About Free Women of Gor, their attitudes and actions

Freedom behind a Veil



“But how contemptuous, and how regal, they had appeared, and so beautifully robed and veiled! Many, I was told, wore platforms of a sort on their feet, perhaps as much as eight to ten inches high, which would increase their apparent height, and, of course,protect their slippers from being soiled, for example, in the muddy streets.” -Witness of Gor –

Gorean Free Women do not compete with Free Men, while she is deferential to the dominant male, she does retain her freedom due to the respect the Free Man has for the Free Woman’s virtue, grace, dignity she continuously displays. Click here for more info

A Free Woman’s pride in her mind, her abilities, and her body’s ability to bear the children of the Free Man removes any feeling she has of being inferior to him. The Free Woman respects the Free Man for what he is and they too return the respect for what the Free Woman represents to him, comfort, support, insight, wisdom, love and strength of the Free Woman that serves as a balancing compliment to the masculinity of the Free Man.

Gorean Free Women always carry themselves with femininity, elegance, her motions confident, assured, tempered with the softness of being a woman. The Free Woman in public never plays the part of the temptress, the slut or the sexual tease. She wishes to be seen as the highest of quality to the Gorean Man, for the Free Woman is the lifeline for the Gorean Male, she is the one who will carry his child bearing his name.

A Free Woman

“A Free Woman does not learn overnight how to behave. She learns from childhood. The Gorean girl is, even if free, accustomed to slavery; she will perhaps own one or more slaves herself; she knows that she is weaker than men and what this can mean; she knows that cities fall and caravans are plundered; she knows she might even, by a sufficiently bold warrior, be captured in her own quarters and, bound and hooded, be carried on tarn back over the walls of her own city. Moreover, even if she is never enslaved, she is familiar with the duties of slaves and what is expected of them; if she should be enslaves she will know, on the whole, what is expected of her, what is permitted her and what is not; moreover, the Gorean girl is literally educated, fortunately or not, to the notion that it is of great importance to know how to please men; accordingly, even girls who will be free companions, and never slaves, learn the preparations of serving of exotic dishes, the arts of walking, and standing and being beautiful, the care of a man’s equipment, the love dances of their city, and so on.”
Nomads of Gor, page 63


The beauty of a free woman is a commodity beyond price. This was not because there was anything special about it, of course, but only because it was not for sale.
Players of Gor, page 132

  • A Free Woman can arm herself with daggers, hairpins, and poison (poisons need to be rp’d well and make sense).

  • A Free Woman should know her role and the risk of a wrong behavior (The Academy will have more information).

  • Depending on where the Free Woman lives she need to follow the rules of the place. (example, some places require veils and others do not).

  • It isn’t recommended that a Free Woman travel without Guards, if they are found alone, they could be susceptible to the gor risks. No virtual Guards allowed. This is to promote rp

  • The Free woman who live with men can not attend to any raid. (Pirates/Outlaws/Mambas etc.) The only Free Women who can have bow are Panthers.


A free woman on Gor and her status is explained very differently in the books. Despite the dominance of the men, a woman can have a socially high position in the gorean society.Handling the free womenThe gorean men treat the free women with honour, respect and politeness, especially when women have a high rank or high caste membership.“A free woman is inordinately precious. She is a thousand times, and more, above a mere slave.” (Players of Gor, p.92)

“For example, there is no higher person, nor one more respected, than the Gorean free woman.” (Hunters of Gor, p.311)

It’s described in the books like that and so it’s also lived on SL-Gor.Within the laws, which concern the free women, they are free. (Note: see; “Laws for Free Women”) They are allowed to speak without permission and can say what they want, whereby some said or also some acts can appear brazen. It also occurs that a free woman can be enslaved due to their failure. Free ones cannot be enslaved in different kinds, none of them is excepted to be a slave one day. A Free Woman can be enslaved e.g. through debts they made in Gor. A person settles the debts of a free woman. This free woman has now only one creditor, who can enslave her then rightfully. With kidnapping/captivity a free person can go voluntarily into the slavery, by subjecting to a man. If a Free Woman commits a crime, this ends for her usually in the slavery.Men prefer usually the presence of a slave, because the free women are known as boringly, stupid and frigid. But this does not mean, the women on Gor are stupid. Many know how to move surely on political parquet and to use their caste status. Some free women have high ranks in cities whether as municipal authorities, high scribe or as Ubara.

“A free woman may often make a man angry with impunity, she being lofty and free, this latitude is seldom extended to the slave.” (Blood Brothers of Gor, p.221)

Free women quite know, how to annoy men. As long as it is not a law break, this has usually no large consequences for them. Only male family members or the free companion of a woman can punish them for their behaviour / acting. This punishment will always be appropriate their status. (Note: see “Punishments of a free woman”)The most important aspect however always still is the status and the caste membership of a free woman. The more highly their status or their caste, the more respectfully and more honourable they are treated. Like that also each free man, who has the same home stone with such a woman, is responsible for their well-being issue and their protection.

Her Role

The role of the Free Woman in the gorean society.

A free woman contributes substantially to the receipt of the gorean society. These four roles play the greatest importance:
– the role of power
– the caste membership
– the role of the mother and
– the free companionship

All these roles cannot be filled with slaves. Their tasks are more usual, although also not less simple.

Please read more about the roles of a free woman in the post “Roles of a Free Woman”

A free woman dresses usual in gown, which is called also „Robes of Concealment “. Depending upon social rank and caste membership the dress is complex and magnificant decorated. With this kind of gowns the body of the woman is completely covered, partly only the eyes are visible. Sometimes, however even the eyes are covered by a transparent veil. This kind of gowns resemble a traditional Muslim dress. In some areas (e.g. Torvaldsland) it is permitted free women to walk around in the cities without veils.

Wearing clothes, which shows too much skin is not befitting a free women’s rank and is generally considered as social aberration. In some cities such a robe is not prescribed. If one reads the laws for free women or also the city rules, an explicit prohibition is expressed nevertheless of all too generous clothes. Showing skin is only permitted for slaves and can also be a reason to enslave a free woman.

Her clothes

Robes of Concealment:

The robe of veiling offers the free women the possibility of moving incognito in a city, especially if they wear a complex veil. The woman, dressed like this, can go around freely in the city, without being recognized due to her face. Many free women do not wear a robe in their caste colour in the public, so that even the clothes give not any inference on their caste status.

Women with a low caste status don’t have so many robes, than a woman of a high caste has and they are also not be that detailed. Usually you can say: the more highly the status of the free woman, the more complex the robes of concealment. The robe can be worn in many colours, but usually free women wear the colour of their respective caste.

The robe of concealment consists of several layers. The higher the layer, the more rigidly and more bulky the robe will be. It takes time to dress in such a robe because of many hooks and eyes secured. Usually slaves help the free women with dressing this clothes. Many of the robes are calf-long or descend down to the ankle.

The lowest layer forms, as also on earth, the underwear. You should consider however, that there exist no bras or stockings on Gor. The women of high social ranks, and/or high caste status, the underwear is made of noble materials like e.g. Silk. Farmer’s wives and other women of low castes however wear simple underwear made of Rep-cloth. Over it the house robe is worn, it is very flexible and from soft, flowing material made. This permits to move the woman comfortably therein. Thereupon it follows a street robe. This robe is made from a more rigid material and does not let the movements of the body appear so obvious. In addition often gloves are worn, especially in the colder areas of Gor.

Women of high castes will carry over it a robe, which is meant for official occasions. These robes will be manufactured from noble materials and can also exhibits beads, brocade and lavish embroideries.

There are many further kinds of robes, which are however not described exactly in the books. Thus e.g. Tiffany Collins or also lady Sheila carries, the Tatrix of Corcyrus a state robe with official causes. You can assume that this dress, which is this robe a splendidly equipped gown, which does not leave a doubt about the status of a Tatrix.


The veil of a gorean free woman is, like also the robe of concealment, an important garment. It is valid the same, as for the robes: Women of high caste have much more veils and also more splendid than a woman of the low caste.

Women of high social rank or members the high castes wear a complex veil. This expresses also their arrogance adverse the low caste women of their home stone. They do not regard the low caste as dignity enough to see the face a high caste or high ranked free woman. Some brazen free women however, carry no veil in the public, which leads quite often to offences of the free ones. An exception for this veil-“law” is made in the region Torvaldsland. There it is usually permitted for women to show up in their own city without veils. Opposite family members, the free women don’t weir their veils. This does not have to be, but many do not wear a veil within the own house. It also occurs that, if they have guests in the house they present themselves without this garment. During eating or drinking the veil will not be removed. Most women will just lift the veil up a bit to have a snack or a sip from a beverage. It can also occur that they drink their beverage through the veil.

Removing the veil of a free one against their will is a serious crime in Gor. It also dangerous for a man to remove the veil by force, because some women fasten it with poisoned needles in its hair.

The veil of a woman of low caste membership is normally a simple veil, usually made of Rep cloth, where however a woman of the high caste wears very noble veils. At official causes the women can wear up to ten veils at the same time. You can say, that the veil on top of all veils is the heaviest and not transparent and each layer under it is softer and more flexible than the veil before.

A veil is wound around the head of the woman and fastened with special veil needles. There is often only a narrow slot omitted. In a normal case, the women only one or two veils: „the street veil “and „the last veil.

There are two kinds of veils, which are worn directly on the skin, on the one hand the „last veil“ or also mentioned as „light veil“ and the „intimate veil“, which is fully transparent. This veil is very long, so if it is winded around the head it becomes more and more non-transparent. Over it they wear a „freedom veil“, it is also admit as „citizen veil“. Followed by this, the „pride veil“ and then the „house veil“ are worn. The house veil, as the name already says, is worn in the houses. A lumbering veil, which is usually carried in the public, is „the street veil “. It consists of a lumbering material and is absolutely non-transparent. Regarding this, the view of their face is refused to the men. „The road veil“ is usually the veil, which is worn on top of the other veils. Over the street veil, there can only be worn the “state veil”. This state veil shows the status of the free woman. It is worn by a woman of high rank, as well as by a Tatrix or a Ubara, usually only at official occasions. They are made of very bulky materials and are perfectly non-transparent.


To a robe of concealment free women wear usually sandals or slipper, primarily in white. Many wear also high platform shoes in the public, so they are able to look down to the lower castes/lower ranks or subordinates. In some cases they wear also boots, particularly frequently e.g. occurs this in the northern regions, like Torvaldsland. The boots protect the free women of the cold weather and the snow.

Showing the ankles can be stimulating for male and female slaves, even if boots are worn. Touching the ankles will be followed by a hard punishment. This lets the slaves paying attention to their lady, because they don’t wanna be seen that they observe the ankles. Male slaves are easier for a free woman to lead whether now on a field or in the own house.

Cosmetics & Perfume:

Free women one rarely find perfumed and rouged, these things are reserved for slaves, who want to please their masters. There, like always, are nevertheless also here exceptions e.g. the city Ar. There you can find special shops, which sell cosmetics and perfume for free women. Many owners of such shops treat their free customers such as slaves, since they avail themselves of the offered goods. For the salesmen these women are nothing else like slaves in dresses.


Free woman pay lots of attention to their hairstyle. Usually their have a up-do hairstyle, with many clips and ribbons. Hairpins are also very often used for putting these hairstyles up and these needles are not only there for looking good. Some hairpins are covered with poison and can be used as weapon. Therefore the men should be always aware of it, if a free women pulls out her needle. “It is not wise to try to tear away the garments of a free woman with one’s bare hands. They may contain poisoned needles.” (Beasts of Gor, p.402) Wearing up-do styles is forbidden for slaves, they have to wear the hair open. Some free women use also use periwigs and hairpieces. They pay lots of attention that these products are made from hair of other free women and not of slave’s hair. There is a really good trade for free women’s hair. In times of war the women let cut their hair off, so that ropes for the catapults can be made.

The role of power

Although men don’t like to see a free woman in a powerful or important position, it is not impossible. A free woman with the suitable skills and the assertiveness can fill in the position of a ruler like Ubara or Tatrix. Many work also as administrator or magistrate in a city.A Ubara is a leader of the warrior caste in a city. This position is filled only during the time of a war. She can govern alone, with the city as support, or at the side of her free companion, whereby her companion has always a higher rank/status in the society. You can compare a Tatrix with a female dictator. She prevails comparably over the civilian population and also the warrior caste. Although she is not selected into her position, she can remain only because of the support of the citizens.The high council and/or the high castes select administrators and magistrates into the positions. They must fight partly very hard to win these persons for themselves.There are still some other high positions in a city, which can be filled with a free woman, if she has really good abilities and the support of the council/the castes, as well as the support of the citizens.Another form of power belongs to the free women, which lead the huge trading families. They often prove as very skillful in handling business. Depending upon prosperity also their power and their influence rise within a city. It said that dealers are the managers of power in the city, the female dealers are not inferior to the male competitors.

Caste membership:

Nearly all castes of Gor have female members. A few castes, which do not have women in their rows, are: the initiates, the players and the assassins. Although, it is not expressly forbidden by the books that women are members of one of these castes, you will not find any female member described in them.Women acquire the caste affiliation with the birth, by free companionship or by the request for admission into a certain caste.With the birth, a free woman receives the caste membership of her father. So the daughter of a warrior can e.g. become member of the red caste/warrior caste. This does not mean however that this is connected with the training in fighting. There are no female warriors in the red caste.

Free companionships are usually made within the own caste. It occurs nevertheless, that there are also bindings made out of the castes. A free woman can select then whether she will keep her caste membership or if she wants to accept the caste affiliation of her companion. Their common children however, are always born into the caste of their father.

A change of the caste without these two options is also possible, a free woman can ask for the admission into a certain caste. For this kind of change, the council of the city and the respective caste must give their agreement.

Each caste has their advantages and privileges; in addition thereto also belongs the social support of the members. After an education you can hold down the respective caste work. Many free women do not take part however in the work of their caste, if there is physically cumbersome work. They exercise rather the tasks of the writer caste and also the merchant caste. Also in the caste of the physicians they work actively. However they may regard only as complete physicians/healer, if they have given birth to 2 children apart from the education. There is a custom in some cities that free women of the physician caste get two bracelets at the age of 15 years. With the birth of the first two children a bracelet may be removed in each case. This is to remind the women of the fact that their most important task in the society, which is bearing children

Role of a mother:

As mentioned before, the most important role of a free woman is to give birth to children. They ensure the new generation of the gorean society and this is also the continuance the respective caste. Giving life to children is a privilege of the free woman, because children of slaves are born into the slavery. These children a important part in the gorean society. Children are regarded as the highest manor of the goreans’. Even the children of the slaves are shepherd and treated well.

The women only take care about their children in the first years of growing and about the education and they teach them also. Primarily the caste codex and the behaviour are obtained. Slaves serve the children during this time only as ” toys”. Teaching free persons is not permitted for slaves.

Freie Gefährtenschaft:

As written in the caste section before, free women can select the castes freely; keep the own caste or change into the caste of their partner.

But what is a free companionship (FC) ?

Free companionship resembles the marriage on earth, whereby those on Gor are limited to only one year. It is a contract, which is made between both partners. This contract can be renewed at the anniversary. It is normally at the 20th gorean hour (Ahn), the gorean midnight. Usually with the renewal the wine of the love is handed, as a sign that the FC should exist further.

There are two types of a premature dissolution, which were described also in books: the death of a free partner or also the enslavement of the companion. Because this is a contract, it can be theoretically be dissolved by not being fulfilled or being broken. However, this is not described anywhere in the books and is pure fiction and/or a matter of interpretation of the parties or also a city. This possibility appears also very improbably, since no gorean is stepping into a free companionship thoughtlessly. Usually only one companion is chosen, is it for economic reasons or because of love. Bila Huruna e.g. had 200 companions at its side. This equals a Harem on earth and it’s not common.

A free companionship can be made on an arrangement. It aims e.g. two to wealthy merchant families off at the use of the partners and their families, unites by the companionship and forms so a large commercial company. Usually the bridegroom (and its family) pay a bride price to the father of the bride. This bride price can consist of goods or also money/gold. The height is different and depends on the status of the free woman. The daughter of an administrator can cost a high bride price of 100 gold tarns, the daughter of a tailor substantially less, perhaps 10 to bundles fine cloth.

With arranged companionships it can quite occur that the partners have never seen each other or never without a veil. The last opportunity is rather improbable in the low castes, because the men see the woman at on the markets or causes the respective castes. In particular, wealthy families celebrate a everything around the companionship. Additionally a complex journey is organized, if the partner does not come from the same city. With this kind of celebration, also the way to the new partner and the ceremony becomes an event. Tarn riders however have a special custom: they catch their future companion playful and fly away with her. He lashes her to the saddle and lets her clothes fallen to the ground. The show the same behaviour also to slaves, who they set free to became free companions of the tarn riders.


In none of the books a complete ceremony for free companionship is described. There are only few things, which we know about such a ceremony. They are also different from city to city. Only one thing remains the same: drinking the love wine. The love wine is a special wine, which is very often handed/can be handed during a ceremony. Veils play also an important role in such ceremonies. It is described that in some cities the women wear many veils. These are removed it from their respective partner one after the other. In some cities/regions the last veil is removed only in the private areas, in other places the face of the woman is shown in public.


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