About Branding on Gor, a painful ceremony

Brands of Gor



Dear readers,

Branding doesn’t necessarily have to follow a collaring. Many kajirae submit  to a branding at a later date. Where collaring is a serious commitment, branding is the final act of submission and total surrender for a Gorean slave girl. The slave may be released from her collar, she can take on a new name, perhaps too, a new owner. Where as with a brand, binding her to the owner of the brand, it *is* completely forever! A brand is not something one can easily remove. The brand style may vary, from the common slave brands of the cursive Gorean letter K (Kef).

Offline brands, however, are best kept relatively simple, the more complex or intricate the design, the more chance there is of having it turning out to be nothing more than an ugly, indistinguishable blob. A kajira is usually strapped to the branding rack, her arms and legs are then tightly secured, her left thigh is bound securely and firmly, preventing her from the slightest of movements, thus ensuring a good, clean brand.the branding iron would be heated in a brazier, and when glowing red, the slave’s Owner would apply it to the slave’s inner left thigh, pausing it there for a count of three, then quickly withdrawing and lifting it cleanly away. Traditionally, the slave is permitted to scream out loudly once… this is the last time she would be permitted to do so. If there are slave attendants at the branding, they would be instructed to quickly tend to the fresh brand, applying healing salves and any needed dressings.

Bond-maid Brand:

“The brand used by the Forkbeard, found rather frequently in the north, consisted of a half circle, with, at its right tip, adjoining it, a steep, diagonal line. The half circle is about an inch and a quarter in width, and the diagonal line about an inch and a quarter in height. The brand is, like many, asymbolic. In the north, the bond-maid is sometimes referred to as a woman whose belly lies beneath the sword.” Marauders of Gor, page 87


“my own brand was the “dina”; the dina is a small lovely, multiply petaled flower, short-stemmed, and blooming in a turf of green leaves, usually on the slopes of hills, in the northern temperate zones of Gor; it is and exotic, alien flower; it is also spoken of, in the north, where it grows most frequently, as the slave flower; it was burned into my flesh” Slave Girl of Gor, page 61


“The standard of the Kassars is that of a scarlet, three-weighted bola, which hands from a lance; the symbolic representation of a bola, three circles joined at the center by lines, is used to mark both their bosk and slaves.” Nomads of Gor, page 106


“..the standard of the Kataii is a yellow bow, bound across a black lance; their brand is also that of a bow, facing to the left..” Nomads of Gor, page 106


I had now been branded, a small, graceful mark burned into my left thigh, high, under the hip. It had a vertical bar, a rather strict one, with two curling, frondlike extensions, rather near its base, as though in submission to it. It looked a little like a ‘K.’ Magicians of Gor, page 67


“From the box he then took a small, curved knife and a tiny, cylindrical leather flask. I gritted my teeth, but made no sound. With the small knife he gashed my left thigh, making upon it a small, strange design. He then took a powder, orange in color, from the flask and rubbed it into the wound.” Explorers of Gor, page 330


“the Paravaci standard is a large banner of jewels beaded on golden wires, forming the head and horns of a bosk its value is incalculable; the Paravaci brand is a symbolic representation of a bosk hed, a semicircle resting on an inverted isoceles triangle”. Nomads of Gor, page 106


“The street was lined by throngs of Tuchuks and slaves. Among them, too, were soothsayers and haruspexes, and singers and musicians, and, here and there, small peddlers and merchants, of various cities, for such are occasionally permitted by the Tuchuks, who crave their wares, to approach the wagons. Each of these, I was later to learn, wore on his forearm a tiny band, in the form of spreading bosk horns, which guaranteed his passage, at certain seasons, across the plains of the Wagon Peoples. The difficulty, of course, is in first obtaining the brand. If, in the case of a singer, the song is rejected, or in the case of a merchant, his merchandise is rejected, he is slain out of hand. This acceptance brand, of course, carries with it a certain stain of ignominy, suggesting that those who approach the wagons do so as slaves.” Nomads of Gor, page 34


“I looked at her, puzzled. “Penalty brands,” she said. “They are tiny, but clearly visible. There are various such brands. There is one for lying, and another for stealing.” Captive of Gor, page 277


“The theif’s scar in Port Kar is a tiny, three-pronged brand, burned into the face over the right cheekbone. It marks the members of the Cast of Thieves in Port Kar. That is the only city in which, as far as I know, there is a recognized caste for theives.” Mercenaries of Gor, page 239


“I have never seen a brand of Treve,” I said. “It is rare,” said Ena, proudly. “May I see your brand?” I asked. I was curious. “Of course,” said Ena, and she stood up and, extending her left leg, drew her long, lovely white garment to her hip, revealing her limb. I gasped. Incised deeply, precisely, in that slim, lovely, now-bared thigh was a startling mark, beautiful, insolent, dramatically marking that beautiful thigh as that which it now could only be, that of a female slave. “It is beautiful,” I whispered. Ena pulled away the clasp at the left shoulder of her garment, dropping it to her ankles. She was incredibly beautiful. “Can you read?” she asked. “No,” I said. She regarded the brand. “It is the first letter, in cursive script,” she said, “of the name of the city of Treve.” Captive of Gor, page 277


“the brand of the Tuchuk slave, incidentally, is not the same as that generally used in the cities, which, for girls, is the first letter of the expression Kajira in cursive script, but the sign of the four bosk horns, that of the Tuchuk standard; the brand of the four bosk horns, set in such a manner as to somewhat resemble the letter ‘H’, is only about an inch high; the common Gorean brand, on the other hand, is usually an inch and a half to two inches high” Nomads of Gor, page 62

Branding Rack:

The girl was brought into the shop and stood in the branding rack, which was then locked on her, holding her upright. The metal worker placed her wrists behind her in the wrist clamps, adjustable, each on their vertical, flat metal bar. He screwed shut the clamps. She winced. He then shackled her feet on the rotating metal platform. “Left thigh or right thigh?” he asked. “Left thigh,” said Ulafi. Slave girls are commonly branded on the left thigh. Sometimes they are branded on the right thigh, or lower left abdomen. The metal worker turned the apparatus, spinning the shaft, with its attached, circular metal platform. The girl’s left thigh now faced us. It was an excellent thigh. It would take the mark well. The metal worker then, with a whell, tightening it, locked the device in place, so that it could not turn. Explorers of Gor, page 71


Removing a Brand on a Panther girl

There are a number of reasons why a panther girl  would want a brand to be removed. She may have intense emotional distress from being aware she has been branded. If a rival band branded her she will want to have it removed , her sisters might despise and mistrust her if she did not. Everything in a panther girls psyche is about being free, a brand would remind her of past slavery.

The procedure can be done by a panther healer or shaman but is painful and it is better the patient be knocked out for the duration. This will also ensure she stays still.

To complete this procedure you will need the following

Stack of rep cloths, Marigold oil, healing salve, numbing salve, ka la na, tassa powder agrimony compress, green paga, cowslip root tea, sharp sterilized scalpel, gauze, bandages,

Wash hands

Prepare the ka-la-na and tassa powder by pouring some of the ka la na into a small cup then adding the tassa powder(enough tassa powder to ensure the patient stays unconscious during the procedure – don’t want them  waking up on you screaming)

Give the patient the mixture to drink and then prepare a tray with all you need on it to perform the procedure.

Clean the area the brand is with green paga, making sure to clean at least an inch or two clear on all sides

Take the scalpel and make your incision tilting the blade to give you more control of the depth of the incision. Carefully cut around the brand.

Once the skin is removed take the agrimony compress and hold firmly to the wound area firmly to stop bleeding and swelling.

Once the bleeding has stopped spread marigold oil over the wound to prevent the chance of infection.

After this apply some healing salve to hasten healing process and numbing salve to help the pain.

Place soft gauze over the wound and bandage

when the patient awakes give them the cowslip root tea.

After care

Tell the patient to change the bandages everyday using aloe vera gel to help the skin keep its elasticity.

Tell them to return in three days to have the bandages removed and to drink cowslip root tea if in pain

Branding on Gor, a painful ceremony

Adira rises from her knees and slips out of the kirtle she had worked so hard on to please her Jarl.  Absently, she tosses it to the ground.  Standing before him, staring at his feet, swallowing hard she whispers, “I am ready my Jarl”
Rammer looks up where he sorts through irons near the large forge.  Looking over his shoulder a moment  “Beast” he calls to Kat.  “Prep her properly”
Kat looks soulfully at her sister and nods “Sister, please, get onto the log.  I need to secure your leg so the brand will be clean and true.”
Still looking at the ground, Adira wrinkles her brow and turning on heel goes to the log and lays down on it,  stretching her arms above her head.
Rammer pulls a proper Iron and then walks to the brazier and slips it into the coals.
Lifting the coils of rope that lie at the foot of the log, Kat wraps the first rope around and round at the top of the thigh.  Then lifting up the second rope, she ties the second one below where the brand will go pushing lightly on the leg to ensure it  will not move during the branding.  Seeing her Jarl approach with the brand, Kat softly remarks,  “She is ready for you my Jarl.”
Adira pulls slightly against the bonds that hold her turning her head away from the brazier and the Jarl, tears stinging her eyes at the Jarls harshness with her.  She struggles inwardly, confused by her desire to be marked and her need for his love.  Her body tenses and begins to shake as the silent sobs begin.
Kat touches Adira’s foot lightly trying to sooth her.
Adira feels the rough log scratching against her back and Kats soft touch on her foot. She can not bring herself to look at either Kat or her Jarl for fear of losing herself to the emotions in her.
The Jarl steps to his brewer and leans over the log where she lies, his head close to her ear he speaks to her.   “I will be as honest as I can be with thi,s mine.  It will hurt.  You will want to scream but you wont. You will endure and you will show your worth as mine.  They say a brand increases the value of a girl. Even later if they become freed, It shows they know the world from all sides and I want you to know the fullness of the world around us.  You have known the halls of the free and now the collar of a jarl. Know the kiss of my iron and the level of love that I place putting my brand on your flesh marking you as my girl.  Be strong.  Be brave.  Know I am with you.”  He turns back to the brazier, pulls the heated iron and goes to circle the log.
Kat unconsciously places her left hand upon the brand that was given to her by the school  nearly a year old, marking her as a slave.  She was told it would make her more valuable just as Adira was being told this now.  She continues to caress her sister’s foot, hoping it will take her mind off of it.  She looks up and sees the fear that is in her sister’s eyes at this and doesn’t blame her for it.
Hearing the Jarls words is all the impetus Adira’s body needs to lose its grip.  Tears loose from her eyes streaming down her cheeks, she turns and looks into his eyes at he speaks of love.   “This girl understands my Jarl.”  Watching him circle the log to stand before her left leg, she squeezes her eyes shut tightly and slips her lower lip between her teeth, fearing her body will betray her and scream.
Rammer holds the glowing brand to his eye level a moment and he nods to him self feeling the heat on his face.  He runs a gloved hand over her thigh, massaging the flesh a moment and nods now smacking hard on the flesh the sound of leather on her thigh like the crack of a whip.  Stepping up, he then, with practiced hand and skill, places the iron to her flesh.  Deep and hard he presses.  The sound of the skin absorbing the heat, the flesh singing and the smell of seared meat fills his senses.  His eyes glance to the girl on the log and then as sudden, pulls the iron from her.  Stepping back, he tosses the iron back to the brazier to let the heat cleanse the metal.
As the hot iron seers into her flesh, the pain is more than she could have imagined.  She arches her back and guttural cry comes from her throat but does not escape her lips.  Her teeth clamp on her lower lip and the iron taste of blood floods her mouth.  Her skin tingles from her toes to her scalp and her eyes slam open wide and lock on her Jarls.  The tears freely flow, her mind focusing on him, his words, his love……….gods she loved him.  Blackness threatens to creep into her vision as she realizes she was holding her breath and she gasps in a gulp air, panting through the pain.  Her hair drenched with sweat.
Kat turns her head as the iron touches Adira’s leg.  The smell of burnt flesh reaches her nose causing her to relive the same nauseous feeling that she did on the night that she was branded.  Upon hearing the iron sizzle once more in the heat of the brazier, she turns her head back.  The bright red mark of the brand stood out.  Reaching down on the other side of the log, she picks up the healing salve that she had prepared to help ease the pain and help with healing.  She looks pleadingly to her jarl.  “My Jarl, may this beast be permitted to treat the brand and bandage the wound?”
The Jarl nods “Tend to her beast.  Then give her meat and mead and take care of her.”  He turns and walks back to the forge, and begins stoking the coals.
“Yes my jarl”  Kat states.  Standing back up, she begins to untie her sister from the log.  Picking up the salve, she sticks two fingers into it, scooping out a small amount and gently touching it to the wound explaining it’s effects.  “The salve will cool the sting and help in healing, sister.  In three days, you will feel better.  This what was used on me when I was branded.”  Placing the lid back on the jar, she picks up the roll of bandages and slowly wraps the leg taking great care upon it.
Adira slumps on the log, releasing her swollen lower lip from between her teeth.  Her limbs stiff as they are released from the ropes.  Feeling the cooling salve, she manages a weak smile as the tears pour from her eyes silently, her body trembling with the stress of the branding.
Helping Adira to stand, Kat speaks as she helps her into the longhall.  ” I will see to your chores my sister.  Come let’s get you into the hall for food and drink.”

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Wiki/Bondsmaidsheart/various


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