat, she would cut down two more of these and pack them away for later.

The bugs and insects of the swamp were thickly abundant, growing within the humid, wet atmosphere of the swamp, biting and eating anyone within it alive. However, Kit seemed to notice that none of the bugs wanted anything to deal with the wandering woman. Little did she know the special property of the fruit she had eaten was that it repelled insects and other diseases found within the swamp, making it one of the few able food supplies to grow within the marsh. Continuing to make her way through the rest of the swamp, unbitten and uninfected, she made her way out the otherside and quickly returned to her sisters with the news.

Harvesting the Bonta Fruit —     Alittle after spreading word through their nomad band of panthers, they decided the swamp the perfect place to setup home. An extinct volcano comprised of their main home, with huts in the trees and floating in the water around the base. They immediately began collecting the bonta from the trees, placing them in baskets in the camp. Ideas were collected what to do with these special fruit and if it should be spread. Later on, it was discovered the effects of the bonta fruit lasted about a hand’s time. A visitor venturing into the swamp, who hadn’t eaten the fruit, soon fell victim to the swamp’s bugs and diseases while staying in their camp. The first day, they were bitten all over, itching and swelling up. The second day, they became feverish and weak, feeling nautious and dizzy. By the third day, the woman was bed ridden, vomiting and bodily pains, barely able to remain conscious, with chills and very high fever. The forth day, she had died.

The Luna Jerag learned from this experience and made sure all their sisters regularly ate the bonta fruit, so that none of them go through what the woman had. They would eat the fruit with their meals atleast twice a week. Later on, one of the sisters sick of eating the fruit, decided to do something with it. Taking a bottle of kalana, she mashed the fruit up into a bowl of fruit juice, experimentally adding amounts of the kalana, giving it kick and changing the flavor into a more subtle, tolerable taste. Now the Bonta Kalana was made, regularly mixing it with their alcohols and bottling them up for consumption.

The Bonta Fruit to Others —     Even though the tribe was new, word of their existance in the deathly swamp spread quickly. The nearby Askari was drawn to these women, wondering how they could possibly live within what they thought was uninhabitable land. Despite tensions between the Merc and Panther neighbors, they soon began trade of the Bonta for other goods. The Askari sought the precious fruit as valuable for their taste, as well as keeping bugs away while travelling. Others soon caught on, visiting the swamp or being taken out to other tribes, trading them for goods the new and prospering tribe sorely needed, while providing the new fruit to others. However, any attempting to grow their own Bonta would find themselves disappointed. For some reasons, the trees would only grow within the dank, mucky swamps of Terra de Luna, keeping the fruit in the hands of the Luna Jerag.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Diamond Mikita/Wiki/various


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