About Cruelty towards panther girls of Gor

Danger of Men

Introduction by Marlies Dasmijn:

Most of the men I meet in SL Gor drawn to Gorean lifestyle are either seriously afraid of women (and thus desire to hurt and subjugate the thing they fear) or men who like the kinky aspect of the spanky/slavery stuff, but at heart are just nice guys who’d like a girl to make their coffee and cosely warm up their bed. The fact that upon admitting to a BTB city male  that I was a Panther Girl I was threatened with TWO “force collars” indicates just how far down the rabbit hole some of these men are. Turns out, in real life, you can’t just go kidnap a woman, slap a brand and a collar on her and call her yours !  As much as most  Gorean men  wish that were the case, but these BTB guys–jeez. They took themselves way too seriously !

Quote from a captured panther girl:

Verna had been a rude, proud, strong, defiant, ill-tempered, magnificent outlaw woman, hating men. Then she had fallen to Marlenus of Ar, who would not accept her as such. He had played a savage game, crushing her, turning her into a slave girl. Verna was now property, to be bid upon, and bought and sold by any free man. But, too, paradoxically perhaps, she was joyful in the discovery of herself, her sex and her body. It mattered not that the discovery had been forced upon her. Too long had she fought and denied her womanhood. As a slave, she would no longer be permitted to do so. She had been a proud outlaw woman, fierce, resenting men, hostile toward them. Marlenus had touched her. She was feminine, utterly feminine, unlocked, opened, a conquered, helpless, loving slave.

~ Hunters of Gor Page 173

Quote from the warriors codes:

I was ashamed that I had been brutal with her, but I would not show it. I knew, in my heart, that it had been I, I myself, who had betrayed me, I who had fallen short of the warrior codes, I who had dishonored my own Home Stone, and the blade I bore. It was I who was guilty. Not she. ~Raiders of Gor   Book 6   Page 86

How to enter a city as a panther girl:

As a panther girl of  SL Gor I am the first to say I have the greatest respect for most of the men of SL Gor. They are not my equals. They are men and I am a woman. Simple truthful fact. As an outlaw I can discuss things as an equal with the men of SL Gor. I can even disagree. But my manner is at all times respectful and feminine, unless I am provoked or insulted. That said, I have no respect for men that treat women sadistically.

Panther girls entering a city disguised as a Free Woman run the risk of being caught. The guards in most cities seem to have a “sixth” sense for sniffing panther girls out.  Here is some advice :

–  hide all your panther group’s in your profile,

–  remove any text or clues in your profile that may give away your panther girl background,

– be ready to answer questions like : “what is your homestone ?” “where is your escort? ” “state your business” “can any one vouch for you in the city? “,

– change your GM meter label to 12/label Lady ….,

– address free men with “Sir” and free women with “Lady”, do not call the free men “male” this is panther girl slang! address all slaves as “slave “,

– dress and behave appropriately, that means cover your face with a veil, cover all skin , wear flat shoes or boots, behave in a Lady like manner,

– if you can, find a male slave and dress him up as a warrior , have him escort you to a city, beware though: only choose a male slave that is trustworthy.

So let’s say the panther girl is caught in her disguise.  What will happen to a panther? Well, in almost all  cases she will be treated extremely harshly, the warrior men in SL Gor seem to be a lot meaner than in the books. They will kick a pregnant women in the belly, use a hot poker to burn out eyes, cut out tongues , cut off breasts, hamstring legs , cut the tendons in the palms, drive iron nails through hands and feet.  Be warned entering a city is not for the squeamish or faint hearted ! If you are not prepared to enter into this kind of role play then it’s better to stay away from the cities in SL Gor!  Below are some examples of what I heard warrior men say whilst I was undercover in a city, I won’t mention which city in SL Gor , but this is pretty much what you will hear in most BTB cities……

What warriors really think of panther girls:

Sterling: well you know panthers, they are most ungratful selfish immoral and all those nasty things , that is untill someone like me who sometimes gives up all his presious time to training them properly , even then they dont thank me unless i have beat them hard and made them”

What warriors have in mind when they catch a panther girl:

Źĩʄεŗ: “Do as I would, collar them, cut their tongues, and then sell them for as much as you might be able to get. Coin is coin, after all.”

Harif: “pick one and cut off her breasts.”

Warriors will kill a panther girl:

Brogan: Pick one of them, and kill her, keep the leader in a collar, and cut the fingers of the rest, through the palm to keep them from lifting a weapon against us for a hand or so.”

Brogan looked to Harif, “Pick one and kill her, the others, we shall cut the hands of the rest of them across the palm.”

A warrior expects a panther girl to stay a slave:

Brogan: I take it they are for the one that submitted, from what I surmise, she shall stay in her collar, and honor her submission, agreed Captain?”

 A captured panther girl

Victor smiles with glee as he stands over his prize, already counting the coin he will surely receive for her at market after she has been properly trained. He stoops down and begins a thorough check for weapons. He removes her bow first and cuts the string before tossing it aside. He takes her dagger and uses that along with a comb to check her hair for any pins. The dagger is very useful for cutting away all the matts when the comb gets stuck. In case she has anything else she could use, he then uses her dagger to carefully cut away her clothing, taking care not to cut her and diminish her value at market. He also removes any jewelry, necklaces, etc., since he will soon replace those with a collar, nipple and clit rings to better serve her new purpose. Finally, he takes out a glove so he can begin a cavity search to remove anything else she might have hidden. He places the used glove, dagger, shredded clothing, pins and anything he found in a pouch to throw away later rather than litter the beautiful forest.
Now that she is naked, he prepares her for transport. He takes out some rope and begins tying her up. Since he has some time, he eschews the more popular gorean capture knot and uses his favorite shibari techniques instead, saying a silent prayer to the priest kings that the sim adminstrators are not so anal about every BtB detail in case anyone objects. Soon she is bound from head to foot in a way that shows off the erotic beauty of a pleasure slave. She is immobilized and any movements will squeeze her heat and breasts while tightening the knots on her wrists and ankles. He puts a blindfold over her and smiles. She is ready.

Victor  approaches the ship’s captain to negotiate their fare. He doesn’t pay him, but offers instead to let the captain have his way with her when she has completed her training. The captain is an old seaman with no teeth and immediately begins drooling and nodding eagerly. He places his cargo on board and they set sail. The captain comes over frequently to ogle her. Some of his spittle drips off his chin and onto her naked flesh and Victor makes a mental note to have her bathed soon after they arrive.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Various


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  1. okay, all you “rp is god and suicide is never justifiable” types out there, go ahead and tell me how NOT offing yourself if you’re her is even remotely realistic. You can’t because it isn’t.

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