About being a Shaman and healer of Gor [Background info]

Author: Lunacaleengpanthers/Leda

Red hair as healer

Red hair as healer

Red hair as healer

Red hair as healer

Shaman healers are people who practise Shamanism, the healing art form blending mind, body and spirit, for inner health as well as outer health. A healer who is a Shaman acts as a medium between the visible world and the world of spirits to gain information for the purposes of healing, divination and to gain help or wisdom for the community or people they are serving.

A traditional medicine healer who acts as an intermediary between the spirit and material worlds and heals without using surgery or drugs.

A shaman is, in fact, a holistic healer, who enables your physical, emotional and psychic selves to be revived and repaired as they receive a shamanic healing.

Now what does this mean, This means that I am not here just for your physical needs with ingurys and wounds, but also for your mental and emotional needs. To be the one that you speak too about any ills you many have, advice, concerns, desires and fears without having to worry about who you share with as it stays between your Shaman and yourself.

It as means that I help guide you through the spiritual world, to help you find the path that fits you best and how to move about this world with love and peace in your heart for the best of the tribe and yourself.

A shaman does not judge nor take sides, they walk down a middle path of calm recourse to be stable on all levels for the best of they tribe.

They are often quite solitary people that keep to they own, as they are mostly deep in thought as well as praying to the other world for the best advice they may bring to the tribe for the betterment of all, nature as well as person.

This mean my tribe, that I am here for all your needs when you have a need to call on me, I stand by you all equally, no matter who you may be or the problem you have, I do not judge nor have the need to take sides.

live blessed everyone

Shaman of the Luna Caleeng Leda

Red hair as healer

Red hair as healer

For some reason the subject of what a panther healer and healing kajiras can and can’t do during roleplay is hotly debated when encountering other groups such as city dwellers.  It’s mostly when city Physicians get annoyed when kajira and healers such as those found in Panther tribes have the knowledge and technology to be fully trained medical people.

Look at it from this angle. On Gor a physician  spends many years training for his/her position, can a shaman, healer or a kajira match those years of training?  A physician is supposed to be a highly trained individual who has a large city and medical resources to hand, to take care of the citizens. Panthers live out of the cities and mostly off the land, they don’t have electrical power as such, so cant keep ice in a chiller … they don’t have access to things like sterilisers to keep equipment sterile and safe to use, they don’t even have access to some of the medicines. They are confined to using the natural medicines around them.

In the matter of the kajira.. they are not allowed to carry weapons, would a panther trust a slave, the beast at her feet to put her to sleep and operate on her. It is not the slaves place to be able to offer more than basic first aid, they are there for pleasure and to carry out the mundane and boring tasks a Free would feel was beneath them. My apologies to the kajirae but this is how it is in Gor. They are slaves, property to be used as the Free see fit, not highly trained medical people.

I guess before someone tries to use it as an argument that a trained physician could become a panther… she still wouldn’t have the facilities and would be lost in her new environment. A physician could be collared but then would her Owner want her to spend her time healing others when she should be at her Owners feet finding ways to please her Owner. Of course there is also the maths in this, so you are telling me every panther tribe in Gor has a runaway physician? Lets try to be real about this. The Green Caste isn’t that bad that all or even half its members run away to become panthers or they are so bad at their job or so disrespectful they earn a collar.

Let us try to look at the roles realistically. True this is RP and you can do it whatever way you want… but even RP needs to have some grounding in sheer common sense. Okay so I have a Mary Poppins bag called an inventory. If you were a panther and were searched and all taken from you, you can’t just magic a dagger in your hand and cut the throat of the person guarding you. It is the same with healing a panther in a camp can’t miraculously find she has all she needs including the knowledge to perform major surgery.

Some may argue that a panther could dress as a Free Woman and enter a city to steal medical supplies and sophisticated medical devices. But realistically , how many panther healers would try this?

So what can each group do? What are the strengths and the limitations of their healing abilities?


The most basic knowledge and experience these are the infirmary orderlies at worst, fetching and carrying and cleaning. At best they are first aiders. They will perhaps know how to put a bandage on, how to clean a cut.. at a push they can use salves and oils but only under supervision. They are the nurses that do as the healer tells them. Of course some nurses are fairly skilled as would some kajira be but by no means all. Some may even be able to go as far as delivering a baby, check the pulse and know to some small degree what they were looking for. But like all nurses they would not dare to do more… if a healer causes a panther pain while healing him they can get away with it… a slave… again lets be realistic the panther would push her away and refuse to allow someone that is no more than a beast to treat them and may even punish them for causing more pain.

Panther healers

Panther groups would have as their healer someone that was well versed in the herbs growing around them. It is more than likely the skills would be passed down from generation to generation they would have superstitions over what herbs could be used and when they could be picked for use. They would know where to find the best crops of each herb. They would be able to give reasonable care to their tribe but would not be able to perform surgery or anything that might require skill and training. They may be able to sew up a wound or set a broken leg, They would know how to calm a fever and deliver a baby. So there skills would be an extension of the slaves with an awesome knowledge of herbs and poisons.

Red hair as healer

Red hair as healer

Panther healers roleplay

Marli’s healer skills are called upon. She and her band mate head to the mountains of Hrimgar where the Sa Ki Fori band lives. Red hair worries it might be a trap, but decides to go. After many pasangs the two finally reach the trading post and ring the trade bell.
[06:07] Marli: “Let us head to the trade bell and announce ourselves”
[06:08] Kayleewinters: looks a bit nervous end looks around
[06:09] Marli: “its fine , this is where i used to live”
[06:09] Kayleewinters: pff nods okay
[06:10] tara Fairlock came jogging over to the trade bell seeing Marli but didnt recognize the other one “Tal Marli, Tal. “
[06:10] Marli: “Tal , a message was sent , it read a healer was needed ” Marli smiled at kit and then nodded to tara “Tal Tara …..and this is Kay , my sister “
[06:10] Kayleewinters: see the two strangers jogging to here “tal there”
[06:11] Kit followed the Mistress down, kneeling at her side as she peered to the traders curiously. Seeing Marli, she’d gasp and smile brightly, but did not interrupt the Mistresses talking.
[06:11] Kayleewinters: nods “i’m called Kay Tal Tara”
[06:14] tara Fairlock nodded at Marli “yes.. Honey has been away on travels for some time and wont be back for awhile.. I am in need of a healer.. Kit, Rhu and I were taken down by a Large torvie male about 2 weeks ago now.. I was the only one taken…. ” as I breathed in heavily then let it out as I turned to kit for a moment then turned back and looked at marli square in the eye “I fear I could be pregnant as he made sure to give me enough breeding wine and kalana with little to no food… I have seen one green who checked me over and the results were fuzzy.. at first the test vial was clear then became murky and sort of turned blue.. would you mind?”
[06:17] Kit sat quietly, listening and watching, waiting to be called upon if needed.
[06:17] Marli listened intently , she rubbed her chin as tara explained that honey was on her travels , it now made sense to Marli why the Sa Ki fori needed a healer , Marli was an ex sister and did not mind , besides she had left SKF on good terms and there was no hostility with Mo “I can help I think , would it be fine to use the infirmary in the camp ? if it makes you feel easier I would be willing to leave my bow in your care “
[06:18] Kayleewinters: hears here sister talks en listen carefully what she says
[06:19] tara Fairlock shook my head .”No No please.. we have had torvies coming into the camp recently leaving flags and raiding us on a regular basis.. I called you here and you have come.. I couldnt ask you to leave your weapons with all that has been happening lately.. “
[06:20] Marli nodded slowly “thank you ” then looked at Kay “follow us closely , but keep your bow sheathed unless we are attacked by outsiders and need to help defend the SKF”
[06:21] Kayleewinters: she nods slowly end follows here sister
[06:21] tara Fairlock: Kit I will need you to keep watch on the bridge while we are in the greens..
[06:22] Kit: yes Mistress
[06:25] Marli smiled as she looked around the familiar infirmary
[06:25] Kayleewinters: sees a well made informary
[06:27] Marli looks at tara “i will look for a small glass container ” she pointed at the room divider “when i give you the container then i need you to pee pee in it “
[06:27] tara Fairlock let out a soft sigh as we entered the infirmary “I thank you again for coming.. im” as I shivered a little and looked a bit worried “Im obviously a bit shaken and still a bit worse for wear.. its not often I get captured and he was anything but gentle.. ive been resting and trying to regain my strength”
[06:27] tara Fairlock nodded “Ok I had to do that once already..”
[06:28] Fire: babe is all ok?
[06:28] Fire: tal all
[06:28] Kayleewinters: Tal
[06:29] Marli gasped as she listened to tara , she wanted to hug her , but wasnt sure she should , then nodded “i need a new sample ” and marli looked around for a glass vial , finally finding a suitable and clean one amongst the shelves in the infirmary , she turned and saw Fire and smiled “tal “
[06:29] tara Fairlock: Tal Fire… This is Marli and a huntress from her band.. she is a green and recieved the note.. she is also an ex SKF.. so I trust her.”
[06:29] Fire kisses Marli’s cheek.. ” long time no see woman”
[06:30] Marli smiles at Fire “Good to see you”
[06:30] Fire: aye I know Marlie.. and you are?? asking the other huntress.. I am Fire
[06:31] Kayleewinters: smiles i’m called Kay nice to meet you Fire
[06:31] Fire puts my arm protectively around taras waist in support… nodding at the other huntress” aye and well met Kay.. thank you both for coming
[06:32] tara Fairlock smiled a bit as Fire put her arm around me as I watched Marli move about the infirmary. I swallowed a bit and breathed in as I saw the vial “well here goes I guess”
[06:33] Marli waited a moment , she held the empty glass vial in her left hand “I know it must seem a bore tara , but i need a sample of your pee”
[06:34] tara Fairlock nodded “its ok.. im just well understandably a little worried.. ” as I took the vial from your hand giving a bit of an unsure smile then looked at Fire doing the same then headed behind the screen
[06:36] Fire watches her disappear behind the screen and is not sure what to hope for.. as a huntress if she is pregnant she cannot fight… and I will collar her.. if she is not then I will claim her as my mate… worry crosses my brow as i wait
[06:38] tara Fairlock stepped in behind the screen and removed some of my weapons to make this an easier process on myself.. taking off my spear, bow, blades placing them all down then moving them to the side I sighed a bit then hooked my thumbs into my pants and pulled them down then wiggled them down so they were down to the tops of my boots.. with the vial still in hand I sighed again and looked up at the roof then let out a sigh “remind me Fire to beat rhu for her mouth next time I see her will you please.. this is her fault” as I did what needed to be done to fill the vial up then placed it down on the edge of the tub washing my hands then dried them. pulling my pants back up then took the vial off the tub and came back out.
[06:40] Fire nods and realizes she cannot see that and curses myself for a fool and says” aye baby will do.. I will slap her around some if you wish.. her mouth is what caused this.. he was probalby here to see me when she challenged him and threatened him… and hes a huge son of a bitch
[06:41] Marli waited patiently with her arms folded , then she heard the trickle of pee and smiled to herself , she listened quietly to Fire and Tara speak of Rhu , then held out her hand “may i have the vial please ?”
[06:43] Kayleewinters: whats fire end tara speak to eachother end notice the tension
[06:43] tara Fairlock breathed in and hesitated for a breath moment looking down at the vial then looked up at marli and handed it over “thank you again for doing this Marli it means a lot” I said softly as I stepped back after handing it to you and swallowed hard again letting out another sigh of frustration.
[06:44] Fire starts chewing my bottom lip worriedly now… very unsure for probably the first time since I was brought here from earth.. from wanting to kill my brother.. to wanting to protect tara as best I can.. tara being the priority here
[06:45] Fire moves over close to tara and holds her agianst me.. wondering..hoping sort of she is… my niece or nephew would be born here..and if its a son Tanner/ Hawk would be back for him.. a girl I would defy him on
[06:48] Marli carefully took the vial in her nimble fingers , she then walked to the wooden desk behind her , she placed the vial in a holder , then unfastened the cotton pouch from her hip , placing a small splash of whitish powder into the vial , Marli speaking softly explained the process now “i am going to stir the powder with your urine , if it turns red , then you ra e pregnant without a doubt ” marli then turned around , still stirring the vial
[06:49] Kayleewinters: cross here fingers for a good result
[06:50] Marli feels the tension in the cave build up as Marli sees the vial change colour
[06:50] tara Fairlock shivered a little moving my hand to fires and gave it a squeeze moving in closer i let out another sigh of frustration putting my head to her shoulder “please dont be red..please priest kings dont be red.. with all I have gone through.. and now this.. please ” I said soflty breathing in short heavy breaths
[06:52] Marli looked at tara “tell me , have you missed a period , or noticed any other changes ?” Marli wanted to make double sure , she felt her reputation as healer should never be tarnished , it made her carefull about jumping to conclusions
[06:56] tara Fairlock sighed and nodded “since the ordeal where I was for a week.. Ive been extremely tired.. felt like I had the flu almost but I was kept underground in the cold…. ive been resting more spending more time in the springs trying to get rid of this.. and catch my strength back up.. you should have seen the size of him marli.. he was almost twice my hieght and as wide as both of you put together at the shoulder.. and scary.. ive never had a man talk to me the way he did before it was like he just didnt care..
[07:01] Marli shivered as she listened to the description of the man , she remembered how four years ago she had been raped , that she had given birth to a daughter and then lost her , the priest kings playing a cruel trick , returning feathers to Gor much aged “I see , tiredness , flu symptoms are indications you could be pregnant” Marli saw the vial clearly now , she held it up close to a candle light “it is red !” she exclaimed , she would be happy , though under the circumstances she knew not what would happen next , she looked nervoulsy at fire
[07:03] Kayleewinters: shivvers a bit hearing here sisters bringing the news of a coming child
[07:04] tara Fairlock closed my eyes and hung my head as I breathed in heavily then moved my hands to my face and covered my eyes rubbing at them for a moment fighting off tears.. as I looked up at you then to the vial as I swallowed hard and tried to speak but had a frog in my throat and croaked “are you sure marli? no way it could be wrong?” I said as I shivered a bit and looked about the room then visibily shivered from head to toe.
[07:07] Marli was visibly moved , she had the proof in her small hand , she held the vial to the candle light again “It is red , there is no doubt ” she looked at tara and noticed the shiver
[07:10] tara Fairlock rubbed at my eyes again and breathed in heavily as my hand went to my tummy and I looked down at myself unsure what to say or do as I had a million thoughts run through my mind. Lifting my head back up to see you I smiled a bit but it was more out of courtesy then anything “Thank you Marli.. thank you for coming.. I umm.. well I dont know whats going to happen now.. ill have to umm.. ya.. ” as my voice sort of trailed off and I looked back over at the vial seeing it was a ruby red I breathed in again then let it out slowly moving a hand to my tummy and softly ran my fingers across it as I imagined myself with a big tummy waddling around.
[07:15] Marli placed the vial on the wooden desk , she turned and tried to make the tension ease a bit “You will have a healthy daughter or son, i am sure , i know it is not the ideal situation ” marli managed a small smile “I went through a similar experience , but i have a lovely daughter now “
[07:15] Kayleewinters: thinking off here sisters feathers right know end nods
[07:17] tara Fairlock smiled a bit as I had heard of several panthers in other bands who had had children who were now running around causing trouble.. “well I dont know what will happen.. but i suppose one step at a time and just go from there i guess.. I hope honey gets back so she can help me.. ive never been pregnant before.. ive managed to be very lucky really.. “
[07:19] Marli swept back her hair over her shoulder , she tilted her head to one side “yes , take it one step at a time , of course in the meantime you may contact me any time untill honey returns , you know you should not hesitate if ther are pains “
[07:20] tara Fairlock nodded “thank you Marli that means a lot.. I will come see you.. umm where does your band call home now? “
[07:21] Marli looked in her leather pouch , reaching for a small scroll , it was a simple map with directions “We live in the swamps , 25 pasangs south of the di jan camp in Lake Ias “
[07:23] Fire grasps the table for support my eyes narrowing in anger .. my brother suceeded in doing what he said he would do .. impregnating her and my hands curl into fists.. but one thing has to be done first… ” tara I hate to do this but I Have to collar you.. you will be mine at my side and I will protect you.. even Tanner will not cross me.. and your child will be born freee.. as you are giving birth I will free you.. but until then you will not be carrying or using weapons at all.. I will gather the weapons you took off behind the screen and put htem away… you will live with me from here on out… is this perfectly clear”?? I move in front of you and take out the collar I had for just in case and place it on your throat and close it… locking it on you then kisses you gently.. you are mine tara.. have been for awile.. and it was gonna be one way or the other… Marlie thank you and Kay for coming…
[07:25] Marli motioned to kay that it was time to leave , “Be well fire ” she gave tara a brief smile “and tara”
[07:26] tara Fairlock rubbed at my eyes as i reached out and took the scroll from Marli then heard Fire behind me speak of enslaving me as you move in between us with haste and place a collar around my neck I shake my head no “wait a minute fire wait just a damn minute.. you cant just enslave me for being pregnant its my choice!!” as Marli spoke I turned and looked to Marli and Kay “thank you again Marli I will let you know how things go and come see you to let you know how things go”
[07:26] Fire: I know where she lives tara… I can get you there… no fears no worries.. and as for Tanner he won’t be around for awhile.. I basically raised him,. .. he fears me.. .like he does our momma… or maybe thats reviers me I dont know but he wont mess wiht me until its about that time
[07:26] Kayleewinters: nods to here sisters wish Tara end Fire good luck end hopes the baby would be fine end healthy
[07:27] Fire: mp argument here tara.. it is done.. and it will stay done.. or maybe you would like to argue with Mor and Willow about it to


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