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We  discuss the open collar and how it works in Secondlife Gor. In roleplay a free woman is collared and whipped by a panther, the many types of collar are discussed. The BS reasons for a forced submission.  Most importantly for us panther girls , we want to know how to remove a collar….I know , many panthers in SL Gor have a magic lock pick, but lets get realistic….

A “willing” submission bull shit style……

abbygail : submit willingly or get bottle fucked up the ass
abbygail : grabs the tied womans hair
abbygail : lifts her head up
abbygail : submit girl last chance
XXX wiggles her wrists twisting “I have never seen huntresses raping  or stop from being raided by another woman..” brings her dark orbs  to gaze right into hers “Nor so gleefully rape like a male”
abbygail : what rape like a male??
abbygail : wtf r u saying  <—-(Notice crap text RP.  I accidentally hit the nail on the head here, but had no idea I was RPing a RL man)
XXX  “You should have not stopped me & you should not be using that bottle like a male would use his penis!”
abbygail : omg what a bitch well ur opinion is crap
GM 4.02: abbygail  hit you with Primus Haud Deus Scimitar 2.8 (sm) (40%) – strike type: sword

Open Collar

What is open collar?

OpenCollar is a Second Life™ open-sourced project that strives to create a fully open-sourced submission collar for use in the Second Life ™ virtual metaverse environment. This wiki is where the documentation for the project is developed and stored. OpenCollar (OC) is a set of scripts for a D/s collar similar to other scripted collars in Second Life. Unlike the other collars, however, OpenCollar is open source. You are free to copy and redistribute the OC scripts, provided that you leave them full perms. Read the entire OpenCollar License in the notecard accompanying the scripts. The OpenCollar architecture is plugin-based, allowing for new features to be added in the future.

Features not found in other collars include:

  • menu-driven support for the Restrained Love Viewer (formerly Restrained Life Viewer), usually referred to as RLV

  • ability to automatically punish a sub for saying any word from a list you specify

  • optional group control, in addition to control by owners and secondary owners (secowners)

  • menu-driven color and texture settings

  • automatic updates

  • online database settings that survive script resets and are automatically transferred if/when the collar is updated

  • best of all, free open-source code! source: http://code.google.com/p/opencollar/wiki/UsersGuide


What types of collar are there?

“Collar!” I said. Eta frowned. “Ko-lar,” she repeated, again indicating the neck band of steel fashioned on her throat. “ko-lar,” I said carefully following her pronunciation” ~Slave Girl of Gor, page 81~

Turian Collar:

The Turian collar lies loosely on the girl, a round ring; it fits so loosely that, when grasped in a mans fist, the girl can turn within it; the common Gorean collar, on the other hand, is flat, snugly fitting steel band. Both collars lock in the back, behind the the girls neck. The Turian collar is more difficult to engrave, but it, like the flat collar, will bear some legend assuring that the girl, if found, will be promptly returned to her Master Nomads of Gor, p. 19

Message Collar:

A high leather collar which a contains a message sewn within it. Normally the recipient would also keep the slave as a gift.

Kamchak and I regarded one another. “Did you note the collar she wore?” I asked. He had not seemed to show much interest in the high, thick leather collar that the girl had had sewn about her neck. “Of course,” he said. “I myself,” I said, “have never seen such a collar.” “It is a message collar,” said Kamchak. “Inside the leather, sewn within, will be a message.” Nomads of Gor, p. 40

Northern Collar:

The Northern collar is flat black metal, literally riveted on with a hammer, it is normally unmarked and is used in Torvaldsland and surrounding areas.

“Look up at me,” said the smith. The slender, blond girl, tears in her eyes, looked up at him. He opened the hinged collar of black iron, about a half inch in height. He put it about her throat. It also contained a welded ring, suitable for the attachment of a chain. “Put your head beside the anvil,” he said. He took her hair, and threw it forward, and thrust her neck against the left side of the anvil. Over the anvil lay the joining ends of the two pieces of the collar. The inside of the collar was separated by a quarter of an inch from her neck. I saw the fine hairs on the back of her neck. On one part of the collar are two, small, flat, thick rings. On the other is a single such ring. These rings, when the wings of the collar are joined, are aligned, those on one wing on top and bottom, that on the other in the center. They fit closely together, one on top of the other. The holes in each, about three-eighths of an inch in diameter, too, of course, are perfectly aligned. The smith, with his thumbs, forcibly, pushed a metal rivet through the three holes. The rivet fits snugly. “Do not move your head, Bond-maid,” said the smith. Then, with great blows of the iron hammer, he riveted the iron collar about her throat.A man then pulled her by the hair from the anvil and threw her to one side. She lay there weeping, a naked bond-maid, marked and collared. Marauders of Gor, p. 105-106

Kur Collar:

A high, locking, leather collar which is used to identify Kur slaves

“She approached me. From my pouch I drew forth a leather Kur collar, with its lock, and sewn in leather, its large, rounded ring. “What is it?” she asked apprehensively, I took it behind her neck, and then, closing it about her throat, thrust the large, flattish bolt, snapping it, into the locking breech. The two edges of metal, bordered by the leather, fitted closely together. The collar is some three inches in height. The girl must keep her chin up. “It is the collar of a Kur cow,” I told her.” Marauders of Gor, p. 322-323

Lock Collar:

A slave collar normally for a female slave, which locks in the back. The key would be kept by her Owner. Most locks are six pin or six disk locks, one pin or disk for each letter of the word kajira.

“A small, heavy lock on a girl’s slave collar, incidentally, may be of several varieties, but almost all are cylinder locks, either of the pin or disk variety. In a girl’s collar lock there would be either six pins or six disks, on each, it is said, for each letter in the Gorean word for slave, Kajira “ Assassin of Gor, p. 51

Dance Collar:

A collar to which light-weight chain has been attached in order to set off the dancer; a common type consists of a large oval of chain , to which wrist cuffs are attached; once the two sides of the oval have been attached to a ring on the collar; there are variations depending on the region.

“A wrist ring was fastened on her right wrist. The long, slender, gleaming chain was fastened to this and, looping down and up, ascended gracefully to a wide chain ring on her collar, through which it freely passed, thence descending, looping down, and ascending, looping up, gracefully, to the left wrist ring. If she were to stand quietly, the palms of her hands on her thighs, the lower portions of the chain, those two dangling loops, would have been about at the level of her kneels, just a little higher. The higher portion of the chain, of course, would be at the collar loop “ Kajira of Gor, p. 143

Capture Collar:

The capture Collar is a loop of chain controlled by two wooden handles so that it is easy to block off the slave’s air supply as a measure of control.

“I looked in the rear-view mirror, terrified. About my throat, closely looped, was a narrow golden chain. It was controlled by two narrow wooden handles, in his hands “It was a girl-capture chain,” I said “It is to be distinqued from the standard garrote, which is armed with wire and can cut a throat easily. The standard garrote, of course, is impractical for captures, for the victim, in even a reflexive movement, might cut her own throat.” Savages of Gor p. 180

Cord Collar:

A light cord tied about the slave’s throat with a small disk hanging from it which identifies the name of the Owner. This type of collar is used in the Delta where metal can only be traded for.

“On some rence islands I have heard, incidentally, that the men have revolted, and enslaved their women. These are usually kept in cord collars, with small disks attached to them, indicating the names of their masters.” Vagabonds of Gor, p. 341

Coffle Collar:

A slave collar with a ring upon it to thread chain through, the chain is either a permanent attachment or removable depending on the amount of slaves in the coffle.

The collars had front and back rings, were hinged on the right and locked on the left. This is a familiar form of coffle collar. The lengths of chain between the collars were about three to four feet long. Some were attached to the collar rings by the links themselves, opened and then reclosed about the rings, and some of them were fastened to the collar rings by snap rings. Another common form of coffle collar has its hinge in the front and closes behind the back of the neck, like the common slave collar. It has a single collar ring, usually on the right, through which, usually, a single chain is strung. Girls are spaced on such a chain, usually, by snap rings. Savages of Gor, p. 135

Plate Collar:

A plate collar is used most often on male slaves or untrained female slaves. It is hammered onto the throat and only a metal worker can remove it.

“I could see the heavy metal collar hammered about the man’s neck, not uncommon in a male slave. His head would have been placed across the anvil, and the metal curved about his neck with great blows.” Hunters of Gor, p. 13

Plank Collar:

A plank collar is used on slave benches. It is a heavy wooden plank with five semicircular openings, when the plank is lifted it provides holding collars for five slaves. The plank is then chained down.

The primary holding arrangement for women on the benches, however, are not chains. Each place on the bench is fitted with ankle and wrist stocks, and for each bench there is a plank collar, a plank which opens horizontally, each half of which contains five matching, semicircular openings, which, when it is set on pinions, closed, and chained in place, provides thusly five sturdy, wooden enclosures for the small, lovely throats of women. The plank is thick and thus the girl’s chins are held high. The plank is further reinforced between each girl with a narrowly curved iron band, the open ends of which are pierced; this is slid tight in its slots, in its metal retainers, about the boards, and secured in place with a four-inch metal pin, which may or may not be locked in place. Savages of Gor, p. 60

Shipping Collar:

A shipping collar is a temporary collar used to identify the slave as part of the cargo of a particular ship.

“What sort of collar do you wear?” “A shipping collar, Master. It shows that I am a portion of the cargo of the Palms of Schendi.” Explorers of Gor, p. 79

Collar Sleeve:

A sleeve made out of cloth of some type which goes around the collar and normally would match the outfit the slave is wearing. Used only in some cities.

I reached out, timidly, towards her throat. I touched the object there. “What is this?” I asked. “The silk?” she asked. “That is a collar stocking, or a collar sleeve. They may be made of many different materials. In a cooler climate they are sometimes of velvet. In most cities they are not used.” Kajira of Gor, p. 46


How to remove a collar on a Panther girl.

No magic lock picks , no disney Gor , just facts and quotes:

“Remove the collar immediately,” commanded Kamras, plenipotentiary of Phanius Turmus, Administrator of Turia. Kamchak smiled. “It seems,” he said, “that I have forgotten the key.” “Send for one of the Caste of Metal Workers!” cried Saphrar.

“I will send for one of the metal workers tonight,” he said, “and we will get this collar and tag off your neck. Then, afterward, we will see that you are chained. And, in the morning, when we leave, I will put you in the coffle.” Prize of Gor   Book 27   Page 374

In a few minutes a fellow in the black and gray of the metal workers appeared and removed her collar, with the attached tag. He then made use of her, briefly, and then freed her from the trestle. She was then, held bent over, in common leading position, her head at his hip, taken back about the tent and chained for the night. Prize of Gor   Book 27   Page 375

Unless you can find a metal worker , black smith or thief , the only valid way to remove a collar is to ask a sister in the tribe with lock picking experience , for example the sister who emotes the lockpicking lines on each raid , or who is adept at stealing. Asking a random panther to remove the collar is …..just disney.

Ɗiσηє reaches a pouch and picking some needles with different sizes”Uhmmm let me see”say tilting her head would peeking the Collar lock for get a idea about what kind of the needles would be suitable

A submission

“I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.”  Said Marli to her sister. Her normally soft features turned hard as she spoke. “If we are one like the sleen pack, we win always.” She added, then pointed at the figure that approached from the early morning mists. A  Free Woman is  captured and enslaved by a panther.

The role play:

Marli looks the girl over, having just removed her from the slave pens, her mother had been a pretty free woman, so was her daughter, she would learn the harshness of slavery , she walked around the girl her whip in her hand as she appraised the slave

Kimberly looks at the woman as she walks around me with a whip in hand, wishing so bad to return to my father..”why am i here, and dressed as this..I will never be a slave, my mother was a fool to accept such things..now let me go, and return my colthing..I will never submit to you or anyone”

Marli runs the back of her black whip down the girls legs, she grins hearing the girls petty plea, she pushes the whip close to the girls heat, noticing a slight shiver, she chuckles “you are already sensitive to the slightest touch of my whip…girl”

Kimberly gives a sharp look of anger..”I don’t know what to say, I am still pure down there, perhaps anything to touch me there would make me shiver and shake as i am starting to…I will never submit, and no one will ever have me..now lets save you the trouble, and perhaps my Father will pay you for My safe return”

Marli runs her fingers through the girls long dark hair like she would any common slave, but this one was a beauty and her spirit would be broken, she had seen and heard this many times, at first there would be resistance, in the end the girl would kiss her whip, begging for it in fact

Kimberly looks around for a possible escape..as I grow fully awakened..looking down i see slave cloth on myself, and feel the weight of something heavy..”A collar, and camisk…never take these off of Me..and let me go..” as i set my body to be prepared to run and try to get away.

Marli faces the girl, she roughly makes her face her with the blunt edge of her whip, she looks at the girl with deep emotionless eyes “I have bought you from the slavers house…three silver tarsks…..i care nothing of your Father or of your past…” she pulls on the camisk “You are dressed a slave, deep inside you is the mind of a slave….I will find it”

Kimberly shivers abit as i worry what will happen, seeing no emotion or anything comming from her eyes..”please i will do anything please just let me go..you say three silver tarsks..I will get you a slave worth a gold tarn anything just please let me go”.

Marli doesn’t reveal any emotion as she notices the girls shiver, she leans forward, running her finger along the thick collar “Silly girl, you have been sold to a taluna tribe, we have no need for slaves worth a gold tarsk, naye, you are perfect for our needs” she grins running the whip down the girls youthfull breasts as she catches a glimpse underneath the thin silken material

Kimberly shivers again, a strange but pleasent sensation coursing through my body at the touches..i flinch a little, and try to pull away..having begged and pleaded, but getting no where i look to try to escape..thinking best to do so now then later

Marli roughly grabs the girls arm, she attaches a leash to the girls collar, the slave bell chimes as the girl struggles, but she is no match for a strong willed and athletic taluna, she pulls on the leash leading her to the whipping post, saying nothing as she begins to bind her using the ropes from around her waist

Kimberly starts to struggle and pull against the post..growing more afraid..”let me off of here, i did nothing to you..why would you tie me here and keep me..for what reason could you want me?

Marli firmly secures the girl to the post using thick ropes, she takes the leash off and attaches it to her belt , she removes her whip , it uncurls as it reaches the ground she walks to the girls side so she can see it , she waits to see the girls response

Kimberly : “No put that away..don’t hit me with it, I have seen what it does to those girls..please my skin is so beautiul, just cut away this cloth and see, just please don’t hurt me”

Marli grins placing the whip back on her hip, she reaches down for her sharp knive, she skilllfully removes the girls camisk . watching it drop slowly to her feet

Kimberly gasps and takes a deep breathe as those thin clothes are removed from me, standing here nude for all to see, i start to cry..”ohh thank you for not hitting me..please take off this collar, and help me find my clothing..ohh thank you”

Marli smiles to herself seeing the pretty rounded figure of the girl, she was indeed of good stock, the slaver had an excellent eye, she listens to the girls plea, oh how familiar it sounded to her ears

Kimberly : please what will it take, I will never submit, i have nothing now except my virtue..the only thing i have left is between my legs, my pure untouched heat..is that what it will take, me offering my body for your furs, to be allowed release?

Marli places her knife back in its sheath, she waits a moment, her right hand reaching for the whip once more, with a low thud the tip drops to the rocky ground, she walks behind the girl ,she touches the girls ass with the the edge of her whip, letting her feel it on her bare skin, she still says nothing , waiting and watching

Kimberly jumps in fear as the whip touches my rear, my body nearly hugging the pole as i try to get away from it..”please say something please what will it take to not feel that on my beautiful body?”

Marli lets the whip slide slowly down the girls hind legs, she leans forward, her warm breath in the girls ear “you are my property , my slut, you offer your heat but you are already mine”

Modan blinks, regaining his senses, looks around disorientated

Kimberly tries to move away..not wanting to be here anymore..”no I will never be fully yours, and I will never give you all of me sure, you can beat me here, but i will close my legs, and never let them open and I promise I will run at first chance I get

Marli sees the slave awaken in the cell, but ignores him, she will attend to him later, she hears the girl “You will be whipped into submission, when you try and escape you will be whipped again and harshly, if you do not please me or my sisters we will beat you” pauses a moment “foolish girl, try and escape a second time and i will personally hamstring you and make you my coin slut”

Kimberly whimpers and stops struggling the woman having great skill with knots and rope..i let myself hang here, speaking softly..”do as you wish, just please don’t hamstring me..please i don’t wish to lose the ability to walk or stand

Marli steps back the whip trialing on the ground, she moves four paces from the girl, an ideal whipping distance , she speaks in a low voice “feel the sting of my first strike….remember it….know what it means to be whipped by a taluna”

Kimberly screams out, as She hits me..”please OWWW! please stop!”

Marli lets the whips drop to the floor , she hears the girl cry , she calls out “Adress me as Mistress”

Marli her heart already filling with hate, as she hated all free women, how she despised them , she would make this girl know , feel to be a slave in every bone

Kimberly screams out..”NEVER, just please no more with the whip..I will never call you that!”

Marli eyes filled with hatred , even more determined to break this girl and have her wriggle and serve at her feet, her arm reaches back and with all her anger focused in her strike she whips the girl brutally and harshly, seeing the whip marks deep, the blood trickling down the girls back

Kimberly starts to scream more and more harshly..the whip breaking through my skin and the blood trickling down my back..i start to believe thise woman will not stop till i utter the word She longs to hear..having had many harsh strikes..”please no more M M M istress!” i scream out..as I can barely take much more.

Marli let the whip drop to the ground , she grins with some satisfaction “Good girl…you are learning …”

Marli walks to the crate, finding a rep cloth she soaks it in the bowl of water, normally used for captives after a harsh beating, she walks to the girl holding the moist rep cloth , she offers it to the girls mouth

Marli looks deeply in the girls eyes , letting her know her determination “Mistress …..will cut you down now…you will be allowed to rest in the slave pens”


Slave girl

The slave girl didn’t notice the red headed panther who walked up to her . The girl didn’t notice until she heard a harsh voice calling her name.
She stood up as a young girl should do in the presence of a superior panther girl.
‘Yes, Mistress!’ the girl answered sensing her heart beating in her chest. The fact that this panther addressed her indicated something bad, she knew that. She wondered what she was accused of doing. She took for granted that there was some wrongdoing being done and that she had been accused of it. She could not imagine the real reason for this panther talking to her.
The girl was soon to be told the grim reason for her address. The panther didn’t give her much time for preparations.
‘Strip!’ the red head ordered with a stern voice.
The girl was bewildered.
‘But, why, Mistress ?’ she managed to ask.
‘You are to be taken to the slave pit.’
‘No, Mistress , that must be some mistake, I have been a good girl.’
The girl felt her cheeks blush.
‘You are the property of the tribe and to be taken to the slave pit to be sold.’
‘Am I no longer the property of Mistress Sheeba?’
‘Will you strip or shall I order my sisters to strip you?’
‘But, please, Mistress, I do not understand.’
‘The papers are in order, our green saw to that,’ the red head replied.
The red head didn’t prove it by showing the girl the papers. Even if the girl could read, it was not that. It was, simply not done.
‘But, Mistress, why would she…?’
‘Strip now, girl!’
‘My owner can’t have. Please, Mistress, do not tell me, my owner has sold me!’
‘I think she has. Will you strip now?’
The girl was overwhelmed, distraught. She covered her face in her hands, weeping. The girl couldn’t believe what was happening. Her mind was in turmoil.
The girl heard the other panther girls in the company of the red head who had addressed her, obviously her sisters, approach her. The girl immediately stood up. She realized she had to comply. Nothing could be more embarrassing than having those sisters strip her right there.
‘Please, Mistress, wait, I will do as you wish.’
The red head held back her sisters with a gesture of her hand.
The girl looked up at the red head in despair. The girls fingers fumbled with the cord around her waist. She felt numb.
‘Please, Mistress, can’t I take my clothes off later?’
‘It is not customary,’ the red head answered and the girl knew she was right.
The girl untied the cord around her waist and hesitated. The red head looked annoyed but she didn’t say anything.
‘Please, Mistress.’
The red head didn’t answer but gestured with her hand and her sisters started to move.
‘Wait, wait, please, Mistress, I will obey.’
The red head held them back.
The girls hands trembled as she slipped the camisk from her shoulders. There was a sense of loss as she felt it slide over her body. She held it as it slipped from her and then she stepped out of it. The red head held out her hand and the girl gave the red head her camisk and the cord that used to hold it in place.
For a while the girl just stood there, feeling utterly naked, blushing, her heart pounding in her chest, full of shame and anguish.
The red head didn’t say anything, she just pointed at the girls hip. For some reason she didn’t dare to protest. Her fumbling fingers untied the knot at her hip and she slipped off her minimal breech cloth. Now she was naked.
‘Now, girl, kneel!’
The girl fell to her knees and hunched her back, trying to cover up, overcome with shame and embarrassment.
‘Straighten your back!’
The girl did as she was told. She sat up and suddenly she saw all the panthers who had gathered around her. It was a bit of entertainment in the camp to see a girl being enslaved like this. The girl wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to look calm.
‘Knees apart.’
The girls heart beat an extra beat at hearing this. This was the ultimate shame, having to kneel like a slave in front of these free women.
She obeyed the red head while her whole body trembled.
The girl cried as she obeyed the red head.
Her head swirled and her cheeks were hot as she knelt on the grass, naked and with knees apart like a slave girl.
The red head squatted behind the girl and took the girls arms and crossed them behind her back. The red head then bound her and put a rope around her neck as a leash.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Wiki/Various

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  1. thought this was going to be about all the BS “reasons” used to assume submission and collar someone. Oh well.

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