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Buying a Gorean slave in SL Gor is something a panther may undertake when trading with a slaver. The prices are expressed in coinage. However, a panther would problably trade in furs , forest berries and small game.

 Slave Prices

▪ Infant Slave: (Cheapest Prices = 2 Tarsk Bits) The most inexpensive of slaves are infants. It is not unusual in the cities for free women to sell their infant daughters into slavery. Some women even do it on a regular basis, as an added form of income. Two tarsk bits is a standard price for an infant. The price could be higher depending on the qualifications of the mother. The women doing actually make a pittance when you consider all of their time and labor. Note: in SL Gor as in SL in general child avatars are frowned upon. So selling an infant slave would only be a roleplay situation , no child avatar would be used. A panther would not buy a child.

 ▪ FeMale Work Slaves: (Cheap Prices) Inexpensive slaves are female work slaves purchased for public kitchens, laundries, mills, etc. These are the kettle-and-mat girls, the pot girls and other such lowly slaves. These kind of slaves would be found in a panther camp. 


▪ Male Work Slaves: (Low Prices = No more than 1 Silver Tarsk) The next level of slaves are the male work slaves who commonly work on cargo galleys, wharves, fields, and quarries. They are often criminals or war captives. Most male slaves are inexpensive and usually will not garner more than a silver Tarsk. These kind of slaves would be found in a panther camp. 


▪Basic Trained Slaves: (Moderate Prices) The next general level, the most common type of slave, are the ones who can be used as a pleasure slave. These slaves are not all trained pleasure slaves per se but only slaves for whom part of their duty is to sexually please their owner. Unlikely to be found in a panther camp


▪ Male Silk Slaves: (Good Prices = 4-6 Silver Tarsks) The next level are the male silk slaves, a rare breed on Gor. male silk slaves whom commonly sell for four to six silver Tarsks. A silk slave is a pleasure slave for a free woman. They usually bring higher prices than basic female pleasure slaves only due to their rarity. Most Gorean men make poor silk slaves.  Unlikely to be found in a panther camp , these types of slaves are rare.


▪ Highly trained Slaves: (Expensive Prices) The most expensive slaves though are generally special pleasure slaves, dancers, exotics and passion slaves. These slaves are generally all highly trained. Not found in a panther camp.


A panther healer or slaver can draw up slave papers in SL Gor. In cities a scribe would also sign the slave papers to make them official.  A slave in SL Gor can be asked for papers at any time.

T H I N G S   T O   C O N S I D E R

“An individual slave’s value increases in value over time because they become used to their slavery and therefore how to serve, pleasure, fur etc…That is why an untrained slave is worth less than a trained one.”

▪  Slave Previous Caste: Slaves who were once High Caste generally are worth more than Low Caste ones.

▪  Slave Pierced: Pierced ears, once a mark of degradation, now also increase a girl’s value.

▪  Slave Age: If a slave is young when she is initially sold, her value may increase once her body matures into a more womanly figure.

▪  Slave Silk: On Gor, a white silk (a virgin) is often praised higher then a Red silk (opened), surely not for her experience as pleasure slave, but more as symbolic matters. Untouched, virgin, fresh meat…..

“Cernus smiled. ‘Our Physicians ascertained,’ said he, ‘that she is only a Red Silk Girl.’ ‘I scarcely supposed,’ said I, ‘that you would permit a White Silk girl to go alone on the streets of Ar.’ Cernus chuckled. ‘Indeed not,’ he said. ‘The risk is too much, sometimes as much as ten gold pieces.’” (Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page 45)

” ‘But,’ had said Ute, ‘if a man seizes you, you are not to yield yourself to him, for you are white silk.’ A flash of irritation passed through me. ‘I am charged with the protection of my market value?’ I asked, ironically. ‘Yes,’ said Ute, matter-of-factly. ‘Though I, if I were a man, would pay more for a red-silk girl.’ ‘I must do nothing,’ I said, ‘to diminish the investment of Rask of Treve?’ ‘That is correct,’ said Ute. ‘What if I am simply seized, and my attacker is not prepared to listen to reason?’ I asked. Ute laughted. It was the first time I had seen her laugh in the camp. I was pleased I had made her laugh. ‘Cry out,’ said Ute, ‘and the others will take you from him and get him a red-silk girl.’ ‘All right,’ I had said.” (Book 7, Captive of Gor, pages 306 – 307)

▪  Slave Training Level: As a girl’s training level and knowledge increases, her value also appreciates. Pleasure slave training and dance training are key elements in raising a girl’s price.

Cernus turned to Caprus, who stood near him. “Is she trained?” he asked. “No,” said Caprus. “She is Red Silk but she knows almost nothing.”? “Let her be fully trained,” said Cernus to Caprus. “Fully?” asked Caprus. “Yes,” said Cernus, “fully.” Assassin of Gor, pages 47 – 48

▪  Slave Auction House Fame: The place where you purchase a girl may also affect the price.  The most expensive girls are sold at the Curulean, the most prestigious auction house in Ar.  Slaves desire greatly to be sold there because they are often guaranteed to be sold to a wealthy owner.  A slave girl is seldom sold here for less than two gold tarns. A beautiful, High Caste woman commonly sells for thirty to fifty gold tarns while a Low Caste woman will sell for half that amount.  Based on the above mentioned Earth conversion rates, a High Caste woman might be sold for up to $1,000,000.  In other auction houses, the slaves would sell for much less.  A gold tarn in such other places might purchase a girl worthy enough for a Ubar’s Pleasure Gardens.

▪  Slave With Previous Free Status: The most expensive slave would likely be the daughter of a Ubar or even a Ubara herself. In a private sale, she might bring up to 10,000 gold tarns.  In a public sale, where her status was unknown, such a woman might only be worth a few copper tarsks, dependent on their beauty.

▪  Slave Pedigree: Exotics also get top prices due to their rarity, special abilities or talents.  Passions slaves are one of the more common exotics and they garner high prices.  Exotics such as poison girls or women who are raised never knowing the existance of men would be very expensive commodities.

▪  Slave Auction Participants: Auctions generally bring the highest prices for girls due to the number of bidders.  An auction brings out the competitive nature of man and can cause girls to be sold for amounts higher than they are worth.

▪  Slave Purple Booths: Purple booths are also used to girls in private sales though generally only to important or wealthy buyers.  These booths are commonly set within the courtyard of a slaver’s house or at a fair.  In each booth there will be a special slave, one of a slaver’s best.  A potential buyer can examine and try out the girl in the booth and then negotiate a price with the slaver.

▪  Slave Physical Attribute: Certain physical types also garner higher prices in areas where those physical types are a rarity.  For instance, blue-eyed, blond women are rare in the Tahari region so they are more valuable there.  Other physical types are not so much as rarer but more desired in certain regions.  for example, in Torvaldsland they prefer large breasted women so pay more for them.  In general, and in many areas of Gor, auburn hair increases the value of a Slave.

▪  Slave Upkeep Costs: Most men cannot afford to own more than one slave at a time.  But, a slave is often a good investment.  As many slaves appreciate in value over time, a man can eventually sell his slave for a profit and either buy a more expensive slave or multiple slaves.  Once you can afford a single slave, you will likely then always be able to own a slave.  A buyer must realise that his costs are not contained to the original price of the slave.  Upkeep costs are constant such as food, clothing, equipment or whatever other items a Slave might require.  Upkeep costs can be closely monitored by the owner though, spending only what he desires.  He could obviously keep a slave naked and feed her only the cheapest foods.  He could on the other hand keep her in fine silks with a jewelled collar.  It is all a matter of personal preference.

▪  Slave Collars: In general, slave collars were not made of precious metals and did not have expensive gems on them.  First, few could afford to do that. Second, such items are much more valuable than the slave and would leave her even more tempting to a thief.  Some would feel no compunction with killing a Slave to steal her bejewelled collar.  The few girls that possessed such items were the personal Slaves of the wealthy and those Girls did not wander around a city unaccompanied.

S L A V E   P R I C E   Q U O T E S

▪General asses rules: One man might feel a girl is worth only a silver tarsk while someone else might see her as a gold tarn girl.  Slave preferences vary greatly.  Like all other Gorean prices, there are also a multitude of variables involved.

“In a sense a woman is worth as much or as little as someone is willing to pay for her.” (Magicians of Gor, p.338)

There are dozens of references in the novels to the prices of slaves.  The prices range from a copper tarsk to many gold tarns.  A mere list of these references is not that useful due to the great variation involved in such pricing.  Luckily, an analysis of the references does indicate some general guidelines. Other girls may be sold for set prices at a slaver’s house.

“The third woman cried out with anger, shaking her shackles. She was well curved, and diet and exercise could much improve her. I thought she might bring as much as sixty copper tarsks in a market. If that were so, and the inn sold her for that much, they would have made then, as I recalled, some twenty-five copper tarsks on her.” (Renegades of Gor  pg(s) 42-43)

“Too, Miles of Argentum had speculated that I might bring as much as even a silver tarsk in a market. Was it then because I was free? Were Gorean men spoiled for free women by those collared, curvaceous little sluts they had crawling about their feet, desperately eager to please them?” (Kajira of Gor  pg(s) 114)

“The general class of slave will affect one’s price.” (Fighting Slave of Gor. p.163-165) gives some useful guidelines in this area.

“I scarcely supposed,” said I, “that you would permit a White Silk girl to go alone on the streets of Ar”     Cernus chuckled. “Indeed not,” he said. “The risk is too much, sometimes as much as ten gold pieces.” (Assassin of Gor  pg(s) 45)

Elizabeth regarded the free woman. “Well,” she said, “you are rather beautiful, aren’t you?”     The free woman stopped wailing. “Do you think so?” she asked.     “Twenty gold pieces, I’d say,” appraised Elizabeth.     “I’d give twenty-three,” said one of the men watching, the same fellow whom Elizabeth had slapped.     In fury the free woman turned about and slapped him again, it not being his day in Ko-ro-ba.     “What do you think?” asked Elizabeth of the cringing slave girl.     “Oh, I would not know,” she said, “I am only a poor girl of Tyros.”     “That is your misfortune,” said Elizabeth. “What is your name?”     “Rena,” said she, “if it pleases Mistress.”     “It will do,” said Elizabeth. “Now what do you think?”     “Rena?” asked the girl.     “Yes,” snapped Elizabeth. “Perhaps you are a dull-witted slave?”     The girl smiled. “I would say twenty-five gold pieces,” she said.     Elizabeth, with the others, inspected the free girl. “Yes,” said Elizabeth, “Rena, I think you’re right.” Then she looked at the free girl. “What is your name, Wench?” she demanded.     The girl blushed. “Relia,” she said. Then she looked at the slave girl. “Do you really think I would bring so high a price Relia?” (Assassin of Gor  pg(s) 73-7)

“Kneel to the whip,” he said. I obeyed. I put my head down, and, beneath my body, crossed my wrists, as though they were bound. My back was bowed, ready for whatever punishment he might see fit to administer to me. I was in consternation. I trembled. Could I be still a slave girl? Could he be serious? Was it his intention to keep me still as a slave?     Surely not. Surely not!     “I would not wish you to take a loss on her,” he was saying to the auctioneer. “Here is something which may cover the cost of the miserable little slave.”     I heard a pouch, heavy, filled with metal, strike heavily on the smoothed beams of the surface of the block.     “The gratitude of the house, Master!” cried the auctioneer. He untied the strings of the pouch and, crying out with pleasure, spilled coins of gold to the woods. Swiftly he sorted the coins, expertly. “There are a hundred tarn disks of gold here!” he cried.     The crowd roared its approval.” (Slave Girl of Gor  pg(s) 435-438)

“Slavery, for example, marvelously, subtly, tends to bring out the beauty in a woman. Many women, after a year or two in bondage, become so beautiful that they can double or triple their price.” (Players of Gor, p.23)

▪  Slave Rental: “To rent a slave for a quarter Ah in Ar costs one copper.” (Assassin of Gor, p.156)

“I gestured to the two girls with the free woman. One of them slightly lowered her veil.     “I will pay well for the use of one of these slaves,” I said to the free woman.     “They are my personal slaves,” she said.     “I will give a silver tarsk for the brief use of one, either that you might indicate,” I said.     The warriors looked at one another. The offer was quite generous. It was unlikely that either of the girls would bring so much on the block.” (Beasts of Gor  pg(s) 114-115)

▪  Slave Boarding: “To board a slave costs a copper tarsk a day and training would cost extra.” (Tribesman of Gor, p.53)

▪  Slave Manuals: “These books on the feeding, care and training of slaves are relatively inexpensive.” (Maurauders of Gor, p.144)

▪  Branding: “It costs a copper tarsk to brand a slave.” (Explorers of Gor, p.74) “A Metal Worker was given a silver tarsk for two brands and to saw off a metal collar.  He was very pleased with the payment.” (Beasts of Gor, p.137)

▪  Slave Locker: “It costs a tarsk bit to use a slave locker.  You put your coin into a machine and receive a key to the locker.  You can then leave your slave girl here and lock it.” (Magicians of Gor, p.67)

▪  Bath Girl: “The cost for a bath girl with vary depending on the quality of the bath and the quality of the bath girl.  The cost generally ranges from a copper to silver tarsk for their use.” (Assassin of Gor, p.160-1)

“I cost one tarsk. Nela was an expensive girl, thought there were pools where the girls cost as much as a silver tarn disk. The tarsk is a silver coin, worth forty copper tarn disks. All the girls in the Pool of Blue Flowers cost the same, except novices in training who would go for ten or fifteen copper tarn disks. There were dozens of pools in the vast, spreading Capacian Baths. In some of the larger pools the girls went as cheaply as one copper tarn disk. For the fee one was entitled to use the girl as he wished for as long as he wished, his use of course, limited by the hours of the pool’s closing.” (Assassin of Gor  pg(s) 158-166)

▪  Brothel: “The prices of brothels depends on the quality of the place.  There are cheap tarsk bit places but also very expensive brothels.  A common price would be a copper tarsk, the same amount you would pay at a paga tavern.” (Mercenaries of Gor, p.312)

“I rose to my feet and placed two copper tarsks on the table. I went to the girl and, with the side of my foot, kicked her, “Get to the alcove,” I told her.” (Rogue of Gor  pg(s) 13)

▪  Camp Slaves (likely be a Copper Tarsk or less): “These are girls owned by merchants who hold contracts to supply girls to soldiers.  They rent the girls to the soldiers for a fixed fee, usually a very nominal amount.” (Kajira of Gor, p.193)

▪  Coin Girl: “These slaves go out into the streets at neck seeking to earn money for their use, generally only a tarsk bit.  The money is placed into a small locked box.  Satisfaction is guaranteed or you can get your money back from the girl’s owner.” (Rogue of Gor, p.89-90, 234-5)


 Panther Slaves

Panthers and their slaves are widely seen as a mixture, of wily female fighters, who either are aggressive even in capture or ‘fur bunnies.’ Yet Panthers and Taluna are much more than just this and so are their slaves. Please note that Taluna our sisters form the Southern Forests are included when I say Panther.
We need to consider the whole concept of Panthers. Firstly their name is derived from both hunting the panther and being as stealthy.

Habitation, they would probably either live in huts made from wood or lodges made of skins. If the lodge is made of skins it would depend on the size, we know that Native American lodges were made from eleven or twenty four buffalo skins depending on size. So one could reasonably say that the same would apply in relation to Bosk. Lodges would have the advantage over huts as skins these could be taken down, then transported with their lodge poles if a Panther camp had to leave.

The skins would have to be cut from the animal and then tanned and cleaned. The process of cleaning would be done with a sharp blade or instrument. The skins would then be stretched out on an upright frame for a period of several weeks to dry and cure.
This would be done the same for all skins but ones used for clothing would be beaten and softened.
In instances of making a shield, a wood frame would be made and covered in layers of leather which were normally riveted to the frame, or fastened with raised broad headed nails so the hardened leather does not rip against them. The frame would need to be sturdy but light. The leather may also be fastened by glue made from the hooves of animals as an extra strengthener.

Here the slaves would cure, tan and clean the skins and furs. They would erect the huts and the lodges and they would also dismantle the lodges if the camp moved and either transport them on a cart or a travois. A travois is made of two long poles and skins stretched between the poles. This would either be dragged along by tamed animals or slaves. The lodge skins packed on the travois and the lodge poles probably some six metres long strapped to the edges.

It is most likely that a panther would make or steal her own shield, or there would be a crafts person in camp who was capable of making good shields for the tribe.
Huts would most likely be formed from twigs and sticks and bound by vines, or raffia, also woven reed. These would be wound in together to give a tight finish. They maybe covered in leaves; skins, or even mud to close any gaps and would be a job expected of the slaves.
Slaves would be expected to cook the food; they would collect nuts and berries, wild vegetables, herbs under the watchful eyes of Panthers who would guard in case of an attack. They would also collect broken twigs and branches for the fire, also bosk dung, which when dry would probably be like cow or buffalo dung and burn well.
There would probably be a central cooking pot in the camp as a Panther camp was normally about 15 Panthers plus slaves, This would probably be made of the gourd of the Bosk; just as the Native American used the gourd of the buffalo. Unless trade had been done to gain a metal cauldron.

Arrows would be formed by finding a straight stick or small branch, whittling to rough diameter and then running it repeatedly through a round hole in a stone or wood of comparable diameter until the shaft was smooth. Arrowheads would be formed from bone of stone, unless traded for. Bone and metal ones would be shaped so that they were barbed, which means you push the arrow through and do not try to pull it out if wounded. If you pull out it will rip and catch leaving a large wound, if pushed through it may catch a vital vein or organ. Such wounds should be cauterised or filled with maggots to eat the putrefying flesh after the wound has been properly dealt with. Then covered with a poultice; these often contained moss. To draw something out like a fragment or splinter a poultice would be used that would involve something like mustard. Whilst slaves maybe allowed to deal with helping to make basic medicines and herbal remedies. Only a healer would make would be allowed to make the more important ones.
Bow strings would be formed by sinew from an animal such as the Bosk, they would be taken off in wet weather to keep dry. A wet bow string is slack and doesn’t carry the same velocity or distance. The arrow would be fletched with the feathers running the same ways and often lightly oiled or greased.

Such things as dyes for clothes, the hair and face paint would be made from roots and such things as coloured clays. The Romans and Greeks both used Henna for dying hair for example. These would be prepared by slaves. Tattoes would be prepared the same way. Sometimes they would be cut into the skin other times burnt. A brand may be burnt into a slaves skin and then coloured.
Jewellery there were cases of Panthers wearing bracelets, necklaces, earrings and and rope ankle Bracelets. Whilst in Verna’s case most of it was yellow metal, it would not be beyond reason that such things would be made from leather that is coloured. They also maybe made from teeth, claws and feathers. They could hold some religious significance. This is something that both slaves and Panthers may do as a pastime. A Panther may wear a necklace but she would not wear a collar because of its significance or a choker. They would be unlikely to wave as they are hunter gatherers, rather than crop people.

Drinks like Paga would be fermented and formed over weeks and maybe months. Meat would be cured for winter and smoked with salt, so that it could be kept and there would like be a hut with smoked meat hanging or a cool place.
It would not be unusual for a slave to go on a raid, they would carry extra bow strings and some weapons in case a panther lost or broke something. That is if they are trusted of course. They would carry bandages and medicines for wounds. Panthers would need to be able to travel fast and lightly and healers would need to be able to move quickly and freely in dealing with wounds.
When moving camp, a slave would carry the packs and loads, whilst the Panther would travel weapons at the ready. Panthers would come from various backgrounds; high caste to low caste to the odd former slave. They would bring a myriad of talents with them. Some would read and write and would use parchment; others would be creative with their hands. They would all become proficient in weapons in relation to panthers.
Whilst Panthers would dance within their own tribe, they would be unlikely to dance for an outsider as that was seen to be the role of a slave. They would play musical instruments at times. They would not serve an outsider as that was also the role of a slave.

Panthers would liable to have been covered in animal grease, this is often done in primitive tribes living in the wild. The reasons for this are as follows, that animal grease seals the skin so in cold weather keeps the warmth of the body, it kills human scent and makes a hard grip in melee. Most make ups and creams over the centuries have carried a percentage of animal fats because they make a good binder.
Slave would have to sort the herbs and pick the leaves and flowers for grinding and blending. This would probably be done of a flat stone slab with large round smooth pebbles.
Going back to clothes, there is no reason why hides and skins would not be decorated in different colours, using quills, feathers and dyes. Boots would be like moccasins softened leather, so you can feel what is under foot and can tread carefully without making a sound. Remember women throughout time have adorned themselves with various decoration; especially in tribal communities.

A Panther is going to have senses that are finely attuned to the forest where she lives; she has to otherwise, she will not survive. Her sense of smell, touch, sound and sight will become stronger. She will need to adapt to being patient and sometimes periods of standing perfectly still. She maybe a huntress but she can easily become the hunted if she makes a mistake, by humans and animals. Males moving through the forest will seem to her like a herd of elephants They do not like the forests and acknowledge they are highly dangerous for them.

La kajira

Kajira is the most common term for a slave. Sa-Fora, which means daughter of the chain, is another common term. Usually these terms are regarded as flattery.
Slaves are divided into two major groups, white and red silk. White silk simply means that the girls are virgins, and red silk that they are not. The color of the silk can not be traced back to their training condition. A white-silk girl can be a fully trained pleasure slave, while a red silk girl can just be freshly captured from Earth and not even speak Gorean. None of the other colors of silk on Gor has any meaning. Yellow silk, black silk and things like that are online creations which do not refer to information from the books.
White silk girls are also called “glana“, but usually only by slave traders. A kajira would not be describing herself as “glana”. Red silk can also be referred to as “falarina” and the use of the term is equal to the use of glana. It also speaks of “open” or “not open” slaves. If they are not open, they are virgins. You will almost never find virgins in the slave markets. Most Gorean men prefer women which have been opened before. Virgins particular cause  problems, especially psychological ones.

Within these two categories of white and red silk, there are many different types of slaves:
Among the slave types can be found bathing girls, camp slaves, coin girls, debt-slaves, exotics, domestic slaves, hostel slaves, lust slaves, pleasure slaves, state slaves, tavern girls , tower slaves, slave laborers and many more. 80% of these female slaves have to be sexually pleasing to their Master as part of their duties. The condition of slavery requires no open signs of binding. Such signs are often useful to denote ownership or the identity of the owner.  Also, a collarless, unbranded slave is still a slave.
Kajirae bathing girls are slaves who serve in public and private baths. They usually wear a chain collar with a tag, bearing the name and the priceon it. They help the men to take their bath and are also available for sexual services. They are wrapped in towels and wear nothing underneath. The hair may be cut short in order to protect it from the water.  Most are very good swimmers.
Storage slaves held by authorized dealers who have contracts for certain seasons or events. The girls are housed in the military camp and travel with him. They will be rented at prices fixed in the contracts to the soldiers. The prices are firm and almost only nominal.
A Coin slave  is commonly regarded as the lowest form of slavery. They are sent on the road mostly in the evening twilight with a chain around their neck. A bell is attached to its chain, to focus attention on them. She also wears a small sealed coinbox. A man pays a price and puts the money in the box, then he may proceed with the girl to his will. Satisfaction is ensured, or the customer gets his money back from the Master, because the girl can not get to the coins in the box. Although the sexual skills of  Coin girls are usually small, some are quite skilled. Sometimes slaves from private ownership are used as Coin girl to punish them.

Clothing / attire

The most common clothing for slaves, the slaves short tunic, is sleeveless with a plunging neckline. It can be manufactured from a variety of materials, from silk and velvet to the tight Reptuch. Reptuch is very popular because it is cheap and thin and clings well to the body. Leather is not generally allowed for slaves, as the  Gorean men prefer gentler and more feminine substances. The tunic is open at the bottom, as it is expected from the kajira, to serve their masters at any time. Many of these also have a slave tunic opening node at which a slight train is enough to drop the whole garment to the feet of the girl.

There are a number of other items of clothing worn by slaves. The simple Camisk is a narrow, poncho-like garment. It is hardly more than a long, narrow rectangle of fabric with an opening for the head. It is worn with a belt that extends to just above the knee. The Turian Camisk is like an inverted “T”, where the crossbar of the “T” beveled on both sides. It is fixed with a single cord. The cord attached to the garment at three points in the neck, back and forward at the waist. The garment is fastened at the neck, falling down on the front and goes between the legs. The side panels wrap around the hips.

In addition, slaves almost always run barefoot. Sandals are rarely allowed.  Rarely slaves run naked on the street, except as a punishment. Free women are disturbed by the sight of naked slaves in public, and most men tolerate it. Even slaves can be dressed modestly, on other occasions, for example when a young man is serving a good and delicious meal to his friends, his slave will be dressed appropriately.

Auburn is a popular hair color for slaves and raises the price. However, dyed hair isn t really welcomed. Goreans prefer natural colors, even if it’s not maroon. Goreans tend to like long hair on women.  The hair of the slaves is usually worn open and long, or simply gathered with a ribbon or a timber terminal. Long hair can be used to save a girl or to gag her.

Greeting of slaves to free people: All slaves have to speak to free people with master or mistress. They will only speak to their own master as “my” Master or “my” mistress. Slaves are prohibited to talk to free people with their name. The privilege to use the name of the Master is reserved for free women, in particular, free companions. It is said that a slave is arrogant, if you allow their lips to touch the name of the Master. Some masters, however, like to hear their name from the mouth of her slave. Usually this is only in private, outside the presence of free women. A slave may express other over the name of their Master only for explanatory purposes, identifying for example, to their Master.

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